Lady, You Don’t Need Astrology

woman in red beside high voltage power plantAbout three times a week I get more or less the same email only from a different woman. Yes, always female. My response is always that they don’t need astrology, that they need a shrink. Or to get a grip.  Or anything other than the weird warp they are apparently stuck in.

To Clarify. The classic version of this email goes something like this: 

Dear Mystic, i am in love with a man who is married/on crack/who hates me/who seduced my sister/who said he wants nothing more to do with me/who has just taken up a three year posting at an Arctic base/who has a history of extreme domestic violence/who is 21 years younger and says i am too old for him but what about Joan Collins/who is gay but once he kissed me when he was drunk/who i have not spoken to for four years but the psychic at the mall said he was my soulmate/who said he is not interested in me at all but his Mars is on my Sun so maybe i should wait/who does not want a relationship but we still have sex sporadically and he owes me $20,000/who i just found out is sleeping with his parole officer but he says he only loves me not her.

You get it, right?  I wish i could say this was an equal opportunity thing – that men also email me with this sort of thing but they don’t. And it’s not that i lack compassion but when this sort of “dilemma” lands in the in-box, it truly is like honestly w.t.f?  Like i said before, if the best thing you can say about a ‘relationship’ is that “it’s karmic” – forget about it.  If the dude is not there/on drugs/does not like you etc etc – fuq it. 

The ladies sending these sorts of emails are not idiots and no doubt they know all this intellectually but something has gotten a hold of them. They’re like Love Zombies. They’re doing bath salts. They’re maybe doing Pluto-Venus (can be compulsive) but whatever they’re doing, they need to stop doing it. 

So if i get back to them with something really nice along the lines of “bummer of a situation but you know, i don’t think it’s really relevant that his North Node is on your Part of Fortune or that he has Moon in whatever, i think you need to detach blah blah blah” – i get a tirade of “NO MYSTIC YOU DON”T GET IT – THIS IS KARMIC. I dream about him every night/the mall psychic said/don’t you understand that the North Node means PAST LIVES.”

All of us have most likely been Love Zombies at some point but the point is to snap out of it a.s.a.p.  Stop doing the bath salts. Stop checking out his chart/cousins Facebook page/progressed composite chart if you’re an astro-fiend. If he’s not into you, it doesn’t matter if his Mars is on your Moon parked out the back of your house – got it?

Thoughts please.  You can share here in a safe and supportive environment lol

Images of the Fashionable Love Zombies by Tom Munro and Steven Meisel. 

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469 thoughts on “Lady, You Don’t Need Astrology

  1. **GREAT POST** 🙂 LOL
    Just asked the oracle a question and got:
    ‘You need to stop freaking out that you’re not good enough. Could actual therapy be brill for your self-esteem?’ 🙂
    Needless to say it wasn’t to do with my question, but that I was really thinking about this post 🙂

  2. Ha! What a response. LOL LOL I can’t talk – I am still in love with a guy who’s dead!!!!

  3. Christ on a bike, this post went mental. Meant to post one of my favourite quotes hours ago when there were no other posts. It seemed appropriate to the original point and something always worth keeping in mind.

    “Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn’t.”

    — Erica Jong

    • Someone (soz can’t remember who) gave this quote many posts back which rang my bells ! * Genius *

      ‘Don’t treat someone like a priority, when they treat you like an option.”

      great comments all…channeling lower chakra sexual energies into spiritual strength and personal power is what I am here to learn. …in addition to playing guitar. wtf I write, never thought I would do that, so guitar is next yeeeah Saturn Rx in 3 tackles another obstacle – hey Sweets wanna be in a kickass grrrl band ?! We would have soOo much fun ! Pegs ? Rockstar ? hee xo

      • Oh heck yeah, girl band all the way! I can sing and write lyrics wich ya…x haha

        • Was reading that back in the day, record peeps would send Iva Davies a song and by ear, he would work out how to put it down on paper as he was classicaly trained and could read/write music. This is what he did after he quit the orchestra/symphony work and before he became a rock star. He didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 21.

          Sun/Mn/Merc/Mars/SN in Gemini…Interesting!

          Scorpy, any word on a birth time yet? 🙂

            • Oh darling I am gonna trot quick smart..(Ozzie slang…I did good no?) over there!

              There better be a birth time or I’m comin’ afta…hehe

              Thanks tho, for your efforts what ever fruits…(never mind…lol)

              • Thanks for the post and link Scorpy! x

                Yeah, it shows Libra rising (would just to the Venusian flavor going on already)..but I don’t see a time referenced.

                It’s 10:30 pm here and so will look at tomorrow when fresh.

                Thanks again! And yes, I guess we can be assured that with a stellium of five placements in Gemini he is probably damn hilar when he wants to be. x

                • yeah, bummer about no time or degrees of planets. So not sure how accurate that chart is but Libra rising seems to fit with his ballerina ex wife as you say. My friend is a Libran and his daughter a gorgeous ballerina. Lots of synchronicity going on! 🙂

        • Cool story ! Have tried to read music, but have an ear not an eye …played piano when a kid, all by ear. I know lots of pickers that use tabs, & are wizards anyway. Cleaning basement and where the heck is that tuner ? Still separating my media etc.. from the ex. – whadda mess, 2 toro moons fer chrissakes ! We have a LOT of music. Neptune my most aspected; his Neptuner in first.
          You jus’ know I’ll be brainstorming band names now haha xo

          • How about ~Roxy~ Music cept the updated female version.. 😉

            Now I’ll be thinking of names too! Ha, a cyber band, no?

            Cool about your music Rox and you and your ex’s Neptunian proclivities.

            Noticed I did not see you on the Neptune and Venus aspect thread…You have those in aspect, no?

            Working hard? Missed you! x

            • Yes Ven conj Jup 8 squ Scorp Nept 11 – you have opposite right ?
              Mine is bloody hell of an aspect for the love life, but stellar for metaphysics. Once I sat the bottle down I figured it out, took me a while though. Being single has allowed me time to explore without distraction.
              Same for you ? Love the freedom of setting my own hours … If I wanna write and spin records in the wee hours, I do ! I’ve missed you too x

  4. WOW! That was SO good for me… have been with a guy with a heroin problem..thinking he will get off it for me.. UM NO! Thats never going to happen I need to kick this to the curb and FUQ it!!!! If your guy is on drugs then its JUST not WORTH IT!!!!

  5. I understand because I have lost my ‘idiot compassion’ lately too.

    Just dying to tell off my Love Zombie friend and can’t even be around her at the moment since you can’t be on Earth and in Denial at the same time.

    Must be a saturn-moon transit thing. Was a bit harsh though in its delivery.

  6. I have a touch of the Love Zombie about me, but the first step toward being a recovering Love Zombie, is being able to admit you are one. Only then can the healing begin.

  7. Well well Mytic: you’ve hit on a raw nerve here!

    One of the things that I find so frustrating with friendships sometimes is this belief that it’s all just about cheerleading. I watched at close hand last year as someone I respected walked out of her 17 year marriage and then made stupid decision after stupid decision while her close ‘friends’ cheered her on.

    For example: went house sitting at four separate houses for a month each after walking out of marriage- she was earning excellent money and could afford her own place – upshot – she was unsettled. I worked with her – she was crying most days; wasn’t dressing up or well when she usually did. From the crowd ‘Yay! thanks for looking after my place’.

    Finally she finds a place at a really high rent then complains she has little money. From the crowd, ‘Yay! What a cool place for us to hang out’.

    For example: only son (10) not coping with marriage break-up and admits to suicidal ideation. Her decision: follow through on 3 week overseas trip plans (her alone) – a small bit of work, which could have been done in one week and return home, and the rest holiday. From the crowd ‘Yay! You so need the break from all of this.’

    I had to get away from the relationship – I finally worked out that she wasn’t very experienced in making good decisions because over the course of her professional life and personal life, she had allowed others (men typically) to make them for her.

    She’s a Scorpio with a stack of planets in Libra (hence expensive rental place) – so I get the transition is writ in the stars and that ultimately she will Phoenix.

    Painful to watch though.

    • Most people don’t make good decisions when they are teenagers. And because this person hasn’t been allowed to make ‘real decisions’ before, she’s sort of an honorary teenager mentally so she’s going to make some crazy mistakes. It’s gotta suck being the one friend who is the realist when everybody else seems sort of immature.

    • Sounds harsh but I’d walk away from it too. It almost sounds like by exiting the marriage, a facade of togetherness has come down.

      Sounds like she just needs approval from other people and is pandering to the cheerleading crowd. And yeah you’re right, the whole cheerleading crowd is damaging. They seem to think they’re acting in the persons interest but ultimately no as you’ve pointed out.

      I have to say, I’ve fallen in to that trap before and it’s backfired big time, left with the exact opposite of what I wanted. I listened to others and I lost out in the end and these people who egged me on could care less in the end. Now when I get the cheer leading, I think “Ok, they’re being nice but think about what’s really best for you.”

  8. ALL of the above is why in 1993 when i re-discovered Tantra (in 60’s it under heading of Kama Sutra, then Osho brought it to the West in 70’s), when i realised if sex can kill, then so it can cure, and as a safe sex educator in 80’s i asked ‘do we want to die from love’, i knew we needed a different mind set and a safer way to explore our libidos that also entails bringing in Spirit, hence the term sacred sexuality. And yet from my years of study & practise in fell into the worst relationship that disempowered me, dishonoured me and was the opposite of everything i believe in and held sacred. It was about the Father, i knew that, unresolved, un-admitted grief & abandonment of my father dying when i was 13 years, old surfacing 40 years later. Butch it was if you have been on site for 6-7 years you would remember how i was gutted. If i had been 30 i would have just left the country or State or had many other lovers ready to soothe me.
    Still un-settles me 3 years on, that i allowed the manipulation before realising it was HIM not Me, that he was a composite of his previous ex-es, and actually disliked women because of his past which was loaded
    down onto me. Not a Zombie but definitely obsessed as though he had set up camp in my head w/o my permission (or paying rent) 🙂
    It was a war between the sacred & the profane.
    ‘i used to dream dope
    I used to dream sex
    Now i dream light
    Thank God there’s still hope’………….from a book called ‘God Jokes’ with amazing illustrations.
    Tantric practises often sort the gold from the dross.

  9. Yeah it all sounds like an attempt to legitimatise/rationalise bullshit/non-existant relationships.

    Channel the wasted emo in to loving yourself as there’s some serious self-esteem issues if you’re gonna invest in such a one sided love affair.

  10. It’s called ‘Horigkeit’ (sp?) – something about other-trouble starting with originary mother-trouble: which explains how it comes to be exclusively a feminine plaint. In a patriarchal society, there might be so little an allowance of nourishment of psyche available to women they end up vampiring it from their daughters (collapsed boundaries, inimically intermixed interior lives i.e. intergenerational transmission of gendered harm, starting with earliest attachment-style. In other words, the usual voodoo that is the transusbstantiation of systematic savage economic disadvantaging to wholescale plunder of souls).
    Ladies, leave the Echo chamber and get your own nasty Narcissisus on; not an elevated or even elegant solution, but at least puts a halt to the Vanishing.

    • I can relate to this, I was terrified of mum, she was extremely angry and violent but she was breadwinner too she always told me to toughen up. Now we are friends as i realized as an adult she was forced to have me and didn’t want to, that is I learnt compassion for her as a woman in her own right

  11. I’m irritated by the tone in all this… calling human beings “zombies” and making generalizations that are judgmental and without fact (‘they’re doing bath salts..”) I assume you are Medusa’s Daughter, ’cause not many would pay for such shit… and such shit is more than I’ve heard since I stopped watching TV.

    Plus the ‘astro bitch’ quotes [next blog] are moral bankrupt and rude. Nevermind the outright holier-than-thou attitude… ‘how DUMB people are when they refer to the 8th house like it was the 5 th house… SHEESH! *newsflash* Everyone starts out *new* …and it annoys me to think that someone who is more adept would characterize someone (ANYONE!!!) in such belittling language… ‘Shit PseudoIntellectual AstroBitches say…’

    ‘“I decided that it was best to keep the relationship 8th House for the time being.”
    “Richard Brautigan’s beat poetry is actually all about Pluto – just like all of Bjork’s music.”
    “It’s not just Jean-Paul Sartre – Geminis are the most existential sign of all. Camus was a Scorpio – NOT a Gemini and he never claimed to be an existentialist.”
    “Alexander the Great was a Cancerian – yes – but he was also a multiple-conjunct Virgo and seriously look to his Chiron-Uranus in Capricorn conjunction.”

    Not only do the fuqed up-clueless-whores cited above (whoops “Astro Bitches”) sound HARMLESS, but the sound far more INTERESTING ‘I’m making Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch my Twitter description and putting these up there lol.’

    Gossiping is wrong! …these things were said to you in confidence (private email) and you see fit to drag them around.. in order to stand above. The letter could be from ANYONE… people?? Your mother who’s trying to find love after your Dad died? YOU????? “Stupid druggy love Zombie”… she needs to eat Organic Vegan and chant and say the right things and MAYBE earn the “Special Knowledge…”

    This destroys the very reason Astrology passes the Bullshit test… no special knowledge… no special privilege conferred… ALL can master their lives… No Priests and NO SACRIFICES… especially not human ones and especially not to FEEL good and “better.” According to YOU disdain for the uninitiated is status quo.. poor dumb stupid bitches and the shit they say…

    The world is harsh and becoming harsher… people try to make sense of things… are you unable to help? It’s not their fault if you are without spirit and empathy… you should know the stars… they say LOVE… and transform… and be yourself… and be wise…

    Yes send them to a shrink how FUNNY! …who are YOU to think you know ANYTHING about these people? Were you born with all aspects in the 13th house? Where arrogance and certitude and Ego RULE??? You laugh at them… like they are morons to think you may have an answer… maybe they are?

    And seriously… the letter, while I believe all aspects have presented before, is a bit hyperbolic. SHOW me the 3 letters/average week from woman (‘all woman!’) where she is dating the molester of her Son and turning tricks to but heroin. Seriously! They are probably just ordinary 40 something woman confused and lonely… something to ogle and giggle toward when one is 26 like you…

    Not sure of your age but it’s babyish. And masculine. YUK!

    We are all the same.. we are all with faults and we all do dumb things we regret.. to be worthy of TRUTH from without is to be GOOD… to never cast stones (as I am not perfect) and to have faith that the Universe and LOVE can work in amazing miraculous ways… a dog can inspire forgiveness.. a kind word can be a volume of comapssion… and YOU or I can help someone… ANYONE? …because we serve a truth, an essence greater than ourselves.

    In a word… astrology!

    Time for transformation… or not.

    • Dudette, are you kidding?????

      pseudo intellectual astro bitches came from a comment WAY up the top from someone else who took offence. the quotes in the subsequent post are mystic’s own words…?!

      going off half-cocked I think. although there are a lot of them, you may be better served by reading the comments above.

      • Mystic IS taking peoples’ problems seriously – hence she might direct people to mental health professionals if she finds them putting too much faith in obscure astrological aspects, transits, whatever. She is being a responsible professional and acknowledging that sometimes people need serious professional support by people trained in those disciplines. Its all too easy for someone lonely, deluded, love zombied-out to look for esoteric signs when they need to look to core competancies like self-care, talking to a therapist, getting on with their job, being appreciative of 1st world blessings, spending time with friends etc.

        • I agree that MM is caring and I agree that sometimes medical/psychiatric help is well advised.

          It’s JUDGMENTAL and that’s wrong.

          ‘….something has gotten a hold of them. They’re like Love Zombies. They’re doing bath salts. They’re maybe doing Pluto-Venus (can be compulsive) but whatever they’re doing, they need to stop doing it. ‘

          I see a SIN and a SINNER !!!! …and I despise that!!!

          Could it have been handled respectfully and NOT in a THEM way? YES!!! It’s divisive to look at others with disdain AND divisive to argue about feelings.

          …and before people point out it was not “disdain,” think again… ‘but when this sort of “dilemma” lands in the in-box, it truly is like honestly w.t.f? ‘

          ‘…Honestly WTF? ‘ Disdain enough to feed a family…

          Ironically there’s this… ‘Like i said before, if the best thing you can say about a ‘relationship’ is that “it’s karmic” – forget about it.’ Funny, because this is the Venus stuff MM has been alerting me too for many months.. and it is real…

          …if KARMIC is MEANINGLESS now then I don’t know what is meaningful… I thought RIGHT NOW is potential ‘astro soulmating and other zapzone treasures…maybe it’s invisible, \but I know now it’s real. Thank you Mystic Medusa.

      • NEXT blog title… ” Shit Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches Say .”

        Tagged “Astro Gaga.” No other tags… *sigh*


        Better served by consuming (reading) more … what exactly? IDEAS no… perhaps WORDS strung together in novel new ways that pay homage to the established paradigm? Why? It’s like telling women to defer to men…

        I EAT MEANING. It’s the meat of conversation… the bread-and-butter of dialogue… the ambrosia that can prevent WAR…

        I DID read the comments… many times, which became TOO many times truthfully…. SHIT, I am in the USA before a “big election..” You really believe words often do nothing more than waste time.. BUT of course… ALL opinions are equal in a myopic world vision …including the ones of those running a confidence game. NO THANKS ! 😀

        ..however I would happily take “half cocked” over “no cock” THIS I blame on Venus! *sigh* At my age LOVE finally IS everything and more… passion… compassion… (sickysweet I know! sorry)

        Amazing times for many… but not all… Some will actualize their unique identity and understand the purpose of the birth and the contribution they will make, while others will glom to others/power/wealth/etc. They may schmooze a “bucket list” and “hopes” and “dreams” and “good times…”

        But I think knowing the reason for their LIFE is what they would like to have…?

        • I’m getting rather bored with it too. It’s so juvenile.

          You won’t find me wearing any of those T-shirts! Outside of this blog they wouldn’t make ANY sense nor would they be funny.

          • and thats ok, if anyone is feeling uncomfortable there plenty of blogs you you may have better synastry with..

            Its not in my view, It sparked off a great part of my chart I didnt even know I was zombing with. For that I am greatful for this post and the responses it elicited.

            • YBYW

              – I dont know about all others but as far as me saying, which I know some people take as, well I eat this organic, and I have this organic. I never say that because im trying to say im more enlightened,

              I come on blogs to post what I know, is killing people. If I mention something I do as a routine its not to create division, Its to knock said company out of existance by getting people to see there is another way of looking at croporations looking at there bottom line, which is actually a pretty greedy line thats high above what most would want in life.

              And I may not even take them out in this lifetime, but you know what our kids will follow, if they never ate or were raised on this crap, they wouldnt know they wanted it.

              Its like someone mentioned that there kid never watchs TV and one of the benifits was that they forget to ask for toys. so Its just mentioning said products you use so that a reader who is just as special in the eyes of the universe can make a more informative choice at the register, wake up to the potential that lies in man to sell us stuff that is made from wars, like microwaves. Those are toxic too.

                • People always bring this up, you will eventually. No one stays that poor forever, and people wanna say this while having there drugs and drink on the weekends, half of yall can afford -it esp my friends that say this yet run a 200 bar tab on the weekends, not all reccomends have even been about organics. Do you have a microwave to heat your food? that you can afford to throw away.

                  • Just because people cant afford it doesnt mean it shouldnt be stated. Anon…

    • WHOAH! Yes i get your cry for lovingkindness but i don’t think you read properly. For example, you just called Mystic Medusa “the fuqed up-clueless-whores cited above”. She posted later that these were her own thoughts.

      And the “poor dumb stupid bitches and the shit they say”, well, that would be MM herself and us. YES THAT’S RIGHT – we are making FUN of OURSELVES. A sense of humour goes a long way, don’t you think?

      …and your language doesn’t really practice what you’re preaching.

      • Please enlighten me… what language proves hypocrisy? (Cut n paste is practical..but I welcome as many words as you may want to express.) I desire to improve my habits, but know not to what you refer.

        If you could be so kind.. I mean not to disrespect, but if I have I will learn to do it less…

        humbly… peace

        • I like MM’s humor, I have jupiter in the second house so wherever it comes from, I value it. Humor can snap people out of stuff as we have learned above, every astrologer has there own make up and way of interacting.

          Zombie culture is in our faces lately and I think its a great way to get yourself to wake up out of whatever part of your chart we may be doing that with.

          And there are astrologers who would never say that, and thats fine Im sure there audience or synastry is meant for that. If you looked here there is a reason for looking.

          People who get it – are not just a bucket list. This is the way we process said events.. Theres nothing wrong with that. If people can admit to it and see how silly it really is or this prevents a woman from going back to said abusive relationship that could end up with her getting addicted to something herself or half her face blown off due to unseen violence, Then she did her part by sharing it in the best way she knew how.

          Humor can wake the best of us up in times of great stress.. Kathy griffin a funny ass scorpio does the same thing all the time.

          • With humor you go in wanting a laugh and have your psyche changed with it. And in the end we can all laugh about it. Which from what I understand about kama if you seen your life, how ridiculous said events it can be well you just have to laugh…

            Does not mean were laughing at people just the phenomena in life we all experience at one point or another.

            • Well… you’re bang on my view of humour anyway… life’s a poor player strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage, and all that… sad faced clowns and grinning evil… even Sartre (as Fi quoted on PIAB post) grumbling that by feeling shit he just existed. You know, after my low low times in life i always apologise to the lovely sympathetic people around me for my complaining, and they always reply: Ah but you’re so entertaining the way you do it! There’s salvage in humour.

    • Venus have Mercy! Well, wrasse my little whippet, if anything at least this blog proves Freedom of Speech is alive and well no?

      And yes, that means not everyone is going to like what’s posted or how the conversation evolves thereafter. However, it’s a bit rich to call Judgment when you’ve just flung the word whore on someone – was that really necessary?

      If you found the tone judgmental, then you’ll also know Mystic was directing that judgment at herself (and you would know this if you found time to read through all the 300+ posts) – as she points out, she didn’t arrive at this advice by not having been in the same situation herself.
      Sin and Sinner? Sure. The saint as they say is cut from the same cloth, how else would you have compassion as well as the impetus to encourage someone to eschew suffering you’d already been through?

      As for the term, Love Zombie – it was a flippant term, if you read this blog pretty regularly, there is a certain style to the humor. Let’s chalk that misunderstanding up to Us vs Oz humor ok? But needless to say, we need to make accommodations for that. Still at no time do most peeps here ever “judge” someone – certainly we don’t call each other whores, unless in reference to being sacred and even that is rare.

      If anything this blog is bursting with love dilemmas willingly put forth to the commune by the afflicted, if you check out the post on chasing a crab guy, you will see this is just one example of the myriad of love problems peeps share here – and always with permission from the source before posting.

      Her quote saying that “if the best thing you can say about a ‘relationship’ is that “it’s karmic” – is qualified by the “best thing” i.e. as much as we think someone is destined for us as our hearts and soul inform us so, it requires participation from the object of our affections and yes, substance. She’s meaning to say that a relationship has to be more than a figment of one’s aspirations and that we need to recognize what is.

      I’d also like to say, where else could a beleaguered astrologer ever bemoan one of the hazards of her occupation save for her own blog? It’s easy enough to capitalize on people’s romantic mishaps, but at least she’s giving the person the straight dope vs quoting some etheric bs and charging for it.

      And lastly, no apologies necessary for saying that at your age love is everything, good for you – it really is to all of us, but we all have different ways of dealing with how it’s blessed and blighted us. Perhaps that should start with a question about why we find something offensive, rather than being so quick to name call. Just a thought.

      • Lady Fallen, you’re SUCH a Kataka. Beautifully put. Is that Australian, btw? I know i have a dirty Merc in Aries sailor mouth but i realised after these posts that i don’t actually call/refer to anyone as whore/bitch… (except on MM’s blog where i’ve referred to pack behaviour at work 😀 ) It just isn’t something we do? But do US peeps do it?

        • milleunanotte – USA person here. I told my very American friends about Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitches and they think it would be an excellent name for a softball team.

          • OMG let’s design uniforms already!!!

            Team FUCW will be in satin baby pink of course with the knee pads obviously being dual use for er..other occasions. Perfect logo, the Rolling Stones’ Tongue and Lip Design. Power Move: Bending Over so as to stop the ball in its tracks.

            Team PIAB on the other hand would be in Mystery Blue, all their moves would be coded not into hand signals but in cryptic astro instructions which naturally the FUCWs cannot comprehend. Power Move: Levitating while quoting astro and how archetypes (Tarot or otherwise) are relevant to the game.

            Yes, No?

            • OMG – FA – I love you.

              Was getting concerned today that I may be turning into my Dad because I am developing a strong preference for my pets – all pets and animals – over people. But I do like the people on this blog. Even the haters. They make it spicey. Lol!

              Mystic should organize retreats so we could all meet in person somewhere – perhaps the astral plane.

            • Oh, Great Minds. I’m beginning to suspect we’re a touch impervious to that we’re officially naming teams haha..

              12th House, you are NOT old. I got a book called Hot Guys and Baby Animals for my bday last Friday derived from this site:

              Seriously, why didn’t we think of this combo sooner??? HEAVEN!

              A facsimile of me is usually “whoring” it up on the astral plane, usually taking karmic points as payment. Amex/Visa/MC is worth dunkus here.

            • Oh hun, no whore is really clueless – that blank vapid look is just part of the service.

              I naturally would hit for both teams, snicker..

          • Love softball – can i play? Although in execution i’m probably more like Clueless Whores… it’s the thought that didn’t count

            • Oh, there’s no way I’d play softball. I’m not proud to say, I suck at team sports. Was OK with soccer for a bit. Then an ignored dude with a crush kicked the ball in my face, gave me a bloody nose, and I avoided the field. Hmmm….

          • OR a roller derby team name. Along with Fucked Up Clueless Whores. [lol wrote ‘chores’].

        • Oh Gawd, was I being sickeningly sweet? haha.. thanks Mille!

          Do US Peeps use the word whore? Well, colloquially even using the term “Ho” as in “You ma ho-bag, beatch.” is pushing it – even if it’s used as a term of affection among familiars who make it part of group banter. Though “ho” is more common.

          But the full word “whore” is completely and intentionally derogatory.. Bitch is also frequently used here, i.e. Bitch stop yo bitchin’ please.. again, if this is between friends it can be taken as friendly.

          I would say that one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed between altercations US vs UK/OZ style is that we are extremely verbally abusive here even before there’s contact. That freedom of speech is an extremely exercised right. So it’s not atypical to have two grown men in a parking lot here yelling obscenities at each other and posturing and never once hitting each other … whereas in the UK and likely Oz as well, one of them would’ve likely been laid out already.

          Of course, this also has to do with legal recourse, you can name call to your heart’s content but the minute you make contact, that’s assault. etc.

          I do find that US folks sometimes find the flip sarcasm and wit of UK/OZ peeps offensive because it’s taken seriously when really there’s a certain amount of self-deprecation in it. Humor here is well, a bit literal at times.

          • Merc vs Mars.

            And no, not sickeningly sweet. Katakans’ expression is somehow warm and gentle yet sharply to the point: admired very much by any Sagittarian 🙂

            • Millie, Angel is my emotional barometer as i’m seriously lacking any planets in water signs which may explain my water fetish. She IS my feelings and as supportive as my beloved Kataka Nana was to me.

          • yes I think the oz humour in mystic’s posts is taken a leeetle bit sensitively by some readers..

            • I don’t even think it is oz humour as such, actually…

              Honestly if i have a section on my site called fuqed up clueless whores AND one called pseudo intellectual astro bitches, my traffic will go INSANE. Sure there will be a LOT of mental emails from horny sex zombies to deal with but if i say look, subscribe to get access to the fuqed up clueless whores page AND the oracle, they’ll prob be straight in, some to speak.

              • ALSO i want to thank Gumdrop and YouBe yourWrasse – a lot of people pay a fortune to get branding/image advice – it’s not just costly, it’s time consuming, workshops, meetings etc but this is it and the whole ironic self-deprecating vibe is very now, very gen x/y & gritty humor for the zap zone…So thank you!

            • Branding? Sh*t, this all says EVENT to moi. It is ON. And frankly the whole Team FUCW vs Team PIAB bit is vibing like an episode of the Real L Word to me – the one where they held a charity event and all the hot lesbians wrestled in jello.

              We could host one and give the proceeds to Love-a-holics Anonymous?

  12. i wonder if this is the post that has attracted the most comments on this blog?? its well over 300 now – zap zone indeed – its sort of been metonymic of the uranus-pluto event, no? change-adept people wanting to understand, share and help re the love-zombie theme, and deeply *angry* responses coming from the underworld. interesting…

    • No the one last year where Mystic went away for the long weekend and we were all stuck together on the one post was possibly the most commented (but this one i think got more insane). I think it exceeded 500.

    • Please define “angry.” Is a woman, or a man, who vehemently presents an idea ANGRY? WAIT women get periods I forgot!

      • COURtNEY LOVE?

        Someone has to alert Charles quickly – i think Courtney Love has finally found this blog. Which means she is probably close to getting Charles.

        i mean it, i’ve read courtney’s late night gin and mogadon rants on perez and exactly the same tone.

        Seriously, you are calling us “fucked up clueless whores” but you think we should show more class and compassion?

        Courtney, you are a laugh and a half girl.

        btw i have not commented on these last 2 posts as ttoo busy laughing. Amaze.

        • I just do not know what to say. I mean seriously, I spent like an hour trying to think of something to say, and came up with nothing. So I think I’ll just stick with the last thing I said to Courtney, ever, and in retrospect, it was one of the great turning points of my life.


      • You were abusive Spicey, or betyourwrasse or whatever you are. You were ANGRY and abusive.
        Please go away.

    • no that was the Finding My Goddess guy xx

      Am just trying to stop laughing long enough to tell upyourwrasse that i am the fuqed up clueless whore i was quoting above. And hey did i say anything about child molesters in my example? Me thinks someone protests too much about the bath salts lol.

  13. btw. I love the wig, cat eye sunglasses and black gloves. I love the red too, just not the lace part, but sexy hot photo! sizzle!

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  15. Completely unrelated question – well, I think it’s unrelated.. but mayhaps the detoxing vibe has gone too far and meds have been chucked aside? This reminds me of the over-reaction to Tesla the cat being prescribed by the vet and peeps over-reacting as if it were animal cruetly.

    Probably Zap Zone fall out?

      • I kno I kno FA thats why its so cute. Tesla the man who invented electricity. Who’s part of fortune was in aqua… Even though he is a cancer.

    • Totally my thought too, FA! Ultra freak-out bats! Like cosmic and emotional equilibrium has been thoroughly disrupted. What will we find when the dust settles– in 3 years?

      • Maybe it’ll be like the tsunami and we’ll find debris swimming up from odd shores when by then we’d have grown bigger, brighter and beyond it, at least enough to see the same shit again with a far better perspective. 🙂

        • We’ll see this shit wash up on shore and we’ll say, “What is this shit washing up on shore?” We’ll gather all the shit it up and recycle it. We’re haute like that.

  16. I’ve got a story to tell and no where else to tell it. I commented earlier on this post as I told a friend “Just because you can connect to a guy’s dead mom doesn’t mean he’s into you.” So, he says “Were there other dead people?” And I said “Lots.” And he says “I miss my grandpa, do you think you could connect to him?” And I said, “Yeah, but not now” because I had a few drinks – not the time for more spirits. Anyway, a chain of events led to me hiking alone on a small local mountain the next day. And as I am coming down the mountain, I connect to this guy’s grandpa. And the grandpa is non-stop punchlines. Unrelenting, roasting, queer humor. So I text him and ask if his grandpa had a wicked sense of humor and he replies he was 14 when he dies so he doesn’t remember. And I say, you’d remember this but perhaps I am just connecting to my inner gay man because I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body (a little lol). Anyway, grandpa so wants me to tell this guy to dress in drag next time he’s at home so he can embrace all his phobia about being woman of the house (his wife makes the money). And I know I’m right about this being his grandpa. So, mutual friend tells me his grandpa died of AIDS but no one is supposed to know. WTF? Why are people so cagey about the truth? His grandpa is funny as hell, quite happy with how he lived his life, still full of joy and wants to give this guy some insanely funny advice. The guy writes screen plays – one a roast – and his grandpa is no doubt whispering punch lines in his ear unknown to him. I’m tempted to corner him tonight, tell him to get the fuck over it and be the punch line he so fears – be the woman of the house if that’s what he’s afraid of being called – that’s what his grandpa would want. Embrace the fucking joke, you know? Whatever. Bring on evolution. Please. Cause the “secrets” and judgments and fear of being correct/incorrect are so boring and the reality is so not.

    • Great story x another example for me of how all information comes from triangulation. It takes 3 to solve puzzles properly.

      • Yes, three, but…why are most so unwilling to accept honesty? Now I know what his grandfather wants to say to him – that he wants to talk to him – and I know that he doesn’t want me to know his grandfather. Stupid.

        • He probably does accept it, may just take a while to sink in. You planted the seed, the pure data into his mind. You did what you did and said it straight. I don’t think anyone, even grandpa can fortell the consequences.
          Those consequences are not your responsibility of course, and they may mean lots of ‘work’ for our screen writer. He needs a strategy now. Current strategy ? Nooooooo

          • Thanks, davidl. A few years ago, I was an atheist. Now, well, I’d like to think people would be happy to know there’s immortal life. But that’s not how its received – ever – in my experience. At least here, on this blog, it is a bit closer to normal to have problems like these. Soul connections, fantasy relationships, speaking with the dead, all that…

            There is something I can’t articulate there…a bind…we are encouraging the heart broken here to know: if the wo/man you love is not there, s/he’s not there. No relationship. Period. Embrace reality. But…then I’m talking with dead grandpa on the mountain…a man who very much loves his grandson. Ha! Perhaps I’ve found it…my knowing that doesn’t mean they have a relationship.

            It would be so great if all these ideal loves – between grandfather and grandson of woman and man – could be realized materially, in thought or action. Why they can’t is beyond me. I know the consequences are not mine and if I attempt to make them mine, the karma gets ick. But – fuck all – this magical living business is heartbreaking.

            • That’s beautiful 12HV, love your work. Totally get where you are coming from. Tonight I posted some info on another forum with my dissent on the topic on thread plus my research and findings on said topic. The maker of the thread sent unpleasant energy my way. I just move it on. Another 10 mins of my day spent doing something I can no longer be bothered articulating.
              Anyway, I love how personal your touch is with this dearly departed, good luck with how it plays out in the end.

              • Thanks, andromeda. Its rare to be able to talk about it as work instead of “belief.” The community MM has developed here is a true blessing.

    • Hey, that was not this sweetpea…have no idea what the other sweetpea was referring to…

      Have been sweetpea here for over three years…If you’d like to keep it, that’s fine…perhaps I need a new name as it is…

  17. humph, and pix not showing up…

    I’m the little girl in the black cowgirl hat… 😉

    This thread looks like a big “yee-haw” to me!…. 😆

  18. Post is hot topic for discussion it seems.

    The simple fact is life is just too SHORT for over analysis, energy vampires, or allowing someone to take up too much of ones head space.

    Bottom line: other people can’t make you happy. They may give a peptide rush but like everything else it doesn’t last.
    Karma or no Karma

    My point is that until you we, all of us make the most of ourselves, our potential, our talents and abilities and decide not to give a F about what others think ..until we do that we are subject to wild fluctuations in self esteem, sadness, elation and all that other shite that sucks up your energy when you could actually be enjoying life.

    Someone may be your mate, for a short time, for a long time, the result in the end is the same, death will separate and unite us all in the mean time..lets get on with it!!

  19. Well, I’m Mars/Rising in Gemini and used to love it when Pisces (I was 17…1st love) called me a f-ing whore during sex…


    Of course it was by my request.

    • And then he would lay my naked ass across his lap and bite my butt..

      Lets, see, what else… hmmmm 😆

  20. Speaking of WHORES, I just discovered this one in the archives:

    It’s two years old, but who would have guessed? Classic. Or chronic.

    Cronic. Like, of ye old crone– ye old Whore crone.

    • I thought youbetyourwrasse might like to check out some of this soap.

  21. Just cut to the chase and tell them what America sex columnist Dan Savage does so well — DTMFA. As in, “Lady, you don’t need astrology. Just DTMFA!” Case closed.

  22. Mystic,
    I love that you put posts up just when I need to hear them. Was just about to throw myself into one of my love zombie dazes and you pulled me out.

    PS Haven’t ever enjoyed reading comments so much as I have on this topic. Some people really need to learn the meaning of irony.