Secret Saggo Eclipse Business

Eugenio Recuenco

Lol, i just got an email from someone saying she loves the Oracle when it’s mean. Of course, she may have been being sarcastic.  Weird: last night i did and i got an answer that i know was not in the database.  Accurate though.

Hey i am off the blog till the Full Moon Eclipse is exact – Monday – but the Horoscopes continue as usual, obviously.

It’s a big build-up to an Eclipse  – Moon in Scorpio, Venus square Mars, Neptune going Retro…

To expect: more confessionals and surreal little exchanges were peeps just blurt out the most fascinating things.

FYI: the current hot zones of your chart are 13 to 17 degrees of the Mutable signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo. Check those out for a fast d.i.y. astro lesson and/or an o.m.g. moment.

Share your radically candid Eclipse insights, schemes, encounters, perspectives and realizations here…

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165 thoughts on “Secret Saggo Eclipse Business

  1. I have Venus in Virgo at 11d, does that count?
    mars is currently still in orb of conjuncting natal venus in my chart.

  2. 😯

    I seriously love the new oracle! And now that it is giving out responses that even Mystic doesn’t know about, is even more unreal! Totally reminds me of the fortune teller in ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks. Great movie 😯

    Btw I am having some amazing dreams atm! 😯

    Last night I woke myself up after feeling like I was attached to a rocket that had just launched. I’ve never felt such force before. It was nothing like being on plane. 1000 x times more powerful. 😯

    The night before that I saw a woman giving birth, she called me over to her. As I walked over to her I noticed a midwife. I stood by her bed and looked at her hand. That’s when i saw all the fruit, it was all around us, it was in abundance! 😯

    • 😯

      Also Dr Aqua saw an owl in a huge tree, on the street next to ours, on Wednesday night. How awesome is that! 😯

    • Yes to the vivid dreams at the moment. With peeps I know/ knew, including family…

      love the abundant fruit dream – daiquiris! Or is fruit smoothies more FM eclipse zone correct?

      have headed up a sheet of paper ‘what do I need to know right now’ and am scribbling insights on it every so often. Putting up with alright/adequate when I could with a teensy bit of effort probably have good/great – so a lot of strategems and plans coming out

      • I dream that Graham Hancock asked me to write an article about the Venus transit coming up. Hee hee.

    • Sounds like you were having a Kundalini awakening.

      Big psychic doorway opening for you.

  3. Mercury, Mars, Neptune.
    Definitely feel jittery. This week has been LONG.

  4. Just about everything important in my chart is within those deg. some of those right on mutable signs too… ASC, Moon, Sun, Sat, Uranus, & chiron.
    But i don’t have high hopes since 2004 transit brought nothing important.

  5. The Oracle rocks… I have missed it as I lost my password recently (new one).

    What impresses me, is when you ask 2 entirely different questions one after the other, and get the same answer (eg. something along the lines of “Clean your house” or “Get off your bum and go do something” – I do appreciate the mean ones!)

    The past life ones have all been very fun and very fitting.

    Unfortunately I have no “X” to ask questions about, hopefully I will be able to check out these sections at some point.

    Only mid mutable I have is Saturn at 15 Gemini. Just at present I am being amazingly efficient at getting stuff done. (that needs to get done, too). And hopefully am giving up work in 1 month to go back to study.

  6. Astro peeps, please help! I have the full moon in sag eclipse right smack bang on my neptune in the 7th house, to the degree.

    NO idea what this could mean. So far all i’ve had are health emergencies – currently a blood clot in my leg / DVT which seems to have appeared from nowhere (haven’t recently travelled o/s) and a stomach ulcer.

    Oh and Mystic i also like it when the Oracle is mean! It told me to stop being negative yesterday. Good advice:)

    • I am terrible at interpreting Neptune. Maybe because I live in a Neptunian fog so it all seems normal to me, but I will take a very un-learned, un-talented stab at it. (Others here are geniuses at this sort of thing.)

      Lunar eclipses are endings, 7th house is relationship/partnership house, Neptune is/can be idealism.

      You are going to get over your obsession with someone completely unsuitable and take the stodgy, boring, but steady and sane person instead.

      • Well, considering that it’s Neptune… It could have a strong residue on your dreams. Pay close attention to them during this time.

        And since it’s in the 7th house- it may show you that you need to reevaluate your business partnerships/project partners/significant others or how you pick them. You may rethink what an ideal partner is in your eyes. Or who your “dream” mate is. (haha, pun on Neptunian dreams!)

        • Thanks Leonine. Hmm. Food for thought. Dreams have been super psychic of late and i’ve been writing them down. So will see what comes of that. And as for business partnerships – have been making some sweeping changes with asserting myself lately where usually i’d play the martyr. So maybe it’s that. Thank you both!! xx

      • Thank you mush! But i have been single for a v long time and don’t have any choices between men going on… (sigh)… so i’m curious about what the 7th house represents if one is single…

        • isn’t it enemies as well as partnerships? 7th house… open enemies? Maybe some of them will show themselves in lightning zap of eclipse or you will see through an idealistic haze and have a revelation re someone you thought solid and suddenly realise it’s co-dependent or not as solid??? Not meaning to sound negatory but neptune can be tricky you know? Esp with venus opposite and retrograde. I’m finding it easy to see the relationship patterns of the past in a clearer light and I am having the eclipse in the same place as you asc/dsc axis although neptune is not directly involved. Clarity ensues. Nice work getting down from the cross – you work in a hard business don’t doubt that for a minute, I hope your health improves quickly x

  7. Moon, Mars + Neptune all at around 18 degrees Sag and my new favourite Capricorn has his Moon, Mercury, Neptune + Asc all at 17-19 degrees Sag *scared*. I’m quite relieved we live 8 hours from each other right now.

    • Dead and living people want attention. Notice but don’t pour your energies into them.

      People are people. Dead or living, the unquiet need your energy and attention because there’s a lack in themselves… What do we always say to each other on this site? Love yourself first; you are beautiful; respect yourself.

      Remember also not all energies are people, though you may see them as such. Notice, acknowledge, pay attention. But hold your centre and keep yourself to yourself at this time. Recommend no liquor not a drop at this time. Green veg, water, rest, tone the body. Be strong so you can appreciate this adventure; if you are timid but curious you’ll get sucked in. Be awake, aware, centred. Best wishes x

  8. Mystic, firstly I love this pic! All the pix are cool of course but this one has an ambiance I can resonate to in several ways. .This is so apt for Saggi me at the mo!!

    Now to the eclipse weirding series that will become more pronounced on Monday.. eek or eureka. I cannot say at this point.

    I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow. My old home town. I’m well scheduled in with catch ups including a couple of Rockwiz shows for those fans.. uh-hum, yes in the Gershwin Room at the Espy, my fave old stomping ground!

    I’m also catching up with older friends that I have had no contact with for 20 odd years that are also linked to my former potent love (the Libra that gave me the seemingly unrecoverable heart wound) and that’s both cool and a little daunting. I’m not in contact with said Libra as he does not always enjoy my Saggi candid appraisal of days of yore. Why he chooses to overlook the Saggi candid love and joy I share with him in favour of other bits is not my problem.

    Interesting that I booked this trip to coincide with the eclipses and this particular series. The build up has been wild. The cusp of a new level of enlightenment has been brewing in my soul so daily torment aside I feel optimistic.

    My beloved feline went to cat camp this eve. She’s feeling abandoned. I hate that this is the only way I can manage a week away but she will be well cared for.

    My Scorp sis is overjoyed to be seeing me as am I and I’m also catching up with a dear old Scorp mate and another dear Libra buddy.. and of course the fam. Happy to be communing with them all too!

    So the crux of this eclispy astro.. well I feel like I’m leaving as one person and returning in a week as another. It’s odd and maybe even a little uncomfortable but it’s also good. There’s revelation and healing in the air!!

    • Bon voyage , Scorchy… With Venus weirding there may be some NEW love/lust interest among the familiar reunion scenes. 😉 or at Rockwiz :) . Enjoy the trip hon.

      • Thanks TwinFish!!! Yeah.. I have no idea what to expect but I’m in a zone about it all. Deliberate choice of words, A zone not good nor bad nor anything I can predict.. just gonna let the good times roll.

        RockWiz.. ahhhh, awesome fun me thinks!


        Yeah the whole SEx thing can look a little errrum.. well loaded with something else but its’s essentially just a kiss from me =)

    • Big hug and a big bon voyage kiss to you, Scorchy. You’ve come a long way, Lady!

      Have fun at the Espy. (hm i recall getting escorted out of there last time under some funny circumstances, including the fact that i was carrying bags full of towels and nappies, and thought i was at the prince of wales)

      Enjoy the company and the gritty city xxx

      • The Prince.. now don’t get me started on that place Mille!! Nappies etc.. would have been hilarious there! I’ve had many a social in that venue too. Is my old suburb of debauchery… tis with regret that I wasn’t there.. or perhaps can’t recall?!

        Anywho, it’s gonna be a ride to enjoy :)

        Love x

    • Yes! Change the details and the place you describe is very much where I’m currently orbiting. Revelation and healing, indeed. And might I add just a hint of revolution… or is it just evolution?

      I sincerely hope your trip goes fabulously and surprisingly well, Scorched Earth. Safe journey!

  9. Hi Mystic, I also have had two weird moments this week. I was trying to figure out a short cut to work, but couldnt. Yesterday the work ‘people mover’ appeared ahead of me and turned sharp left into a side street. I thought, cool, i’ll follow them to work. It took a short cut route, which was great, then turned off at the traffic before my building and headed off into the traffic. I parked, got out, and saw the people mover parked outside the front door. I asked everyone. No one had driven it.

    The second weird thing is I received an email two days ago from a colleague advising me someone was pulling out of an event. I deleted their name from the data base and reconfigured the specificly-numbered name was a pain but would have been a problem if I hadn’t sorted it out. Today, with 1 hour to go, that person advised me that they weren’t able to attend due to a sudden death in the family. I checked. My colleague hadn’t sent me an email.How weird?

    • whoa~ that IS wierd! I was wonderinfg if the first sitch might just have been a case of an identical vehicle, but the second one? 0_0

  10. I had a strange experience i felt like i was going back in ti
    E about 8 years. I work in the community as a carer and met up with a client i hadnt seen in 8 years.. It felt like going back in time. Like time had stood still and things had never changed. Really strange!

  11. My Venus Moon conjunction at 14/16 degrees Sagg is getting ‘klapped’ as they say here in South Africa lol. And it looks like the Full Moon eclipse on Monday happens right on that point too with Sun/Venus opposing it… What am I learning?

    The most profound lesson I could ever hope to learn:- that the Beloved I seek is not in a body out there – that Love is not possession of ‘someone’. This is a deep realisation and I feel like I am being set free from a massive trap which has imprisoned me for lifetimes.

    The love I seek is not out there!!! WTF!!! incredible :-)))

    • I hear you. Its a great lesson. And it is freedom. But, damn, I’d like to have sex and family and the love in there all too.

      • I suspect that In freedom true love can happen…

        Maybe all the people who have deeply loving relationships that are filled with fun and light have them because they’re not figuring out how to GET the love from their partner?

        Who NEEDS but those who cannot feed themselves?

        • I have true love. Always. Its not love that I need. I just don’t have a family/tribe. Its weird.

          • For all the ways you and I are alike lol we differ in this way, I think: I very much feel like I have a tribe, and I want to share it, share me. But i can’t share with just anybody, you know? “These herbs are rare,” right? Haha

            So I know what ideal looks like– I’ve conjured it in my mind’s eye– and my tribe is complete with a bff/lover equal partner at my side.

            Some may think that *ideal* is impractical or foolish. I would say that ideal requires the cojones and faith of The Fool. Step off the cliff into Creation, yeah?

            Have been reading, “Paint the Sky and Dance: Women and the New Myths” (Castronova, 2001). Recommend *thumbs up*

            • I have a tribe in that all things in the Universe are connected, but I’m not going to go home and cook dinner for four tonight, you know? Wait…maybe that’s a good thing! :-)

              I don’t get it, Scrop Inc. I mean, it should be like “I love you. You love me. Let’s get something to eat and have fun.” So much needless drama about feeling. I will say I have gotten way clear on what I want in a relationship, (Thanks, Saturn in Libra!) and sharing is it. I have so damned much to share, its ridiculous. And so does – really – everyone. Back to the point of the species being afraid of feelings.

          • it sounds like you’ve either natally got uranus in the 4th or on the IC/MC opposing the 4th or that you’re having a uranus transit of the IC/4th. Which house is aquarius? I’m not up for working this out but the words tribe and issues re this are classic uranus/IC/4th so maybe check these and your chiron also and see if there’s anything to be gleaned from the nuggets found there? Lilith in aquarius? … look to the axis of the IC / 4th house for insight. A time of not having a tribe can be a useful way of becoming or finding your own strength and then a tribe that vibes well with you as a stronger person will emerge from that mist – a la the words of wise MS below. If you have something transiting your IC/4th and feel the need to commune with others over it go read some books about your ancestral people and their homelands and then ask them to come to you in dreams. You have a tribe. We all have a tribe. We just forget simple truths really easily nowadays.

            • Uranus in my 2nd house, Libra. Transiting Saturn. Nothing in the 4th. Working on releasing my SN, 9th House Gemini. Venus and Sun in my 12th make a Yod with Jupiter in my 6th Pisces. I do daily work . Not for money work. Uranus takes care of me. Uranus in my 2nd pays me with a job in info tech in a career that never existed before. I studied English Lit. Graduated and got into info tech. It was weird, but like I said, makes Uranus happy (and me happy too)

              • Am I right in thinking you have saturn square uranus natally and saturn conjunct uranus by transit right now plus there’s pluto in capricorn which is ruled by saturn transiting your 4th house square transiting uranus and opposing natal saturn ? If so your 4th house is being zapped by the uranus pluto square + opposite is your natal saturn in the house saturn traditionally rules and you have a side dish of saturn conjunct uranus. That’s some pretty full on astro. Plus you possibly have a virgo stellium with mars stomping through there right now? How the hell is that going? I mean overall?

                • Ha! First, thanks for your interest, Anon. I’m laughing at myself because I said I had no 10th house action, but I do have Saturn 10th house Cancer. How’s it felt? Like Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto punching me in the face for roughly four years. Tonight I saw my ex-family. They mentioned missing me, jokes about old times, and it came out of my mouth: I’m dead like Brenda. And they all were silent. And my ex cried and hugged me. It was so true. I’ve died within my own life, yet still am living.

              • OK am answering your later post here because the skinny thing irks me

                ah! so I realised after I scoped your chart out that I was perfectly manifesting my moon in scorpio and potentially tweaking your 12th house virgo so I’m glad you took that so well. I know uranus and its effect on the 4th intimately so I knew it had to be in there somehow by the way you were describing how you felt with your initial comment. I had decided not to post here any more but your clearly 4th house angst beckoned. I’m immersed in chuck palahniuk right now so I can’t guarantee I’m going to be able to say anything that makes you feel better about where you’re at but I cannot recommend more highly the ancestors and dream walks / talks or meditations with them thing. Saturn always makes me feel like I’m dead or at least in a cage I have it in the tenth natally as well and it recently crossed a stellium in my chart and is currently traversing another I think you have a similar double stellium in consecutive signs thing going on – Palhniuk is the ideal antidote to saturn and uranus 😈 I think at some point in the next few years you might have a grand cross happening? A grand cross zap. This is good though – when you haul your ass through that victorious it’ll be like you’ve been born again. I’m not being trite either – you WILL get through it. You were born to be present in this moment in time. You have astro on board so you’re eons ahead of the sleepwalkers. If you stay in touch with the like minds and focus on yourself and some aspect of the ancestral / dna story you carry within you will find your strength growing immeasurably – you get your values handed down from the ancestors even just looking at that while the zap is happening could be really insightful. I love that you’re so work ethic focussed – when I saw saturn in the tenth it made me smile and nod but there’s other things the 2nd / 6th houses are about too. Even if you read the folk tales of your people something will spark up – it’s super powerful, the folklore. Something happens when you hear the same stories your ancestors heard – and you have mercury and pluto loosely conjunct? I suspect words are how you will be able to help you unravel this feeling of disconnect you have while being zapped in the 4th and 7th. I can’t believe I guessed the lilith in aqua – you are SO expressing the essence of your astro signature that I KNOW you can do this in a good way. Some of this might ring true. i wish you luck in your travels xxx

          • 12 house, you have US! Online MM astro nuts. And we love you! XOXO

            • Thank you gemyogi!! :-) I do and love you too.

              Thank you Anonymous for being my astro fairy Godmother/father. I had a natal chart reading done once and she told me I was raised by the wrong tribe. She said there was nothing I could do about it – to make it work – they just weren’t my people (although, technically/genetically, they are – I wasn’t put up for adoption or anything). Anyway, that insight made my work ethic so pissed. “You mean, I can’t WORK my way out of this?!?” LOL!

              Re conjunctions – Mars zero Libra, Pluto 6, and Mercury 11. Is that loose? Not sure. I am horrible at reading aspects. Thanks very much for your time and attention. Have no idea how to spot a grand cross coming up. How would I know? I got into astro because in 2009 I had a major spiritual event happen. Like my brain was being rewired. And I’ve looked back to see what happened then. The best I can figure is that is when my progressed sun moved from 12th to 1st house. I can’t blame Saturn in Virgo for all of it, although that’s been rough. I like the idea that there is an exit to the fire I’ve been walking through. I asked the person who did a reading for me not to focus on predictions. I think prediction marginalizes imagination. Anyway, she said my partner would arrive with the spring 2013 eclipses. So…we’ll see. Again, I’d like to think I could work it out, but the astro has kept me really confined. All omens indicate I am doing my work by caring for my tribe (daughter and pets) at the moment.

              Ancestors…I tapped the ancient record and must write the story. Its overwhleming and takes discipline. The archetypal wisdom is amazing. Astarte conjunct my SN. Its a good story.

              • are you the amazing photographer? you seem really familiar… I think we’ve talked before. it’s faerie sister, sister. i hear you re the need for the astro not to be predictive – for you to use it in a conceptual way is going to be more useful, you clearly don’t think in a linear/chronological way. This is a good page for the explanation of the aspects Look at your current transits and be more big picture about it – so not along the lines of I will buy a car with gps on this date but more “I will have access to new technology which will liberate me in some way” you might find it less didactic and confining if you change the words a bit – your natal chart shows you’re all about language and how things are said. I use astro conceptually and think in terms of “issues surrounding” the things the planets in transit rule and then interp using my own take on these concepts – it’s me living it right? One persons scary cave is anothers extreme sport. The times i’ve listened to astrologers who’ve made predictions their predictions are subjective and based on their social or cultural perspective – always ends badly. I so get your saturnine “you mean i can’t just work this off” response 😀 if only it were all down to hard labour right? Then it’d all be so easy. You’d get a production line going on and make it happen and it’d be all done and dusted before dinner so we can move on to the next thing in the morning. The transition essence in this range is good for the dead feeling you speak of best of luck with your writing x

              • oh! it is you – your musings on thibetan book of the dead are interesting in the context of your pluto uranus square through the houses of ancestral matters and partnerships. I forgot to say a grand cross would be the combination of your natal uranus being opposed by transiting uranus with your transiting pluto opposing your natal saturn. they would all be ‘squaring’ each other because there’s 90° between them all – they make a cross shape on the circle that is your chart. Maybe check out an actual astrologer (I’m on training wheels) to see if this is going to happen over the next few years – you’re coming up for the uranus opposition while uranus is still squaring pluto so i think it’s ‘on the cards’ as they say. It’s a big deal but you seem like the kind who will handle it with aplomb. Now I must fly my pretty.

        • I think I get your perspective, Diederik. What about:

          People are social animals. Without relationships, we would slowly wither and expire. This need for connectedness is not a weakness, but rather a biological and spiritual wiring inherent to the human condition. It is not a need of possession or power-over, but a need like one needs water or food to thrive.

          And as one connects with others, he feeds himself not only by receiving, but by giving, too. (Healthy) relationships are reciprocal, not one-way streets, and in this way are sustaining and nourishing for all involved.

          Whether this relationship is with one’s Higher Power or with another person, the 1st relationship of Love begins with the Self– which I think you were describing above. Without having first this reciprocal partnership with yourself, all other relationships will remain less than satisfying.


          • Agreed – when I sustain myself from some inner well, discovered somewhere in my spiritual core (beyond ego) I move into ‘relating’ to share rather than get.

            The relationship is therefore less loaded, more loving ?

            • Yeah, my idea of relationships has gotten way basic and simple. My relationship to Source has never been better. Yet, I miss sharing meals with human people. I have a friend coming to stay with me for a week this summer. He said he’ll cook for me the entire time. I told him I’m going to dress him up like Jesus and take a picture of him next to my grill. LOL!

        • I actually think people spend too much time trying to figure out how someone can fill them rather than they can themselves.

            • Imagine how much personal energy we would save if we weren’t chasing that dragon?? And imagine how little advertising would work hehe :-)

  12. Oh fuqing brilliant, those degrees of Virgo, that would be my about my Mars/Pluto/Uranus, and in Gem that’s my North Node, so SN Sagg, and I have four planets in Pisces but earlier than these degrees…. Maybe I’ll just evaporate!

  13. I can definitely feel this full Moon as quite a different energy to the new moon. Quite exciting. It was a long week. I had two things I had to do both simple and five minutes worth as it turned out. But woe did I let them harangue me. Gawd.

    Bring on June and Venus’ lovely transit hot on the heels of a big Sag moon.

    • I hear ya Link!

      Ghosts of ye olde world meld with the days of the new in Saggez-faire style. Bring it on I say :)

  14. I have Gemini sun (bday in exactly 2 weeks) and Sagg moon… am I going to be alright? :/

  15. NN at 14 Sag

    Perhaps I am drifting into nihilistic mode, but I expect this eclipse and the Venus transit to change nothing – nothing is going to suddenly change in my life from the movement of a planet. I mean, they’re moving ALL THE TIME.

  16. My Sagg Sun is exact 14 degrees. On the map the Sun has a 14 next to it.
    Is this the reason i’m sleepless, she who goes into dreamland 5 mins after
    heads melts into the feathers.

    • I sleep but dreams are quest-intense busy and i wake for a moment as though taking a breather from my dreams, then realise i haven’t finished and dive back down.

      Just answered my own days-weeks-long query on why i’m so tired. I’ve been connected to a buzzwire electric fence style for a bit and it’s just easing off:
      Nep 3 Sag, Jupiter 6 Sag, Moon 9 Sag, Asc 10 Sag

      Wishing you some ease and peace, Pegasus xx

  17. I have Mars at 17 degrees Pisces. My Mars has been getting hammered for awhile, so maybe more of the same? This eclipse will involve that Venus retro as well, eh? I’m just going to lay low……. things have not been great lately already, don’t need more problems…

    Hey, are most of you in Australia? I notice the date/time stamps on posts and it says ‘June 2nd”. I live in California, so it’s only 8am on June 1st here. I guess we’re one of the most remote time zones from where you all are. Anyway…….. I hope everyone has a good weekend, despite the heavy astro! :)

    • Mystic is based in Sydney and subscribers from many countries and all over Australia are on the site. Quite a few from America, so it’s like the old pen friends pre-net, a United Nations of varied and supportive personages who
      are interested in metaphysics.

  18. I have nothing at those degrees. My main relationship has NN at 17 in his Saggi first house. That sounds like an interesting eclipse point. I’ll be watching how that plays out for him.

    This energy build to the eclipse/full moon doesn’t feel as strong as the solar/new moon did. Lunar eclipses are endings or completions, this one falls in my first house. I am reimaging my internal picture of myself (that’s why I am caterpillar mush right now), so probably letting go of the old me. Sounds boring.

    Plans for the eclipse: none?

  19. i think the oracle is malfunctioning (pulling answers from the wrong table…i assume each question has a specific set of answers that are stored in a table that is randomly accessed when a person “spins” the oracle). i asked it what my lucky number/…/totem animal is and it said: “Someone you would not expect totally has the hots for you. “.

  20. Oh my goodness!!! OK so the Oracle always seems to be creepily accurate but I have had my doubts – until RIGHT NOW! I just gave it a spin and it was SPOT ON!!! Freaky! Awesome! Thanks Mystic :) Love you!!!!!!

  21. All this relationship angst…where’s the laughter? I’m going to check out Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn – a website dedicated to indifferent cats showing up in amateur porn videos – when I get off work. Just the idea of it makes me laugh.

    • HUH???? Exactly what are they doing to the cats?
      They say cats are women in fur coats. Guess what the dogs are?

  22. Well, it’s like this. I’m Saggo Sun, Gem Rising, Pisces Moon with a plethora of other planets in mutable placements. Plus my Venus is undergoing long term transits from Uranus and Pluto.

    You could say I’m feeling this.

    I’ve had butterflies and this keen anticipatory excitement all week. Definitely feel a new chapter unfolding, but what that is exactly, I have no clue. Have also felt a distinct and welcome detachment from my (big time emo) recent past and even my childhood. Feeling uplifted somehow. Nervous, yes … but uplifted.

    Weirdest thing is that my reliable cloak of invisibility (think it’s a Pisces thing, going offline in public) has suddenly gone poof! People who would more or less be indifferent to me (salesclerks and the like) suddenly see me and lock onto me with tractor beam intensity from the moment I walk in the door and bee line right for me with absolutely no encouragement from me. Totally unnerving, but for now at least, amusing.

    Plus have met at least three people in the past month with whom I feel cosmically connected in some manner (though none in a romantic sense).

    Yup. I’m feeling it.

        • Oh, I love that you asked me that and prompted me to look it up. I’m just learning astrology (there is SO much to know!) and I often don’t know where took when I notice a new trend/thread.

          That said, nope. Nothing happening directly on my MC (that I can tell anyway), but my MC is in Aquarius.

          There is, however, loads of action going on with my AC (in Gem) now that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are there and Jupiter is soon to shift there too. Being Saggo Sun, Jupiter my ruling planet and my natal Mercury is Saggie too) Would that make me suddenly more visible to the world?

          I do feel my personal identity is very much in transition, that I am morphing into a new person right now. I feel this process has been happening for a long time (Since Pluto left Sag actually) and so much of my life has changed… I feel like I’m standing at the entrance of a whole new era, a whole new sort of illumination. And personal freedom (Uranus/Aqua energy for sure, but also very Saggo) is a big issue for me right now. Very much trying to free myself from the chains and obligations of my past and embrace the person I am now, especially creatively.

          • Hey Flashfire,
            I think that we are ruled by our rising signs planet – so you would be ruled by Mercury, even though sun is Sagg.(going off reading from Mystic a year or more ago, i thought i was ruled by mars, but apparently its our rising …just a heads up hun) xx

            • Thanks for the heads up, Cosmic Ram (I heart Aries, BTW… such amazing energy, straight forward and full on!) If I may ask, what is your rising?

              It makes total sense to me that the rising sign is a mightier influence than the sun, being the first house and all. It wasn’t until I learned that astrology was far more than your sun sign that it clicked with me (and made me a convert). There is no doubt in my mind that I lead with my Gemini side(s). And I have to laugh at Mystic’s forecast for Gem this week: “Peeps who feel anything toward you can not hide it”…. apparently this includes sales clerks, baristas and pretty much anyone I encounter these days. They wanna be right up in my grill, scrutinizing me!

              • Hey there :) I am Sagg sun and merc (etc) and Gem ascendant too! My personal identity has been trying to sort itself out for a while now, not quite there yet. But ya – people are making their feelings abundantly clear at the moment.

              • Hey Flashy Pants, Im Pisces rising, with Saturn, Mars, Venus and Moon in Gem… Saggie and Gem is a bloody marvellous mix, my sister is Gem, Saggie Moon and Aqua Rising….glorious bubbly sparkly mix..
                The most interesting conversations and zipping everywhere. xx ONwards and Upwards forever more !

                • Wow, Aqua rising? That’s fun to think about. But gotta say, your Aries/Gem mix has gotta be seriously potent too. Wow.

                  Okay, I really want to know and trusting you get the undying Gem capital C Curiousity what is it like having a Gem Moon? Can you describe it?

      • Pi didn’t realise with all the name changes that
        you are/were Unpredictable Pisces til you mentioned it recently.
        Was just thinking of the MC meaning yesterday and the being in the public eye meaning.

  23. Finishing up moving all my stuffs to a new house today.. Bloody stressful, especially under the circumstances but ah well, pretty thankful that where I’m moving to is exceptionally perfect for my needs. Being away from alcohol abuse, the inner city, and other assorted no-joys..

    Four months of extremely focussed musical creation, book reading and yoga by the fire, soaking in a massive claw-foot bath, rolling around in a massive bed (hopefully with a certain sweet someone else once this Venusian nuttery wears off…), and a lovely view of the sunset from my bedroom window.. And to top it off, first house I’ve been in with a piano!!! Only wish it were a longer stay, I find moving to be exceptionally stressful and I’m not looking forward to having to leave.

    Come on Venus, I’m willing to be extremely patient but I would love to see progress reports, if you will..

    • That is divine. I hope you enjoy it and settle in soon to the peace of old worn luxuries. Some homes are timeless and were born to hold you like a langourous embrace.

      • Ooooooooh yes, I’ve been needing a place like this to wind down and well..heal, for a very long time. I’m very grateful that it’s manifested. I literally just finished moving everything in, so it’s now unpacking, setting up my studio, and a long bath hahaha!!

  24. the other months, I slept with someone 14 years younger than me who I was sharing a house with for a while – we had an amazing time and just found out on teh sleazeomenter that his mars was at 23 scorpio and my venus at 20 scroprio. we stopped (age thing) and the other day on facebook he started talking about how he still thought about me, he was availalbe for more action etc! then i found out about our mars venus thing on MM sleasometer! ha! its not going to happen long terms ( I had a major major crush and he is my fantasy husband) but anywya, nice to know he thought we had a good time

    • why not longer term anon? fantasy husband / mega crush / mutual attraction / hot younger guy sounds pretty good to me. You could always see what happens rather than close the door before looking through it to the other side… 😉

  25. The dreams have been super-potent since the eclipses started. Last night, I dreamed of flying … one of my most favourite types of dreams.

    My body asked for a detox the other day so I’m pulling back on all my usual excesses (surprisingly easy for my Leo self this time around) and resting and doing some stretching which is feeling quite good.

    Otherwise, it’s just been taking a big step back and watching the Old World starting to disintegrate … How amazing the perspective is if you can just detach from the fear that is stirring up a lot of the population at the moment.

    • Have noticed is an all round fear of there not being enough anything around in contrast to abundance thinking that keeps peeps positive. Luckily we are more informed than the general masses about rolling with the changes.

      • Saturn is conjunct the Fixed Star Spica at 23 degrees Libra. This star is a ray of light, and success.
        Abundance might be where you have pared back all the extraneous, all that clutters and shades your light, and now what you have left is authentic, polished, true by the test of time, READY TO SHINE.

        Gratitude indeed! Fancy being blessed by Saturn?!

        • @ Pegasus > Totally agree; all you need to do is go out into the street and people watch for half an hour. So many people hunched over, hurrying along, looking pained, not breathing properly, closing off their heart chakras… I’ve spent a lot of the last fortnight vibing Zen, just observing, and the inner peace has been greatly appreciated after some turbulent times of late.

          @ Milleunanotte > Authenticity is exactly where it’s all at. It’s amazing how different the world is and how things just fall into place when you act from the heart. :)

  26. My natal Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius is currently being squared by Mars and opposed by Venus.

    I know I’ve been a huge pain in the ass to my boyfriend lately due to crap that’s been going on before I got my new job, but I actually think these transits could do well. I feel like Saturn could calm the horrible temper I’ve had as of late (Mars) and draw me back to a more romantic state of mind in a roundabout way for making me remember to actually have fun around him (Venus). We’ve sort of backed off from each other for a little bit, and it seems to be doing some good.

  27. I had the most beautiful peaceful dreams last night and am seeing them as indicators of what the eclipse means for me. Two different dreams of two exes. One: first love. He’d returned, we had the most beautiful reunion as the people we are now, he absolutely adored the person I am now and in the dream I was seeing how I had blossomed as a person since we loved each other (30 years ago now). Two: another great love who stayed with my parents while travelling in his student days. He’d returned to Oz and I was excited about taking him to meet my family again.

    Eclipse hitting my SN in the 4th. I’ve been thinking a lot about how my abusive addict mother shaped my beliefs about love: that it’s rare, painful, difficult, scary and risky, and that it has to be ‘earned’ somehow (and consequently paid for). I get it. THIS is my lesson. Finally let go the old beliefs about love. I know, it starts with the self.

      • Thanks, dear Pi, I have been feeling really calm and centred today so I must be on the right track. I have to say after my recent wailings and angst I thought this was a pretty bloody major thing to grok :) xx

  28. As I’m a Gem and super-mutable, I’m a bit scared about what’s going to come out starting Monday! Will do my best not to pop off at anyone myself!

  29. car is packed, tomorrow i fly. jupiter 15 gem, neptune 14 sag. dsc. beautifully neptunian marriage that couldn’t stand the strain of seemingly necessary stability caused by 2004 venus transit daughter’s birth over. fantasies of myself as domestic goddess earth mother he needs me to be over. cue realizations of a lifetime of creating “me” to somebody else’s specifications. i am an outer planet person who is beginning to wake up to the fact that i do indeed have inner planets (all in the 12th except for sun which made it a whole 2 degrees over the horizon- whoo! and an 11th sn too.). so although i do have karmic romance waiting at the end of the road, i’m hoping to morph into a “me” for me! and not just become exactly who he needs and repeat the bloody cycle.

  30. It feels like a Mercury Retro lately! Doing lots of furniture renovating – which is weird because I’ve never done anything like this before. just feels right.

  31. Gemini sun 17 degrees 2nd house. Lilith in Sag 16 deg 8th house. It’s been the best of times, and the worst of times.

    I’m scarily efficient. One new and one old man have popped up in the past two weeks. So after a very long drought I’ve now got a choice (kind of). I’m not committing myself until August (thanks Mystic!) 😉

  32. Don’t know if this would count as eclipse insights, but here’s an article about a city in UK attempting to be completely food-sufficient within 7 years. Lots of inviduals do this, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a whole town joining the effort:

    And here’s scientists turning live snails into snail-based fuel cells. Yes, the Matrix is coming. We’d better flee to those self-sufficient cities. 😉

    The future is exciting. Or scary.

    • The revolution will be watered, fertilized , shared , shat and composted. :)

    • Completely amazing. I’m in love with this town idea. Completely in love with the idea of self sufficiency in a community, and a real community. Something is brewing in my Aquarian 3rd house i think, but i can’t put it into words yet. I’m deeply in platonic love with close Aquas too. I’m turning to them to work outwards.

  33. I love her hair in the pic, Saggi’s always have good (big) hair !!

    I love this Saggo pic, she is way COOL!

    This eclipse has resonated with 1994, for me.

    Mystic, you always choose great pics, thanks. xx


    Okay, so my ‘Secret Saggo Eclipse revolutions / realizations’ include:

    * Be honest with yourself – your abilities, your plans – be practical and realistic ! :)

    * Fiercely cultivate, :) protect and nurture your networks !

    * See every challenge and feeling of stress as an opportunity to learn :) about yourself !

    * Speak up, break your silence !

    * LISTEN :)

    * :) LAUGH

    * Know the rules before you break them :)

  34. Science fiction – reading it and dynamic writing techniques.
    Silversmithing – first time venture though it feels like an old skill
    Apocalyptic performance – gathering my crew
    Artist – listen to him speak of non/indigenous divide of cultures (seen power in his work) to understand the artistic power i hold there
    Friends of new tribe – old friends on a new footing, new gorgeous souls, respect for my support crew who now need support, lots of love
    Alchemic witchery – disciplined, experimental even, but unbridled power surges now focused
    Home organising mission – halfway through months long journey of patient repatterning
    Sleeping early to cook off the scum rising to the surface in dreams

    My new winter calendar, booked, paid, signed, sealed, delivered from tomorrow. Eclipsing, eclipsing, eclipsing… This silver weather is my favourite, where waking life is like a dream, and everything is possible.

    • Silver…hmmm..had an amazing ‘dream’? vision? the other night. It was the middle of the night I saw myself get out of bed and walk up to the large mirror in front of our bed. I could see my shape in the mirror start to glow, the reflections off my body were like white light hitting silver. My body started to take a new shape. A perfectly chiselled silver body, a little bit terminator like. I stood there and waited for the transformation to end. The silver sunk in to my body just below the skin, just the glow of it shining through dimly. I went back to bed. hmmmm?

      • Silver is energy protection, and a cleansed self. You’ve had massive transhittery, if i recall, but you’re enlightened and have handled it well, according to the vision. Great Arien warrior Mercurial quicksilver Neptunian reflector imagery. You have become your own amulet.

        My morning searches led me to this talisman. It has the Medusa face on the front. Ras Al-Guhl symbol on the back (shiver):

        • Shiver…yes, I got ‘the call’ about 2 weeks ago..I thought I was out to retirement ? Seems not. Uranus on my mc is turning all those mean sqs and oppositions into a tool for revolt !
          On my playlist … 1986 , Matt Johnson, The The, infected album. …. “And my aching little soul has started burning blue ” ahhh Matt the sweet bird of truth, he truly was x

        • Yes i remember the days that album got me through! “Guilt a necessity that’s got to be destroyed”. So… you’re revolting? 😉 Me, too. Uranus one degree off natal Merc in Aries at 8 degrees… opposing natal Uranus 12 deg Libra.

  35. Well, my pre-eclipse learnings……. I went out and saw “x”, or rther “ex” lover’s work mates and corned one of them and made him tell me why “ex” went MIA on me. Apparently there is another girl of his back home, who I am assuming is his ex, so Venus retrograde really got me there. And the eclipse outted it. I’m sorry but he is no officially the biggest arsehole in the whole universe. Before he went AWOL it was all talk of me being his girlfriend, and caring for me, the feelings he developing, shit like that. Then, this.

    I’m so angry. I’m just so angry that he would do that to me. We’d been seeing each other for about six months and he was the one intensifying things and then he just pulled back, just like that. In the past he never left me in the dark on where I stood with him, and then this. Just no contact, wouldn’t reply to my text messages. Nothing.

    I’m just so hurt.

  36. Dreams have been amazing lately. Everyone has said so. Last night in dream land, I met a supersticious man in a hollowed out tree. He offered me white drugs and I thought “Why would I ever need that?” I left and the tree fell down without a sound, like dust. I called my friend to ask her if she heard the quiet because I didn’t want to be blamed for his destruction. Then, it was dusk, walking in the woods, my daughter came up and drank from a clear running stream. And I thought it was lovely and clean and that my child is safe and taken care of by this world. My small black dog and big black cat appeared in the dream too and drank from the stream. I can feel it – like the Star tarot.

  37. Great image to illustrate the daily scopes for Monday. Quirky and cute, but I have to say, I dislike classifying or categorising myself, at any time in my life. All I can do is be me. I just have to believe in myself more than anyone else. Tho, I think it is good practice to organise your life experiences into past, present, future… in the least!

    I’m looking forward to Jupiter in Gemini trining my Libran Sun-Pluto-NN (and abundance of asteroids), and all the Gemini action trining my 2nd house and my 7th house and illuminating my 11th.

    I’m taking some pretty bold and brave steps to step into a new creative-biz paradigm….and there’s some eclipse movement at the station – nice to see my pluto-sun-nn energy can still move things into

  38. I am little overwhelmed at the prospect of this week! I have Sag sun, jupiter, neptune and mercury. And a Gem ascendant and saturn. Only Jupiter and seventh house (both Sag) and my ascendant are in the mutable hotzone, though.

    So it coulod go either way.

    What the daily and weekly horoscopes are tellng me look scarily likely to be true!

    I have been hearing from three exes (I always overdo everything), none of whom would be good to go back to. Although I am rather fond of them! Here’s hoping something new happens as out of the blue as the skies allow. :)

    Also, I am clashing with someone who has decided to challenge turf that I share (not a relationship), without really understanding what she is doing. Rather than letting her put her own flame out (easily done), I have a tendency to fan it. Tuesday looms large, and most of me wants an excuse to not be there (my team is down 3 out of 5, maybe?), but I will be.

    Also one of the aforementioned exes claims a telepathic connection with my / our elderly dog, who lives me, and apparently she is telling him that she has not long to live. This possibly explains her recent clinginess, insistence on sleeping on the bed (she has a couch of her own, which the cat has now taken over), and the cat’s newfound accommodation of her (no hissing, scratching or anything). Sometimes I wish he would shut up.

    • Ah.. so you’re my almost astro twin! Hello! Reading this, I feel it necessary to add that when it comes to animals, I am ALL Sag and the part in your comment above about your dog really hit home with me. I love animals more than people & I know from experience just how very hard it is to cope with elderly animal companions and the prospect of losing them.

      At first, I thought your ex was being terribly manipulative, but then I started to wonder if perhaps this situation isn’t really about any romantic issues, but maybe the three of you (you, your ex, and your dog) reuniting in a way that is healing for all three of you and eases the passage to a new era for all? Just a thought.

      Whatever the case, I wish you an enlightening and positive eclipse season … and lots of love and comfort for your girl. I really feel in my bones that the eclipse (and the Venus transit on June 5) are meant to clear the way to lighter, brighter and better. I’m just trying to stay open and positive, to let what needs to pass, pass … in the most compassionate way possible for everyone, you know? Best of luck!

  39. All the advice of MM concludes time spent hibernating is valuable. So my baby boy of 2 & 5months & I nursed our croupy coughs and have not left the house this w-end.
    He is all the sunshine I need anyway! I am not sure if he clings to me or I to him some days, I just know he is pure Love.

  40. This is totally off topic (or you know, maybe not!) but what is up with all the freaksome flesh-eating trend going on right now?!! Newsweek seems to think we are on the threshold of the zombie apocalypse:

    Mystic, are there astrological markers for this sort of ghastliness and gore? Is this zap zone related?! Is it the mark of the Uranus/Pluto squares? Is it low druggy Neptune (a number of these cases seem to involve “Bath Salts”)?!

    It’s just so weird.

  41. My realization isn’t stupendously exciting. Sunday 27 May was my last day at work for that gig. I expected myself to have a good long sleep, then on the Tuesday get up and go again. How wrong that was… My body had its own ideas. The job really took a lot out of me, energy-wise (physicaly and psychically), I was dreading going to work, bawling my eyes out, feeling even more depressed, a bullying-lite ep some months back had affected me more than I realized, the reality of earning money whipped me even more, finally I had to quit.
    I’m still looking for a job, hence my high expectation of myself to get some proper rest for a day, then jump right back into it.
    Turned out my body needed a week. Friday I finally started cleaning the house, and myself, including washing everything I’d taken to work in the previous job (water bottle, coat, little snack containers). Am going to smudge later today, Monday.
    My paradigm shift was that I’m worth more, I deserve more, and I deserve to do what I’m good at in a field/s I’m passionate about. Gratefully I have a couple of casual gigs. Hopefully I can access some of my super due to temporary incapacity. Hey, I’ll be going back to Europe next year anyway, or at the latest 2014, so gimme *my* money.
    Barely survived Mars in Virgo, I’m surprised I’m still here at times.
    Bone and soul-tired don’t describe it. I know I’m not the only one, still that didn’t help when I was smack bang in the middle of it all.

    Like Mikey Lutin said, we’re in between two eclipses, so right now it’s the night before the sunrise…

    • Omg…the Oracle…
      First, the archetype/icon I should meditate upon right now is ISHTAR THE POWERFUL LOVE AND SEX GODDESS OF ANCIENT BABYLON.
      Second, my best biz strategy is I may have to pull a few all-nighters.
      Third, and the one that got me very teary and welling up of emotions, what I need to know right now (asked re: job-seeking strategy and/or my life in general): YOU ARE NEARLY AT THE END OF A DIFFICULT GROWTH PASSAGE: MORE LIGHT SOON.
      Shivering, not coz it’s cold tonight in Melbourne…it is the night before the sunrise…………………………………………………

    • When I quit a long-time job, I thought I’d feel like I was on a holiday the next day, but had a similar experience as you: took me a week to un-jitter. I think it’s because the body needs time to adapt to the change in energy around it. Your smudging is a good idea. So many huge changes for so many! The uncertainty in the air is almost palpable. We’re all going to be all right; it’s hard to feel sometimes, though.

    • Dear U – P Virgo, Good luck as you transition into some good news! I can imagine the drained feeling you had after what you went through. We keep moving forward through the fire not realizing how it can affect us and “wham”.. we get knocked over. Glad you took more time than expected to recover. Our body and psyche knows what we need. Not sure if you planned your transition based on the Eclipse but if not it is weird how it might be perfect timing. I am too going through an emotionally draining work situation. It is an unhealthy environment and I can’t move until other job opportunities come through. I am so short on cash but I am trying to find ways to keep my light bright. Heading to the beach today and had a Mai Tai.. a little vacation time for 2 hours near the water. Boy does it do wonders just thinking through things. Any whoo… wishin you the best. :)

      • PS: Thanks for commenting about smudging.. I am gonna do that tonight. (I think). I am nervous about tomorrow considering everything that has going on and building up to June 4th, the Eclipse.. handing on and thinking good thoughts! :)

      • *THIS* with the unhealthy work environment – both energy-wise and peeps going on WorkCover… And I applaud your decision to stay put until other opps come through; I’m Semper Fi all the way. I swear, even with my Scorpy rising, this has been a most challenging Phoenixing act to pull off….. And thank you for your wishes, feels geuwd!
        Am I crazy? Nope, coz I feel my Oma (grandma) and the Universe carrying me, as it were. Hell, that sounds whack, innit! Doesn’t matter.
        Blessings to you too, Virgo Ellie, and may the best job for you come through.

  42. Hello! Could someone please tell me about degrees?

    This eclipse is on my Jupiter (Pisces) at 13 degrees in The 10th, North node in Sag at 14 degrees in the 8th.

    What does this mean??

    • Ok the degrees in themselves as numbers are not significant. But when something momentous is happening in the skies, it tends to ping off some resonance within our personal charts, especially if the house and degree of the celestial happening makes an aspect with some busy spot in our chart.

      Are you any good at geometry? Think of your chart as 2-D, and all the aspects form lines, like angles. Now, say above your flat disc with all these angles drawn on it, is the sky. Something strong is happening up there and there might be a 3-D line from your flat disc personal chart to that strong spot in the sky.

      There is a cluster of energy in the heavens between 13-17 degrees in one of the Mutable signs (Sag). So on your own flat disc/wheel, the four mutable signs resonate at those degrees. Each sign has 30 degrees. Personally, i’m very mutable, but the planets i have in those signs just don’t happen to be at those degrees that are really hot right now. I’m really feeling the energy but i’ve got no personal hot spots or weak spots that are being pressed directly.

      Or if you’re musical the notes sounding strongly in the sky are causing those notes to sing in your chart (thus, the Cardinal four signs, the mutable four signs and the Fixed four signs each have a different chord; that set of degrees is one note in the chord, and every string in your chart that plays that note will be humming).

      You probably need a drawing – so much quicker to understand!

  43. The oracle continues to astound me.

    I asked a few days ago about an ex, a gay woman whom I have no contact with nor her friends. Oracle said this person is questioning everything right now. I thought hmmm…then out of the blue yesterday I get an email from a mutual friend of ex ( more my friend ) and at the end of the email she reports ex’s gone straight. Which for a conservative jewish woman is a requestioning of everything. She has Cap rising,Taurus Mars and Venus in Aries so, apart from Pisces sun and NN she is not prone to the daily, hourly mutability that I am familiar with. Anyhow, we broke up some time ago so am not even mildly tempted to indulge my ego that I had anything to do with it. Tho it would be great to quote some Craig David ” it wasn’t me”

    • People in US and Especially Europe always saying I look like Craig David gets annoying. Eh I should check his astro.

      I always say, nah sorry ladies, Craig David looks like me.

  44. When Mystic refers us to check the “hot zones” of our chart and the 13 – 17 degrees mentioned are in our sign (for me Virgo), the Eclipse will strongly relate to my 11th house that is in Virgo. Is that correct?

    • Sure. Is your Sun in those degrees, too?

      Check also which houses at 13-17 degrees the other mutable signs, too. All together, for instance do they connect to how you relate to others, how you express your energy to acquaintances, groups, intimates, your “stuff”?

      If your Sun is in the hot zone then who you are at your core will be the thing you really turn your Virgo clearvision onto, awaiting Truths, then how you relate that energy outwards (IF i’m correct in assuming that your resonant houses are 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, but houses aren’t always equidistant).

  45. Loving all the comments here, it’s like being at a fab party, great conversations everywhere.

    After more anxiety attacks I’ve had the ‘aha’ moment Mystic said would come before Weds… that my anxiety has followed me around for decades and if I don’t deal with it now, it’ll just attach itself to whatever else comes along in my life. Also got brave enough to talk to some key peeps about it and asked them to help me reconfigure commitments so I can get top of it. Amazing support is coming my way. Got my first acupuncture appointment this week. Also seeing my doc to discuss meds. Not sure how she’s going to take it when I tell her I want to avoid pills if I possibly can due to upcoming major Neptune transit :)

    • Good luck lionfish.

      i suffer from ancient angst anxiety too, but less and less these days, so something i’m doing is right…And i prefer non-chemical solutions too so i,

      give the lungs a quick vigorous work out for a few mins even- as in deep breathing exercises helps to centre,

      and hypnosis cds relax and switch me off and chill me out into alpha state like nothing i know, for when i’m lazy and want an easy escapist mode of proper relaxation…I’ve found that if i’m having a particularly stressed time, doing it once or even twice a day for an hour really really helps. x

      • Thanks EC, I appreciate those thoughts. Telling the truth about what’s going on for me has also really helped. Terrified that people would think I am ‘failing’ but the opposite has happened. Thanks for the tip re the CDs, I will seek some out. x

  46. the moon looks glorious tonight in my little corner of oz, a huge big white pearl looming in a blue and pink sky and i feel so calm – even though i’m negotiating my divorce with dignity, staying sane, and some big change is about to weird my life with both my pisces asc, sag mc and prog mars, saturn and pluto degs, ah, so long as there’s still a mountain of some sort to climb…

    • Hi ethereal cap! I saw the same think. Clear as night to be seen. I too was feeling very calm and at peace a little yesterday. Had been sick all week, dealing with a terrible work situation but had a 3rd interview on Wednesday with a company and then on Sunday decided to hit the beach. Sat a Mai Tai restaurant looking over the water thinking drinking a Pomegranate Margarita with a fresh Orchid blossum when it was handed to me. I felt like I was on vacation for a couple of hours. That is all I needed I guess. I got home and did some cleaning.. smudging as one person posted earlier that reminded me to do so. Hoping today is smooth and hopefully some good news coming my way (and yours). Good Luck with everything.

  47. Insightful dreams. Plans. Weird past life connections. All sorts of mad stuff happening. I am loving this.

  48. OOO the Moon being eaten!!!
    The eclipse is happening in my back garden. It’s drizzling rain so it’s a misty
    moon as well.
    It sure has a wow factor!

  49. The Adonis Sagg messaged me a few hours ago wanting a morning coffee
    meet tomorrow, he must be wondering what we are about. Sheesh, so am
    I? Thought he might be the antidote to the last one but feel it’s heading the same way unless i halt it with disturbing honesty. Not easy to say goodbye
    to the most amazing body i have ever seen on a man.

    • That was a highly edited piece above as it was truly secret
      Sagg biz. Is that why the lines are weirdly placed, all the deleted words…lol

    • Let there be a sequel to a manliness so hot it dares to wear fishnet stockings, i say xxx

  50. I have Mars, Sun, Mercury in Sagg, Mars specifically is at 14 degrees, as well as Jupiter in Virgo at 14 degrees… Definitely feel a new era looming, a few characters have been lurking about in terms of new love realms but nothing solid has eventuated… I also feel the tinglings of new beginnings in other respects but I couldn’t tell you anything less vague than that. Any thoughts about my Mars and Jupiter placement? Would be much appreciated!