Cashing In Your $$$ Sector

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Regardless of your political ideology, the world economy is going through a Pluto Transit.  All Uranus square Pluto (the Zap Zone)  is doing is being the Catalyst.  So given that the first exact hit of this merry little astro-event will be occurring the weekend after next, watch for some ‘interesting’ news days and all.

Now I’m on it. I doubt you will find an array of more practically venal and avaricious astro-advice as in my Horoscopes & Daily Mystic etc. Naturally i make no apologies for this – Mercury in Aries lol – my feeling is that I am going to employ every single bit of magic, esoteric and occult trick in the book to ensure that you lot (the subscriber peeps) are kept in Thrive Mode throughout challenging times. I mean that. My newest subscriber is a Sagittarius Political Scientist student living in Athens. Athens. She has a lot of material.

But this post is D.I.Y. Astro in which you figure out stuff in your own chart and thus learn about astrology. Check the category link for more. TODAY: Check out your 2nd House – the $$$ sector. Yes it has other implications but for now, we’re doing money and you make it/keep it. Look at the sign on the cusp of this House and then any planets/Sun/Moon in there. 

Talk about your findings here – the rule of D.I.Y Astro is that you can ask the dumbest question in the world and people will still politely jump in there to help  you. You can learn a lot about your prosperity from examining the 2nd House.  Saturn there traditionally brings about some hellish problems with $$$ before your Saturn Return. Later, lessons learned, you’re fantastic with money.  Uranus there means you invent the rent. Or the mortgage.

Pisces on that cusp can see money flowing in and out in oceanic proportions, you have sort of a L.O.A. attitude to the whole wealth thing. Mars or Aries in the $$$ sector is a combative, Warrior-like emotion re money – you like to conquer it, win it and show it OFF. There is a whole wealth of radical info to be got via looking at the 2nd House.

Yes there are other things to look at re your profitability but today it’s the 2nd House. As we head into the Zap Zone, master your money sector – work the higher end of whatever astro you’ve got in there and THRIVE.

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378 thoughts on “Cashing In Your $$$ Sector

  1. I have a natal libra sun in the second house conjunct pluto. Also my natal mercury is in the second house in scorpio unaspected. I welcome all and any thoughts about this configuration. :)

    • That is a lot of second house action. Not sure what to say about all that…do you communicate yourself through what you own? Do you tranform your style or transform through wealth? Wondering how Pluto-Sun conjunct in 2nd works for you…plus Merc in Scorp…sounds intense.

    • Quite a powerful combination. Your self -worth hinges around power. You enjoy talking about acquiring money and the process involved in generating income. The Pluto vibe would give you a fascination with the dark side, what’s under the surface of ‘ how the wheels of commerce go round’. Enjoy finding out about corruption and what really goes on in the world of big business and finance, property and ownership issues.
      Could be drawn to research and journalism. You could end up on the best sellers list with a Da Vinci Code type of unmasking of the rich and famous. Or the complete reverse as Pluto is extreme, and you could be a poverty stricken downsizer with a suspicion that money corrupts.

        • I also have no PLANETS in my 2nd house, however my 2nd house is in Pisces, if that makes sense. At 23 degrees. So does that means that Aquarius is on the cusp of my 2nd house?
          So confused…

          • Me too! I’m 2nd house pisces with no planets. So am I looking at aqua too. I have heaps in aqua – sun, merc, mars… Please help!

            • working your way round the chart from you ascendent, and going anticlockwise, you come to your 2nd house. The border of the first house and the second house and is the 2nd house cusp – that border cuts through a sign and that is the sign on the 2nd house cusp. If it has no planets in that house, you can still ‘work’ the sign ruling that house.

                • DIY astro; great for getting some tips: so what if I have aries on the cusp of 2nd house, but as it goes into taurus too, I have saturn in taurus (in 2nd)… i get confused with rulers of houses…. any help anyone? ta

                  • with aries on the cusp of your second house MARS is your second house ruler. So where is MARS in your chart? What is his condition? Aspects?

                    Also, as Mystic said above, Saturn in the second house means some pretty blah financial lessons earlier on and some big time financial gains later (post age 30).

    • I’m in this boat, too! No planets or anything in the 2nd. Its cusp is in Aries, but it looks like my wallet: empty.

      • Yeah, and the cusp is in late Aries, so much of my 2nd lies in Taurus, where again, not a damn thing is happening…

        • I’m in exactly the same boat! All of my planets are all smooshed together in the right upper quadrant of my chart so there’s not a lot to go on for the other houses.

          So the sign on the cusp gives you some insight… What about angles made to houses? Or does it not count unless there’s a planet in there to make an angle to?

              • No way! Our boat rocks (ahahaha non-intentional awesome pun) even if it’s a bit leaky and in need of a paint job.

                Let’s focus on our kick ass powers of transmutation and reinvention to create some fiscal abundance in our lives, yeah?

                • You’re so right, Nic! Focusing awesomeness: check. Speaking of, nice puns. ahaha

                  • If it helps I find women who are hopeless with money incredibly attractive x
                    women who are obsessed and accountant like…no thanks

                    • Oh David, what a pity you’re taken. You’d love me….Saturn in 2nd house and Gemini on cusp…I get it together, and then I unget it, and then I get it together, and then I unget it and…well..I think you get the picture. It’s somewhere between spreadsheets and Queer Street

        • Are you quite assertive with your money and the things you value Scorp Inc.? As Mars is Aries’ ruler I’d also look to where your Mars is placed. Can give further insight.

          • Am I assertive with my money… Well, I don’t know. Money and money matters have always eluded me. Even when I was working 60 hours/week, I was barely making anything. Money has been like one of those things where if I look at it directly, it disappears; if I just spy on it in my periphery, it stays there– but just beyond my reach.

            I’ve always been very feast or famine financially (and I use “feast” figuratively), no in-between or consistency.

            So yeah, if I’m dropping my money on something, it needs to be at least what I expect– otherwise, cash goes back in my pocket. Am definitely assertive re my values, but as I’ve spent my adult life living below the poverty line I’ve learned to *not* value anything tied to cash. Which isn’t all bad, of course.

            Mars in Scorp/8th house.

            • “Am definitely assertive re my values, but as I’ve spent my adult life living below the poverty line I’ve learned to *not* value anything tied to cash. Which isn’t all bad, of course.”

              I can relate. My values and principles are my main focus re my 2nd house and mine is empty as well. I am not a material person at all. However when I work the Cap that rules my second house it works even better. I only spend money on things with meaning to me – I’m rarely a frivolous spender – and I don’t take risks. I’m the person who friends and family have come to re solid financial advice (super/401k for example).

              Looking at your Mars in the 8th have you felt a sense of powerlessness relating to other people’s money or is this where you shine?

              • It is So Peculiar that you asked that because, oddly enough, I have managed other people’s money. Like, professionally. And I forgot all about that until just now! Wow… That was a long time ago… Job didn’t pay shit– go figure! haha

                But yeah, I have had a knack for others’ cash concerns…

          • Oh awesome! It’s starting to make sense for me now – my Mars is on my midheaven conjunct Neptune and Jupiter. I don’t quite get the midheaven part but the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction explains my tendency to go overboard with spending then be completely in denial about debt.

            Sorry, I know you were responding to Scorp Inc but as I have a very similar chart it helped me out too :)

            • Glad to help Nic. WOW – Jup/Nept conjunct Mars Midheaven. Midheaven – highest point of the chart = vocation/calling/social identity. What sign is it in?

              • Neptune/Mars/MH in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn.

                Any insight is greatly appreciated as I’m attempting to work this area of my chart in particular. I’ve been very low Neptune in the past but I’m not sure how to apply haute Neptune to my career… Or haute Mars or Jupiter for that matter! It all kind of confuses me, and I know I’ll understand it eventually but hints along the way would be great!

                • If you can get a consult off Mystic anytime in the future, do it. Will give you great insight into your chart.

                  Off the top of my head – Sag Midheaven could indicate anything from work/calling in travel, law, higher education, even comedian. With Mars there, action in this area is important and will bring you happiness. As Pluto has trounced through sag and now Cap you may have experienced complete reversal in what you were focused on career wise. This is a good thing. It’s trying to make you authentically you. as for Neptune for me it’s all about imagination (but then it’s in my 12th). It can also make things murky which might make you feel confused (this is low Nept). The arts are good as is humanitarian work. Look into Neptune and see how it speaks to you.

                  • Thanks heaps Empress! Your Pluto comment made me realise why I’ve spent ten years studying a million things but never finishing – reinvention! I would always get bored and move onto something else that felt more “right” at the time.

                    I’m an artist so I’m definitely working SOME haute Neptune. I’ve decided to stop searching for a practical career path and just do what I love. If something comes of it, then great! Otherwise at least I’m having fun :)

                    I’ve had a couple of mini consults with Mystic – they were fantastic! But I’ve just had my first real Saturnine look at my finances and given my reluctance to get a “real” job and lack of (completed!) qualifications I’m having to budget like crazy! Perhaps come tax time I’ll treat myself if there are consults on offer.

                    Thanks again for the insight!

        • Me too! Nothing in the second house – Taurus, Aries in the cusp – also void of planets. What are the odds??

    • Empty houses don’t necessarily mean no action in that department. I have an empty 8th house in Cap but have had more than my fair share of sex due to a packed 5th house! hehe

      Handy to look at the opposition to the 2nd house (8th house) to see where you may be more focused. Also progressed planets – you may currently have something in that empty 2nd house that you can utilise to your benefit.

      • exactly prowin, same here empty 8th (except for chiron I guess) but still get my fair share of sex and will probably die sometime.

        • Oh sure, you guys, with all your sex and money–

          [crying quietly at computer]

          • Don’t worry darling, we rising-Pisceans have our awesome imaginations to distract us from our poverty and enforced celibacy x

            • I need to find space in the boat. 2nd house Pisces/Aries with 0 planets.

      • Prowin, is that because our energies etc are torn between opposing houses?

        • I wouldn’t say it’s “torn”, more that with oppositions you’re looking at the flip side of the same coin. Oppositions usually having something “in common” by the mere fact that they are the opposite action/outcome of each other. So I would say it’s that we choose to invest heavily in one area at the expense of the other. Sometimes that sacrifice is necessary to achieve a goal. Sometimes it’s not and the two seeming opposites can actually be balanced.

          • That’s a good explanation, Prowin. I will have a further look at the 8th house.

    • I have Scorpio cusp with Saggo predominately with no natal planets either and I don’t seem to care much about money. It comes and goes. I guess I am a bit of an artist/hippie mentality towards money and materialism.

      How do you feel about money?

      • My 2nd House is in Scorpio. I am SO needing money right now. I am careless and living for the now. I just never had it in me to save. I was always surviving vs living. I hope the phase I am going through with the lack of money has taught me something for when I get a new job with more money. It has been painful and bitter for me.

  2. I’ve got Taurus in my second house, so I’m lazy as all-get-out. Everything is automatic: savings (pay those first), rent, even bills are automatically deducted, I basically don’t have to do anything but set aside cash for groceries/going out/flash money. The nice thing is that when I stick to the system and don’t spend past my allowance (which I have automatically deposited into a separate account with a separate debit card for aforementioned flash money), the savings pile up and I don’t have to do a. damn. thing.

    • LOL … luv it! he Taurean “method” in action. The least amount of pain for the greatest amount of gain approach.

    • Precisely. Second house Taurus with Saturn/Venus in. All payments are automatic, carry enough cash for the week not to use credit card.

      • I’ve got Saturn in Taurus in the 2nd house – I love the idea of saving but it just goes – somewhere, I don’t really know where – bills, stuff for my son, food, etc. Maybe I need to set up the automatic stuff!? But can anyone help with the Saturn part? Is this saying I MUST have the automatic stuff?!

        • For a long time, I paid half of my debts, saved the other half that I could pay. That started a seed saving. Saturn means lack, so second house Saturn people are afraid of having no funds. Once you start saving, even it is a tiny bit, managing the rest of your finances becomes emotionally easier.

          If your cash flow is not enough to save then it makes sense to list the items you buy. Without becoming a zealot about discounts, usually it means for me to buy less but quality where it counts, where it does not, change the brand with a cheaper one.

          • Yep, where saturn is in your chart shows where you FEEL you have a deficiency, what you fear most, what you work hardest for. It’s hard but usually becomes your biggest strength. Where jupiter in 2nd may always somehow have the luck to have the money they need, saturn in 2nd fears and works towards saving and usually is the one who ends up more secure financially. Gotta look at the whole chart though,of course 😉

        • Saturn usually says you need a system and some boundaries with your earning and spending and that you would like to prioritize your valuables and what you spend on. If you “become Saturn” about money and values, you thrive more. You might be someone who likes a spare decorating style and who likes to do massive “stuff” purging, donating clothes, clearing out closets regularly. If you don’t do this currently, you might give it a try and see how it feels.

  3. 2nd house is Gemini! Where all this full on astro is occuring. I have no real idea what to make of it- hopefully more cash?! I am in dire need of stability and security in my financial realms- i have suddenly been craving buying a house, having a car, just normal adult things that my saggi self thinks ‘pffft!’ to. I want my job to be ongoing, not 6 month contracts. I think i bloody deserve it after so many years. I am over waiting for others to sort out my career to make this happen- i want newness….
    Any other ideas would be SO appreciated!!! xxx

    • Oh, hi there!!! No, no ideas for you whatsoever, but my natal Gemini in the 1st House extends to be the cusp of my Second House…and in my Second lurk both Saturn and Venus….WTF

      So I have no advice for you at all, because my life is just one huge bowl of sh…sorry, tranformative experience, and in that bowl money and the way i get it is one of the biggest pieces of sh….sorry, transformative opportunities floating round. (Forgive the graphic description but it’s been months now and I’ve lost my previous gentle decorum)

      My answer was gin under the bed, but I’ve lately changed that to vodka on the patio.

      One day this will all be over. And that’s the only advice I have right now.

    • Hi! My OH has gemini 2nd and it’s either a feast or a famine with him ( us now as I’m his opposite Saggi). His moon’s there & nothing else, so he worries about it alot.
      Have a look at what aspect you have to this house and see if that throws any light on it. Sorry I can’t help much more.

      • Hello, I have Gemini on the 2nd House and
        I also have the moon there , everything I’ve
        Ever read about this says my $$ situation will
        always fluctuate.
        Say it ain’t so! As I’ve never had two dimes
        to rub together, can someone help me with
        this interpretation?

        • Or you will make more if you take a lighthearted and social approach to daily work. Write for living. Work somewhere where people are chatty and sociable. A quickly changing profession, something that engages your mind and curiosity. Writing about the job market or decorating. Writing about how to spend money. These would be good career options. A car salesman…hmmm. A Nike sponsor…

          • Wow thanks for the reply Bluesky,
            lots to think about there! Thanks for
            giving me a new way to look at it!.

  4. Sagitarius 2nd house w Neptune hanging out there….. Very higher minded about money, have never cared too much for it, but learning how to manage it better and build a positive relationship with it. : )

    • I have Scorpio and Sagg in my 2nd house. I have Mars in the 2nd house section of Scorpio. No other planets. This is where I get confused. I have always been surviving with money. Hard for me to save money. I want to enjoy life and money needs to be there. NOT here now and it is a major struggle.

      • Hey ve, I wonder if there is some challenging aspect to the mars? I have also had money “probs” my entire life so far, living under the poverty line, but i was also never ambitious about money, nor care for consumerism, yet now I do want the opportunities of experience and adventures and creativity that having some money can afford…. I reckon it sounds like it could be useful to tune in w your mars energy, and money will come when ya get ya mars on!

        • Anonymous.. I just create a list of the planets and what they mean so that I can refer to it qucily. Thanks for commenting because I sit here and ask myself “why” is this happending with no hope to be seen. It is difficult. So, I will get my Mars on!!

      • I also have the Scorpio cusp, but predominate Saggo on my 2nd House. I always have enough money to survive and I have times of abundance and then lean times (being a professional artist makes it tough sometimes).
        I am not obsessed with money or materialism. But, I think I should take money more seriously, but just don’t.

        • Scorpio Rising.. if you can, take money seriously. I wish I had. It might be my lesson right now to know that when I get a better salary… to live for the moment but be prepared for the future.

          Start automatic payments into a savings so that you don’t know it’s happening and “bam”… you have surprise cash.

          • First rule of being a saver: pay yourself first.

            This means work out after bills etc the absolute basics, how much you can save without leaving yourself short and make sure you deposit that first. It might be $10 or $1000, doesn’t matter, automatic is good.

            (And just in case my posts below sound like i’m a profligate with no money sense i’m not – i’m Cap 2nd house – but i’m having a crisis of faith/self worth because i’ve been having a psych breakthrough after lots of work on it! Definitely not having a money crisis, i’m doing well but have to reconclie myself to it.)

            Once you’ve built enough to have a little account option, lock a certain amount away where it’s hard to simply withdraw so it grows – it’s slow now cos of economy – and keep another savings account as a buffer, in case you need any of that. None of these accounts should cost you a cent, so make sure to shop around wisely and read all the fine print.

            That’s not consumerism or spending it’s just looking after itself once you set it up so you can enjoy the freedom of not having to focus on it too much. Just check periodically to ensure the account regulations/fees/interest etc haven’t changed, as they do during these times.

            • Yes I agree millie, and i think a Scorpio first house could get used to having secret stashes, I’m having to learn now that I’m earning…..

  5. my most troublesome house! ruled by libra where my south node is, venus and puto! lots of karma here, but what to do? i wish i knew.

    • Well, if your SN is in the 2nd, your NN is in 8th…that’s still $$! Just other people’s money. Perhaps investing?

      • Ah, that’s a good point, 12HV: the 8th house! Unlike my empty 2nd house, my 8th is jam packed. Other people’s money, huh? I’m good with that. haha

      • thanks for the reply!… i hope something, i got vesta and aries in the 8th so all i know is my key to self reliance financially is independance…: P

  6. Libra on the 2nd cusp with Uranus at 25 degrees, square Saturn in Cancer, trine MC, opposing Chiron in Aries 8th.

    Ideas on how to make more money are welcome. Honestly, I have a hard time with the plan-ahead part of money stuff. I get by and figure I can’t solve problems I don’t have. If I get too serious about money (ie predictive and stressed) I start hating life. Really.

        • 2nd house Cancer, does that make moon in 4th house Virgo? All I can think is “bet you have a very nice home”

          • I have cancer in my 2nd house and Leo in my 4th house.
            I have my SUN sign in the second house. What does that mean?

          • You’re right on the money about my moon position! And my apartment is very nice, when I’m not being Flakezilla Pisces and the Spirit moves me to clean very, very hard. This usually is on Saturday night through Sunday morning. I put on Dr Who and gently push my paired objects into the perfect position.

    • Same here. And it is all I’ve got in H2. Apparently it can be quite good! My Moon is Libra, though.

  7. I’m an 8th house sun with Cap rising, Cap on 2nd house cusp trined by Venus in Virgo, with Saturn in the 5th- no 2nd house planets. I am ridiculously thrifty, resourceful, & economical-call me a minimalist- and have always lived a creative’s life with plenty of material sacrifice, but don’t feel like I’m missing much…oh, except security in my old age & owning my own home…I have never been able to put money first, have always had it when I’ve needed it etc and yet am completely perplexed by $$$.

  8. Mystic, I’m so impressed that you are concerned about our financial security – global/personal and you are asking us to take responsibility for it. It is so fundamental but is rarely talked about outside of the financial world. Thank you for your massive efforts.

    • thank you Jicky! Well i’m sun-saturn-chiron-venus-psyche in the 2nd lol but yes i think it is HEALTHY to talk about it

      was in this conversation a while back where a bunch of people could discuss fellatio but drew the line at credit card debt. Interesting.

      • haha – that is hilarious. i think money can scare/confuse people (maybe it’s just numbers themselves ?)- money management isn’t something that is really taught to us unless parents give you a grounding or you study it – mine didn’t but i have Pluto in the 2nd so that makes me very interested in it – not in itself but allowing me to do/get what i want.
        i guess it has an emotional/status anxiety aspect as well which can lead to overspending etc. but you’re right, it is time to take responsibility and seek to understand the global changes and how they will impact on us all.

  9. 😯

    2nd house in Taurus with Chiron at 16 degrees… 😯

    Trines Mars and Saturn in Virgo 6th house.

    Is the cusps from the first line or the second? – Cusps on Pisces if it is first line or Aries if conjunct… 😯

    • It’s the first line when moving in a counter-clockwise fashion. This much I know.

      I think.

  10. I have Sag cusp with Saturn and Venus. Venus is closer to the 3rd house though in Capricorn. I’ve always had money issues. sigh.

  11. Would it depend on what sign was sitting in your 2nd house? It is only one small piece of the puzzle…and requires further investigation. My 2nd house has Libra / Scorpio…I have some asteroids in scorpio. I reckon also given that the money house is associated with taurus / earth it would be ideal if it were compatible, then there is the business of what other planets / signs are in relating houses. What if you had a planet in good aspect to your midheaven that was in a sign in an opposing element ruling your second house?

    I am better with making other people wealthy than me – I had responsibility spending large amounts of money frugally, contracts, negotiations, etc..but I came from money and it is true it dissipates over later generations…

    Then there are synastries with partners, family or friends planets in your second house. If you don’t have anything in your chart aspecting or insightful of your second house someone close will most likely affect your earnings / wealth creation capability…

    There is no desire for me now to sweat for it that’s for sure, I worked extremely hard for the pleasure of it years ago, just for the passion of it, making myself very sick…and anyway there is a law I think that money coming quickly goes quickly too – it is swings & roundabouts, all cyclical, anyone sensible knows not to trust a quick buck, better to have your wits about you at the time if possible.

    No credit card for me till I was nearly forty, distrust debt, (Lillith Taurus 8th house) but now have a whopping mortgage (Thanks to Jupiter in Taurus?). I am supposed to be entitled to a legacy, but there is no way of telling which way it goes (Libra South Node, Aries North Node) and if any of it will remain with the Pluto in Leo folks threatening to squander all of it for pure pleasure…mind boggling to someone conservative like me; I have jupiter conjunct my ascendant virgo, & venus / part of fortune in capricorn.

    • A split 2nd house for me. Scorpio / Sagg. I am looking at Scorpio as the main influence for the 2 house with Mars right there. Struggling big time right now with my finances. It’s not good! Might have a part time thing coming in on top of my full time gig. That would be tremendous! I am ready!

  12. Another one with an empty house – would appreciate help. My 2nd house starts in the last quarter of Aquarius and finishes in Pisces. Picses is completely unaspected, and the only thing in Aquarius is my ascendant, which is way over at the start of the 1st house, so nowhere near the 2nd.

    Ideas? Am I fated to have empty house- empty wallet or am I free to make up my own fate 😉 ?

    • I am guessing that with an empty house, it’s not a major theme in your life. Also aquarius in second house – radical approach to your money? Or radical financial preferences? This potential radical approach may spill over to a Pisces type of outlook re: money. It ebbs and flows.

    • Me too, empty 2nd in Aqua. Transitting Neptune in the 2nd for FOREVER now, with years to go, I’m terrible about throwing wads of money down a rabbit hole, never to be seen again. I’ll feel so justified at the time, really feeling I’m making a sound “investment”. Later it becomes clear what I’ve done (again!..and AGAIN!), giving me the overwhelming sense that I can’t trust myself.

  13. Just 2 questions. What does cusp mean – does cusp of 2nd mean between 1st and 2nd houses or 2nd and 3rd? and sorry Mystic, but I don’t understand “inventing the rent/mortgage”?

    I’ve got Uranus in Capricorn in the 2nd but that’s in the first few degrees. If the cusp is 1-2 house, then that’s in sagi…o.O

    The cap in 2nd house part…I know it has something to do with me hoarding money. Not just in term deposits/bank but around the house, between books, in the boxes of boxes…

    • Just read a comment about the 8th house, other people’s money. I’ve got Jupiter in Gemini so hopefully the zap zone won’t be too taxing. 😀

      • Cusp is the line where the next house starts. If you’re not sure from the pic, look at the additionalo table info and on the right it lists at what degrees and house number (2 for example) they are at. Hope this helps. x

        • Hmm ok, I’m take the cusp as the beginning of the house. Which places the cusp of my 2nd house in Sag – money is philosophical? But the reality is Uranus in Cap in 2nd – I’m actually practical and futuristic investment ideas. Or maybe practical for the long-term things, nonsense with the everyday spending.

          Aha! I have no idea much about money per se but I’m interested in investing it and making sure I have money! I think that’s my philosophy “hoard first, think later” or “go cheap first even if it doesn’t make sense”.

          • Is having freedom re money very important to you? Or maybe philosophy is more important to you than the money itself? It’s the value of what the money can buy.

            • Yes, but no also. That is why I think I am confused, more like contradicted. I want to have money so I am not constrained as to what I buy. Yet, I’m good with no money, i.e. I think I don’t need money. Money is important, I need to have a certain amount in my bank account or I freak, but I think of money abstractly, like $80 dresses for normal wear are a no, too expensive. But $800 for special occasions is an ok.

              Usually I don’t buy value for money things because sometimes they don’t make sense since I buy enough for what I want, not more, not less. Heh, the more practical, value for money type people don’t like shopping with me.

              • I just read my comment. I am not making sense but it is so true whatever nonsense I just said.

  14. Ok, so I am a little confused.

    My 2nd begins on the last degrees on Leo and moves into Virgo, where my sun is.


    • RAD! The SUn rules leo – you have the capacity to be a self made entity – i’d say woman or man but you’re anonymous lol

      • Ah, but my sun is in Virgo, not Leo…argh!

        Thx for the response and all the awesome info! you rock!

        • nono darling, that’s totally fine! your second house is ruled by the sun, because leo=sun and where the house cusp is, determines the house ruler! so you’re pretty well off 😀

          for example my 2nd house cusp is in virgo, so mercury is my second house/money ruler. in the natal chart mercury is in cancer/kataka, 10th house. so I’ll make money by working like a crab with the public (10th house) 😉

          • I have similar – Mercury in Virgo in 2nd and the second house cusp is Virgo. My true node-sun-pluto are there too but move into libra, also second house.

          • how do you work like a crab?

            my sun is ruled by venus, so is my 10th and MC where my moon is and it trines my mercury. in non-astro speak i can plainly say my mercury -sun in 2nd and my moon (mc) all feature prominently in my career.

      • i’ve got another one: my sun is in my second and is also my chart ruler, + mercury is in virgo in 2nd and also house ruler of 2nd, + venus rules my sun in 2nd (end of 2nd H cusp) and also rules my 10th/MC. no wonder i’m lucky.

  15. All right, all right. Just went back and reviewed the Zap Zone guide. One thought, and some questions:

    Per your recommendation, Mystic, I secured myself a copy of Rework and devoured it. Every page delicious. Good call.

    When the Zap’s full on, I get where Pluto will be/is, but where will Uranus be? Will it still be in Aries, like it is now?

    (Just in general, is that something I can figure out on, where a particular planet will be at any given time?)

    Finally– sorry– when planets are doing something major like Pluto and Uranus are now, does that light up those planets/aspects in my natal chart? e.g., I have natal Uranus-Mercury in my 8th; does the Zap Zone “goose” (haha– I’m exhausted, bear with me) my Uranus-Merc in the 8th, then? Or is it all about Capricorn connections (my 11th) and wherever Uranus will be?

    • Oh shit– I forgot to ask one other question:

      Am I the only person wondering if I should pull my cash out of the bank and bury it in the backyard?


      But seriously.

        • No need to bury your money, if the system crashes ‘cash’ money won’t have any value anyways

          • davidl, Thank You!

            Uranus in Aries, got it. And so true about the uselessness of $$$ if the system implodes.

            No worries, then :)

      • Haha, no. A friend’s mom is a banker in an European bank and she was thinking the same because the cash will have value like the Euro (ok, not really the US$) but the interest rates will be so low that you might as well keep the cash until the market picks up or if the bank closes. Or convert it to gold…

        • Or use it to wallpaper my living room! According to my feng shui studies, I could do with more green in there…

          Thank you, (not so) Confused Gem :)

      • Nuh – that sort of anarcha hippy approach just makes things worse imo – this is about reinventing the economy not killing it

        read the zap zone rant! some industries are ending – for sure – others are growing. eg; mainstream tv compared to u tube. there are 1000s of examples.

        nature abhors a vacuum. seriously, see the ZZ rant – if i honestly thought peeps should panic and bury $ whatever, i would say it there but i don’t

        now about that near flying asteroid lol

        • Gah! Didn’t I read the rant? The rant’s different than the guide?

          Shitballs. I need to make some coffee.

  16. Leo is my second house with Uranus at early degrees.
    I’ve always been ahead of the business ideas game…but by far too much.
    My crazy money making style is a mystery to most, though combined with my Aries sun in the 10th has come to mean that I seed ideas and someone else 10 years later makes the dough. It’s a living I guess.
    I remember talking about the Internet in the mid 80’s , people thought I was an absolute nutter.

    • You’re crazy– like a fox, right? Wicked astro you have there! When you invent the mortgage, will you remember those of us still making payments on our student loans?

    • As a Uranus 2nd houser I too find myself with ideas that are ahead of their time. I work in info tech, which gives me steady money and seems Uranian – although I can’t get colleagues inline with my futuristic thinking. I’d like to do something more 2nd house Uranian, like make money in big chunks, then time off, then another chunk. But haven’t figured my way out of the 9 to 5 yet.

      • I havent worked 9 to 5 for over 25 years now. And chunks is how I make my money. I’m an applications developer. I decided those 25 years ago that what I was going to be when I grew up was ‘me’ , david. So now people don’t say, I need an applications developer they say ..get david. It took a few years but basically its worked.

      • Uranus is my second house ruler, and I am very happy as an exotic dancer. I make my own hours, how much I make is really up to me. I will work a few months of 50hr weeks, then take a few months off for whatever I feel like doing. Suits me perfectly.

        I’m not suggesting you do the same, just wanted to share as I didn’t know it was Uranian to handle medium amounts of money!

        • Well, I read its Uranian to make money from tech if you’re looking for a consistent paycheck or else you’re looking at a royalties-type situation where the money flows in but not consistently. AT this point, I’d prefer that later. I HATE charging by the hour. Its such a charade. It sounds like David found the ultimate gig. I tried doing freelance web dev during the last Venus transit (Gemini rules my 10th, MH), but I hated all the client management bullshit. I was thinking of getting more into sales, but I also find the whole industry sort of brain dead and would like to earn from my 6th house Jupiter in Pisces more. Not sure how that may work. Jupiter squares Uranus and trines my Saturn and forms a Yod with my Venus and Sun in 12th. It does a lot for my chart, but I can’t seem to figure out how/why. Anyway, I think Uranus in the 2nd has been good to me. I always manage, sometimes much to my surprise, to keep the bills paid and the credit cards empty. My dream world is one where we trade in raw talent and forget the currency all together.

    • cool! I have great ideas that end up working better for others, so I’ve made others money. I don’t mind when I was paid for my services or consultation but, it stings when I had peers steal my ideas, music and concepts with a nod of credit. ugh. frustrating!

  17. I’m another empty houser! In Aries. It’s cusp is in Taurus with Chiron at 18 degrees… I’m a Sag with mercury uranus and neptune all there as well. Pisces Rising, Leo Moon. Am currently burning every candle at both ends to try and set myself up as a musician and writer all the while working an extremely boring govt job. I’m exhausted. My parents were both fiscally hopeless and I’m completely anxious that I’ll end up live them. AH! HELP!

    • At least government jobs pay well…

      I actually moved from my well paid but completely mind numbing govt job back to hospitality. The pay is shit but I’m so much happier and I actually have energy and motivation to do my art and writing!

  18. I sooo want to understand all of this. It fails me though. Love it anyway. So I looked up Astrodienst and put in my details of when I was born. Do I use the info from my birth chart? My 2nd house starts halfway through Taurus and goes a bit more than halfway through Gemini. No other things/planets in there. What does it all meeeaaaann???

    • Taurus cusp might be methodical with money. A good saver perhaps? Also when you do spend money it’s on items/services with value – might be very well made or even custom items. Love the things you buy to be beautiful. Classic items?

      • Thank you Empress! Methodical can be good-yes? I def don’t like wasting it on things not needed or won’t last. As for saving, may need to bit a bit more methodical about that. Thanks for the info, it’s a small step to the big picture and I appreciate your time on your reply :)

  19. Ugh. My 2nd is in Virgo … And Pluto is there… Eeek, I’m scared. I m taurus sun – Virgonis my asc, too … Ugh the zap zone is scaring me lol

  20. The only thing I have in my second house is my Sun at 1deg Virgo.

    Any thoughts on how I should interpret this? I’m not too certain.

    • My 2nd house is in Virgo too, but no planets. Could anyone clarify what this placement might mean for us? Cheers in advance!

      • I think when a house is empty you should look for that house ruler and where it is in your chart. So, Virgo being ruled by Mercury, perhaps Mercury’s aspects hold clues to the 2nd. Same with Taurus house since Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd. Astrology is layered. Not so straight forward to figure it all out. Everyone has a lot going on, but 2nd house is value, like primal, survival values.

        • Another empty 2nd house ruled by Virgo here.

          My mercury is in cappy in the 5th, and Taurus is in the 9th with Moon there, right on my MC.

          Always felt like my $$$ should be creatively based. I was driven in many ways. undeterred.

  21. So I’m a Cancer male with Venus in Taurus in the 2nd house. I’m freaking out as a 7 year film project is either :

    a: about to come to fruition and bring great joy and fulfillment on the eve of my 59th birthday…


    b: about to kill me


    c: all of the above

    So is this Pluto transit thing a good thing now … HELP! ?

    • Bobby…as an aries sun surrounded by cancer peeps (mother, wife,son etc) I have one thing to say….STOP WORRYING…it will all work out perfectly. As was once said to me about a long term had no choice but to walk thru that doorway in the beginning and the end game is just the beginning of the next one, the one you could never have opened if you didn’t walk thru the first one. Does that make sense ?

      • thanks davidl… i kind of knew/know but need constant reinforcement from the outside world.

        that will get me through the next 19 minutes.. :)



      • Love it David – and good advice from an Aries to a Cancer. Quit worrying. We are shocking worriers if we let our emo get out of hand.

      • Every cancer I met (low/high) all worried themselves sick. Ulcers, stress headaches.
        I think Virgos are also constant worry-warts too.

    • Oooooh a real life film maker!!! Good to meet you! (Sorry there’s no astro advice from me…) Seven years might be significant with regards to the film coming up?

      Screenwriter here too. Struggling. Great short film I made last year currently going nowhere at international festivals. Feature script tryyyying to gain some producer interest and there’s been a few nibbles but it’s all soooo slowwww (and frustrating and poverty-creating) and it’s either going to kill me too or make me stronger. Aghhhh! It makes me wanna stretch out allll my worrrrds!!

      Pluto is on my Sun so I’m wondering if I’m supposed to evolve by throwing in the whole film thing in or if I’m supposed to be coming up with some radical new way to make films in Oz using solar power, corn kernels and dust. If the astro is to be believed, money is so passe (but having some would be nice.) I guess I’m not working my 2nd house properly??

      • Solar power, corn kernels, and dust– it’s brilliant! By these standards, I’m wildly rich! What do you need? I’m buying!

      • money is just the tool to make more films and have security and be able to communicate those films worldwide. commercial = GOOD. :)

  22. You know, in spite of my Venus Square Neptune and Sun Venus in 12th house, I have NEVER had a crush on a rock star or other famous type. I’ve never had an idol or role model. Maybe I’m not so Neptunian after all.

    • What?! “Not so Neptunian”?! You dropped your shing, 12HV: here it is. I’m dusting it off so it doesn’t get your hair dirty when you put it back on.

      • Wait, I commented on the wrong post here. What is going on with me?!? LOL!

  23. Ummm, dumb-arse question time:

    2nd house doesn’t start until 26 deg Scorp so it’s totally contained within Saggo except for its first 4 degrees.

    SO do I consider it a Scorp-ruled house due to the cusp or Saggo-ruled due to the large expanse of house therein???

    • Half of my houses are like that and after 10 years of astro dabbling I still have absolutely no good answer to that question.

      • hahahaaa!! Yeah, it all gets too hard trying to work it out :) I’m like that with rising as well. Rising is at 20 deg Lib but 1st house stretches all the way to 25 deg scorp, so sometimes Scorp scopes make more sense to me. Sometimes.

        And then sometimes Libra, Scorp and Cap (my sun) scopes all contradict each other so I’m fuqed. Ignore it all and I’m sure I’ll survive 😛

    • Should be pretty easy to tell …. are you secretive about money? Do you plot, plan and strategise about it? Or do you prefer to take a carefree Saggo approach?

      • Can we go back and forth on this? Perhaps, the cusp and predominate traits like to create a dual personality.
        I am secretive about my money, but I am also carefree about spending it esp. on loved ones and on friends.

    • Scorp – cusp as your attitude towards money, and whatever planets/non-planets in your 2nd house as to how you approach/use/don’t use finances?

      • Interesting. Yep, I am quite secretive about money. Actually, with my Cap sun I play money very close to my chest and immediately regret telling anyone ANYTHING about my $$. Always had savings stashed away. Stash. Now that’s my key word with $$.
        Scorp must be my attitude ruler then. Tick! Thanks!

        I have true node/ Neptune at 10 deg Sagg with Mars at 13 deg. I don’t really relate to the Saggo free and easy approach to cash. I don’t really get those placements of those planets. Maybe I’m delusional about money and think it’ll just always be there. I don’t “work” as such in a traditional job (yuck!) so I freelance and kinda just manage to find money somehow.

        A-ha. *Penny drops* Maybe that’s where Saggo comes in. I don’t obsess about earning, hence it off-sets any mega-Cap capitalist tendencies…

        Learning slowly 😉

        • Haha, totally understand! If you’ve read my comments above. I’ve sagg cusp but with Uranus in Cap in 2nd. I generally don’t think much about money except to hoard it and my spending habits don’t usually make sense because I don’t think too much about it or am totes futuristic/other wordly about it. Scorp-cusp probably means you’re more secretive/intense about it? Thinking back, I sort of tell people where I store my stuff. Or that I even store stuff. It’s like a discussion about money. Totes sagg re:philosophy.

          Maybe because you have Mars in Sagg? Not so much re:philosophy – free and easy, more like doing something active/physical about it? Or doing something about it but not really thinking too much just do! Haha.

          Nep in Sagg – the freelance part? I think it’s balanced by your Scorp-cusp/Cap moon to keep you earning/saving but not in traditional sense although Mars Sagg is the “manage to find money somehow” part. 😀

          Yes learning too! I’m barely understanding the aspects but getting the hang of houses/planets in signs. :)

          • My natal mars is in Virgo/10th House. I am very driven artistically in my career.

            I think the Scorp cusp does lend to I don’t talk about money nor ask about other’s money.
            I am more interested in phisophy, ideas and artistic energy then money.

            • I have 2nd house cusp Taurus with most of the house in Gem and no planets; 8th house scorp with neptune.

              I don’t know much about Taurus and Gem traits. My traits are that I don’t like to rely on anyone else for money. I have several times walked away from some big $$$ offers because something else artistic/social was more important at the time, with little thought to think ahead and strategise. I seem to in the big picture be quite fortunate with money…. I don’t go looking for it, I work hard, there seems to be enough.

              In recent times though, I have become more $$ focused …..and would now take up some of the earlier offers :) :)

  24. Second house in Libra, hosting the Sun and Mercury. Horoscopes always say I should be great with money, but… not so much. Every once in a while my Virgo ASC takes over and I get super anal about budgets and accounting, but then I get bored and wander off. I usually do okay, but every few years I go through a rough spot, self-medicate with way too much retail therapy (pampering my Libra princess), and then go into a money panic. Which usually prompts Virgo to take over, set things in order, and so on.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Alas, I’ve had a rough couple of years, so am currently broke and panicky. On the upside, Virgo has finally stepped up to the plate, and I’m in the process of taking some steps to reduce my outflow. (Including, painfully, searching for a cheaper living space. Ugh. The thought of moving gives me hives.)

    I wish I knew why I fail so miserably to uphold what is allegedly my astro-destiny of fabulous spending decisions and wealth.

    • On more review of my chart: neither planet aspects Saturn, and my whole natal map is Leo-free, but my Sun is square Jupiter (my most auspiciously placed planet, in the 12th house in Gemini).

      Since Jupiter is the benevolent dude and often associated with wealth, does the square explain the tug-of-war between my conflicting innate inclinations?

  25. So as a 2nd house Cancer Sun I reckon it’s not a bad fit. Cancer likes thinking about money – well the security that money brings – and will put great effort into building something for oneself to that end.

    It’s no accident that as the opposition is 8th house Cap (no planets, non aspected) – I’ve noticed my love life virtually grinding to a halt whilst I place all my focus on building my business empire. Mars and NN in 10th house Aqua demand that I “do my own thing”. Working for other peeps simply brings zero satisfaction. Took me a long time to accept this about myself and commit to my business as an expression and extension of who I am as a human being and part of the “service” I give to the world as demanded by my loaded up 6th house (Scorp/Sag with Jupiter/Neptune conjunction). It’s almost like my spiritual purpose to run my own business or something …

    • Oh and for research purposes should mention I work from home. No intention of having any other setup. It fits my business model of partnering with small businesses who need design/marketing services but can’t afford big agencies. My clients are a bit like my babies. I do cluck over them a bit. 😉

      • I am in the same position! And I am finding that working for myself is really helping me discover who I am and believe in myself.
        Go sun in cancer in the second house!! :)

  26. 2nd is ruled by Cancer…Moon in 8th….

    I make my money by caring for people and hoping to help them heal on whatever level…I let that part flow until the given moment of what I suss when they lay down on my table but it does not have to be a verbal thing…(it usually is not) You just feel the shit…ya know?

    Okay, as an Aries it goes beyond “hope” but we’re not always that sure of ourselves (esp when I’ve come up against the 5th stiff back for the day (and am weary myself) but I suspect I would not be where I am if did not serve a healing purpose. “We heal together”…

    Right. After my day today…I’m still listening to Icehoue…Music is my escap and part of my salvation.

    Davey, you are phenom of course. x

    • Know that sounds like maybe my ego gets in the way sometimes of what is the divine…Am aware of that and don’t usually even think in those terms when I’m working on someone’s body (is this “divine”, etc?)…No,we’re just humans trying to help each other..

      Sorta like monkeys when they pick and sort each other…


      • And money wise, I don’t have a pot to piss in but somehow I don’t care…but then sometimes I do care..(2nd/8th axis ruled by Cancer and Cap?)

        The Aries/Uranus keeps telling me it’s not important and yet, that Cancer Cap kicks in and I worry for my mortal soul..


        Yes, it is just the Cancer Cap parts of me …not my Aries… 😉

        • a bit like me Sweetpea :) … I swing between not caring and caring a LOT!! – Saturn in 2nd Aqua opposite Mars/Uranus & Pluto in Virgo all in 8th! Mars squares Saturn too.

        • I’m on a Cancer Cap axis too. Cap Sun/ Merc/ venus with Kataka Moon/ Saturn/ MC.

          Weird that as I’m getting older, I’m very much becoming more Kataka. My moon is taking over!!!! Work from home. I’m definitely a nester. Terribly emotional which shits my Cap mind no end!! I want to get on with achieving my vast ambitions… and yet I want to adopt animals and buy soft furnishings and decorate, decorate, re-decorate (damn my Libra rising!).

          What a fun axis… i think…

    • I have Cancer on the second house cusp too Sweets. Moon in Libra in the fifth. Maybe I should have been a courtesan – or at the very least had a string of rich lovers. Instead money comes to me in cycles, just like La Luna. Other ways money comes – via creative pursuits (like how I write for a living now) and via my children (i.e. child support). Pluto is going to be opposite, so I plan for big changes to happen.

      Pluto means ‘riches’ you know? Why not hope for the best?

      • Yes, guys, with the Cancer-Cap involved in the zz, think this area is most pertinent to creating something new (Aries-Uranus) for a new way of sustaining oneself.

        I DO feel the pressure, more than I can say!

    • ah, that’s right, Saturn also forms a fire trine with 6th house Neptune Sagg [like fishgirl below], and my MC. Which Uranus will be lighting up in a couple of years.

      I too was beleaguered with debt, got rid of ALL of it then made a bit of a mess of things again, out of it now though. Am still working on the creative possibilities for freelance indulgence. More than one month of processed air, structured corporate hierarchies, performance reviews and fluorescent lighting make me hyperventilate and look for the nearest exit these days.

      Saturn square Scorp Uranus in my 5th is something to ponder too.

      • O gawd, I can’t take processed air or flourescent lights, either. I’m itching and stretching the collar of my shirt just thinking about it.

        So you have phoenix-ed twice from the debt ashes– that’s awesome, Pi!

        • hey scorp inc, yeah I have, now i just need to get the actual income back!! is part of my longer-range study plan… x

  27. Saturn in Leo in the 2nd here. Mystic was right – had lots of credit card debt til late twenties when i got hard-core, paid it off, decided I was (am) never going to be in bad debt for the rest of my life.
    My main prerogative now is being able to be free with my life, instead of working for da man. Being able to create/write/live healthily rather than take a job just for the money. I freelance and like David, work in ‘chunks’, living off those chunks in the meantime. I’d love to have enough to last more than a few weeks at a time but more important is creative freedom. I’d rather live frugally and keep my costs down but be rich in creativity and imagination. Last night i was writing at midnight and i looked up from my computer and just thought to myself ‘I am SO rich!’ even though if you looked at my life from a materialistic viewpoint maybe it’s not.
    But my Saturn in Leo 2nd is trine Neptune in Sagittarius, so I work hard to fund my ‘dreams’, I guess…
    Mystic you’re right – lots of shame about money. I know i feel AWFUL chasing unpaid invoices and i don’t know why. Find it really hard self-esteem wise…

    • re chasing unpaid invoices – i see it this way (In spite of my crap management of personal finances over the years, I am surprisingly good at the business end of it all – maybe it’s a long time in consulting that has made it easier for me):

      You are a professional whose services must be paid for. you have established your value in the market, which I assume is a figure you are happy with. You don’t walk out of a restaurant without paying; therefore your clients are being thoroughly unreasonable if they do not pay you within your terms.

      Can you be explicit about your payment terms up front, when you are commissioned (or whatever) for the work?

      Is it just a few bad clients who are like this? if so, bin them, they’re not worth the stress (unless lucrative jobs and they do eventually pay)

      Can you have a friend with an authoritative voice – I don’t know what you sound like but maybe a new person might make them sit up – phone the late payers, as your “accounts manager”, and chase them?

      Watch your body language when you make calls you feel wierd about. Stand up, shoulders back, don’t fidget or do whatever it is you (or whoever, not just you) do if you’re feeling a bit unworthy or (needlessly) guilty. This is your money!!

      They would not give you the work if they could not pay you.

      you are not a bank or loan office. Nor a charity organisation. you have a business to run. etc.

      check out Danielle LaPorte’s website, she has some good stuff about worth, biz-money things etc. I mean, I don’t know if I am going over the top and stating what you already know here fishgirl, but if there’s one thing that I have tried to work on over the years its my professional worth (cap moon, lol)! (romance and socially, is another story, still working on that tho:) )

      • Also, imagine yourself as someone’s client. Imagine that when you start the project, in their conditions of the project etc, they include information about payment terms, and how this is followed up. you’re late paying, someone calls you, you say “ah yes of course thanks will pay now etc” From your end, as a client, you sort of *expect* that you will receive clear instructions about money.

        I always thought of it as a bit wierd when one of our subcontractors was a bit backwards in coming forwards about cash. Often it was women – something about chicks and money, maybe some people are not taught / exposed to the cut and thrust of deal-making as others are.

        so basically, I wouldn’t as your client think it wierd, or get the shits, if you were to call me and remind me it was time to hand over the money. It’s sort of expected, or normal. yeah? anyway, good luck xx

      • might be going on and on now, but if it’s also any help, I was incredibly nervous when I first started to learn how to do salary negotiations and the like. I basically hoovered up all of the information on My Career, any other website that looked useful, books, reading about how men negotiate differently from women (thus adding more bloke-style tools to my money toolbox). I know you’re not negotiating salaries as such but it helped my step into a stronger sense of entitlement and feel relaxed about what I was asking for. Practice with someone if you like. Check in to see if you’re funny about money in other situations too, like haggling over big-ticket items in a store, asking for a discount or a good deal on other stuff, … you know. Maybe you can cut your teeth elsewhere and that will give you more confidence with the biz aspects.

        ok, officially signing off now xxx

        • Thanks PI – yep, done a lot of work around that sort of stuff. Affirmation tapes, body language, in-depth analysis of why it feels so outrageous to be paid to do what i love…
          Am better now – generally avoid any start-ups/small businesses – they take 6 months to pay – and stick to bigger companies so it’s more anonymous/less personal following up – ie. a business transaction.
          And i’m SO with you on the office hyperventilation. I was reading about electrical sensitivity the other day and i think we might have a bit of that – studies on rats under fluorescent lighting – rooms with high EMF levels etc – it even suppressed their immune systems! I find my problem solving faculties go out the window as does my ‘spark’. Just find them depressing, depressing places. I LOVE being freelance. Yesterday i went for a ride on my bike at 1pm and had soup at a new cafe for lunch – light years away from the alternative life as a corporate…
          Mystic did a saturn return chart for me when i was 29 and a lot was about establishing worth/2nd house creativity linked to money etc. I remember buying Louise Hay affirmation CD’s and playing them as i was cooking my dinner!

          • that’s awesome fishy… I figured you’d have done a bit of work on that stuff but I couldn’t stop writing! ahhaha.

            Yes it’s partly the physical office space but also the …oh i don’t know…office culture … that makes me feel a bit crazy. Hierarchy makes me itchy. That’s what a Uranify-ing does to one I believe…

            I think my only consult with mystic was when Uranus was conjunct my sun and pinging things in my chart everywhere a few years ago.

  28. ok, i’m lost on this one.

    virgo / virgo ascendant with mars in libra in 2nd. not sure what rules the house — maybe virgo as the box on the astrodiesst chart where it say 2 it notes 29 Vir 53? if it’s virgo that may explain why it’s such a seesaw since my virgo sun is conj pluto and asc, sextile neptune, out of sign conj uranus, opp chiron and square my gemini mc which is the 9th, ruled by taurus where my moon is. virgo’s ruler mercury is in 1st, trining saturn and jupiter in 5th and venus is in leo in the 11th which is ruled by cancer.

    brain. boggle. head. desk.

    • money through partnerships and relationships – you work better with others for sure. In a team. I would imagine that you would not enjoy flying solo at all. Both Virgo and Libra love people.

  29. The cusp is in Capricorn but “most” of the house is Aquarius. My NNode is there….. any insight will be much appreciated

  30. i don’t know which picture i love the most lol!

    i have scorpio in the 2nd house and i have on occasion earned money through sex, i also feel REALLY intensely about money. I like to have it in the bank in accounts i can’t touch and in secret caches around the house.

    i have raised my daughters to think that store cards are the devil and that they can spout as much feminism as they want but that they must be financially independent.

    i have voodoo prosperity pouches in my wallet and i do the basil thing mystic suggested. i worship fashion too but for me it is wholesale or no sale.

    i think this fits scorpio quite a bit

  31. Gemini 2nd house. The only thing I have in Gemini is part of marriage (right on the cusp) and sun/moon midpoint.

    House ruler Mercury is in my 6th house, conjunct Pluto, sextile Neptune, inconjunct Moon, and trine my MC.

    Although I aim to have more $$$ this coming year, I have to say the Universe has always taken v. good care of me.

  32. l have Pluto & NN in Libra 2nd house. But at the moment Saturn is there and l must say for the last 2 years l have a felt a bit saturnian in my 2nd h …
    l just felt l had nothing not true really but it felt like that, my company is making money but l didn’t feel l earned it myself….my bizz partner did.

    With Pluto there though l am good at surviving with almost nothing l just adjust my life, my way of thinking! The most important thing for me is freedom not money. Sure both are welcome.

    My business partner and l made/make good money together we invested and l’m glad the money is there! he is a Libra Sun
    l love working together with a partner, making beautiful things and money together sharing etc. NN Libra
    my bizz partner has Saturn in TAurus and he is always worried about not having enough.

    as l write this l realize that my life changed not the flow of money in my company….that gives me this feeling of having less….
    the 2nd house …mine is sleeping at the moment at Saturn hotel together with my 8th :/

    Pluto 2nd h ::::
    -NO DEBT !!!
    -You can have it all or nothing
    – good surviver skills
    -Pluto Libra 2nd
    you can make buckets of money together if you are with the right person :)) yay to that!

    • The aspects my natal Pluto 2nd makes are trine Sun/Jupiter/MC
      sextile Saturn, sextile Neptune

    • “Pluto 2nd h ::::
      -NO DEBT !!!
      -You can have it all or nothing
      – good surviver skills”

      Great advice Joan. I have Cap second house and Pluto will be hitting it end of next year. My plan has been to get debt free by then.

  33. First, let me say that Mystic, ever as amazing, is tres diligent about giving sober astro advice on the economy. I mean, yes there’s gazillion write ups about dying industries etc. but I must express my gratitude to have her tending the money part of the astro garden.

    After all, money is energy. Get the energy right, and you get the value right.

    It’s not always just about more but about how that money’s spent and how it makes a difference in your life – how it reflects your values. For those of us who are not quite there yet in terms of doing what we love full time and I count myself as one, I see that money as the time I’ve spent at work AND the other not easily accountable sacrifices I’ve made to keep the day job whilst refining my direction. And I do truly appreciate that this is just as much a mental game as it is a practical consideration.

    Darling MM, I save these posts for their utterly wonderful relevance! xxx

    • She’s brilliant. Have friends coming to me for more advice than usual due to my talk of the Zap Zone. Between Mystic and Kim I’m all good. Great to see you Angel. xx

    • Thank you Empress darling, nice to be back..Jupiter in Gemini is definitely helping my Merc there so getting my voice back – yes even whilst in Flux.

      Honestly, I don’t know how I’d keep sane without her or the wonderful peeps here. And you know what else, I LOATHE the stupid doom and gloom advice else where, like what’s that supposed to do? Encourage me to lay down and die?

      Frack that! Mystic is tres empowering as is Kim, the queenly can totes appreciate that! :)

  34. Oh, and I have Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house, reported to be genius for making money in partnerships..I can kind of see this when I’ve taken on projects to support and promote other people’s businesses.

    I also have a very sobering Saturn in Toro in the 9th, which makes me a bit hard nosed about the $$. Pre-GFC, I had so many people telling me to Get an Only Interest Loan, buy property and flip it. The math did not add up, and numbers do not lie, whether in your wallet, or on the scale.

    I do have Venus in Leo in the 11th and I have accepted that things like a multi-faceted wardrobe, shoes and an attentively anal tailor are not exactly luxuries in my book..but must haves. Sigh.

  35. 2nd house is Saggo… should I invest in the outdoor industry? Train as a fitness instructor/part-time surfer? Or what does it mean?

    • Yeah, I wonder about the ruler, which is Jupiter. My 2nd house is Sadge. Thing is, even though the ruler is Jupiter, my 8th house has Mars conjunct Jupiter, which means credit cards are NONO!!! It’s smth I’ve learnt…and trying to eradicate the debt, which thankfully isn’t on a scale that would make me shit in my pants; I get enough of that seeing/hearing that there are peeps with tens of thousands of $ racked up.

  36. @ davidl, 3:58pm (thread getting way too thin up there!)

    Well, that’s fun to know! haha

    My financial status has never been born of idiocy, but rather a severe under-appreciation of my fiscal worth by those men in power who cut my checks…

    Uh-oh– no more coffee for me! LOL

    Goodnight, you lords and ladies of 2nd house astro! See you on the other side of daybreak… *hugs*

  37. Second House cusp is Gemini. Gemini in First House along with Sun. Saturn in Second House (along with beautiful Venus)

    Enough already, I get it, I get it, I need to peel all my skins off and throw out everything I know how to do and ever belief I’ve ever had about money. Fine. I am havng the worst time in my life since the last worst time in my life which was 2005.

    But who will pay my rent while I’m doing this?

    • Worst time of your life? Or educational, full of possibilities and growth time of your life?

      The glass is DEFINITELY half full. I promise x

      • no it’s not!! When you have a Cap asc and Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, the glass is not only half empty but it’s dirty because someone didn’t bother to clean it properly! :)

    • hey Seabird.. only 2 more weeks till Saturn goes direct (25th June). Fingers crossed that things get better.

      I got Saturn neck right now. Haven’t had it since 2008, when Saturn hammered my Virgo stellium in the 8th!
      I must be feeling Saturn getting ready to go forth 😆

      You know what’s even more exciting than Saturn going direct? Mars will be move into Libra on 4th July 😛 I have had it up to *here* with that long Mars Virgo transit. grinding away over my Virgo planets in 8th (other people’s money) Aha!… it’s all making sense now. Mars in Libra will conjunct my Venus and trine my NN in Gem. It’s just gotta be good damn it!! :)

      Hang in there Seabird! x

      PS. Was 2005 when you were in a Middle Eastern country? I remember you writings around that time. We were all moved by some of your stories back then. Especially that serendipitous incident with a wise local woman.

      • Ha ha, I’ve been chanting ‘glass half-full’ for about 6 months now and counting. Something’s gotta come off soon. But really, I on’t feel I need many more opportunities to learn right at the moment. What I need, I decided the other day as I tootled through Toorak, worlds away from my little nest on the other side of the river….what I need is a really short love affair with a very rich, narcisisstic Toorak wanker. I will shag him and he will shower me with stupid and expensive presents which will make me feel temporarily great and boost my spirits up enough to shake off Saturn (and which I will subsequently sell). He will drive a bright red Porsche similar to the one I saw trying to pull into heavy traffic of Williams Road on Wednesday (If this is you, please get in contact, hot sex in exchange for expensive baubles on offer). We will part after approximately 2 weeks of the most shallow relationship ever, both enriched (me, feeling better and with lots of lovely baubles to cash in, him, priapric for the first time in 15 years despite the red Porsche). And then I will conquor the world.

        But I suppose I should be eating kale and taking my wounds somewhere to analyse their entrails….

        Oh Scorp…bless you….how’s that martini shaping up?!

        • hahaha… I like your plan! :) We all need a spirit boost to temporarily forget about Saturn. And I say temporary because we KNOW he’ll be back…. like The Terminator!
          I’m taking it easy until 25th. No point in forcing a fruit to ripen. I’ve put the effort in and shall now wait for the rewards.

          Speaking of spirits… I’m off to see a band. No doubt I will have a few G&T’s tonight. I’ll make a toast to you. Enjoy the vodka under the piano :) or whatever musical instrument or beverage takes your fancy tonight *cheers*

          • Have a WONDERFUL night out and a few on me, spiritually. BTW, I will come back tomorrow (bran switches off at 9 pm over this way), but read what Prowln has to say down below. Girl’s got it hammered out. I need someone to tie me to a chair and talk like that at me for a little! Bonne nuit…

  38. Leo rules the 2nd House for me. Pisces on the MC conj. Jupe.
    It’s not been easy as I never fit in the 9-5 scene – it’s like the machine spits me out! Too ADD truth telling for politics. Too mystically oriented for the system.

    But then I have NN in the 7th, gotta be honest, I have a Knight of husband who caught me as I was falling financially. A blessing.

    Now I am part timing it as a shaman of sorts. I work from home (Pluto/Uranus in the 4th) also being a mamma to toddlers.

  39. Thank you Mystic – love your fab astro finance class! So need some help!

    My cusp is Aries with multi aspected Aries Sun and True Node Toro in second – however Sun is in opposition to Mars in 8th – with transiting Saturn sitting right on my Mars !!!

    Have been freelancing but have scaled that back recently, just needing space to think – deciding whether to go back to working for someone else or take things in a different direction on my own? Overall feeling best described as stuck – meanwhile financial position is merde!

    Saturn has only just entered my 8th so there may be more hard money lessons to come…scary!

    Another newbie here and any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated – also does anyone know if Pars Fortunae in 8th house has any impact?

  40. Love the pix of the bird Mystic…he/she may want to fly….but holdin’ on to the stash..

  41. Mine is rougly a 60/40 Gemini/Cancer split with Jupiter in late degrees of Gemini.

    I don’t know how to interpret the split tbh. I can assume that that Jupiter in the 2nd makes incoming and outgoings extremist at time perhaps. I can go through financial swings, all cashed up and then not etc but in all of that I have to say I’m fairly lucky overall. That has to be the Jupiter influence. I have no planets in Kataka.

    It looks like Jupiter square Saturn in Pisces (10th) and then there is a trine symbol under the last row of the Astrodienst table that has MC but my MC is actually Aqua so I don’t get the relevance.

    Feel free to weigh in, actually I’d like to understand that Kataka element as there is nothing in my chart there and then moving into Leo (3rd) it’s another empty house. If anyone has some insight please share.

    I can say I know I need to get all serious like about my cash and not necessarily rely on Jupiter’s blessings as an enternal constant. But it’s so damned easy :)

  42. Owa – 2nd house Cap – No planets but this trines my moon/mars/chiron/vertex – does anyone know what that means? Normally I attribute the moon/mars stuff to my creative output. (in the 5th)

    My saturn is in virgo in the 9th – virgo midheaven on north node. I guess I’m very saturn (cap rising).

    I’m a few years past the horrendous saturn return and things have definitely been looking up but it is all still a financial struggle. But I’m building something creative with this taurean vibe, and doing it like a control freak with the virgo …. but yeah – I really need the money stuff to start to pay me.

    What happens when Pluto transits that house… should I be scared or excited?

    • Trines are usually positive Gemricorn and can be beneficial and I’ve read that they’re about artistic and creative talent so if you’re talking 5th house I’d say you’re on the money (pun intended) and should explore your creative skills for business perhaps.

      With Cap rising you are probably very disciplined with money too eh?

      I can’t offer too much insight as I’m a lightweight with this kind of stuff :)

      • You are great Scorched Earth Thank you so much!! Yeah – my business is my creativity so… guess I’ll continue this long slow climb I’ve been on … such a goat right now.. 😉 xx

        • I’m about to learn the goat walk a little better myself Gemricorn given it’s my moon and I soooo need to turn my focus, nup, strike that, my discipline toward this area as well. Slow and steady is the way in this climate I reckon. The ground is shifting radically so racing off to some hair-brained scheme is not the order of the day!

          Best of luck with your creative ventures! You have the mighty Jupe with you this year too so I guess all I can say is dream big and plan succinctly which which will suit Gem/Jup and Cap nicely x

  43. After nearly 3 years of “Gotta Learn to Love Him Saturn” he moves into Scorpio my dosh house in october – does this mean I’ll get richer or poorer??? God knows it’s a total struggle now so i’m really scared come the Autumn………Anyone help? xxx

    • Richer and smarter and tougher … Buuuut it may work out quite differently to the way your thinking now. Saturn is quite good at let’s say …redirection …it’s a long transit but by the last few months you will finally get what that redirection was all about .

      • *nods* yep… the last few months. It usually takes you that long to snap you out of all your bad habits and false ideas! 😉

        …. not stalking you d, yer just spot on today! 😀

          • Room for another stalker David??? thanks so much – I cant work out yet what Saturn’s about really – i feel too stunned by it all to be honest – Feel like i’m comp[letely on the wrong path and a victim of the economics of the world……thanks so much guys – cant wait for it to get the fuq lost – Sorry all you Scorps who get it next xxx

  44. Virgo rules my second, though I have Pluto in libra in the second, Venus and merc in taurus/10th.
    I am pretty diligent about money, in part cause I never have much. I have done a lot of things in my time for love and little financial reward. My plan for this year is to earn what I deserve doing something I love.
    8th house moon has helped with chunks of cash turning up when I need it, especially of late. A saviour.
    Libra/Pluto bit, one would think a partnership will transform my material reality.
    Working the Virgo I think would be remaining diligent but ditching the self sacrificing.

  45. Right. So is having transitingPluto in my second house (trining my natal Virgo moon) a good thing or a bad thing?
    Saggi on second house cusp at 25 degrees ( equal house system) so most of second house in Capricorn. Totally empty, but cusp squares my natal pluto- jupiter exact conjunction ( there are wider orb planets which make a stellium of sorts) seems really relevant.
    Lived off my anti-capitalist principles – I mean that I really lived that ideal, without money, lived off the land & others ‘waste’ for years. But dreams meant that I had to except money as a form of exchange and became a socialist instead :-) lol. Realised I couldn’t live off my ideals forever! Over the past few years I have recieved several inheritances – could this be Pluto? natal & transit?

    • Cusp also trine Satrun in Aries.
      I’ve worked really hard for very little financial reward/gain/income

    • Your mix sounds interesting WW. I certainly can’t offer up too much on it all but I imagine Pluto in the 2nd is ultimately great but will deliver very defined structures in how to make it a great experience. So ultimately there may be some work to do but it could be as much about reconciling the capitalist/socialst ideals as it could be a brilliant scheme to make money :)

      Inhertitances don’t typically come from 2nd house but rather from 8th house.

      I’m a Saggi, always happy to rise up against BS structures that support a few not all, and yep, sometimes to my own detriment :)

    • Thanks for that Scorched Earth – that’s really interesting ‘cos about 18 months ago on retreat I had an insight to re-examine those ideals of my 20’s. Other stuff going on was all part of other transits ( Saturn & Uranus) – but isn’t it great when it all starts to pull together like this………………….
      off now to check out those dates……………………

  46. My second house is Taurus, with Mars, Moon and Mercury conjunct, and Gem Sun towards 3rd house but still in 2nd.

    LOVE money and have always wanted to be rich… but in my late 40s I’m a student again since 2010, so lowest income in years… dealing with it OK, but tired of financial restrictions! Studying fine art, I think my art will start to pay off in next couple of years, meanwhile freelancing and last six months, not enough work. I love to have money in the bank ( = security to me). I worry about money and paying bills, like to have a good income, but hate 9 to 5 and being tied down to a full-time job. I can live very frugally but love to splurge occasionally on luxuries… massage, good food and wine, quality beauty products (Aesop is my brand of choice), weekends away, flowers, etc.

    • When working, always had enough to pay bills, very financially responsible and sensible.

    • I often argue with ‘money suspicious’ friends who think that the universe provides, it’s tacky to want to be rich, and you’re morally better if you don’t ‘care’ about money…

      BS!!! I remember a quote from Sting in the 1980s, he was asked “Are you happier now that you’re rich and successful?” because he always seemed quite depressed.
      His answer “It certainly dulls the pain” !!
      LOL I’d much rather be RICH and miserable than POOR and miserable!!!

      • or as husband-murder patricia gucci said “i’d rather be crying in the back of a rolls royce than be happy on a bicycle”

        • LOL. No, but I’d rather be happy… but I think being rich would make it easier!

      • yep! poverty mentality is actually really harmful, both to the person and those around the person. It often creates unhealthy dependancy and resentment and shows emotional immaturity. In an economically prosperous society such as mine which has showered me with the gift of education and a buouyant economy, I consider it my absolute duty in life to be as abundant as possible so as to be of maximum service.

        Taurus 2nd house is an ace spot. Nice dice. Mars and Mercury conjunct even better. Shows you have great persistance and are very clever at bringing in the bucks. I have no doubt you will manage to create great art and be financially comfortable!

        • Thanks Prowln… yes I know I will have enough cash coming in soon!!
          Friends who ‘can’t afford’ to do stuff, go out for dinner, etc. really piss me off!!!!!

      • i know plenty of super wealthy people , I must disagree. Wealth in most cases from my experience can be a bizarre curse.

        • Now that’s bizarre ? Look at my name ? I didn’t do that ? And normally a different name won’t give the avatar ? Funny shit.

        • Hey David, I’m not saying I want to be Gina Rinehart. Just making enough to pay bills and live comfortably… around $60,000 pa is rich to me!!

          • comfy is good GY…and surely one look at Gina R and you can tell there is a curse lurking.

            • That poor woman. Whenever I get my poverty-mentality on (and it’s been hitting me hard this Saturn), I think of her, and I think of my own child, and I think…’not for all the tea in China’…..

        • Yes, I agree. Money cannot buy true friends but attracts all kinds of vultures. I was unhappy when I had my most financially.

    • I too have 2nd house Taurus, with Sat/Venus and agree about responsibility. What irks me is my beloved but irresponsible friends scurrying to your way thinking you will have funds to give them because you saved like a responsible adult while they bought expensive cars on debt. And you do. And they never learn.

  47. Saturn in Aqua in 2nd house square Jupiter in Toro in 4th. Saturn in Aqua is a funny one. I’m always passionately saying “it’s not about the money!” but of course if I don’t get paid what I’m worth or if I don’t get paid at all, I’m the first to have a hissy fit and then it’s ALL about the money! “show me the money!!!” :)

    It has taken YEARS and YEARS to establish what I’m worth, and more importantly, to feel that I “deserve” it. Really hard when you work in a creative field because the value/worth of what one produces is often subjective. Or maybe that’s just my 2nd house issue/belief.
    Back in the 80’s when I first started working I loved my job so much I felt that getting paid was a bonus! I actually hated the weekends and public holidays. I wanted to be at work 7 days a week! (Sun in the 10th)
    Then I had my Saturn Return and with that came responsibilities and of course I wanted to be rewarded with $$ for my hard work. It wasn’t easy but I got there in the end.

    Neptune is now transiting my 2nd house for yonks and I’m obsessed with retiring ( I keep calculating how many years I have left) My Saturn/Venus transit was the catalyst to the retirement obsession.
    I’m not interested in a “career” anymore. I just want a job that pays the bills, hence going back to an industry I’m not particularly crazy about. But I’ve had a lot of time off to ponder and plan my future and I reckon I got a little bit more fuel left in the tank to deal with it. The plan is to work hard, save hard and set myself up for the future… all on my own… *sob* Thanks Cap Asc. All I need now is for Saturn to go direct and get off my MC!!!

    • Loved reading you post Scorpalicious and can appreciate elements of what you’re saying too.

      Just curious, is retirement obsession another way of looking at reinvention?

      I sometimes long for it but I know I wouldn’t be idle for very long if it happened now :)

      • oh cheers SE :)

        When I say “retirement” I meant getting out of the rat-race so I can focus on creative endeavours without the pressure of worrying how I’m going to pay the bills etc.

        No way will I be idle either! I have moon in Sagg and Gem NN. Never bored, too many interests, not enough time and besides I’m a Cap riser. Maybe I’ll get my second wind in my 60’s or 70’s. It’s never too late. Time is always an issue for us Saturn ruled peeps. And even though I’ve taken more time off work than I had planned (thanks to Saturn Retro!!), I still haven’t worked out what I really want to do (Neptune conjunct Sun in 10th) … I just need more time, I think and (to think) but need to work again and get back into some kind of routine while I figure that out :)

        • Gorgeous you! Agree whole heartedly with your concepts! Nice goal/dream to go for!

          My Cap moon keeps me weird or of kilter with my Saggi sun at the mo. I feel juxtaposed between selves and whilst I’m somewhat talented at splitting myself across many things and compartmentalising I’m getting exhausted and opting to vague out in non-profitable (assumption) past times all the while measuring how little they’re actually doing for my bottom line and me in general. That could be Saturn or Pluto kicking me gently in the rear :) x

  48. 2nd house in taurus, with Mars at 20 degrees. Forgive my ignorance but does that mean I’m complacent about money until I have none and then I get angry? Because that’s what happens.

  49. I am a green collar worker who has sag in my 2nd house and Neptune retrograde. I am reasonably good with my money, make fairly calculated quick decisions, but have had to work hard for evyhthing I have. I am not sure if this fits together or what else my chart says about me. Any suggestions welcome!

  50. Just want to add as someone above posted that they are going to bed..

    Years ago, double Cappy Kung Master had said to me quite full of himself that not only “you’ll be back” (I think not), but that he “lives on the edge”..

    Dude, you have no conception of what the edge is…esp for a women..

    Shut the fuq up…

    • ~woman~

      And with that I’m going to bed…much preferring double Gem, silk voiced Toro Venus Iva Davies and Electric blue..

    • Evening lovely Catfish.. you have my attention…

      Living on the edge.. hmm, don’t we all do that in various ways perhaps. Maybe even those that don’t appear to are on the edge.. doesn’t have to be excitement, could be the edge of boredom, edge of anything really. I know what it generally means but it’s implied not defined. See.. now I’m off musing.. this could go on for some time lol so I’ll spare you/us it all and take it off line x

      • The edges I have known in this life that are beyond the scope of this time and place…..I can assure you he will never know in his lifetime.

        But before I sound too full of myself as well, I’ll drop it at that. We must neve talk and compare ourselves to another’s level of evolution cept as a woman in a so called “man’s world”

        • Had no idea was feeling so feminist tonight…maybe should check Medusa transit…

          Nothing personal to our great guys here on this site. Thank you for being here guys. We need you for persepective and do cherish your input…x

          • Yeah! This is what happened to me: was just yapping about $$ and astro, $$ and work, $$ and worth, no $$ in my wallet… and Bam: I was in glass ceiling political mode– and pissed off about it! Just snuck up on me.

            Beyond the whole women do not earn equal pay reality, is another one: the mentally ill in the US are valued the least. In varying capacities, that’s what I’ve done with my adult life as “work,” assisting people who are homeless, adults with severe mental illness, teen girls who were abuse survivors, etc. And as demanding and necessary as that work is, our gov’t consistently slashes funds for helping these people (which includes providing their mental health teams with at least a living wage for their work). But in the US, one is hard pressed to earn a living wage in human services; in the rural area I live in currently, “living wage” is $12/hour– nowhere near a comfortable income, for sure, yet still it’s awful hard to come by. Pathetic!

            And then there’s another little something for me to get uppity about re $$ and living in the US: health care. People say, “Oh, I don’t worry about money, I’m not materialistic,” and I *wish* that money was only about trifling, material stuff– but it’s not! Not in the US, anyhow. If you want a good doctor, or preventative care, that demands a great deal of cash– like your life’s savings amount of cash! Here, people lose their homes over medical bills… It’s nuts. Alternative medicine or homeopathy requires big $$ too.

            And “Justice”– see, here I go!– justice costs a lot of money here, too! It’s known and accepted that he who has the biggest $$ attorney *will* win the court case. How is that justice?!

            So, money is Power, for sure! It’s health care, justice, everything. Women are generally paid less than men for the same work, and those who work with the populations that society has disvalued (ie, the mentally ill, the elderly)– because they’re not making the US money? Just a theory– are paid the very least. It just so happens that the vast majority of human services workers are female, too…

            Money is not materialistic. Money is access. It’s Power.

            • Without money it is nearly impossible to receive proper medical care and justice. I agree. It’s wrong. It disgusts me.

        • You are of course entitled to speak your truth Catfish so please don’t feel you need to silence yourself. I don’t wish to censor you. I was intrigued by the idea of ‘edge’ in general.

          I hear what you are saying and it’s true that other’s often never can understand another parth fully.

          I know what is usually ‘scorched’ all over these pages is upbeat and optimistic. I can’t help but be that mostly. It’s as much cultivated as natural.

          I will share that I am currently incredibly disappointed and sad with the events of someone in my life and myself. This is old history and new fantasy. I recently came across some information (timely and accidental) that enlightened me to the fact that they may not be where I’d perceived them to be so it allowed me to see more broadly. I’d perceived certain things to be about me but I realised this is perhaps not true. Much has been hidden but in that I imagined a whole other story line.

          Edges in all scenarios are not often as blunt and defined as we imagine them to be.

          Gentlly gently and nurture self xx

            • Hey Scorchy, thanx for sharing.

              Yeah, one thing I read is that one can have a propensity to creating a whole other version. That’s why I kept giggling at the link I put up above, because it kept saying how “delusional” a person can be.

              Sorry for your disappointment. In this last year or so some things came to light and that as it did I had to then deal with feeling like I had wasted time. I actually layed on my bed and cried over this. So okay, I had to let that go and this is where illusions humble you because you realize how ignorant you were but that is also when we have to be compassionate with outselves instead of judging self. Easier said then done sometimes.

              But hey, I’m clinking a glass with you for bursting more bubbles. x

              • the link is actually on the Ven-nep thread. Got a little mixed up of where I am..

              • Thank you Cat!! Yeah I really can’t bang on about it too much as that starts to annoy me but I’m in a processing flow of sorts with it and yep, it’s triggered various outpourings :) :(
                I appreciate your comment and ‘cheers’ and the Neptunian blog mash up x0x

  51. Scorpio 2nd house – sun, venus, mercury & jupiter conjunct all opposite Saturn.

    Money has been either hugely abundant or scarce but even when it’s scarce I live the dream. Stupid question – how can I work to keep the hugely abundant part going?

  52. Hey since we’re all on the subject of moolah – I have some great tips that I’ve picked up along the way that seems to get the abundance juju flowing:

    – for a quick pick me up – donate! yep works every time
    – clean out crap and give it away. I always try to think something like “may this go to someone who will find it more useful than me”
    – commit to saving something weekly even if it’s ten bucks. My mr amazing financial planner guy reckons that whilst its good to pay off debt as quickly as possible, if the debts are longer term types then always save as well. It has a positive psychological effect
    – write a list of people, organisations and institutions you’re pissed off at, then write why you’re pissed off, what behaviour the pissed offness triggers in your own ego (being stingy, sneaky, lying etc). After that I can usually see how my ego defense has actually created a worse situation than was necessary and I was the one suffering – not them. Commit to an opposite action. I’ve done this with banks, credit card org, Centrelink and the tax department. Amazing how declogged the finances get when I clear out fears and resentments
    – make a list of everyone I owed money to and make a plan to pay it back, even if a little bit at a time. Unconscious guilt keeps us poor …

    Be interested to see what others do ….

    • Oh almost forgot – write a gratitude list every day. I jot down three things I’m grateful for each night before going to bed. Amazing how often things like “awesome friends” and “kitty” appear on that list – reminds me that quite often it’s the intangible connections that bring the joy. Cash just supports the system. 😀

      • I think I’m in love with you! All your suggestions resonate. I’m gonna try them tonight. Geeze I adore it here….

    • Love this PC!

      Active in all except the last two and they are pure nuggets of gold for me right now. Thank you! x

    • Fantastic advice – thanks Prowin!

      The first 2 work for me too – will be trying your other suggestions this weekend!!

      Also like feng shui or housewitch cures – the best one is still your tip no2 – clear the clutter!

      My only other tip is always buy quality, even if it’s second hand – so when it comes time to clearing or updating, you can sell your items to make some moolah for your new abundance!

  53. Chiming in late! Scorpio 2nd house is my most packed, featuring Mars conjunct Saturn, and Pluto hanging out in the early degrees. Financial independence has always been huge for me. I don’t feel in control of my life if I’m not in control of its financing. Have always been religious about saving money and avoiding debt. A little nervous about how the 1st Saturn return will go, as I keep hearing about it being associated with financial loss when it falls in the 2nd! We shall see!

  54. I also have a Scorpi 2nd house, with NN, Sun, Mercury and Neptune in there.

    My attitudes – I don’t really worry about money, I know that there will always be enough and I have the capacity to earn what I need. I do have anxiety about not earning my own money though and being dependent on my OH – but I think this is more about imbalance of power than actual cash.

  55. In my Natal chart the cusp of the second house is Sagg and I have a Venus/Moon conjunction in there and Eros hehe.
    Me and Money? I’m blasé about it… don’t take it seriously enough, feel there will always be enough and most of the time there is. When it runs out I feel left out. It’s like I expect it to flow – like a gift – and if it doesn’t come it feels like I’m not loved.
    Money feels like a symptom to me – a byproduct of a sense of self worth.

  56. oh man…I have ISSUES! I know it. But I didn’t know quite how much until I read this post and its comments. Mystic, can I say truly thankyou. I’ve been listening but not hearing. And I’m quite good at that it seems. But I think I’m ready to hear, and it doesn’t seem to be as painful as I thought.

    You know, for the past 4 years I have worked literally like a dog, a working dog, a kelpie. But I never have once believed that it was real, what i earned, or that I deserved it or that it would keep. As with my self-esteem, so with money. When the money comes, I call it luck and don’t link it to my efforts, even though they sometimes exhaust me literally onto the floor. But when it dries up, i think, aha, well, that’s what was bound to happen…

    Some stuff needs to get our of my headcase, like, now, Miss Gemini to the max with Gemini on the cusp of the second house (and, as I’ve said above, saturn in there plunk in the middle). Some of the stuff above is just great. I feel really moved to hear what other people are going through, how much we all think somehow it’s us, or it’s not us, it’s them, or what we deserve or don’t deserve, or what our dreams really are. Because it is, money, so tied in with how we get it and how we wish we could get it, and what we think we should have versus what we do have. And we, here, have so much, I know, but why does it seem so heavy all of a sudden.

    Philosophical late-ish night over here. I would really give thanks to come out of this Saturn period with a new take on the whole thing, because the old record has been stuck so long, despite my best physical efforts (via intense hard work) to free it. I’ll offer it up, my beliefs, and tomorrow as per Prown above, I’m gonna give away lots of stuff, donate to some charity, and sit down with my CC and my other woes and offer them up too, in a loving way. Because maybe, they don’t belong in my new scheme of how things really are to me.
    Bless and good night

  57. Diederik and Seabird, you each struck a different chord.

    Seabird, i’ve been reading and didn’t know what to say or how to interpret. I even looked up some astro cookbook sites to see if what was said related to me. I felt confused and strange. I recently spent a bit on art materials and workshops, and no problem there as i have to work at those things… but recently i bought three pairs of shoes, some clothing, music, meals out and i thought uh-oh… How can i have undone all of my hard work? So i checked my bank accounts. FAR OUT i forgot about all those six-day weeks i’ve been working, and i have enough to cover my spending no drama. I burst into TEARS. Unbelievable. I’m not doing it tough but past years i’ve had to spend so much on health, teeth, psych, physio, the Saturn stuff. I adore quality i hate cheaply made unenduring crap, which i tried over time and is not value for money at all. But i feel guilty today, no matter how much i try to convince myself. Even though i bought several generous gifts as well. Even though i went and bought things to make up packs for the homeless, and regularly donate goods and money. Even though i’ve been saving slowly too.

    “Money feels like a symptom to me – a byproduct of a sense of self worth.” How you spend it is a symptom to me.

    Pluto going over natal Mars which sits on the cusp line of my 2nd house Capricorn.

    Normally i spend well, as my husband used to say to me. I get quality, which is good value, often jag a sale by chance, do my homework, and am not afraid to spend, though Mars makes me flare at times (Uranus sq Mars natally). I’ve had Mars lessons in the past, so i guess Pluto is a gut hitter, pinging off Mars’ natal semisquare to Saturn in Taurus and square to Venus.

    Godfather! What a pickle! I earned it, I got what i liked and i’m worth it – c’mon little heart… get with the joy again!

    • Hey Mille :-) “Life is a gift you give yourself” is a saying which springs to mind after reading your post… Like the things you buy for yourself are gifts you give yourself, and reflect self love.

      You’re so worth honouring, and deserve to give yourself the best you can afford without borrowing – which is like a ball and chain you tie onto the future you – and that’s not a loving gesture :-)

      • Thank you so much, Diederik, that’s a really loving and generous response, and i appreciate it so much. I was always happiest sharing my abundance with everyone else.

        I am completely debt free – i do use a card but pay it completely each due date – but not debt where it counts, in the soul.

        My post sounds like i am a terrible spender, but i manage my money well, actually. I do see quality as a necessity, like Fallen Angel above, but something else sings out from the sidelines: who do you think you are?

        OK… the new work of the soul to do, clear as a bell. When Saturn gets into Scorpio it will enter my 12th house so i’d better begin. THANK YOU xx

  58. I have a scorpio 2nd house with moon at 10 degrees and uranus at 26 degrees. What do you make of this?

  59. Mille, the most joy I’ve experienced was when I had nothing and more importantly ‘no where to go’, can one correlate that state with joy ? in a world where ‘responsible’ is considered the state one works towards ?
    I’ve come to believe that the real issue deep down in financial matters is deathfear. Thats our biggest disease, and yes money is a huge symptom of that one. x

    • Have to agree with you so deeply DavidL. Most materialistic people i have known have an incredible fear of death. I mean, we all fear it but we can stand to mention it / think about it. I’ve known a few disturbingly ambitious in the materialistic sense as in “I am going to die with the most toys of everyone” and couldn’t even attend funerals.

      • Absolutely beautiful postings. Yes, the materialistic death/fear situation.
        I too can identify with being the happiest when I had the least materialistically. My mother use to say, when my husband and I first married. “Remember these days fondly because they will probably be your best ones.” IE… enjoy living in the moment. Don’t worry where it will come from. It will.
        I do not write this flippantly since we have been going through an incredibly challenging 2 years. My husband completely took the ending of one job and used that to “update” his skills. Something he never had the time to do until now. Of course it hit him at his second Saturn Return- what else! But being a Gemini, it seems these new business ventures fit him so much better. True, we saved, paid off all our debt- but I guess what I am trying to say may sound trite, but it is true – follow your bliss! Think carefully about what brings you pleasure and serve the universe from there. It is not the $$$$ it is the <3 <3 <3 which rules the way to the mind.
        Oh yes, Scorpio on the 2nd, Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd, and Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd. Secretive? Yes. Unrealistic – perhaps. Bountiful or not- sometimes yes, sometimes not. Loved this post Mystic. Especially the bit about how the universe abhors a void. :0)

    • I agree, David.
      deathfear, fear of silence and being alone with themselves.
      My one Libra friend is obsessed with “bling” and materialism. Looks down on poor people, is ghastly afraid of silence and being alone.
      She talks non-stop. Her anger and bossiness pushes everyone away.
      Fear of Self and Death Fear.

    • This is amazing: i grew up without death fear. Or i faced death literally that i recall four separate occasions when i was stunned to wake up in the morning. The whole world was new and beautiful. I knew death would come and i should face it honestly (in my religion the God of Death is the God of Truth).

      I feel very much like i have had to learn to LIVE and be really present. And as my relationship with parents becomes stronger (not the yukky one whom i cut off at 16) i fear their deaths. They are alive and i miss them in advance. Love is loss in my growing up – you lose them to madness or murder or suicide or ‘accident’.

      Every time i look at what i have, what i have made with my own hands i am completely amazed and can only do this for a moment. I prefer to just work hard.

      You’ve helped me name this finally: SURVIVOR GUILT. Thank you SO much, davidl xx

    • David, your comments so resonate. Remeber that beautiful line in that Beatles song – “Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go”..always sends a tingle up my spine because i so understand (even though it is an early 20’s feeling).

      I’d have to add that something that keeps me awake at night is fear of being seen to fail by my relatives. Fear of being unable to be financially responsible for my daughter and myself. And yet it is this fear which almost freezes me. Because that’s really what fear does, freezes you up.

      But I think thi whole GFC thing is like a mass symptom of ‘what now’. We bought it all up, we cut it all down and liquidated it all into plastic or fossil fuels, hell, we even speculated bigtime with stuff that doesn’t even technically exist. And yet, that empty feeling is still there, the wrinkles still appear, our kids still grow up and maybe too they grow apart, and nothing will stop the inexorable march from beginning to end, and nothing we leave behind will ever make us feel like a hug from a kid or a lick from a puppy or any of that, any of it. Death fear indeed.

      • And Mille, big hugs to you darling. It’s all coming out this weekend isn’t it.

        One thing I’d recommend is yoga, starngely enough. Because sometimes, our bodies grow to become what we believe. I had a huge hole in my heart that was only fixed a couple of years ago, and too, I’ve always had trouble loving and I had terrible, sunken-chested posture. It took an amazing osteopath and yoga and thinking to see that beliefs and body become one, and that my posture and my belief that I was unloevable and needed to protect my hurt heart was resulting in me being unloveable and unloved. She undid my body, and my mind undid itself. What it must feel like to lose so many people that you cre about, I can not even imagine. But you’re here and you’re whole, and from reading your comments over the last year I can tell that you are a very intelligent and very sensitive person who comes across in words as worthy of loving and being loved. Loss is inevitable for all of us, I guess it’s how we spend the time we have before loss takes either us or them away. Take heart, dearest. Just because it has always been doesn’t mean that it always will be.

        • Spot on, Seabird. I’m covered in ugly ‘duct’ tape from the physio with new exercises to do, and he’s looked at my yoga sequences with me. Yesterday i saw both Aries counsellor then tough little physio guy.

          Had the worst nightmares last night and they’re connected to work and worth, but it’s great to see them out, not in. Something is shifting for sure. This post was entirely synchronous, as Mystic often is, the part of the puzzle i’ve been striving for but couldn’t get.

          …did you say a hole in your heart? A good friend at high school was blue and had the same thing. The warmest friend though! Cold hands warm heart :)

          • Go you! Good.

            I had strange dreams last night too, and so did a firend who came round earlier, disturbing dreams that woke me (us) up several times throughout the night, but when looked at directly, I couldn’t see why the dreams would be so scary. But as soon as my head went bak down on the pillow, bam, a different unsettling dream would start up. In one dream I was trying to hand a piece of clothing to a woman who was a good friend (and whom I’ve never seen before in my life). We both started laughing really hard and couldn’t speak. In another dream, one of my familiar kitchen bowls suddenly splintered into a million tiny cubes, and somebody standing near me said “That’s what it really looks like.”. Scary? Why? But I woke up drenched in sweat. And the cat refused to sleep with me and then came in early this morning and would not settle, but tried to lick any part he could reach, my ear, my face, and then my leg and my hair. He seemed very nervous. Sometimes I think that when one is very unsettled (and I have been extraodinarily unsettled for the past 5 weeks or so), the psychic protection wears a bit thin and something gets bared that possibly shouldn’t.

            The hole – yes, was born with it. It’s been a strange one, this. If they’d found it three years earlier, I would have been on my back with my rib-cage split open to fix it. And if they’d found it 10 years later, the predictions were a stroke would’ve got me. But as it was, I cant even find the scar where they stuck a tube up through my groin and I only spent one night in hospital. Yes, was always exceedingly pale and out-of-breath, and suffered from multitudes of low-level probelms. I knew there was something wrong with me, but conventional medicine said no.

            I had the amazing experience about a week after getting up, of standing under a hot shower and looking down at my naked body just in time to see the blood rush all through my skin, the pink flush, and my veins traced everywhere. It was like being given a second life. Some people I hadn’t see for a while didn’t recognise me the next time we met.

            So, you never do know what you’re going to get,do you. The script might be written or it might not, but a great deal of it is out of your hands, I guess, and that is where belief and trust come in.

            It’s funny how often some of the posts in here just hit the nail on the head. Or not. Funny, I mean. Rather, it’s clear!

    • @david.. This is definetly my state of true happiness.
      Money just for me intuituvely is not power. Its a fake form. Paying more attention to it than i need to, for me- is just a big virgo mars waste of energy.

      Im about living in the moment, and the ones where i can align myself most without the constaints of amassing wealth. To me thats when ive been happiest.

      Busy people are gonna be busy, and thats great. Thats there makeup but people who are not naturally shouldnt be put out to pasture for not being as such.

      • O and I have jupiter mars and saturn in the second, and venus and mercury in pisces in the 8th…

  60. My houses are weird. I have a fat 2nd house that intercepts 3 signs! starts end of cancer, covers all of Leo and then the start of Virgo

    My Mars 0 degree virgo and NN 4 degree are my 2nd house, but yeah.
    So how does one read that with the houses? when It covers 3: x

    • Ms, i think intercepted houses is the concept you need to look at. I won’t go on about my personal situ but i have intercepted Aries containing Merc and Chiron in 5th, and this post about 2nd H is where i have Mars and i’m very suddenly getting the picture.

      Mystic said: “It has no cusps (no door in or out) so you have to fake it til you make it when it comes to [insert the particular sign energy here – mine was Aries but yours is Leo]. It feels weird, awkward at first but then the hidden room of [sign] opens and WHAM! You are living your dream!”

      If i recall correctly you used to be on stage with beautiful costuming but could not continue it. At least this is what i immediately remembered when i saw Leo is the intercepted one. If i also recall correctly your day wear tends to be jeans with stilettos and big hair. At least in appearance Leo writing is on the wall

      If the house begins in late Cancer and ends in early Virgo those signs have ‘doors’, they are not completely hemmed into the house, like Leo is. So this house opens into the Cardinal, ends in the Mutable but is locked up around the Fixed Leo heart of it.

      … so does this mean Aquarius is intercepted in your 8th?

      • thank you. Brilliant answer. you are clever.
        I asked because the signs either side of leo are intercepted but Leo is my whole second house untouched it’s just that the house is so fat it takes the end of cancer and virgo, virgo has planets -mars and NN so it seems important but I had not seen anyone write of what happens with 3 houses when one is untouched. So yes same deal 8th. tail of Capricorn, all of Aqua and the start of pisces. (can’t wait for neptune to piss off)

        Leo makes sense though, I’ve made most of any money at all out of performing or making for shows , even in fashion it was makeup for catwalk and then editorial. that’s how I got into styling. But its art and design at heart though I do have secret pangs to just jump in a hoop and fling myself around the ceiling again from a rigging point.

        Though cancer and virgo are also apt. I have healing talents and cooking skills x

      • P.s Daywear has many shades not just big hair. I cut all my hair off actually when i re broke it off with leo ex so he’d stop stalking me, I am truly gem rising with my look it moves with my mood. After pondering this concept today I am thinking that Leo is trapped and the doors are cancer and virgo??

        Too many variables in this for my liking.

        • Ascendent is your look. Changeable Gemini makes perfect sense.

          2nd house is money, and can be self esteem/values. Although i read something truly interesting on this modern day morph:

          I mentioned what i recalled of your look as it’s all i know of this performance or shining out for others aspect of you. What was interesting was that you earned from it, and it is also something you valued for your sense of self. You seem like a wonderful cook and i know you have the 6th H so healing is associated, but you don’t earn money from these… perhaps you spend your hard earned on those without a thought. 10th is earning/career, 2nd is spending/money. Is there something Leonine that you don’t spend on but that sits deep in your soul roaring faintly?

          For me, if this helps, I know the Aries door is pure Aries. I can’t try to get in through Pisces Sun just before it in the 5th, and i can’t rely on Taurus to release what is contained in Aries. I have to walk right up to this Aries door and, as Mystic said in the consult, “fake it til u make it”. This was from late September and i’m only really now grokking its true meaning. With Pluto on my Mars in 2nd it’s kind of unmissable now! I hope you can find the key to it. Perhaps think about the House of the Sun in your chart.

          PS Leos aren’t just talented performers, they’re very good at how things work, like machines or probably design. Probably need to know that to run a kingdom well!

          • Interesting with you and Aries. I did a lot of reading on my chart last night about this as I am a bit ill but yes I can see the values etc very strongly just needed to get the houses more. Aries is my MC and my 10th house. Sun is 5th with my scorp stellium. It’s all clicking cogs, I know I am meant to be creative, there is no doubt. it gave me everything I ever have. Just been playing with a lot of mediums for a while on that front. Which I have no regrets. I learnt a lot. but yes performing was my everything in a younger self. It’s all coming together now though. Finally

          • haha. when you said about spending I thought my hair! yeah art materials, hair habits, clothes, anything to create and style but I am no big spender x

  61. So, In my natal chart in my 2nd house I have my sun in cancer.
    From reading the comments I now understand that has something to do with my having my own business and finding myself through my work. Tres cool!

    What I am curious about is my progressed chart. I have been studying that lately and right now in my chart I have:
    2nd house:
    Sun in Leo
    Mercury in cancer

    What does THAT mean?

  62. Fun!! Any help is appreciated!!

    Second house Aquarius with Venus and Mercury conjunct, Pisces on 2/3 cusp.Jupiter and Moon in Leo 8th house. Dont know enough to tie it all together to know what it means.

  63. This has been great to read. Much love to Seabird, prowln for her fantastic advice, & milleunanotte (I don’t think you need to feel guilty, honey. We need to conserve our own energy, look after no.1. What we must watch out for is spending for the sake of it.)

    2nd house Virgo. (Another empty house, tho asteroid Psyche is in here.) Highly uncomfortable doing the job I presently do, it’s morally compromising for a 9th house aries moon fiercely critical of the government/ current political system to be working where I work! However, I do have *enough* – rent, food, travel & some over. I was on the dole for a year living with my parents, and you can imagine the toll that took on my super-independent aries moon (Saturn in Libra was opposing my moon, a horrid transit.) My job does use my communicative skills, & since I am a Gemini sun with mercury in gemini conjunct chiron, i suspect that taking care of the 6th house matters of virgo – health & long term mind-body syndromes – which have been haunting me for years, will enable me to finally make ‘healthy’ money, doing something I really want to do. (I am a poet & I need to write full-time, I think. For mags, websites, anything. But I still need to pay the rent.) Fingers crossed that Jupiter recently crossing into Gemini will help with that! Also found this lovely post which reassured & inspired me

    • Thank you, Ariel. I’m blown apart today! Radical.

      Best wishes for your writing. It’s said that Jupiter in Gemini is good astro for writers xx

      • Yes, thankyou too, and I hope this shift for us Gems is a strong one, heaven knows it’s been tough.

  64. Cap rising Aquarius in the second house I can pull a rabbit out of a hat . Problem need to save money . Have allways put money in gemstones for I make them in to beautiful jewelry . I do help others or take on projects . I would like to be more organized my moon is in Taurus . I work work work then take a break etc… New business location doing great sometimes worry that it will slow down . Where I am we are in a growth period the economy of the city is solid . My ideas do produce income !

  65. DIY astro help. What does it mean to have Scorpio retrogade in the second house?

  66. I love DIY astro. But I am totally blanking. I have 2nd house in Aqua. The only planet there is my moon, but that’s in Aries. I have no idea what this means. ???

  67. Cap-Moon/Mercury/Uranus/Neptune+Aqua-Sun } all in the 2nd house. I hate being so materialistic, and how my emotions are so tied into my possessions. I spend relentlessly and only recently I have decided enough is enough. The problem is still there though. I don’t even know what to make of all those planets in the 2nd house… financial success or screwing myself over with little discipline when it comes to money? I’m only 19 and I only have the experience of living with my parents, so I’m nervous about being able to keep myself afloat once I move out :/

  68. And with all that said,

    I’ve always managed! lol Money is power– and energy. I hear what some of you have said re working the $$ flow, and I swear that’s the only way I’ve gotten this far: by working the energy flow. I need to work it better, tho… I have health matters to attend to, and a child to raise, so I worry sometimes, about the future, about money… Mmmm money… I am getting more on top of my game in this 2nd house regard, starting Now.

    Reading these thoughts and practices and perspectives has been a real fire under my chair, so thank you for sharing, all! There’s so much energy here, it’s fantastic. You rock.

  69. Ugh, boy do I FEEL my Pisces 2nd house ruler. :( I’m TERRIBLE with money, and definitely have a blasé, easy-come-easy-go attitude towards it. But these days I’m really needing to figure out how to keep it. It’s just that whenever I have it, I want to spend it with friends! I’m not sure how to get that Piscean attitude in check.

    My sun is in the 2nd house too…what does that mean?

    • Hey Oneirix i just found out my Luna Luxe was only a third, the one i sent you. God sorry! What a dill. And you so kindly never said anything! x

      • Hey don’t worry about it! I was perfectly happy with it and now it’s available to all. :) Thank you so much for sending it to me in the first place!! I really appreciate it.

  70. OK, I have Jupiter, Sun, Moon in 2nd house, all in Taurus. Also have Mercury in 2nd house but at zero Gemini. Yes, crazy money sh** is going on. I’ve historically struggled with personal finance (pisces rising profligate, neptune problems) but right now there is a hell of a lot more hope and what feels like light at the end of the tunnel than there has been in the past. I’m not astro-aware enough to make any confident statements about why all this is, but… right now it seems that sort of classic Taurean stuff is finally learning how to be more in control of my finances than the devil fish side of me. But there seems to be an inner war to wage here– lately the only way i shoot myself in the foot with $ is by drinking too much of it. Hello Neptune, hello Pisces!

  71. I just realized that Saturn is opposing my natal mercury….or the other way around. not only is Virgo my ascendant but I also have it in the 2nd house ( along with Pluto in Libra) no wonder my money situation is a big source of frustration. the opposition ends in october….please hurry.

    many astrologer are saying jupiter in gemini will help taurus suns/rising ( gemini being the second sign from taurus…i hope this is correct. also 10th house actions for virgos/ virgo ascendents)

    Ive never had tons of money, but there have been periods of time where my resources have been enough to live a good life . These days im rebuilding…i suppose. everything was knocked over last year. I just hope I am about to enter a more prosperous period. its been discouraging to be forced back to square one. i hate it, lol

  72. In the 2nd house, I have my Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune all in Capricorn. I’m finishing up school and living a pretty thrifty life right now, so I’m not really sure how to interpret the astro-financial situation. I’m very nervous about finding a job and surviving after graduation though, and maybe a crazy 2nd house is feeding that anxiety.

  73. Hmm… 2nd House in Leo is bare of any planetary action what-so-ever. Not even a peep near the cusps. Not sure if that is good or bad…

  74. My own second house is ruled by Cap. I’ve got my part of fortune there (!) and Ceres at the very beginning (0 degrees) Aquarius. Bob Marks’ site ( claims that “If it’s weird, someone with Ceres in Aquarius will be likely to find it nurturing.” Well, that’s pretty accurate. Also true is that a full refrigerator and bank account makes me feel nurtured.

    I am not particularly fortunate about money, however. I’m incredibly practical, but in a Leo sun kind of way – beautiful, practical, useful, long-lasting are my favorite things to buy and save. I’ve spent most of my adult life under the poverty line, and I’m great at making do, and hoarding any spare money when necessary from my less-thrifty partner. I tend a big garden and reuse as much as possible. I can and freeze produce throughout the year. So maybe my Part of Fortune has to do with all of that – not money per se.

  75. 2nd house Virgo natal Pluto & Uranus there, I’m no expert but that doesn’t sound like a good time.

  76. Pisces on Cusp of 2nd house,
    2nd house ruler Aries, Sun and Chiron in there.

    I’m crap with money, but i seem to have what we need. i am a gifter of things for close friends and family.

    I have a little secret squirrel stash that the Piscean Virgo Moon man made me set up, and i think he adds a bit to it when he can. I ignore it. (Except in emergencies).

    The Shaman in the Supermarket encounter, mentioned to me”Do not worry about money – money is a waste of time,you will always have what you need” And i guess i have always felt like that, rightly or wrongly.

    • No, I seem to recall almost breaking 500 when Mystic was away on holiday and we were all committed to living here haha..

      However, good indicator that money matters are much much more on peeps’ mind than anything else at the moment.

      • Oh, i think i remember that long post, i seem to recall that’s when i fell in love with you and your eloquently sharp witty way of writing and keeping us warm whilst Mystic was away ! xx

      • Aauuuw thanks, Cosmic. I’m trying to up the writing ante, but right now I’m at Starbucks and just wasting time face-booking naughty little observations..sigh.

        Such a lovely compliment, you made my day gorgeous! xxx

        • Hello you two! Fancy meeting you here. I was just thinking this same thing and I was always thinking that just occasionally, the conversation in here becomes groundbreaking and really opens up raw. I was thinking of the last time, a post about gender identification and Ms.’ take on it just was amazing. Sometimes I think, wouldn’t it be cool to meet in the flesh, but then I guess the strange beauty of this place is that both honesty and compassion are so permissable because we are slightly anonymous and because all that matters is our minds here. Anyway, it’s been very good for me, this one.

  77. Husband (lib sun/gem rise) has 2nd house in gemini with mars and I have Jupiter in the 8th house! Lol “show me the money”

  78. Hi all,

    I’ve got Libra on my second house at 29″, and a Mercury in Scorpio 22″ in the second house (with Gemini 22″ on MC).

    In my chart, Uranus sits at 26″ Libra, so is very close to the second house cusp. Uranus oppositions Mars and they both square Venus (second house ruler)… I definitely spend my money on beautiful things and seem to be unable to save.

    Though in the past month, after 5 years in a boring, mind numbing job, i’ve resigned, and am moving house…

    Any comments appreciated about the Mercury in 2nd. I’ve never really got a hold on that one…

  79. So is it fair to think that people with planets and multiple aspects in the second house have more exposure to ZZ ?

  80. 7th house Libra Sun/Pluto with Aries on the 2nd house cusp & His ruler in Mars right there opp Mercury in Scop – it’s a wide Orb though 7 degrees.

    This plays out – Money burns a hole in my pocket, spent as fast as I got it lol. Also very emo about other people giving me money. I don’t want your money, I want mine because I don’t want the strings that come attached to yours : )

    • So can’t spell with Venus Rxing thru my 3rd right now lol
      I’m sure y’all can decipher what I meant to say pmsl.

  81. Coming in super-late here but wow, what a fantastic post! Have learned so much, and it’s inspired me.

    2nd house Virgo, with Mars in it. I have never worked it much, always blamed ‘circumstances’ for ‘poverty’ when in fact I have always had money, never been ‘poor’. My own attitudes have totally shaped my sitch. Bad family of origin merde around money has made it painful for me to deal with. I’m overhauling all my attitudes re money, earning, saving etc.

    I’ve always been happiest earning money through talking to people (Merc is ruler of Virgo, my Merc conj sun). I’m inventing the rent as per Mystic’s advice, on this basis. But I’ve also gone back to a small ok corporate job to earn money to pay bills and take responsibility, and I feel good about that. They are decent people, I am not being compromised ethically or personally, and I’m grateful for the work.

    In many ways I am starting from scratch with money but that too feels pretty good.

  82. How do you find out what your second house is? Noob nooob nooooooooooooob. It’s taking me a while to understand what the houses are. I’ve gotten my chart done on a website before and thought I understood after looking at it. wait. ahhh I think its leo!!! Leo 10.10 ascendant ?! cancer 21 and 3rd house is virgo 2.5. I say those others because I’m wondering if any of that means “on the cusp”. nooob beyond noob over here.

    lots of love for all of you. thanks for any advice!

    • oh and how do you know what PLANETS are in the house?! ohh like if my 2nd house is in leo. then whatever other planets are in leo are those planets? so in my case its sun 20.32, mercury 16.20, mars12.21 am I seeing this right? I’m starting to get a little excited here I might just effing understand this for one second!!! :) :) I read your blog every day medusa. some of it is way over my head but I enjoy it so so much.

    • HI Sunshine – if your ascendent is Leo, and your third house is Virgo, then you cant have Cancer 21 on the second. Have another look.
      Remember that you are counting the houses anticlockwise from the Ascendent – first house cusp is the Ascendent, second house is the next below that. Planets in the second house are those that come between the second and third house cusps.

      • oops didnt read your first post correctly . about the Cancer, Sorry Sunshine. Yes, if your ascendent is Cancer and second house is 10 Leo then all the planets between 10 leo and 2 Virgo (your third house cusp) are in in the second house. That means the ones you mention – sun, mercury and mars.
        YOu have a pretty active second house.

      • Sorry Sunshine, read your post incorrectly and you are right. Ascendent Cancer, Leo on second house cusp, so those planets you mention are in the second house. All the planets between 10 Leo and 2 Virgo. You have a lot going on in your second house!

          • thank you virgotigress! its all starting to make sense. I looked up some of the meanings and tendencies for my 2nd house and it got me confident, although I’ve had a tough time regulating and earning enough lately. It’s a very important struggle for me at the moment, forcing me to become more conscious of my choices and evaluating my skill-level worth. if that makes sense. Very interesting times! I love that we have this hub to learn more and adapt.

  83. I am happiest when I exploit my skills to the fullest and try to push the boundaries of what they are. I place enormous emphasis on human values, and security within myself, and I get a lot of satisfaction from applying my talents to make my living. I’m conservative with money because I hate depending on anyone or anything for success in monetary concerns. I have a lot of integrity and find myself talking about not cutting corners, being methodical, thorough, few mistakes, and worth. There are some things I won’t put my name to when I have worked with other people, I find their philosophy of ‘cutting corners’ is emotionally stressful. It’s like cheating. It’s better for me to lead.

    I am hard-nosed when it comes to making deals for big item purchases. I don’t like to indulge myself because I don’t expect anyone to sustain my living in the future.

    I have surprising determination, inner strength and am ambitious to boot.

    I am very careful about how I spend money, as well as time, energy, relationships. I would rather prioritize living in a specific location that will bring me peace, wellness, and supportive of my spiritual needs to serve the public because that’s important to my life long term.

    Mercury-Vesta-Pallas-NN in 2nd.

    • Very clearly expressed. What sign, Estella? And are those planets/node/asteroids in the same sign?

  84. I’ve been pretty haphazard with money, but I am starting new with Jupiter in Gemini’s grand reset. With Uranus trine Midheaven (32 jobs, 7 major changes) in the last decade+ (Gemini Sun), I’ve FINALLY found some ground or equilibrium (Rising Libra) in the hippy-dippy-murky-flowy-ness of the last year. I’m lining up my ducks in a row via business and a lifestyle that speaks me sensually. I am Venus in Taurus and beauty, material goods, financial security are important. I tried to be a minimalist for a year but it hurt too much. It took me awhile to admit to this need. I’ve sensually deprived myself thinking I would leave better with less carbon footprint, but I know now it’s something more. It’s karmic.

    Delving deeper here, and curious to know how
    [Scorpio at 26.54 with Uranus, Neptune, and Lilith in 2nd] is interpreted. I would appreciate any input.

    • Wow I can relate to some things here. Except I haven’t had a job that actually pays and have been living a pleasant minimalist lifestyle (all my needs are met and I live in what is my ideal environment) but it has been difficult to feel satisfied with it (learning)

      • Minimalism has helped me see clearly what I need and want more in my life. I couldn’t get rid of my compulsive need to adorn, embellish and decorate my world lol. Though, I now have the white space I need to design my ideal lifestyle. I’ve edited to tell a stronger story that I’m excited to share.

  85. 2nd house cusp in middle gemini, Mars be in it. Alas, I do not feel very combatative about money, no “shooooow me the maanni” battle cries. But, combat is a talent 😉

    The ruler of the 2nd is in Aquarius, but the cusp of the 10th/MC is in Cap.

  86. WOW so many comments – money talks right??? I am loving reading all these and in awe at your attitudes and coolness in sharing. It’s really rad.

  87. Yeh totally blowing out on all the comments, and some very cool money attitudes…

  88. No planets in the second, but the mean node. Not sure how to calculate the true node or anything, bit of a dyscalculia situation on my end! The second house starts in Aries, but ends in Taurus. Cusp situation?

    I suppose the lack of planets means money isn’t a big focus on my life. I guess I wouldn’t have become an artist if it was! Would be nice if things picked up a little though…

  89. I wish I’d gotten in on this thread earlier cuz I need all the help I can get. 2nd house Aries moon opposition 8th house Sun/Merc conjunct in Libra, and trine 10th house Uranus.

    I’m in this bizarre point in my life where $ alludes me but I have also mastered having no expenses.

    • eludes*
      And I say “mastered” not in a proud way. It’s like some horrid communist limbo.

    • Says your Mercury to your Moon:
      a bold person is someone who does not compare him/herself with other people’s success, and is not afraid of being aggressive in promoting and capitalizing on their creative ideas and potentials to accumulate the money -respect- value they deserve.

        • You are welcome.

          My Mercury in the same house as your Moon.

          Your Mercury and Moon combination is an indestructible combination; a force to be reckoned with, in the least. Your Mercury could help others transform, and your Moon will drive you to create something stable and secure from it, that will last the distance. Good luck!

  90. Aghh! I’m a Capricorn with Pluto and Uranus both in my Second House. What does this mean?

    • Also, (forgive my ignorance) my Second House is in the sign of Libra, what could this mean? I think the main thing that just freaked me out when I looked at it all was the whole Pluto in Capricorn/Uranus zap zone stuff. I’ve been on a constant transform for a few years now. Does the alignment in my second house perhaps hint that money will be coming? Happy for any tips/hints from you all : )

      • Buy a small crystal wand, wrap it in red tissue
        and place in your money purse, it may look like
        a tampon in there, so careful about who sees it :-)
        or not.

        • Thanks for your advice Pegasus : )

          Will do this. Is it good to use a specific type of crystal like clear quartz?

        • Also Pegasus, again forgive my ignorance, but how will the wand work? Is it a protection or attraction or clearing spell/amulet? Thanks so much for your help.

  91. I have no signs or planets in my second house, but the second house is in Saggo, if I’m reading my chart properly. Not exactly on the cusp, but in the 1st house, I have neptune and 25 Scorpio 45, 40. Does anyone know what that means?

  92. North Node and Moon : 2nd house
    I owe someone 11 tiger eyes
    “create something of lasting value that you can leave as a legacy for future generations to admire.”….How am i Suppose to do that ????…When I come and go with the Tide….If I am ship shape then I will rize with the tide…WHen is my High Tide ?????????

  93. I have Leo on the second house cusp. No planets there, but have Part of Fortune therein. My Sun is in Aquarius in the 8th in opposition, I have Saturn in Aries so I guess that ‘trines’ whatever would be in the 2nd house, and I guess transiting Uranus in Aries would be trining whatever is there.

    Big spender, right? I have been at times, and have also been quite in debt at times. Trying to break out of that.

    Also, ‘other people’s money’ with the 8th house Sun in opposition, and I have been given a lot of $$ from my family over the years and I’m grateful, but I guess I didn’t learn how to manage money because of this.

    Never have seemed to have made much money in my life or saved much either. :(
    I made some really decent money for a little while in my career, but it’s gone now and have also recently lived in abject poverty. I want to find a balance and learn self-efficacy with finances.

    Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ how money works…..I don’t think I do, and I need to learn, want to learn.

    I don’t allow myself to have credit cards anymore. This has been a good thing. I have a small savings account that I don’t touch. Both of these are steps in the right direction.

    Again, though, I always seem to accrue some sort of debt. Right now I have this huge hospital bill from an unforseen emergency that I have almost no hope of paying.

    I wonder how I can break this karma…?

    • Break the thought form of ‘poverty’ and call it ‘simplicity’
      and that you choose to live simply. Poverty is a 3rd world
      issue where there is starvation & dehydration.
      Focus on what you have not what you lack.
      Money has strong emotions attached to it, so detach from the emotion of it. Call it an ‘energy’ & energy has no emotion but it’s all around us. Before you buy something ask if it honours you, is it an investment, will it enhance your life, physically spiritually and emotionally & is it ethical.
      Mantra ‘I have the right to live & thrive’.

      • Thank you! :)

        ‘I have the right to live and thrive’ is a great mantra!
        I will use it!

  94. What an amazing post! I will do it justice & finish reading it all over the weekend :-) Thank you Mystic & thank you everyone else too! So much food for thought.
    Until this I couldn’t understand why Saturn going over my sun/mercury& opp natal saturn would bring the financial merde that it did when the houses involved are 11th/5th – never had this before with saturn. So Ok this isn’t the only transit I got going on…………………..BUT natal saturn trines my second house cusp, so I’ve solved that mystery. I’d never really looked at empty houses before to see how they might interact with the rest of my chart so this has been a real eye opener for me – a whole new dimension.
    The other interesting bit for me is the discussion on poverty mentality which has got me really thinking. I used to have a real issue with money as I saw it as the ‘root of all evil’ – I still do. But I’m just not hung up about it anymore. I think that our relationship with money is very often a way of externalising our power & where we invest our energy. If we let money take over we risk selling our souls to keep our financial status quo. But it’s more than that, I think most people are aware of that, but not to the extent they are bargaining.
    Since my Saturn return I’ve become comfortable with money – I either have it or I don’t and the decisions I make in my life are not ( very nearly never) financially based. I would prefer to spend the last of my cash on a treat for my family if I felt our morale from having that treat was more important & all too often it is soon replenished from an unexpected source if I do. Don’t get me wrong I’m good with money – loads of Virgo & mainly Capricorn in the second, but I’ve learned to let it go without being irresponsible, to save at times without getting neurotic about it, to work, accumulate, invest, spend, budget enjoy the benefits that having money can bring and yet to trust that the universe will always provide what we need. And I’m learning that even deeper with the Zap Zone transits – yes Saturn is testing me in my commitment to that money relationship :-)
    Something that I have noticed over the past couple of years is that people assume that if you’re happy & not complaining that you must be OK financially – WHY? Not only that but they act on that assumption too ! Enough said.

  95. I’m an utter astro newbie, but did some surfing. Cancer in 2nd house, cap in 8th, nil planets in both. Money can be my emotional security, but I’m trying to look at it as energy. And energy needs to flow! But I am usually super responsible with it… Maybe my upcoming super $$$ luck will be an opportunity to earn income by caring for others… Bring it on! :-)

  96. In the book The Trick to Making Money is Having Some, it says ‘there are trillions of dollars changing hands all over the world 24/7, reach out & channel some to you’.
    Holistically speaking be aware of what you do to make it and where it comes from, how many peeps hands it has gone through before you on it’s journey then in whose hands are you going to place it in and who deserves it.
    ‘ I have enough money to last me the rest of my life –
    if i don’t spend a cent’, but it is made round to go round.

  97. Hi everyone! So much here to read and so wonderful that many people chip in to help others understand their astro…

    I’m Sun, Mercury, Saturn and True Node in Virgo, 2nd house. Leo is obviously on the cusp…

    I totally agree with Mystic re Saturn 2nd house being fruitful after Saturn Return. I am self made and it all started after my 28th, 34yrs old now.

    I’d love any opinions on this group (a “stellum”?) of planets in my 2nd. Any opinions? Thanks in advance…

  98. Wow! Just found this page :)
    My 2nd house is on the cusp of Aries (between Aries and Taurus) with Jupiter and Kyron. Which I guess makes sense as I earn my money healing (acupuncture wellness coach etc) …. and I guess I do it in a very Martian way? lol