Surreal Again

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This image is from Une Semaine De Bounte – check it out to be amazed, right?!  I found out all about it via Bloodmilk, in the post below. Wow.

It also prompts the question so how was your Transit of Venus lol?   It’s Venus in Gemini and Retro so (a) you may not see ramifications of something that occurred today until she goes direct and (b) you could also think more ideas and insights flow…

Anyway, the Weekly Horoscopes from June 9 are posted!

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62 thoughts on “Surreal Again

  1. Une semaine de bonté IS amazing.

    So far my transit of Venus has been a PMT induced quagmire, spurred on by radio silence from el Cap possibly due to outside interference and major nostalgia re the Virgo but knowing that’s not a possibility anymore after being shown a different path by the Cap. UGH, so essentially confusing, non straightforward, complicated, weird, wtf business as usual in my love life. So over it, so ready for simplicity.

  2. Awesome transit of Venus, noted elsewhere on the blog. Got acupuncture for the first time and feeling immediately better. Am SO not going the prescription drugs option.

    So Mystic – the weeklies – Chiron retro? It is already telepathic enough in my world. Will Neptune and Chiron meet up in some cosmic explosion right on my Pisces stellium?

  3. Out of nowhere, I walked into a store and bought two rings, both have the symbol of infinity. I was undecided to buy which one, then bought both and now wearing together. I am a Gem.

    This would be my retro Venus transit. Love yourself.

  4. Well it’s seen me clearing one essay but I’ve still got heaps to do. I think I’m clearing all the backlog and nonsense and things I don’t like/not sure of now before Jupiter hits Gem. Not so much need the luck but I’m ready to use it for more onward push!

  5. Feverish with headaches, sneezing and chest cough. El Virus esta vivo.

    • And up late?Me too-sleep patterns changing.
      Hope it’s only a 24 hour virus and you are on top
      of it all soon as. x

      • I was watching this random chink do venus in gemini interp on youtube she had a headace, and said she was gonna do it anyway, and then said maybe ill be more authentic throug the process,

        I thought that maybe the reason for all colds and ailments that do exist. Kinda to put kaboosh on overactivity or hubris. Thought was interesting.

        I always let my colds run without medicine. That stuff doesnt even work anyway. Hot steamy shower i find is the best. Or some steam herb pot water.

        Hope your feel better CReatrix.

        • Thank you darlings. This thing is quite pernicious, low level, then blips you on the head (“on mondays & saturdays, but mainly on the latter days..”).

          The upside as you point out ASLM (oo a shorter name for you – ‘Psalm’) is the hallucinations, the lying there seeing the universe interact with my brain at this weird time astrologically.

          Had visions last night of my brain being a maze, I was chasing around urgently looking for the answer to the riddle that is ..dunno, my pineal gland?

          Anyway, I realised what a gift it is to be slightly out of body atm.
          I feel I have processed my fear & raised my vibration. Now I just daydream or talk to the Others & wait for the next wave..

          • Creatrix, Sacred Mirrors by Alex Grey
            i highly recommend you buy for the illustrations which can tell you more than words.
            Have had it for 18 years & refer to it often as a teaching tool for physical & spiritual physiology & anatomy.
            It’s an investment for your burgeoning library of healing methods and meditational images.
            Your body mind is assimilating info
            it sounds like. To find the outer point of your pineal, close your eyes, then go cross -eyed whilst they are closed & look up (without straining), you will ‘see’ it.

  6. what a wonderful day…

    Had an unexpected ‘win’ at work, culmination and cultivation of skills all came together at once….

    Inspiration and creativity just continues to multiply rapidly….

    Wore my wonderful new green shirt, i mean really really green!!!

    Enjoyed my evening with laughter and tears, and a good home cooked meal….

    Oh and the most spectacular PINK sky at sunset, like the sun was all loved up with venus…. and oh how good to hear everybody talking about venus all day…. i loved it!!!!

  7. And the Oracle sez:


    Is the Moon in Cap now? If so, gonna party like it’s my J.O.B. Love you, Transit of Venus! Tonight, we dance :)

  8. One of the emergent themes of the Venus Transit seems to have been bringing hidden problems to light and/or bringing long-avoided/denied problems to a head so that they can be resolved and let us move on free and clear of ll that ick which has been running amock in the darkness.

  9. Oh, and another theme has been perfect jobs manifesting – a few of my friends have discovered the possibilities of jobs which seem to have been tailor-made for them, while for so long they had been applying for job after job which would have required them to distort themselves in order to appear to fit the job profile. Now, jobs where they can be out as gay/witches/people with actual integrity etc! And all their actual good qualities and personal standards are exactly what the job requires. And then it actually pays what they need, is close to home, etc.

    I think there shift which has been underway since the last Venus Transit (when I started noticing people saying things like “I gave up my secure, high-paying corporate jib to become a massage therapist and tarot reader who sells crafts on Etsy”) is all about this reversal of how to make things fit – no longer must we try to fit ourselves into the perceived limitations around us. Rather, we are building the new reality precisely by being who we really are, doing what we think is right, and seeking our true heart’s desires!

    Hail Venus!

    • That is the coolest thing I”ve read about this so far! I’ve also been applying for job after job, to no avail. And now I”m waiting on a company that seems to be trying to find the best job to fit ME! That feels amazing!
      I’m so ready for this good fortune, thanks Venus & Jupiter (I’m a Gemini).

  10. I’ve never posted here before, but I have been obsessed with this site since I discovered it about a year ago. Still a beginner, but have been studying hard ever since and I have learned SO much from Mystic and everyone in the this community.

    That being said, the transit of Venus is going HORRIBLY for me. I am a whole lotta Gemini rising w/ moon in sag. This eclipse and Venus retro has delivered unto me the ultimate smack down.
    I (stupidly, and for reasons I cannot fathom) had an affair with someone who I KNEW had Neputune-fog-of-illusion written all over him. The love of my life, my wonderful, honorable (at times slighty stern) boyfriend found out. (cue saggo eclipse of truth) Now everything good in my life has been reduced to a pile of rubble. It was all there for me to see, in the horoscopes and in everything Mystic has been saying, and yet, SOMEHOW I managed to remain oblivious.

    My boyfriend is an Aqua man with moon in Scorpio rising. His reaction was devastatingly Scorp. I’d like to have hope, but everything I have learned about Scorps says: He’s never going to forgive me. Never. I am despondent.

    This on top of getting in trouble for driving without a liscense (I didnt know it expired a week ago), a dismal living situation I cannot seem to break out of despite intense efforts, impending doom r.e. debt and my soon to be Saturn return in Scorpio….So YUP. I am a shining example of how to do this astro wrong wrong wrong. (sorry to be such a downer on my first ever post!)

    • Golly Miss Molly, you did your man wrong.
      He will either get over it or he won’t, guess that’s his choice.
      Best O luck.

    • uh-oh daddy-oh! life’s just got pretty complicated for you yeah?
      well, you might as well begin your posts on here with a nice, chaotic, shite-fan saturn return scenario :D, it gives us all good material to work with.

      I’m really sorry that your r’ship is in pieces. I must say, having seen at least a few angles of infidelity, they all invite their own version of personal hell. I certainly won’t go moralising on you; altho I suspect any moon in scorp types might be nodding their heads in agreement with what you said. Also, to be honest, learning that one’s partner has been having an affair is a pretty massive trust-fuqer and there’d be a good-to-strong chance things would never go back to the way they were. In your 20s one still has time to sort one’s sh*t out, grieve the good times or whatever you need to, and still meet amazing people after that. And clock up to experience the major fuq-ups to this point.

      Saturn rtn might nail a few things going haywire in your life but you seem pretty aware of the lie of the land. Have a look at the chart house it is happening in too. A lot of the S rtn stuff only makes sense afterwards, but if you can abide by the general process of being the better person, working your butt off in the area that the astro is happening, and keep nose to the grindstone for any ‘blow-back’ that arises / has arisen due to recent chaos.

      hope this helps geminflux…. might be time to rein in the craziness and get your grown-up on, at least to handle the tricky bits. xx

      • I know :( I know its all true. Its amazing how one can intellectually know something, and still be a complete and total fug wit regarding it. *Siiigh*.

        I dont even know if I deserve to be forgiven, but I love him and I have to try. I sure have learned some horrible lessons. Hoping I can face what needs transformation in my life, and come out of Saturn return in one piece! (in Scorpio, UGH!!! so scary!)

        • dudette it’s life, not nec scary, and whatever is going on for you would happen regardless of whether or not you knew about ze planets. so just do the best you can. whatever happens you will survive. good luck.

          • Sorry This is not, true.. If you learn lessons of planets before transits take place they lesson the need for so physical phenomena to take place..

            You have heard what is on this blog, thought about it, but you do not yet know it. Knowing is being totally in tune. Like PI said you will survive,

            But learn the teachings of anyplanet, there is no need to only look at what is comming up for a particular sliver of yourchart.

            Learn the big picture of the planets, confirm your greatest mystery, and that is you are surley no accident, by all these alignments and syncronocitys you find beyond the “normal” ones you find in everyday life that have nothing to do with astrology, astrology blows the syncronocity not existing out of the water,

            So it does matter know about the planets, get to know them, your only getting to know yourself. You will find the planets live through you, not to you.

            • yeah that;s a good point I guess, getting your ship in order before the planet vibes do it for you. that can help.. x

        • Think it is good to relax and do some automatic writing or just simply ask yourself why you really did this? It’s the core of this story to be resolved, as much as it doesn’t seem to matter anymore how it started imo. xx.

    • Hey, it’s over: no more creeping, no more cover-ups, no more being in the dark with the law.

      You’re stepping into the light, and it’s good! Be gentle with yourself, forgive You! Your rebirth begins now. Breathe.

      Blessings :)

    • Oh poor GF! I had similar kooky life stuff happen during the Aqua Leo eclipse cycle (aqua sun rising Leo moon). Eclipses are beginnings n endings especially when they affect your personal planets. Hang in there… The endings are often horrid but the new beginnings are often surprising in a good way. As for your Scorpionic amour… Yup. They don’t forgive and they don’t forget. Woops-a-daisy. So forgive yourself, love yourself and look forwards not back.

    • Sweetie Saturn is all OVER this…that or the ZZ is working your over..this is WHY i have been so meh about the transit of venus and copped some crap for it as well..but it is rad for awareness, xx

      • Thank you all for the kind words. It means a lot.
        I just looked it up, and Pluto is transiting my 7th house…and apparently will be for the next 11 years? Does that mean I cant expect to have a lasting relationship till 2023?!? :(

      • Thank you all for the kind words. It means a lot.
        I just looked it up, and Pluto is transiting my 7th house…and apparently will be for the next 11 years? Does that mean I cant expect to have a lasting relationship till 2023?!? :(

  11. I’m just wondering. This is about the Tres Beau Sportif Parisien Leo of an earlier post elsewhere. He came to visit on the weekend of an eclipse, mars squaring retro venus and then that transit of Venus retro. So you’d be thinking, no way dude, shut that visit down. But in spite of the potential for chaos (?), it was like our few days of hanging out had been tinkered with by Venus herself on one of her best days, with some lucky-Jupiter backup.

    I obeyed the relevant (astro- and self-imposed) dictates of keeping it cool and light. Seriously. I would be a contender for the “Coolest, Most Charming Behaviour Under Uncertainty (I think)” trophy, and I NEVER say things like that about myself ever. Naturally, as I was aware of real-world constraints and also enjoying getting to know a new friend better regardless of circumstances.

    The daily scopes seem to suggest, however, that a retro venus means that there may be more to any romantic story started in the past month or so. Which would either be The Keen Capricorn (questionable social stability), Sportif Leo (uhm… taken and lives on the other side of the planet and more) or maybe the Multi-Scorp (doubtful).

    So is this the part where I just sleep til July? I would be OK with that, except I really need to start looking for work. I don’t quite know what I need to hear to *not* think about Libra-rising Leo, who is of course a different kind of vibe again from the Scorp and the Cap. Aaaaa *laughs loudly at self*

    Also I am secretly relieved that the oracle is accessible right now, my sub has expired and I can’t afford to renew it just yet so I threw a few questions around this eve …thanks Mystic..x

    • I think it is because I am just not sure what actually counts as ‘romance’ right now. That’s the bit I am not clear about.

      *sets alarm clock for July, brushes teeth and goes to bed*

      • Hey Pi, I feel your pain… it’s been a confusing time for us Pisceans re relationships, yes? Sleeping until July sounds like an excellent plan. I’ve been trying to ‘fix’ my relationships for months with no result.. (I know.. what part of Mars in Virgo opp Sun am I not getting??) I can’t even find a decent couples counsellor with any time before July!! So I’m letting go and getting on with the stuff I’ve got to do. Blessings for the job hunting, I’m sure something fab will come your way. xxx

        • Thanks Chrysalis. I like the new name btw :). Yes, am just going to tackle the things in front of me that I *can* deal with. x

    • Sounds like a perfecto situation to enjoy a bit of cool and charming in the midst of uncertainty, haute Gemini style. Not any of that anxious flitty obsessive stuff that I know you are way too renovated to do.
      I’ve recently been reminded about how good being busy and tired is for nipping any ridiculous fantasising about unknown multiple possibilities can be. Such a relief to be as a cucumber when one was before as a icy pole.
      Tis so true that idle hands do the devils work.

      Random mental leap back – is that the Leo you met whilst in gay Paree ?

      • Now that is a good memory Shell…yes.

        I think I am revisiting a previously-reached conclusion that I have to kick my own backside a bit more re work to do on myself to achieve amazing things in my own right. Mostly because I have met a few very-almost-but-not-quite-incredibly-eligible types recently, and you know, to follow my personal mantra, “to get what you want, become what you want.” So: busy it is. then i’ll get the connect i have in mind. x

        • um, in case that sounds like I am meeting freakishly amazing people and pooh-poohing them because they are not perfect enough, that is not the case. What I mean is that … oh i can’t be bothered writing any more. Just assume that I am appreciating the amazingness in people and trying to continue the renovations to allow myself to sort of step into that role of also amazing.

        • Or you’re meeting amazing people cause you’re amazing :)
          I got what you meant.
          It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those periods of amazing people meeting. But then I thought, no that’s probably not true, I just haven’t had that awareness/joyous wonder of a feeling of ‘wow look at all these amazing people’.
          That and I have been very closeted over the past year ish.
          Anyway, lap it up I reckon

  12. I don’t know if this applies but I had a “ah-ha” moment… WOW is all I can say. I came to the realization that after feeling like crap, no energy, feeling stuck and a little depressed that I have taken ownership of the Company I work for. I feel like this business is mine and certain people are sinking this ship. It has hit me hard to see the owner struggling to survive for his pride and for his employees when he has one individual that he trusts and shouldn’t. I can’t get over this realization. Now, if I can put together a plan to make me feel better knowing this hopefully the positive things I will receive will show up. I am overwhelmed with this but so happy.

      • Thanks Pi!!!! Yes, big time relief. I have been inactive for way too long. Let’s see where it leads me to. :)

  13. well, On west coast of US, Tuesday evening was the transit. …..
    But this also all ties in with saggo eclipse dates Mystic mentioned….
    In December Taurus and I met, March we got romantic, then monday on Eclipse he came over and solidified how much he needs me in his life.So during the transit on Tuesday evening I asked him a question, one that required a yes for us to really have a life together. Thankfully he said yes and has already been taking the steps toward it before I asked. We have the full knowledge that this yes was an honor, one which he would not have given if I had demended it or forced it upon him. And he has earned me wanting to have a life with him.

    This past weekend I ran into the exlover multivirgo. It was the first time we have communicated in person since November. Today he sent me a message saying he wanted to see me. HA! Too late sucker. I am ignoring him.

    venus is transiting my 10th. Full on work mode. Working more than I have in awhile.

  14. Insights aplenty. Have resolved to become more “Hemmingway-esque”.
    Beautiful evening skies in Sydney, but storms aplenty. Also felt hellishly sick.

  15. A mixture of absolute surrealism and confusion. I would hear phrases as I passed people on the street like “what you want is what you need” or “it’s hard to see the whales at night” all of which I took a deeper meaning. Driving home I heard for the first time ever outside of a movie “God save the Queen” as the jubilee was broadcast on the radio. I was driving under the moonlight as the only car on the road just as I got home they announced the queen going by. Had a meeting the night before about this fashion show and it was so weird – not only like six months late to get our pics- I got pics but they were someone else’s. So I ventured again to get them and the coordinator sisn’t have them and had a great convo with a dready intellectual about the planets as. Ends was literally transmitting above us. Funny that you can’t see it directly that you have to view it with creativity.

  16. Right on cue I actually really recieved new information regarding an ex I have long held a torch for but think I’ve just finally gotten over/grown out of!!

    Have travelled back to hometown for a couple of weeks, didn’t tell ex I was here or was coming. It has always been a bit unfinished. Normally it’s the first thing I do but just wasn’t feeling it.

    Then yesterday a distant mutual friend of us both randomly rang me up and told me all about ex’s new girlfriend and how she is great – I said I wished he and I could just be friends. Mutual friend said “i think he is feeling the same.”

    So – I cut off the bracelet he gave me three years ago that I have never taken off – and that was my transit of venus… !

    I’m a gem (sun/venus)… zap zone ready in the now – bring on this Jupiter transit!! 😉

  17. Hello Peeps – can u please email me now as i need some of you to test the log in reactivation – it is working at my end but need different peeps, diff browsers etc.

    A bonus three months to your subscription for the help out – email now as i am IN the mode xx

    • Mega Mystic Subscriber – and Schweet as here. xx

      PS – My Geminis Sister Greek Saggie Fiance ( i know a mouthful) has just named his racing horse after you !! – ”Mystic Medusa”, just finding out lineage -it appears parents names were Posiedon and Pegasus)

    • Login and Monthly Scopes are loading OK here, using a Mac and Safari 5.

      I can understand why your ISP is was on red alert. There have been some serious hacks happening lately. just got hacked and their entire database of 6.5 million passwords was stolen.

      • This is my aversion to Face-Book reason, the hacking, it the same as peeps having a bar-code
        in my thinking, that and Zuckerberg is one mean tight ass sob.

  18. Hey thanks Charles – it was my Host not the ISP but exactly. So anyway, it is now all back to normal and you can log in – go where you want. If you do click on something and it zips you back to the menu it means your browser is still caching the previous version of the site so you can hit refresh or clear your cache or change your password to make the browser be in the now.

    thanks for your patience people

    • LOL sometimes I use computer jargon rather loosely, much to the bafflement of some people. I don’t actually have an ISP, I have “naked Internet,” so I usually call my web host an ISP. Sorry for any confusion.

  19. The transit of Venus illuminated my 5th house, where my Mercury (18 Gemini), Moon (25 Gemini), Sun (0 Cancer) are located. I think of this as my relationship house…

    May 4th, my love went back home, overseas. I am planning to go over there in July.
    Which I take as the relationship moving backwards for a little while…

    I also have two planets at 15 degrees – Mars (3rd house) and Pluto (10th house)

    I will be heading over there in July, so it could be that our relationship will pick up again once we are reunited!