J.E. Southall – 1896 – NIght


Neptune & Chiron opposite asteroid Psyche = everything you need to know you can dream about tonight. You can make that an expectation or turn it into an affirmation and it counts for whenever your next night of sleep is.

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62 thoughts on “Night

  1. excellent. Early night for this iron fish in a velvet glove. “To sleep, perchance to dream”

    now which question to ask… I might just ask “How?”

        • daveyL! how are you going out there, in your far-off transit-land orbit? Still with us? what’s your latest transit?

          • Pluto conj Saturn in the seventh pretty exact (again) been over 2 years , while Saturn has been sq my mars and opposing my sun , oh , did I mention Uranus conj my mc about to be sq , as in zap zone conj natally ….. I’m realizing every minute that I am not being effected by the zap zone , I am the fuqing zap zone !!( how damned Aries is that !!!!! Oh did I mention the Pluto opp Neptune , such fun !
            I am being molded like a horse shoe under the blacksmiths hammer, burning blue !
            Aside from that everything is good in the bra x thanks for asking you beautiful marine type creature x

            • Figured that was you going anon. Wow, do you get away from that? fly off to a desert island with the beloved family to regroup? or being an aries do you just face off with it all in a Bruce Lee martial arts combat position, headband and all. Lucky you live in a place where you can *adopts Arnie voice* “Let off some steeamm”

      • @anon Lol im listening to this song called ask me why…. Right as i read about your asking Y Anon

  2. I hope it’s a good dream – too much work and worry, not enough motivation, money, fun and life right now…

  3. I reckon that’s true, just had a mini doze (power dream sesh) at acupuncture.

    Last night’s dreaming was starting to amp too but recall wasn’t as potent as usual.

    My ‘dreaming’ is happening more consciously rather than during sleep these days.

  4. this morning i dreamed of finding the hide of a horse, crumpled and mouldy. Did conservation work on it and found it had medieval paintings on it depicting heaven on one side and hell on the other … dark magic dreams

    • I wish we could make a short storyfilm of this! Fantastic! And where did you keep it? Perhaps i’ll come and have a look at your work tonight.

      • Do that Mille!

        I had pinned it to the wall of the old building, a barn perhaps, it was sort of like dressmaking, working out how … o! a cloak perhaps?

        Will look out for you tonight :)


    • W.t.f? Look to your Chiron, where you have Sagg and asteroid Epona – but like what skin have you shed in the part of your chart u have sagg…this is like SO AMAZING – pls come bk and share any insights? xx

      • Wow, thanks so much M for yr keys into this …

        Saggi ascendant, currently squared by chiron transit.

        Chiron is natally conjunct sun. Epona natally conjunct merc and mars and square MC.

        Currently quite profound romantic interaction w someone from my past (altho venus retro is playing aloof with that, c’est la vie, time will tell) – we remet via a very very left of field work venture for me – one which has numerous ppl startled and am thriving in it and def revealing a side of me that has been in the making for a few years now without any recognition, private or public …

        Epona … who? xx

        • o for goddess sake, look at this! … transiting Epona is Conjunct natal Jupiter AND MC, Squaring natal Chiron AND trining AC …

          ???? protector of my ascendant, goddess of fertility, luck, social recognition, healing process … maybe …

          • OK – this is getting ridiculous

            The romance? …

            His sun, jupiter, and epona are all conjunct my asc …

  5. Wonder what tonight’s night slumber will bring. In today’s dream, I opened a glass door with some difficulty, my hands were wet and slippery, then hopped into an ascending elevator.

  6. Last night I dreamt I was walking along the Bondi coastal walk. I got to a spot where the path had collapsed along with a huge chunk of the coastline, like a landslide into the water . I looked over the edge down to the crashing waves …it looked a long way down. As I looked I began to fall , but just as my feet left the ground an invisible hand grabbed my shirt collar . I was just hanging in mid air looking down. The hand pulled me back to the edge and I woke up.

    • Mmmn, good dreaming david. Tells me life’s good 4 u. I hardly ever get time to drop in here…… life is dreamy for me right now. But it’s so good to read you are still around. And everyone here. Mental hugs to all xoxoxoxoxoxox

      • And hey i should say that life is really fuqin dreamy beautiful for me atm (?neptune transit conj asc) and I rarely get to read the comments and i so miss the beautiful peeps here BUT it’s really really nice to drop in and see olds of olds here darlink. AND AND MENTAL HUGS TO ALL xoxox

    • some aspect of your everyday ‘support’ structure is going to fail so be prepped for that BUT you will be okay – it’s actually a blessing? xxx

  7. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (<- that's the sound I make when I'm excited). I preferably don't want another weird sex dream though – been having a lot of them lately.

  8. After hearing all the noise Jupiter made last night perhaps i’ll have an ordinary sleep tonight though i’m a little taken with an image i made in a meditation, and it is a flower representing the pineal. Had a moment in a toy shop today where i suddenly realised how much i second guess my intuition for really stupid mundane reasons. OK this keeps cropping up but it’s very potent right now.

    Also more symbols cropping up. Musicians in masks, just like me (ok so this grav is a long dead woman but i’m wearing her here) and discovered a young musician i like is also Piscean.

  9. For months I’ve been having recurring dreams about dogs. Sick and lost dogs seeking me out so I can help them. Tonight I have no idea what to ask. All I actually want is a night where I don’t wake up at 3am and can’t get back to sleep.

    • Dogs…loyalty, faith, trust? Unconditional love, puppy love, guardianship, companionship?

    • Or, Maybe you could say a little prayer to St Francis or your preferred guardian of companion animals. 6th house energy?
      Go have a little conversation with your nearest friendly doggie and see what s/he has to tell you?

      • Oh of course 6th house, I hadn’t thought of that, thanks Pi. So many 6th house issues at the mo.

    • how strange. i had a dream last night that i was looking for my bird and i kept finding all these other birds and small furry animals. some of them were sick or needed help. they were all drawn to me for some reason. i just kept scooping them all up and putting them into cages to feed and take care of them.

  10. I had a dream that my dad was Les Paul and he was teaching me scales on the guitar. I could not keep up.

      • Oh no way, nobody but Les could ever do that stuff. I’m still struggling to learn scales now, even though I’ve been playing guitar for decades. Somehow, I never bothered to learn them.

        Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything particularly psychological about this dream. I heard the Les Paul estate was auctioned last weekend for about $5 million and it all went to charity. Then I wondered if Les had any children. I looked it up and he had 4 kids. Then I wondered what it would be like, being Les’ kid. You’d probably be his protege, or you’d never want to see a guitar for the rest of your life. I figure since we never heard of a protege, and they auctioned all his guitars, it’s the latter.

        • I had a dream that I had the recently signed SG by Slash.. .. no wait that was a fantasy!

          I had a dream that I had a les paul designed just for me so that I could play with Pae, Iommi, Clapton and Slash… … no wait, that was just a fantasy too!! :)

          I am a slacker with scales even though I’ve been playing for a long time too Charles. Scales do define those that do shred soulfully or otherwise though!

          Once upon my early days in guitar that was all I did. I got supremely BORED. I am now trying to reconcile that and do a little here and there all the while calling it such names as ‘good for me’ and ‘my discipline’ LOL

        • I’ve yet to know of a genius who was very good at teaching his/her own. Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein were two gifted minds who could teach in general. Any musicians who taught well?

          That is quite interesting. I would never have thought of him with 4 children. I wonder about him as a father now. What do you know of his astro?

          I think i was made to learn scales after having played piano for eight years. It’s extremely important, and in something like jazz it’s very helpful but i suppose that’s why i ended up singing.

          • scales….therapy, like ironing or a long run. practicing them is hellish…mastering them is bliss.

          • Yeah, that’s why I quit the piano, I hated doing scales. My teacher used Bartok’s Mikrocosmos so it was all mixolydian and Hungarian minor and other frustrating scales. Can’t I just play on the WHITE keys, please?

            Les Paul’s chart is on and they have a birth time, yay. What an interesting chart. Gemini Sun, Taurus Ascendant. Pluto Mercury Saturn conjunct, plus Neptune, all in Cancer. Moon Mars conjunct, and Venus in Taurus. Bowl chart, everything within 1/2 the chart.

            Only a Gemini could invent the multi-track recorder, and become famous for playing overdubs of himself, so he sounded like he was a hundred guitarists at the same time. And he was an unstoppable Taurus workoholic who played guitar on stage until he was 94 years old.

  11. I am in the process of deprogramming myself re: former work choices, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I was pursuing to assist with this fell through this morning … so hopefully tonight’s dreams gift me with suggestions of what/where to try next, as well as encouragement to follow this new line of thinking. I know I can do it, but now and then I like to get a little sign from the Universe to know I that am being supported throughout my journey.

    I sat at a cafe in the sun this afternoon and wrote a short list of affirmations to kick-off this brave new era of my life. As I sipped iced ginger beer and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and re-read what I’d written to myself, I was pleased to find that even my affirmations seem more authentic these days. I feel like I am more in touch with what I want from life at the moment. It feels good to be no longer just drifting with the tide …

    I am *so* ready for a huge career shake-up right now! And some sort of income to tide me over until the dust settles would be welcome, too, so I can stop obsessing and continue focusing on the important stuff :)

  12. Unsurprisingly I had a pretty vivid dream touching on the romancey situation at hand in my life… Unsurprising seeming Neptune is more or less a degree and a bit off my natal sun, so Chiron ain’t too far off that either…

    I woke up as soon as I got to the ‘confrontation’… Which was unsurprising, that’s the ever elusive part of this situation..

  13. My beautiful husband woke this morning to tell me his dream was of me buying chips and nuts before getting on our flight o/seas to migrate to another country! This is wonderful and exactly what we both want to do. I have Jupiter in my 9th now trining my Sun and Destiny – North Node.

  14. 😯

    I had a restless night or more possibly restless dream. I do remember seeing a broken lampshade in an office and telling Dr Aqua that we must donate some money to replace it. There was a married couple there also. 😯

  15. But I didn’t get to sleep last night! Up with insomnia and when I finally got off some big black gangstar 4wd parked outside my house had it’s car alarm go off which it was still doing when I gave up and came to work at 6am. Does this mean I’ll have bad juju?

  16. Barista and Ellie, me too, i drifted away and then was awake until about 3am. What happened??? So of course i’ve missed the one-off Russian film i planned to see an hour ago.

    And FireyG, i did see a barn but i was highly distracted. I was camping out gypsy style with the early Chinese pioneers of the goldrush. There was a kind of ‘mafia’…well that’s how all the imposition felt but i suppose it was really just a social heirarchy and strong system of order, in response to being so marginalised by the non chinese colonialists. On a superficial note i was rather taken by the hat i was wearing!

  17. Last night’s dreaming, woah. I do have Chiron conjunct my natal Pisces sun and natal Neptune sextiling Chiron so I might as well be living in another dimension. I dreamed I was in an oxygen tent for healing but it wasn’t working, so the staff (unspecified) switched it to the Neptune setting. Which changed me into a child, working for a family, at one point I wandered off and came across a musician who played music that felt expressive of my soul. Needless to say I have woken up totally inspired and pinging with ideas for my own creative work, brilliant timing what with Saturn and the Sun teaming up today.

  18. In my dream last night I was brought back to the very moment i realised that there was no hope of a relationship with my ex and I. He still wanted to hang on but I had that ‘aha’ moment of realisation and a week later i left and never looked back. How crazy is that..

  19. I had a couple of intense dreams last night, one especially has stayed with me. I woke up really startled. I dreamt my parents and me were still living in our flat and somehow I learnt I was actually adopted (I’m not adopted). In the dream I felt as if my life had been one big lie because my parents were not my bio parents (I am often said how looks-wise I have obvious traits from both of them), I wasn’t actually born on the date I’ve always been told (my birthday is on Friday so maybe that’s why I dreamed of this detail?) and, weird, that my adoptive (irl bio) parents were older than they had told me. I’m sure many other details escape me now. Now that I’m writing about it I can’t help but feel it’s a very messy dream and just not a big deal but it felt intense while I was dreaming (I felt so alienated) and was shocked when I woke up, not because I believe I’m actually adopted but because I feel there must be some symbolism that I need to be aware of. Help?

    • Hey Louella, i can’t recall any posts of yours recently, but have you been busy changing your life in some way? I wonder if there have been incremental changes over time, and sudddenly you’ve realised how different things feel deep down.

      Or perhaps, with all this astro talk of transits and metamorphosis and change you’ve been wondering whether you too should be making some changes somewhere. In which case your dream response shows that you’re most comfortable where you’re at.

      That’s just off the top, anyway. Change for some reason, actual changes taking/taken place, or the concept of deep change seems threatening.

      • Thanks for commenting mille! the thing is I don’t comment much around here although I do read, I’m a slow learner when it comes to astro stuff so most of the time I don’t have much to contribute.
        Last month I was in the dumps, extremely negative about everything but aware of it, so you can say I’m trying to change my life but what changes I’m not sure. I have what I consider serious self-esteem/perception problems and the only thing it seems clear is that I have to start by making changes within so that’s why I was wondering about possible symbolism relating to all this. After all parents are the beginning of our lives. Ah, turning 31 in 2 days, looking much younger… and feeling like a teenager again!

        • Yes, i read a lot of doubt around your core self there, especially in that stuff about your parents. It doesn’t really seem to be about them, but who you are at a deep level. Have you considered finding a good therapist/counsellor, someone who can give you the guidance as to where and how to make a good solid start? Of course you are the one who has to do the work but external assistance can be tremendously supportive and empowering. Big hug and best wishes, Louella. Take this journey; it’s so worth it xx

  20. Coming to this late, but the last couple of nights I have had brilliant dreams – sexy, fun, learning things, great fun with my partner ( and others, ahem). I have been waking up feeling energized and a bit goofy.

  21. Oh the weirdness! I dreamed I was following a child or a midget through a maze of treetops, climbing tress and vines, clamouring over branches. The mischevious little sod was always one step ahead of me, and the trees weren’t exactly easy to climb. I then met an old man I know who is an actor, sitting on the steps of a Church, transferring blood-cells from one vial to another. Then I was on some form of fast moving transport, following a steep cliff-side road. The cliffs were vast, towering sandstone battlements, and they’d been TILED with beautiful, glittering tiles (by my neighbour, no less, who was suddenly very rich and seated beside me) there were vast planes of statues of Goddesses, row, upon row, and strange altars made from cow and elephant skulls, festooned with flowers. And more glittering tiled cliff-faces. Then I was on a leaky, filthy boat, disembarking in Hawaii. Getting off that boat was like negotiating an obstacle course of vines and rotten timber. I ran into the wife of the old actor. She told me her friend had been looking for symbols in her dreams, and that a Kingfisher came up, which represented me. Then I woke up, thinking of centaurs.