Life During Saturn

Karen Elson So i wanted to call this post something like Saturn’s Bitches but you know i try to be positive, especially with Saturn issues.  See my Saturn Girl posts in the archives for proof of that.

But this post is an exclusive club – yes, that goes against my Aqua Rising natures as well but it’s exclusive for a reason.  Comments on this post are going to be for people with ANYTHING in their chart between 20 and 29 degrees of Libra.  Sun-Moon-Venus-Mars-Mercury-Rising-whatever. Hell, i’ll even accept Part of Fortune. But you have to have SOMETHING between those degrees.

Why? It’s because you – like me (Moon – 26 Libra) have had Saturn in ghastly drill-down mode on these areas since last October. With Mars in Virgo as a sort of chaser, for extra impetus.  This is where you can share your misery hell growth.  Seriously, there has been growth but whatever the lesson of this for you – my fellow Saturn Journey Peeps – it is INTENSE at the moment…Long story, but Saturn is stationing Direct so you’re/we’re totes feeling it.

Maturity, humility, more maturity, strategic thinking, letting go of what is no longer an appropriate mode of behaviour/thinking/dressing/feeling/imbibing, yes-yes-yes – it’s been great but please can it stop now?  Yes go to the dentist, don’t duck irritating ‘admin’ details or think you’re special, yes have a plan but WHEN will this era end? 

It gets better in late June and actually everyone doing this Saturn crap along with me will probably really enjoy the Zap Zone. Uranus squares Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn rules Capricorn, Saturn transits give you way more of an alignment with Capricorn energy, long story.  And then it gets officially better as in actually over in October.  O.M.G we will look back on this year-long era of Saturn Growth as if from a lofty mountain peak, amazed at how far we have climbed and high above we feel.

In the meantime, share here if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendent or a planet 20 to 29 degrees of Libra. A special shout out to all of you born in the early 80s – that was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late Libra so you guys are doing Saturn Return AND Saturn on your Pluto. May i mention the growth and maturity again?

Tell all – confidentiality and empathy assured.

Image: Steven Klein – Vogue Italia 2004

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148 thoughts on “Life During Saturn

  1. Loving this post Mystic.
    Dug out an old book that I bought a few years before my Saturn return and found this quote quaint – but I love it:
    ‘Remember, Saturn loves to take out the trash. How much trash have we allowed to pile up lately?’

  2. I don’t remember what Saturn has attacked (accidentally deleted my chart), but whatever it is, it’s been thorough about it.

    Started a corporate-type commission-only job that WILL pay a lot of money, and have been waiting almost a year for that to happen. Problems with banks, problems with beaureaucrats… AUGGGHHHH! SATURN, KISS MY ASS!!!

  3. I have Uranus @ 20 Libra, and my ASC is 21 Gemini, and Saturn has been transiting my 5th house Libra stellium since 2009. Saturn has had a tempering influence on my career and relationships. I’ve focused the limits of my creativity into administrative tasks and have been amazingly effective with it. Although I feel like life’s been a lot less fun these past 2 years or so, it’s been amazingly productive.

    In the romance department, I’ve endured relationships that took A.LOT. out of me. Examples: the partner had high demands, I had to strictly enforce emotional/physical boundaries, and then finally getting the nerve to speak up when something was bothering me.

    I’ve also had a mega-karmic relationship with three breakups and reunites (like the retrograde cycle????), but each time the relationship did get better in major ways and we did leave better people (each time) despite the massive mental/emotional turmoil we put each other through.

    On a nice note, when Saturn entered my 5th, I adopted the world’s best puppy!! She is now 3 and she is my ever-loyal and steadfast little buddy!! Oh, yeah… and thanks to my healthy, moderate diet and exercise that started with this transit, everyone wants to know how I manage to look younger than my age (well, I did get a little work done, but the lifestyle changes helped too)!

  4. I couldn’t give a flying fuk about Saturn and his growth factor anymore. I’m done as far as he’s concerned.

    I’m early Libra Sun cnj Pluto with Uranus at 22 Libra and have a natal Pluto Saturn square – Saturn in Cancer. It’s not over for me yet either b/c natal Merc is at 0 Scorpio so that’s next. Sarurn has been messing with my life for so long now & I just don’t have the strength to give a damn anymore.

    I’ve lost 2 of my furry kids that have been with me longer than I’ve had my child, I’m down to the last one now and I know she’s not going to be with me in 2013. That’s about all I’m going to mention on here because everything else is too personal. I’m just over it : (

    • exactly, I’m forgetting how to have fun and be carefree.

      i’m sorry to hear about your losses 🙁

  5. saturn at 22 degrees
    pluto at 26 degrees
    (mars at 18)

    and its part of a tsquare with venus/DC and Ascendant/NN


  6. mystic, my dear goddess, you ARE the queen of image editing!!


    saturn girl above says it all!!

    xox 😉 xox

  7. natal Pluto conjunct saturn. But it’s hard to know if its this or my MC aries square transit pluto that is winning. It’s been “great” for several things though.

    -People who claim to be family and my actual relationship to them. I left my country of origin to make a (new?) life for myself on the first conjunction some months ago

    -Health and how I deal with this (massive ongoing process) digestion allergy and skin allergies have flipped coupled with immune fail twice once ending me in A&E. I seem to be ok now but I think I can kiss a career goodbye that relies on me to be physical. I have lost a lot from being sick constantly so I have to factor this into the work I choose so every time I am ill I am not unable to eat or just make rent if at all. This whole process has sent me broke and grounded but what can you do but keep going and deal with it a day/week at a time. I need a shaman who is game to have a crack at my solar plexus.

  8. I’ve got Pluto in those degrees (plus Saturn AND Jupiter… on the same house – 11 – seriously… why?). These last 2 years.. yeah, personal growth, lessons to be learned, blabla… I’m so fed up with this Saturn busllshit! I’m Scorpio rising and Gemini sun… I wonder if more astro-savvy ppl can give some insight in how it might affect having Saturn on your rising but the fab Jupiter on your sun sing.

  9. well yeh… moon 22 deg libra, 6th house. Having spent the majority of my 40 odd years gaily tripping around the planet super sag style, performing, travelling, being completely hyper-active and addicted adrenalin, the arrival of saturn on my moon coincided with glandular fever and post viral fatigue. Result? confined to bed, literally unable to move for months!! I have also discovered spread sheeting, budgeting and now read management manuals for light entertainment (??????wtf??) The really odd bit is that Im actually enjoying this and feel like i was getting bored with the old version of me. Bizzare!!