Mercury Retro In Leo F.A.Q.

To Do…?  Buy a new mirror?

So, there would seem to be some (chic) confusion over what Mercury in Leo until early September actually means?  That’s including the Retro phase in the middle of it.  Obviously, read your Horoscopes as there are sign by sign nuances that do not apply to all peeps at once.  However, strictly in general, here we go:

Q: How long is Mercury going to be in Leo for?

A: Mercury got into Leo on June 26 – Mercury gets out of Leo on September 1.

Q: When will Mercury be Retrograde in Leo for?

A: From July 15 to August 8

Q: Is this a good time to make radical changes to my hair?

A: Only after the New Moon in Leo on August 17/18. 

Q: I have been having extra-intense urges invest my savings into my sudden onset stage career/initiate grandiose legislation to salvage my pride/marry X whom i don’t ‘love’ as such but i want a proper wedding to prove i can do it/re-theme my entire wardrobe to better reflect my devotion to steampunk – is this a good time?

A: No. You monitor ALL theatrical-feeling or ego-driven urges when Mercury is in Leo like this.

Q: So, apart from ditching my plan to cut off all my hair, wear only primary colors and stalk more in person from now on, is there anything woo-woo and interesting about this?

A; It echoes the Mars in Leo mayhem from Oct 2009 until June 2010.  Endeavors in that time, emotions felt fervently then and surreal synchronicity that will soon become obvious – all resonant. Mercury also rules Gemini, where Venus is still doing HER fateful weirding…so look to late July, for some very interesting karmic hook-ups.

Q: This just sounds stupid – is it good for anything else?

A: Well, it’s probably more fun than Uranus square Pluto (the Zap Zone) till 2016 or Saturn into Scorpio in a few months time. Seriously, it’s amazing for creativity, relationships with older children, the romantic bit of relationships, actual courtships, parties, art, music, cosmetic dental work for a more beautiful smile – especially if it is redoing old work, orgasms to replace your petro-chemical skincare regime (yes, Leo has a Haute Hippy vibe to it), fabulousness and charisma. 

Q: Pfft. Anything else?

A: Artists don’t seal a deal till after August 18. Ditto pro athletes, astronauts and performing arts peeps in general.

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40 thoughts on “Mercury Retro In Leo F.A.Q.

  1. WEIRD re “It echoes the Mars in Leo mayhem from Oct 2009 until June 2010. Endeavors in that time…” the day mars went into leo I got a job nibble related to something I was doing January-June 2010. Also on that day referred back to notes from studies I was doing October-December 2009. No mayhem as such but definitely synchronicity.

    • yeh wow…the last act of my marriage played out during that time frame….hadnt heard from the long lost husband until-you guessed it- june 26th..i wonder exactly what kind of mayhem he is planning to inflict on us this time…

  2. Love this post.

    In a random Leo-esque arty/ creative/ music industry moment, I was asked to design a band’s album cover – in 24 hours. Never done one before. Their original designer dropped out at the last second so I offered to jump in. (I was recommended to the band by a mutual friend, the sweetest Pisces girl who sings my praises and makes me feel like some kind of creative goddess… just wish she’d have explained the job better when I said I’d do it!)

    Turns out, it wasn’t just cover art: it was the entire CD cover wallet, inside sleeves, CD label and 4-page booklet. Ahhhhhh!! And with all the techno stuff-ups, I could’ve sworn it was Merc retro already.

    Anyhoo, cover is now off at the printers FINALLY after many failed attempts to send it. An album cover was on my bucket list – I just never expected to have to do one out-of-the-blue and in 24 hrs!!! And the good thing is, I now know a band! I feel so cool all of a sudden. “Yah, I totally designed their album cover. Only took me 24 hrs. That’s how I roll…”

      • Thanks! Will link you to the band’s site when the album is all ready for release!! :)

    • Wow, that is so weird! Exactly the same thing happened to me.

      Was asked to design an album cover CD booklet last week and had about 24hours in which to do it.

      The deadline totally helped me with the infinite possibilities of artistic paralysis.

      • That is very cool, Sunrise! Maybe this is a common gag for bands – tell the artist they only have 24 hrs to design it and see if they can do it. Ha!

        I agree – the time limitation helps you make snap decisions, something I’m not normally prone to do as a Libra rising… 😉

  3. This Leo loves that you find us haute hippy, ‘cos with my nn in Saggi, I am all that! *breaks out the patchouli ‘n’ cedar*

    Great images. Saw Snow White last night and was most impressed with the Mirror morphing into this slick gold dude – visuals were awesome.

    Actually gotta give props to Chris Hemsworth, he was h.o.t. and I do not like blonde dudes usually. Can imagine him being like Brad Pitt, learning the craft and ageing well a little somewhat against the odds.

    Mercury is near exact conjunct my Sun atm. Apparently “your wants are aligned with your thoughts” – I have been enjoying writing/bloggin’ this last week as way to express my thoughts too.

    Have sun opp lilith natally..Anyone hazard a guess at what Merc opposing Lilith means? Good for writing about hazadrous topics? Guess not if retro.

    • Is the first pic from Snow White??? Must see it. I’m entranced by the veiled faceless anthropoid. It looks like (and I’m not referencing ANYTHING here but what i say) the face of Horus behind a veil.

    • “This Leo loves that you find us haute hippy”

      I concur. Though, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself that. More like . . . modestly bohemian for me. That said, I’m Leo Sun/Aqua Moon/Cap rising. I’d love to just go all out, but I’m afraid I constantly feel the need to moderate that into some kind of semi-pro-social/constructed version of myself. (I would really love that outdoor bathtub, right next to my hand built bush shack where I paint, and write my days away, and eat the food I grew myself, but I can’t seem to let go that much! lol)

      • It’s the Cap Rising that’ll do that adjusting you describe! I found it really funny lately that I went to a get together of energy healers who work day jobs in various fields – one looked at me and just said, “Corporate”. LMFAO. That’ll be my trickster Gem Rising, she is corporate so I reflected.

        And Horus behind a veil… that gives me shivers… If it had been silver it would have made more sense to me. It was the mix of this faceless, unfeeling mirror being a golden metal of the sun and emotion that I found unnerving now you mention it.

  4. Shivers. October 2009 end of: Got off a flight, went home, read the reports on Sewer activity, then called to officially dump him. Fast forward to June 2010, it’s my 40th birthday and instead of celebrating, all I could think of was trying to shake the bouts of depression which seemed to deepen after each round.

    Solution? I decide I’m not really depressed. I’m angry and suppressing THAT is translating to it. I’d continued watching the Sewer for my own safety but I didn’t realize I’d get to see him set up to hurt another person the way he did me. I suppose it wasn’t my problem per se. Yet it was. Because I was her, except no one ever tried to save me or at least give me a chance to save myself. She could end up like me, 5 years later.

    So, on the week of my birthday, I opened the door for her. And as it turns out, a whole bunch of other people. Then I hid, and in hiding met the Double Libran which led to a summer of light hearted romance.

    Persephone anyone?

  5. Oh, gosh. That’s my kind of bathtub. As long as the bush turkey didn’t think it was going to get a free birdbath!

    And thank you Mystic very much for the Merc in Leo advice! the main things I remember from late 09-mid 10 were, oh I don’t know, my entire life changing again. lolololololololololo…l
    (laughing at myself a lot lately 😀 )

    • but that change was probably due to a big ole Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on my Sun!! gosh, that was mega fun….. *memories of bliss, liberation and travel amazingness*

  6. Wow, Awesome Synchronicity!…
    I had an awful accident in late 2009 & completely wrote off my car (Jupiter conjunct natal Mars), which resulted in me dropping out of the studies I had begun earlier that year.

    Now, since Merc went into Leo in the last couple of days, I’ve finally bought a new car that I love (I had been lent a friend’s car until now, while they were o/s) & I resumed my studies today…

    Freakishly synchro!

    Now I’m just trying to remember what else was happening around that time!!??

  7. What if someone else initiates a grandiose litigation against you to salvage THEIR pride?! – (which is priceless – coming from so-called Taoists)
    I have been left no choice but to defend myself, and am doing so.
    I will not be bullied by these clowns.
    They launched action June 26th 2011 – beautiful, non?

    • Had better send YOU lawyers guns & money, Zai.
      Mine are all in place for July 5 the day after Mars leaves
      Virgo for lovely Libra, the scales of justice.
      Best O luck.

    • Thanks so much Lovelies, your kind words and support give me great comfort through these challenging times.
      Thank God I started this mantra a while back (many thanks to Mystic)
      May I accept things with maturity and grace…maturity and grace…

  8. “It echoes the Mars in Leo mayhem from Oct 2009 until June 2010. Endeavors in that time, emotions felt fervently then and surreal synchronicity that will soon become obvious – all resonant.”

    Oh. Dear God.
    Definitely didn’t expect to read something like THAT in this post…

    Just thinking about Oct 2009 to June 2010 sends my nerves into a total frenzy/makes me hyperventilate.

    “…look to late July, for some very interesting karmic hook-ups.”

    All the things you noted: fervent emotions, surreal synchronicity, karmic hookups – that’s what my life was defined by back then. However the euphoria passed (because the ‘karmic hookup’ I had w/ Leo boy was extremely fuqed up/painful), and afterwards I suffered more than I’ve ever suffered in my life.

    Maybe, though, this Mercury transit will bring a sense of closure/resolution/understanding to the whole thing. Or is that wishful thinking?

  9. the romantic part of relation-shits? oh hellz no!
    Oct 2009-Jun 2010 was terrible for me! I got more rejections then than i ever had expereienced before, plus i was trying so hard to get dates. I felt so ugly. I was more open then than I am now. I put out online dating profiles, did peach blossoms, opened access to myself in general, and tried to meet “just anybody” (which is NOT how i normally do things). All of it was for nada. I learned to never do that again, unless i want to be insulted, made fun of, and other crappy things.

    No this time Mercury, I will sit things out. no fuking thanks.

    I don’t even have anything in Leo except Vertex.

  10. How did you know about my outdoor tubbin’ fantasy, Mystic????
    And I deeply love the little yellow hankee/towel; now all I want to do with my weekend is dredge up an old tub, plop it in a forest, fill it with salts and magical essences, hop in, and reflect on my life…

  11. LOve that gold fabric/material whatever that is, powerful photo.

    I’m going to wear gold flats to work today which I will promptly remove for more suitable/safe footwear when I get there.

    This astro feels like the eighties but for new agey types.
    Hopefully everyone will participate.

    I watched a DVD last night: “The Shadow Effect”-Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self by Debbie Ford. I cried. Powerful stuff.

  12. Just love that bath. I see Dr. Bronners there, love that liquid too.
    That pix makes me feel happy, to remember the bliss of nature
    whilst soaking in amniotic fluid.

  13. “It echoes the Mars in Leo mayhem from Oct 2009 until June 2010. ”
    Please can someone clarify this? Does it mean we have to go through all that again? Or will we suddenly see why the awfulness happened i.e. loss of job, loss of home, bad decisions made in dire circumstances? Or will we have to deal with what’s left of that time to finally clear it up?

  14. So when is the best time for me to go to Thailand to get my cosmetic dentistry done, any time from now until September 1?

  15. I hated that time in my life. never again. period. leo in my 12th house.

  16. Dammit I have to sell my house then! Maybe I will distract myself by bleaching my teeth – this time with peroxide as a daily mouthwash. Last time I did it at a solarium and i swear my teeth went more yellow.

  17. Mer-cury retrograde prep list:

    1) book flights NOW, don’t delay!

    2) schedule up those meetings now

    3) Use the time from Monday July 9th to review the thing and ready to go

    4) schedule in hair now.

    5) back up

  18. After an Astro Query with the Brilliant MM my wedding plans to my Double AquaMan have been tweaked to take place 1 hour earlier so as the marriage recieves “classic good wedding ju-ju” by having Venus the love goddess in the house of Marriage rather than the house of daily work and routine.
    So today as I was contemplating the final step towards the iphone after months of frustration with the dying implement I currently use… I decided to check these Merury Retro dates…. I am so pleased that I did!
    I’ll suffer the phone out a little longer and I have rescheduled the hairdresser as well!
    Not that I had a major revamp planned but I have had to change stylists after my request to my former hairdresser of 5 years to ” please get me looking like a natural blonde for my wedding” 4 weeks ago resulted in me leaving the salon with with facial and scalp burns, hair as white as Gwen Stefani and the parting comments of “you wanted it lighter”, and “if your scalp was not so sensitive I could have put a toner it.. you’ll get used to it” and the all time classic hairdresser comment “it’ll take a few days to settle”!!!!
    It took a few days for all the blisters to manifest!!
    I have to admit that I did ask for “all of the dark bits to be taken out” you have to take into account that I was looking like the mutant love-child of a Skunk and a Tortoiseshell Cat before the hair-do started not the Caramel Blonde I want to be……
    Anyway FABULOUS NEW HAIRDRESSER was booked in for the 13th of August, but I have just changed that appointment to the better aspected 20th I am going to accept all of the good advice that I can get!

    Thank you Mystic, your cosmic guidance always brings positive results when I seek it out. I especially loved “Don’t be afraid to wing it….Play it the fuq by ear and don’t sweat the small stuff.Stay loose. It’s going to turn out awesome.”

    As a Capricorn with Taurus rising it is my Zap Zone re-invention mantra.

    • Hairdressers or any other service provider should not blame your request for poor results. You are allowed to have ideas! It is up to them to have the expertise to know how best to put those ideas into practice or if they’ll work, warning of adverse possibilities.

      Hope your skin heals well and there’s not too much pain.

      My Taurus hairdresser is like the realistic brakes to my Piscean-Sag sudden ideas. Trust her fully, and always get compliments, which i send her way. Hope you get some good hair ju-ju, and enjoy the good vibes you’ve manifested for your wedding day :)