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Golden Gustav Klimt ladyGustav Klimt

This is a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, society lady and Leo. She hosted a salon of writers and artists, naturally. She may have been Klimt’s lover. He liked his women Uranian.Β  Her Mercury was on his Sun – rapport. They were born decades apart but had the same North Node in Sagittarius. His Pluto was on her Saturn. He ensured her image would become basically immortal. Saturn = endurance and longevity.

Adele B-B was Sun-Psyche-Lilith in Leo and a whole heap of stuff in Taurus…She died suddenly, saying in her will that she wanted this portrait plus others to go the state museum for all to enjoy. But that wasn’t to be and then the Nazis took it.

There is a whole fascinating story to this portrait, now one the most expensive artworks in the world (last sale was $135 million USD – more Saturn-Pluto) and owned by Ronald Lauder, the son of Estee. It’s in his Neue Galerie in New York, he calls it his Mona Lisa. He’s Pisces. Adele has Venus in Kataka and i think it was Rising, yes?



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22 thoughts on “Portrait Of A Lady Leo

  1. I have the “Lover’s” by Klimt hanging as a 2×4 m in silk separating my bedroom from my living room in my spacious open plan studio apartment. Polished timber floors, antique hand crafted furniture, every available wall space adorned with huge, heavily widely framed works of art. Surreal, mandalas, aquatic , aboriginal, precious J&E Gould prints. A modern fully equipped galley, a unique one of a kind surfboard made entirely from the timber from a coconut palm tree inlaid with abalone shell takes pride of place near the tinted glass double doors opening onto a private terracotta tiled deck magnificently landscaped in ground pool… My view to the east is unrestricted… Low coastal dune, casurina trees the pacific ocean, miles of white sand flanked by a rugged headland to the North lighthouse standing tall, bright white, guiding the bulk carriers into the Port of Brisbane. My bed, European style exrta large pillows purple, Lavender five more red, blue and white. Above me a 6 by 4 meter painting of space , the planets , stars the universe earth in the corner with a man and woman holding hands perched atop of the sub continent . Vivid colourful, bright, set against a black deep black of space. To the right a bay window with love seat red pillows black and white cushions two cherubs angels androgynous on the window sill. Smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee bacon and toast linger in the crisp calm salty morning air. Native birds sing gently as the surf and tide roll relentlessly onto the slope of the beach. The most beautiful women stroll past my home wealthy fit bored alone, jogging walking to nowhere like goldfish in a bowl… I lust for all and each of them some unashamedly stare though my glass wall some smile some would never entertain the idea of returning my smile or hello…. I meditate on the “Lovers” each day and dream of the time and place where Klimt and his muse embraced and made love. It’s in the air today, she is not far away…

  2. Interesting a triple Leo woman chose Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ with all it’s
    gold for the cover of her instruction book of love & ecstasy.

  3. To be inspired by love anda beautiful women makes the process of art so rich . Makes the end result much more meaningful . It is like one is making love in the process . Very Delicous !

  4. I adore Klimt’s The Kiss, but this one too because i love all the warm and gold tones. Is it so Leo that she wanted it to be in a gallery so everyone could see it πŸ˜‰

  5. I love reading about her! As a leo north node, I have recently become obsessed with learning how to embrace my inner leo. This is a good start.

  6. Do you know –
    When Klimt died, thieves broke in to his house and discovered a half-finished portrait of a society lady. She was nude, and it was thus discovered that for many of these ladies, Klimt had painted them naked and then added the glorious garments afterwards.
    He was quite popular as an artist to sit for!

    • Roald Dahl wrote an amusing short story about a painter of society ladies, hugely popular to sit for, who may well have been inspired as a character by Klimt, i wonder. It is called “Nunc Dimittis” and i think is part of an anthology called Someone Like You.

          • well i have (at a very young age too unfortunately!) and it was very..;fascinating.
            what i love is that you take one look at his children’s books and you’d never guess he had sooo many other worlds and ideas in his head…

  7. hhmph, i used to love lauder products before i went all hippy, i probably helped pay for that painting. Everytime i ever got a past life reading i was really hoping they would say i was someone painted by Gustav Klimt but no. love the eyes on the robe.

  8. I have this and another pic by Klimt on postcards, from my local galleria. I love the colour Gold, it is such a soft metal when it is warm. Just like Leo’s, I guess.

    This particular portrait makes me ponder what planets Klimt had in Leo?

    Venus in Cancer Rising is like hello lover of independent women, nurturing, sensetive, romantic types.

  9. Is it safe to assume that the painting was safely repatriated after WWII and Mr. Lauder then acquired it by legitimate means? Haven’t researched, just asking.

    Also, thank you for the Leo post. I am making an effort to (well, I continue to make an effort to) understand / grasp the Leo / Libra vibe. Since these signs are where I have Saturn, Pluto, IC and North Node. So I better sharpen my pencil and my brain to absorb the stuff. Plus, the ongoing curiosity with A Certain Leo.

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