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At 19, I went to an astrology conference. Well actually i gatecrashed it. Before Saturn Return, i operated almost purely in Uranian mode. Aqua Rising/Mars conjunct Uranus in the 8th, you understand. It was the first and last conference i ever went to for anything. (South Node in the 11th House f.y.i)

BUT i always remember the Astrological Gestalt session because they drew a massive big circle on the floor and then got different people to act out the chart. So Saturn went absolutely ape at the Venus he was squaring and the actors playing Mercury and Neptune huddled in the 12th House together drinking wine. It went on from there. The Pluto transit bit – where the Pluto character came out in a red cape and knocked over the Moon chick was particularly memorable.

Can you see how this just might evoke a better understanding of your chart?  In the absence of the resources available to hire your own theatre troupe to stage your chart and transits, you are supposed to just sort of imagine and do the dialogue between the players in your chart. You first find the closest aspects or the ones you think are most important and then you go for it. Planets/Sun/Moon etc that trine one another will naturally just sort of get along and have heaps in common but it’s the planets that barely want to talk to one another but HAVE to (your squares and oppositions or conjunctions between the most unlikely allies) that will deliver you the psych-juice you need.

So, what are you waiting for?  As always with D.I.Y. Astro, the more astro-erudite peeps will happily help out those less used to trawling through their charts. If you don’t have a chart, go visit Astrodienst…Then come back and start a conversation!

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99 thoughts on “Gestalt Your Astro

  1. Love DIY astro but I really think I need to hire a theatre troupe to understand my chart!

    Have sun Aries 29º and mars Libra opposition as well oppositions between Uranus and Pluto (conjunct Virgo) to my asc & chiron (conjunct in Pisces) – every time a do any reading on these aspects to try and understand more – I feel like I need a good lie down!

    • I think some of us could volunteer to role play certain planets for people with questions about those planets

    • i guess i can relate to the Pluto-Ac opposition…

      my pluto is conjunct saturn and Mercury/DC…

      so Pluto opposing AC – to nail it down:
      use – dont be abused…

      thats a power issue. massive power issue as far as i am concerned

      but i am having saturn return (to the degree right now…) and this means also saturn is transiting my pluto

      i have never yearned so much for loneliness and hiding away from reality before… everyone played and plays their games by using me as playground.

      uncountable power struggles… but you will win if you trust your intuition – after all pluto being that prominent in your chart means that you are a plutonian…

      you have access to the underworld…

      the point, i guess, is to get in charge and to reign the power that you are capable of…

      to not being reigned by others…

      oppositions are often about projection and my experience is, that mostly others project their weaknesses and weirdnesses onto you…

      be yourself – there is no way around.

      said that – pluto libra – aries rising – scorpio mars

      • Thanks for your help here, you have some great insights! Understand the need to withdraw, I find it really helpful to get some perspective – yes am very aware of people projecting and this becomes a bit exhausting and inhibiting, feel the need to give them the space they need to become aware of what ever they’re going through.

        As for power I have inadvertently given this away at times, mostly because I don’t worry about it too much. I’ve always felt pretty strong and that it’s always within reach if I need to assert it but I don’t feel or want power over anyone else.

        But there have been power struggles and I’ve never really understood why people would feel the need to challenge or be oppressive but after what I just wrote perhaps I’ve inadvertently threatened others with my self belief.

        Likewise about loneliness have never felt lonely have had plenty of alone time recently and love it, possibly coming from a big family not sure, but always feel I have access to people if I need/want it so just enjoy time when it’s my own to do what I want.

        You have really helped with some fresh insight, especially ‘to get in charge’ have always been a bit slack for reason stated above, so have taken a back seat and been pretty cruisey – but I need to get in charge of myself and take those reigns!

        Thank you so much for your help! Sounds like you have really good awareness about your own astro and I think it’s really good to take time out. I’ve learnt to manage my accessibility so that I can have clear blocks of time where I’m not obligated to anyone and can’t be interrupted. This helps give me space when I need it, yoga is great at those times as well. Hope you can get some space and alone time! Cheers

          • Thank you for articulating so beautifully what I’ve always also felt about power / loneliness xx

        • Beautifully written, I Can relate to That. I need to get away from everything and find what makes me happy. The stress dissolves when I’m alone. Financially I’m stuck, I can’t just up and leave.

  2. Oh I love that image! I’m going to do this DIY, I might draw a circle and use monopoly pieces as the planets, or something. Mars can be the sportscar. just need to sleep now…

  3. I’m going to hire an entourage of 12 to follow me around and they can play things out and save me the work… hehe

  4. i like sweetpea’s idea…lol

    so when i’m fighting with my boyfriend they can be like –pause! — and jump in and do an astrological battledown about what’s going on.

  5. Ha, considering I’m in the states, it’s daytime here, and I clearly have nothing else to do besides indulge in astrological fantasy play-acting, I’m gonna give this a go. Here’s my cast of characters (and just as an aside, I use the sidereal zodiac – after much study & research I decided it was the most accurate for me):

    Sun, Mercury, Jupiter – all 1º Virgo in the 12th (AC is 5º Virgo)
    Moon – 20º Aries in the 8th
    Venus – 26º Virgo in the 1st
    Mars – 9º Gemini in the 10th
    Saturn – 19º Capricorn in the 5th & retrograde
    Uranus – 20º Sagittarius in the 4th & stationary direct
    Neptune – 22º Sagittarius in the 4th & retrograde
    Pluto – 27º Libra in the 2nd
    Nodes – 2º Sag in the 3rd (N); 2º Gem in the 9th (S)
    Chiron – 25º Cancer in the 11th
    BML – 3º Aquarius in the 5th
    Ceres – 2º Capricorn in the 4th & stationary direct
    Vesta – 7º Libra in the 2nd
    Pallas – 29º Scorpio in the 3rd
    Juno – 4º Gem in the 9th

    Considering I’m a female, I’m going to make all of the planets female too. We’ll see how that works out..


    1st House – Stunning landscape, beautiful, magic, with unlimited high energy. A lone Venus is running, jumping, constantly moving & playing; she is totally captivated and enthralled by everything around her, communicating with it on a deep spiritual level, feeling the connection of energy between all that is.

    2nd House – So we have Vesta and Pluto. Two intense, willful, determined freaks who have no problems admitting it. Their surroundings here are austere and minimalist; their goal is to exist on as little as possible. It’s all about denying themselves the things that other people “need” (and want) in life. Vesta is just meditating, working on transmuting her life-force/sexual energy into spiritual, Divine, eternal energy and consciousness. Pluto is on a similar path, but more active with it: doing yoga, chanting mantras, creating yantras, etc.

    3rd House – Hanging out here are Pallas and the NN. The landscape is ridiculously boring. It is a normal, ordinary, mediocre, average place. Both NN and Pallas hate it here; they don’t see the point in any of the small talk going on around them. They just want to leave this place and go off to explore… they can’t take being here any longer.

    4th House – Uranus, Neptune and Ceres. These three are very troubled; they live in a hostile, scary, threatening environment. So Neptune escapes into her mind and creates goals for the future, things she knows she will achieve no matter what; Uranus works hard in every way to change her life; and Ceres feels kind of weak, helpless, hopeless.

    5th House – An eclectic blend of Capricorn & Aquarian influences; what I imagine here is a warzone, complete with Saturn, armed and ready, hanging halfway out the top of a military fighting vehicle. Saturn is actually a skinny, tiny girl… but she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She is tough as nails; a warrior. Feminine underneath it all, she’s just on a bit of a revolt because she’s been oppressed for so long. Then Lilith, aka BML, is on the other side of town, away from the pain & destruction. She is having fun, enjoying herself, making everyone fall in love with her… just so she can then disappear and run off to another town, re-create herself and start all over again. That’s the only way she knows how to live.

    6th House – Empty!

    7th House – Also deserted..

    8th House – Luna’s place, mmm. I picture an incredible lagoon, midnight, with a radiant white Moon; there is a waterfall, stunning foliage and palm trees. A private little island for one (or two) outside of the big tropical town where everybody congregates. Luna is the most gorgeous girl anyone has ever seen, a goddess; she works hard during the day, doing many different things in town, serving and helping the people. She comes to this island at night to rest and rejuvenate. But sometimes, just sometimes, the only man who can keep up with Luna – the man who is wild, passionate, stunningly gorgeous and spiritually evolved – comes to join her and unite in ecstasy…

    9th House – South Node & Juno. This is tricky. Hmm so let’s see. The setting here can be the headquarters of spiritual knowledge (wherever that is lol). SN doesn’t care about anything except knowing as much as possible. She will do anything in order to know the truth, even if that means putting herself in dangerous/life-threatening situations. And Juno is basically here to find a mate who will do the same thing that SN does.

    10th House – Haha… this is going to be fun. Okay so here we have Mars, a Gemini fireball of energy, on a business trip in some luxury city, working out at an incredibly fancy gym while talking rapidly and excitedly on the phone about her newest idea. She is a multitasker extraordinaire who can never stay still for long. Constantly on the go, Mars is already getting antsy here and is ready for the next adventure to begin.

    11th House – Amidst a huge crowd in a bustling city, an impressionable Chiron stands, feeling alone, alien, and unable to make sense of it all. She is confused, sensitive, and just tries to avoid doing anything that will make people dislike her, as being unacceptable to others is very painful for Chiron.

    12th House – Completely pitch black, infinite, endless space; cold, airy, without gravity. The only light comes from the Sun, and this light manifests as color, visible in the shades that paint the bodies of Mercury and Jupiter. The 3 planets are each wrapped up in their own awareness.

    Okay, that’s enough. hahaha figures I would focus solely on that, the “setting up” part, and then not want to do the actual dialogue aspect. Maybe one day I’ll come back and do the dialogue… nah probably not lol

      • Thanks! I’m thinking about doing it. Once I got over the initial fatigue of writing all of that lol I realized it could be beneficial to do a dialogue at least between some of the planets w/ squares & opps.

        This Gestalt thing is not only fun, but ridiculously useful…

        It’s amazing because you get to see your entire chart in a totally different light – and a much clearer light at that.

        All of the planets have different “goals,” if you will, and it’s their conflicting goals that create difficulty.

  6. Can’t do it – I just couldn’t stand to watch Neptune and Venus fight like they do in my chart.

    • Mine have found some common ground these days. Universal Love / Personal Love
      Bit like yin yang ?

    • thats so neptune…”couldn’t stand to watch”
      I’m imagining venus smacking neptune’s ass while it sticks its head in the sand

  7. i just love this whole concept, but gawd, i think my chart drama would be…some dickensian start, a 70’s psychedelic musical, a bit of carry-on moive, euro vacation/james bond comedy, with a matrix like/inception with a bit of gritty meaningless reality drama, but no conclusion yet… to put it politely – i should try and work it out though, lol

  8. recently attended a workshop doing just this….called it astrodrama. it was pretty mindblowing that a room full of people, some of whom had never met, could act out someones chart so spookily accurately. we all got to dress up as our planetary characters which added to the fun. it was a great way to “see” a chart come to life. sorry… dialogue comes to mind today….my chart is all about getting in to town after days of unending rain to get my car serviced!

  9. The strongest aspect in my chart is a big fat red square from saturn in the third in aries to my moon in cancer in the 6th (exact to the second). Since saturn is the handle planet of a bucket shape the Aquarian astrologer explained this to me as you feel first, then you act (mars is on the other lip of the bucket) and lastly you have a think about things, but you often don’t trust your feelings. So his advice was, have faith in what you feel but don’t forget to communicate and gather new information (mercury) so that you don’t continue to feel and act on the basis of outdated understanding. I’ve found that very helpful, he sort of gave me the green light to continue to act on intuition and feeling, but not to miss out that step of having a good think about things afterwards, I don’t feel I’m fighting my chart following these steps

    I have south node in the 10th and have never had a paid job for more than about a year at a time, I’m a carer so I hope that means I’m “doing” my north node rather than avoiding the 10th house issues, I never could quite work that one out.

  10. Aries sun in the 10th ” I’ve decided we are going to Katmandu…tomorrow, firstly to meet some business associates there and do some rock climbing.

    Mars in Cancer 1st house: OMG you’ve given me no time to plan this. Its cold there and we don’t enough warm clothes. And what about the kids school play next week ? I’m so unsure about this. Should I pack some chicken soup ?

    Venus in Taurus. I hear there is a new 5 star hotel in katmandu.. The Shangrilla or something…I’ll book. Oh, look, they have spa rooms !

    Jupiter in Sag need I have us already booked into an amazing yoga camp in the hills. Guru Raja runs the place and I’ve been dying to try his naked tree climbing yoga technique.

    Merc in aries 10th house. FUQ what idiot tries to do business in Katmandu?
    Your a fuqing software developer not a fuqing sherpa service. pfffft.

    Neptune in Scorp 5th house. I’m good, I hear the opium is free in some cafes and I need to restock our hash stores.

    Saturn in Capricorn. Sorry but aside from the fact that we really can’t afford this right now I have mapped out our plans for the next 29 years and well, Katmandu is not on the radar.

    Gemini Asc. Don’t worry Saturn, honey, I’ve convinced the lovely lady at the bank to extend our overdraft under extremely favourable conditions. So are we all agreed lets go !

    Uranus in you think I have time to change my passport photo ?

    • Hold on we forgot to ask Moon (gem 12th house)
      Moon ? where are you….I’m here, I’ve been listening in…I’m fine with it all but can we just tell the neighbours we are going to Bali ?

      • you have surpassed yourself …

        my own aries merc and 12th house moon and saggi jupe are all feeling empathetic x

      • That’s excellent I think I’m getting this DIY astro! My Merc in Aries agrees and my Neptune in Scorpio says – really?

      • I’d love to see the short flick / animation of this David. At Tropfest, where all the planets are you, but maybe different faces like Fight Club.
        Nice work Man. x

        • Thanks Comic, hmmm Fight Club… must watch that again. Actually if everyone got together with all there troupes do you think it might be a little like this ?

            • Oh Man, I remember this, getting it out with my Saggie best friend, the video store would ring her dad to get approval, He (Virgo) got the shits with us watching it all the time, so told the hot dude behind the counter ”No, not again, tell them to get something else” … Party pooper.

              I can’t imagine a train ride with Venus Mars Saturn and Moon all in Gemini…It would do my head in ..oh hang on, that’s me. yeah right, like i was saying …


        “I have mapped out our plans for the next 29 years and Katmandu is not on the radar”

    • haha, excellent davey….You and I are born 12 days apart (and same rising) so LOVE your interp and neat to see the placements from another’s perspective..x

      • Not all our house rulerships are the same but close enough to go to Bali at least 😉

  11. There are some that always have a slight compulsion to reverse at the wrong or right time? I just would hate to be confined to a role play so restrictive – sounds forced, prescribed – the only thing not so the people’s reactions…maybe that’s the core of gestalt part!

    Someone I know walked out of a panel interview for a prestigious job because of role play they had spent time preparing for. They were mars in scorpio, mercury in aquarius, venus aries. Some people love and require the group vibe of the shared therapy; it can be very claustrophobic and boundary-less and quite invasive to others.

    Once had to hitch a ride to a job interview – had to very quickly pull a rabbit out a hat after ambiguous directions, no idea how I arrived there, bit like being teleported, but in the right place at the right time, some on the spot risk assessment, and yes I did get the role…then I realised didn’t want it. Maybe understanding your self, ego, etc is a bit like that sometimes.

  12. I have a sort of “splay” chart, but the most important stuff is all along my MC/IC axis, which is conjunct my nodes, and sitting on top of Mercury at my MC in opposition to Neptune and Jupiter at my IC.

    So my little gestalt drama would be Mercury playing a tug of war against Neptune and Jupiter, while everyone else stood around them in a circle, jeering and throwing rotten tomatoes.

  13. courtesy of Charle’s ‘tug of war’ comment, I just saw my chart:

    Pluto, Neptune, MC and Venus trining each other: they just want to fly the kite! But the kite’s tail, at worst it’s dragging like an anchor, at best, cracking like a whip and having a glorious time. The tail? Pluto and Moon at tug of war with Merc/Mars and Venus. When they exhaust each other and just let each other be, the tail relaxes and the kite flies …

  14. Oh Mercury and the Moon are having a real D&M chit chat about the cosmos in the 10th house with a barrel of honey mead and a hookah pipe at the ready. Mercury is being very flirtatious and Moon having a hard time concealing her admiration for his wild ideas. They are talking too fast for anyone else to really understand and when Mercury uses big words like “concupiescent” Moon just swoons. All the other planets are trying to look busy with their own agendas but can’t help overhearing Moon’s bursts of delighted laughter.

  15. gemmy jupiter and saggy neptune throw a fabulously decadent party, at the last minute of course, trusting (rightly so) that the myriad of stimulation and substances will be plenty fine. they invite saturn in leo who you know is kind of a pompous ass but he’s part of the crowd so whatevs. libran pluto who really is a big pussycat comes too, as does aqua asteroid lilith. she occasionally doesn’t feel like she belongs in the big boys’ club, especially around mean ol’ saturn and being only an asteroid, but she is lilith, she’s all about the adventure (9th) and she doesn’t really give a fuq. plus she is egged on by her take-no-prisoners life of the party if it’s going her way big sister aries eris, eris and pluto have some kind of crazy love-hate magnetic polarity going on, which the whole group watches in awe and maybe a bit of fear (11th &5th). it’s a motley crew but they’re truly all great friends (star of david).

    moon, chiron, mars, venus, and sedna all hang out in an opulently decorated and deliciously smoke-filled back bedroom, drinking fine wine and munching on delicious tidbits. they don’t care what’s going on in the rest of the house, they see it through their third eyes and really can’t be bothered to come out. mars is slightly pissed about this and gives the rest of them a hard time. chiron and sedna join in and soon they’re feeling sorry for themselves, but venus and moon are just so comfy, and there’s no way any of them are leaving each other, they’re just so joined at the hip. saturn knocks at the door and tries to blowhard them into action, but they laugh at him like they did to poor mercury wandering around in a curious daze by herself when she tried to enter their room. not that she would have stayed there for more than 2 minutes, the crashing bores, pffft. but along comes uranus, and he is the king and master of this party. whatever kind of space dust he has (a love zombie variety no doubt), it works, and moon/chiron/mars/venus/sedna and uranus all come roaring out of their bedroom all lit up and proceed to burn the whole fuqin house down. and dance and gleefully cackle in its flames, oblivious to everything else and so thrilled to have finally, finally done something! (m,ch,m,v,s conj within 3 degs 12th tau, uranus opp in scorp. of course.)

  16. I love this idea. Those role-play things can be brilliant/hilarious/awkward/bizarro. I teach drama…so yeah taken part in lots of this kinda thing but not on with an astro theme. I am going to try and post a link to my chart, if any of you with a bit more of an idea about it wanna take a stab then tops!

    Blessings x

  17. Sun in Leo in the 2nd sextile Gem Asc – *Flicks thru mag*
    “How good are these fabrics? If your skin can breathe you just glow. Let’s shop NOW”.
    Gem Asc: “I know, right? The design isn’t cutting edge tho, this is all a bit passe paisano pissant.. We’ll find something funkier”.

    Scorpio Moon (6th) squares off at Sun: “How shallow are you guys, seriously? I feel like screaming! Evolve already, this materialism is passe”
    Jupiter in Pisces (9th) sez to Moon: “Can we at least check out the book shop? I found some stuff on holographic kinetics I wanna check out”.
    Mercury in Cancer/ 2nd trine Jupiter: “Love it. I would like to check out some art therapy & counselling stuff. It’s in line with some stuff I have been writing to my publisher about for my kid’s book. Let’s go”.

    Neptune in Sagg (6th) to Mars in Virgo (3rd) Squared: “Don’t tell me, you want to drive? I cannot handle all the honking at people who go outside the lines. If we have to do this I am drinking my vodka & cranberry now, not after dinner.”
    Mars: “This better be quick so I will drive, I have an appointment with my personal trainer. We can chat & move y’know”.

    Venus in Cancer (1st) conj. Saturn: “Well you bitches can all do what you like, but I am getting some sexy underwear, Sun sez shop & I concur”
    Saturn: “Just make sure it fits this time”
    Uranus in the 4th: “Let’s GO already, if I spend one more minute in this house I will scream”.
    Pluto in Libra, 4th square Venus: *watches, bides her time, calculates if sexy underwear can be worn at meditation tonight*

    • ~Pluto in Libra, 4th square Venus: *watches, bides her time, calculates if sexy underwear can be worn at meditation tonight*~

      hehe…we’ll keep your secret darlin’.

  18. Holy hell. It’s been ages since I even looked that closely at my chart and there’s a reason for that. Loads of trines, yes, but also LOADS of squares including: North Node square Sun and Ascendant, Venus square Pluto (which means, as Pluto is currently conjunct my Venus, Pluto is also currently squaring my Pluto). Effing great. And that’s barely the tip of the iceberg.

  19. My closest aspect, just considering the standard “planets” and points is Saturn rx in 4th Cancer opposite Venus in Capricorn, 7° off my IC/MC axis, so that makes Venus the highest planet in my chart or sumthin?

    Ah for the longest time Venus thought no one would ever love her and she emoed herself small, looking to Saturn for rescue and luv, desperate, alas Venus now understands that she has qualities that make her worth her weight in gold xtimes and whilst she appreciates Saturns guidance, if he’s being too much of a coldblooded ass, there are 345698217 other Saturns (and Mars’ and Jupiters and Neptunes and Plutos and even Mercurys) out there who’d happily adore her.

    As Bernadette’s Father said to Howard

    “It’s ok son … B, she’s such a pretty girl, she’ll find a new guy”

    *tongue in cheek*

    Venus and Saturn are also t-squaring with a 3° orb Chiron in 12th conj. Jupiter (6°square)

    Getting both of them to just forget about luv and channel their discipline and sense of art into becoming a jedi-knight did help heaps.

    Runner up:

    Aqua Sun inconj. Saturn
    Virgo Moon trine/sextile MC/IC

  20. well as a sun 5th house and my astro signature mercury 5th house I naturally would employ a stage troupe to enact this, as it’s scorpio it might be more a greek tragedy but I am sure uranus would be voting for theater of cruelty ala antonin artaud or some dada peice.

    something awesome re astrodeinst (
    in the free charts section
    in methods press the last of 3, Pullen/Astrolog
    Go to in the drop down menu> Simple Chart delineation by walter pullen
    Press click here to see this chart.
    Read 😀

    It gives your your planet percentages way down the bottom

    so I am mercury by 20% (aspects heavy)
    sun by 12%
    as my main hitters. it gives you the whole aspect list and everything. get a cup of tea though its not a short read, but excellent to see what you are percentage wise in the chart and what means what in aspects as well.

    • OMG that is the best thing ever!! Something always wanted to know too. The above post woulda been much simpler had I used this.

      Completely shocking to me is the weighting on Neptune at 50. I didn’t know that this was my heaviest influence? But it makes sense in terms of my interests. I am not sure why it is the most weighty influence, apart from a trine with the Sun there is not much else I can perceive going on.

      Mercury is kinda obvious as a no.1 for you though!! Along with the Sun, lovely…

      Weirdly Saturn is second at 24.

      • oh, it says it is Neptune’s sextile with Pluto that is the key. Are we looking at the same thing? Is this more about aspects and their weighting? It is really curious.

      • Hehe, you have a guru and you are surprised you have neptune at 50%? 😛 x

        It is an interesting read though no? I only found this a month ago but how awesome is it? Neptune Saturn sounds like a very interesting balance for a Leo sun.

        Yeah I am obvious in mine I was like, yep. Mercury all over. But my Pluto has 20 aspects and its my 3rd largest force right after the Sun. Does not take away from the strength of conjunctions and the like no though. Funny, I am always deeply inspired by mercurial inspired things. Hermes logo is actually my favourite logo design of any fashion house ever and I secretly wish I was named after something mercurial though I DO have a secret/ not so secret ID in the world that semi resides under that and may or may not be getting used for future branding purposes. 🙂

        • Wait, wait – you called him a guru, not me!
          This creatrix has no guru in this incarnation. I have friends. Some of them jog my memory, these I call teachers.

          So exciting re your secret id branding! Am tied in knots atm, searching for a name for my domain/web site/business. I have been writing text and doing all the images…no name. Sooo hard, awesome you have yours good to go. Hermes is divine.

          Ok, question, is this the chart to which you refer? E.g.
          Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
          Sun: 50.0 ( 5) + 12.7 (10) = 62.7 ( 6) / 8.1%

          Or this bit (2nd from the bottom) talking about ‘power’:
          1: Neptune [Sag] Sex (Lib) Pluto – app 2:24′ – power: 50.62
          Energy representing intuitive, spiritual, compassionate, psychic nature etc.

          If you are talking about the little chart in the middle with %’s then my Mercury is 11.9%, followed by Jupiter 11%, then Venus.
          Thanks Ms.

          • ah my apologies doll. could have sworn there was a guru in there somewhere but loki playing trick on the memory. Yes the percentages from memory are near the bottom that give the planet, element sign and such percentages after the individual aspect and house reading. Merc Jupiter Venus it is 🙂

      • Neptune at 50%, not 50 total number? 50% is amazing.

        You would get the obelisk on the elephant’s back, then, Lady of the Suspended Rock of Magritte.

        • According to the % list (not the aspect list) my strongest is Merc. (Not the brightest Mercury in the building obviously!!!). But thanks for awarding me the obelisk anyway sweetie!

          • it’s v cool … am merc 15%, then mars 12% venus/nep/jup all at 10% so no real peaks

            • So many Mercurials! No real peaks either, but that isn’t a bad thing. Merc then Mars is an intersting combo, you sound like you understand how to employ your energy!

              Wonder how many more bloggers are Mercs?

              • yes, i was wondering that too … of the mercs and bloggers …

                of mars, it has been an artform to learn, the most efficient and true to myself methods of energy channelling … you certainly know when it’s working … soaring yet serene flight ..

                and i can def feel yr own jup/venus combo and mille’s jup/nep, ms’s sun beamed merc etc … facinating …

          • He heh i hovered over the word “get” – I actually meant “understand”! The obelisk is not mine to give. It just is. You can have it but don’t forget it comes with the elestork 🙂

            Jupiter (116.6) = 15.2%
            Neptune (96.9) = 12.6%
            Mars (83.9) = 10.9%
            Sun (81.7) = 10.6%

            • Cool! Am loving you for a Jupitarian – you vibe so generous and expansive and like you have experienced everything all at once in this life. Very Guru.

            • Just did my chart ? how does one work out the %s

              my no.1 was Jupiter in sag
              followed by Saturn in cap .

              • It’s a small section near midway down the page that Ms. describes how to get to above. Percentages done for you. I recommend not adding asteroids.

                • U r a Sunny one! Pretty quick mouth for such solar type – picked up yr dad’s IQ much?

      • I have Neptune at 48, BUT Venus at 124. That’s total number at 124, and the % 20.5. GOSH good golly miss molly

    • I know you said it was long but i didn’t expect this. However i did scroll down to the percentages: rather interesting – you get percentages for signs, and percentages for planets. Much appreciated!

      • So now i know the correct name for the Red Triangles…

        I have 6 T-squares and 2 Grand Crosses.

        It also says 4 stellia but it takes a stellium as three conjunct.

      • Its something you have to keep coming back to I think depending on how much you know already. Wow, lots of T squares and a few crosses. Powerful stuff. 🙂

        I seriously urge peeps to go on in the free horoscope section to extended chart and follow the above instructions to check it out.

    • that is very cool.
      I think the planetary ranking may work like final depositors.
      Or mine does anyway. Kim has lots of info re them on her site

      • does she? awesome. I love Kim too. I am not so up to know all the meanings of everything but I am going to check it out afterwards that would be a great cross over actually. Thanks x

    • Mercury and Sun… yes that makes sense completely, Ms. I wouldn’t have guessed it but it does fit your posts well.

      Theatre of cruelty “unique language half-way between gesture and thought.”- i enjoy artaud. Pleasure of seeing four male dancers of different colouring and age performing a choreography by an older woman of Exhilarating. At one point all the middle aged lady theatregoers held their programs up in front of their faces or cast their faces down. The lights were dim and my buddy and i craned to see. I fell in love.

      Yes someone suggested you write, Ms. It would be the slap in the face that people desire for the sensation?

      • And here’s one for your Mercury:

        Jacques Derrida ‘surmised that Artaud’s voice was de facto “stolen” from him, or rather, continually “soufflée” or prompted. The very moment that the words came out of his mouth or pen he could not recognize them as his
        own any longer. There was a “thieving god” that filched every word from his lips and spoke it in his stead.’

        • thank you.

          I was literally obsessed with his work during my mid to late teens. Dada as well but esp Artaud hit a real cord in me. Funnily enough I used to write (or attempt) plays when I was 13 about abstract concepts and shapes in design personifying different elements of though. Then I made some puppet based art objects and sets to house them based on this theory in art school. Mainly paintings though, but I think the surrealists did it better 🙂 oscar slimmer’s ballet as well. Awesome.

    • Wow, this is fantastic – thanks Ms !!
      PS glad I took your advice with the cup of tea x

    • Very interesting…

      Mercury is my highest also, at 14.9%

      Then surprisingly (to me, for some reason) Jupiter, at 10.9% – guess this has to do with the fact that Mercury & Jupiter are conjunct and share pretty much all the same aspects with other planets.

      I’ve definitely ALWAYS identified myself as a classic Mercurial type. Never imagined Jupiter would be second, but then again, it would make sense if I’m looking at it from strictly a spiritual standpoint. I am highly devoted to the spiritual above all else, but I am not ‘jolly,’ nor satisfied, ever… haha hence my confusion.

      But the thing is, I don’t define Jupiter the way most people would – most people seem to associate happiness with the ‘expansion’ that Jupiter brings, and I don’t. So I suppose Jupiter as my 2nd highest would make sense if we’re talking higher consciousness and transcendence. I mean, Jupiter DID rule Pisces prior to the discovery of Neptune, who happens to be my 3rd highest.

      Thanks a lot Ms. this was cool!

    • wow! Thanks! I’ve never looked at this chart before. Seems I’m mostly Jupiter-driven followed closely (less than a percent) by Saturn and then Uranus! Gasp!
      Also it seems to think I’m mostly Libran and Cap! I’ve never thought of myself as a Cap or invoking Cap energies, but I’ll try harder now.

    • huh! how about that. Never delved into the other chart options much. I have an almost even spread between Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter (basically all the planets above my ASC-DSC). Suits me, I hedge my bets at the best of time 😉

    • Hi Ms, thanks, I never used this chart before.

      – I’m Venus 20.5%
      Moon 12.5%
      Sun 10%

      it makes sense, venus and moon are signature in my chart for art appreciation and work.

  21. I was thinking something along these lines the other day when I was wearing my ‘I’m shagging a rock star’ coat. Not about theatre troops, but more about how the way I feel when I’m wearing that coat (70’s sheep skin knee length number complete with big cow fur cuffs, collar and trim, and swirly embroidery) and how it is a perfect manifestation of Saturn/cancer12th conjunct Leo/Mars rising, and the way it interacts with my Jupiter/Mid heaven Venus conduction.
    A little bit full of myself, a little bit embarrassed, looking hot, super cosy, a little bit full of myself and a little bit embarrassed. And pretending I’m shagging a rock star.

    • OMG i had one of those coats in the 70’s, what i didn’t know was how others would react to the smell in a crowded music joint coz they were cured in goats piss or some such
      methodoise. They were really rare or some one had to have brought it back from Istanbul.
      You have one Heart of Hippie?
      It was worn to Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs gigs and yes i was….(not Billy tho’)

  22. Oh dear it looks like such a rable when you look at it like this.

    Sun and Mars both trine Pluto in the 9th so that’s not too bad – this might explain all of the backpacking? and all the degrees from universities? and not staying the same job too long? I’ve only just put all that together! I’m packing up and getting ready to go again and it makes people nervous and they think I’m running away but the people who know me well know that I’m happy. And my Leo moon is conjunct Uranus in the 6th isn’t doing anything to change my habits.

    But oh my Aquarian Sun! It’s conjunct my Mercury, Mars and Ascendent and square Uranus. Oh dear. Talk too much, don’t listen, really try not to interrupt but get excited. People either love me or hate me. My gestalt session will be LOUD!!!

  23. Hmmm….if my planets were people:

    Saturn is like the “soup nazi” in my 7th house except with relationships and not actual soup. (catch some seinfeld on youtube if you don’t understand “soup nazi”.) matched up with psycho Chiron in the 5th and overly fussy Venus in Virgo who is squared dirty-old-man Neptune. Before I can even get a relationship, I have to run the gauntlet with these twerps.

    • But at least I have a 10th house stellium with Sun-Uranus-Mars-Pluto. If i had to gve them names:
      The Sun: El Jefe
      Uranus: The Circus Freak
      Mars: Captain Super- Jock/Soldier
      Pluto: Mr. Underworld

      They are guaranteed that I will not go hungry or be bored in my job. Cappy Jupiter in the 2nd agrees. So yay!

      Scorp Moon in the 12th says I need a lot of alone time and combined with Uranus-Sun means I do not play well with others (unless they are like me).

  24. How can you tell if things are opposing? I just learned houses the other week and fell over in my chair. I reallly appreciate the advice!!

    Love you guys.

  25. Oh wow, cool idea! Not sure I’m getting this right but here goes. Please note the crapness of some of the films mentioned here in no way reflects my actual taste in films.

    Neptune in Scorp 4th conj IC: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf meets Mommie Dearest

    Venus sq Neptune: Ghost meets Nine and a Half Weeks

    The just-finished Neptune transit over my Venus: Adjustment Bureau – star-crossed lovers attempt to beat ‘fate’. Old guys in suits were in fact the Saturn collective surrounding his moon (played by Matt Damon)

    Sun/Saturn/Merc in 7th: About Last Night. Demi Moore playing my idealistic sun, James Belushi the wisecracking Mercury, Elizabeth Perkins my grim, under-fuqued Saturn.

    Still figuring something out for my Uranus/Pluto/Mars Virgo 1st/2nd. It would have to be an action film, but I don’t watch them. Alien maybe?? Roseanne in The Lives and Loves of a She-Devil?? (*cringes with embarrassment*)

    Upcoming Neptune over my sun will of course be You’ve Got Mail. Books, letters, poetry, true love. (And RIP the wonderful Nora Ephron).

  26. WOW thanks for the planetary rankings reminder. I did not know it was there as i get put off a bit by the cookbook definitions of the aspects there BUT the rankings are fab – My biggest percentages are Venus-Pluto-Neptune – which makes totes sense!

    I have just had Shamanic Dream Trippy Tea so am off to do awesome dreaming…Check your in box for the daily mystic email – v.important thing in there re mars void…