Grace Does Jupiter

Grace Jones hula hoopI’m not a Royalist so only just realized that Grace Jones performed at the Diamond Jubilee.

Way to go at 64, yes?

She had her 2nd Saturn Return (they come every 29 years approximately) a few years ago and the DAY she did Slave To The Rhythm in front of the Royal Family + millions was Jupiter on her Taurus Sun.  So awesome.

She’s got an enduringly awesome Saturn-Pluto in Leo conjunction.  Most online charts for her have her as Moon-Neptune in Libra but she thinks it’s Moon in Scorpio:  ‘My moon is in Scorpio,’ she declares. ‘I’m feeling horny. Be careful.’

No birth time so no clue re rising sign but she has just got to have that Saturn-Pluto in Leo Rising…you think?


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guys this is so wierd because when you were kids. if you saw somebody who was old, when you were in your in your 30s. then you go and play videos of them. when they were young its so shocking… Like this was the first video I seen of her and im like bonding with her backwards… Im like on every youtube vid of her now. She is just such a sweet heart..


I LOVE her laugh…


Wow I just got to the world like 32 years ago so excuse my stupidity about this woman, but she is so amazing she is so bubbly and just fun. Im watching all the interviews and its like shes in her living room on her tauro… couch with friends in almost everyone. Jupiter in Sagi.. Merc and Uranus in gemini.. makes any Normally quiet and slow taruo fun and quick with an earthy voice and sensibility. Im having so much fun putting some grace in my face thanks mystic… For me she was just someone who showed up in some… Read more »


Very cool video. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. She has such amazing authentic energy shes so odd for a Taurus though. Must be the scorpio moon.


I lived with a guy that danced for her on tour in the 80s, said she was a total dominatrix. Everything about her just vibes power. Whenever I am in a suit strolling under lamposts I think of walking in the rain.

Such a weird choice for the Jubilee, then again the whole thing was odd. Some cultures have done really well mixing the ancient traditions with the now and the recent past even. England is still has empire hangover with everything about the now strongly x factor/wag in feel.


I saw Grace last year at the Bluesfest she was Awesome with a capital A and pole dancing like a 16 yr old. My heroine

Electric Eel Libran

I dig Grace Jones! She is an amazing icon. I hope to have legs like that at 64. dang!

cosmic ram

Grace so should have been on at night, with a smashing lightshow, and maybe a glowing hoolahoop. Go Grace Go ! loved the article you linked to Mystic.
My Grace Jones earliest memores are being at my grandparents home, and my Toro uncle getting ready to go out on a friday or saturday night, downstairs in his room playing at full ball, i would have been under 8, and especially loved ‘ ive seen that face before”, and ”pull up to my bumper baby”…
Nice one Grace.


I saw Grace Jones in concert back in ’82 at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney. I was 17. She was amazing!! I was rather obsessed with her. I used to draw pictures of her in my school diary.

yeah a glowing hoolahoop would have been awesome 🙂

cosmic fleece

Wow Scorpalicious a gig to remember i bet…Such presence, and form, xx


I just cannot see Moon-Neptune in Libra writing and singing:
“Pull up to my bumper baby… drive it in between…grease it spray it let me lubricate it..back it up twice now that fits nice”

This song has eased my traffic jam rage and got me home in a far better mood on many an occasion throughout May.

Beautiful love of life radiates from Jones’ voice, words, public image.

Scorporation, Inc.

What a Woman! Love her, always have. Prototypical, archetypal Grace.


OMG I adore Grace Jones! I’ve been fascinated with her since I was a teenager. She is just the most gorgeous, unique Amazonian creature. I agree with Mystic on the Saturn-Pluto in Leo Rising….she demands to be noticed, and has such a fabulous sense of showmanship, and her sultry purring voice.. As for moon in Scorpio….I think her Taurean will power would simply make the moon move where she wanted it to be, lol.

Virgo Ellie

I think Grace is fabulous. Didn’t know she performed for the Queen last week. I put her on the same pedastal as Tina Turner! I am going to Google the news about Grace. She looks great!! Thanks for posting! 🙂


what is the house of higher mind? I’ve just been reading yearly scopes and this bit confuses me. can someone shed some light? thanks xx


Higher mind is the 9th, traditionally ruled by Sagg…

Lower mind is the opposite house, the 3rd ruled by Gem…

I’ve found Uranus in my 3rd however, ruled by Leo, to be quite…ahem….”high minded”…hehe


lol, I came up with this analogy of me having Pluto in the 3rd as, Fitting a boulder in a teacup. Its so hard trying to fit that big a punch of a planet in such a local communicative house, O but it happens for sure. People are like WHAAT? Yea right..

Wonder what Uranus could be..


haha, Actually have Uranus ~and~ Pluto in the 3rd….Pluto is 2 degrees Virgo close to the IC (5 degrees) however, and I do feel both.

This all of course is why I’m quite insane…hehe


Both meaning the effects of Pluto in 3rd and on the IC…


Lol yea must be tough i guess can be really kind alike since uranus is my ruler.


The coolest thing done in front of the queen since Vivienne Westwood became a dame wearing no knickers:


Oh dear… 😯 😆

A windy day can happen to the best of us….hee.


ahh ha ha!! Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘All fur coat and no knickers!’


I think her eyes went dizzy tryin’ to keep track of that hoola hoop 😆


Think our Gemmy Gem might relate to this kinda stuff but I can keep one eye straight and one eye crossed…

Perhpas I am bi-partial? 😆

Did adore watching the Jubilee on the tellie. Think the Toro Queen would no doubt appreciate fellow Toro Grace.

Was thinking as I watched the Jubilee that “yep, I said Kate was perfect for the post and she is”…

It’s 3:18 am and I have not partied on line this way for a long time! Sorry Mystic…I did have some wine …hehe…x


I hope my body looks like that when im 64 post menopausal and still very oestro on the horny side so i can still play…….


Does your body look anything like that now ? 🙂 she is so oestro its fuqing scary.

? Alter ? (@AlterEgoTrip_Se)

Another one with That Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo in the first house is Iggy Pop.. (late Cancer ASC) What is it about Saturn and Pluto in the first and those hard bodies? I mean they go forever or what? Such powerhouses!

Can’t wait to see the generation of Saturn Scorp / Pluto Capricorn will bring.. part of me wonders if its too late to have another child..


I’m been having a saturn/pluto conjunct in cap in the 7th for nearly 2 years….its been, ummmm, intense ?…to all those right across the dial enjoying it in the first …HELLOOOoo! see ya in about 12,000 years..

? Alter ? (@AlterEgoTrip_Se)

I have to say, I’m not very happy about the Pluto Opposition I’ve been having to my Natal Mars/Sun/Venus conjunct in the First, but I understand the joy of seeing that Pluto stuff in its proper setting (and not in my 7th, ouch!)

I’ve a Natal Pluto/Moon in the 4th.. I’m quite soft and see that entire longevity and amazing structure of Pluto and Saturn in a good context. I’m hoping that the Pluto Capricorn/ Saturn Scorpio Generation has a good amount of access to this really SOLID and Generative feeling in their future..


I’ve been having a saturn/pluto conjunct in cap in the 7th for nearly 2 years….its been, ummmm, intense ?…to all those right across the dial, enjoying it in the first …HELLOOOoo! see ya in about 12,000 years..


see what I mean


Yep, I’ve got saturn conjunct natal pluto libra 4th house again. I would like to start building again (aries MC) but that is being squared also by transit pluto in Cap. Thank god I am a Scorpio. Tough astro for tough cookies Davey x

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