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I like the Gemini one D the best.

And the complete Zodiac…..


Thank you for posting the images; they are whimsical and suitably ambiguous. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful little hardback book of his painted Tarot, a very good friend gave it; it is a little bit more detailed, refined as is of different media being of collage and paint. It is also his point of view; plenty of drama, shock, vision and illusion. They have survived a flood, and a two year old…I have seen exhibitions too…brilliant genius.


oo beautiful! Reminds me a bit of Blake and I wonder if William Blake did any horoscope illustrations?


Boring and ugly. I’m impressed, actually, by how BAD they are. Dali should stick to Surrealism.


wow.. harsh, come on the gemini one is really cool…

Aphrodite Rising

I said before that I just love Salvador Dali, his works sing to me. When I saw his work again in Melbourne, 38 years after seeing them in the Tate in London, I had tears in my eyes at being reconnected with his work, like a life cycle coming to fruition, the wheel turning full circle, because at the Melbourne Exhibition I could see the individual brush strokes and just marvel at his art and remember where I’d last seen his paintings. The zodiac images are brilliant. I admit he was barking mad but what genius!


love these images. whilst representing action, the bold colours are kinda murky alluding to the darker side of the personality. Love the gemini image with the opposing personalites – one looking tortured and tormented! The face on my sign – the water bearer is great – is it cranky, surprised, far-q?


yes in the colours of the first and the stormy weather in the second. however those ones depict the person divided down male/female lines. the dali one has the light and dark of the same person – kinda masculine (no boobs) but neutered. on another track his diary of a genius was very funny.

Gemini 1001

The gemini one is perfect… perfect…. BTW im feeling so brave, clear and awesome today… why is that? i cam on here to look xxx

Gemini 1001

Yesssss, I just came back to read the scopes and of course they are spot on – if the zap zones is going to be like this – im hotly excited 🙂

xxxxnthanks mystic


Such an intense time of change in my life right now – this morning I made my mind up about something, rather quickly I may add (bravo to me!) – to implement a +ve direction. I’m at a cross roads and authenticity and fierce bravery is my new style.

Love S. Dali!!

thanks for your work MM xx


PS: and I am so glad the difficult change I implemented Oct last year is one I am now really proud and comfortable – something I saw as a failure or vulnerable time has become my strength. I feel like I am ahead of my time having made the change last year and now reaping the rewards. Now for the next steps and the universe is giving me a big zooosh in the direction my heart knows to be true. What an awesome opportunity June has turned out to present.

Electric Eel Libran

Totes <3!!!


Aries looks pretty nonplussed, trotting through the clouds with a supernova going on. Just another day in Ariesville.


Oooh I LOVE his Taurus! Bulls are always depicted so ugly. Look at her pretty eyes and she’s white not huge and brown! My Twitter pic is the Bull on Wall St. But Dali’s might be my new pic!

skyler rosey

oops that was me^^^


I love this one, Bad Tauro Tshirt. Hes cute.


If I was a bull Id wear it. Maybe I can brush up on my embroidery and put MC underneath, just kidding, Im gay but not that gay…

skyler rosey

Strange… I see Cap, Leo, Aquar & Gem.

skyler rosey

I loved them! Are there anymore??

Messy Leo

I love that Leo is done in my favorite color, instead of standard golden yellow. Leo and Cap look good to me.


No cartwheels but I want time alone with them. Favorites … Sagg and Virgo (her right arm appears to symbolize a snake no?), and Aries. The circular “Zodiac” piece is the one I’d pick for me.


Love these – especially all the signs depicted by beasts/critters (Capricorn, Cancer and Scorp are my favourites).


I love Dali’s wacky interpretations, would expect nothing less… I think Aries, Pisces, and Cap are my faves. Leo looks like a cute little sea cucumber! 😀


Mystic you are always so synchronious! I just bought this book – Specialites de la Maison – it’s famous people’s dishes, originally published in the 1940’s – and Dali’s dish is called ‘Neptune Nonsense’. Of course, it contains scallops and prawns.
I wonder where Dali’s Neptune was…


Neptune in Kataka:


Wow thanks I had never seen these before. Scorpio looks more like an alligator. I love the ones you show of Gemini and Capricorn.

cosmic fleece (nee ram - its cold)

I’m sorry, too heavy or graceless or something for me. He doesnt seem to have captured anything for me, and his choice of colours makes me feel ill. I’m a shocker with art, my main thing is ”would i pick it up for a $1 in a second hand market, and take it home and hang it somewhere pride of place ?” – or words/stories to that effect…so nope Senor Dali, not this little red ram.


Those ~are~ gorge…

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