How To Handle A Saturn Transit In Style

Here is Leo actor Chris Hemsworth (Thor) hanging out in Sydney and having his Saturn Return!  It is right on his Saturn-Pluto in Libra and clearly he is coping  by (a) staying grounded, hanging with his fam despite pressures of fame, being papped etc and (b) continuing his arduous workout regime. I think there is a lesson here for anyone having a Saturn Transit, don’t you? 

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33 thoughts on “How To Handle A Saturn Transit In Style

      • I was thinking his arms and abs are a bit pink too…

        You can see it more in some of the other photos. Not that I went looking. Not me. No siree. 😀

        He’s VERY fair tho’…. And while we’re commenting on the body of a complete stranger, I’ll say it again – I prefer my men with fur 😀 😀

          • Me too! – but I draw the line at back hair – eiw.
            Also like a deep, manly voice.
            Biggest tun-off for me are dudes with what I call ‘jockey-voice’…

            • *Jockey-voice* lol! Agree on both counts, Zaiborg. I’ve fallen in, and out, of love with guys purely on their voices. I have Merc conj my Pisces sun in 7th. Once ditched a super hot man because he said ‘youse’. I blame Mars in Virgo for that one.

              • I have fallen out of lust from seeing an attractive, intelligent, articulate man eat with his mouth open, food he was eating was on his face, burping, and (unintentionally) treated me like a mother-female servant picking at the food on my plate, and helped himself inside my bag to look for a pen, and was very emotional from one glass of red wine. Otherwise pleasant to be around.
                I both blame and thank my Venus in Virgo.

              • good god. I am happy to say that in spite of the other gigantic relationship mis-matches, the two alpha-macho-caveman types that I dated long-term in fact had good table manners and were clean freaks. I don’t think ‘youse’ ever cropped up either, amazingly. I attribute this to their libran influences – moon (the pisces) and rising (the toro) hahahahahahaha oh i have to laugh at myself sometimes. Ok, a lot actually.

  1. Since the beginning of my Saturn transit, more mentors and muses have appeared in my life than ever before. There are Leo and Taurean accomplished creative spirits; Earthy Capricorn leaders who navigate their professional landscapes with pizazz.
    I relate to only a few close confidantes of immediate family and a small but tight network of dear friends – Scorpions, Librans, Aquarians.
    My foundations have been restructured from the inside out, like your Hemsworth eg.

  2. He’s looking a lot more relaxed than me at the moment. I am totally faking my Dark Moon. I am hiding more than relaxing…

  3. In fact, my plans now coming to fruition have all come from discipline, privacy, quiet, a demanding work ethic, being on periphery of so many fields but not swallowed by any one, sleep, exercise, flying under the radar, rest.

  4. sorry – off topic but today i LOVE the oracle – gave me all the answers I needed (and hoped for!). I’m off facebook and twitter as I was not liking some of the behaviours they brought out in me (i.e cyberstalking the love interest and their potential love interests LOL). so where do you go to when you’ve sent and received about 40 work emails, it’s getting cold and dark outside and STILL not knock off time?? Mystics blog and the lovely community posting there – thanks everyone : )

  5. Oooh…I’m sure people have watched The Avengers, I was just thinking how the actors’ sun signs correspond to their characters? Like Chris as a leo makes sense that he’s Thor while Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki is an aquarius, which has all that otherworldiness there since he’s also a frost giant. Robert D. Jr is Aries? With a tauro moon but don’t you think it comes through in Ironman? Ok…that’s as far as I got but Jeremy Renner’s a capricorn, Scarlett Johansson’s Saggo and maybe I went a bit fangirly.

    • I agree, Taurus Moon and Ironman, sound right.

      If you are a comic book fan (I am, big time) then you are in for a treat with Batman, and Spiderman upcoming cinematic release. …Promethius -the Innovator- and The Avengers … lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

      • I know right!! Waiting and counting down. More a Marvel fan but can’t wait for Batman!

      • I am SUCH A HUGE JEAN GREY FROM THE X MEN FAN. I literally have 3 separate crushes on her. One as Famke Jansen the actress, one as Jean Grey the cartoon from the comic books and one as Jean Grey as played by Famke Jansen the actress.
        Sorry that’s a bit random but hey. Thor (the character) reminds me of every guy in any given bar i try to avoid lol but I really respect how hard he trained for this role…
        Sorry. Marvel comics have that effect on me, as do torsos like the one pictured abouve

  6. I could stare at this picture forever, look at those abs! What a way to work that Saturn baby!!

  7. I had to come back for another look at the body and just noticed that I most likely have more hair on me than he does. Not. So. Sure. About. That.

  8. Yes!… & that lesson is ‘Don’t just let any 28/29 year old pick you up, make sure you select the ones with Guns like these!!’

  9. nice : )
    I guess it hasn’t been all that bad for me. My future prospects definitely look a lot brighter than they did before Saturn started kicking my ass around June of last year. Sustained efforts have yielded massive rewards, but punishment for any carelessness has been pretty severe. Mystic, I love your horoscopes/oracle, but I have to pay down a few more debts before allowing myself the small luxury of subscribing again.

  10. Things definitely go better for me when I’m doing Saturn – in relationships, communications (Saturn transiting my 3rd), money, values, health, everything. Saturn anything yields excellent returns and the reward is I feel super good about myself.

  11. Those Hemsworth Brothers, marry one and have the other 2 as family, how delicious.
    Cute little legs to go with those abs and shoulders, but the arms definitely look ripped, almost steroidal.
    Method actors both Chris & Sam -only 2 facial expressions per person.

  12. I look at this and I think, “Why is Thor at the beach? Why is he wearing a towel not his cloak? It’s just not right!”

    woooo neptune

  13. He is seven days older than me and I am trying to use him as a role model but I also have a Pluto transit happening. Poor Aries husband is scared for his life.

  14. I am so excited that I will have cleared all my debt when Saturn turns direct. Usually Saturn retrogrades are a drag because I have it in 1st square to Moon, but this one I got right.

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  16. I’m loving the metaphor of weightlifting and Saturn.
    Something about fighting the resistance (for more on this read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfeild.). No not the art of war, the war of art. It’s about fighting the resistance and the difficulty of creating anything of value