Jupiter Nowness

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This weekend and for the next five days, Jupiter on the South Node of the Moon (karma, your past, your past LIVES) is a long story…obviously….it also means that apart from your FABULOUS insights re practically everything at the moment, you’re super-charged for synchronicity: You meet who you are meant to meet, you hear what you have to hear.


Image: Andy Kehoe – Affinity To Unfamiliar Worlds


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112 thoughts on “Jupiter Nowness

  1. I’ve been locked up for nearly 10 days with flu (social jail is not good for any Leo) and in the meantime lots of my past has been flickering around me. When I manage to do my hair properly and put on something besides tracksuit pants, I am really hoping so old flaky ex doesn’t become the main message of my week. LOL. I’ve had all these great stars but nowhere to go with them. Watch out world when I get my mojo back.

  2. Last night I was just getting ready to go to bed at about midnight when the doorbell rang. It couldn’t be anyone I know, they all know they’re not welcome to visit except by appointment. I don’t ever answer the doorbell unless I know you’re coming. My doorbell button is not marked well and lots of people come at night and just ring all the doorbells at once since they can’t see which button is the right one. So I ignored it.

    A few minutes later I heard a loud BANG. I wondered what that was, oh hell, someone threw a rock at my window. A BIG rock. Oh no, the last person who did something like this was my creepy stalky Virgo psychoexgirlfriend, and she knows better, the police told her to leave me alone (at my behest). I better go check this out, she will just keep at it until she gets me to notice her (which is how the police got involved in the first place).

    So I went out on my deck to check it out. It’s not her, it’s a rather chubby woman I’ve never seen before. She yells out “sorry” and runs off, except it’s not so much running as bouncing and skulking away while trying to be inconspicuous in exactly the way a 300 pound woman can’t. What the hell was that all about?

    In the morning I went out on the deck. There’s a 4 inch rock sitting on my deck. There is a big mark in the middle of the glass door where it hit, with rock dust around it. Good thing the deck door is thick plate glass, that rock would have shattered my other windows. She really wanted to get ahold of SOMEBODY, but it wasn’t me.

    • Have known Virgo operate totally obsessively :
      Almost like a neurotically unhealthy Leo , they will do absolutely anything to get a reaction. As long as they get some attention.

    • An elephant got tired of shunting one of those monolith obelisks around, and thought, A Taurean put it there, and a Taurean can have it back.

      • A Taurus would never give up the obelisk, he would carry it around on his back forever, only occasionally whining about the burden.

        • The Taurean who put it there was Dali. I would never refer to a Taurean as an elephant!

    • Charles,
      Maybe she was responsible for the comic sans font at the fountainy thing down the road. x

    • THAT is Scene One for you new script for Lynch.

      Title: The Calling.

      The Weinstein Bros are on board.

      The current astro says: “The out-going phone call creates action for people.”

      Your move.


  3. Well… that sounds good.

    I met a beautiful architect / artist today at a thing at this place. He had those big ole brown eyes that I sort of fall a bit secretly-in-love with, and better still, just that sort of gentle ‘sensitive artiste’ vibe that also makes me feel a bit … like my knees don’t exist. We had a cool little exchange about his project and our ideas around the thing we were attending. I would have perhaps sought contact details but didn’t want to seem stalky.. I suspect he had other commitments, you know.

    If I remember later in the year, I might check out his show…

    Yay for brief interludes with new lovely people :)

  4. Oh, Jesus. Lmao. This is all so crazy! My South Node is in my Sun Sign AND Moon Sign coincidentally. I’m not nervous, but I’m sort of ANXIOUS for something to happen.

    During these transits, I always hear about people having the most FASCINATING stories and nothing ever really happens to me! Lol. Hopefully the majority of its at least interesting or positive.

  5. Well, I just made a very ballsy move regarding my career yesterday. I asked my company’s very well known CEO to make a phone call (he’s one of only a handful of people w/ the power to do it) and get me the job I want so I can move from LA to SF.

    I feel really good about making that move, and it does have a fated sense to it!

    • oo, nice move.. as a matter of interest, how does one approach a big-gun CEO with such a question? Do you just come out and ask? After all, they’re busy and important straight-shooting types I’d assume..

      • Carefully! I had a number of strategic people helping me, and I was upfront with everyone. I think they appreciated that. Then my boss, who’s well respected, approached the CEO. I wrote a sincere letter, and my boss attached his letter of recommendation to it. At this point, I’m acting as if I have the job. Our CEO doesn’t take no for an answer, and I can’t see getting this far, only to fail now. I just don’t believe it. However, if you’d told me at the start of my journey, this is how I’d get the job… I wouldn’t have believed it. :)

  6. Thanx doll, exactly what we need to hear now .. Yes, absolutely re-feedback ~*~

  7. omg so much love for that picture Mystic, definitely buying a print. Warm glowing tree spirit guy!

  8. I had a phone call from a friend who I havent heard from in years. What a great transformation she had made with her life. We Skyped later and I spoke to her kids and a few other friends I hadnt spoke to for years. It was so good to see them all. It lifted my spirits so much. But it felt really strange like i was going back in time but for an instant. She is a Libra my friend and it sounds like she had had a terrible few years with a lot of family stuff going on but in all that she managed to change and do a lot of good things for herself.

  9. I’m having my second Jupiter return right now interestingly… Natally it’s at 4deg Gem 32′ 16″

    Nice timing I suppose! I don’t really know too much about Jupiter returns so would the more knowledgable care to elaborate please?

  10. Alrighty then.. well I already have a taste of this happening. First is an ex professional muso (well.. slowed down) in Brisbane from Asia and enquired about a catch up and passed on deets. Dunno, been chewing that over for a couple of weeks now but it’d be Thursday or Friday of this week.

    Second… one of the guys I caught up with back in Melbourne from .. geez it’s been 20 years (Candy :)) sends me a text yesterday saying he’s road tripping up north. Hmmm.. that’s not even a month after we’ve caught up and he was a ring in at the catcjh up anyway but welcome as he’s an old mate. He rings later in the eve, says we will be somewhere up here sometime during the week if I want to catch up. Er.. sure, no worries if it works. Something in me just couldn’t go there on the ‘we’ bit… I dunno what that means but I’m now wondering if I need to brace for another ring in?!. Could be nothing,

    Candy… lol, so apt for the soundtrack and strangely my guitarist was insistant we cover, I was insistent we don’t… who can do Kate Pierson? Anyway, it’s in and it’s rocking and turns out in my own way.. I can :)

    • great song. the film clip was on rage about 2 weeks ago – along with iggy’s duet with debbie harry – swell party – might have been an easier part to sing, she does it nice and low. anyhow – who was doing iggy’s part in candy and was he up to it – that honeyed voice!
      hope things turn out with your visitors – i’m sure you’ll just go with whatever by the sounds of it. regards,

      • Thanks for your comment Jicky :)

        Were you cracking a funny re Iggy? If not .. oops, if yeah.. lol, absolutely the amount of gear he’s consumed.. perhaps auto-tune helped him or a nice sweet hit?!? Hmmmm, either way it’s very honeyed agree.

        Will check out Deb/Iggy duo too. Interesting about Deb Harry, in a live environment she wasn’t known for doing some of the super high head stuff she did.. think ‘heart of glass’ as a lot of it was studio-ised and it just couldn’t translate across and there were also key changes so it wasn’t always as the album was. She’s awesome, not a dig btw.

        Am not a low singer essentailly, love Jonette Napolitana but can’t always get her key for example. Have a good range in chest and can push it right up which means the power centre.. whole lotta lurve type thing :) but it thins in the head range.. lacks the depth and Kate is up in that place imo.

        As for the visitors. Well, one is at Surfers and I’ll catch him next weekend and I’m cool to do that. The other is alright but a couple of his mates (assumption) on a particular page are dicks and that’s putting me off. It’s so school yard and I’m like.. well do I really wanna modify who I am to fit this scene.. I am wolf.. so that’s probably a no but I will wait and see post full moon :)

        • hey SE, thanks for the comment. i mentioned iggy because you were doubting your own abilityto do a kate pierson but did the guy singing iggy’s part of candy worry if his voice was up to it too? i don’t think a cover should be the same anyway unless you are doing a tribute show – unless you are going to make it different or add something to it…..like tori amos singing smells like teen spirit, maybe i’m not understanding the initial situation!
          yes, i was surprised that debbie harry sang that low so it makes sense that the high register was worked with effects.
          sounds like you have a fabulous voice.

          • Bless… thanks. I dunno.. hard to be objective but if ya believe the hype :) I prefer to just do what I do without thinking about it in those terms or I’d likely get caught in my ego stuff from one orientation or another :)

            Yes I think I got you.. my bass player who does the Iggy bit was rough in it initially because of that honey’d element you mentioned. He’s got it now and we never try to be exact but we do try to nail the feel icw our own interp and we do want to do it justice as much for us as the original version.

            LOL ~ our method.. listen a few times, feel it out and then make up the way we work it. Formula usually works well unless we get caught on certain structures and start le grande band debate on how it should be :)


            • When you’ve got Candy down perhaps you can do Neighbourhood Threat :)

              Enjoy that voice of yours! x

              • Sure! If I could talk em into it.. and then only if you come to a gig lol.. a shout out to you quite civilised lady of today who may or may not have caused a ruckuss once upon an olden time.. allegedly xx

  11. I’ve been limping for over a month now with horrendous twisted ankle that turned out to be slightly broken… It’s made me SIT THE FUQ DOWN and listen to the universe… I’m listening! Looking forward to meeting someone new and inspirational in any area of my life…

  12. I’ve had some beautiful Jupiter action over the last few months that has helped in balancing out heavy Saturn/mars/Pluto stuff.
    Right now Jupiter conj moon for a week or so , feels good, like a warm throbbing ball of lurve in my plexus for all creatures great and small .
    My kids are bringing me so much joy right now also. I’m counting all the blessings one by one and feeling more positive than I have for sometime.
    I want to also send big love to all you guys too, it’s been so much fun to be back here , I hope I haven’t been too full on x

    • And good to see you again David, was a long time between drinks. All bright & beautiful in your world that’s excellent.
      Full on? You?

    • I am fascinated – for some reason I don’t know any Aries’s – so am finding it very interesting to see your approach to things.

      I personally don’t have a problems with “Full On” – but then I’m a saggie with a stellium in scorpio, so “Full On” is what I do πŸ˜€ Loudly.

    • I’m chuffed you’re back David, in fine form too, it’s great having blokes on here, you and Charles are a blast to read. You have cool stories to share, and your knowledge astro wise is a buzz . I loved your take on Gestalt your Astro the other day. Sharp and visual as. Welcome back Kotter !

      • And Lexicorn too, wherever he is hiding..hopefully loved up and in fine form.

        • And Young Piscean David .. ok im going way off thread now, just hate the thought of leaving people out !

    • I’m relatively new Davidl but thought I’d throw in how grateful I am to have heard “I wear my sunglasses at night” again. (you embedded a clip of it to a comic visual).

      Made me smile for days

    • *punches dl in arm while walking past as way of saying ‘meh she’ll be right’*

    • Well, that rock I was talking ’bout earlier.. yeah, I hadn’t realised David as I hadn’t been around too much either due to shall we say.,.. life :)

      But if you’ve been absent and you’re back then that’s great. It is cool to get a male opinion in the mix and you’re definitely not too in yer face type thing.. nothing worthy of an apology anyway.

      • Thanks so much lovelies xxx its been 10 years now on and off , how time fly’s

      • Hey Damon’s , dem bitches still giving you hell ?
        May I suggest it could be your location ? South east Queensland in my experience is a difficult place to find love. I lived up there for years, never had any love success. Once I moved back to Sydney , no problems. Maybe have a look at your ‘location’ astro ? It may be that the sunshine coast however beautiful is not your love zone ?
        Good luck mate , it will happen. Probably not where or when you expect it .

        • Hi Mate,
          Yeah still no luck. Frustrating though as am surrounded by fine fillies but sadly at 40 out of my league as most hotties under 25…. Its like the ocean unlimited but none to drink … On the flip side of that its over fifties paradise… if you roll that way and I dont… Smack bang in the middle of the mortgage belt , pacific ocean to the East and them thare hills in the West YeeeHHaaa… West Oz is a desert literally and metaphorically with the ladies competing for who can wear the largest carat diamond on their finger due to husbands and boyfriends all working in the mining industry and wouldnt Spit on a poor Queenslander if you were on fire. South Oz is too bloody cold , the north is way too much alcohol infused society for me. Maybe you are right? I have given up looking, well I still look but you know what I mean. Good to see you back not that I am here much I just like to keep an eye on proceedings…

          • LOL. Sth East QLD. Yessss, well I moved here a number of years ago and still find it hard in terms of meeting people and still feel a pull to move back to the cold, tail between the legs.. twasn’t the holy grail etcs.. but it’s been great too just not for love. Culturally I’ve had way too many disconnects to feel a part of the general flow and am not necessarily into the night scene here so it doesn’t leave a lot of options. And humidity is crap for curls. Ok, my b!tch over lads. Give us all heaps.. or just your view on how the astro-scape is for you. Either way it’s good to have some Yang amongst the Yin :)

  13. Tell me about it – my new boss #1 has a birthday the day before mine, new boss #2 has the same birthday as my husband and co-worker has a birthday the day after mine. Oi vey.

  14. Sincerely hope this Jupiter action will bring me luck for the court case this week. Don’t like it much when i have to send for lawyers guns & money.
    Was it Linda Goodman that said there is a ‘fist’ in pacifist?
    The Old Guard has retired, the ones that would say a few words in the right ears and it would be sorted without the need for litigation.
    Hope there is a case for compensation when it’s over to fund stress erasure from my visage.

    • Wishing you all the best for it all Pegs.

      If any shots be fired may they be quick, painless and only with tongues that may cause a grumble of frustration at the whole bag of sh!t that couldn’t be any other way but later drifts away like a breeze bringing wisdom, freedom, energetic renewal and a new path glistening gold.

      Sometimes it’s not about doing harm or not.. forget desire and intent etc, as choice would have it not be this hard eh. Sometimes another is insistant on a certain path and lesson non? And sometimes people enlist teachers but don’t necessarly advise the teacher that they are now acting in that capacity.


  15. Found four sets of keys this week after losing two sets. And my house has had behind every book shelf cleaned and vacuumed in the process. At last my mil’s car keys found – in the therapy room yesterday. Thank Jove!

    Symbolically can’t help noting that her ability to move forward in life (keys to car) were found in the therapy space she helped to paint and create herself. A space dedicated to clearing past life blocks! Very jovial I think!

    • Ha! I somehow lost car and house keys 2 days ago…I never do that and my house is clean n tidy. WTF? Looks like I’m staying home until you send Jove around to my place Creatrix! I love your take on symbolism…better go check my alchemy lab right now!

    • LOL, a while back my mum was over and couldn’t find her keys when ready to go . We could not find them anywhere. She was on the phone to our local locksmith (who knew her very well) when I thought I’d check out her car. I broke into the car, opened the boot, lifted up her spare tyre, there they were… With 3 other sets !!!! Seems that her habit of putting her handbag in the boot ? To stop being theived at stop signs ? Had Been the culprit. For a classic kataka she was pretty sheepish that afternoon. For once I didn’t receive any ‘advice’ that day.

  16. AND…. so this image reminds me of master mythologist Michael Meade who I am listening to a lot.. since the ‘Transit of Venus’… with Saturn in Libra.. nearing the end of its long transit through my natal 6th house.. the house of “meeting one’s Mentors or Guru” etc.. as Stephen Forrest puts is.. along with *Uranus in Aries.. in my 12th house.. remaining closely trine my *prog Venus-Mercury in Leo.. in my 4th house, of my deepest Self.. Leo IC.. while all also remain closely sextile the midpoint of my natal 2nd house Jupiter-Venus in Gemini.. And, as I have said before.. This man IS, Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn!!!!!!!!!!! And, all this as listen to another audio lecture with him discussing the meaning of ‘Entering Mythic Territory: Healing & the Bestowing Self’… I cannot recommend anyone listening to how he speaks to exactly what this current revolutionary time is all about for us all.. at http://www.mosaicvoices.org/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=45&category_id=8&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=83

    AND.. so what does all this mean… >>>When the world seems to lose all sense and meaning, it is usually ‘mythic sense’ that is missing. Entering Mythic Territory introduces the vital “language of myth” and offers an intensive study of the uncommon ground where one’s inner Spirit converses with the Soul of the World.

    Using the dramatic African story of the Eagle and the Child, Meade opens the “necessary wounds” of childhood to reveal a mythic umbilical tied to the deeper Self. Drawing on traditions from many cultures, on depth psychology, alchemical imagination, and the guiding language of dreams, these recordings work at nourishing the roots of “living myth.”>>>>>>>>>

    • AND.. so to me.. & many others who have heard Michael Meade speak about where we have all gone wrong in the modern world.. He is the world’s great living master Shaman, who lives in the world of the “Weird”.. ie. having a foot firmly planted in “both” Worlds.. Which is the real meaning of the word “Weird”…. not what the rationalists would have us beleive it is.. as someone who is supposedly mad or wrong etc.. So this is the upside down world that we are all living in…….. the rationalisitic & literalistic world dominated by the world of “Appearances”… as if appearances are the full reality…….. So the way of the Shaman means returning to the worlds of the Poet & the Mystic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, so the only way, anyone of us can ever see “reality” as it really IS………… is to become a Poet, a Mystic, or a deep Philosopher…. To re-enter the Mythic & magical, imaginal world of the Ancients….

      • Yes I like the idea of us all becoming shamans, which is say open to perceiving different frequencies and vibrations. β€œIf you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Tesla.
        The secrets of the Universe are the secrets of the heart imo so important to all of us.

        • Yes… And, have you heard Michael Meade speaking about all this? And he’s very funny too… Along with his comment about Descarte in the audio discussion I posted above.. where he says that, “I think, therefore I am”.. may as well be,, “I fart, therefore I am”… ie. denying the “deeper” imaginal world of the heart & the deeper Self… Back, to art, poetry & ancient myth, that speak to our “bones” about the “real” truth of LIfe… Like the “fire” & poetry of Rumi, taking us all back to the Source of creation.. ie. Imagination IS the path back to LOVE… I spent a couple of hours at the City Library the other day ‘looking’ throough the book titled ‘1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die’.. from the 1900’s back to the Reannaisance in the 1600’s.. while reading about each artist.. & the meaning behind each painting… While listening to some Baroque guiltar music that I recorded from ABC Classic Fm the other day… I felt so deeply inspired by the feelling of “Timelessness”.. & the feeling of beging immersed in the Divine.. connecting with all these moments of deep “Eternity”… all these deep “images” of people & places from other times & places… the feeling or experience of moments of “Grace”……

    • thank you, perfect link for my now – how can i resist listening to the words of a man named after the ambrosia of the gods? πŸ˜€

    • Very cool Thanks. Dig all shaman come alchemist stuff and isn’t it all hero’s journey essentially.

      Time for those who have not stood to stand and those who have stood for too long to stand down or change perhaps. Change such as this is the myth made manifest.

  17. I want a boyfriend. I really want one. My commitment phobis is ready to go. It;s not even commitment phobia. It’s just a fear of being vulnerable to another person. Anyway.

    I hope I meet him. (Actually I hope I have already met him and in that instance I hope I hear the right thing from him, but in the instance that that is not the case……. I really hope I meet my next boyfriend.)

    I didn’t meet anyone last night though. Boo!

    • have you done your peach blossom fung shui for romance as mystic suggested the other day?

      • In the process of moving house. I wouldn’t know which house to put the flowers in! Both? Double the luck? Hahaha.

  18. AND… I Love this image Mystic.. Wow.. to me it is an image of the deep Soul within us all, crying out for us ALL to return to……..

  19. I’ve started print making again πŸ˜€ Am working from Picasso’s idea – I will wake up every morning and say “What Shall I Create Today ?”.

    I find this INCREDIBLY soothing. It makes me happy and calm just thinking about it.

    Maybe I was an artist in a past life ? I know I resonate incredibly with the cloisters of a monastery, and also with ceramic workshops – they have the same quiet, cool, contemplative feel to them. I suspect that I may have been both a potter and a Monk or Nun in the past – copying Bibles. I’d actually enjoy that πŸ˜€

    I do feel an incredibly strong drive to wards the artistic life – hence the photography, print making, knitting, gardening etc etc I am sorta-kinda- aaagghh-do-I-really-want-t0-get-myself-into-this contemplating making a tarot…. EEk. I’ve said it… It may take years πŸ˜€ And it would be hand-painted lino prints. Need to dream a theme first.

    Oh and I had a really odd dream last night – I dreamt I was in some sort of school, and there was this young Tibetan bloke who was a monk of some sort – but just dressed in street clothes – I told him that I was studying to become a Shaman and he said “Show me how you Journey” so we went to an upstairs room and I laid in a hammock – I could feel it swinging gently, and started Journeying, but as I was Journeying hordes of children burst in and were playing and laughing, and I was consciously blocking them out while still Journeying, and I Journeyed to the Lower World and my power animal gave me two white snails with blue and red gem encrusted shells, and then I returned and apologised that I couldn’t Journey any more because the children’s playing was too distracting, and told him what had happened. AND THEN I WOKE UP before he could explain it to me. But I still feel fascinated that I’m Journeying in my dreams now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Some shift has taken place – deep and tectonic – but truly positive. I feel lighter somehow…. and more optimistic….

    *Off to Yoga*

    • 1. Why do they want to play around you? What drew them?

      2. Why are you blocking them? Is it sound/movement? Or is it separating the Squeakies from your Journeying?

      3. What is in your 5th House?

      Not sure whether these are questions just for you or because i’m highly inquisitive about it :)

      • 1. No idea – they just sort of burst into the room, tumbling and skipping. It was a sunny room with wooden floorboards. I find my children do sort of burst into the room.

        2. Its very hard to Journey surrounded by a horde of happy children. Yes, I do think this is something to do with dealing with the fact that I must make *this* journey while surrounded by the Squeakies (perfect example, as I am writing this the two eldest came in and #1 said “There are fishies trapped in a bag in the big fishtank and why are they in there?” and I said “Cos they need to get used to their new tank or the other fishies will EAT them” to which he replied” Do the big fishies eat the new little fishies, or do the fishies eat the same sized fishies or can they be friends if they are the same size and you leave them in the bag ? When are you letting them out ?”

        He’s a talker, like me (they all are !) and that is a one nanosecond soundbite of what I get every waking moment of the day πŸ˜€ I HAVE to learn to meditate, Journey, read Tarot, write Blogs etc etc all in a waterfall of small voices asking me questions about the exciting Universe they find themselves in….

        Its not so much about blocking, but on focussing my attention while chaos reigns in the background….

        3) I have Jupiter and my True Node natally, and currently Pluto has just slipped over the cusp. What does this mean ?!

        • What a beautiful expression ‘ the waterfall of small voices..” children are so special and enchanting at that age (guessing they’re under 10..) and understand the challenge in getting in your own space/flow.

          All the best with your art !

        • Pluto just on the cusp? And you journeyed to the Lower World? This is just the beginning, isn’t it.

    • wow, amazing dream. for the tarot the empress can be the psuedo intellectual astro bitch and the fool can be the fuqed up clueless whore? non. (no offence intended anyone).

    • What shall I create today? The Alchemist question Dt :) Picasso may have been onto it himself but it’s older than that.

      How can I be of service is the other powerful one to ask. This is related as much to the whole as it is to creation or to serving the higher elements of self and their desire for expression.

        • Hmmm.. contemplating a new one :) Yes, if in latin or french or symbols even x

  20. P-I-A-Bitch alert!
    I know it sounds rather woo-woo, but what I’m facing at mo seems ever so familiar – karmic even…like I’ve fought this battle before in many other life times, and this is what I was BORN to do. I know, right.
    But I can not ignore the powerful Astro behind it all..
    I’m like, “Hooah…”

    • Yes and have you noticed everyone here has always backed you, no dissuasion? We feel it too. Best xx

  21. So far the only new person I’ve met was the mobile mechanic guy who showed up to fix my unexpectedly inoperative car. No chemistry there, unless you count battery acid, lol.

    I went shopping with a friend to a far flung place, I did unexpectedly see an ex, haven’t seen or heard of him in 10 years. The relationship was v serious at the time but totally over, it ended around the time of those 1993 eclipses. If the car hadn’t broken down I never would have seen him. So – perhaps that was Jupes telling me this big cycle is finished? I’m certain I’m at the tail end of that cycle now.

  22. 10,000th misogynist comment by my dad sent me into an ancestral chart making tailspin. doing synastries for my great-great grandparents… in the realm of ghosts. iabsolutely fascinating!!

    guessing rising signs is awesome… i wonder if any piab would be willing to give me an opinion about one ancestor? here’s his pic~ he’s scorp sun/moon EXACT trine saturn/chiron/pluto in pisces EXACT with a sag stellium, aqua jup and leo mars. where do the kind and beautiful eyes come from?? http://www.boydhouse.com/darryl/ennis/photos/Alonzo_Havington_Ennis.html

    • i LOVE the realms of the family tree – saturn conjunct my IC, sun and then south node in the 4th sent me there and I’ve loved every minute of it – you can totally see the familial trends in the charts. I discovered I’d been haunted by one of my ancestors all my life without knowing it – as a child I had an obsession with the thing he did for a job that ended up in a weird way being the death of him. He died on my birthday but years earlier. No-one in the family knew anything of him and the important thing he did to help so many people before I started investigating. No dice on what your guy’s rising sign would be sorry – he has a kind face though. Smiling eyes. Good luck with your search πŸ˜€

      • ooh saturn on the ic here too. you got me thinking- i started my family tree research when he was transiting cancer as a gift to my then newborn daughter, then it ramped up when i found royalty when (of course!) he was in leo…. those roots sustained me somewhat through the return and transit of the fourth. fifth house libra has been more creative and personal… nn saturn transit i’ve read brings past life experiences. i don’t know if i’m still waiting for that or if it’s happened and i’ve just blocked it. beginning to realize i have a serious block in place. why i don’t know but it’s there. i find myself jealous of your haunting- sounds funny but really that’s insanely cool. and his contribution had previously gone unnoticed? so he was working through you? wow!!!! is he still with you or has he moved on since you maybe “freed” him? that’s awesome in the true sense of the word. :)

        • Whether he is still with me is an interesting question – we share the same DNA so I’ve never really considered the idea of him being ‘freed’ because everyone who went before me is in me. I’m not sure if he wants or wanted something but he is a part of me in an ephemeral way – I always think of him at times that I know were pivotal in his life. We have/had a lot in common. I loved looking at your pictures – Lincoln Garibaldi? What a name, powerful I love it – you have some freedom fighters in your clan?

          • yes, the freed comment was silly. nothing in us that is not part and parcel of our ancestors. i used to sit with my inch thick ancestor file and trip out that here is me, every bit of dna from these freedom fighters (yes!!), gods and giants, ground-down hard working plain folks, and absolute (no absolutes!) monsters. twas the beginning of my exploration of the shadow… to realize, oh wow, she is me and he is me and wait!! oh fuq. he is me too. he is me too…

            • oh no, not silly at all, I’d just never considered it in that way – i guess in some way something was freed, or maybe there was some kind of release in that finally his story was being heard. It’s a curious thing.

              “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

    • ah, they’re doing it finally! I love how we have to mess with our human-constructed numerical time (which is pesky and annoying) so we can keep up with what the universe is actually doing.

      As the article says, it’s not a new event. “Time-catching is as irregular as the Earth’s rotation itself. The last three adjustments were in 2008, 2005 and 1998. The year 1972 saw two additions, followed the next seven years by a second every year.”

      Apparently a few years ago some people somewhere were arguing against it for reasons that I have forgotten (ie. that I decided to dismiss on grounds of ignorance) . one second wouldn’t mess with astrology!

      • oh, dear, hang on let me be clear, your question wasn’t ignorant!! but when I was reading about it a while ago therewas a thing that I read and… that’s what I was referring to. right.

    • No. Because the Zodiac is based on the 360 degrees of the sky, beginning with Aries at the Spring equinox. Its fairly loosely connected with (Western Emperialist constructions of) time and not even slightly connected with astrology (ie: has very little, apart from names, to do with the constellations) *

      Your rising sign is that 12th of the sky coming over the horizon as you’re born – frankly I have always wondered at the times they put on birth certificates. I didn’t notice anyone with a stopwatch during the births of my three children – I’d say there’s a few minutes give either way πŸ˜€

      * Which is why scientists keep screwing up the procession of the equinoxes and also Orpheucus πŸ˜›

  23. I fell in love this weekend ! Yet It could be just a deep spiritual connection from past lives . Magical , she has a boyfriend and lives far away ?
    We will see ! Still good !!!she felt the same

    • Are you taking the mickey c/o of the previous Love Zombie posts? just checking…

  24. I am sceptical about fateful meetings, since I don’t feel like meeting anyone. But I did just get all eloquent about ethics to a dear Libran and have been receiving rad advice from a wise and caring Leo.

  25. right now Jupiter is square my natal Saturn – Astrodienst take on it was a bit hard – 3 star rating and the idea that it’s an important time in biz – decisions made now have long-term impact…had a eye-opening week last week in biz, reflecting on this in light of Mars Action reading from MM – ‘banging my head against a wall re career’

    am open to the synchronicity though…and yes to the influx of insights over this week-end.

  26. Really….? I am quite confused by the whole year so far. As an Aqua and patiently adhering to said predictions re astro not much seems to be panning out. I think I just fuqed the most magical important astro phase for a shot at soulmating and true love or romance for Aqua ever… I didnt even get a smile let alone get laid last month! My online propositions have ditched me ( what a soul destroying and humiliating experience that was…online dating I mean) I am surrounded by stunning hotties where I live but they dont smile or say hello at all even its like I am invisible.. Maybe I am just a creep surely I am not. I know that I am not but I think all the woman are suspicious of all men being creeps? July looks like its going to be crap I am over it and changing my religion from astro to numerology.

    • Hey D.. am sure you’re not a creep. You landed here right. Never seen one around these parts :)

      Online dating ~ tried it once as a social experiment and it’s quite frankly fuq’d so if you’re measuring success based on that quit that wasted trip right now!!

      I think we’re all a little confused by the year thus far. It’s interesting times and it’s not promising much ease or cruise control (tg if you’re talking katie/tom lol) and structures are shifting. Just try to remember who you are inside and stay centred. It’s not a big deal.. but in saying that it’s a freaking big deal for all of us. We’re all in that same sea. Don’t judge a lack of response as something about you… repeat… we’re all in that same sea of change.

      And.. never make stuff about you when you can’t quantify it to be the case. So potentially damaging. Soz if this feels like I’m reading you a riot act, is not the case :)

      • “never make stuff about you when you can’t quantify it to be the case” sound advice scorchy

  27. i just woke up with an official brill insight! the way to ‘”do” a transit is to “be” it’s polarity. so to do pluto in cap one must be cancer- i.e. open the heart! nurture thyself (pluto’s on my 8th cusp)! as scary as it is, be very, very vulnerable. saturn transiting libra? get your wild independent warrior self on! if life is a sexual dance, and the planets are a mirror, the ultimate reward (and the least amount of frustration- not pain, heartache, but frustration) comes from the most amount of catharsis, the melding of the opposites. planet transit alchemy! now it feels like a big duh but i’m going to post it anyway! xoxox

    • I did read that somewhere, to do a transit, work the opposite house ./ sign

    • Yes i read it too, but your reminder is inspiringly written, hiddendragonqueen. Great! Something more to work with.

  28. I met this really lovely guy, who I think I connected with while we played a round of golf. He is about 16 years younger, although I know that romantically there is too much of a gap, I have the feeling that he is the link to something special. Maybe I will meet someone through himself, maybe he was connected in a past life. Interesting..

  29. Sweet tender moments with my love last night. :) We spoke of his soul and how it has been pulling him to me since we met. Thankfully!

  30. something just plugged itself into my brain this weekend esp of Sunday. Serious astro grokking insight and hardcore dreamstate action. Full on