Just Posted: Oestro-Medusa For July/Year Ahead For Crab-Peeps

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Happy Monday Astro-Bitches!  That is a gender-neutral term i.m.o btw.

I LOVE Monday mornings with Moon in Virgo. If i ran the multiverse, every Monday morning would have a Moon in Virgo.

So i have completed my Psuedo-Intellectual Astro Bitch Monday Morning Moon in Virgo Routine: A quick note-down of key dream themes from the night before, complete with “W.T.F.???” scrawled in organic indigo ink. A shower with 5th Element Sea Salts & then moisturizing with Organic Coconut Oil with added mandarin oil. One drink of the Chinese Herb Formula ‘Six Noble’, an organic banana, mandarin and apple with activated Pumpkin Seeds + two short blacks from Sacred Grounds. Then – with a glass of water to which i have added Pluto Juice – vitamin D, EpiGene, Salmon Oil, Antioxidant Support, chewable Co-Q-10, Advacal, pre-Gaba and something else i forget the name of.

All au naturel, obviously. See my comment in the Haute Hippy post for how AMAZINGLY well the chemical-free regime is going.

NOTE: I just changed my Twitter Profile to be simply “Psuedo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch.”   I feel like it will really help with S.E.O. even if some guys do think it’s a fancy new astrological dominatrix service.  Actually THAT is a really good idea. Another one. Thank you SpicyGumdrop, the commenter who inspired all this.

Also – someone was mentioning the Categories menu?  Always remember the Sagacious category. It’s where all the inspirational quotes and poetry end up. SO if you want a quick up for the Zap Zone, go there.

Okay AND the Monthly Oesto-Medusa Horoscopes (from In Style mag) are now posted on the Monthly Horoscopes page – they include a short flattering rave re the unbearable chic of Crab women and the Cancerian Year Ahead from NOW.  And a beautiful witch picture from a rad Russian artist.

Feng Shui Your Wallet is going to be up on the Weekly Horoscopes page tonight…I am reading an amazing book called Angels of Anarchy – Women Artists & Surrealism – it’s totes Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch. 


168 thoughts on “Just Posted: Oestro-Medusa For July/Year Ahead For Crab-Peeps

  1. Everything I need right now in web la-la land happens on this site, which is just great because it simplifies my life. Facebook, nah, email, nah, newpapers – going back to the ones in print to try to rescue The Age on it’s way out…everything’s a blur and then there’s this site.
    Life up.


    Must be time for bone-broth, kamut and cabbage soup lunch

    • Just minutes before going into a meeting – ditto for me too. In the middle of chaos the blog and Mystic’s dailies are my anchors. Life up :)

  2. Just did something really bimbonic – am doing horoscopes for tues and i input 3012 instead of 2012. So June 26 3012 fyi is Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini, Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries & Uranus in Pisces.

    Lunch is an Off The Planet Thickie – like a smoothie but more thick and called Off The Planet because the energy it gives you is like Something Else. Glass of organic Oat Milk, handful of Organic Steel Cut Oats Raw, Goji Berries, Maca & Caco Powder, Hemp Protein Powder…

    This IS actually The Lilith Diet – did i do a post on this yet? it works a treat

    And Seabird – thank you! I am so happy u like xx

        • Certainly has more appeal than the above recipe featuring OATS :-)
          Are oats of steel like buns of steel?

        • Ms darlink! I prefer them like carpaccio, with a little squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of the finest olive oil. alternatively the hearts are salted and air-dried, then sliced very thinly to be served as an entree or snack, like prosciutto or jamon.

    • Do you make that smoothie yourself or buy it somewhere? Sounds fabulous….I’m in the midst of a diet overhaul. Consulting a nutritionist tomorrow to help me with this neverending, Qi-stagnating adrenal fatigue. Ugh……

    • it doesn’t! I’ve been veggo since age 5 but am an imperfect vegan. I am transitioning toward a better source of GLA etc – hence the hemp. My naturopath said i HAD to have fish oil – but as i learn more about nutrition i intend to sort this. Am reading David Wolfe (the superfood guy) to up my knowledge
      Weird thing that Paleo & Vegan peeps find – when you give up dairy (paleo do meat but not dairy) – colors are brighter. Trees seem more vivid etc. NO idea why.

      • huh! brighter colours. that alone would be worth experimenting with my ‘standard’ diet for (that was me asking the question btw. i am a full-range dairy-meat eater but go easy on gluten alas).

        • and NB wasn’t asking question as critique, more to see where you were at with the whole fish-veg continuum

      • I have been lacto-ovo-veggie for a few years now. I have grandmal epilepsy which can be helped by eating meats and was craving meat.

        Just RIGHT now I had my first meat broth, purely medicinal. Gotta say, colours are brighter and everything is strangely…heavy looking. Hmm! Maybe this is Pluto in Capricorn – paleo health kicks are back in.

        • No-way…
          I had two grandmal episodes at the end of being vegan for ten years.
          I actually died during the second one, and suffered brain damage (yes, that explains a lot… LOL) and woke up craving meat.
          I’m basically lacto ovo now, but if I crave meat, I listen to my body and eat it, stat.
          And yes, the up side of that story is I love telling peeps the best experience of my life was being dead…

          • Omg Zai! I do so relate… The last one I had was like a snake shedding its etheric skin, it was baffling at the time tho. But the one B4 that I was leaving my life in Latin America, my Love Zombied sitch with my ex & stressed to the max. I was in full fit for over 10 mins & brain damaged too. Did you NDE? I really don’t recall what transpired! But I will be eating some fatty, gelatinous, joint bone & marrow soups on occasion for the mo.

            • Yep, the FULL NDE. All the classics, Rising up out of my body and seeing the ambos trying to resuscitate me – my little body struck me as ridiculously funny – then I was like, I’m so outta there, flew around the world saying my ‘goodbyes’ to my loved ones (freaked people right out when I recalled what they were wearing halfway around the world that day) Going towards the ‘rainbow light’, the hum, the complete ‘Oneness’ with ALL, like being wrapped up in a big black velvet blanket of bliss, and the humour of it ALL…I’ll never know if IT was laughing with me, or at me…IT said “Child, it is not your time, We have much Work for you, you must go back…” The voice was not one voice, neither male or female, but many voices speaking as ONE (kind of like the Borg, but beautiful) I did not question, even though it was like being ripped away from pure LOVE…I remember seeing the Earth come towards me at such speed, then diving back into my body in the ambulance. I woke up and felt so HEAVY and gravity sucking at my body. They asked me who I was and all I could say was “I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl…” Couldn’t remember my last name for days and my short term memory was gone…
              Whoa – all emotional now, need to go and meditate for a bit and collect myself.

              • A M A Z I N G, that is so wonderful to read, Zai.
                It’s said one becomes very psychic after an NDE and gifted in healing modalities.
                Bless ya little Scorp heart.x
                Et toi aussi, Creatirx x

              • thing I remember was floating in a golden world and walking up feeling like lead. Epileptics amongst tribal peeps are often the shamans. Their fits give them access to experiences of God. It is one way of gaining energy upgrades/phoenixing and going through a little death/rebirth, it’s a Chiron kinda thang…

                • Thanks for sharing your story too Andromeda. I came back a touch ‘spooky’ for sure. I’ve seen some of the biggies coming like 9/11, Tsunamis etc. but I can’t force it by any means, and have no control over what I am ‘shown’ – which occur in dreams and the occasional ‘flash’.
                  How about you?

                  • Zai & Andro, such gorgeous experiences! Love it. Thank you for sharing these!

                  • Yes, same! These days I take people to these worlds during spirit journeys. It has become my job! It is actually a tiny shift & something all can experienceif they are prepared to clear the roadblockson the trauma highway… Its fun. 😀

          • The humor of it all, is key point.. for previous posters if they read your experience ZAI.

            I had one I think too, when I though dating a kurdish boxer was hot. And I learned it was actually not. Because can be very dangerous, He was a aqua with sagi ASC had anger issues hit, just about everybody in his family including sisters but this I didnt know till after leaving him and him admiting I hit my sister today, I feel so guilty ect ect. as thats what he did for work.

            and I did not back down, Naturally KOed me. Mine was more abstract, I just woke up with some cracked back teeth, thankgod it wasnt the front, and didnt remember the fight. But I came from being one with everything, and I kept saying, everything is one everything is one. But I really was. It was day light outside when the fight happend and night when I came to. He felt really gulity, and I left immediately after and this was my last relationship 10 years ago, the thing is I couldnt be mad as I awoke because I didnt remember a thing, just this Everything is one, I am my mother and my mother is me. It was like I instantly reseted my life in that moment, I felt as If I had just been dropped on earth and was taking in my surroundings my past and my present, he was holding me when I awoke, He said we fought. im like we did hes like yea, you banged on the door and I came out and punched u. I did notice a hole in the door when i put my had there it fit exactly and I got the shivers and then it all started comming back. Im not glad to have it come by violence. But I always keep that I am my mother and my mother is me. Feeling,( being because I was being it) with me for life.

            • Yes, what a gift we have been given, the chance to once more see the world through the eyes of a child…

              • Thanks hope i didnt sound too me tooish, but when was i ever gonna not look crazy bringing it up on my own at a later time.. :) i wish i had a i was pregnate and passed out while having the baby but scorpmooners are not allowed too many romantic experiences, is one of intensity & violence. Ive through astrology come to accept that as my path.

                • Funnily enough, the synchronisity of like minds, thus the ‘me too’ factor for many of us here is one of the things I love most on this sight! It remind me of the Oneness.
                  Even though some of our life experiences are born from violence, through them we find Peace.

      • Hey Mystic,

        Used to work closely with David when I worked for the company that supplied his raw ingredients. For that fact I know that his products are of exceptional quality. That is, if he still buys from them.

      • I love Krill oil it’s brilliant but doesn’t solve vegan issues. Unfortunately lots of vegos end up needing some kind of oily fish for health. Even my vegan nutritionist had to admit defeat after 23 years and now eats the occasional piece of Atlantic salmon and takes salmon oil supplements. O+ blood people especially need a bit of animal protein every now and then to keep the motor running.

  3. Well, I may be late to the Mars in Virgo + Saturn nearing my 4th house party, but I FINALLY went to the store that specializes in vacuum cleaners and bought 2. One that steam cleans and one that has a shoulder holster (that’s what sealed the deal) and is completely portable like a camera bag with heavy suction so that I can do things like standing on ladders to get the walls and ceiling or the car, etc. I didn’t break them out yet because I was more excited about my new and amazingly discounted (90% off???) 800 count sheets. I actually didn’t know 800 count sheets existed… They are wonderful I must say. Oh, and threw out 8 giant garbage bags of random stuff. Need to figure out how to tap into the freeverse thing so can just give stuff away to people who could use it. So now this Virgo is forcing sleep, due to 5 AM boot camp exercise thing I signed up for…although, boot camp is not as exciting as my sheets.

    • I have 1000 thread count sheets (yes I didn’t know either), I can’t use them in summer as they are too hot!! wtf.

      And the trick is to go to bed super early so you can luxuriate in the yummy bed and wake up comfortably… THEN 5am boot camp 😉

      • You know you are right about the heat! The weave must be tight enough to block air flow (?)

    • FTR, I invariably get so much more out of the female surrealists’ work than most of the men’s work – All these breasts and vaginas and thighs and COME ON is that IT? Sure, unveiling the psyche and all the rest of the manifesto but srsly I got a bit sick of it. Go women artists. fresh perspective all the way. aaaah

  4. I would like to feng shui my wallet, but alas, my lovely Montblanc wallet has been a bit tattered since I left it in my pocket and accidentally ran it through the washing machine. I found out you can send it to Montblanc and they will recondition it and restitch it where necessary (and for mine, it is necessary). But that costs more than I paid for the wallet, which was a LOT, but still only half of what a new one costs.

    The feng shui of money is something I’ve heard about for a long time. My favorite ideas were from Terry Cole-Whittaker. Back in the early 80s, she had a new age TV show and she’d talk about the spiritual aspects of money. One of her big spiels was that you should take all your money out of your pocket, wallet, handbag, whatever, and look at it. Look at how it’s folded, how it’s sorted, how it’s collected. If your money is all crumpled up in a wad, or neatly folded, flattened and sorted in order of denomination, that says something about your relationship to money. And since money is a symbol of value, and what we value, how you treat your physical money is also a symbol of your relationship to what you value, and the world as a whole.

    You guys ought to look up Terry Cole-Whittaker, she’s quite an interesting character. I was particularly impressed at how she quit her TV show at the peak of its popularity, and ran off to Tahiti with a young guy. No really, I’m not kidding.

    • Huh. I keep all of my bills flat– no folds!– in numerical order, right-side up and facing me, in my wallet. I put receipts for purchases behind the cash, neatly folded and in chronological order. Also, I never leave coins at the bottom of my bag, laying around my car, etc: everything has a home.

      I wonder what that says about my relationship to money… That I have a death-grip on it? lol

      • Haha. I’m exactly the same! Tightly controlled?
        I keep a little jar of $1 coins & 20c pieces for the laundry/washing machine and always make sure its full.
        I blame my mars in Virgo for the filing system. :)

        • Oddly enough my mars in virgo just doesnt transfer over to feng sH of money, like it does my apt. but i have jupiter and saturn doing a 3 way with him in my second house.

          Im mimimalist, and that carries over into my money, my intuition is just for me in this life not to give more than two hoots about it than i need to.

          To me its just paper which in my expierience has causes more division than cohesion of society. So i stick by my stance of buring a bill or two in the fire when camping, and i toss away all pennies, to show to myself that just is not what im about in this incarnation.

        • Mars in Scorp, here… I have nothing in Virgo except Persephone– although, I was raised by a herd of Virgoans. Nature vs Nurture.

          A herd? Clan? Cluster? Gaggle? Flock? Coven? Blessing?

      • Oh my goodness, I’m exactly the same!!!
        I HATE folded or crumpled bills and dirty/rusted coinage.
        My wallet is also where I keep a few good luck charms – small parrot feathers, these funky red-beans I found in the Outback, and a few foreign coins.

        • That’s a great idea: I need to put some charms in my wallet 😉

        • I’m with you guys… I keep a separate small purse for everyday cash complete with a lucky mojo charm and a piece of citrine. In my main wallet I have a cheque from the universe for $1mill, all notes neatly stashed in order right side up, cards and ID and another piece of citrine. All coins go in my coin purse. 3 purses in all and since I’ve been doing this my finances have magically improved outta sight!

            • Thanks Zaiborg! Its just my handle on this site…I wish I could have another daughter cos Iris is who she’d be! You lucky thing :-) Anonymous, I was a dirt poor single mum until I packed all three kids up and travelled OS on a tourist visa, got a job n work visa in a country where meritocracy rules and after a year of hell started making seriously good money, According to astro-cartography my hometown is pretty crap for $. The country I relocated to was sensational. Maybe check astro.com and move to where the good $ vibes are…if you can! xx

    • And, she left alot of people holding her finanacial bagage, not a cool thing to do.

      • you hope that everywhere you go accepts plastic. plus, buskers and homeless people really like you.

        • And Neighborly neptune singletons that always forget to get quarters for there laundry.

    • That’s a really interesting insight. My Inner Virgo has a death grip on everything else, by my Godde ! my saggo sun flings, stuffs and drops money about.

      The problem is that I just don’t find it very interesting in and of itself. I like what money can get, but have never been terribly interested in it in and of itself.

      I have been trying to learn after it all went away after we moved house. I saw a financial advisor AND got the house Feng Shui-ed by Mystic’s friend Liz Wiggins. The hole seems to have been stopped up, but I’m still not interested in money…

      Hmmm.. I need to think about this some more….

    • You KNOW my money is ordered. But i’ve decided i’m nothing without a Montblanc wallet.

      • And i wash my hands after touching money. It’s so dirty it’s creepy.

        • ‘it’s so dirty it’s creepy’ … lololol… yes, I suppose so but maybe not much more than the rubber on the escalator or the door handle on the public toilet darl…if we start thinking about the myriad of hands or other things that have touched things we’d be an extreme OCD case waiting to happen.. and we’d weaken our superbly robust immune systems and undermine our super-denial filters.. which could render us vulnerabe and exposed to an attack of accute realisation to the bugs on our skin.. and then WHERE would we be? SExxx

          • Nah.. c’mon :) relaaaax! We can get all freaked out about stuff but mostly as we know it’s just an endorphin rush in the brain and nothing bad really happens in the end.

            If we were seriously getting sick from all that stuff the human race would have been extinct (or worse… morphed into bug-people) millenia ago. I’m just amusing myself and hopefully others.. don’t gross out girls Sexxx

          • Scorchy, you KNOW i think about all those things as well! I don’t flip and bust out the wipes to clean all the Stop buttons on the bus (tho it occurs to me and amuses me quietly) but as soon as i reach my destination i go and wash my hands.

            I prefer to think of myself as RECOVERING ocd. I used to be much worse. And yes 😀 anyone is welcome to laugh at me…i do. However, as strange as i probs appear to most, is as strange as most appear to me… still, love xx

            • Sweets I wasn’t laughing at you or anyONE but at a concept, a mini movie in my mind and by default at myself.

              My point was general even.. if we all focus on the deets of some things.. hey pick anything from cash to love at that level then it has to trigger a somewhat acute reaction and maybe as an alternate concept it’s more about brain wiring, the chemical that fires when the thought occurs etc than the actual thing (remembering I do work with accute OCD people daily)?

              I don’t have it in me to laugh at people perse but at concepts, funny anecdotes and stories.. yes, definitely.

              Apologies if you thought that’s what I was doing. Definitely not darl x0x

                • no i didn’t think thta lovely Scorchy…you’re too kind. But yes anyone reading can laugh, roll eyes etc

                  Esp at the thought of an alco poisoning their body whilst washing their keys. Hey i laugh much more about it now i don’t drink!

                  • Squeezy hugs to ya xx
                    respect not laughs is what ou’d get from peeps here.. or a laugh at a joke not at you perse.. how small can this go. am compelled now in an ocd (grins) way to keep going.. gotta have something if I don’t wash keys…but one never says never xxx

          • I just started a religion of always washing my keys too. If I can I touch a part of the door no one else touches and if I can i use my top wrist as a door opener. I noticed a huge drop in the number of colds I get once doing this. I used to get like 4 or 5 a year now its like 2 or 3.. and a stomach bug about 1 every 4 or 5 years is about the same.

            • Yes to the keys but i am really strict on how often i do this – i am not allowed to go overboard – i must cope.

              Is this Aquarian?

              • I think its more my 3 planets in virgo… Ive seen some pretty messay aquas..

  5. Feeling wtf about the dreaming too, mostly because it was a repeat of an old “angst” theme about being ignored by my love zombieness target, when really he isn’t, and I just feel so bored about it. However it clearly shows me that secretly (NOT?) I am a bit of an attention whore.

    But it goes really well with today’s Aqua Horoscope. What gives? Saturn turning direct? A check to see if I am over? I doubt, but then it’s good fuel for my quest.

    Off to water the garden.

    • How’s your garden? Mine’s coming along, but we could do with some rain around here! I water every evening, but it’s not the same as Ma Nature’s touch.

      • Hmmm, it’s slowly coming toghether. I don’t expect to see much rain over the next two months, but we had plenty up till 2-3 weeks ago.

        Since I am not using fertilizers and somesuch stuff, the plants are a bit crooked haha, haven’t had a chance to taste anything yet.

        It’s also the first year, so very experimental to see what is actually growing on the soil here, learning when is the right time for everything.

  6. Imagine Spicygumdrop feels suitably chastened. Should she/he ever return. . .

    what I really want to know is did the apple actually come with pumpkin seeds? or was it two separate things? I hear pumpkin seeds are excellent for worms . . . Deadly to chickens, but . . apparently.

    • Crabs are an outlet for the Zap Zone, it’s too unpredictable what’s going to happen with that as to write more then one.

      Or maybe they don’t deserve better for the shennanigans they pull. Once they make up their mind, they’ll get more paragraphs.


      • Aquaria ! So a Kataka messed with you and destroyed your spelling capabilities? Nasty business that. Nice to see you rose above it all.

        • Hehehehe. Teehee.

          Spelling? Ah maybe Saturn squaring my Mercury in autumn will sort that out. But right now I am pretty bazinga about that reply?

          As for Kataka, oh no, I adore the ones I have around. Wouldn’t want to miss ’em.

      • Apologies… the anon above was me… and can i just say… the bovine were not so lucky

    • We don’t need to be told what is going to happen, we are in charge . I seem to be a step ahead of it all. I love the express evolution train! Get on board or be left on the platform of stagnation.

      • i like this. if you get ready and have planned ahead the train pulls out and you realise that you are on it. from making your own decisions, wanting it to happen, being ready for it.

  7. Oh Mystic – I love it ! You are the ultimate poster girl for the evolved, haute astro bitch. There’s no where for the lo qi to thrive with your haute attitude and p.i.a.b powers turning merde into gold with bonus SEO advantage!

  8. Is it just me,or are there any other Scorps out there feeling fully fierce under these Zap Zone stars? I’m so going to enjoy this ride while I can before my, come what may…*dramatic music*… Saturn transit.
    My new mantra – may I accept things with maturity and grace…maturity and grace…
    YES to being authentic, get real, and be me!
    This neo-astro-looney-bitch is feeling pretty good to go!

    • yeah pluto is our ruler and its squaring uranus in ARIES so its bound to be fierce? Im feeling a touch incredible hulk today. the bit where he wrestles going green

        • Zaiborg…hell yes to feeling fully fierce. Have recently engaged demonic personal trainer Nathan to whip me into tip top shape. At the age of 40. (WTF?!? In the past I only ever broke into a canter when the milk bar was about to close and I needed a mars bar). Fully ON work wise and love your mantra ” accept with maturity & grace”. Might need to borrow for a while while “Insert dramatic music and a fainting spell” saturn goes through my 12th house for, oh, about 3,000 years. Go the zap zone!

          • Get your Phoenix ON and Scorp up, up and away!
            Can’t take credit for the mantra – it was coined by none other than our fabulous GOOD GURU…Mystic!

      • Oh, that’s interesting that you mention chart ruler: mine’s Neptune. Does that explain the 100% surreal quality I’m experiencing to *everything* lately? It’s like I stopped eating diary when in fact I have cheese with most every meal.

        • not to sound like a square, but it does not matter what your chart ruler is..Saturn in Scorpio is saturn in scorpio.

          Crackling thunder.. :)

          • it DOES matter!!! Saturn’s not in Scorpio yet but when he does get there I’m sure I’ll feel better than I do now with Saturn going over my Libra MC. Don’t like Saturn in Libra or the retro.
            The train may have left the station but I’m not sure where I’m going yet. I’m in the ZZone!

            Besides, I have natal Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Mars and Chiron ALL squaring my happy-go-lucky Saggo moon. So I have to work really hard (how saturn is that!) at being cheery and positive.
            And the rest of my chart is full of oppositions, conjunctions and squares.

        • that would probably explain it. Neptune is conjunct your Asc. Nice! Lucky you!!!
          You probably have an easier time with belief, faith and magic. I struggle to have blind faith in anything and magic doesn’t work for me.

          I tried Feng Shui (yes, professionally done too) and it didn’t work. Load of rubbish and waste of money! The only thing that works for me is hard work… blood sweat and tears. Saturn stuff.

    • Yes, this weekend was full of insights about how I need to express my true self more fully and discard the old, tired views of my physical appearance and self-worth that I’ve carried around since adolescence. Why do I deserve success and happiness any less than the next person?

      Zaiborg, I loved reading about your near death experience. Thank you for sharing it.

    • OMG yes, totally revolutionary and amped to the max, kicking my inner love zombie to the curb and feeling the last swoosh of Saturn RX. Lessons learned, grokked, filed, sorted and absolutely no regrets. Uranus is back bang on my ASC, radical.

      I love a good rise up from the ashes. Going to make some elderflower wine to celebrate.

  9. I put my wallet on a diet when there is a need i.e. remove all old receipts, re-order useful cards, etc. Sometimes put in some basil leaves for experimenting but my attn span is too short to establish the cause-effect of said herb vs. other meat-world connections.

    Will have to wait a bit longer for the oracle / monthly subscription regardless of feng shui whatever tho. parking fine taking up 50% of my week’s income and i might have to offer sexual favours to the mechanic to service my very unhealthy-sounding car :( *raids basil shrub in back yard to stuff leaves into wallet in place of notes*

  10. i love this trip you are on atm Mystic

    so there with fancy astro domination service. I get hit up for this all the time x

  11. Whatever is going on wtih the pseudo-intellectual astro bitch (which is absolutely gender neutral btw) and all the other stuff I have to just chime in and say the odd bits I’ve read have had me rolling. I love it!! Totally appeals to my sense of humour and this could have so much mileage it’ll cover the multiverse twice over :)

    I don’t have too much to add at the mo but am popping in and out and enjoying the satire immensely.

    Keep it up piAB peeps.. if this is the zap zone it’s gonna be great.

    Actually, it’s not affecting me so strongly.. I’m in a zone but not feeling zapped. There are changes but they don’t feel stressful.

  12. Guys can you help with semantics/ definition?

    Is the term astro-bitch applicable if I strive to be compassionate etc?

    Want to embrace it but need to confirm it’s not cruel….

    • My assumption :)

      It’s tongue in cheek. Bitch has become a new playful term of endearment for guys ‘n gals for many things.

      Pseudo Intellectual is just taking the p!ss out of all of us and our assumptions on what it means to claim X is occuring because of Y transit and A won’t talk to me because B is going down in his 7th house etc.

      It’s just a play on words. Granted some folk are going to buy into an assumed arrogance or make it about something else but essentially my take is it’s meant to be funny :)

    • hello wry-grin, i too see it as tongue in cheek. but i mean, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, and that’s fine too. it did originally come from a, well, angry comment that was coined in a previous post. nonetheless mystic decided to run with it and was (is) having some fun based on that term. i think ‘wry grin’ or ‘cheeky glint in eye’ is the best facial expression to accompany it. xx peace

  13. @WryGrin. If you strive to be compassionate, then I think the term, ‘Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch From Hell’ would be suitable, as it would be suitably compassionate to tell people where you are coming from, (from whence you are coming), so they can tell and get out of the way.

    Kind Regards,

    Min x

    • Ah darling ‘Hell’ is so passe, can we not say we are from Hades? Just pimps up the ‘Pseudo Intellectual’ part nicely.

      • @ Milleunenuen.. Hah! Yes! Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch from Hades – and don’t talk to me about Persephone, it’s Proserpine FYI! And, whilst in Astro Bitch mode, is it not true that Pluto is not a planet/oid, but is, in fact a vortex about which Pluto and its other moon/satellite swirl in perpetual angst? And I can’t remember the name of it either, but if I were a real byatch I’d quote it from Wikipedia to prove clevereverness :) Gives sweep of eyes from top of head to tip of toes and back, a la Ab Fab.. ‘You just work in a Shop, Dear!’.


  14. Great book Mystic, was a great exhibition too!

    Still loving being a P.I.A.B.

    Since Mars went into Virgo I’ve gone 100% chemical free, the only things I use on my body aside from make up that isn’t great are Dr Bronners, jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar and tea tree. Never felt better.

    As an side have y’all seen this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOavbyDKSi0

  15. Been rather tired these past few days. Started the end of the massive declutter a week ago now and haven’t done a thing for several days.
    This morning, while I was walking the dog, the thought ‘didn’t I used to do all my admin on Mondays?’ thought popped into my head. I certainly did for yonks. Then I thought but I decided Monday is moonday so a Tuesday or Thursday would be better – I was having uranus squaring my virgo stellium at the time. So that paperwork has never really been finished – I took on so many projects and was loving it – but I was just winging it admin wise.
    So the big declutter has really only consisted of life before & after said transit. So today finally I sat down to do it – yes the uranian thing kept kicking in ( so I did some smudging :-) ) and I kept trying to redistribute rather than actually sort it, but I’ve persisted – I was even feeling physically sick at one point, not finished yet, but getting there.
    I will finish before Mars leaves Virgo, I will ………..