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No More Dirty Looks

Well, well who would have thought that one of the manifestations of the Zap Zone would be me going totally (Haute & Urban) Hippy?  Me suddenly going ape and getting rid of every single remotely chemical/toxic personal care or cleaning product fits though. Uranus is square Pluto: I have Aquarius Rising – Uranus is my ruler.  Three days after a totes chemical free regime and peeps are asking if i am pregnant.   Actually, i thought they might be misinterpreting my pasta-belly – i did have a massive Italian banquet the other night – but no, they are using adjectives like ‘radiant’ and ‘fresh glow.’  No product – just hemp oil. Go figure.

But guess what? There is a whole level beyond this and i am going to go there. So can you if you want to join me. Do your own Googling on this obviously BUT there is a growing bunch of folks who flat refuse to use shampoo. I know, it sounds awful. But they say that the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (and similar) gunk in 95% of shampoos out there is toxic, causes hair loss and so on. People talk about hair getting crappier with age but it’s actually just years of exposure to this stuff.  It strips out the natural oils so the hair responds by making too much oil and a whole hideous cycle occurs.

The “No Poo” people say that you go through a ghastly stage of the hair “adjusting” and then after a few weeks, the hair is sensational, shiny, growing faster and thicker than ever before. All without any shampoo. Or conditioner obviously. They’re quite radical about it.

So i am going to try it – who wants to do it with me?  It’s hard as i have a Gemini Hairdresser Friend who gives me free treatments/blowouts etc as i do her astro & tarot on a regular basis. It’s a brillliant arrangement and i love sitting there under the steamer or being blowdried. reading Vogue and listening to local goss. It’s like a ritual for me. But my hair is – frankly – fried.  Now i am thinking that only peeps likewise doing Saturn/Pluto transits will want to be in on this with me but who wants to?  We have to commit to a month or two of hair hell but then by the time Saturn gets into Scorpio, it will be purely sensational…the hair we were MEANT to have…

It’s also kind of naked and radical as when you surrender this stuff, you realize how much of your identity is formed (albeit in subtle and hard to pin down ways) around product…I think this is actually a Zap Zone theme. Note also the spray tanning story that broke just as Uranus got all cosy with Pluto last week.

Go google No Poo – there is a LOT online about this – and share here…I will need company lol.





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194 thoughts on “Haute Hippy On The Dark Moon

  1. I’ll try but make no promises. All this gunk gives my pin straight fly away static elec hair, body.

  2. Every hairdresser I’ve ever stuck with have been Aries. Really cool looking with wild apparel. Today i took my naughty dachshund to what we deemed ‘Bad Boy Classes’ but actually training. The trainer was a bit drab, ok so she’s in her work uniform, I aks her what her sign was she tells me Aries. I was shocked. Long unkempt hair with a lil roots showing. No makeup. Well I see there are other influences in her chart.

    p.s. that was mine up there6 who wrote I’d try the No poo.

  3. I haven’t used shampoo in years, but I do use a raw vegan “mud” product from Morrocco Method. I used to use Terressentials mud hair wash, but like this one better. I’ve tried the no-‘poo with lemon juice or blended fruit concoctions, but sadly the grab the bottle and squirt ease of use wins out. I’m lazy, or use my time well. One of those. Shampoo is horrific stuff.

    Wow, I am so impressed with the huge investment you’re making. You are inspiring.

  4. it’s not no-poo but dreadlocks are sorta the same philosophy~ give up all control, live with a rat’s nest on your head for a year or so, and come out ~voila! transformed on the other end. product addiction is so subtle and pervasive that all-or-nothing is the only way. i wash my hair once a week with dr bronners and a vinegar rinse and even old ladies stop me in parking lots to tell me how fabulous it is! then they ask how and their faces fall… aw, c’mon ladies, evolution! it’s as much about the process as the result… sooo beautifully plutonic. go go go mystic!!!

    • I do dr bronners too! V watered down, sometimes a coconut oil pre-soak, & sometimes vinegar. Then a tiny dot of shea butter & jojoba & since doing this instead of shampoo my hair is huge & bouncy & no little humidity frizzles & stays clean longer, also have mre $ lol yay! Gonna try hemp oil! Parking lot ladies, get involved!

  5. Mystic:

    I tried this earlier this year and failed. :( I think the water in LA is just too hard for the baking soda/ ACV combo to work. My hair was like wax for over a month (thankfully it was winter and I could wear a hat every day).

    I switched to a shampoo/conditioner that’s paraben/synthetic free.

    My hairdresser told me in March that my head’s grown 2 1/2 inches of new growth (since December). I attribute it to the deep scalp massages I give myself every other day.

    I sincerely hope the no-poo regime works for you! I love the idea.

  6. I’m in… have been thinking of doing so anyhow – I’m not sure about baking soda though 😉

    • baking soda damages keratin- what hair and nails are
      made up of- so don’t do that!

      • thank you! some of the no poo suggestions refer to baking soda… given that I’m starting a detox tomorrow the water method may work…

        does anyone know of another non-chemical/natural way?

  7. I use only *Lush* products on my hair – vegan, cruelty free. It’s given this Leo Rising woman a mane to be happy about : )

      • The conditioner I use is American Cream and it has sodium lauryl sulfate derived from coconut oil. The Shampoo I use is Curly Wurly and it unfortunately has Ammonium lauryl sulfate as its top ingredient – which would explain the time it didn’t have much coconut in it and it stung my scalp and I had to take it into the store for an exchange. Still, in my late 30s, I’m experiencing the best hair that I’ve had in my life so far, so I’m not changing in a hurry.

        • Many of the soap / detergents derived from palm oil (or coconut oil, probably same thing yeah) – the stuff that entire rainforests are being razed and replanted with palm plantations in Indonesia, etc. Orang-utan habitat. Get amongst it people, know your products!! “plant derived” does not necessarily mean “ethically sourced”.

        • seagoatess, this is not directed at you specifically but your comment reminded me to mention this.

  8. Heck yea I’ll try it. I just sent my sister an email to see if she wants to try it also. We’re always doing stuff like this together. We both have Breville Juicers and will have juicer weekends where she’ll come spend the weekend, we’ll shop for fresh veggies, juice and figure out better ways to eat right and get away from all this crap. I bet she’ll do it. (Not looking forward to the oily part though) yukkers

  9. I am so glad to read you are going to the next level on freedom from chems, Mystic ! :)

    Presently, me, Uranus and Pluto otherwise known as freedom, transformation and liberation, are on a big date and I’m doing health/wealth, transformation and thrive.

    My trans include Uranus 8th H opp Libran Sun 2nd H, Pluto 6th H sq it and is chart ruler, which also is trined by Uranus. It’s like a 4 square arrangement between Asc, Sun, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn still hanging around my 3rd H.

    • My mercury-venus in virgo needs more deets, leo asc and libra sun needs to weigh up all the info on the no shampoo movement before making a decision and taking action. But theoretically, a great manifestation of Uranus-Pluto square, bravo Mystic

  10. I want to! I had a Brazilian Blowout (before it got banned..) a couple of years ago and seriously half my hair fell out. It is so thin now.
    But the problems is that I, too, have my hair constantly bleached and blowdried. So how would that work?
    I mean, colour aside, wouldn’t they point blank refuse to do your hair if you asked for no shampoo?

      • My children have NEVER had their hair shampooed. Its glossy, and silky.

        Liz Jones is a drama queen and dyes her hair. If she left it to go its naturally grey colour, she’d find the condition improved amazingly. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy her columns, but she’s an amazingly untogether person. If you read the responses of hundreds of other people, its not the same :) Also read my comment below re: the greasies.

        • no crime in colouring her hair.
          not everyone looks good grey-or has good quality grey hair,and for that matter, we live in an ageist society, and a woman like liz jones has the right to keep up her appearances as she pleases-it just might keep her employed and be what she wants.
          her anorexia battles are more likely to affect the condition of her hair- what you eat affects the nutrition of everything-and quite obviously the hair on your head- not withstanding the kind of hair your inherited DNA has given you.

  11. Diving back in here :) The no-poo-ers fall into three camps – the water only people, the bicarb and apple cider vinegar people and the conditioner people.

    You only get “the greasies” if you go the water only route. The conditioner only-route only really works for people with very dry, frizzy or curly hair.

    I tried the bicarb & ACv and it didn’t work for me, but I use an organic shampoo & conditioner that I’m really happy with. Oh and my macadamia nut oil.

    Also: re hairdressers – I haven’t had my hair cut in over two years, but you just wash it via whatever method you prefer just before you go and then refuse the shampoo when you’re there. You don’t have to have either a shampoo OR a blow dry, believe it or not. If the hairdresser insists, leave :) There are lots of hairdressers out there :)

    • conditioner is pointless if you aren’t washing your hair– it just temporarily (ie:each wash)smoothes the hair structure,nothing else- when your hair is already
      unwashed and as you all put it “full of natural oils” or as i put it scientifically- full of dirt and sebum.

      • Hmmm….. there’s a limited amount of dirt and sebum if you’re still rinsing it with hot water or conditioner. No-poo doesn’t mean “no-wash-at-all”.

      • conditioner emulsifies dirt & sebum which can be rinsed away with water & the conditioner. Sort of similar to facial cleansing oils & jojoba or olive oil used to take makeup off, it dissolves and lifts it off & then you rinse away. Hurrah!

      • there is a new(er) market out there of cleansing conditioners. practitioners call it “co-washing” and it’s big in the ethnic hair care community. it really is the best thing ever if you have very dry/frizzy/curly hair.

        i’ve struggled with my very curly, very out of control ethnic hair for years, but recently started co-washing a few months ago. my hair is now so soft, shiny, manageable, the curls look great, and it’s *clean* too. i am never going back to regular shampoo again.

  12. A friend of mine tried this a couple of years ago. She looked despicably dirty and greasy for a few weeks and then finally, thankfully, declared it didn’t work. Just warning you peeps! It’s hard core.

    • Yes, I read an article by a woman who went through this process and finally all her colleagues begged her to do something–anything–to get rid of the smell in the office.

      I can understand the puritanism and the clarity of the idea of it, but the SMELL! I would spend a fortune on perfume to overcome it.

    • Because it doesn’t work- bacteria actually builds up from leaving the dirt and sebum on the scalp. It really smells,
      fungal from the bacteria build up and they can actually see dust mites crawling on the scalp when put under a trichologist’s specially designed microscope.
      That’s worse than “over-washing’ you hair.
      Dirt and sebum does have to be washed off and the hair and scalp cleaned.
      “It strips out the natural oils so the hair responds by making too much oil and a whole hideous cycle occurs”
      This is only sort of true-Only if you massively over-wash
      does the scalp produce more oil in response.
      All the Extremes are Bad: Over and Under Washing Hair.
      Hair needs to be clean.
      There’s everything right about a shampoos that has no
      “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (and similar) gunk”
      Hair is Dead(other than the roots in the scalp) people, remember that.

      • Hmm good point. The mites have my virgo stellenium freaked, i used paraben free shampoo, and sweat a great deal.

        But i do notice ho bad sodium laurel sulfate is, i used to get canker sores in my mouth all over as a child. I mean it was rare that I enjoyed anytype of food, sometimes there would be a week i didnt have one. But most times i had several doctors couldnt figure it out, then along comes the internet google search for camcer sore causes, and sure enough its fucking toothpaste. The miniute i switched to one with out. I was finally free, I Never get them now unless i accedentially bite my lip chewing my food.

        Hey mystic glad to hear you are on a tox ban around the home, that picture is so cute. Glad u feel better.
        Hope your daughter does too.

      • Tried this no ‘poo last year – fliping hell it was a nightmare – i wrecked hats.

        Hilarious part was the timing. Had been reading quite a bit aabout it and the next day began. Then had an interstate trip. Sunny windy day in the city and we were standing on a street corner waiting for the lights to change, when i took off my hat to ask, “Does my hair look greasy?” There was silence, even from the Sag. Virgo looked like she was about to retch, and several bystanders on the crowded corner also looked horrified.

        The results reminded me that dandruff is fungal and loves oily skin.

        Also that if i lived in a forest i would smell awful and want to crawl out from under my own head.

      • As a Virgo Sun and a crap-load of other planets in Virgo, the idea of not washing my hair makes my skin crawl.
        I am on the side of moderation. wash your hair with organic, chemical free products in moderation. Don’t over-wash or not wash.
        But, that;s JMO and I am not hardcore. Tried dreads gave me a headache from the knots and I couldn’t take not washing my hair and running my fingers through-out.
        I admire those that do have dreads, love them.

        • Usually im not a fan of dreads but i saw this guy on youtube with the cutest ones i ever seen, he had em styled like uo in a bun half, and then the other half hanging and outta the bun came little dreads, it looked so clean. Just really well done, in the video hes smoking weed. Lol

  13. I’m doing the “screw leg hair removal” thing. It’s never made sense to me why women get rid of the hair on their legs. No one has ever given me a decent reason apart from “I’ve got really thick ugly hair so I want it gone.” But guys keep theirs. And you have hair on your arms, head, eyebrows, maybe muff… It seems so illogical and time-consuming and expensive and/or painful to get rid of.

    So I’m officially a hairy-legged Feminist now. I do look a bit scruffy so I might shave for an “official” type function, but as far as day-to-day goes, I’m kinda liking the soft, non-spiky, ginger downy legs.

    A high-maintenance friend has already used the ‘f’ word on me – feral. Whatever. If you want to friggin’ judge me by the dead keratin on my legs that are usually covered by jeans anyway, you ain’t the person who should be in my life.

    Currently: Pluto smack bang on top of Cap Sun, Saturn conjunct Asc and squaring natal Cap Venus.

    • As far as the shampoo thing goes……. still thinking. Sounds ideal. Like the time I had to stop shaving underarms and wearing deodorant for a medical reason. Went for about 3 weeks and I stopped smelling. Completely. Even stranger, men seemed to be more attracted to me :O

  14. I need to see LOTS of photos of said fabulous hair! I am wondering how all of this transpires. Does the hair begin to absorb the oils. How do they resolve? Where do they go?

    And a sniff and smell card for the end result. If there is a strong scalp smell involved I’ll never be able to do it.

    Other than that I am fascinated and would love to get first-hand reports on whole grizzly, then fabulous process. and photos…

  15. Not for me, thanks. I love washing my hair with fancy (and perhaps toxic) products and I’m booked in for a fabulous cut and colour in a couple of weeks.

    But I’m interested on hearing how everyone goes! Good luck!!!

    • Lol not at u but how u said it..

      Yea im not a lady, but, id hate to pier into a a womans hairsalon for a tox eval.. Some of that stuff smells horrid. Not ina putrid way- just a meth lab for hair kind of way.

      All these dyes gels and foams leeching almost bophal grade prouducts cannot be good for the brain. Then we heat it to high hell, changing it into something else. Its almost like deep fried chickening the hair.

  16. Nope. Sorry. Respect to anyone willing to give this a go, but I personally would never do it. (Leo rising). I am however trying to find a chemical-free shampoo that works for me.

  17. Too much for me, despite my initial Pisces “don’t you want to be a Francesca Lia Block character and wash your hair in gem essence infused water and perfume yourself in essential oils only?”

      • lolol no! But can’t you imagine one of her characters doing that? FLB is the only person who can make bread and butter sound sort of romantic (a la Hanged Man). The obvious next step is rose quartz rinse.

    • i totally have Witch Baby snarl ball hair, which is why i switched to co-washing. :) but yeah, i’m going to start rinsing with rose water and have also recently started wearing lavender oil as my daily perfume.

      • You’re well on your way to FLB-character-hood!

        No mockery. I wish I could be like that. Move to LA. Dress like a nymph and be worshipped because I am in a band, or because I’m a scary painter, or something. But I’m afraid of earthquakes and can’t parallel park.

        • I take that as a compliment. 😀

          It’s actually part of my life plan. I’ve been tossing around the idea of moving L.A. recently. except I’m planning on doing it sans car, since I don’t even know how to drive, lol.

          • I would too! Every summer, I go through my FLB books and use them as inspiration.

  18. I haven’t used shampoo in ages. OTOH, I have very short hair. I don’t use soap in the shower either. Makes my skin too dry, and it is worse in winter.

  19. Have done the no poo programme occasionally. It works well, esp if you was your hair with bicarb and run through a vinegar rinse. Works better for some hair types than others.

    I tend to stick with the sls free natural poo. You can get really good ones quite cheap these days that are also Australian made. Also you can google natural hair masques for some great food based hair shine!

    I am contemplating going raw food. That will give you awesome hair too! Aiming for at least 2 raw meals a day atm. Will give it more focus when it warms up. Soup is just too damn nice in mlebourne winter.

  20. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but I’m in the dating pool so will stick with plant-based shampoo and conditioner for now.

    Hoping my AWOL man of interest decides he does want to be with me once Venus retrograde is over, then we can be hippies together. He’d be so into no poo.

  21. I can’t, soz. I can’t even go a day without washing my hair, my body produces so much oil (genetic) that the end of a 24 hour period sans a shampoo leaves me itching. Once, I had a co-worker who didn’t wash her hair for three days in prep for her wedding – she was told it would style easier.

    I need to FEEL clean. But all the best to those who GO No Poo.

    • I must admit i’m a hairwasher everyday, it’s not my ideal way to be, and stems back from a job years ago as a screenprinter, where i was working with thinners and acetone, smelly inks etc, so i would wash my hair every night to get the smell out. So if i leave it for more than a day it get oily. It’s naff.

      I spoke to my Aquarian hairdresser about it, how to get back to wshing once a week, she said i have to do the week of grease first, then it will come good, so far i’ve failed, i went a day and a half, and couldnt stand the freddy flathead look !

      I am in a pickle though, as Im going outback in Spetember for 5 days sans water – we take our own 10 litres with us and no bathing – has been recommended to take baby bum wipes things to wash down with.

      Hairdresser suggested a spray to use and i almost thought yep – too easy, however you cannot take a spray can on the plane anymore. Pffftt … maybe i need to just ram up and beanie-afy it for a week .. ewww. not looking forward to it.

      Im with Domestic Triffid though re the kids hair, have never used shampoo or canditioner and they both have lovely hair (both Leo rising too – so they do check it out in the mirror!).

      Good Luck Mystic, i read a post ages ago where you tried going a week without and i think it was your Katakan/Leo Rising (or lots of Leo) Son who begged you to break the hair drought ! – Hope he’s on holidays ! x Peace Mystifiees

      • What about dry powder shampoo? They have organic ones that essentially absorb the oil and the sebum in your hair.

        Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to stand it but seeing as you’re going walkabout.. :)

        • Thank you Gorgeous,
          I will google away pronto !
          xx I figure ive got to get it sorted before i go,
          i don’t know if i can attribute it to South Node in Leo, but grubby hair deflates me. x

        • Try Aveda’s Pure Abundance Potion – it’s a tiny bottle but serious lift. Leo Anything considers an Awesome Hair Flip part of the arsenal, no?

          Venus in Leo means I have all sorts of sneaky little ways to get the effect I want away from prying eyes, this is where beauty is a theatrical haha..

    • My hair used to get oily that fast too. That’s why I tried no poo and ended up with the mud wash twice a week. My hair is fuller, softer and doesn’t get oily overnight anymore.

  22. Tried “no poo” method on my long curls for about 6 weeks. I looked, smelt and felt like scat. My curls, my scalp … they need the daily shampoo and conditioning. There are shampoos and conditioners available which do no contain SLS, alcohols or silicones.

    For the sake of hitting on a healthier level of personal care I may consider a return to making my own hand made luxe soaps. So much pure lathery satisfaction.

  23. I tried to do the no poo thing for a bit, but it made my face and back break out horribly, and I’d never get breakouts otherwise. This Leo will stick with her lovely shampoo with lots of natural oils.

  24. I like the fact that some people go the “no-poo” way, but that ain’t for me. I like the squeaky-clean feel I get after a good shampooing. But I do compensate by doing a hair mask with olive oil and coconut oil twice a month. And I use shampoos and conditioners that are generally sulphate-free. I also love the Kiehl’s line of hair products. Very respectful of my hair shaft!

  25. As I wash my hair only every third days, and never blow dry, my hair’s is in very good condition. My shampoo is from the health food shop and doesn’t contain sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate…
    the next best thing to ‘no shampoo’??

  26. I’m going to try a DIY shampoo care of Shannon Lush (“Stainless”). Basically, brew yr own rosemary shampoo. Add sugar at point of use for dandruff. Hopefully it works! Tried brewing up soapwort a few years back, not very successful. She has a maidenhair fern version for brightening blonde hair.

  27. All this anti chemical new age woo woo stuff makes me laugh. Fact is we live longer, are overall healthier and have better quality of life, with more choice available for self actualisation than any of our ancestors did – in any period of human history.

    Fact is prior to modern science and the applied sciences that stemmed from them, we lived short, brutal, unpleasant, nasty lives. There was no reliable contraception, poor health care, food scarcity was always a concern and if you were a woman your primary purpose in life was to provide sex whomever you got married off to, and babies.

    Sorry but this hippy, organic nonsense which paints a romantic ideal about living “natural” is a fantasy. Nature is brutal. Period. Nature does not give a shit about how you feel today. Your needs. Your anything …

    I’m grateful for the society I live in and the freedom it provides. I embrace the chemicals and will probably live to a ripe old age in just as good, if not better condition, than those who shun me. Oh and I will smell much better! 😉

    • me = them

      and there were so many other typos I can’t be bothered correcting!!!! …. lol

        • Yes, its not how long you live but how well you live, if your rich the doctors will prop you up for a natural line to your pocketbooks. .

          We may live longer folks but its in a shittier maner than ever.

          But you wont remeber that when the Alzhimers and dimentia kicks in..

    • I feel similar but it is easy cause I’m young-ish and in good health. Maybe in the future if I get sick I will think of all of my beauty products and how I always have my iPhone by my side and I will wish I had gone more au naturale!

      but sometimes life is cruel and no matter what you do fate gets you. like some cats get fed cheap cat food their whole lives and still live to be 20…

      let everyone live long and prosper! lol

      • Ahhh, don’t worry about it Meowmix!
        I’ll be 48 in a few months, have excellent skin and I’ve never used “natural” products. Back in the 70’s I used to fry my skin in the sun with Coconut Reef Oil. Oh the horror! We didn’t know what SPF was back then. I’ve kept out of the sun since then though and my skin has recovered. I’ve wasted so much money trying to find a natural alternative to chemical skincare but to no avail. I think they’re pretty ineffective. I use “scientifically proven” to work cosmeceuticals. My Venus in Libra square Cap Asc has to have the best product out there! That said, I have my mum to thank for my lovely skin. She’s 73 and her skin is smooth as china. Zero pores!
        So it’s all in the genes and I’m lucky in that regard.

        “life is cruel and no matter what you do fate gets you”
        Totes agree!! Some people smoke all their lives and live to 90 and some people get cancer from passive smoking and some people die from heart attacks at 40 while jogging.

        We’re all gonna die from something so no point in worrying about. You just have to do the best you can with what ya got and stop stressing! Thank goodness for my Saggo moon to soothe my worried Virgo stellium’s brow. :)

        PS. re the iPhone – I got one of those handsets that plugs into the phone. It’s awesome!! Obviously I don’t use it in public butt for long chats when I’m at home. I got rid of the landline… never use it.

    • God you crack me up Prow!
      Can you imagine not having toto pap and ‘pons and pads and all those lady-things – oh the horror.
      Mind you it does kinda freak me out when peeps buy that artificial heavily scented toilet paper – it’s like shoving chemicals right on up there…

      • “artificial heavily scented toilet paper”

        Yuk!! There is no need for that shit!! No pun intended.

        Did a Libran invent that? 😆

    • 😆 Couldn’t agree with you more Prowin !! I’ve been thinking about this for days now… a voice in my head was yelling “pass me the chemicals!!!”… but embrace is a much better word :)

    • the new age woo woo stuff isnt just about how you treat yourself personally in terms of what chemicals you do or dont expose your body to, but It’s also about how we treat the planet so it’s actually still going to be able to sustain human life and pumping chemicals into everything isn’t helping maintain healthy ecosystems. So maybe we live better lives now but maybe we are also doing some things that are destroying it for the future, so nature wont be brutal any more, it will just be dead.

        • Yes, I agree. We should think about Seven Generations to come (hopefully) after we are long gone.

    • Know what you mean P. But also 1 in 2 men, 1 in 3 women develop cancer in the western world. I don’t want to go out that way!

    • I do agree with you to a large extent prowln. Particularly in the realms of medical care. I mean proper medical care (cancer / obstetrics/gynae etc), not the prozac crap, even though that has a [preferably brief] role in certain times I am sure.

      Having said that, there are some products [L’Occitane, I’m looking at your vanilla-scented hand cream] that manage to give me a rash. So, whatevs.

    • Oh well yes I probably overstated my case as per usual … damn aggravating habit that.

      I did not mean to imply “fuq nature”. More see nature for what it is and let’s not glamourise it. Let’s not abuse it either. Living in balance with nature is the ideal I would imagine, so as to get the benefit of both worlds. But honestly I don’t think chemicals are our problem – our problem is overpopulation and all other problems stem from it. Unfortunately we as a society just don’t seem to be able to handle the implications of dealing with it.

      Anyway that’s just sooooo off topic as to be getting prosaic.

      So back to hair ….

      I did the no poo thing for ages when I was suffering chronic depression. I guess it was more an accident than deliberate as personal care went out the window for quite a few months. Can’t say my hair looked fabulous at all. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I looked like such a complete wreck. Now I wash my hair no more than once per week and use Sukin which I think is pretty non toxic as far as beauty products go. I avoid blow dryers like the plague as they totally stuff my scalp. Hair straiteners are good as long as I avoid going anywhere near the scalp and don’t have it on too hot – or use it too frequently.

        • I dont know how old you are, but a few more years on the internet should clear it up. There are so many things that are made, that do not need to be used, but are because its cheaper to make them with said toxic product instead of producing the organic version. Then we have the I cant tell you how many studies graphs charts and science programs, which Aquas rule science, I know when someone is lying trust me cancer rates autism alzhimers early dimentia are all hubris effects of overstimulation of cells, Abusing plants, not using them correctly, they are alive. Just as much as we, this is not plant glamour. Non respect of human cells.- There are so many complex things that take place inside of us when we combine some crazy ass product we know nothing about that male science has yet agian split mini atom bombs by combining these Mc Donalds speed made conveyor belt cleaning concoctions of food and all manner for profit.

          I mean MSG is shown to put brain lesions in mice and food producers put it in food to make us crave it.

          I saw this video that made sense Overpopulation is not a problem there is plenty of space for everyone, its that people are going to high traffic areas. And we have corrupt politics at the helm, We need to learn to balance city with rural. And take back our health, we are squandering it by thinking we got it made.

          We dont, Terrence Mckenna had an amazing lecture about how man and humans had a symbiotic relationship with plants, and that were getting away from that. Basically we are like aphids killing the ants we get nectar and protection from. If we dont really get the gist of plants, which are sooooooooo ALIVE.

          We are not going to survive with out them.

    • Technology. That’s why hippie natural is better now. In the past raw food would not yield the nutrients we can get from our juicers and blenders. Seasonal food was impossible unless you wanted to not eat all winter when in harsh climates. Our ability to ship and preserve food, the wider availability of ingredients and our greater technology have moved “natural” to a new level. There really isn’t a comparision with old natural vs new natural.

      Medicine is a double-edged sword, but now there are nutraceuticals and cancer treatments with “natural” constituents. Cancer is consistently rising, so something must be wrong we how we live. What is the difference? Massive chemical use. I think statistics are bearing out that we’ve reached the peak of gains in health and are now sliding back downward.

      Our society on this planet is not based on reaching optimum well-being for each individual: it’s based on someone making money off someone else. That’s why Mystic is right and we collectively need to put our dollars (power) into honoring those who sell from craft and not from greed.

      • Aging is the reason why cancer rates are rising not chemicals. The aging baby boomer population is predicted to increase cancer rates stats due to the fact that they are such a large population segment. The other primary cancer rate indicators are lifestyle oriented – smoking, unhealthy diet, obesity, alcohol consumption, too much sunlight and infections (as in the case of cervical cancer) are the other primary contributors. If you really want to do something about cutting back your cancer risk in one fell swoop – quit drinking alcohol! And quit smoking too.

  28. I tied this once – and FAILED.
    Couldn’t get past the awful part – my hair got so smelly with this white oily chunky dandruff stuff it was revolting – and I couldn’t stop itching.
    So that would be a pass from me, but I promise to buy something from the health food shop that’s more user friendly!

  29. Tried it once too and hated the lack of lather….didn’t feel clean! My hair is a bit hopeless anyway….thin, dry, doesn’t grow past my shoulders, dry scalp. This does inspire me to find anti SLS products tho, not sure what my organic products are packing!

  30. HEY I am Mars in Virgo guys AND I get free haircare, right? This may not last too long lol BUT i am determined to give it a red hot go AND obviously i was freaked by what i read. But this is an experiment and me + the other peeps trying it will report in…So who’s with me???

    • I don’t think I can handle it to be honest, I have epicly fluffy curls (quite long too) and frankly washing my hair is one of my fave things to do, although i’ve become quite wary of what shampoo/conditioner I do use the last year..

      -virgo moment-

    • I have Mars in Virgo too and Uranus and Pluto as well but sorry I will not be joining you.

      • scorpylicious, you have the same virgo setup as Trent Reznor, a Taurus…and rather hunky too if google images have any truth to them.

        • 😛 yes we’ve talked about Trent before. He’s incredibly talented but he’s not my type – too manly. His neck is huge! – very Toro no?
          Hmm, I wonder what house his stellium’s in… Probably 10th. Mine’s all in the 8th. Virgo party in the 8th sounds so exciting but sadly there’s no action there and I don’t think there ever will be :(

          • should clarify – there use to be plenty of acton in that house… now it’s just dust and tumbleweeds.

            I’m okay with it to be honest. If I had a job to focus on it wouldn’t bother me so much but that area is tumbleweeds too… *sigh* I’m so getting zapped.

          • He used to be very scrawny in his 20’s -30’s and androgynous and “pretty” , it’s funny how he grew up to be so manly. I never would have guessed it back then when I met him.
            I was totally into the “pretty boy” look then. 😉

          • ahah did we? I must have forgotten! Yes, I was actually surprised when I saw how chunky he was now compared to my memory of how he looked when he was on the gear, I guess.

            i thought it might have been in his 10th too. Strange for a scorp with flirty sagg moon and loaded 8th to be experiencing dust and tumbleweeds non? maybe it’s a pluto-12th house (?) cap thing? dragging the depths, so to speak? can you dream up some cappolicious soul types? xx

              • Venus in Aries… of course. I understand. I’m the opposite – Venus in libra. I like the pretty boys 😉

                yeah we defo discussed Trent. Can’t remember ALL of it exactly but it was about his astro and how he’s now doing soundtracks and how he won an Oscar etc etc! :)

    • I can’t say I would do the hair thing- I exercise ‘common sense’ based on scientific information via contact with qualified trichologist&hairdresser person.

      So better products I support and better living I support.

      Leaving your hair bacteria-ridden “funky” is not free haircare but unnecessary hairhell.

  31. I made my own products for years and then when my time was otherwise invested & I had more money bought Lush products.
    I have two problems conditioner and sunblock. I know how I can work round the condtioner, but would love to hear others ideas
    But as I work outdoors & even with a hat need sunblock as I’m very fair, any suggestions?

  32. I’ve been doing the no-poo, just conditioner routine for nearly a year, and it has made a huge difference for me. My hair is very fine, thin and curly. Since leaving off the shampoo, I’ve noticed that the curls are more pronounced (which I like), my hair is softer and it seems fuller, too. I just rinse with water every time I shower and apply a tiny bit of conditioner for just a few minutes. Actually, my hairdresser is the one who recommended this regimen.

    • I get it, you DO rinse it & condition just not shampoo.
      Can’t bear the thought of shower or bath w/o putting my hair
      under water.

    • Same. I never use shampoo, just conditioner. One thing folks in Oz need to know is that quite a few brands of “herbal” shampoo available at chemists and supermarkets got banned in Hong Kong in 2001 due to the large amounts of formaldehyde in them. This poison is used to anchor the perfume esters. I was shocked to see them everywhere here in Oz. The Disney branded baby bubble baths and shampoos were banned for same reason. That’s why you see them en masse in $2 cheapy stores here. They’ve been dumped onto our laxer market. So steer clear of highly perfumed “herbal scented” shampoos and washes!

      • Thanks for pointing that out, every time i go to a dollar store with someone in america that im getting to know- i almost kiel over from the stench of the prouducts there. I mean im sure some things are ok to buy. But my god, dont these people have noses.

  33. yes that’s GREAT! toxin free !! wow l read the post on the chemicals ……yes a free toxin life is part of the ZZ.. l started this when saturn was on my asc in virgo l had some issues and l starte ddoing research and l was shocked by what l’ve found so l got rid of all the things l was using…now l still have the normal nailolish oh well l can buy toxin free…:)

    it’s amazing what’s out there on the market, what we are using…and including furniture etc…terrible!!!

    yay too a toxin free life!!!

    • Yup i was shocked at the furniture, but i have a rubber tree organic matress and bedding, couch still- a toxic . But im dont sleep on it.. Pillows folks flame retardants, think early brain damage. U breathe this in nightly..

  34. So I guess no one here’s heard of Gugu Hair Wash? It’s a hair treatment specifically for black hair and it’s basically water mixed with burnt rice stalks – it’s an indigenous treatment from the tropics my nanny used to do on our hair. Nowadays I think they actually make a shampoo out of it, but i remember her buying it from a farm and pulling it apart in water.

    The other thing I recall her using was coconut oil, which she used to massage into my lashes and eyebrows. It does make the hair darker and more lustrous.

    The only thing I do now – aside from selecting gentle hair products is switching them up occasionally and shocking my hair with cold water at the end of a rinse. That seems to shut the cuticle tightly and I notice it being shinier.

    • vinegar also makes your hair shinny…and l don’t know why they used it when l was little …little bit of vinegar …strange it made it very soft and shinney :)

      old school stuff

    • O yes, coconut oil is real magic everywhere on bod.
      Monoi the Tahitian coconut oil if ultra fine as well, can be used as currency :-)
      Coconut water is nectar of the gods (un packaged of course)
      when direct from the tree.

      • Ok, question for the black girls on behalf of my Afro’ed daughter….
        She’s got the most beautiful hair, half my fine curls and half her dad’s west African hair which naturally forms long fine dreads. When her hair’s washed and combed it’s like baby bird feathers. But the only way to get a comb though it without tears is to smother her head in bucketloads of conditioner every other day. And if we leave it longer, jt just becomes a clump of solid knots.
        Now, I use the most natural conditioner I can find. And I’ve tried coconut oil and Shea butter. But her hair’s super dry Nd the washing keeps stripping it. And the arguments we have oh my god (she’s 8 and inclined not to let me touch it until the knots get postcodes and the scissors have to come out). And no, it doesn’t dread like her dads and I’m not keen
        on dreads anyway, they are not maintenance free…

        What to do? The African hairdressers our way are inclined to tip tons of heavy chemicals onto her. Not happy. Suggestions welcomed from anybody who knows this domestic drama through experience!!

        • Coincidentally enough, I have come across a stack of books on Amazon on how to look after African hair (I was looking up braiding) -” If you love it, it will grow” and “The Science of Black Hair” both got rave reviews, and there are LOADS more :)

          Also, check out You Tube – if you search for “Twist Out” you’ll get stacks of videos on hairstyles, products etc

        • Have you tried Moroccan or Argan oil?

          I’m not black but I have mixed hair (half Portuguese/half-Chinese) so I don’t get that super straight dark Asian hair, it’s not super problematic but it’s a bit different. There’s a company here who specializes in mixed hair -http://www.mixedchicks.net/

          I can’t really see what all the ingredients are but it’s vegan and cruelty free. The other one is Miss Jessie’s, http://www.missjessies.com/About/Miss-Jessies-Products.

  35. l am using organic shampoo, organic soap, organic dishwasher organic everything for the past years…my smell is very sensitive and l can smell peole using chemicals much better now…but l think using no shampoo is not such a bad idea…l indeed have very dry hair…

    l think l will give it a try:::no shampoo!! :) sounds like fun and l kind of know my hair will be happier…. :) it will get back his natural oils and such..
    ORGANIC EVERYTHING yay!! …l even smoke organic tabacco if l try someone else’s tabacco i taste palmolive in it :/ argh!!!! l taste the perfumes they use…

  36. Over the last 10 years I’ve tried many organic, no SLS, no sulphate, no paraben shampoos and conditioners and have never found one that made me think ‘YES! i have perfect hair and will keep using this’. They often stripped the hair, didnt give it enough moisture and made it exceptionally tangly (I have mid back length hair which I get highlighted with bleach which doesn’t help).

    So at the start of May I started bicarb soda and vinegar washing and the only thing that’s different so far is it seems to get a bit stringier quicker, so I will wash it every 4 – 5 days. I’ve been trying out different combo’s of putting the bicarb soda/water on dry hair as opposed to wet, vinegar only on mid to end rather than whole head to see if there are differences – so am still working it out, but I am amazed at how well this cleans my hair. My hair is also starting to look shinier (possibly due to the natural oils) so i’m trying to use a soft bristled brush more often to brush the oils through the rest of the hair.

    Bonuses to nopoo – no itchiness, ever, even when hair is overdue a wash; no pain – sometimes my scalp would hurt and get sore; no strange crusty bits, almost like small sores that scabbed and were dandruff-like and sore (gross!) so i’m definitely going to continue with it!

    All in all, highly recommended and i’m going to keep going in the hope I can grow my elbowlength hair to my waist!!!

    I’m not sure i’m ready for nopoo or conditioner yet though Mystic, but i’ll avidly follow your progress 😀

    Oh, and a great hair mask is basically home made mayo – get your yolk, and whisk your choice of oil into it to make it thick – olive, coconut (only if warm), argan, macademia, avocado and then add honey to the mix and slather on hair, wrap in glad wrap and leave for 1 hour+ . I was even successful washing this out with bicarb soda!! -the honey does sound crazy, but it smells nice and smooths the hair. No nasties!

    I always figured it was my Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo which had a hand in my wanting to use natural products on my body and in the house.

    • goign to try out your hair mask thanks :))
      oh yeah and what’s the deal with vinegar??
      my grandmother used it on my hair when l was little…my sweet childhood memories…

      • A vinegar rinse for brunettes gives a shine balances acid & alkaline, same with a spoon flu of apple cider vinegar every morning in water = new bloods every 28 days and is a natural cholesterol disser.

  37. Colored my hair over the weekend…dark brown as usual…nothing special..

    Had more compliments on it today than ever…But then again, I think peeps are getting it mixed up with the 40 plus pounds I’ve lost…

    “Gee, your hair looks great” (I never wear it down but have lately and I cut it myself..”hack” more like…lol)

    “It’s so thick” (no it’s not…average I’d gauge)

    Don’t wash it everday as too much work . Shower and blow dry the damp edges and set on hot curlers again. Don’t brush it out but use my fingers and then hairspray the fuqer. 😆

    • yes… i’m a wash’n’go twice a week -ish kind of girl. No hair dryers, no straighteners, no incessant detergent-ing of scalp. Living in warm climate helps (ie no frozen strands if I step outside). I figure the limited exposure means I can continue using my violet shampoo, has kept brassi-ness at bay since January…..

    • Sweets, my Gem guy says when I lose weight, ‘wow has your head got bigger?’ LOL. I totally think people confuse weight loss and your features. Your features get bigger as the weight slips off. Well done with your new look btw!

      • Thanks guys, (hilar Andie!)

        In just a bit, gonna (professionally) hack the whole ski-doodle off into an A line bob..

        If ever there was “an edge” to be had…I’ll be cuttin’ it about chin length

  38. Uuummm, the smell of unwashed hair? Not giving up my Biolage by Matrix.
    My hair has never been better or as long.
    Some hair will go naturally into locks, some definitely will not. It’s only a type of hair that can handle this craze. Our immune systems NEED to be challenged and plenty of organic shampoos on market.

    What i really want to say to late blooming flower children
    This is your Mother. STOP IT and go wash your hair!
    Go 3 days w/o washing and sleek it back into a bun-pony tail to distribute
    natural oils, use some Morrocan oil to sleek it, like the wet look, for 2 more days wear headscarves, turbans, windy endless scarves and do this every month or 2 to re-condition.. Never buy supermarket shampoos.
    Do you remember the story in the 60’s, (no you wouldn’t) about the woman with the Beehive, teased & unwashed for weeks and cockroaches made a nest.
    Please don’t Zap our hairstylists or they’ll all have to work from home or visit you. SOme services mustn’t be laid off in the GFF, not the feel good ones. Diffusers dry hair w/o the Blow :-)

    • Jepsuz gawd Pegs, cockroaches? The last time I encountered them, the girls were little and Aries me stayed on an all night vigil to kill/trap them..Oh hell no, no roach gonna scurry cross my babies bum! lol…

      But get your point x

  39. That’s awesome Mystic. I will follow with interest.

    If I lived where I used to live, i.e. in a small town with actual oxygen instead of smog, I’d give it a go. But the crap in city air makes me doubt how amazing it would get. My hair gets noticeably filthier, measurably quicker, in this city than out of town. I tried a super-hippy herbal shampoo and conditioner a while ago, Dr Bronners – it made my bleached blonde hair feel like baling twine (from a hay bale – i.e. shredded plastic, dry as the Simpson Desert and about to snap). Mind you blonded hair as much dedicated and regular attention as Aunt Mildred’s prize-winning roses. I am growing it out for financial not health reasons. So, I’ll give it some thought! It’s my skin care that I may need to revise. Alas it makes my skin amazing (in conjunction with a low-caff, low-booze, gluten-free diet)

    • hmm, you know even skin care regimen is pretty good, now that I think of it. One or more of aloe vera, organic rose-hip / olive oil, vitamin E oil, ti-tree oil, visit my face as regularly or more often than the lotions and potions. Regular cleansing, exfoliating, and yes sunscreen (on the parts that the hat doesn’t cover) in this climate in the spring to autumn months…

  40. Even today tonight are on board with the toxic chemicals in furniture thing. It’s a shame that this makes me feel like it undermines the credibility of the argument.

    • “Jenn’s tips to getting it right: “The first key ingredient is water. Rinsing every week or so will allow you to do this indefinitely, I swear. The other key ingredient is a good powder to shake in your hair that will soak up oils, and can easily be brushed out (we recommend a boar’s bristle brush). Corn starch is my favorite (it’s baby powder minus the icky perfume), but rice flour and a good dry shampoo do wonders as well.”

      That is still a form of shampoo-dry- to get it clean-
      who made shampoo such a taboo word???
      “Rinsing every week”?- Yuk, that wont get it clean.
      The girl in the image hasn’t got very good quality hair-she doesn’t need grease/natural oils.
      The hair looks bad. No hairdresser would say that hair look good. They are qualified to know.
      There is no hairdresser involved just a journalist bored in the office greasing up her hair.

      • are you a hairdresser with an agenda?

        If people want cockroaches in their hair.. let them… lol

  41. I grow my own soapwort – but it’s taken that long to establish I’ve never used my own, so thanks for the reminder it’s growing like a weed now :-). Made some herb shampoo years ago with dried soapwort, fresh nettles & rosemary and something else……now I’ve got it written down somewhere…………No doubt the major declutter will unearth it.
    Thanks for the egg conditioner tip………..banana’s & avocado’s are good too.
    I find that my hair’s so fine that if I put oil in it, it just looks yucky & greasy for ages.

  42. Oh no, I couldn’t do this. I usually wash my hair 2-3 times a week but I sometimes try and make it go a day or two longer and it goes gross but then I love washing it after letting it go gross, it just makes the wash so much better! But usually after 4 days, specially if yoga/bush walking has upped the sweat factor, I can’t stand the itchiness and it doesn’t smell as lovely. I feel quite ok using my au natural, sls and paraben free, organic sweetly smelling of things like lavendar, rosemary, honey and chammomile shampoos and conditioners. Leo sun, merc and mars though, so can’t really mess with the hair 😉

  43. No supermarket champoo, no hairbrush. I never use conditioner (“How’s that working out for you?” says my Taurus hairdresser, laconically – i tried it for her but after two goes, NO.) Apple cider vinegar rinse, oil of rosemary. Very rarely use product now my scalp loathes it. Never coloured my hair. Apparently have unreal haircuts, love Tau hairdresser, go every 4 weeks.

    Been anti supermarket shampoo since i tried to taste some “honey and almond” shampoo as a child. Then became heavily involved in making products myself. Loved making them, but no good effect. Many Sag disasters…great fun over the years.

  44. I haven’t read through all the comments so this might have already been mentioned but there are plenty of chemical-free alternatives to shampoo. Miessence is one brand that comes to mind off the top of my head – and no, it’s not one of those pseudo-organic things with chemicals supposedly derived from nature (as all chemicals are anyway!) There really are only natural ingredients in their products. They’re also one of the few certified organic Australian skincare companies out there.

  45. Oh look, I watched an interview with a bloke on one of those bland morning shows (or rather, it was on in the background and I glanced over every now and then) who hadn’t washed his hair for two years and I almost gagged at the sight of it.

    Yes it was glossy – with slicked grease over grease over GREASE. It reflected light but it was NOT shiny.

    I was so repulsed I had to change the channel.

    I don’t know if you are on a winning idea here Mystic. There are products out there that do not contain all of the chemical additives – you just gotta find them! What did people do before shampoo to make their hair look fresh and shiny other than use a silk scarf to ‘polish it up’ after washing? Anyone’s grandmother old enough to remember have any hints?

    • “I was so repulsed I had to change the channel”


      Thanks for the laugh. I needed that!

  46. I spent the weekend on a chemical binge. My green pepper plants are usually organic, but this year I lost one plant out of 4 to aphids, so I had to blitz them with Sevin pesticide. If I can just get the plants through the budding stage without the buds all getting eaten, I can cut back on the organophosphate toxins in time for them to decompose fully before harvest.

    • oh, aren’t there a host of home remedies for aphids? I remember reading about them… the Gardening Australia webpage would surely have something, the guys who have run that show are LEGENDS!

      • I’ve seen it all and tried it all, my family owned a greenhouse. I tried some nontoxic remedies but when the plants started dying, I had to get serious. Aphids are really persistent, even this pesticide is so light it hardly does much to them.

      • Soapy water. White oil. I just blast ’em off with a hose. No aphids on my roses this year :) Or in some places you can buy ladybirds (not here in WA though :()

        On a commercial scale tho’ – nah, very tricky….

  47. Don’t do no-poo if you have hard water. I used to experiment with this kind of stuff at my parents’ place (water softener) and my hair LOVED it. Then I tried it again in my apartment, which has tap water from one of the biggest limestone regions in the country, and my hair got stiff, chalky, weird — almost dreadlocked. It was horrible.

    Natural organic soaps and laundry detergents don’t work well in very hard water either.

  48. Better to avoid propylparaben, methylparaben (medical research links to eostrogen feeding cancers) aluminium (anti-perspirants – use tea tree oil based products or a crystal) We tried Sukin shampoo products. Seem to be OK; no sulphates, no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours, triethanolamine, no mineral oils…

    OK it is very unglamorous but in the scheme of things your scalp & face are better off not absorbing toxic chemicals…your skin is an organ too. Rosemary essential oil is very good for the scalp, and as it happens is recommended for dream pillows. Melrose produce organic cider vinegar which can be used as a hair rinse.

    Environmental shops often stock lifestyle products. We are making the transition to remove everything toxic we can…someone spoke of upholstery; interior textiles have finishes that can include formaldehyde
    (scotch guard). It is used as a preserving agent for good reason (mortuary purposes).

    Wondering how neptune in scorpio generation find all this new information; now that we have neptune in pisces here. Mars 6th pisces trine neptune 3rd scorpio…pluto conjunct uranus virgo 1st quincunx aquarious sun 6th…

    Just bought last week slippery elm bark for next phase of detox; then wheatgrass juice, organic barley greens, organic garlic, its goes on…You can’t purify too much in a world so poisoned; Ann Wigmore, the Essenes and Leslie Kenton…I bet there will be new pioneers & more coming…

    What about amalgam (mercury) for fillings in teeth…a different metaphor for pluto capricorn square aries uranus maybe?

    • I just got an old filling replaced this evening, great dark moon activity, lol, and while the drill was going at a zillion miles an hour hacking into the old amalgam from primary school days I thought, ‘fuq, are bits of that going to end up down my throat?’ Irony of course being that the carcinogens have been quietly absorbing into my system for decades.

      I’m Neptune in Scorp gen too. I first read Leslie Kenton in the 80s and everyone then thought she was completely bats, but now her ideas are mainstream.

      • the mercury goes to your organs and the brain is closest organ to your mouth – did your dentist tell you what to eat afterwards for a few days? It’s irresponsible if they didn’t. Get some spirulina and drink it in juice or smoothies – it bonds with the mercury and leaves your system. thats what my dentist told me to do – that and not eat meat for a week afterwards if you’re a meat eater.

        • No my dentist said nothing re that… thanks so much Anon, I have got some spirulina-plus- other-greens powder so will drink a gallon of that today!

          • nice one, your body knew what it needed even if the dentist didn’t tell you

  49. The longest I’ve gone without shampooing is a week. By then it didn’t really need it – for me day three was the hardest – but I felt I should wash it. Conditioned perhaps??? I only use natural products so no need for a detox from anything. Interesting about the Saturn/Pluto connection. I was always a bit of a hippy but Pluto going over my Asc got rid of anything left that had chemicals in it from deodorant and shampoo to what I clean with.

    Good luck Mystic. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  50. i already experimented with the no poo thing. miserable fail. i think it would work if i did not colour my hair and it was dreded. weeks of red clay and acv plus baking soda equaled mess. i did switch to no sls and no paraben shampoo. also i do believe the quality of your hair is a combo of genes. your diet and your health. i complain about a lot of things here but hair is not one of them. i have lots of good hair no matter how often i colour it. in chinese medicine hair is the excess of the blood with a connection to the kidney. so if your hair aint right go see your acup.herbalist. if its thin and youre about 30 or older go to doc to check for thyroid problem.

  51. yes everything is toxic but you know what happens when you make your own world completely toxin free? Your body goes into shock and you get sick whenever you enter the ‘real’ world. I’ve gone weeks without washing the hair when I don’t have to leave the house and it’s never transitioned into that glorious utopian mane you speak of so I’m sticking with these http://www.newtonspharmacy.com.au/newtonshaircare_59.html – they work and they’re cheap – the neem one is great, as are the chamomiles.I totally get where you’re coming from and wish you luck but it’s not for this girl.

    • Were talking toxins not bacteria, you still have and run into the same colds reguardless of toxcicty.
      You dont develop hypertoxcicity from avoiding it thats just completly untrue…

      • It is actually true because I’m not talking about hypertoxicity and bacteria – that’s your angle. I’m talking about hyper sensitivity -we’re having a holistic conversation? So we look at the whole picture? My house became chemical free when I developed an extreme chemical sensitivity and now whenever I’m in ‘normal’ environments I get extreme headaches and burning of the mucous membranes – to the point of nosebleeds and depending on the irritant can also experience radical mood swings, respiratory symptoms and addled thought processes from the perfumes and chemicals which in turn lower my immunity and then i get sick really easily if I stay to long in those environments – offices in big buildings with air con and no opening windows are hell for me. And jesus christ those plug in smells and the gel shit people put on their toilet bowls? MENTAL And to keep it astro oriented – scorpio moon and scorpio neptune in the 6th house. Whenever i encounter another smell/gas/ephemeral irritant allergy sufferer they more often than not this astro arrangement. A phase of treatment with colloidal silver and acupuncture really helped – I was better able to endure those environments after I did that but they are still quite unpleasant for me and I avoid work in offices – especially newly furnished or redecorated ones as a result. Give me an old building that’s done all its off-gassing over plush new surroundings any day.

        • Neptune rules hypersensitivity, in the 6th makes it even more of an angle because its the house of health. Id say your problem is just your astro and not due to environment avoidance,

          But it doesnt make sense, id rather be hypersensitive and avoid it than take on toxic products to not be ” as sensitive to them” but its your body..

          • Not everyone will have this Neptune in the 6th your experiencing, so try not to give such errroneous advice for everyone based on something which is your challenge to carry,

            Where ever hypersensitivity lies. I always look at it as a spot im just not supposed to be at. Maybe your life is to be one of a solo path in this incarnation. one of nature and naturals, I know it sucks not being able to go places, but I think its for our own good evo this time around. :)

        • Same here, those plug-in air fresheners give me breathing problems and a face rash, and I need fresh air in offices. Neptune in Scorp in 5th. Plus – I did a detox diet because of health reasons, then went for a Chinese meal obviously with some sort of MSG and thought I was having heart attack – migraines, chest pain – horrible. I also became allergic to avocados, raw carrots, raw celery – was taken to A&E with anaphylactic shock. Gets better but am now a devotee of Dorothy Hall. (Aussie naturopath).

  52. I won’t join you Mystic, because there’s too much filth out in the air nowadays in the city.
    Thirty or so years ago I needed to wash my hair only once in three weeks, because there was less pollution back then.
    Now I do it NO MORE than once a week.
    But then the rinsing water is quite filthy.
    So: no more than once a week/10 days, only with certified organic shampoo.
    Never use conditioner
    BUT: I RINSE WITH (organic) APPLE VINEGAR (sometimes I let a nice blossom soak in it for 2 weeks to give it a nice fragrance).
    I never blow dry, never use colouring
    My hair is long and looks healthy, if I may say so myself.
    Good luck!

  53. i read this blog and comments early this morning. then i went back to sleep and dreamed that my mom and her sisters were putting yogurt on their heads to condition their hair. lol.

  54. Its all a balance really, everybody just do the best you can, but im not gonna count myself among a populace that is rich enough to “live longer” albiet in a shittier fashion. So we come all this way by propping up a life expectancy-

    We cant just toss what were doing and letting people and other countries do to the ocean and our water. Just because you can survive the toxic onslaught by living with some brain disease you didn’t totally die from but now are just crippled and cant wipe your own ass a little early for- what most of what should be a healthy end of life existance, to me- does not qualify as “living longer”.

    We cant just keep using products because they “work” in the short term and fuk us up in the longterm and for those that know of reincarnation, it shouldnt be too hard to see that the planet you think your leaving, is the one we all come back to. We have to make a pact with nature first not go in with hubris dominance and selfishness, the chemical chimeras were creating are not going to be very nice to us back.

    Do what you can, but do something.

    • this comment was mostly left for men, I know 1000000’s are reading….. loll

      • why men? are you implying one gender is solely responsible for the global problems we face? seriously? the gender issues are a distraction. this is a people and planet issue. I’m truly sorry that you have clearly had some bad experience of a man/men which has coloured your view of them as a gender but i find it so disappointing when things devolve into a dicks vs ovaries scenario. we are never going to get anywhere with these bigger issues unless we are able to cease our petty gender issues and projections. have you ever considered the reason there are so few men present here is due to comments like this? words can be just as toxic as chemicals. i hope things get better for you with regard to men. they are not all bad. just as not all women are good.

      • along with that pact you suggest we make with nature why not make a pact with the other gender of your species?

        • Anonymous, i understand that planetary responsibilty may not be a gender issue…

          …but did you know that you were commenting to a man?

          Interesting that you yourself see gender as binary.

          • does it matter that the disser is a man? There are clearly gender issues there. neither gender is more responsible than the other for toxins is my point but thank you for your well-intentioned words.

            • Yes men are mostly of the cause, its too much unbridaled masculine energy in postions of power, its no secret ladies are kept out of the alot of the halls of science, most of these concocutions are mAde by male ego. It was hardly female energy which took the atom bomb to fruition or the myraid of chemicals being made, if women were in more pstions of power, i garantee you the planet would not be as messed up. Thats not gender bias just fact..

              • Also sine im twi entities in one being gay i think i have a window u might not be looking through. There was a reason gays were in the highest regard in indian culture since the spritually evolved get that we are the embodyment of both genders. I think i can say when one side is over doing it. Males dont come here because there encouraged from birth to only care for war and sports, my comments is only to empower women to look at there capacity for leadership.

  55. Aussies and anyone within mail-order distance… look no further than Beauty and the Bees.
    (ok, I know vegans won’t like this product line one little bit, but still and all, there’s nothing toxic in these lovely creations, so humans and our waterways are safe)
    When I first started with the ‘shampoo bars’ after years of commercial hi-foam-pooey-products, my very thick, coarse, boofy hair had a transient panic attack, but then it softened and calmed right down.
    You want these, you really do. And if paying to post the vinegar hair rinse is a bit much, just make your own.

  56. Check out Sukin Organics – they’re not only Australian, they’re CHEAP, unlike a lot of other ones. They have a stand in every Health Shop I’ve ever been in a do teensy testers. I am a sucker for teensy testers 😀

  57. Honey i would love to join you on this jihad against hair toxins. In another life i aspire to be Erin Wasson, she never washes her hair, wears hemp and has henna tats on her hands. Prince HARRY does not wash his hair because he believes the chemicals in shampoo cause baldness. I get it.

    BUT i have hair extensions and a platinum blonde maintenance program that would daunt most people. i i try so hard to remain pure of heart but i am toxic to the core physically. Alcohol, recreationals, botox, skin cream with chemicals that could resurface MARS into a carpark.

    if i went chemical toxin free not only would i never get laid again (did i mention acrylic nails and the competitive cougar market yet?) i would be ARRESTED. I smell like cats piss mixed with marshmallows and i cannot stand too near to a naked flame BUT IT WORKS god help me.

    and for me at any rate, this zap zone is more like the OPPOSITE of going au natural, don’t we all need some extra help now? Everyone i know is getting divorced acrimoniously, having forced sales of property or wanting to have a nervous breakdown but they can’t get the time off work. I love you mystic but i will go hippy my next holiday in byron which will be in 2018 or something i am thinking,

    • I just love your attitude, TLS.

      Certainly, each to their own. Might see you in Byron then… er, that is only 6 years away. Perhaps we can do a retirement jag in Mullumbimby in 2050.

      • Lol im sorry but this is why i love leos they are like some of the best comedians, and u werent even trying i can tell. I was laughing so hard through the whole thing…

  58. “But they say that the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (and similar) gunk in 95% of shampoos out there is toxic..”

    Well the problem is that it IS toxic, its a degreaser used for breaking down oils which is I recall my mother used to complain about how they could sell “baby shampoo” as mild when it was actually pure detergent (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) So we’ve finally after about 20 to 30 years of thought revolutionized the market place where there are more selections, in a world which now has decided that “soap” is not soap any longer but also detergent.. (check your ingredient lists) Even places which should be more “environmentally minded” such as Lush and Body Shop use these commercial detergents in their products..

    BTW I went SLSb free for the last few years due to the fact after fasting a very long fast, I discovered I wanted to keep what I had.. so I’ve shifted to pure soap and hair products without SLS and harsh chemicals and stopped colouring my hair.. The result is my natural hair is actually wilder than any colour I thought I had.. since it went radically white in many places…and “Platinum” being such a trend.. people actually think I coloured this stuff!

    I haven’t yet given up on the make up thing though… not completely!

    AET :)

  59. i’m in. saturn on my jupiter-pluto-mercury conjunction now. taurus rising — have been getting progressively more eccentric with my “hippy” (ie sanity/unplugging from propaganda) regimes. no shampoo, no chemicals, just occasional almond and olive oil treatments. hair growing longer & wavier than ever – even since my hair was super long in 2004. (venus cycle, right?) no signs of wrinkles. olive oil on eyes every night since age 12. vegan for ages, but recently compelled to eat eggs — had super allergic reaction this morning — bye bye eggs.

  60. Hey i am reporting back. Short Version – i am staying with this but i am going to add in some product – the one that seems to be MOST pure and amazing is Miesscence, also Weleda and Dr Bronner.

    Skin after a week of nothing but coconut oil or hemp oil mixed with essential oils – AMAZING. It has a glow. It is soft. It’s actually awesome. I had to get rid of my awesome Nars Orgasm blush (endocrine disruptor and parabens etc etc) but now i do not need it.

    Hair looks awful but i gather it is just result of detox from sls and silicones – it’s kinda like greasy straw at the mo but GUESS WHAT? There is new hair growing like you would not believe.

    And mysteriously, though nothing has altered in my diet, i am still a potato and bread appreciating vegan lol, i am losing weight. Naturopath said it is prob cos liver not busy trying to detoxify daily crap of toxins from cosmetics, personal care products etc and so has time to do better job on fat calls. Or is it as toxins STORED in fat? no idea but waist is smaller…

    so am never going bk to chem products & totally recommend other peeps look into it too…

  61. So interesting! I look forward to an update on the hair.
    I have stopped using a cleanser in favour of a microfibre cloth and my face and my skin is much clearer.
    I wonder if Miranda Kerr is so thin because (in part) of her aversion to chemicals.

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