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Tatiana Plakhova

How magical is this picture?  See her site for more awesome.

Speaking of magic, i found a large wicker-cane pentagram in the street this morning.  As you know, the pentagram is a symbol of Venus and so i am going to take this as a brilliant omen. It was literally right in my path on the street. I did have some sort of a magical breakthrough with the Transit of Venus but am yet to run it through any sort of analytical filter. It feels like a re-set. Like if my mind tries to meander down old, poorly lit neural pathways (ie; outmoded thought patterns) it just won’t go there. GOOD – right?

Also, as it is halfway through the year already, I have posted the 2012 Horoscopes in the Horoscopes section, available for all subscribers. Note they have been edited to take out the first six months of the year already gone but there is still heaps there. If you bought one but lost it OR just want to see them all in one place, there they are.

Of course, you can go comment there as well if you want.

Back to the pentagram, feel free to share any thoughts on this AND has anyone else come across stray symbols or everyday omens these past few days?



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65 thoughts on “Horoscopes For The Rest Of 2012

  1. Bird encounters again, crazy birds! And lost a brand new pair of earrings i bought this morning… well one of them… while whooshing down the street overtaking people. It was a feather earring! Flew away. With its metal clasp. Funny i could feel it flapping in the chill breeze.

    The birds have been really hilarious and coming up REALLY close, one even tried to hide behind a yucca and spy on me, cos we were both having a minifreak out upon seeing each other. The other broke the flower stalk he was feasting from and took a bit of a dive then came up and tried to eat another red thing, which was actually a chili. It looked embarrassed! I can guarantee change is afoot when the birds come to sit with me. They are real clowns. Oh and lots of butterflies visiting my place too. I’m in some kind of flight path.

      • Strange! I was wearing them as i walked out of the art shop fresh with some drawing gear, and the left one fluttered away as i whipped down the crowded street. Birdy love coming right back at you :)

        • omg it’s Japan… David Sylvian. Yes i do know this. How’s that for random retro.

          Have to add, the random sychronicity this week has been intense. Pictures, graffiti, music, happenings and things people say all forming parallel lines.

          • Love David Sylvian! Especially the ‘Damage’ album he did with Robert Fripp. Listen to that heaps :)

            And butterflies… I just moved house and bought a butterfly welcome mat. One of those hessian type ones with printed butterflies. Got a colour to match my door. I wanted something plain but they were too expensive. The guy in the shop kept showing me mats with “welcome” printed on them and I said “No, don’t want that!! Nobody is welcome unless I invite them personally!”

            The first day I moved in a neighbour introduced himself. He looked interesting :) He and I are the only people who have a pot plants outside our units. I wondered if he could possibly be a Taurus…
            So, I did the communal laundry today for the first time and had to walk past his door to get there (the building is a motel style block) and I noticed he’s got a little plastic skull attached to his door and some action figure dolls amongst the pot plants. Wow!! COOL!! Hope I bump into him again 😛
            He’s got a skull and I got a butterfly door mat. Made me chuckle today. Hehe.

            • Birds for me too. Tons of “signs”. But I try to let signs be fluid and not make too much of them. They are cool though. One massive snake sign that’s far too complex to convey. One of wildest experiences I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something!)

              • R u Anonymous who draws or Another Anonymous? Can Anon people use numbers or does this destroy the anonymity?

              • Favourite bird twittering near by, then lover gives me beautiful bird bowl and feathers left at my door.

            • Skull and action figurines! Way to attract a Scorpio! The Scorp who came to live with me filled my home with Simpsons figurines to make a point when i came home from work one day.

              Motel style! Fantastic! I’m thinking gritty glamour high whore photo setups LA style (tho i know you’re in Australia)… Skulls and butterflies… Scorpalicious on the hunt… sexy!

              Scorpa, r u Gem Rising? Sorry Pisces brain fluff moment.

              • haha… “gritty glamour high whore photo setups” EXACTLY!! you got it. Or Vegas style! Cheap motels on lonely desert highways along Route 66… Joshua trees, the wild west. So romantic!!

                I did a west coast tour of U.S back in ’98. Best 6 weeks of my life!! I’m sure you’ve seen Wim Wenders’ – Paris, Texas. That’s got the whole gritty-whore-glamour vibe going on. A classic.

                Someone’s already done a photo book – ‘Motel Fetish’ but it’s a bit too contrived. I would have done it differently.

                I’m a Cap Asc. but have Gem NN… might explain why I go for Peter-Pan types.
                And Jupes is headed towards my NN in 6th house. I should hang out more in the laundry (6th house daily activities) :) …. now my mind’s in fantasy drive. 😆

                Skulls & butterflies very Silence of the Lambs innit… :)

    • i woke up this morning and found that all my texts — you know, the ones which i would peruse when i wanted a trip down memory lane, an ego boost, or to just generally obsess over lover-du-jour (or yesteryear) — were erased from my Blackberry. GONE. all the sweet & dirty words of the past, to which i’d so ceremoniously clung, forgotten. nothing to do now but start fresh.

      • I celebrate with you.

        I did this once. Now i think if one were to read all the intimate messages people send each other the words might be really similar. The heart individuates them.

  2. Wow mm that is seriously cool! I feel full reset, in fact ive never been like this before! I would think myself manic, except I’m not fully chiiled actually…. Just cruising into a new reality! I.must say I have been. prep. aring for over a decade though with the
    awareness of the evolution that needs,to occur right now!

    Despitw this anddodgy grammar and spelling, and keepin it real, things have just unfolded without any particular ritual, praying to angels, SD love meditation etc, in fact, going to the dentist, giving them all my money, giving up final addiction and finding country bumpkin obsession have been key, fascinatingly!

    I’m obsessed w vintage, bought a vintage handbag today for $2.50…. Was made in Aus in the 70s for the Sydney opera house, sheeze, its amazing in all its dagginess : )

    And grass seeds make me very happy : )

  3. What a gorgeous find – so special! My experience…two days ago a bird came to my kitchen window (a large double window) and started tapping then pacing along the sill, tapping intermittently – as if trying to get my attention and looking directly at me when I looked up – I work on my mac in the kitchen/dining room – just as I was wondering what to make of it – it went away only to come back about 10mins later and do the same again, I was too surprised to do anything!

    It brought back the same mixed feelings of wonder (and a little fear) I had from a dream last week – that a powerful bird flew in the kitchen window and was flying around – you know one of those dreams just as you’re waking, so for a minute you’re not sure if it’s real or not?

    Have never had any birds on the window sill and never tapping at the window! Seemed like it was an omen of some kind, especially with the strong link to my dream. Not sure what it might mean yet…

    • I had a bird doing that all spring long – tapping on my window. Problem is it was shitting all over my window and front door too. Ridiculous to come home to a door covered in copious amounts of bird crap every day. My daughter and I named it psycho bird. Psycho bird eventually stopped crapping all over my front door and moved on to pushing babies out of its nest. Sorry – I suppose that’s not very helpful re understanding omen/dreams.

      • Ha ha, that’s exactly what I thought – psycho bird! But not funny about baby birds !!

        • Well, hopefully your bird isn’t as psycho as mine was! Between the shit-front-door and shrews under my deck out back (attracted by bird seed droppings), I have given up bird feeders. I may put them out in the winter for the cardinals. But in spring? Too much shit.

    • Well, Fifi, i guess that means, heads up! And check carefully for shit. 😀

      • If you are being haunted by a psycho bird, there is no need for careful checking as the results will not be subtle. Good luck and heads-up is not a bad idea. :-)

  4. The omen that keeps coming up for me is the Star tarot – as in be the star. I’ve got to be honest – its pretty irritating. The Star is a lone figure. I’m tired of my alone time. I’d much rather be finding the two of cups or pair-bonding omens. I’m still releasing the terror that was my 2009 “spiritual awakening” and am being petty (but human) when I say I thought there’d be some kind of reward for going through all that on my own and keeping my chin up. Instead, I’m tasked with continuing to be accepting, vaguely optimistic, tending to spritual well-being, acknowledged or – most likely – not and not being attached to what comes of it. Ugh. But I did notice, when I keep my Mars (ego?) in check, feeling vaugely optimistic and content feels better than feeling vaguely pissed off and cheated. So, more discipline, more shining, more zen. Hmph.

      • Yeah, but I’m like “goddamit, Universe, give me a reason to be so happy/content, you know? Stop being such a mind fuck with all this Neptunian voodooy woo woo.” Oh well. As you said, better to err on the side of awesome.

  5. I have actually. Two: rattlesnakes and butterflies. Still trying to analyze the snake but the butterfly motif was a no brainer. (Multiple conjunct Scorp w/ Cap Asc. and moon btw.)

    • Wow sunrise are you awakening from some kind of grief?
      I saw butterflies everywhere when i was healing from grief. And rose oil is the heart chakra, as are hearts.
      I see love hearts everywhere too. Saw one in the bottom of my cereal bowl and took a photo, nobody could believe how real it was!
      Much love

  6. Yes the bird thing here too – mind you, I always notice birds as they are my totem – I guess that’s why I found the hideous dead bird claw jewellery from Bloodmilk so disturbing! ..*shudder*.. Vile.
    My thing seems to be finding money on the ground, hopefully a good omen for my own new jewellery business – sold my first imported pieces today!

    • I keep forgetting to say hello Zai i missed your presence here. Best wishes for good business…love finding money on the ground, it seems so lucky-cute.

  7. I’m thinking about this goddess story I need to write. The next chapter is the “time of blood” and I haven’t been looking forward to going there – its painful – but have decided to take it on this weekend. Anyway, was feeling a bit mopey about awol Uranian Scop and thought wwgd (as in what would goddess do?) Would she worry that someone may or may not return? Laughable. Wouldn’t cross her mind. What is IS. Period. Big period. I wish I could convey the certainty she had, the groundedness in the moment, the amount of work and focus she put into life, just daily living. Deciding that something must be (as in a specific relation or outcome) and then fretting over it not being is so…unevolved, basically. Not saying that I am not guilty of that unevolved attitude. I am. But, when you notice that your imagination is applied to making you unhappy instead of making the most of any given moment, you do have to laugh at yourself. Its a joke I keep telling myself or finding myself being the punchline of over and over again. I’m glad I have the connection to the goddess because it makes thing real clear, real quick. She doesn’t negotiate. Good luck evolving, fellow gods and goddesses!

  8. Very prosaic but I’ve actually taken action to take charge of our finances, much to my surprise. And I’m organising a health regime for myself which nurtures me and gets me moving, lots of dance and chi gung.

    • There’s poetry in the quotidian, it’s the dance of life itself. Every time i read your posts from Greece and see you shining out from your grav in your red hat, i feel blessed by your radiance, Lady Libraqua, Mme Aphrodite Rising.

  9. Omens often come to me in the form of animals; or maybe, I just hear animal omens the loudest.

    Over the last three days I’ve gotten one dead deer (a doe), then a live one; three big, healthy bats; one dead mouse; and one crow’s foot (just came across it, laying in the backyard).

  10. that’s awesome finding a symbol like that right in front of you like that and sounds like a magic omen of gorgeousness, just for you, Mystic :)

  11. A butterfly flew out from under my desk yesterday morning when I got to work. Scared me at first but it was nice.

    • Butterfly=Transformation in Animal Medicine.
      ALL nature is our medicine. Lucky you!

  12. Wednesday ( eclipse day here) morning a heron and a buzzard in the same airspace. The buzzard was hovering looking for prey as the heron flew past on her way to freshwater, this happened in front of me as I drove to work. This is only the second time I have seen the two together like this.
    I watched a heron fish everyday throughout my pregnancy with my daughter and to me it represents the feminine. Though the buzzard is common enough here and among something else too complex to explain here, represents yang – tho’ this time the Sun I think.
    Also I drew the Universe tarot card ( Thoth).

  13. Psychic visions seriously intensifying in this last month but the strangest/most wonderful thing to happen so far was in meditation I saw many of my guides behind and beside me in a half circle, one of them broke the circle and appeared in front of me, He was an indian yogi man and had a cobalt blue powder on his right hand. He floated/walked to me and bam! right on the third eye with the blue hand. He immediately dissipated and I could see myself with this blue powder all over my third eye and fringe. How cool is that!

  14. I had an interview today and got the job. As I was leaving, I got in my car and immediately an alarm at the nearby traffic light went off. Then an ambulance went by and then a fire truck. Eek! Is that bad??

  15. Myst! How generous of you for the 2012 scopes and what comfort for my mid-year angst. You have just given me the KEYS i needed to unlock my inertia, to keep up the keeping on. It is a percolating time for me and now i trust the process of transitioning into something more authentic OR illusionary.. Money doesn’t worry me in as much as the generating of it as i know if i can come up with some new creative work paradigm, the money will follow AND that revelation is just from reading first paragraph!. Satisfaction first, i’m a hard teacher on myself, very demanding, exacting with a high bar and can’t settle for less than being the best.
    Whatevs drew attention to the fact that as my life has been so exciting that if everything’s not full on,boredom and ennui set in fast.
    Working with fiery energy must have created some burns, as in burn-out.
    It’s all about lighting and colour and at the moment it’s all chiaroscuro.
    So my Beauty, a deep gratitude for the gift. Grace & Prosperity to you.

    • Yes, I thank you for sharing that 2012 scope with me too MM. Awesome bonus and a really interesting read. It had some details I was wondering about, so much appreciated.

  16. Isn’t amazing the Venus’ passages makes the pentagram in the sky
    then on the ground in front of an Astrologer-Life Style Coach.
    Serendipity & Synchronicity for the Mystic.
    The view of the Transit of Venus was the talk of Adelaide being
    the best place in OZ to see it as clear sunny day.
    The astronomy society set up many telescopes in the park for public to watch it.
    Esoterically it was said the ‘Venus energy was like a laser beam focused
    on earth signalling the return of the Divine Feminine and inspiring a new level of intuitive heart awareness and to open to her gifts of transcendental love’. OK and great news…any other difficult constant lessons and awareness to give Venus?
    Convergence? Harmonic? What do i wear for it? What does he look like?

    • Wear something feminine & floaty! Divine pegasus lady with the legs of young filly. Show some leg a la Jolie. 😉

  17. my fave dream this week was seeing myself as a little girl, sitting on a beach alongside a fire, and people dancing, chanting and drumming around me … i noticed my hair in plaits scooped up, that i was out of place and yet, there was no fear, just a little blond girl in firelight watching

    it has no daylife.thislife linkage

  18. No signs as such, but the whole mental shift yes I felt it. And the fate in my own hands kind of feeling with it as well.

  19. Was thinking about my perpetually procrastinated dream vocation this AM and promptly turned to see a black crow feather sticking up from the ground like it was growing.

    I’ve found a crow’s head (no body or gore in sight) and about 20 black feathers in the same way in the past, all around the same time of day and all while I was thinking about the same thing..

  20. Oh Mystic, you are such a generous soul. Thank you. Bought the scopes when they came out but it is so nice to have them here as part of the site. x

  21. The concept of resetting has been somewhat prominent to me as of late, mostly in the sense of moving to my idyllic new home, and some resetting in my creative processes alongside that. I’m yet to see any ‘resetting’ in my personal/romantic life just yet, here’s hoping regardless. While the Venus transit was at it’s peak I made a point of sitting in the sun and putting some conscious thought into how I wish for the situation at hand in that regard to progress so again, here’s hoping…

  22. I just found the strangest thing and the first thing I thought of when it was lying on the ground before me, was this post. When I first read it I hadn’t found any symbols that stood out, but then this happened… while out running this morning, on the ground, laying as if had been placed there “specifically” was a white gold chain and a circle that has a cross inside hanging on it. The circle with cross was North facing and again, the chain was laid out and facing South. Super strange. Not sure what the meaning is and I’ve been googling it to see if I can find anything specific. Any clues?

    • You are going to have the nodes in your sign soon. I know that’s not a predicition, its a fact. But – what I intuit from your omen – is that its time for you to orient to your nodal calling. The cross marks time/space. It won’t tell you the direction you are to go, but it marks direction within all that is (circle). How do you orient yourself? What star is your guide? These are intuitive questions to ask yourself, meditate on. Get ready to phoenix.

      • And face the north node, look to the north node of your natal chart for clues, yeah? Good luck!

        • Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. As the nn enters Scorpio on one end, Saturn comes in from the other. My natal nn is in Scorpio in the first house along with the Sun and Mercury. (mars and Neptune in Scorp also however they sit on the other side of the ascendant in the 12th house.) At some point in 2013 I’ll have both Saturn and the nn sitting atop my natal nn. Either way… I think you’re spot on with your thoughts. Just “which” direction is the question at this point.

          • Which direction was it facing as you walked up to it? Horizontal, were you walking north? These are signs. NN and Saturn in your sign means YOU are the direction, or more accurately, the Director. And there is no equivocation. You don’t have to have a plan. You just have to be anchored in each moment and the “plan” unfolds around you. But if you are dishonest about your vision, your needs, Saturn is going to slap you around. Oddly, I think the trick is, when we ask ourselves “which direction” is to stop and not take things seriously, be a bit more child like, accept light consequences or better – NO consequences for going directly for what you want.

            • Yes, I approached it from the South and it was in a perfect line (as if it had been set there specifically) with the cross at the top (north). It almost looked like an “arrow” pointing north. Very dramatic in it’s appearance. (I’ve heard before that this lifetime is about ME and whatever I want to create, so it’s interesting to hear it from you as well)

              • North node in first house is all about you! Good omen to be walking in the “right” direction, yeah? Stay true to yourself, no matter what the fear of consequence – try and you will see the consequence of being true to yourself is never as bad or dramatic as imagined. Good luck making your own path :-)

  23. Wow! Yes! The first and only client to try a new service I’m offering through local community centres walked in on opening day with pentagram necklace and tattoo and hand sewn into her bag. I felt instantly connected to the positive purpose of both the moment and my work. Awesome allright

  24. Wow. There’s magic in the air, yes?

    Since getting acupuncture I have had some kind of mental declutter like you wouldn’t believe, in fact I can hardly believe it myself. Something Prowln said on here recently about ‘travelling the world for years looking for Mr Soulmate before I can have a proper life’ really resonated. I realised that’s what I’ve always done, and I’m 47. That’s a LOT of putting stuff on hold. Granted, my sun and a merdeload of planets in 7th, but still. No wonder I’m depressed. Suddenly I feel like my life is a room, and I’m standing at the door going, ok, this place needs to be tidied up, decorated, renovated; just me and it. I will not let my dreams, goals, or authentic self-expression be casualties while I wait for others to notice me.

    I’ve been seeing signs off the scale for months now, since Neptune got into Pisces. Most of them indicating that my former lover is still ‘around’. Stupidly odd things. EG – having a serious talk with my man, the tv news was on, sound turned down. The captions identifying the people had been stuffed up and every person in the story was identified with my lover’s name. (It is not a name commonly in the public arena). It just kept flashing on the screen over and over while my husband and I talked about going our separate ways. wtf?

    This is hard for me because I miss him terribly. We are not in contact and I’ve no reason to believe he is going to reappear, sans wife, and Mars in Virgo / moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno in Cap doesn’t do love triangles. I don’t know if the signs are ghosts or omens so I’ve asked the universe to stop sending them. Maybe this is a way to re-focus my attention on what other signs/omens might also be around.

    Pelicans are my totem bird, I don’t know why, I just love them, and I’ve seen a few in unexpected places while driving to see healing practitioners. This comforts me. Driving to see the acupuncturist in a very non-pelican part of town, and I drove past a poster of three huge pelicans :) It ressures me I’m on the right track.

    Right now I have Neptune to the left and Chiron to the right, zapping my sun et al. It is a very interesting ride and mostly I’m loving it :)