Community Service Announcement

Andy Kehoe

God, FINALLY.  The Daily Horoscopes for the weekend are POSTED.  Sorry they were not up at the usual time. It was unavoidable but i hate being late. They’re longer, lol.

As for this astro…seriously? 

Yes, it’s brill for productive, powerful raw change sort of thing but note how the Zap Zone (with the extra zing of Saturn stationing Direct) brings everything up at the same time. Like someone threw a party and said ‘hey i hope you don’t mind but i’ve invited all your unresolved issues but don’t worry, you don’t need to talk to them, just say hi….you’ll still be able to do your thing, yah?”

But hey we are here, we’re sane, we’re existential and informed – yes?

And the Moon is in Leo – a scalp massage = Magic.


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15 thoughts on “Community Service Announcement

  1. I can’t take anymore of this Venus in Gemini energy, as much as I adore my lovely Gemini friends this Scorpio needs less flip flapping, over intellectualising Venus RX weirdness. I’ve never oscillated so wildly between people or matters of the heart in my life.

    And OMG am I feeling Saturn’s station. It’s been RX in my 7th house and I’ve just realised how many unresolved issues I actually have and I now I feel bonkers and unfixable.

    BUT eff that, I have parties to go to and glam clothes to wear and I’m going to ignore the Zappo crappola and channel my inner Leo, tonight the hair will be big and there will be leopard print.

    • ya!! i was all glowing on a international ph call from my, boyfriend, maybe, beloved, maybe, then tonight, pushed out door by my parents, and got all googly eyed at some enigmatic type w slightly eyes slightly too close together?

    • Cute how you go from unfixable to party ready in zero point sixty seconds…lol

  2. Ahh totally –

    I’ve been visiting home for a few weeks where I really managed to close the door on certain long term torch love.

    But every god damned place I go all people seem to do is talk about him! Even people that don’t know me – all night long dinner conversation will turn to this person… or they might have one of the puppies of his dog or …(this happened twice) I mean seriously. People that don’t know each other. Anyway..

    But it’s good. Point is.. I want my life to be filled with my own cool stuff…not him as centrepiece. Moving on!!!