Life During Saturn

Karen Elson So i wanted to call this post something like Saturn’s Bitches but you know i try to be positive, especially with Saturn issues.  See my Saturn Girl posts in the archives for proof of that.

But this post is an exclusive club – yes, that goes against my Aqua Rising natures as well but it’s exclusive for a reason.  Comments on this post are going to be for people with ANYTHING in their chart between 20 and 29 degrees of Libra.  Sun-Moon-Venus-Mars-Mercury-Rising-whatever. Hell, i’ll even accept Part of Fortune. But you have to have SOMETHING between those degrees.

Why? It’s because you – like me (Moon – 26 Libra) have had Saturn in ghastly drill-down mode on these areas since last October. With Mars in Virgo as a sort of chaser, for extra impetus.  This is where you can share your misery hell growth.  Seriously, there has been growth but whatever the lesson of this for you – my fellow Saturn Journey Peeps – it is INTENSE at the moment…Long story, but Saturn is stationing Direct so you’re/we’re totes feeling it.

Maturity, humility, more maturity, strategic thinking, letting go of what is no longer an appropriate mode of behaviour/thinking/dressing/feeling/imbibing, yes-yes-yes – it’s been great but please can it stop now?  Yes go to the dentist, don’t duck irritating ‘admin’ details or think you’re special, yes have a plan but WHEN will this era end? 

It gets better in late June and actually everyone doing this Saturn crap along with me will probably really enjoy the Zap Zone. Uranus squares Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn rules Capricorn, Saturn transits give you way more of an alignment with Capricorn energy, long story.  And then it gets officially better as in actually over in October.  O.M.G we will look back on this year-long era of Saturn Growth as if from a lofty mountain peak, amazed at how far we have climbed and high above we feel.

In the meantime, share here if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendent or a planet 20 to 29 degrees of Libra. A special shout out to all of you born in the early 80s – that was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late Libra so you guys are doing Saturn Return AND Saturn on your Pluto. May i mention the growth and maturity again?

Tell all – confidentiality and empathy assured.

Image: Steven Klein – Vogue Italia 2004

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151 thoughts on “Life During Saturn

  1. I am a Sun conjunct pluto in LIbra with an unaspected saturn in Libra in the first house. It’s been a wild ride and it’s mostly involved moving cities to attend graduate school. Not what I expected at all – immature classmate for one – and I graduate soon. I will need to get on the job market or decide if I should do more school despite a less than stellar GPA. I would like to, but I don’t know that I could get into another school for a PhD.

    I’ve lost weight, starting eating better and exercising more regularly. Taking better care of my teeth and skin. I have real confidence in myself and have a much better sense of where my strengths and weaknesses lie. A coming into my own, although in an unexpected way.

    Also absolutely no dating during this period, since I just did not meet anyone in the last two years.

  2. I’ve had Saturn opposing my intercepted Aries Moon (tucked away deep in Piscean waters!) and at some points I found it extremely difficult. Luckily, I have one friend who is astrologically savvy and during an intense conversation in which I silently cried, finding it difficult to communicate my feelings, she pointed out the crushing influence of Saturn on my Moon, understanding as she had been through the transit before I had.

    I will say that it’s helped me to comprehend Saturn tenfold, and it’s helped me with my natal Venus-Saturn square. I’ve come to appreciate the grinding down, iron fist of Saturn and also come to understand how I embody those qualities as well. This Saturn transit has really just illuminated me to Saturn in my chart all across the board as I’ve had trPluto on top of my natal Saturn in the eighth. Saturn in Libra was tough but rewarding in that I finally walked away from toxic relationships, understanding how they influence me and how I influenced them as well. I think Saturn in Libra, for those who are willing to own up to responsibility (and I think Pluto’s had a helping hand in this for me), we see contributions relationship dynamics both ways, how we crush our relationships and ourselves.

    I don’t know how I feel about Saturn moving into Scorpio but considering I have Saturn placed in the 8th house natally, and Pluto is currently conjunct my natal Saturn and steadily digging his way through, I feel that I only have to gain. That’s the biggest lesson I guess… is that after hardship, there is only left to gain.

    A bit long-winded (and with all the Gemini, I can definitely go on…) but it was nice to have a place to share what has been a difficult but ultimately rewarding transit.

  3. sigh. it’s conjunct my conjunction of sign and chart rulers venus and mercury so it’s not like any other saturn schism, it’s like it is some kind of flesh eating virus has begun to take me apart from the inside. a few days ago I sat at my desk in tears because I’d mentally spreadsheeted (thank you mars conjunct the virgo stellium on the IC) what I believed was the sum total of my life on earth. it was torrid because I could not see the good in any of it. I felt worthless and like a total loser. Which is weird because last week I felt the opposite. Saturn’s like that you know.

    But then just after I’d wiped the snot from my chin where it had ended up while I was sobbing like a child whose favourite thing is broken the phone rang and the venus retro exactly on my ascendant and mercury in the 1st kicked in. Someone out there had remembered the good things about me and ten minutes later I was experiencing the flip-side of the mean saturn vibe – where you are quietly aware of your greatness and certain about your chosen path, where you are able to take control of your destiny and make shit happen. I’ve had years of this fuqing planet all over 2 stelliums virgo and then libra. When all this is over I’m going to be bullet-proof.

    • Wow me too, except I’ve got planets in scorpio to go too.
      Yes someone’s kindness bought me to tears yesterday & I kjnd of unfolded for the rest of the day – this was what seems to be a rare response to my own kindness which usually is taken for granted :-)

    • ” When all this is over I’m going to be bullet-proof.” Love that comment! Saturn transits are definately not for sissies!

  4. Such a timely post. I have my moon in Libra. I went to the dentist twice this week – clean and check up. Am sorting paperwork atm for job interview and tax. More to the point I have delineated myself with two relationships this week – in the main one emphasizing my own goals and desire not to take the relationship further than where it is whilst verbally supporting him in his ventures. The other one I cut comms after crossing boundaries of decorum.
    I think you are right Misty, it is a time to take responsibility and start putting some hard learnt lessons into practice – this is probably the way out of the mess of the last year. Baby steps, goal planning, staying loyal to the self. Thanks.

  5. NN at 22:50 libra. hello station. as far as saturn transits go it’s been quite useful… i mean, it’s the greatest challenge, yes? and in 5th house, intercepted. my poor, poor daughters. need for space has been extreme, unrelenting, and only accomplished through what i would consider bad parenting, i.e. lots of yelling and locking of doors (cardinal sin to a 3 1/2 year old). the baby tooth which i’d put off for years broke and i am now 34 and in braces. along with the obvious self-esteem issues they give there is a strange saturnian satisfaction about finally doing it (on my own too, i got over blaming my parents and blah blah). i took up running which i have always hated (right before retrograde when he was almost on my 6th cusp). last fall, the first hit, i discovered my fabulous ancestress eleanor of aquitaine and now totally believe i had a past life in 12th century france. spent pretty much all of last year learning to embrace structure and responsibility (which had been dirty words for the first 33 years of life). what else… oh it’s been intense of course but useful and good… i think for the most part this transit has given me an appreciation for the positive side of saturn, which i am so grateful for, since as soon as he hits scorpio it’ll be 6th cusp (perfect health habits or get really, really sick), moon/chiron/mars/venus opposition followed by uranus conj, then saturn square, then juno… oy. i guess i’ll be fully in the club after that…

    • also embracing cyborg power! and self-determination and adulthood and absolutely no trace of victimhood… at least for now… HUGE!!!!!

      • I too was about your age when I got braces… I had a senior corporate role, suits, meetings, the lot, plus had returned to uni. At first I thought I’d just not speak for 2 years (Gem NN, yeah right) but it wasn’t so bad. The hardest bit is the first time you see people, then they go, ‘oh, ok’ and forget about it. Many will tell you they admire your guts. The results will be SO worth it. Everyone will tell you how gorgeous you look!
        I just checked my chart for that time and Saturn was transiting my 9th/ MC /10th. Pluto and Chiron were conj on my natal IC. For me it was about no longer being the kid with bad teeth who got picked on at school. Astro explains it – again!!
        Good luck with your transformation! xx

        • fantastic stories you two, thanks! yes people’s responses have been really interesting. there seems to be this huge pool of sympathy- everyone wants to reassure me that i look “cute, adorable, 19, blah blah blah.” the judgement is all in my head (though nobody’s tried to pick me up- ha!!) apparently. what was most interesting was the month i went without a visible tooth before i could afford the ortho… i went from being “normal” (living in the sticks where less than perfect teeth are common) to crackhead trashy. everything changed- grocery clerks stopped talking to me, parents at school avoided me… it was really weird. as soon as i got the braces on i was socially acceptable again. instantly. hilarious! i love playing games with people’s class sensititivies… oh yes, we have no class system- ha!!! it’s all about the teeth. congrats you two on your i’m sure fabulously gorgeous smiles!! :)

    • He heh i’m older than you and i just got braces OFF this year. It was the same thing…a milk tooth with its replacement doing a dracula… Saturn was retrograde EXACT on my natal Pluto in trine with my natal Saturn in 6th, the Moon was 2 deg off natal Moon just past Ascendant, opposing transiting Venus AND Uranus conjuncting my Sun. Can i mention Pluto retro was transiting natal Mars… in Capricorn. Yes, it was TIME.

      I’d have to say my favourite moments were when guys would sidle up to me and do the ol’ oneliner pick ups. Instead of getting annoyed i would turn face on and give a huge grin! Absolutely priceless moment, their quick double take! Cheered me immensely.

      It’s good for you, Saturn. Try and get the best out of it. And schedule as many massages and facials as you can so you pamper your poor Saturn whipped bod as much as possible xx

  6. So glad you’ve done a post on Saturn retro! I’ve got Libra MC 28°. I’m in the club! I’ve been miserable since last Oct! Trying to get a job has been like extracting blood from a stone! Took some time off last year and I thought once I was ready to go back I’d snap my fingers and voila but No! hasn’t worked out that way. Talk about humility and not feeling special! I was always the first person peeps would call but the phone’s not ringing. I’ve been scratching my head and WTF’ing for ages now.
    I’m a Cap Asc with Sun in 10th house. Saturn is my chart ruler and work is everything to me and I’m use to landing on my feet but I haven’t landed yet and it’s really getting me down.
    I actually had an interview on the full moon eclipse and thought that I’d get that job easy-peasy but 5mins into the interview the recruitment guy told me the job had been filled by another agency. I wanted to cry and I’m not a sooky la la type. Felt like someone had kicked me in the guts
    Counting the days till Saturn goes direct. Hope the second half of the year is better. The first has sucked big time!
    What does Saturn do with his time off anyway? Shouldn’t be allowed a holiday damn it!!

    • Oh Scorp, I so relate to that “what the…?” feeling with regards to career and, well everything really. Cap Sun, Merc, Venus here. See my below rant for my take on this very strange new world of late…

      Fingers crossed your June onwards is pure awesome and rewarding for you :)

        • Oh guys, yes…Uranus 23 degrees Libra, but knew without looking I was a member of this club. This has just been unrelentingly awful. My feelings about my life for the past 7-8 months are akin to being a kitchenhand in Hell’s Kitchen and working staright shifts for the entire time. You know that feeling, you go to bed with the forknowledge that tomorrow you’ve got to get up and do it all again. Unrelenting. Really really awful. And last week, right on the eclipse night, I actually had a moment where I was doubting my ability to cope much longer. To everybody out there who is feeling exhausted, winter-feverish and as if they are stuck in a long dark tunnel and the end is STILL nowhere in sight…lets drink gin together in cyber-space and trt to forget the awfulness of real life for a moment.

          • And hey, Scorp, me too, my love, me too. I’m the clever one. The blessed child. The one that always finds the crack in the wall, that gets the job, the one that people say “how come you have such a lot of experience, know so much, wa wa whatever”. The fairy child, my grandmother used to call me. The charm slid off somewhere along the way, my ablity to talk myself up has gone right down, and as for finding jobs…..

            I keep telling myself its not me, its the market, it’s not me, it’s the market.
            But it’s starting to feel like it IS me. And there’s not a hell of a lot more times I can go through that bloody f**king -let’s assess the sitauation calmly and work on ourselves like a product shite. No, what I really want to do is slide to the floor and melt into a puddle.

            Eff it. Really. Eff it. Want to join me under the bed with the gin in an entirely asexual drunken sob-sesh?

            • Seabird, I remember the post from a few weeks ago when you were in a dark place. I really felt for you. Was thinking of writing but didn’t know what to say!!

              Yes, I was starting to think it was not the market but me as well!!! How funny! I was half tempted to ring one of the recruitment guys I use to work for and say “what’s the problem??….. is it personal?…. it feels personal” Lucky i never made that call!! Can you imagine! 😯

              I’ve decided to let it go and stop flogging the dead horse!!… let’s see what happens after Saturn goes direct eh! Good luck! :)

          • Fuq yeh!!! That would be awesome!! Let’s get smashed in cyber-space… the VIP Saturn’s bitches club.

            I’ll have another Gin n T thanks. *cheers* :)

              • All welcome to my Under-The-Bed-Cyber-Bar!

                You can come even if you are flat broke and have no job or prospects – and you can drink whatever you want including 100-year-old Burgundy because it’s all FREE. Bring your own tissues and we will prank-call all the employemtn agencies we’ve applied to and tell them that we were kidding when we applied, we just wanted to see their reactions, and they’ve actually failed a secret employment-agency-competency-ratings test, and they will all be out of a job by the end of next week. And then we will start on the vintage champagne.

                • I forgot to mention that all the drinks are free because they actually don’t exist except in your head. But don’t let that dampen your spirits. Think yourself tipsy!

    • jupiter moving away from taurus should help robotnik – our industry is always the first domino to fall when the shit goes down but end of financial year should bring in the new budgets at least x

      • here’s hoping comrade! 😉 Relieved that Jupiter is outta my 4th!! Hate the 4th house. Ugh! I’ve been a lazy cow for a whole year!… well, maybe just the first 6mths and I did a lot of travelling in that time.
        Ready to work now. Jupes in 5th has gotta deliver! Fingers crossed. x

    • scorpbot, *sigh* I wanna say I feel for your situation, and yet a bit hesitant for it coming across as trite, even though it’s genuine. (I think you know that by now) What I can say, and with the utmost understanding of the situation since I’m doing it myself, is Semper Fi the best we can. You know, “attending one’s own lecture” (credit: Mystic).
      I left my last job, and didn’t have another job lined up to go into. Have *never* done that before and didn’t think I’d EVER do smth like that.
      So yeah, that’s it.
      I do genuinely wish you Blessings of the very best, in a job that deserves YOU. :)

      • Soz, fyi, I only have Ceres at 24 Libra. Saturn is in my 12th house though, for a while now.

      • Wow i left a job once with nothing lined up, to prevent murder or serious injury. Something came up 3 days before my last day, but times are different now. Was so frustrated recently i started looking around for new work…omg…

        Sagittarius style stymied: you can’t run, but you can’t hide (when you’re a bigmouth sag style person with Leo MC)

        It’s not you, Scorpalicious, it’s the econofuck. Here’s to better days ahead, and anything that you need to keep yourself shiny xxx

        • Once? Hahaha… I’ve left every single job I’ve had without anything to go to.
          Once I decide I’m leaving, that’s it.. I just have to go and nobody can stop me. Not even my earth sign friends and colleagues who try and convince me to wait until I get another job. I wish I was more like them sometimes, but I’m not. Can’t help it.
          I blame my moon in Saggo square Uranus in 11th. Who can stop the fire?

          I even did a runner once, after two weeks. They didn’t deserve my resignation!

          You’re right though Mille. It’s the “econofuck” Things have changed — dramatically!

          • This whole conversation has made me feel better than I have in days. To be jonest, I’ve almost stopped leaving the house. I’ve never left a job without having another one to go to. But yeah, this last time was because death or serious injury of somebody might have resulted if I’d stayed (and I was only there for 5 weeks so go figure). But that job took me almost 2 months to find. Econofuck indeed. I want to ignore it. I don’t read the paper. But it is bloody-well out there. Like the Alien.

      • thanks UPV! Of course you’ve never done that before – you’re a sensible earth sign. :)

        • Haha! It ain’t so sensible when the Scorpy rising is fully engaged – tends to stun people around me. Which is good coz I’m sick of most people’s crap! 😆

    • heyscorpbot – i can’t do much from cyberspace apart from offer you solidarity. i started gettting knocked back for jobs for the first time *ever*after interviews since January – now THAT was a wierd feeling. at the same time i do know deep down why I wasn’t winning the jobs. however these knockbacks are also a blessing in disguise – i can keep studying the fun stuff. having said that, income is below poverty line (thank Austudy) so do need work.

      anyway. take care. And follow my favourite piece of Cat Philosophy: “When in doubt, wash.”

      • haha agreed ! …been thinking Neptune going Rx def. calls for a good soak

    • Virgo Sun, Libra rising with Libra in AC at 21 degrees (What is AC?) I want to join the Cyber Space club… anything but gin but ready to let loose. Every since October it has been difficult. I thought I was gonna lose it but recently it seemed to open up. I also had my 3rd interview with a company near the Eclipse. Still waiting. I have been hanging by a thread financially and I am thinking of approaching the owner for more money. I pay for all of my prescriptions out of pocket ($200 in change) each month because health insurance stinks. Not to mention I don’t have enough money to see a doctor. Been with this company for a year and although I am learning a lot and really Thankful for that, I am being beaten to the ground. There has to be something better coming down the pile.. or should I say PLEASE. I just can’t do it anymore. As I have posted before I haven’t see my guy since last November. It is actually a good thing since I have not be in a good place. A time of realization and understanding. Slowly walking away. Can anyone say when there MIGHT be some positive flow coming our away? June, July or October? Hang in there and glasses up!! :)

  7. Ok- Saturn 20, Pluto 26 both 6th house.
    Incredibly work struggles and FINALLY starting a new chapter and seeing the seeds sprout from IMMENSE dark winter of career struggles.
    Coming into my own new personal power via work and just starting to see the trans-formative power Pluto has for me in this house/sign. I have def. NEVER and I mean never been so plugged in and motivated. Hard, exhausting, yet for the first time finding fulfillment in what I do all day and seeing it start, and I mean start.. paying off.
    looking forward to that mountain peak in October where I can rest and rejoice..

  8. Ugh, ascendant at 20 deg Libra PLUS Pluto on my Cappy Sun. Hello own personal Zap Zone of misery, confusion, weird seemingly-taking-two-steps-forward but then finding that I’ve actually been driven out into the wilderness and left all alone. Strange feelings since last Oct that I am really truly all alone and don’t understand the world. Like I don’t “fit” anywhere anymore – but there’s the dawning feeling that I kinda don’t want to. Not out of rebellion, just more that I really don’t get the same vibe as anyone else about anything so why would I want to be like them? No wonder I have no love life. What am I projecting?????

    Plus my empathy has been turned up to MEGA. I just cry at everything now. Everything. I was already super committed to animal rights issues but it’s now to the point of ridiculous as I cry if I even drive past a KFC. This is what Saturn is doing to me – or Pluto – or maybe it’s just who I’m meant to be. I cry at human issues too, of course, so don’t sit me in front of the news because I’ll be blubbing and screaming “why??” at every second article. And I’m getting involved in more community-based stuff because ppl just seem not to care. I feel like running out into the street and going “Hellloooo? Is everyone still alive?” So frustrated at ppl’s passivity.

    And, if possible, I’ve grown even more intolerant of stupidity – and it seems to be RAMPANT in the world. Or am I just a snob? I really don’t know anymore!!

    I’m also being uber pragmatic and objective about stuff in general – looking at scripts I’m writing and being my own very strict script editor, seeing how easy things should be and getting frustrated at how stupid ppl are for complicating it, becoming intensely angry at the abuse of the English language and how even news headlines are misspelled…

    And I’m renovating old furniture all of a sudden – as in, using power tools and buying wood and estapol and drill bits. What’s with that?? My objection to consumerism and belief we have way too much stuff? Boredom? The need to feel like I still exist by creating something tangible?

    I’ve also faced so many career hurdles since Oct – things that used to provide me with passive income have dried up, my amazing short film that I made (completed last Oct, of course) has failed to get into ANY film festival ANYWHERE or generate any buzz that I expected it to, general stagnation of anything to do with career progression or income. And I really don’t know what to do because I thought I was doing everything right!

    I’m not so much despondent as I am just disappointed. Yeah, disappointed is the perfect word for it. This period has been one of confusion about the world in general and an overall feeling of blah. I don’t know how I’m supposed to evolve from this when I seem to be the person I basically want to be – I like my style and substance and views on everything (except the crying at everything – that can get annoying. Been like that since my pets died over Xmas/ New Year/ my NYE b’day, but I guess that’s just latent grief talking…) so why do I feel so completely abandoned? So “stuck out in the wilderness”?

    Anyhoo, rant over. Back to painting an old table I found that is going to be an awesome new (old) coffee table… Yeah, I think the furniture thing is me trying to feel like I am actually doing something “real.”

    • And would you believe it – I just checked my email after I wrote my rant above and my film producer wrote to say we’ve been rejected from another film fest. Melbourne this time. Waaaahhhhh! Oh Saturn, when are you going to let up??

    • eq, sorry about your companion babies passing away to the Rainbow Homestead, love. That is a heartbreak unlike any other. (I had three pass away in a month….. :( )
      I hear ya re: being impatient with peeps’ passivity, stupidity, spelling crap, yada3x…

      • Yeah, my feather kids were my life. But I’m glad they can play at the Rainbow Homestead together. Thank you for that :)

    • Well we like your style, your substance and your views, too, EQ Girl. That crying and annoyed thing resonated with the me i was last year; don’t worry you’ll just have to wait until you’re cried out, annoying though you might be to yourself. Aren’t you a stoic Capricorn? Anyone who’s strong and independent has a hard time luxuriating in grief. But try to ease up on Crying You and let her be. Just no power tools with tears, OK?

      • Yeah, THAT, easing up on the Crying eq – she needs outage time, too. My kids just get off the couch when I start ranting, and usually crying, while on the couch. It’s like, uh oh, she’s doing it again…!

    • intensified empathy: check.
      career crises and loss of passive income: check
      no one notices or cares what i do: check. you’re not alone!!!

  9. Saturn is perched up on top of my Mars libra in the 3rd house. YAY happy happy joy joy! :o/

    • Same here (Saturn in grind mode over my poor mars in LIbra–and I am a virgo…so mars is big somehow)–also Saturn square my Moon, again… For me, this is about my communications with my children—or non-communication since I have 3 teens. I usually roll with these things pretty well but right now with Saturn direct and almost exact on Mars and Sq. Moon I am not feeling especially light-hearted.

      Are you being sarcastic, Savannah?:) I am too zonked from my week to make any assumptions. If you are being sarcastic, I can relate. If you aren’t, what’s your secret?:)

      • Hi Bluesky :) yes I’m being very sarcastic because it’s hammering me like you…..but…like anything Saturn once you surface after doing all the hard communication lessons there’s a whole new world, better one look back over your shoulder and realise sheesh why did I put up with/do all that that way.. I’ve learnt so far: being direct & very clear, which means knowing who I am what I need and where I’m going. Don’t know if this makes sense Bluesky?

        • completely makes sense:) yes, after slogging through any difficult communications there IS the part about coming through the other side and moving forward having said or written what was needed. Oi. Good luck with your transit.

  10. North node at 24 Libra in my 4th house, which Saturn has been retrograding all over since last year too I presume. In this case Saturn has also been squaring my moon, opposing Venus and Chiron. But trining Mars and Asc.

    I”m still a bit fuzzy on the nodes in spite of all the astro research I have done and the various discussions on this blog. I’m going to assume it means I need to brush up / have been brushing up on what it means to be a 4th house Libran.

  11. The 21 degrees of Saturn in Libra is my South Node 2nd house; about to register business after working for some leading designer labels for last decade; challenge is I have a toddler who is adorable & good husband who prefers the focus on bub, and that’s OK except not working last 3 years is a bit surreal…
    This saturn back & forth square over venus in capricorn…OK…just everything happening in babysteps literally. North Node Aries 8th house, Part of Fortune Capricorn. Pluto Uranus Zap right on Saturn in Aries but life seems to be on track? Venus Gemini Retro just over MC….waiting for Jupiter in Gemini to lighten things up for all, lift the general mood.

  12. i’m a virgo sun with venus at 20 degrees libra, and saturn has been trundling all over my venus. long term relationship of two years (okay that’s long for me) ended in feb this year but the rot set in about october last year -that’s when i started to think seriously about leaving.

    leaving was a totally saturn decision to make – our relationship was perfectly healthy and my ex was a perfectly loving, if co-dependent partner. i left because i needed time and space for my work and uni and i knew that my partner would secretly be sabotaging my efforts purely by being passive aggressive about my need to dedicate myself fully to my study. i am studying DV in same sex relationships.

    other aspects of venus – e.g. beauty – i am getting better groomed and presented, actually. i notice that some people start to look a lot better in their late 20s – maybe finally work out what works for them – that is me right now. not to be up myself, but saturn wouldn’t allow me to be up myself. i have started to give a crap about how i look, how i smell, and taking care of myself. now i don’t think it’s vain and indulgent to want to look good, in fact i see it as a major source of self-pride and even energy… to have people find me desirable… and not only because of my looks, but because of my… je ne c’est quoi (spelling?)

    then again, i have also been very un-saturn in finding myself falling madly for someone who is totally unavailable, on so many levels, but then again, i am feeling saturn – saturn’s restrictions, not allowing love to thrive, only allowing me to focus on what i cannot have. it’s also personal hangups too, i realise.

    basically – i am going to be an amazing person after this, but i will also be alone and i have had to sacrifice something deeply important to me just to get something even more important to me. i didn’t know life could be like this and i could be so cold but here i am

    • I think that is saturn – sacrificing something deeply important to you to cultivate something even more deeply important…. i forgot about that, but thank you for reminding me… I think Ive had to do this with relationships also…. and the something deeper is “integrity” rather than the good feeling of resolving, its desperately hard to not want to make everything ok, to stand on your own and be true to yourself… ahhhhh…. its powerful stuff hey! congratulations….

      I think a further saturn lesson would be to learn how to love and hold close and do this at the same time!!!! (and thats a bit like – how the fuck?)….

      Also agree with you re Venus stuff, feeling that also….

      and aside from that, good on you for studying DV in same sex relationships… its serious and just as horrid as DV in not same sex relationships from my experience…

      • i would love to learn that further saturn lesson plutonic gem. it might not be the right time for me right now, but i do plan to be a family person one day. thanks for kind supportive words! and yes… same sex DV is horrible and isn’t taken seriously enough by the powers that be… that’s the bit i’m focusing on for my research.

      • ..”sacrificing something deeply important to you to cultivate something even more deeply important” – this is brilliant. Thanks PGem, you’ve just helped me understand someone else’s Saturn-moon transit xx

    • Yeah I get that too – sacrificing something important for something even more deeply important. That’s beautifully out plutonic gem.
      I just can’t quite reach the deeper meaning yet, I can feel it & just have to trust that I will reach it in good time :-)

  13. Libra MC 28.

    I could really do with some support on this one.

    October, I dropped out of my studies. I was in the exact course I have been working to get towards for 7 years. SEVEN years. My teenage dreams of finishing school and getting into this course were a long journey – dropping out of and returning to school THREE times.
    A few weeks before end of year exams (October), I had decided this was no longer what I wanted to do. That the advertising industry was evil, and I didn’t want to be a part of the problem. I did want to be a manipulator of the masses (Scorpio in 10th House Pluto), up until then. Now I look back and can’t believe that’s what I wanted in the first place! A part of me now wants to rise against and fight against the evil of the corporate World; I feel they rob the people of their health and happiness just for money. The pharmaceutical industry – what a joke. Fluoride in our most popular toothpastes and even our water. I have a friend that drinks Coca-Cola as if it’s water. It’s an evil world.
    Now I want to make some kind of change. I want to educate people, spread the truth, help people be their healthiest and their happiest. Although that seems impossible, little me vs them. Plus it’s probably too late. Besides, that isn’t even a career.
    So for the past 10 months, I have been completely confused by what my career should be. I have a short attention span, so I couldn’t just study anything, I have to be truly passionate about it (Mars in Aries, 3rd House). I’ve always wanted to have a career that affects people on a large scale, but now I just don’t know what. In this time I’ve also met my soulmate. Maybe my destiny is just to be a good mother, doing the best I can with educating my children, giving them homegrown organic foods, giving them my all (Cancer Sun, 5th House). But that just doesn’t feel big enough. Especially because my partner only wants 2 children.


    On another note, this time has made me stop wearing makeup daily, and wearing comfortable clothing as opposed to my old made up self.

    • oh no, sounds like saturn is hitting your sense of professional identity hard.

      but it sounds like you have gained a huge amount of personal authenticity, which will be more important when you finally figure out what the material manifestation of this vision is going to be.

      and actually, activism can be a career – there are organisations that do health promotion, you can work in public health, you can be a freelance writer and get published in the burgeoning sustainable living publishing market (seriously there are so many publications out there around this topic – check out a newsagent which has a large magazine collection).

      go to and you can see a bunch of jobs that are in this type of industry – none of them may suit where you are at now, but you might see something that inspires and sparks your interest in a future career.

      lots of love and light in your direction.

      • Thank you virgoaquaetc for the website. I have been looking around and the idea of being a foster parent really sparked something within me. I’m definitely not at a place in my life where I can do this at the moment, but maybe in the future. I would find this extremely rewarding, and I know that would be making a difference.

        • oh yes, we need more foster carers with lots of love to give, when you’re ready i’m sure you will do an amazing job.

    • You know that’s a shame in one sense because the advertising industry is SO far behind the Real Times it’s not even funny. I would feel less annoyed at ads that showed ‘normal’ Australians who consume, interact and do daily activities as something outside this narrow vision that all Australians are a monocultural people.

      Of course, it’s a bit much to take that on singlehandedly but i think it would be excellent to have more and more aware people infiltrate this industry and become successful at what they do.

      Mars in Aries??? 3rd House? When you work it out, lady, you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. Godspeed!

      • It’s frustrating because I still have a passion for the advertising industry – for what reason I’m not sure.

        But I just feel it’s not what Saturn wants for me. Well atleast He told me now as opposed to when I would’ve finished my studies.

        • everything will be ok jessica, especially now that youve woken up…. keep opening your heart and you will find the right work for you, sometimes it dosnt matter what you do but how you do it!

      • oh tell me about it! I’ve been working in the ad industry my whole life and it’s a fuqing dinosaur!! I gave up full time work 4 years ago and went freelance. Would you believe, in the corporate guidelines of a certain energy company they specified we were not allowed to use lifestyle shots of people of a certain ethnicity? Fuqing disgusting and bloody racist! There was also a car client who asked for a male team to work on the account… because of course girls don’t know anything about cars! :roll:

        One of my fave tv series is Mad Men. It’s genius but every time I watch it I can’t help but think nothing much has changed. And the show is set in the late 50’s!!

        • So true re Mad Men, it’s more relevant as a comment on our world today made freely as it is dressed in 50’s clothing than as a true comment on the mores of that time, IMO.

          My parents watch it and say, “no one looked that good! No one would have dared say that!”, lol.

        • Would you believe I’ve done lots in the ad industry too – but in front of the camera. Oddly, I haven’t been able to score a gig for the last 12 months and despite the lame excuses I’m getting from my agent, I’m betting it’s to do with the fact I’ve hit 37, I’m female and my “colouring” isn’t “in” at the moment. I’ve worked pretty consistently for 12 years and now… tumble weeds across the wilderness. My agent actually had the gall to say I should die my hair, cut it and maybe get some filler in my cheeks. Fuq that. What’s so scary/ ugly/ offensive about reality???? Aren’t we advertising products to “real” ppl?? And I’m not a friggin’ hideous ghoul, but from the drop-off in work, you’d think I was! Ugh!! *mutter mutter, arsewipe industry, grumble grumble*

          • 😯 Omg! Don’t do fillers! especially not during a Venus retro!!

            “tumble weeds across the wilderness”…
            yep… you’ve hit the nail on the head there!

          • That was me, Equilibrium Girl. I came up as anonymous.

            Hell, definitely no fillers – esp during Venus retro. Ugh. But for that to be a suggestion. How misogynistic is this planet getting – as in, it’s become so normal for women to pump shit in their body like it’s no big deal? Scary :O

    • Hey Jessica i think Mars in Aries in 3rd house means you put on that make-up and get yourself out into media land to spruik the truth. I just saw this trailer on Apple TV and i think everyone should see it as it’s totally now – fascinating – Zap Zone. Short version: The very companies whose products contribute to disease are making a fortune out of pretending to be “looking for a cure.” but this is not some low budget anarchist rant, it’s brilliantly well researched albeit radical. Pls watch and share

      • In that same vein can I recommend a book called ‘Good Health in the 21st Century’ by Dr Carole Hungerford. It’s a dense read but well worth it, about mass food production, big companies, money, ethics and disease.

    • You know, I believe that deep down, real truth-spreading is just the new + enlightened form of marketing. We’ve used all our best psychological strategies on turning people into consumers, “evil” ends if you will – why not turn them towards persuading people towards their most beautiful and powerful selves?

      Social change doesn’t always have to be conventional. I also struggle with how disjointed traditional ideas of “career” seem to be from how I (and many people I know / have talked to) actually want to change the world. But the opportunities are everywhere, just not in the usual categories. There’s a lot of beautiful work happening on the Internet right now that’s damn good proof of that, from Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Nonconformity movement to this very blog. But if Saturn’s taught me anything it’s to be more trusting that the right ones will find me. And in the meantime, to take care of / believe in myself as much as possible. Not that the latter lesson was all that warm and fuzzy, it being Saturn, but still.

      Don’t despair + best of luck. <3

  14. aha!!! I have uranus at 19 degrees libra…. does that count??? maybe Im already too saturnised to join… but will be having saturn on my ascendant in OCtober or at seven degrees of scorpio whenever that wil be …..

    Saturn influences seem to constantly have a part in my life now… and I can’t imagine not considering saturn needs… but really the fun for me right now is something different… maybe its the growth that comes out of all that saturn time… ( a bit like prison really)… my time feels very high neptune and jupiter right now… but it is probably the structure of saturn that has given me the place to play like this… tis lovely….

    I will abide by my dear friend the leo astrologers words of wisdom – Do what saturn wants you to do, and everything will be ok! Which basically means do the right thing! stop being an alcoholic, liar, cheater, faker, bad friend lover sister, daugther etc…. duty and responsibility call…. there is freedom in discipline… like nike says you just gotta do it! really its to the earth and all other beings, its pretty damn cool when you think about it!

    • I love: there is freedom in discipline….!
      as this not being my native language… i tried to say the same, but I could not reduce it to a claim.

      you got it right here! that is saturn… and i suppose with scorpio rising you are naturally attuned to restrictions and forced change.

      i have a theory: people with strong pluto energy in their charts do saturn very well, because HE hepls to structure the mess. plutonians can hardly be beaten but will always react to energy they can make good use of…

      so – you do not need to be afraid of Saturn transiting your AC… just be aware.

  15. Libra rising 28.27 degrees- The darkness is fading finally my optimism and grace slowly creeping back…Karmic lessons… Adultery and betrayal, with no light, no spin made me feel better, that was a shocker. Oh honey, I could ALWAYS see a bright side. No no, not this time, it’s then that I realized I better just let the darkness come and “feel” it. Best and worst thing I have ever done. Saturn is a hard ass but, I guess I get it now and (gulp) appreciate it? (I can’t believe I just said that). I’ve been through hell, hellish hell. I’ve LEARNED MY LESSONS!! Phew, thank God!!
    Hang in there kids, it’s getting sunnier (inside) and out day after day now!! As a matter of fact, I opened my closet the other day and strangely, these interesting lyrics crossed my lips: ” I guess I got my swagger back” Ha! Really!!! So much love to you Saturn kids… It’s all gonna work out, roll with it, don’t bury it, feel it and go forward….. XO XO

  16. May Aries planets speak as Libra’s friend :)?

    l have natal Venus&Mars in Aries 8th h at 25/26 degrees so l’m going through the Saturn opposition.

    l do have Pluto Libra&NN 2nd house but i’ve been through that in 2011. It went good….what doens’t kill you makes you stronger, this is the feeling l got about that transit!

    l must say that it does make you a serious worker, it makes you serious period! l’m ‘waiting’ for it to pass to know if this was what made feel so strained…etc. But as being a transit it’s the outside influence more l guess and at this moment the outside is not a big help either, l’m trying to stay sane and focused (thanks virgo mars ghm ghm) on my goal!

    This reminds me of peole who don’t turn on the heating much in the winter gives you the power to be able to endure a lot in a way. Mature??? maybe! now l would like to be proelled back to childhood thanks!

    All the action happends in my 2nd and 8th houses, so the issues are money/self value for me, my own and the joint finance although that goes good the 2nd house things are kind of stuck!!

    l guess it teaches me to don’t care so much and to follow my own heart /energy and to do what l love! soudns kindda Aries..l feel enclined to work allone now!!!

    l have a big problem working for clients even though it might pay ..l am really into my own work again and that goes very well, it’s not a big party but it will be one day again, things always change and this Uranus Pluto Sqaure is fun! bring it on!
    Uranus will also oppose natal Libra Pluto at 11degrees and my Libra NN yay! only to move on later to my Venus&Mars.

    We have free will transits or not and the abilitty to make choices
    …my progressed chart is like a battle field :) Libra ASC :) yay!

    • and another thing::: your horoscopes really bring some light in all the darkness…. full of power, positivity and good vibes love it! :)))

  17. Heh heh heh. I have Uranus at 21 degrees Libra natally in my Second House. Its all good :)

    Have started a new business as a Tarot Reader and at the same time saving money/budgeting ferociously. And odd combination of doing what I love without regard to income and fiercely saving every penny. Except for books. Always “Except for books”….

    Oh, and I’ve learnt that when push comes to shove, I’m not as generous as I thought I was.

  18. Me – Sun 25% mercury 19% Libra, Saturn 21% Aries & OH – Saturn 23 %, Neptune 22 % Libra, Sun 26 % & Venus 20% Aries ( and his moons in Gemini fyi).
    So we’re having tough times. Mainly work & financial but people are just letting us down all over the place, big time too – we are burning so many bridges. There are glimmers ( future prospects) & diamonds ( human) – but I have learned so much about the dark side of human nature that my rose tinted glasses now illuminate, magnify & are clearly not pink anymore. I’ve learnt to trust my psychic nature & understand it so much more, I don’t need to refer to anyone else even my OH – I am becoming my own authority. Not quite sure yet what the financial/business side will bring but it’s coming into focus slowly. One problem is dealing with OH Neptune ( no substance involved – well past that :-) ) more the avoidance of issues, excessive day dreaming & the more important health stuff which has been greatly exacerbated by some of the fuqwits. Thank the universal forces for this site & knowledge, I keep bringing him back into focus and we are getting through it :-)
    This woman takes no more merde – and if you knew me even just 15 years ago you wouldn’t recognise me today :-)

  19. Libra 28 on my MC.

    Last year I started stripping. Exotic dancer stripping. I did not want this to affect my public image, I wanted it to stay a secret little job. I did not want to be affiliated with this in any way.

    I told my step-twin sister (long story short – step sisters born in same town, same day, 2hrs apart, met 7 years later) about it and as I was telling her, I kind of had a gut feeling that it wouldn’t end well.

    My first hope was that my other sister (17) and my younger brothers (10, 12) would never find out, as I am the eldest of the tribe, they all look up to me.

    A month ago, my mother told me that she knew, in a big argument that we had, in front of guilty-step-twin sister, and my 12yo brother. Whether she had only just found out and that was the cause of her anger, or not, she said it there right in front of my 12yobrother. It never really crossed my mind that the 10yo brother would find out, I was hoping/thinking the 12yo brother didn’t hear/wouldn’t say anything.

    This event caused me to absolutely GRRR I don’t know if I can say the word hate, but MAN, AM I FURIOUS towards my mother.

    Today, this convo just happened between me and the 10yo brother:

    Me: I miss you boys so much

    Him: i understand
    I dont even care about what you fighted about its just for money ;l
    We all do weird things for money right?

    Me: What’s just for money?

    Him: Strip
    Mum said that you did so i dont care if you did

    I go offline. I bust into tears as I feel my heart break.

    Saturn, you motherfucker. What lesson is there in this? That my sister is not to be trusted? That secrets can’t be kept? Or is this a push to have to be more open about it? NO THANKS.

    • sorry to hear about it anon. you know, i think it’s a horrible experience to be ‘outed’ in that way. this is part of life for people working in the sex industry who often have to lead something of a double life due to the shame and stigma associated with being a stripper or sex worker.

      i find saturn is about consequences, limitations, laws, boundaries, and integrity. that’s why saturn is kind of associated with being an old fuddy-duddy, risk-averse stick-in-the-mud type. it is because saturn teaches you that you must be prepared for consequences – whether or not they are fair (for example, i support people who do sex work as a career and i think the stigma around it is unfair, and it sounds like your mum’s reaction was way unfair). fair or not, the consequences are there.

      i don’t know if this is inappropriate to ask and you can tell me to get lost, but,.. a) how old are you? you seem quite young? and b) do you feel ashamed in any way of being associated with stripping? i only say this because it seems like this situation is a consequence of leading a double life – keeping secrets is one thing, but if you didn’t feel ashamed or like you need to hide what you do for a living, this secret would not have power over you. one consequence of doing something of which we feel ashamed, is that sometimes other people may find out about it, and their view of us may change.

      over time, saturn teaches us to be more consistently true to ourselves, and indeed boring and risk averse, because of the regularity with which saturn smacks us down with the consequences of our actions.

      but i think your brother’s reaction is very sweet. even though you didn’t want him to ever see you in that light, he still loves you and that is more important to him than social judgments about your line of work. amazing.

    • yes, that’s not cool to have someone break a confidence that you shared with them. Sibling or anyone. your mum should also have known better. Regardless of the job, or how you see it, some people are jerks about “that kind of work” [i put in inverted commas because really it is simply a way to make money], so we prefer to pick and choose who we share information with for a reason.

      your little bro’s sound like sweet kids and with wiser heads on their shoulders than many “grown ups”. Perhaps if they learn that even people like their cool older sis can work in the adult industry and still be y’know, normal human beings, they might save themselves from becoming judgemental types themselves later on.

      is it worth / possible to patch things up with your mother? in case there was simply some sort of misunderstanding…

    • Anonymous.. so sorry to hear about this. Your new profession, in my opninon is extremely honorable. I don’t care what anyone says. Since you have the talent and confidence to strip you take that baby and run with it.. as long as it is safe. You will make a lot of money and I honestly feel that your younger siblings will and have respect for you. It’s just my simple opinion but I think you are fine. Let the family be upset and keep walking. Chin up!! :)

      • I agree with your brother. It’s just a job and personally I think it requires a certain set of strengths (and that is not a sexual innuendo, or at least not a purposeful one). I would think a rare few could accomplish what it takes to do this task.

        • I agree. Your little bro is so sweet and honest. Good on you for being able to nail a gig that pays well and the only pre-requisite is being a female with (presumably) an awesome body.

          Sorry if that sounds trite and objectifying… but I guess that’s the point of stripping – fulfilling fantasies, being that sexy, untouchable being… but it’s a job, like acting. Don’t be ashamed. Easy for me to type, but really, don’t be ashamed of a job. It’s not you. It’s a role you’re playing, a performance.

          Quit if it’s too hard but I say “own it.” What a crazy life experience and in an industry where you can learn so much about human nature and desire and performance. I just think you can look back on this and feel more powerful for having done it.

          But you need to confront your step-twin. If she ratted on you, that’s just fuqed. And your mother is a bitch for reacting like that. What’s it to her? It’s something my parents would do.

          I was a pro cheerleader for numerous sports/ TV shows and that apparently was unacceptable because they thought it made me a slut. Yeah, ignore the talent required, just go with the stereotype (I never even slept with a sportsperson!!!) My parents had that little faith in my decision making ability. Then I did a national bra campaign and my father actually said “good luck trying to get any decent kind of job after this.” He was disgusted. Um, this was a bra campaign. Every woman wears bras. I wasn’t fucking the president. But their own body insecurities or fear of what the neighbours might think, etc, made them completely side against me, their only daughter. Fuq that shit. I had fun and I LOVED my experiences.

          And with my body dysmorphic disorder, getting out there did so much good for my self-esteem.

          Ppl will always have issues. Even if you became a top surgeon or brilliant school teacher, they’d critcise something. Don’t take their shit on-board and don’t let their voices become your inner critic. Make choices that work for you because you are the one living your life. I say keep on stripping for as long as you like and earn that cash!!

          • Hot damn I love this post!!! Saturn warriors don’t you apologize for a thing.. Tears, anger, confusion, delusion.. It’s all brought you to right now and right now is right on time :) no fear, embrace it cause you have all earned it..although I’m so, gun shy and über self preservation right now, baby I know it’s gonna be all right!!! Much love… XO

  20. Miscalculated using memory again: perhaps i’m not supposed to be here because my natal Uranus is 12d Libra. Now i just have fixed star Spica 23d and asteroid Pandora 28d Libra.

    But if i can share that i have just come through this: the work crud, group bullying, the crying, the up and down of ego, the braces, the suffering the instant i drop into an old bad habit, the intolerance of liquor, the loneliness and the need to be alone, desperate need for sleep and jawclenched insomnia, weight loss like you wouldn’t believe.

    For the first time in my life i turned to AquaMa for support and comfort: yes, laugh astrofiends, she has Sun and Moon Aqua, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aries and Uranus in Cancer. Not your usual comforting maternal type but she’s all i’ve got. She’s got two Grand Crosses and a few Neptune Merc Chiron and Saturn squares natally. It’s been grinding for her i can tell but she’s come up with compliments for the first time ever, and is always there when i telephone her. She even flew me home. I can’t thank her enough (mostly cos she doesn’t like it).

    Next to her the Aries counsellor is a soft sweetie pie who is really gentle.

    Big love to you all, fellow Saturn warriors.

    • Your ma sounds like she has the chart of someone who would skillfully run an IT dept or a laboratory!! 😉 But how cool is it she is so there for you & supportive during this time? How do you look for mothers in transits? The Moon moves fast so must be 4th house issues, what is doing there for you atm?

      • IC 22d Aqua.

        Venus 17d Aqua, True Node 23d – both opposing MC, of course – squared by Saturn.

        Pa’s been amazing too but he always has been beautiful. Mothering has been er well erratic. Past history of neglect. But never mind; times were tough for all. Left my father, nearly left mother many years later which meant leaving everyone. So yes it is indeed absolutely gorgeous that i have actually asked for her help and she has been so truly there for me. She’s been hammered by mothering needs from all of us in recent years, some very serious issues. She has absolutely flourished, though it’s not always an easy road for her. And not all my siblings forgive her. She doesn’t run a department she is entirely in charge! Her laboratory is probably the family 😉 And the home has been photographed for mags. It’s amazing, i’ve been spoilt. (Neglected, and spoilt :) )

  21. Actually Im having a period of inspiration explosion, Ive never found this to be a saturn thing…. this must be jupiter… the explosion bit anyway… I just cant keep up with all my ideas and things that inspire me, its like drowning in bliss!!!

  22. My MC is 26 Libra. I have been trying to finish a novel in order to have a bit of a career change and every time I’ve shown it to someone this year I’ve been told that it’s good but I need to do more work more work more work. That’s Saturn, god love ‘im.

  23. Saturn is conjunct my moon, mercury, jupiter, saturn, pluto, and AC.

    Pluto is square my mercury and saturn, and opposite my MC.

    So, you know, good times.

  24. (Please disregard my 1st attempt)

    Jupiter in Aries @ 29deg and No Node in Aquar at 28deg

  25. Saturn on my Sun, Venus and North Node…

    work, awesome
    knee hurts
    teeth need work again some molar thing
    skin looks amazing
    mom and dad, in my life

    I feel particularly compassionate towards my children. they think I am a control freak.
    No smoking anywhere near my property..
    It has to be that way.

    I think Saturn in my tenth has made me more in control, more organized and sometimes a little bit fearful about survival..
    I have always survived yet little inklings of worry try to creep in!
    Then I’ll take a deep breath and allow myself to see that everything is fine! Better than fine…

    I love this post Mystic!

    • The universe provides. be careful of who you chose for your dentist. i could write a book! p.s. just spent almost $20Gs on teeth for perm bridges- they’re big and illfitting.
      Dentist is a Gemini so he & his girls bullshit me everytime i go there. This fuckin pisses me off. I wanted to tlel the girl to shut the fuck up last time. I’m mad at myslef for chosing him. But the last guy forgot my back tooth and it rotted away….Never ending battle.

  26. Vesta (she’s a planet now!) at 20, plus Uranus, 4th house. Well I renovated a little bungalow in my backyard. Cream trim with a fawn ext. – it is a spot of warmth in wet, dark green garden surrounded by pinkish camelia bushes, laurel and white lilies. The interior is lilac and the ceiling and wooden floors are painted white. It is spare and bright and the colours shift from pinkish purples to blue indigo with the light. It faces the 4 directions & I buried rose quartz under the front door step and opposing corners. The energy of the place several months after using it for spirit journeys and healing is truly divine. Every pauses and simply breathes when they walk in and see the crystals laid out in the mandala. Love it!

    Oh plus Isis 29 deg Libra in the 5th – my favourite place in my chart. 😉

  27. Saturn on my libra ascendant. i drink a tenth of the amount of alcohol i used to and i would rather stay home and hang with my children, count my money (and debt lol) or sleep/clean/meditate then date and party. W.T.F? All my previous “friends” think i am boring but once you stop struggling, there is a peace. My latest “designer” purchase? A fancy toothbrush.

  28. My moon is Libra in the fifth, too. The past few months have taken me a long way, and I think I can see my destination. Almost.

  29. When Saturn conjuncted my Pluto at 22 Libra in October of last year, Pluto was also conjunct my AS, while squaring my natal Saturn. I was butchered during a surgery, lost an ovary due to their mistakes, and was left with a 6″ disfiguring scar on my stomach. I was in and out of the hospital for 2 months before the surgery even took place. None of my so-called “best friends” would make time to come and see me over that entire period. Even my sister didn’t come. The guy I was seeing never came, either. Twice, he told me he was sending flowers. For days, each time, I waited for them to arrive. …nothing ever came. Two days after my surgery… I got dumped… by email.

    …and now, once more I have Pluto retrograding back over my AC, while squaring my natal Saturn, with transiting Saturn stations direct on my natal Pluto, while transiting Uranus opposes my natal Saturn and Jupiter, and exactly squares my AC/DC axis. ….should be a fine time this month, no?

    • ….and, of course, the Zap Zone takes place EXACTLY on my AC/DC, with Pluto mere minutes past an exact conjunction to my AC, and Uranus square the AC/DC axis…both of which, as I mentioned, opposing my natal Saturn and Jupiter.


    • Oh, Star! How cruel and thoughtless people can be. Still, in terms of events, they have happened, they are done, and you have seen the shadow side of people with utmost clarity.

      You probably fear more events, but it may be that slow trickling down and settling in of the aftermath that you have to do now, deep inner stuff, who you are and how you change or consolidate yourself.

      One thing i hadn’t done since i had a very different home was to buy flowers for the house. It was very difficult strangely enough. Waste of money, don’t feel floral, better things to look at/do etc… but i did it and it worked its magic. Also turned back to things that some call pampering but are necesssities: facials, massages, baths in carefully chosen essential oils from an array. Started painting toenails, sometimes fingernails, again – tiny thing but it had been so long since i honoured the feminine, the body, the flesh vehicle we travel in and are. You need to do that for yourself, and you need to find healing hands to assist. Look around carefully for someone, until you hear the signal that they’re right, because you want to be very gentle and careful with that body of yours at the moment.

  30. Black Moon Lilith, the Cusp of my 8th House, and, drum-roll please … Part of Fortune. 8th House issues dogging me bit time and daily. My first love strangely on my mind more than I am comfortable with.

  31. so, i’m a sun conjunct pluto and lilith (21 – 23 degrees) libra and i guess the biggest lesson of this saturn transit was self-confidence, optimism and acceptance of rules and better skills to impose those rules especially in relationships. not to mention that i have the feeling that my bitch-goddess parts are significantly enhanced.. squee!!

  32. I have a chart full of libra, but right now : moon at 29 (and pluto at 23). Saturn has been insanely great for me, but i agree that , you know, it was fun but the trip could end now..! Its like it just keeps poking me around : did you get it ? did you get it ? did you get it ? talk about humility and being a lonesome cowboy. I’ve never put freedom – and an intense ego need for space* including with kids(!) as i read in one of the comment here* -that much on the top of my list, but i have to deal with the inherent solitude of the saturnesque era right now. Everytime i breeeaathe bam! here’s the poking on :how am i the one and only captain of my boat. This major lesson is a blessing i must say, but vivement october!!!! I’m a full libra! i NEED partnerships he he..

  33. Pluto and Libra at 24 degrees in my 4th house– I’ve moved to another country for a handsome stranger I met two years ago, am having our first baby AND going through my saturn return (born ’82). We’re both Kataka, he’s got Libra at 21 degrees in his 5th house– the house associated with the father. Wahoooo it’s been a wild ride and everything has changed, but I’m ready to start coasting

  34. Saturn… Well, where to begin?

    I have my MC, Pluto, Uranus, Sun & Mercury all in Libra, & at this point, having transited over everything else, Saturn is now conjunct my Sun & Mercury.

    First of all, as someone with Uranus conjunct Sun & Merc natally, if there is one planet/energy that i have had very little appreciation & tolerance for, its Saturn.
    That is, until now.

    Since Saturn has been plodding & ploughing through my 10th House, I have slowly and painstakingly (like pulling teeth), come to understand how Saturn functions & the Miracles that Saturn makes Manifest (tortuously slowly, but miracles manifested none the less).
    This i had not understood until now…

    It was like an epiphany, but without any of the excitement & in tediously slow motion.

    Just between you and me…. “I DID have sexual relations with that man” (He was the Husband of a past work colleague).
    It was an AWESOME catalyst for the commencement of a ‘Saturn-style Solitary Confinement’ & an unexpected yet logical place from which to implement all other Saturn disciplinary actions/structures/corrections that followed:

    ~ Time out from all social interaction & culling of Qi Vampires (yes, everyone!)
    ~ Realistic assessment & management of resources:
    Self Worth, Time, Money, Energy, Focus, Intentions, etc.
    (Reading ‘Think & Grow Rich’ helped. Dry but effective)
    ~ Debt eradication (credit cards paid off)
    ~ Money saved for new car & relocation.
    ~ Step by step action plan for relocation of Self, Home & Work, interstate.
    ~ Detailed Career/Life Plan, including contingencies for all possible eventualities & space for all creative inspirations/aspirations.
    ~ Commitment to study & a new philanthropy-based business (Thanks also to Mars in Virgo transiting my 9th H).

    So yes, i inappropriately indulged in an inappropriate dalliance with someone who was completely inappropriate & ‘technically unavailable/partnered’, whilst i was a tad tipsy, on my way home from a party, while his partner was on a work trip interstate, after I had been mercilessly & repeatedly propositioned by him on an ongoing basis for months. (Please excuse appalling sentence construction and grammar).

    I know, i know, it all sounds lame & avoidable. To clarify ‘He’ is a free thinking Sagittarian Artist with Mars conjunct Aries Asc, who oozes charisma, sex appeal, charm etc & is fueled by rejection and the thrill of the chase…

    Said incident’ occurred in February & was tres’ out of character for me (I’m guessing possibly not so much for him, in retrospect).
    As he & i were from the same core network of friends, I distanced myself completely from EVERYONE & spent the last 4 months making like a Hermit. I literally evaded everyone, having dodged phone calls, texts, emails & all social media with the stealth of a ninja.

    Since that time, under the direction/stewardship of Saturn, I have become virtually ‘Nun-like’ in all possible senses & have achieved more than i ever thought humanly possible.

    Its true, in some ways i’ve become like one of those crazy solitary ‘cat-ladies’ but without the cats (I’m allergic).
    For those with everything in the 12th house natally, this is possibly nothing out of the ordinary, but for me with a stellium in Libra in the 10th H, a Leo Moon etc, who is ALWAYS available to relate, support, empathize, socialize, console and respond… Its a new paradigm to say the least.

    Whist transiting Saturn has had its challenges, it has allowed me to practice exercising my boundaries & dodge a ‘Venus Retro’ bullet or two from various ‘Ex’s’ (& others) who had their sights set on ‘utilizing’ me for their own self-serving ends.

    Thus to my surprise, in summary, Saturn has in fact been like a HUGE ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ & paradoxically I’ve never felt more Liberated than i do now in my new self inflicted confinement.

    Saturn how do i love thee?… Let me count the ways.

  35. Venus at 24 Libra (opposing 24 Aries moon), Mercury at 29 Libra.

    It’s lonely being the only mature kid on the block.

  36. Alright! I’ve always been anti-club myself, exclusivity can fuq off! But since I’m actually included this time I kind of feel special.
    My MC is at 21*33′ Libra, with Saturn at 17*50′ Lib, and Pluto at 24*32′ Lib. I’ve been living in a haze of sweatpants and smeared mascara for the last 6 months or so, since I completed my two year degree at a teensy weensy local community college (I mean teensy, like this building has 3 classrooms!). I’ve always been hard on myself, but lately the barrage of self-inflicted insults has been particularly damaging. It’s been like I’m beating others to the punch, berating myself in preparation for when others are inevitably going to. And Saturn on Pluto has definitely been fulfilled for me. No dough Joe.
    Then I finally got a job offer from a local place where they count and record data on salmon as they come from a local dam. I was thrilled because I was having this fantasy that this certain other person that frequents the joint just may confide his undying love for me and we would be married and all my troubles would end Hallelujah blah blah. The position only lasted 2 months though, so I had a very short window of time to “make” that happen.
    Then, a friend from school urged me to apply for an opening with the company he worked for doing stuff that actually related to my education. I sent the resume, but wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it. I worked for two days at the fish place, Prince Charming never arrived. I realized that that place only made me feel more pathetic to be there. Besides, this person in question I do believe is a Cap with Merc and Venus also in Cap, so I really doubt there are going to be any abrupt declarations from his end. I would probably just make a giant idiot out of myself, which actually I’m still contemplating.
    I was convinced that I wasn’t qualified for this other job, that I was going to show up and be laughed out the door. I got an interview, and the guy was totally sleep-deprived and spaced out. He asked a few questions, told me a little about the job, and basically said “you’re hired, I’ll get the paper work.” Uuuugggghhhh, what a relief. And, there’s a dental plan! YAY!
    I start Monday, and basically I’ll just be hiking through the woods taking down measurements of trees in various spots. I like the hiking through the woods part! There’ll be some travelling and some expense account stuff, the pay is decent. Now I just need to figure out my warped relationship brains. I still want to call this other guy up and tell him what an impression he left on me, love to get to know you, bear your children, watch you sleep, EAT YOUR SOUL!!!! JK, but I am self-conscious about what a creeper I’m becoming about the whole thing. If someone called me saying that stuff though, my Leo would be all over that shit!! TELL ME MORE MORE MORE!
    I’m rambling.
    Saturn’s been alright this go-round. But it still isn’t over, because I have a Mars Jupiter conjunction in early Scorp coming up, and then opposite my Moon in Toro a lil later. Le sigh.
    I’m trying to embrace self-control, trying to turn it into a fun game. trying.

    • Oh, don’t feel too bad about wanting to call that guy up and telling him “love to get to know you, bear your children, watch you sleep, EAT YOUR SOUL!!!!”

      I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. This exact kind of thing happened to me when Saturn was opposing my Venus back in mid to late 2010…and Pluto was simultaneously creeping up like the true little stealth bomber it is to square my Venus. And, it’s currently a direct square, which is of course still leaving me going “Huh? Where did this come from? Where did YOU come from?” –only just much more strongly and intensely than before. The combination of Saturn and Pluto (which square each other in my own chart) had/has given me the feeling that suddenly I’m a magnet for strange, weird, nail biting, hair pulling, “s***! I should totally get my teeth checked out.” inducing situations with strange, weird people. There were/are times where I have felt/feel like “I’m in control, I’ve got my merde together/I’m unstoppable”….only to have someone or something come along and crush me, leaving me feeling like:”Oh…….s***. What the hell was that? Did not see that coming. Let’s put this on the shiny new calendar you just bought (never owned one before) and use it for future references.”

      I met someone very briefly who had this very strange and baffling effect on me. The kind of feeling where you suddenly “recognize” someone whom you’ve never actually met….not in this lifetime anyways…and you also get the sense that they’ve “recognized” you too. (Though, I did consider the possibility that it was all imagined…which seems much more likely.) What was frustrating for me was the fact that I don’t *actually* think for a second I did anything for him. There’s no way in hell that he got the same strange and baffling effect from me, that I got from him. Which….just made me feel like some kind of creepy nut-so. If I’m creeping myself out, I’m pretty sure I’d creep him out too with my insistent declarations of “WE ARE SOULMATES!”–which I’ve replayed over and over again in my head as if it’s the new soundtrack to my life

      Luckily, I’m still too reserved—well, more like too daydream-y and lethargic to even dare to think about actually think about trying to push myself onto this person.

      Damn, I just wish you could list the planets as job references.

      *cue interviewer*

      “So, I see you’ve had the pleasure of working with Saturn….Oh, and Pluto? Wow, that must’ve been some kind of work experience. Could you elaborate on that?”

      Me: “Yes, let’s just say I’ve been to HELL and back…..”

  37. Saturn Return to the degree at the moment…
    plus birth chart data: Mercury/Ac/Saturn/Pluto Libra Stellium in the 7th

    so saturn …

    it transited leo moon, venus & sun in virgo…before
    early libra is my vertex… conjunct psyche 😉

    so i had a lot of saturn.

    and by now, after approx 6 years since it visited my moon, i have gained so much. it is exhausting. but its worth it. in any way.

    it was not easy, i was a mess. by now i somehow am a human being.

    it taught me tranquility and patience. and to believe in your goals. but you have to have goals… decent and clear goals.
    i guess

    • oh and yeaj i do enjoy the zap zone!
      pluto is transiting my natal Capricorn Lilith/MC/S Node conjunction (5-9 degrees)…

      there will be rewards.

      i am sure.

      because we earned them.

  38. Moon (6d) conjuct Pluto (8d) in Libra/7th house; Uranus conjunct Mercury exact (29d) in Libra/8th house.

    Saturn inspired me to gut my 7th house. Thank goddess! Those relationships had run their course. Cue remodeling/redecorating/reboot/refresh.

    Saturn’s now making its way into my 8th house. I’m genuinely excited! Let’s get this show on the road.

  39. I want to change the scenery. I want to set the record straight with my bosses, who have forgotten what it means to lead. I want to do my bit for the new world order – but my car just broke down, costing seriously money to repair, my boss gives me the typical management-rethoric – he’s not listening and they are talking about downsizing the company…

    I have 8th house Uranus at 24 degrees Libra.

  40. I work and work because it is the ONLY thing that IS working at the mo.

    My natal Saturn Rx is in Aries 3rd which makes communications (and men) a bit tricky / difficult at the best of times. Seriously have come so far over the past 10 years it astounds me. Saturn does get better, it just delivers the lessons like a hammer, relentless until they are part and parcel of the new streamlined system.

    Saturns bitch, well yeah. Tr. Saturn Rx has passed MC, applying to 20 degree Merc in Libra. Uranus nearly conjunct natal Saturn Rx (chart ruler), so def. feeling the square of the zap zone. Venus is squeezed between Uranus Pluto and opposite Saturn in Progs. I agree with Anon above – if I make it through this, I’ll be bullet-proof ! I am getting 2nd job all together, slogging every waking minute, friends go festy and I stay home. I have no choice. …for now…

    Mars nearly on Virgo Pluto Ura Sun stellium and I experienced a SHUT DOWN. Took 2 evenings for movie night. Oddly enough, I apologized for my absence, checked, then realized I have shown up every day for a coon’s age, sometimes more than twice after carrying my full time day job. Mars in Virgo guilt much ? geez. So early up and back at it this am.
    No whiners allowed in Saturn bootcamp ! Dear Lord and it is not even in my 10th yet. ….deep breaths….

  41. loads of libran /saturn hot points, moon 22 libra,merc at 29 nept 29 all in 11th & 12th..gotta tell you i have awakened to the singular mind set, started school full time again in october after being replaced at work (after 12 years jupiter cycle),am loving it all and feel blessed by saturn big spot light..time to be for real, much less social, much less romantically inclined, but satisfied and workin it!

  42. SUn Libra 29 degrees 12th house
    (but conjunct pluto and merc all in scorp)

    and yes i’m one of the 1984 babies with saturn in scorp… i also have a scorpio AC….fun times have just begun. did i mention this is all in the 12th house? guess what…i don’t mind saturn OR the 12th. Strange.

    so while i’m not REALLy looking forward to saturn running over pluto/merc/saturn/AC scorp, check out these perks:

    as saturn dipped in and out of my 11th, i have shaved off the vampire people in my life, period. random stupid acquaintances who see me as a last resort when they don’t want to be alone but won’t call me back if they have someone “cooler” to hang out with : GET RID OF THEM, holy crap it felt good

    Saturn into the 12th and on my sun and pluto: lost a TON of weight after a lifetime struggle that was mostly in my head.

    started honing in on my studies of psychology, occult, mysticism, therapy, spirituality.

    met my honey after dealing with some HARSH lessons

    (me: saturn sextile mars, him: saturn trine venus) that’s right. saturn CAN be a love planet, if you are a “serious” type.

    i’m a neptunian and some say the “cure” for neptunian delusions is a dose of saturn. i could use it!!

  43. When Saturn squared my moon a while back (I didn’t realise it at the time, was not astro-savvy and was, ah, kinda busy) it taught me a whole lot. I remember that Mystic says Saturn is about the end of tolerations and what I was tolerating was in fact a lack, not an excess, so my Saturn-square-moon thing was about accepting and acknowledging my need for more, not less. It was the ‘lack’ that was fuqing with me, not the excess, and Saturn lit that up for me.

    Oh, lightbulb just went on! What PGem said earlier about ‘giving up something deeply important for something more deeply important’ so totally applies to that transit of mine as well. Just got it this very nanosecond, months after the transit *Bashes head with nearest blunt instrument* :)

  44. Well that fuqing explains why just when you think you are emerging form the depths of saturn-sludgery, you get hit with a week to out-do all the crap you think could never be outdone. What, is it somekind of challenge? That was a week that tipped every up and shook the ground. Nothing left here but deep breathing, grey hair and the rediculous postive force inside me that keeps telling me that the prize will be a beauty and to just keep getting the fuq up because the stillness and silence is even worse.
    Sun Libra 25
    Didn’t even notice that Saturn was pausing to slam once again head on into my SUN. But watch out buddy I am ready for you :) essential oiled up and feet digging in, You have taken everything you can now its just you and me!
    I thought the peak sh$tfest may have been initiated from the Venus transit as my Venus score is 61 that and the eclipse neptune retro …..
    Am keen to read all these when I get a breather, always helps to know there are kinred out there

  45. Moon in libra and saturn right on my natal pluto. Sigh.
    Luckily Ive already had my saturn return a couple of years ago, or I’d be completely nuts.

    • yep, same planet/positions as I … it’s been intense but hasn’t sunk me like saturn return … x

  46. Hahaha why yes Mystic I DO have Part of Fortune, 21 degrees Libra! It’s right next to my Libran Moon. Every time I read “last Oct” in one of your posts I get a little shiver, because it’s almost uncanny how timed that was to the fizzing out of my gangbuster year of solo travel / biz / general megaworkaholic-ism. Returned home, crashed hard, and basically had to redo my entire schema of health / self care. Cue several months of same couple of teeth-grinding lessons over and over again, to take care of myself, to not base identity on accomplishments, to surrender and trust rather than force things, etc. Had a short whirlwind relationship which ended up as those same lessons wrapped in breakup paper. Self-realizations trickling in but like little hammers. I could go on with the metaphors but really, point is, I am really fuqing glad it’s lightening up soon. Also, your recent astro query on my transits made me feel a million times better, too. <3

  47. Jupiter 26 Libra 11th, Sun/Merc 25 Aries

    I am not going to work, I don’t need to work, screw work Mars in Virgo 10th, I am going to take the blessing of the position I am in and have far more impact working in an un paid capacity. That is what Saturn taught me.

  48. Loving this post Mystic.
    Dug out an old book that I bought a few years before my Saturn return and found this quote quaint – but I love it:
    ‘Remember, Saturn loves to take out the trash. How much trash have we allowed to pile up lately?’

  49. I don’t remember what Saturn has attacked (accidentally deleted my chart), but whatever it is, it’s been thorough about it.

    Started a corporate-type commission-only job that WILL pay a lot of money, and have been waiting almost a year for that to happen. Problems with banks, problems with beaureaucrats… AUGGGHHHH! SATURN, KISS MY ASS!!!

  50. I have Uranus @ 20 Libra, and my ASC is 21 Gemini, and Saturn has been transiting my 5th house Libra stellium since 2009. Saturn has had a tempering influence on my career and relationships. I’ve focused the limits of my creativity into administrative tasks and have been amazingly effective with it. Although I feel like life’s been a lot less fun these past 2 years or so, it’s been amazingly productive.

    In the romance department, I’ve endured relationships that took A.LOT. out of me. Examples: the partner had high demands, I had to strictly enforce emotional/physical boundaries, and then finally getting the nerve to speak up when something was bothering me.

    I’ve also had a mega-karmic relationship with three breakups and reunites (like the retrograde cycle????), but each time the relationship did get better in major ways and we did leave better people (each time) despite the massive mental/emotional turmoil we put each other through.

    On a nice note, when Saturn entered my 5th, I adopted the world’s best puppy!! She is now 3 and she is my ever-loyal and steadfast little buddy!! Oh, yeah… and thanks to my healthy, moderate diet and exercise that started with this transit, everyone wants to know how I manage to look younger than my age (well, I did get a little work done, but the lifestyle changes helped too)!

  51. I couldn’t give a flying fuk about Saturn and his growth factor anymore. I’m done as far as he’s concerned.

    I’m early Libra Sun cnj Pluto with Uranus at 22 Libra and have a natal Pluto Saturn square – Saturn in Cancer. It’s not over for me yet either b/c natal Merc is at 0 Scorpio so that’s next. Sarurn has been messing with my life for so long now & I just don’t have the strength to give a damn anymore.

    I’ve lost 2 of my furry kids that have been with me longer than I’ve had my child, I’m down to the last one now and I know she’s not going to be with me in 2013. That’s about all I’m going to mention on here because everything else is too personal. I’m just over it : (

    • exactly, I’m forgetting how to have fun and be carefree.

      i’m sorry to hear about your losses :(

  52. saturn at 22 degrees
    pluto at 26 degrees
    (mars at 18)

    and its part of a tsquare with venus/DC and Ascendant/NN


  53. mystic, my dear goddess, you ARE the queen of image editing!!


    saturn girl above says it all!!

    xox 😉 xox

  54. natal Pluto conjunct saturn. But it’s hard to know if its this or my MC aries square transit pluto that is winning. It’s been “great” for several things though.

    -People who claim to be family and my actual relationship to them. I left my country of origin to make a (new?) life for myself on the first conjunction some months ago

    -Health and how I deal with this (massive ongoing process) digestion allergy and skin allergies have flipped coupled with immune fail twice once ending me in A&E. I seem to be ok now but I think I can kiss a career goodbye that relies on me to be physical. I have lost a lot from being sick constantly so I have to factor this into the work I choose so every time I am ill I am not unable to eat or just make rent if at all. This whole process has sent me broke and grounded but what can you do but keep going and deal with it a day/week at a time. I need a shaman who is game to have a crack at my solar plexus.

  55. I’ve got Pluto in those degrees (plus Saturn AND Jupiter… on the same house – 11 – seriously… why?). These last 2 years.. yeah, personal growth, lessons to be learned, blabla… I’m so fed up with this Saturn busllshit! I’m Scorpio rising and Gemini sun… I wonder if more astro-savvy ppl can give some insight in how it might affect having Saturn on your rising but the fab Jupiter on your sun sing.

  56. well yeh… moon 22 deg libra, 6th house. Having spent the majority of my 40 odd years gaily tripping around the planet super sag style, performing, travelling, being completely hyper-active and addicted adrenalin, the arrival of saturn on my moon coincided with glandular fever and post viral fatigue. Result? confined to bed, literally unable to move for months!! I have also discovered spread sheeting, budgeting and now read management manuals for light entertainment (??????wtf??) The really odd bit is that Im actually enjoying this and feel like i was getting bored with the old version of me. Bizzare!!