To Chase Or Not To Chase A Crab Guy?

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Ray Caesar

“Hi Mystic,

Okay, so first off, I promised myself I wouldn’t write to you, as I know you have an insane workload and are harassed by crazies more than someone working in a mental hospital, but it’s either you or my love interest, so I’m sorry, I picked you.

I guess I’m just looking for some astro-reassurance… I used to email you about a particular Aqua Man. Now I have my first ever Cancer (I’m Cancer too). I met him at the end of April, and for the last 6 weeks, it has been nothing short of amazing. He’s been keen, constantly contacting, talking about the future (but not in a creepy way) and openly adoring. I’ve fallen hard. Now, I might be jumping the gun a bit, but as of late last week, he’s been a bit distant. Only texting in response to one I sent him, and a very late reply at that (he did apologise though). We were previously in contact 5-6 days out of 7; now I’ve had 2 messages since Thursday. My phone is taunting me with its lack of action. It’s becoming hard to imagine him ever contacting me again.

As an avid reader of all you write, I am aware of the Venus Retro situation, and that I shouldn’t chase, but as I work from home, in a new city where I know only a few people (all of whom work looooong hours), I seem to have a lot of time to get anxious and freak out about this situation and ponder doing crazy things. My last beau (Aqua Man) disappeared without a trace, and I’m TERRIFIED of this happening again. My question is, do Cancer men do this kind of shit? He’s not a commitment phobe; he’s had a few long term relationships and things have moved very quickly between us. Is there a particular Crab Friendly approach I should be taking?

I hope Venus Retro is being kinder to you, wonderful Mystic.

Blessings, The Anxious Crab

PS: I should probably add that my Crab is an Ultra Crab: Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer! “

My Dear Anxious Crab,

No i am not harassed by crazies more than someone working in a mental hospital lol although i DO get a lot of emails. Generally, you need to either get a consult, glean what you need from the always informative Horoscopes and Oracle OR – if it is as of general interest as your query, have it answered on the blog, albeit flippantly. But then you also get the advantage of the AMAZINGLY sophisticated and know-all site-viewers weighing in.

And really, you seem to be across all this. You meet when Venus was beginning her journey through Gemini and now lo and behold – he is a.w.o.l. with Venus Retro. I mean, you can’t count him in or out till the Venusian Voodoo completes at the end of July.  Crab Guys often LOVE their women on a pedestal though. THINK: Did you say something that sounded too, you know, Humanity?

More: Don’t be terrified. That’s too over the top. All this is actually supposed to be a leisure activity, right? Love, dating, romance, sex, whatever? In fact, i don’t even think he’s doing anything you could describe as “shit”…”Since April” is but a nano-blip of time. He might be busy, he might have thought ‘whoops time to pull back from all this constant contacting/discussing the future with someone i just met’ thing…

He might have someone else and now SHE’s back. And he’s doing multiple Pluto transits. I suggest you do whatever you can to detach from this scenario – if it works out, it works out – emulate your long hours working friends, find some other stuff you like to do apart from obsessing over this Crab Guy and just see how it pans out.Venus gets back to where it was when you met on July 20 – the time of the New Moon in your and his sign…You’ll have a better idea of where this is heading or IF it is anything by then…

Having said all that – yes i have a lot of Air sign energy – and Venus-Uranus – let’s throw this open to actual Cancerians…Should Anxious Crab scuttle over to Crab Guy’s House with a freshly baked apple pie and a wholesome display of cleavage?  In fact, let’s throw this open to everyone. Thoughts? 

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  2. I am a single Cancer girl..I like this Cancer guy we are friends we work together but I think he likes me too, but it is weird because he said he has a girlfriend, then yesterday I overheard him say that he going through a divorce….anyway he is very secretive about everything i just want to know does that mean he doesn’t want to tell me alot we just really became friends in the last couple of months…what do you think is happening here? He is going through alot right now I don’t want to turn my back on him and he is very nice.

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