The Martian Chronicler

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o.m.g Ray Bradbury!  His The Martian Chronicles is just pure awesome, a whole series of hauntingly gorgeous short stories re settlers on Mars living amidst the decaying remnants of a once magnificent indigenous Martian race.

Bradbury was a multiple Leo – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & Neptune – fabulously uber creative.  He inspired SO many peeps and was amazingly influential. If you haven’t read The Martian Chronicles and you’re in a sci-fi frame of mind, do it.

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16 thoughts on “The Martian Chronicler

  1. Yes, I heard an interesting quote on this mornings news re his influence. Stephen King saying there would be no Stephen King without a Ray Bradbury.

    • And thinking on this a little more, maybe people like Tay could be said to be truly ‘creative’ . Let’s face it that’s a rare nectar in this world of derivatives.

  2. Ray Bradbury was the first Sci Fi i ever liked. Loved his dramatic written-for-magazine-installment overblown bigheart style. Saw this news outside a block of lifts today and got in forgetting to press any floor. His short stories are grand. The October Country, The Illustrated Man and The Small Assassin. Between those and the Pan Book of Horror Stories series i don’t think i slept a wink, except to have nightmares.

  3. He’s influenced so many writers, Moi included. A very exploratory mind, visionary. Love him!

    All his Leo is in my 12th house AND his Sun/Jupiter exact on Regulas (29 Leo) exact on my Asc. Potent stuff. The thing is, with astrology, you have a composite chart with everyone that ever lived, so if I read RB, it activates our Synastry, and it’s GOOD!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    You know it’s no accident that he comes to international media attention (with his death) as the full moon eclipse spot on his Moon at 15 Sagittarius AND the Venus transit exact opposite.

    All this during his Pluto opposition.

    Vale Ray. . .

    • Fascinating! He deserved to go out in a bang of cosmic flame, Grand Leo style. Thank you for sharing that info, Kim x

      • My pleasure. And yes, Leo style. I also LOVE that he had Mars conjunct his MC (public image), He portrayed that quite literally!

        • Kim, I was just wondering if you could recommend a starting point for learning about composite charts. I know how to generate a composite chart but I don’t really know how to interpret one. I have only ever studied astrology by reading books and having charts done by yourself and Mystic so I really have a lot to learn. Composite charts are really interesting but overwhelming. Any tips for learning to read a composite chart? Thank you. Also, i’m about to start reading Path of The Stray- really looking forward to it!

          • Good suggestion! I have a lot of material on the composite chart – which is the chart of the ‘relationship’ and different from a synastry.

            Synastry looks at people as if they were ‘permanent transits’ so if I meet someone who has Jupiter on my Venus, it’s like having Jupiter on my Venus by transit whenever they are around. The Synastry shows us what we ‘do’ to each other. What we wake up in each other.

            The comp is an entity, the chart of the energy of two people. Not how they relate but what they create together. So start with the comp sun. It represents the purpose or conscious expression of the relationship. What sign and house is it in? How does that resonate with the individuals involved? Are there transits to it? How is that effecting the growth arc of the relationship? Go through each planet as if it were the energy expression not between two people but of what the two people are together.

            This would be a fun blog post. I’ve made a note to myself on that. Also, I’m creating an online astrology course to launch in 2013, or sooner. Composite charts will be a unit.

            Thrilled you’re reading POTS! Let me know what you think!!!

            • Wow thank you, Kim! That is a great starting point. I will let you know re Path of the Stray. I’ve been meaning to read it for quite some time and am just happy to have the book and a long weekend to read. I will visit your site for more info re the online course. That would be fantastic. I want to learn more about astrology and now that i’ve finished uni I might be able to. I often wish I had more time to learn astrology and an actual online course would be a great opportunity. Many thanks for that info re composite charts :-)

  4. Loved Ray. So inspiring. The Halloween Tree is my favourite. RIP and break out the Dandelion wine!

  5. for reasons unbeknown to me I only date sci fi peeps and this man that always comes up.

  6. One of my favourites – you’re right Mystic, Hauntingly gorgeous….
    Do you remember the mini series all those years ago?
    So beautifully sad.

  7. In my sweet youth i was given a first edition of The Silver Locusts by my then beautiful boyfriend as a gift as i headed off to America. I had never heard of Ray but immediately fell in love with his writing, as it happened i saw he was doing a book signing in Santa Monica and went along with my book, had it signed and shared a burger with him, he had a daughter with my name and it was enough to ignite an interesting conversation, how serendipitous and fab hey, a great mind indeed xx

  8. the second Bradbury meme in the space of an hour from mutually exclusive sources….

    ok, will do

  9. There was a small interview with him pre dematerialising on teen last night.
    He said he went to Mars and never came back!
    Said his characters in his books wrote for him, they told him what to write, so the man was genuine channeller.