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Max Vidukul – Elle Magazine

Never have i seen Mila Kunis looking SO satisfyingly Leo as she looks here.  Feline, calculating, charismatic and of course, in front of the Mirror.

It is weird seeing all that product though – my Dark Moon pre-Zap Zone theme is that i went through and properly read this amazing book – it is like Skinny Bitch in style and tone but more about crap chemicals in personal care products, furniture etc; did you know that over half of them have not even been tested for safety??? 

So i am going through the uber-awesome Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and checking out the products i use on a regular basis…Now you lot know i love a good Dark Moon Declutter but this IS ridiculous – i will prob have nothing left except my hemp oil lol but at least it won’t contain “known neurotoxins” and “lung irritants” etc.

Obviously i’ve always been reasonably green – vegan, don’t drive etc – but some sort of a major conversion has just occurred. Go the Zap Zone!  And seriously, check out that book or the Skin Deep database – you may FREAK but it will be worth it.

Now i have to go get some more industrial strength garbage bags but will be back soon with the super Zap Zone compliant Monday Daily Horoscopes.


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51 thoughts on “Satisfyingly Leo

    • Do it! You won’t regret it. I went veggo about five years ago and have never looked back.

  1. You are doing the right thing!!! I work in the pharma world and although I don’t support it I need the paycheck. Natural, organic etc etc is a saving grace. Stay with it. Monsanto is a thorn in my side. They use to make NutraSweet (aspartame)… deadly stuff. Stay away from it. Splenda (Company who makes it.. I can’t remeber).. stay away from it!! I bring up Monstano since the head is leading the FDA. “BLAH”…. Monstano makes pesticides that should protect frresh produce.. HA.. it doesn’t… it makes us ill.

    • You work in pharma? Well, I work in PLASTICS. Yes, the trifecta of all that is ill – CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic) and pray what is my daily battle? Trying to convert products we sell into less toxic versions, whilst trying to cope with an industry still entrenched in ol’ boyism.

      I’ve literally been called to meetings to educate clients on environmental compliance only to have the Sagg Boss slap the client on the back and denigrate the regulatory work. The result? Said client went back to Texas to be slapped with a law suit for bad product (not ours) based on the regulation I was TRYING to educate him on.

      It was very much an “I am the Way, the Truth and The Light” moment. That being said, it IS hard to replace certain industrial products due to functionality – for instance certain plastics while eco-friendly cannot hold blood or plasma well for long periods of time.

      It IS a concern but I’m trusting that the Zap Zone cometh and all my good work will help in the unraveling. Talk about toxic mayhem.

      • crikey, FA. That’s crazy. I don’t know how you do it. Our field of work are (or were) similar. Stay amazing. Sending you enviro-vibes xxx

      • Holy Crap, I find all this stuff so interesting… and so scary.

        My friend works in the world of cancer research and as a complete Saggo science nerd, she’s always telling us about something awesome she’s just read or found out at work. Yeah, awesome – like some popular daily-use product that causes eleventy seven types of cancer. She also scares the shyte out of us with tales of what really goes on behind-the-scenes of the vaccine world. Makes you wonder how the big wigs get away with everything they do. She’s tried to bring down heads-of-dept in the past and highlight what travesties are really going on but she’s quickly learnt that no one in a position of power wants to hear about ethics or morality. (Or perhaps they just don’t want to hear it from mega-geek can’t-stop-talking-or-my-brain-might-rust Saggo girl.)

        Humans are so messed up. Thank god for wine. (No, don’t tell me it’s BAD for me???)

      • Thanks, Pi.. what’s scary is the way people in the industry react, they literally fear for their jobs – but as a person whose day employment is tied to that, I don’t understand why they don’t see this as an opportunity to innovate.

        I’ve been accused of “making up” regulations, complicating matters and generally being a bitch about the entire thing. But between the fact of health/environment risks and the legal exposure, I’m perplexed at why people are so resistant. Hence a few years ago when I was charged with this task, I’d specifically told the Sagg Boss that we could capitalize by being first to market with better safer product.

        Instead, what I’m getting is this push from him to possibly cut corners, which I will not do. Thankfully, each time I’d been ignored was quickly followed by a truth proving situation. Frustrating.

  2. Im doing really well – all natural skincare, soap etc EXCEPT bloody shampoo.

    Haven’t found a natural one that doesn’t dry it out even further and yes I use natural oils post-wash for moisture.

    • delorenzo are australian, use organic ingredients and have a great range. i use moisture balance range but accentu8 is also good. I also use their extinguish to protect hair before blowdrying or straightening. Of course morrocan oil is fab too!

      • Mmm… delorenzo use the “organic” ingredient line for marketing. After managing a hair salon for a few years, I discovered all sorts of spin. I particularly liked one company that said their hair colours were natural and organic. What a load of bollocks! All they did was lower the ammonia content so they didn’t smell so chemical. Henna is the only natural hair co our. Everything else is toxic as all get-up!

    • Sunrise, have you tried Apivita? They smell gorgeous and they have different shampoos for different conditions and I find they are really good! They use a rosemary infusion as the base instead of water so it’s softer on hair. I like the one that is for oily roots but dry ends. :)

    • Try Aubrey’s organics – they make the purest, most fantastic products, including shampoos! It’s sold at Whole Foods and other health food stores, or through their website.

    • Make your own ! Check out Aussie Soap Supplies – they sell bath, soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser bases, plus all the ingredients to make your own….

      Am currently working organic macadamia nut oil into my hair, face and scalp – its wooooonderful…..

      Am about to make up some peppermint, lavender and rosemary shampoo and conditioner.

      Also : if you have VERY dry hair, check out the no-poo sites out there. Bi-carb didn’t work for me, but it may for you….

      • Yes! Making your own is a wonderful, stress-relieving hobby.

        But, I found that Aussie Soap Supplies are a bit of a rip off when it comes to oils, essential oils, fragrance oils and some other bits n bobs – not with everything, but certainly with a lot of items.

        I only discovered that when I found the EscentialsofAustralia website and compared prices. Why pay 50% more for the same item? Stressful on the wallet!

        • Aussie Soap Supplies also run a bit of a profiteering racket with postal charges, too.

          My sister just ordered ONE 500ml bottle of preservative for $45.00, then they charged another $4.09 (for god only knows what for), but NOW they’re charging her an extra $73.00 for postage, when we’re in the same country?

          So that means a single item weighing 500ml at the retail price of $45.00, ends up costing her $118.00 when she only lives in the next State over from them?

          Thieves, I’d call them, but then again, I don’t have to use them.

          I use EscentialsofAustralia and NEssentials for my raw materials. I’d never ever use Aussie Soap Supplies.

      • Avoid Aussie Soap Supplies at all costs (pun intended). They charge far more than anyone else selling the same raw materials – and then they charge nearly double what any other supplier charges for postage – and that’s AFTER they ‘demand’ a minimum order of $40.

        Flush the greedy sods.

        EscentialsofAustralia, N-Essentials, HeirloomBodyCare will give the home crafter of skin, hair and body care all they need at far more reasonable prices, while KodysKandles or BigTreeSupplies have much better selections of quality fragrances – at much better prices – than Aussie Soap Supplies.

        I will never use ‘A.S.S’.again.

        • p.s. A.S.S. use Brambeberry fragrance oils – and I’m not sure if A.S.S. does something to them before they reach the customer, but every one of their fragrances, without exception, has a horrible, cheap ‘plastic’ smell.

          This wasn’t a problem purchasing fragrances from Big Tree Supplies or KodysKandles – they use a different supplier with better quality fragrances.

  3. What did I tell you? With my strong neckline, your hair swept back proper, we’re on the verge of creating a new sexual politics to complement your Uranus trining Leo Sun attitude. Simplifique. Now, go get em’ tiger!
    (Says dress to Leo)

  4. and sunscreens are some of the worst of them all! But I think you Australians have perfected the art of the stylish sun hat, right?

    My Taurus ascendant does love her makeup, perfume, and expensive soaps and lotions, though. Even Venus in Sagittarius can’t stop the girliness.

    • Right! I have been a beauty product fiend since age 13 BUT you can still do all that…just sans poison. I was also talking to a libra oncologist who said – basically – everything they’re saying about toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products causing a shitstorm of horrendous shit to happen in the body is true. think: endocrine disruption. Nice.

      • EEK!
        Any suggestions for sunscreen? – I fear the sun and may burst into flames without the stuff – being so pale and rangafied.

        • I live in western Australia so sun central, but I hate using sunscreen because it’s basically just slapping on chemicals and it’s greasy. All last summer I hardly used sunscreen AT ALL and only got burnt once on an outing where I didn’t plan properly. I spent my time at the beach early mornings and evenings to stay out of the sun at peak times and only used a light dermlogica lavender essential oil infused sunscreen sometimes when I knew I was going to be a little later in the sun for a brief time, eg walking around the farmers markets. On my face I tried to stick to my mineral powder makeup which has SPF but doesn’t make your face all greasy and isn’t as chemically as a tube of sunscreen. I think the whole sunscreen thing has gone too far. Like telling people they need to put it on every morning under their makeup! Maybe of you work outdoors! Australians are now having vitamin d deficiency because we’ve over done it with the slip slop slap. It’s almost an oxymoron, Australians with with not enough vitamin d :/

          • ‘Stralian too mate!
            I swear by sunscreen though, and don’t leave the house without it – I’m in my late 40’s and peeps think I’m in my mid thirties, (plus I glamour ’em with my witchy ways, hehe). We strawberry blonds freckle and sunburn in minutes – I kid you not!
            I am a bit curious about my vitamin D levels now, and will have it checked out next Doc. visit,

      • Invisible zinc is OK, but very expensive. Soleo Organics is as fluffy as sunscreen gets and isn’t too expensive. Wotnot also does organic sunscreen, and again, not too expensive. Banana Boat Mineral Protect is good and is the cheapest as well… The only problem with these sunscreens is that they create ghosting ie: leave a layer of white, apart from Invisible Zinc (which doesn’t use nanoparticles BTW)..

        Yes, I AM a tad anal about this – I have children who react to artificial anything, even bloody sunscreen :/ I even had a go at making my own. Which I don’t want to discuss.

        Your best bet is long sleeved clothes, a big hat and sunnies. You can also get a clothes dye that makes your clothes UV 50+ from Spotlight. Hemp is also naturally UV protective.

        I will be quiet now.

        • Hey thanks heaps Triffid – and I’m white as a ghost anyway so no problem there!

  5. Mystic:

    Talk about synchronicity! I just bought a book by esteemed aesthetician Narine Nikogosian this week. It’s called Return to Beauty, and not only are all of her skin care recipes made from food, but she also has a skin care section on astrology! Check it out, I think you’ll like it. It’s disconcerting how much crap is in the products we put on our skin.

    During the past 8 months, I’ve become acutely aware of all the chemicals I’ve been putting in my body, and how they inhibit my hormone receptors. Threw away all of my old chemical-laden makeup and skin care to ring in the new year. Now I only use non-synthetic, paraben-free products.

    Saturn is currently transiting my 6th house (Libra intercepted– the house is packed). It’s also passing over my natal Moon :(

    When this health journey started Saturn was transiting my Venus and Uranus. It won’t leave my 6th house until it hits 10 Scorpio, so I expect some more fine tuning on wellness issues deep into 2013.

    The Zap Zone is also hitting my natal Uranus and Ascendant.

  6. i hope cell food is non toxic love it! i’m quite basic and bare with product. water diet exercise a little eyeliner burts lipcolor on occasion. But the dark moon declutter is crazy i have unloaded heaps these last two days no lazing around on the couch watching flicks or sexercising or craving french food (tarus moon) total working the outdoor ‘scape

  7. That’s wild Mystic – Just back from an Opp-Shop drop myself!
    Channelled the Virgo vibe – up at 6:30 am (WTF?) cleaned and tidied like some OCD mad woman , went through my scary cosmetic drawer, my daughters toys and clothing, bit of Feng Shui -ing and re-arranging (ok, playing with) my crystals to fit in my new quartz skull, etc…
    Now I’m kickin back, candles lit and incense burning and I feel so
    Think I deserve a home made veggie pizza with fetta and lots of black olives, a bubble bath up to my eyeballs, and an early ni-nighs.

  8. I had pizza and beer tonight. I smoked a bunch of cigarettes. I wish there was a pan of brownies to get into.

    I also read a lot on economic crisis; or rather, *people* in economic crisis. Research studies. Somewhere I read “it’s evolution, not revolution.” Was it here? It’s all running together, what I’ve been reading. Evolution, not revolution. Some Adrienne Rich somewhere.

    Listening to Gil Scott-Heron. The other day I heard a program on NPR re Spain’s current crisis. People in Spain are migrating to Africa for jobs? I guess the EU powers that be scoffed at Uganda’s claim to economic health, and Uganda said, “We have a 5% surplus– what do you have?”

    We are coming full circle. I’m getting another slice of pizza.

    • hahaha.. soz I can appreciate the attitude. It’s akin to Donor Fatigue (when weariness sets in from too much donating).. after way too much bad news, really a brownie seems to be the perfect solution.

  9. yep. all scary shit. ditch it and clean. I used to try to make my own skincare when i was younger as I am a secret mad scientist but the things they put in skincare and make are scary let alone plastic for water and drinks and tins as well for food. How this shit gets passed with its billions and handshakes is totally vile

  10. I swear by organic extra virgin olive oil as cleanser, moisturiser, hair treatment, lip balm, nail conditioner, overnight foot revitaliser, health supplement, scrub (mixed with sea salt) oh of course and actually delicious to taste.

    • PS. Today I DEFINITELY did my moon, and my mum’s, since it is her birthday (Air-head extremette: ~5-planet gemini and the rest in Libra, Aqua rising, Moon in Taurus). Vintage australian film & art gallery fix. she would do gardening except the place is like an underwater rainforest at the moment.

  11. Definitely been going hard on the QV lately. No perfume or essential oils (okay a little lavender), no nothing. Only using eco stuff plus vinegar & bi-carb for cleaning products.
    Mainly it’s been due to the littlest boy being diagnosed with ASD, but it’s a general interest now.

    For my room defragging sprays I don’t use the ethanol with water/lavender, I only use Vodka now.

      • Oops, I meant the rubbing alcohol, like isocol.
        My thought is that water can be programmed, alcohol is a liquid also and a drinkable one at that, but isopropyl alcohol is not as human friendly: it is a central nervous system depressant. It has a program already, it is a kind of poison.

  12. Of course your industrial strength plastic bags are full of petro chemical by products and will probably take a billion years to break down in the landfill.

    And just about every thing is full of palm oil – natural yes – but generally obtained by cutting down rainforest/orangutang habitat.

    And your food, though vegan or organic or whatever may still have been flown from the other side of the world cause you want to eat tomatoes out of season.

    I think you just do the best you can with what you can.

    • I think that’s why eating seasonal is one of th etools at our disposal. It’s not rocket science, it’s what our grandparents etc did, and it’s pretty easy to do.

      Re: palm oil, one of the Best and underrated articles I’ve read was in Nat Geo November 2008 edition, which presented a well-balanced article.
      It reminded me that while there are peeps in the west who advocate to simply shun palm oil (for the benefits of the orangutans – hey, they do need all the help they can get), the reality isn’t that simple.
      Here in our comfort of boycotting products that contain palm oil in trying to save the orangutans (in front of our puters, decent housing, food in fridge), many people forget about the other primates: the locals whose very living depend on palm oil. (mostly poor, uneducated people in Malaysia & Indonesia) For many of them, they lost their homes and livelihoods already because their lands have been gobbled up in the name of mining and palm oil plantations. Insult to injury, they now have to work there too…
      It can be produced without decimating pristine forests; it’s just that what commonly happens is the plantation permits have been given out haphazardly. Because those who give out the permits are paid money…and money is the root of it. Fuqing greed and the lowest common denominator human nature crap…
      These palm oil trees can grow on degraded land, of which there are acres of them. But that needs political will and good planning.
      To the many locals on the ground, who are quite literally dirt poor, conservation is a luxury concept they can’t afford. I was angry at one point, but then came to see that their reality is very different from mine… In the article, saving the orangutans per se wasn’t a motivation; many of the locals barely able to survive themselves.
      What struck me the most was that in the magazine, “not one conservationist I spoke with believed oil palm was intrinsically evil”, because they understood in order to get real conservation happening (a) the locals’ living standards *need* to be raised so they can give a shit and (b) to do so in a way that basicallys PAYS people to leave the trees standing.

      Anyway, I do my bit by making my own face oils, I buy them organic and mix them myself. I use virgin coconut oil, raw organic shea butter (there are a few good websites where you can see where your money goes, i.e. women’s co-ops in Africa), that sort of stuff to make my own. Buying things in bulk helps, too, less packaging material – food, natural skincare, etc. And buying as much locally as poss.

  13. Honestly w.t.f i think things have gotten a bit out of whack when we have ingredients in shampoo that cause hormone disruption and hair loss & known mammogenic carcinogens in products advertised by the same companies saying some of the proceeds go toward research.

    We’re on the verge of an awesome revolution in which we say (Righteous Avarice) we DO have money and we will only spend it on awesome stuff that suits us, our world, our time and our Awesome.

    The Economy is not dead – it is EVOLVING. Righteous Avarice. eg; some shops are dead – they’re selling a dying paradigm – it is not just the Zap Zone. The Eco Furniture place i went to today (furniture made without toxic glues and foam that just leech invisible hell into your house sans you being even able to smell it) was CROWDED…it is embarassing but Apple is also crowded and this organic scent and freetrade coffee place i know had the most massive queue out the door. Guess what? Despite the best propagANda efforts possible to say that “decent” people don’t care about all this crap, we are spending our hard earned $ on AMAZING SHIT – not on rip-off products, insulting service or crap that is dangerous to our immune systems, skin and brains….Like wow, Right? It’s not the economy – it is RIGHTOUS AVARICE!!!

    I am not against capitalism, i want us all to be pure, awesome, hot and happening – but want to assure you that none of my products contain benzopuromethyaparahellabendioxycideparaben

    • Yeah I like this perspective: capitalism is fine so long as it’s pure. Refreshing even. I find a lot of people knee jerk to pure socialism just coz companies of late have followed the not so pure path.

      And I’m glad this is happening re businesses. I live off Oxford St and am happy to see the Saturday morning farmers market flourish and the dodgy, greasy pizza/kebab joints are closing lol But there is a lot of vacancy on the strip. Would like to see it flourish into something not so seedy.

      • :) Hooray for dodgy/greasy kebab shops closing!!!
        Can we get rid of those disgusting fluoro 7-11 stores too!

  14. I’d also like to recommend Honeybee Gardens for makeup and water based nail polish; and also a local cosmetics company Mirenesse.

    Ooh, and for actually functional natural deodorant which doesn’t smell horrible the Moo Goo one is fantastic, although you can make your own with 75% cornflour and 25% bicarb + essential oils. If it makes your armpits a bit red, add more cornflour. This is quite messy tho’.

    One of the reasons I am so into natural cosmetics/shampoo/make my own soap etc is because I had a horrendous allergic reaction when I was pregnant and ended up with weeping eczema all over my face. With pustules. YAY ! So I had to throw away all my makeup, products etc etc and start again with stuff that doesn’t set me off.

  15. I always thought it was just a SUGGESTION to declutter during dark moon. Finding out that it is a crazy COMPULSION. Ruthlessly clearing out stuff and cleaning the hell out of everything. Terribly satisfying. Had been wondering if I was suddenly turning Virgo….