Cashing In Your $$$ Sector

Steven Meisel – Vogue Italia

Regardless of your political ideology, the world economy is going through a Pluto Transit.  All Uranus square Pluto (the Zap Zone)  is doing is being the Catalyst.  So given that the first exact hit of this merry little astro-event will be occurring the weekend after next, watch for some ‘interesting’ news days and all.

Now I’m on it. I doubt you will find an array of more practically venal and avaricious astro-advice as in my Horoscopes & Daily Mystic etc. Naturally i make no apologies for this – Mercury in Aries lol – my feeling is that I am going to employ every single bit of magic, esoteric and occult trick in the book to ensure that you lot (the subscriber peeps) are kept in Thrive Mode throughout challenging times. I mean that. My newest subscriber is a Sagittarius Political Scientist student living in Athens. Athens. She has a lot of material.

But this post is D.I.Y. Astro in which you figure out stuff in your own chart and thus learn about astrology. Check the category link for more. TODAY: Check out your 2nd House – the $$$ sector. Yes it has other implications but for now, we’re doing money and you make it/keep it. Look at the sign on the cusp of this House and then any planets/Sun/Moon in there. 

Talk about your findings here – the rule of D.I.Y Astro is that you can ask the dumbest question in the world and people will still politely jump in there to help  you. You can learn a lot about your prosperity from examining the 2nd House.  Saturn there traditionally brings about some hellish problems with $$$ before your Saturn Return. Later, lessons learned, you’re fantastic with money.  Uranus there means you invent the rent. Or the mortgage.

Pisces on that cusp can see money flowing in and out in oceanic proportions, you have sort of a L.O.A. attitude to the whole wealth thing. Mars or Aries in the $$$ sector is a combative, Warrior-like emotion re money – you like to conquer it, win it and show it OFF. There is a whole wealth of radical info to be got via looking at the 2nd House.

Yes there are other things to look at re your profitability but today it’s the 2nd House. As we head into the Zap Zone, master your money sector – work the higher end of whatever astro you’ve got in there and THRIVE.

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378 thoughts on “Cashing In Your $$$ Sector

  1. I have Leo on the second house cusp. No planets there, but have Part of Fortune therein. My Sun is in Aquarius in the 8th in opposition, I have Saturn in Aries so I guess that ‘trines’ whatever would be in the 2nd house, and I guess transiting Uranus in Aries would be trining whatever is there.

    Big spender, right? I have been at times, and have also been quite in debt at times. Trying to break out of that.

    Also, ‘other people’s money’ with the 8th house Sun in opposition, and I have been given a lot of $$ from my family over the years and I’m grateful, but I guess I didn’t learn how to manage money because of this.

    Never have seemed to have made much money in my life or saved much either. 🙁
    I made some really decent money for a little while in my career, but it’s gone now and have also recently lived in abject poverty. I want to find a balance and learn self-efficacy with finances.

    Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ how money works…..I don’t think I do, and I need to learn, want to learn.

    I don’t allow myself to have credit cards anymore. This has been a good thing. I have a small savings account that I don’t touch. Both of these are steps in the right direction.

    Again, though, I always seem to accrue some sort of debt. Right now I have this huge hospital bill from an unforseen emergency that I have almost no hope of paying.

    I wonder how I can break this karma…?

    • Break the thought form of ‘poverty’ and call it ‘simplicity’
      and that you choose to live simply. Poverty is a 3rd world
      issue where there is starvation & dehydration.
      Focus on what you have not what you lack.
      Money has strong emotions attached to it, so detach from the emotion of it. Call it an ‘energy’ & energy has no emotion but it’s all around us. Before you buy something ask if it honours you, is it an investment, will it enhance your life, physically spiritually and emotionally & is it ethical.
      Mantra ‘I have the right to live & thrive’.

      • Thank you! 🙂

        ‘I have the right to live and thrive’ is a great mantra!
        I will use it!

  2. What an amazing post! I will do it justice & finish reading it all over the weekend 🙂 Thank you Mystic & thank you everyone else too! So much food for thought.
    Until this I couldn’t understand why Saturn going over my sun/mercury& opp natal saturn would bring the financial merde that it did when the houses involved are 11th/5th – never had this before with saturn. So Ok this isn’t the only transit I got going on…………………..BUT natal saturn trines my second house cusp, so I’ve solved that mystery. I’d never really looked at empty houses before to see how they might interact with the rest of my chart so this has been a real eye opener for me – a whole new dimension.
    The other interesting bit for me is the discussion on poverty mentality which has got me really thinking. I used to have a real issue with money as I saw it as the ‘root of all evil’ – I still do. But I’m just not hung up about it anymore. I think that our relationship with money is very often a way of externalising our power & where we invest our energy. If we let money take over we risk selling our souls to keep our financial status quo. But it’s more than that, I think most people are aware of that, but not to the extent they are bargaining.
    Since my Saturn return I’ve become comfortable with money – I either have it or I don’t and the decisions I make in my life are not ( very nearly never) financially based. I would prefer to spend the last of my cash on a treat for my family if I felt our morale from having that treat was more important & all too often it is soon replenished from an unexpected source if I do. Don’t get me wrong I’m good with money – loads of Virgo & mainly Capricorn in the second, but I’ve learned to let it go without being irresponsible, to save at times without getting neurotic about it, to work, accumulate, invest, spend, budget enjoy the benefits that having money can bring and yet to trust that the universe will always provide what we need. And I’m learning that even deeper with the Zap Zone transits – yes Saturn is testing me in my commitment to that money relationship 🙂
    Something that I have noticed over the past couple of years is that people assume that if you’re happy & not complaining that you must be OK financially – WHY? Not only that but they act on that assumption too ! Enough said.

  3. I’m an utter astro newbie, but did some surfing. Cancer in 2nd house, cap in 8th, nil planets in both. Money can be my emotional security, but I’m trying to look at it as energy. And energy needs to flow! But I am usually super responsible with it… Maybe my upcoming super $$$ luck will be an opportunity to earn income by caring for others… Bring it on! 🙂

  4. In the book The Trick to Making Money is Having Some, it says ‘there are trillions of dollars changing hands all over the world 24/7, reach out & channel some to you’.
    Holistically speaking be aware of what you do to make it and where it comes from, how many peeps hands it has gone through before you on it’s journey then in whose hands are you going to place it in and who deserves it.
    ‘ I have enough money to last me the rest of my life –
    if i don’t spend a cent’, but it is made round to go round.

  5. Hi everyone! So much here to read and so wonderful that many people chip in to help others understand their astro…

    I’m Sun, Mercury, Saturn and True Node in Virgo, 2nd house. Leo is obviously on the cusp…

    I totally agree with Mystic re Saturn 2nd house being fruitful after Saturn Return. I am self made and it all started after my 28th, 34yrs old now.

    I’d love any opinions on this group (a “stellum”?) of planets in my 2nd. Any opinions? Thanks in advance…

  6. Wow! Just found this page 🙂
    My 2nd house is on the cusp of Aries (between Aries and Taurus) with Jupiter and Kyron. Which I guess makes sense as I earn my money healing (acupuncture wellness coach etc) …. and I guess I do it in a very Martian way? lol