Salvador Dali’s Space Elephant

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God i need this for my Feng Shui, i truly do. It’s Salvador Dali’s Space Elephant.  The little version. Amazing. See also his Surrealist Angel, the most divine sculpture. Dali was a Multiple Conjunct Taurus — Sun-Mars-Mercury – Crab Rising so the Moon ruled his chart and HIS Moon was squared by a Uranus-Neptune/Pluto opposition. Out there.

‘I am painting pictures which make me die for joy, I am creating with an absolute naturalness, without the slightest aesthetic concern, I am making things that inspire me with a profound emotion and I am trying to paint them honestly.’ —Salvador Dalí,

AND…why do his Space Elephants have an Obelisk on their backs? Art peeps?


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17 thoughts on “Salvador Dali’s Space Elephant

  1. LOVE this blog – especially posts like this, thanks so much. I’m an art student – art is my way of making sense of life, sometimes pure survival. I currently have Venus conjunct my Chiron which is also being squared by Chiron and transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus on the ic which is natally conjunct pluto (like frida) I’m hoping to get my artist freak on soon because if I’m gonna have a meltdown I may as well do it with paint and get something out of it. I’m looking for some magic but things are just a bit of a drag right now. Your posts are a big help thanks!

  2. Wow, I was unaware he designed his own deck of Tarot cards for a lover. Far Out.

    The piece above is magnificent, also the Triumph Angel on the Elephant too. Superb.

  3. Pyramids are a way of collecting extra power. Think of witch hats and egyptian pyramids. With skinny anorexic legs like that, the elephants need extra power.

  4. Whoaah freaky sh*t that elephant. I’m getting a war of the worlds connotation. Complete with 70’s soundtrack in my head. Like the obelisk though. Portable power.

  5. What Taurean would not have a fascination for the workings of the natural world? Dali was extremely aware of the structures of physics, and many of his paintings contain structural shapes and elements. Think of his painting of Christ and the disciples at the Last Supper, the pentagonal shapes of the ‘windows’ of the background; think of Christ crucified on cubes – Corpus Hypercubus.

    He was also fascinated by metaphysics and quantum mechanics – as these also shape the nature of the universe. The fourth dimension to Dali was not something separate from the other three. There’s a meld.

    Ancient Hindu myth features elephants supporting a turtle holding up the world. Early metaphysics with a strong sense of the absurd: four elephants to hold up a turtle? Fourth dimension means that if there is a natural order, including the natural psychology of humans, then the structures we see are not as rigid as we perceive them to be. Certainly not in Dali’s visions of the world. Thus, the heavy obelisk (traditionally monoliths) could not crush the elephant, which could not crush its own fragile legs. His hallucinations were legendary but i think they were metaphysical genius, not madness. Some say he was an Alchemist, always searching for the element Air.

    But Dali also said visions of monsters were signs of coming war. Landscapes of elephants stalking across the world inexorably are ominous. This then IS the subversion of natural order, man-made war, not a history or concept to him but something he and those close to him deeply suffered the effects of, if they survived.

  6. It’s pure reaching, pure optimism, expansion. I don’t know why, but that’s what it is. Even at the risk of over-reaching – it’s energy expands. Lovely.

  7. I believe he appropriated the obelisk on the elephant’s back image from the Bernini sculpture (if we’re getting historical). Like Dali I am Sun-Mars-Mercury (and Venus) in Taurus. I definitely can relate to that real sensual drive to create art from a non-aesthetic emotional basis and then tweaking ideas from that point. And elephants are my favourite animal!

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