Retro-Venus In Gemini Adultery Warning

You know, it never occurred to me to actually issue an official Anti-Adultery warning for Venus Retrograde in Gemini.  (Honestly with Mars in Virgo, who has the time?) BUT now that this has occurred, well WOW it is SO obvious. 

Retro Venus is always rad for uncovering secrets or realizing things re relationships – past & present. Gemini is the broadcaster of the Zodiac. So Brian Presley – this LEO actor who happens to be married spent a whole plane trip hitting on this Gemini model, blissfully unaware that she was live-tweeting the whole debacle.

It is hilariously awful, totes Retro-Venus in Gemini and you can read it all here but here are a few of the Tweets.Click through because they go on and on. Granted, Brian is hot but he is also a piece of work lol.

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60 thoughts on “Retro-Venus In Gemini Adultery Warning

  1. F***ing HYSTERICAL!!

    And my Sun, Venus, Saturn, Merc in Gemini man ain’t going nowhere! Ethics, karma and astrology are such subject that together they could be called a human.

      • Yes, I had to read it all too. Ironic the word brain and his name contain the same letters.

        The divinity he was seeking sure got intercepted.

        • ha I can just imagine him being so oblivious and meanwhile shes just tearing him to shreds, and also for someone I would expect to be good with the ladies being an actor and all he is hauntingly stupid at flirting

          • the guy is just flirting, shit happends!! people(actors) do this all the time attention blahblah … she is the dumb ass Gemini here….

            • I think it was the wedding ring and lying about his wife/child that did it – if he was just a single guy trying it on, it would have been diff

              I know, i know- i speak as the ex wife of a compulsive adulterer.

              • agree that this obvious fact of the ring and the idiotic response he gave is MAJOR turn off, as another with an ex compulsive adulterer (“I mean, you wouldn’t want a husband who doesn’t admire women, would you?*tries to tip up then-wife’s chin so she is forced to look at his transparency head on*). This Brian person MAY have just needed to flirt–although i doubt that was his only objective, with painful lines about interception— , but WOW is he bad at it!!!

            • I think she was being hilarious, I think if you brag like that your just asking for it, maybe it doesnt bother you when people are full of themselves, but it sure makes me totally willing to not take them seriously, I thought the whole mocking him without him knowing was great, its not her fault he is so unperceptive

            • and also if anyone was a dumb ass out of the two, I wouldnt say it was her

              • “and also if anyone was a dumb ass out of the two, I wouldnt say it was her”

          • re actors, you’d be surprised how they ride without a script on such matters…

            • yes peole l agree with him being a slut himself!!! :)) l wouldn’t even bother wasting my time with listenign to his blahblah…but hei what can you do when you’re stuck in a plane…..?? right!

              still posting it all on tweeter :O???? sowey! have a greta day you all! xx

            • I consciously know and understand that stupid people exist, but somehow I am just surprised every time I see one, I know they exist, but somehow I never really believe it

  2. Your timing is impeccable…

    Forgive me Venus for I have sinned but goddamn.. the ex has still got it

  3. this is soooo low -Geminis this is where peeps get their crappy ideas about Gems!
    …Haute Gems would have enjoyed the bs in ‘silence’ ….
    …and jupiter is still in Taurus??

    if l was Brian l would have turned low scorp on her and chopped her head off :))

    how would Low Leo react ??

    • silence doesnt seam like gemini’s style, I think they are on the witty side, she didnt go out of her way here, he was making a fool of himself, how could she NOT make fun of him in some capacity, she didnt cross the line into out right criticism or cruelty, all she did was mock him, dont see whats so bad about that, if you think that is “low”, then mr leo is whatever level is below that

      • Itawy. He’s the total dickhead. Like fa said below, they were strangers on a plane! Puhleeze…haters blaming the woman crap.

        • well david l’m a gemini sun/jupiter and l just wouldn’t broadcast nobody’s bs no matter how stupid they are!
          it’s just my sense of justice&respect…long story.

          • I have morals too, but after a certain point they become irrelevant, once someone crosses the line, its fair game, and trust me I have plenty of jupiter

  4. with all due respect to hilarious geminiisms, i am too 8th-house-venus-scorpioing right now to even think that he could think about thinking about anyone else. ever. goddamnit. ::rips out heart and throws at wall:: ::walk away with aquarius moon smirk because who cares anyway::

  5. Wow, lol. There is something going on tho, I left the house once today and got hit on by someone not single, third time in the last week wtf.

  6. Hmm, well she’s deleted the post about the wedding ring so maybe she feels guilty or it didn’t happen? He seems to have totally denied even having a beer on the plane! Who is the deceiver here…?
    I’m confused! I did find the window picture funny though.

    • It could be that she realized (doh!) that wife may actually be a part of the universe in which we live, has real feelings, and is therefore wounded by said model’s witty reparte. HE deserved a little ribbing perhaps, but the wife? She’s humiliated. Take my word:)

  7. Divine Interception is the best thing since Annette Bening’s character in Postcards from the Edge saying “I’m in it for the endolphins”! This is hilarious.

    • I totally agree! I’m using it in a sentence as soon as I can squeeze it in. I’ve never heard of Brian, I suspect because in the pic above he’s wearing a football jumper?? shirt?? – what is it called? – and so prob not on my film radar.

  8. any married father who spends that much effort trying to impress (hit) on anybody deserves to be outed – good for her

    she didn’t ruin his career, he did

    the guy is a lying, cheating (you think this is the first he’s tried this?), alcoholic wrapped up in his tiny self-delusional low Leo bubble

    best use of twitter I’ve seen

  9. I kind of don’t understand the blowback on her – I mean they’re strangers on a plane together, she doesn’t owe him any confidentiality for what he chooses to say to her.

    Not arguing the flirting – being married ain’t being dead, sure. But this is micro level of the same kind of risk peeps like Ashton & Tiger took when they for a minute believed a party girl type mistress would really not say anything about the affair.

    As we say in the hood, You wants to Play, You Gots To Pay.

    • it’s the whole blame the woman thing. Imagine if the genders were reversed. If you are not pure as the driven snow people always turn on the girl. Shit sexism at it’s finest.

      • It’s an accepted truth in the psychoanalytical profession that females, regardless of their culpability, are held responsible by both genders for anything that goes down.

        We see this born out in the extreme in cultures where for instance, women/girls are stoned/ murdered if they have been raped.

        Horrific in some instances but in this case, not surprising that some hold Melissa to a higher standard than Brian

        • I think it’s funny and she has a right to live tweet it, because it is freaking hilarious.

          What’s it with Gemini’s and the sext messages? They seem to love to sext motre than any other sign. Anyone have another sign obsessed with sext messages and drunk texts?

          • oh wait he’s a Leo and she’s a Gemini? I read it backwards.
            Leo was the other guy who sent the sext messages to me unwarranted and unwanted. lol!

    • I agree. What kind of an idiot would even think those lines would work, anyway? “This is fate, so just relax, I said so.” He should have been more respectful and just doinked the housekeeper like Ah-nold.
      JK JK JKKK!!! :)

      (or maybe he already is…)

    • Absolutely shite sexism. I’m just surprised peeps are actually upset with her – like there’s supposed to be a covenant during flirting on a plane, an “all bets are off” type of location (aside from airports & airport hotels)??

    • The dude is definitely in the wrong being married and trying to hide it whilst attempting to flirt. But she’s also a bit of an attention whore trying to boost her internet fame appeal off of something as trashy as this. Isn’t 1 or 2 tweets enough to embarrass someone? Why devote so many cut-downs to someone who doesn’t matter? You just have to wonder if she needs this stuff to build up her ego.

      I had to go Google stuff about her and I found crap like pictures of her with fake lottery ticket an stuff. It’s really obvious she is just trashy trash…right up there with Kardashian crap. The only thing she’s got going for her is her looks which will probably dry up in a few years.
      But yeah the guy got what he deserved and served up by his own kind if you ask me. Trash deserves trash.

  10. Totally experienced this: two timing bastard!

    But today I found Beyonce…. (I mean this in an “I found God” way) I have faith and have restored my ego.

    As for Brian, I’m going to just put him in the “PRICK” box along with the rest of them. I maintain my high school mantra: it’s not your fault if he’s taken and still acts single.

  11. unfortunatley as they say any publicity is good publicity. Whats wrong with a bit of harmless lolevel leo flirting. as someone said above just coz you a married doen’t mean you are dead.

    • so you think removing his wedding band and saying he only wears it cuz he likes it is low-level leo flirting

      what do your think would take it to high-level Leo flirting?

  12. Was just reading the articles about it and all the haters gona hate. I’m like that when I get really really pissed off. I.e. I’m telling everybody. At least I don’t have twitter and know I shouldn’t touch my facebook status unless well thought out. Merc Rx in Gem. It comes naturally. And obviously fug all, no remorse. Then again, it takes maybe the 10th time someone is pissing me off to get to that point. And everybody will know, I assure you. Got Scorp rising so it comes with a vengence. Haha.

  13. Good God…What a mess!! Is there a neptune thing at the bottom of this? So much muck for so little licentiousness, but a big wake up for full on (deluded) foray into fantasy…not only misguided and an imposition but something dreadfully clumsy and ridiculous about it all – unsure if anyone wins here…lies are one thing but cruelty is pretty low too. Married & have a child but can’t comment on moral position here as no one is ever totally innocent but like to think even the rotten should be given an option to escape with some dignity…blame current saturn in libra transit too.

  14. Lower Neptune has been rife the last few weeks. Add that to Retro Venus in Gemini, and I’m sure there are a few more stories to come.

    I thought she was pretty witty, even though I usually complain about the idiotic youth.

  15. I’d be tempted to out the thick-as-two-planks-married-guy hitting on me too, what a slime. She did it in textbook gemini style. He got zapped. it seems.

  16. What is this obsession with broadcasting nearly everything you do, say, plan to do…or whatever is said to you? I don’t get it….

  17. All it took was one Leo man like this to f*ck up my life. An Aries man would never play this public game. Aries men have more dignity. –> says a Libra

    • Hmm, not sure if it’s dignity with Aries men, it could be. But I think the Aries Homme is a staunch believer of KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid).

      I’d go so far as to say they’re Spartan in their affairs. :)