Pulse Of Your Silence

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This is the first of a whole new Tarot project by Chance And The Arrow…

People tend to roll their eyes whenever the Hermit pops up. I know i do. But really, what is so wrong with a card that’s all about going within to seek your own truth?  Or living by your own light? The Hermit is like “yes, you’re going to be doing this alone and it might feel isolating at times but it’s a good thing in this case.”  The Hermit means go it solo and find surprising blessings in your independence. Always.

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50 thoughts on “Pulse Of Your Silence

  1. I like the Hermit. Yes, I probably groan internally just a little when it appears as it heralds going in beyond where one has already travelled so the light will have to burn brighter in even darker terrain BUT isn’t that the ultimate adventure? To go within and uncover another pearl of truth personal or universal, well both are the same non?

    I think the groan is usually about how long will this one take, what is the terrain going to be like, hiking boots or a pick axe for ice cliffs lol, what do I need to pack for this journey and what will I need to discard etcs :)

  2. This is the card that I picked, plus the Devil. My past shows 8 of wands.

    Today is my solar return. I never have had a SR chart this much entangled with my natal chart.

    I will appreciate if anyone can chime in, for what I see, all the angles/aspects are pointing to Hermit with a cause.

    SR Pluto-Uranus-Mercury T-square finds its void in natal Uranus in Libra.

    SR Jupiter conjuncts natal Saturn/Venus, opposes natal Neptune/Jupiter.

    Last week when I felt down, I kept picking up signs: Nautilus shape popped up a lot and out of whim I bought two rings with infinity symbols. I read Nautilus means enduring growth and infinity symbol is Uranus.

    For a Gem, writing helps, I managed to pull myself out of funk by writing until I found peace. Today, I am simply grateful.

    • Happy Birthday Quadrupled!!

      I’m way too much of a novice to comment on the synastry between your solar return chart and natal.

      Perhaps it’s indicative of culminating aspects from birth until now?

      The Natilus symbol is beauty to me but i’s also found in the deep waters, it’s solid whilst water is fluid. Suggests that going within Hermit style may require going with the emotional current/flow until you find the beauty in the stillness within.

      And the Infinity symbol is that of the Magician, the Alchemist. If nothing else I would interpret it as being here to tell you you have what you need for your journey.

      Blessings for a great year ahead to you! X

      • beauty within = centre of soul that whilst is not tangible perse is more solid and real than anyting our other senses behold.

        • I love the way you interpreted. Just copied your words to my notebook for writing what associations this interpretation may bring. Thank you :-)

          • You’re very welcome!

            I’m off to give you a salute per BG’s request. Here’s to ya 😉

    • 😯

      Happy Birthday Quadrupled!

      C’mon guys, how about a celebratory nude salute for Quad?!?!?!


      ( . Y . )

      Btw totes relate with writing, it even seems to be demanding attention at the moment! 😯

      • Ok.. it’s cold.. but ok :) I am just about to get into a warm bath but I’ll promise a salute to Quad first!!

      • Oh my, a sight for my sore eyes! Thank you Barista Gem! Your posts often makes me feel as if you are my little astral sister :-)

    • Thank you :-)

      You know when you think about something over and over, write until your fingers hurt., then you leave to do the dishes and all pieces fall together? If it weren’t the prodding I received from you all, I doubt it would happen this fast.

      Here is to a new SR :-)

    • I tend to read the Devil as an oppressive situation, where you have felt dis-empowered by the actions of others, or think you are, or you don’t realise what is going on. Combined with the Hermit, this is about a past situation that
      needs to be cleared from your life .
      Quite a weighty combination of cards, but I would imagine you have felt quite depressed and isolated. But, until we know where it hurts, we can’t do anything about it. This is why pain is such a great educator.
      Now is the time for analysis, perhaps with outside help, or at least, some inner journey work. Blessed be.
      You do not need to be weighed down by the past!

      • Thank you. Your interpretation hits a tender spot. An error, something which can’t be mend, has been the key.

        Releasing shame, guilt, regret and anger I have carried with me becomes possible as I acknowledge slowly, only slowly, that self is not past, emotions, history.

        I am still writing, picking up the pebbles I dropped along the way – reading the emails I sent to myself since 2007 when Pluto opposed my sun and squared natal Pluto.

    • happy birthday!!!! powerful and deeply gorgeous stuff there. no superficiality this year! many blessings.

      • Half an hour ago, I laughed at my cat’s antics while she was entertaining herself. Later, I remembered the moment, thinking this year’s theme will be “no attachment”.

        This solar year, I may be gearing up for another level at Zen mind training.

        • excellent. non-attachment all the way. my SR return is tomorrow so i looked up the chart and i don’t know if this helps, but eros is at 9 libra making it one spicy cardinal cross! on my pluto… breathe and release, breathe, breathe…

    • Congrats on another 356 days around the Sun!
      You are tuning into Symbology which means you are vibrating at a higher level. Bon courage mes enfant :-)

      • I spent the last two days writing out my head and heart. This is what a good SR day is about, yes? Whatever it takes, clean the previous year, open space for the new.

        Thank you! xxx

  3. Quadrupled, when the past hangs heavy with error, shame or grief, we often try to let it go and become new selves. The nautilus builds on its centre, and infinity is a never ending journey and return. So the past is not something to be let go, though the emotion needs to be experienced and passed through us.

    If the past comes at you with great speed, and you feel you want to run away, it is because we imbue it with solidity by feeding it with fear. Here is a name for The Devil that made this card something i could work with: Lord of the Gates of Matter and Child of the Forces of Time. Capricorn. There’s more but you should work with that yourself.

    The Hermit is a beautiful card. You have the light and the path, that is all…this is where Matter falls away, all the illusions. The Hermit is Magus (magician) of the Voice of Light. He is an ancient.

    • Thank you. Your interpretation resonates with what I am going through.

      While writing, I kept circling around my past, reading on Dharma (Saturn and I understand the Devil card?) and now am in the process of re-relating to my history. Sure we can’t change our mistakes, but we may turn them into something bigger than the thorns embedded in our hearts, perhaps by releasing our regrets. A Cap moon struggles too.

      • Aaaaahhhh the hard yards… buddy, have another nude salute for your birthday:

        ( . Y . )

        • Here I was about to say the ever eloquent Mille, so well put and all and there you are all nude saluting across the page.. :)hahahaha…x0x

          • We can’t drag the girl down too deep on her birthday!

            (That was probably not the Piscean me, I noticed the Horses were out in front today.)

            • Absolutely, I’d call that balance, and I am now open to the notion of delivering serious and relevant information to my loved ones with a nude salute to close 😉

    • “Lord of the Gates of Matter and Child of the Forces of Time”

      brilliant.. thank u x

      • Oh this originally comes from someone i hate apparently but i read it in a brill book about Tarot and Sephir Yetzirah + Kabbalastic pattern by Naomi Ozaniec. Highly recommended if you like pattern, math, atavistic sound language and systems in your esotericism. And it’s really visionary (i guess ‘shamanistic’ is the word that would ring for some), you can meditate with it.

  4. Is it just me, or is the Thoth Hermit card like Phallic to the max ?

    • Not to mention…. the spematazoa, ovum/egg wrapped in a snake AND a three headed dog providing animus impetus…. just me ?

  5. haaaa,,, for a very long time the Hermit was a regular visitor to my Tarot spreads. Almost all of my journeys have been in solitude, one way or another.

    • Ha just looking thro’ my I Ching have noticed the same 10
      hexagrams come up (out of 64). Have never had ‘Legions’ #7 before. Probably the need to gather 5 or more peeps when i am a party of ONE.
      Must stop telling myself i know nothing, methinks my confidence has leaked or have frozen up.

  6. The hermit – that is what I am feeling now! Analysing my past loves, the mistakes I have made and feeling sorrow for the one that just ended. How I wish he would just call or text and tell me he misses me as I miss him. I’m too scared to contact him because I don’t want to push. Forcing contact on him wont bring him back, I know it has to be his decision, that’s why I can relate to the hermit!!

  7. I never could quite understand that Thoth Hermit card. Everything but the hermit and lamp seems unrelated to the card. Swirling wheat? Cerberus? A sperm? An egg with a snake wrapped around it?

    • The egg & snake is Druidic. Time alone is where you assimilate – a pregnant pause. The cycle is Fire – Action/creation, Earth – Manifestation, Air – knowledge/thought , Water – assimilation & then back to Fire again.

  8. The Hermit is my Life Card and my Soul Card. I am learning to embrace my identity as the Hermit – I know where I am going, I am in the right place at the right time. What I decide for myself is correct because I have decided it.

    Give yourself permission to be the one who knows what you are doing!

    • The Hermit is my life path card, as well. I’ve also been told by many psychics/spiritual types that the true challenge of my life will be to learn the true meaning of independence. Until quite recently, I’ve hated the Hermit. But now, I’m starting to see all the beauty that is there, and am grateful to finally answer this call to live my inner truth.

  9. I actually LIKE the Hermit. It means something definitive as opposed to something wishy-washy.

    When I get the Moon as a thing to do , I just sigh because I know I won’t get an answer or it’s not knowable, or it’ll be some stupid crap that happens.

  10. this is the card i vibe with most. epitome of the 12th. i’ve never understood it’s association with virgo though.

  11. From the racing i have done from the saturn post have picked up that
    we are all going through these changes together alone, alone together
    After placing my Ching coins in front of my statue of Shakti & Shiva for a week, gave them a toss about waiting it out, continuing work regardless, what is holding me back and is it seasonal or environmental? It tells me Loosening, to untie knots & release blocked energy & end suffering and the frequent: The Way is Open. Then changed to Legions. The same ol same ol Get a Group instead of Get a Grip :-) okkkaaay considerate it done. Who am i to question an ancient divination methodoise.
    Opposite to Hermit which is what i have been doing, hermiting & hibernating, instead looks like a call to duty.
    BTW does anyone else do Tarot only using Major Arcana and leaving out
    the 2’s to 9’s? Like going straight to CEO’s bypassing the receptionists & personal assistants.

    • That’s gypsy style and how i started drawing the cards. But don’t do it anymore because then i can see if it’s mundane energy of my own making (or fussing) or something much bigger than any force i can muster. If i need to go straight t0 the top i use a different deck altogether.

  12. Meanwhile it’s now 7.37am.. & here I am also having just started reading from another recent blog by Mystic about the Hermit card in the Tarot about the Solitary Path etc…. And my 9th house Capricorn Moon says.. YES… especially with its also being ruled by my 11th house Saturn in Pisces.. And so perhaps with this archetype symbolising my own need to withdraw from my blog & the outer world in general once again at this time etc over the last couple of weeks since posting my last blog on the ‘Transit of Venus’… AND, also as the quote on my Zen calendar says for this month.. “TO THE MIND THAT IS STILL THE WHOLE UNIVERSE SURRENDERS”.. meanwhile I also once again decide to note the symbol for the Ascendant at this time.. about to move from the 25th to the 26th degree of Gemini.. beginning at *25degGem..

    A GARDENER TRIMMING LARGE PALM TREES.. Bringing under control nature’s power of expansion.. The intellect is like a tropical planet that tends to expand “wildly” in many directions, seeking direct contact with the Sun’s rays.. it uses its dead leaves to protect itself against dry heat, the heat of the realm of the mind when deprived of the power of feelings.. we have reached the level of fulfillment which began in an upsurge of Self-assertion & protest against the past.. Now this evolution has found its place in the evolution of mankind & Society.. THE NEED FOR REPEATED PRUNING…

    While also about to move to the next degree.. at *26degGem..

    FROST-COVERED TREES AGAINST WINTER SKIES.. The revelation of archetypal form & the essential rhythm of existence.. At this third level of “exteriorisation” a contact with archetypes & pure forms of individual Selfhood is to be sought – also with the characteristic images of the Culture.. a process of removal of all the superficialities of existence.. Cyclically, nature helps us to reach this state of bare reality.. the pure form of Selfhood.. the structuring power beneath all external features – all that belong to the “leaf“ realm…. a stage of aesthetic repudiation, but also one of essentialisation.. ESSENTIALISATION…

    While the following symbol also shows the next evolutionary step ahead.. at *27degGem..

    A GYPSY EMERGING FROM THE FOREST WHERIN HER TRIBE IS ENCAMPED.. Reaching out toward participation in a larger Whole of mind-structured existence.. a Conscious attempt to leave behind the tribal-instinctual stage of Earthbound existence & to emerge into the realm of mind & complex, tense interpersonal relationships.. The “wild“ drives of nature will be tamed.. a period of transition, a more or less clear yearning for a new state of Consciousness, & thus for inner transformation.. REPOLARISATION…

    **All this with *the Gemini Ascendant.. in my 2nd house.. applying to closely square the midpoint of my *prog Chiron® in Pisces along with my *Sol-Arc Juno in Pisces.. in my 11th house.. while all also closely semi-sextile & sextile *Ceres in Taurus.. in my 1st house.. while al also closely trine & forming a ’Yod’ with the midpoint of my *Sol-Arc Uranus in Libra along with my *prog Libra Moon.. in my 6th house.. while *the Aries MC.. in my 12th house.. also separating from its’ trine to my natal Sagittarian Sth Node.. in my 8th house.. while both also closely sextile & opposed by the midpoint of my natal Gemini Nth Node along with my *Sol-Arc Gemini Ascendant.. in my 2nd house.. while all also closely sextile & trine my *prog Juno® in Aquarius.. in my 10th house.. while all closely square.. forming a ’Yod’ with & semi-sextile my *prog Cancer Sun.. in my 3rd house.. while all also forming a ‘Yod’ with. square & sextile my natal Mars-Pluto in Virgo.. in my 5th house.. while all also closely semi-sextile.. forming a ‘mutable grand cross’ with & trine the midpoint of my *Sol-Arc Pisces Moon along with my natal Saturn in Pisces.. in my 11th house.. while *the Aries Part of Fortune.. in my 12th house.. also separating from its sextile to *Venus® in Gemini along with the midpoint of my natal Venus-Gemini Nth Node.. in my 2nd house.. while all also closely inconjunct & square *prog Uranus in Virgo.. in my 5th house.. meanwhile *the Aries Moon.. in my 12th house.. also separating from my *Sol-Arc Pallas in Aries along with *Uranus in Aries.. while all also closely trine my *prog Venus-Mercury in Leo.. in my 4th house.. while all also closely sextile the midpoint of my natal Jupiter-Venus in Gemini.. in my 2nd house.. while all also closely square & forming a ‘Yod’ with *Pluto® in Capricorn.. in my 9th house.. while all also closely semi-sextile.. square & trine my natal Mercury in Taurus.. in my 1st house.. while all also closely semi-sextile.. part of a ‘Yod’ with.. square & sextile the midpoint of *Neptune® in Pisces along with *Chiron in Pisces.. conjunct my 11th house cusp…

  13. AND… I forgot to mention the Sabian Symbol’s are from Dane Rudhyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & It’s 360 Symbolic Phases’.. which is now starting to fall apart Ihave used it so much.. While all astro aspects, that I noted above are as usual within about 1 degree of exact.. Just like I write all the time in my onging daily journals etc….

  14. I like the hermit! It’s my personal card because my day number (27) adds to 9. The hermit imparts wisdom to those around him after the fact- the same way that any number multiplied by nine will yield nine when the digits are added: 5×9=45. 4+5=9. It’s also the card of crossing into the other worlds, without dying. Love him. :)