The Future’s So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

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Full Moons in Saggo are always a blast, it is like we ALL get to be Sagittarius for a day, complete with cheery,  manic honesty and sense of humor. 

An ECLIPSE in Saggo?  Triple that.

Oh and yah, Mars turbo-charging from observant Virgo. Don’t start me on Neptune.  I swear, anyone with a lot to hide is going psycho-bats out there.  Truths –  large & small – are being revealed all over the place. Rocks are being lifted up and slimy little creatures scuttling toward their nearest dark, dank place again. Nobody gives a fuq about cant anymore.

Is there more? Yes, way more…This astro-weirding is JUST getting going…Thankfully the Horoscopes are totes Zap Zone compliant AND i am putting up the 2012 Horoscopes v.soon.

Meanwhile, denial is no longer fashionable and the In attitude is Haute Sagg – flippant, fearless and ferociously protective of one’s freedoms. Those of other peeps too.  But you can’t agitate for change or BE the change you want to see in the world if you’re stuck in your own naff psychological prison. That’s why we have these sorts of crazy-mad-real Full Moon Eclipse weeks…


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72 thoughts on “The Future’s So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

  1. Right on. Now if all the hippies, cut off all their hair, I don’t care

    Cause I got my own world to live through

    • Awesome Hendrix lyric. I actually met Mr. Paul Caruso at a blues jam on 8th Ave, back in 1995. He’s a real guy, and very cool on top of.

  2. Just been outside watching the eclipse peak. GORGEOUS ECLIPSILICIOUSISMNESS!!!!!!!! 😀

    Very epic vibes radiating off the mighty glowing orb. I stood outside making my intentions known for the next wee while, affirming them to the moonliness. I came back inside to sit at my workstation, above which is a skylight, above which the moon is perfectly centered. Just made a call to one of my best friends down south, which was rad as always. Writing further affirmations of my intentions now in my current book of scribbing, listening to glorious music, as always.

    Now, how about that Venus…

  3. Totally overcsat and raining here tonight, ZERO eclipse viewing…

    SNORT, pawing ground, horns lowered

    • quick catch a ride north OM it is glorious here on the FNC NSW. freaky tho but eclipsealicious as said above.
      Fearless , fearsome and free – love i,t feel i,t do it this week.

    • Are you in Melbourne too? The weather is hideous down here tonight. I can feel the change in that horrible gale that’s blowing though :-)

      • I love gales, aquas rule storms though. Always been a dynamic weather enthusiast.

  4. Change has never been this easy under this astro – I did not have to fight for the things I wanted to change, no barriers. Mars, Sun-Merc-Venus all zinging up my 2nd house of $$$$, Jupiter smack on MC, Uranus opposing, Pluto squaring = that’s quite a lot of transformation! Nice creative zoosh for the new projects. xox

    • I could not be in a slither of denial right now about what I want from and in my life! Even on the bus to work today the truth was so loud, it cannot be silenced.

      Being honest with myself never felt so damn liberating. Because the truth of the matter is I am so capable of conquering my next mountain that I am annoyed with myself for the years of allowing stupid blocks and discouraging fears to dominate my practical Taurean MC building abilities.

      Perspective on the life and death of things is a great treasure.

  5. This isn’t exactly relevant to the post, but I need to just vent for a second:

    Been in the **worst** mood for a while, checked out my transits.. Turns out Pluto is within one degree of squaring my ascendant; Uranus is within one degree of being conjunct my ascendant; and Saturn is within one degree of being conjunct my Pluto.

    The desire for transformation is making me crawl out of my skin, but I don’t know what to change into!! Pluto is transiting my 10th and I’ve been feeling iffy about my choice of career… I just don’t know what to do next!!

    (Apologies for the venting.)

    • Sounds intense. Let it all happen take a deep breathe and let the changes happen. Have a double Vodka too !!!

      • Domestic triffid, had a great analogy for transit betweens, think of them like a butterfly, needs a coccon for a while before transforming. Get used to that state of being wrapped or mush as she called it.

        Dont feel pressed, just let it come naturally u dont have to kno now, just watch yourself grow.

      • Thanks for the support! :-) (Vodak –> poured!)

        So true about needing to shelter oneself during these times. I’m trying to remember not to force anything, to just see what happens. Love the cocoon metaphor!

  6. Epic Eclipse Eye-balling!
    My daughters first, so we: bundled up in sleeping bags, on lounge chairs in the front lawn, with a red candle burning in my crystal skull, eating sour cream and onion crisps, and laughing our heads off and ‘making wishes’.
    Bring on the weird and the wonderful I say…yeeehaaw!

  7. This weekend was the ending of a loong chapter. The angst, confusion and hate has disappeared.. really disappeared. A new me has finally come through and it feels AMAZING. Hello world 😉 It’s been a while.

    Can’t wait for the 2012 horoscopes left mine on my psycho-aqua ex’s mac.

  8. I’ve been reading that Sydneysiders will be well placed to view the transit of Venus at 8.16am Weds 6th June. But of course I have also read that we will be having rain and bad weather coming in ….. So I’m kind of sad thinking that will spoil any potential view :(

  9. U don’t need to see it to feel it – the eclipse, the transit of venus, neptune retro, mars sq venus – it’s all one big picture…xx

  10. Amazing. The eclipse happened here in Arizona at 4:13 am. Truthfully, I had forgotten what time the eclipse was or maybe I never really looked to see but I woke around 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep and ended up sitting on the patio with incense, soft music and meditated to the sun rising. A magical experience. It wasn’t until I came in and saw Mystics page that I realized I had meditated through the eclipse. It woke me up! So yes, there is no getting away from it when it wants you to experience it yes? I didn’t see it with my physical eye, but certainly did in every way that matters.
    There are so many things transforming in my life at the moment that I couldn’t even begin to go into them other than to say, becoming my authentic self is indeed what I’m being guided to do. Beautiful morning.

  11. main lining Walnut Essence (change), heeding Mystics wisdoms, & definitively breaking the chain with Le Ram with a well clarified – ‘I’m seeing someone else’ resulted in him fluctuating btwn volatility & professions of love ever after (or his emotionally retarded version of it anyway) …. Saturn Girl firmly at the helm – vibing haute!!

    the last good bye last night – at Stop the Virgens / Karen O / Sydney Opera House (BEYOND!!!!!!) = very fitting. He watched me front Karen & Nick Zinner after & slide into convo & came back with ‘you’re remarkable, what do I have to do to get you back..’ // ‘notice me 10 years ago, not now!’ – keys swapped, numbers deleted – the hot Crab trumps hands down!!

    new era me off – loves it!! 😉

    • ‘Bout time you ditched that fella. Hot crabs are good for cold nights! 😉

      Nice to see you missy. 😀

    • Rocky, Le Ram sulking coz he’s not getting his own way,
      doubling up the efforts now he’s losing you?His ego torn?
      Be a Bitch.

  12. I just had another lucid dream, agian while after waking and being upfor 3 hours, then falling back to sleep in the am. I was mourning this bird i lost accidentaly, when i was 19. It was in miami so At least it was warm. When we got home, one of the windows was open but the blinds were down, one bird flew right through.

    I never keep birds because i think they should be free, and gave the other away to a friend, i didnt cry over the bird, but wierd i was dreaming of him. Then all of a sudden i was like floatig through a really tacky overly glassed miami condo. I knew it was a dream, and this time i had actual dialouge with myself without waking, saying this is a dream, im really just sleeping, i could literally see all of miamis port details, at sunset. Boats and knew i was still laying on my couch talking without my lips moving.

    But one thing i notice about being lucid is the more you focus, the more chance you have to forget you are dreaming, so i was switching between being scared it was real or fake. So i said u know this is a dream go to the balcony, because who floats to a balcony and just jump off, it wont be suicide there will be no bottom. I braced, looked down saw white caps and made the boats move faster as a test it was lucid, i jumped off floating soft down, if i wanted to make it more real- which i did after seeing nothing would happen, the wind in my ears increased, and the sound was just getting to real and fast and i woke my self up,

    Was pretty fun having the dialouge tho, never happend before.
    I shoulda made some shades i could wear on the way down..

  13. Wow im just opend your teusday email. Swear i didnt read it before, wrote the beginning and called my friends to share, then teusdays mail says lucid dreaming… So frikkin cool.

    Does anyone have lucid dreams that are from a full nights sleep
    .? and not upon normal waking, fall back to sleep type.

    • This is my 3rd one. In about 5 years, with the other happening a few months ago..

    • Neptune conjunct Moon and Jupiter in 12th Sagitt, trine Mercury, trine Sun, sextile Pluto:

      lucid dreams, normal ‘surreal’ dreams in full colour scent texture, and sometimes interruptions like commercials with fuzzy buzz sound like radio tuning in plus flash image and words appearing in script, like a rebus – those ones are rare but are always messages

      occasionally happen when awake but i try not to let that now

      lucid ones are not easy – for instance i would never jump off the balcony first up – i find i have to practice certain movements and physics – like if i wish to bend the laws of physics then i need to create and apply the rule, testing it out and training myself to have control & mastery of my own rule

      sometimes a normal dream starts to become lucid but these are scary because they have already begun in a wild uncontrolled state and there’s no time to practice what i need to do. i would say this happens more often than a full lucid dream.

      we should probably practice more visualisation meditations. art also.

      • Millie, you have a Moon-Neptune conjunct as well.
        Mine in 10th midheaven.Yours in 12th. Yikes.
        Am looking at grey days differently now from your saying it’s ‘like walking in a dream’. Before that turn of phrase, disliked them intensely, but not now. Thanx
        you have changed my perception of grey to silver.

      • I think the message im getting from them is that if I can shape my reality in my dream, I can in my waking life. I never think its that easy but the more I do this lucid thing the more I feel “reality” is just as malleable..

        The reason I jumped off the balcony is because i realized I was floating in the apartment flying already& I said this is impossible to do in real life. So I then knew it was ok to jump. It was like proving nothing would happen for myself. I was having fun on the way down i knew it was not real because i fell so softly at first and never hit anything. then I just said let me wake up, just in case this gets a little too real… lol

  14. pure exhilaration and beauty! my soul sang like she hasn’t in years. goddess i adore sag!!

  15. Yeah!!!!!!!!! It’s like I’ve been waiting my entire life just to experience this time of my life.

    It’s awesome. Go the new. Fuq stale paradigms.


  16. I’m still somewhat in shock from how it played out. Circumstances put me in contact with my ex family and friends. And when they talked about how they’ve missed me I just came out with “Well, its just I’m dead like Brenda” – a family member who died months before me and my ex got divorced (she was 37, left two kids behind, breast cancer). The shocking thing was that it came out of my mouth like that – matter of fact, no animosity or digging to it. Just plain – so Sagg-like! :-) And that they said nothing. Nothing! No “Oh, that’s silly” No “what do you mean?” And my ex welled up with tears and started hugging and fist bumping me as if to say …what? I don’t get it. I don’t know what would change from it. It was nice to acknowledge my death – and the fact it didn’t actually happen that way – I’m still alive. Its been over three years and no one ever called to see if I’m OK. I was left in the house, with all the bills and responsibilities and zero financial support after 11 years of marriage. When MM wrote Virgo 4th house issues would come up I thought “Hmm, I’ve got a kid and pets…not much to scale back on there.” But – wow – the family karma was put on the table on Sunday and its not mine to eat. So be it. I feel – a part from me being Mother to my child which I’ve been blessed with and supported by spiritual forces from beyond my understanding – thank Goddess! – I’m just watching it unravel for others. Very strange.

  17. Oh – regarding dreaming. I wrote in a journal to ask if Brenda had anything to tell me. I wrote this dream elsewhere on the blog – but repeating for the eclipse summary aspect. Anyway, had a dream I went to see a superstitious man in a hollowed out tree (he appeared as a Muslim guy I work with – my ex family is Muslim). He offered me drugs and I thought “why would I want that?” And I left and the tree fell without a sound. Then, I was at a stream with clear, cool, clean water and my daughter and pets were drinking from it. This before the non-confrontational confrontation with the ex-family. Surreal. Anyway – I woke up thinking “Damn, I didn’t get a dream answer” and then I remembered the dream. I don’t remember seeing Brenda in it and it took a few days to realize she was saying she thinks I’m a good Mom. My eyes water just writing that. It means a lot to me. So…again, suggest writing down questions in a journal before sleep if one would like dream answers this week. It may take awhile for the answer to become clear, but it works.

    • Oh – and got a B tattooed on my ribs for Brenda. I know its Venus retro and we aren’t supposed to do permanent “beauty” adjustments but I’ve wanted it for years. Its nice to have a scar to heal and to have her with me like that. I feel her with me all the time. Its hard. I’m not over the way she died. She was the healthy one (organic everything) and she died of cancer – hacked apart the last few years of her life by our famed medical establishment. Talk about sick. What good did healthy living get her? Nothing. That experience has made me kind of sour on my own health habits. Hope to get healing on that point because I smoke and drink too much and eat not enough and can’t seem to give a fuq. But I do some yoga and meditate. Ha!

      • I dont think that would fall under Venus retro its really not cosmetic and has more meaning for you.

        Try American Sprit ciggys, they have kinds that dont cause cancer. Its not that they kill its what they put in a majority of them that does.

        I think its funny that they try to say they are so bad for us and play videos with holes in peoples throats but they wont take the toxic elms out of them.

        People been smoking natural tobacco with no effects for long time before all the additives.
        O yea we live in america together.. You can find them. :)

        • You’re speaking truth, aqualeoscorpmn
          and I appreciate your generosity in sharing it. No – she didn’t follow her bliss. She was obsessive compulsive about eating and cared way to much about what other’s thought.

          She changed a lot in the process of dying. She had to let go. And not many people – or so I feel – got to know how she changed. Maybe they do know and we just don’t talk about it because I’ve been home alone for three years.

          But she’s also changed after her death. She and I had more than one life together. Its a hard relationship to give context to. But she is aware and strong now.

          I walked with it – my feelings. She’s still in my life and proud of me. She loves my daughter fiercely. I realized how scary the “awakening” I went through in 2009 was. I’m scared of going through that again. I’m scared of being insane. I have 7 siblings, two parents, none with a good record of sanity.

          Brenda was the first dead person I connected to. She was loving. Not all dead (or living) people are that.

          Its a hard thing to give context to. With this Sag business going on…my NN is 3rd house Sag…I feel like this time alone has been a forced protection- a forced justice – and now I get to watch the world unravel around me. I don’t predict it. I don’t wish for pain for anyone. It isn’t my fault. I see through the lies so plainly now. And Brenda does too.

          I can’t go back to who I was before. I don’t shrink away from who I am now. But I keep getting bigger and bigger – it seems – unstopable. Believe it or not – my ego hates that.

          • Well Sagi north node 3rd is developing a larger outlook and then communicating what you have found with others and locally. Which your doing so well, There are aspects that can point to if it will happen or not if you wanted to really know.

            If it does, you go saner, in a lifetime we are Once a man Twice a child, My old boss I was a personal assistant for 2 years and had a stroke that brought on Dementia her left side was paralyzed. . to others who didnt understand the death process, she was so much nicer than how she was before, She was really mean.. Even her family was like thats dorthy. Shes always been like that, & she was an aqua. Only believed in money wasnt religious jewish. And would lock her self up and not let nobody come over because of her precious antique furniture.

            But after she ended up having a stroke she was so nice, she used to call me over to critique my shirt or pants. She would say jason, come here, im like what dorthy.. she would forget to cirtique me. It was like the universe was done with her worshipping minutia.

            she became much nicer though and we would sit draw stuff together, she was just everyday was a new day, because she was in pain, she had some bone degeneration that Asazi Jews get… But every day she would forget, that she was supposed to remember the days of pain. To me that is a great way to be everyday is new. No matter how tough the previous day. You forget, she would always wake up in the morning in a good mood and try and walk. but she would forget that she was supposed to be mad that she couldnt. So just relax, all is well even in insane looking people. There alot saner than most people think. at least there painting drawing doing stuff kids do agian.

            Who wouldnt wanna be a kid agian?

            • & I was not certified, but my friend draws blood and she was demanding someone come in immediately. I liked that she did not interview me and just let me do my thing. She was very hard to work for while she was sane, and a joy to be around after the stroke even though my duties got heavier. She went from pushing me around, which I prefer one person- I would rather work with just one meanie anyday.

              I used to work at a gym, no interview for that either. I love you need me now hires. Some someone-quit-can-you come-in-tomorrow-types. My life cannot fit into a resume. So I was there 4 years and I did everything there was to do, after the stroke. A nurse came in and dorthy did not want people she didnt know or trust there so the nurse showed me what to do. I was so scared, but I faced my fear and with the encouragement of some main family members and the dispise of a few, becasue Im not certified, I stepped up. faced my fears of her family and of all things unspeakable to most my age trust me. I hated doing the same thing for a baby as an adult. But I didnt let it show, and faced my fear, once you do it enough times its not gross anymore. And seeing her cute inoocent face that she never showed before. well just made me work harder.

              So just try make friends with your ego, the world can unravel but you are needed to help patch it up. we all are, the ego yes hes funny when he finds out hes not as grand as he once thought he was, hes just going to have to get used to your sprit. Your both gonna have to work together and im sure you can do it. :)

        • I’ll reply up here so the comment doesn’t get to skinny. My ego doesn’t have to worry about why I’m here because here I am – don’t worry about that. :-)

          As for the world unraveling – I don’t know… I just realized and fully felt this weekend the massive amount of family karma that’s been burned off my back. Its been hard, but I am glad I held to truth. Certainly, I am accountable for what I do from here. But…for so many years, it didn’t matter if I was right or wrong and justice seemed nowhere in sight. I feel that time is over. I don’t have to fight against the wrongs done to me. Justice is done by forces greater than me. I can smile. I can marvel at the way the world is made without screaming about what did me wrong. I can die and go on living. I can tell incredible truths and not care what’s believable in any of it for others. And I can watch as others learn – sometimes painfully – that the truth isn’t a matter of perspective. And – for those who want to hear what I know- I speak my truth. I don’t even have to make that into a job. It just happens. Thank God for Grace.

          • I believe the world is unraveling. But it doesn’t mean secure structures aren’t still there. Like unraveling crochet: the hook to rework the thread is still there, the hands, the body sitting firmly in a chair, the chair squarely on the ground. The unraveling of the world is only one layer of activity. The creation may be coming apart, but the creator is still there to create again. So it is with humanity. We may take it apart, but we’ll put it back together again, too.

      • What good did healthy living get her, It also depends on what your doing internally. No offense it is not just outside elements that are in play. If say you do your south node constantly, it does not matter how much organic you eat. Your literally doing things that are causing cells to feel stressed.

        Healthy living does alot. No one can really say where each person is at mentally. I know If I did sales everyday to get by, I no doubt would have some cells go haywire in my system. Was she aligned with what made her truly happiest?

        • Every sign has there niche, I wouldn’t toss out striving to be healthy because this is your feeling of your friend.

          I dont mean to be, speaking from outside but thats all I have- but many people hide elements of there addictions afflictions and not admit they are truly not happy. Even to themselves, That they made a wrong turn, that there soul is feeling stifled in the choices they have made or the things they might not have addressed.

          Eating healthy and Organic always does the body good, just as much as, psyche work. I know many people who hid things from me for years. No dobut I believe the med industry makes alot of things worse than they make better. Well I just hope you dont give up on your own health, you have your own path, and that you are open to astrology- with healthy eating can take out any cells that were holding energy that had not been released, now that you see everything has its time and its place, it is time to relax, release. Let be, know we all get many chances. Like a saturn return or any return, you get a life return. Not even addressing this and fearing death, can cause cells to multiply, Thats why they multiply either by environment toxins or holding things in like feelings.The energy has to go somewhere.

          Some are not even willing to admit to themselves they are holding things in, let alone to tell a friend.Release Release Release some more. Search search and then search some more, Unlock, Unlock your chart, unlock your soul, unlock your true calling away from the crowds, your family, your friends, and your insecurities.

          • sorry for the long posts, but I keep remembering why organic is key, pluto is at the doorstep of my 6th, Organic is NOT TO AVOID DEATH. It is to have more energy to love more efficiently to have that extra energy to help others in a better way, even though she died, she eating organic was able to provide more time for her friends or herself in an appropriate way, It is essential for avoiding depression. Depression is not just some chemical imbalance the med industry would like us to think its the things we keep eating and applying to our bodies that were never meant to be in them. It becomes a cocktail of mixed emotions for us. I noticed right away when I changed my diet I had way more time to be there authentically for myself as well as others around me. So its still good she ate organic. Not everyone can but we can just do our best, once we start voting with our dollars at each outlet, the men who could care less how long the race exists as long as they get theres in this lifetime, will provide because they want there money. Thats all it is to them.

            • It is literally like if you eat a apple with pesticides. maybe that night your kid comes to you to tell you they love you or show you a painting, and if we are feeling drained or sick from what we ate, we might brush that important opportunity by with our kids. Its happening all the time. Sagi rules my 5th house of children I have none but thats what I glean from this.

  18. I am certainly not feeling the joy.

    Every single Taurean I know has this slightly manic look in their eyes because they are dealing with crazy weirded out people & are personally doing at least 2 out of 3 of the transits that Mystic described in the daily yesterday, I myself had fated meeting the day after my 27th birthday (hung over & at work) I was swooning over his aura of calm the whole time…but different city means Slo-Mo if anything to the max.

    This full moon has been horrid. All my ‘insights just seem like clarification re how I’ve been seeking approval in all the wrong places & that I just don’t need to do that full stop but nothing regarding brilliant new paths, or career shifts (which I would love!)

    I’m trying to let go, let go, let go, but I’m about one hair away from losing my cool at stupid people (I work in retail) & someone scheduled sales to. Start. Today…

    • HaHa! I feel you fellow bull. Our sales start today too, ( also work in retail) Could it be the same shindig?? I came down with flu though so I’m sick and glad to be. My Boss is about to crack it and I don’t want to be around her. Neptune retro is doing it’s thing…and she has been hiding too much (un-successfully)

  19. This full moon is in my 12th, so dreams have been all about huge expanses of water…& being Sagg, I’m on holiday in exotic locales in all of them!
    Most fun dream was synchronised body surfing with a crew of hot young things in beautiful waters near tropical islands…bit like being a dolphin really. As the dream started I could touch the bottom if I stood still but that made me anxious thinking about sharks, so as soon as I started playing, the fun started & the magic with all the other peeps happened. A very cool, profound dream.
    Dreamed this morning that after walking along a bush track arrived at a cliff face above a beach, looking foreword to a tropical beach cafe breakfast. JUst about to head down to the beach when I looked out to see a massive massive wave (but my feeling was it was’nt a tsunami , just an uber massive
    wave) crack & break on the horizon. There were heaps of people down on the beach & I knew they would cop it & that we would be safe with the rest of people up on the cliff…even so, we got wet & there was an overwhelming sense of being one of the masses affected by forces beyond our control.
    Not an easy dream to shake off…
    But also dreamed I saw the Venus transit across the sun, so that was groovy!

  20. I like the bright metallic sheen of her sunglasses. He, conversely, looks like a corpse. Rigor mortis setting in. She’s looking at his fuzzy, cold, crack. Maybe through her glasses she sees color where there isn’t any, sees life where there’s only concrete. Maybe through her glasses his ass looks really hot. Not fuzzy.

    Are they beer goggles? What?

    • It was Soul Mining that i listened to most. Found this out yesterday when listening to Infected and not hearing the lyrics i remembered. Loved “I’ve Been Waiting for Tomorrow ( All of My Life)”.

      Disappointed to note that the cassette tape had tunes not on the CD – namely “3 Orange Kisses from Kazan” and all of cassette Side 2. Who ever would have thought to hang on to all those cassettes?

    • Is this the day?? “.. your life will surely change!!”

      Davidl .. sooo many of your posts over the past couple of years helped change my perspectives on so many ‘days’, & alot of the time, the insights were uncanny in their timing .. my life has surely changed .. big respect, to you! .. What a sweet tribe of support that MM has manifested!

    • Always take the time to listen to Matt Johnson, and a happy relevance follwed – RISE by PIL

      ” anger is an energy”

    • Freakin love this song Davey!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

      oh and good to see you too! … now all we need is Uber to drop by. 😀

  21. Wild dreams lastnight. On foot, walking through countries, eras of time, people of eras of my life showing up. The one constant was my cat . He too picked up adventures along the way but remained a companion the whole way. The highlights were fending of a bear sized dog by hand and savouring some magically prepared smoked fish from a lady at a roadside caravan.

  22. avoiding royalists and tourists but I’m pretty sure this is a cup of EB from Twinings. I’ve spoken to the Matriarch as Scorping 2nd house eclipse could not be more apt for her right now. Me, I saw the Aqua for a bloody mary early avo all wrapped up in each other courtesy of a a dead couch in hackney that conveniently sunk me straight into him dissecting why neither of us normally do PDA and how we are to arrange our future so there is enough oxygen but man I love our friendship etc. where is B?, she’s in Berlin, we should go, totally. Got quite racy, took it home. We went out separately afterwards. Tres Sagg.

    • :) nice
      Friendship and love. They are both passionate at their best .

  23. It makes so much sense! I just started a journey to get more in shape. Today I ran a mile for the first time in ages. Great astro for a new exercise program, actually.

  24. Im not sure what to make of it but LOVE that picture and that GUY! and I have been having lots of sexy dreams recently which I can’t quite remember! (Venus in Scorpio). Very hectic – also got this major passion to finally get a car after twenty years of being driving age.

  25. well DUH, that explains it! could NOT sleep at all last night, concious and subconcious going flat out turbo processing…TOTALLY forgot about the eclipse (I only read this blog every day…)

  26. Went for a run with Gem friend, who has just been thru a horror week work wise, finally she took the high road and resigned. But I’ve been workjing back up to running after a few months off, she’s just hitting the comfy 20km mark. So we did 7.9km together, under the full moon along the Brisbane river. I can barely walk today, but it was worth it. My body is hopefully shocked back into the exercise paradigm. I’m just shocked I managed more than double my current running distance.
    True node currently conjunct my natal Venus and Mercury….. Moon currently conjunct my Uranus… was it exact for the eclipse?

  27. Back in the day (like last year) when the Homeland Security Advisory System was still alive and kicking, they had this thing called the Orange Alert i.e. High Risk of Terrorist Attacks. Red, obviously was something like Defcon 5.

    In the tropics, they grade storms by Signal, 1 meant you still had to go to school, 2 was you went to school drenched, 3 was your vehicle is now a barge and 4 was well, don’t even fuqing think about it and brush up on your rowing skills mate.

    Personally as a Kataka who’s been slapped around by back to back eclipses all of 2011 and now this, I think it’s about time we come up with an Eclipse Coding System. I don’t know, it could go from Eclipse Mode 1 (general moodiness) to 5 (we just blew up your life as you knew it).

    Am exhausted/excited/sad/everything from alternate emo processing of my own as well as apparently now being The Emo Conduit for all sorts of peeps, i.e. my Gemini Fling who by definition shouldn’t even be discussing marriage, did just that cue goobly eyes and letting me know he finds it reassuring I’d been previously betrothed (the logic I assume is that my prior marriage was a starter kit and the next one ought to work).

    Followed on Friday by the WHU’s (Well-Hung Uranian) confessional on a serious health concern he has and how, “you know I’ve always been in love with you, you’re The One, the total package, etc etc ” Like huh? Managed to calm him down but when I fibbed about having a date the next night, he devolved into threats about how he had peeps who could jack my date up for “the right price.”

    Then the “date” which was actually a massage appointment – well, very prophetically became a date and I know somewhere in the realm of my personal mysteries, this really wasn’t one of them as I’d wanted my therapist literally the minute I clapped eyes on him back in May. I just didn’t know he’d want me back..kind of. And who in Hades knows (I checked) where this is going to go because he’s a Cancer Rising Leo who’s eerily psychic and well, just a tiny bit crazed. You know?

    He’d warned me that in heated moments he might slip and say I love you, I was appalled and told him not to do that, ever. So we fell asleep into innocent cuddling instead, during which he woke me up to tell me precisely that. And worse, I said it back – because I’m probably just as certifiable as he is. Then went back to ye olde slumber. Maybe, just maybe this is the Eclipse Speaking in Tongues?

    Oh, and yeah, the work thing is still going on..

    But what it did make me realize is that in some odd way, saying that had been just what I needed – no matter how illusory or temporal or well, Eclipse-addled it was. Because I haven’t done that in a long time, to anyone and just hearing it as well as saying it makes me feel it wouldn’t be so impossible to do it again. Groan.