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Juergen Teller

Asteroids, Eurogeddon, paradigm shifts…Let us be real. The Zap Zone a.k.a Uranus square Pluto until 2016 could be a downer.

Society is going to go a bit bats – Negate that Negativity. Refuse the Low. Stay Stuck and You Are Fuqed.

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52 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. Oh no.. a downer until 2016? I think I missed something! I am trying to stay afloat right now and this continue until 2016? ugh! Not the Blog I wanted to get today unless I honestly missed something! Help!

  2. She said “could” be a downer…also it’s targeted towards society,banks,war and heads of state and their conditions….me thinks! -kris

    • Ok. I kinda thought that too but I am in such a “box” right now I need something with some hope. It has been a struggle. Even the Zap Zone is not helping.. I will read it again though.

      Thanks Kris!

      • ellie also remember that uranus and pluto are not personal planets, they effect us all. your personal planets and luminaries (mercury, venus, mars, sun and moon) are much more influential in determining how you feel. the outer planets tend to impact on external events and influences. sorry you’re feeling boxed in – could it be a transit of saturn to one of your personal planets?

  3. Love that hoodoo voodoo pic on the daily, Mystic.

    It rained here this morning for the first time in weeks. This countryside has been patiently waiting for renewal, and it’s finally beginning. I unplugged the essentials because the lightning was making contact so close to us. Much zapping, all around. My garden looks pregnant with new possibilities.

    Have been tossing the stale from chez Scorp-Pisces, moving colors around, clearing windows and mirrors of dust and phantom fingerprints.

    Belonging here propels my evolution on so many levels. Wouldn’t enter the labyrinth that is the Zap Zone without you. πŸ˜‰

  4. I think those who have not woken up to higher counciousness are all going to mentaly & maybe physicaly die. That’s my take on the whole 2012 prediction. I think visiting extraterrestrial life will aid in helping the public open their minds by continuing to “up” their level of exposure now.(ie more sightings) It’s about to be on!!!

  5. Oracle is broken! It keeps saying, “Reveal your answer,” regardless of what I ask it.

        • I tried it after I read your initial post Scorporation and it said “reaveal your answer” to me too…

          Think we were supposed to come up with an answer for ourselves πŸ˜‰ lol

          • Haha! Yeah, and I was racking my brain: “What IS my answer? And my answer to WHAT??” *phew*

  6. Yikes – had the most disturbing dream last night. I had just been told all my beloved crystals were fake and man-made, giving off a negative energy.Then I realized I was late in picking up my daughter from school.

    It was pouring out, and the rain burned my skin. My car wouldn’t start – I hitched a ride with some guy called Dave in a flat bed truck. He sailed past my daughter and I screamed “Stop’!, he slammed on the brakes and we did a 180, hydroplaning downhill backwards. I yelled ‘don’t brake, don’t brake – we gotta ride this one out’! – it was terrifying the speed we were flying down that hill – I was thinking please make it stop make it stop, all the while waiting for the noise of the inevitable crash…

    Fuq – and I was in such a positive mood after this weekend, now I have this horrid panicky sense of DOOM.

    • Sorry, Zai: that does sound nerve-racking! What’s it all about, do you suppose?

      • I’ve had the day to recall so much more detail in the dream, and to process and analyse it – and totally I’m ok with it now and actually grateful for the ‘message’ received.

        1. Everything you thought was good for you may be doing harm.
        2. So lost in thought I’m forgetting about what’s really important in my life, like my daughter.
        3. Subconscious fear of some global catastrophe/the end is nigh sh*t. (I know, right?)
        4. Fear of getting involved in another relationship, and feelings of guilt surrounding my daughter being ‘left out in the cold’/time taken away from her should I be in one of my all consuming love affairs – which always spin out of control, and end in disaster.
        5.Knowing I’m powerless to stop what’s coming for me in the future, and if I try to slam on the brakes or resist, it’ll only make things much worse, and possibly harm other innocent bystanders in the process.
        – gotta go for the ride, even if I’m scared sh*tless of where and how I’ll end up.

        The only thing I can’t quite figure out is why I was terrified of waiting for the noise of the crash – not the actual crash itself, or suffering an injury.
        Again maybe too much thought/anxiety/panic in my head when there is really nothing to fear if I just ride it out, and wait for things slow down/stop naturally, avoiding a crash all together?
        What do you think?

  7. KIM! you were in my dreams last night actually early early this morn.
    Myst is having her Zap Zone. Me too, going to Lawyer this morn to start litigations against Demented lo VIrgo Neighbour about abuse.
    HEAVY and the dream was that i was in prison with you and magical animals, you had, a dog as big as a horse,that you gave me the reins to and it flew along the ground. Rooms with dark polished wood floors, and some other really cool women. Hope it means the White Goddesses are on my side.
    What a very deep de-tox , spiritually emotionally & physically.
    Wrote Myst a long letter yesterday but put it in drafts, so she has been on my mind. love Peg x
    We will be better and stronger when we are better and stronger :-)

    • Honest to god Pegs, I thought of you and that neighbor yesterday!

      ~Do not adjust your tv sets… have entered…. The Twighlight Zone~ (anyone remember that old black and white from back in the day?)

      I’d say that dream sounds rather favorable and then some. Good luck darling…x

      • Synchroncity across the Pacific, Sweetie, we are linked in. The Lawyer is a Champion an expensive one but you get what you pay for in regard to results.
        He seems to agree there is a compensation reimbursement claim. IF SO USofA via Tahitit here i come.
        I so want to do LA to New Orleans by road and just listen to live music all the way then to Nashville, Texas (spell?) back to LA via Palm Springs :-)

        • gee that sounds like a great itinerary Pegs! :) I’ve been gazing at the map of USA on google maps for the last 15mins. *sigh*
          Brings back memories. I did a bus tour of the west coast – LA, Cali, San Diego, Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona, San Fran, Yosemite etc. Then flew to New York, then a Greyhound bus to Chicago then plane to New Orleans.

          Haven’t done Texas or Nashville. Would love to! And I really want to get to Albuquerque one day too, just because I’ve always loved the name.

          Good luck with the compo. :)

          • O Scorps had Albuquerque written but couldn’t spell it so wrote Texas instead
            but meant New Mexico.
            I remember you saying you did the trip
            and thinking what a fab journey.

    • The best of good luck, and hautest astro energies to you Pegs, for ‘fight the good fight’ success in your case. I remember reading how you were assaulted by a woman neighbour, and was horrified that something scary and ugly like that could happen out the front of your very own home.

      Would love to do your itinerary one day too :)

      • Thank you darling,yes the assault was 9 months ago and strong case for compo if i win & having a good relationship with Lady Luck it would be karmic justice.

  8. I’m missing a major deadline (re school) in an hour and a half. I’ve been struggling to make this particular class work for the last four weeks, but I’m afraid that my best right now just isn’t enough… As far as finishing school and earning an income with my degree soon are concerned, I do believe I’m fucked. This degree (and subsequent work) was my Plan B. I don’t have a C or a D; I had an A and a B. Now I have… nothing?

    Feeling a little panicky right now, and really down on me. I’m trying to just let it go– that’s all I can do, right? Let it go?

    Let it go?

    • That does sound tough S, but sometimes things that look bleak at first, later have a reason we don’t see right now.

      So, if you have to let it go, my hope for you is that you make it swift so that it does not hold you back and the next plan can take shape, no?

      But been were you are and do understand the pressure and panic.

    • Scorp, being under pressure like you are will make you do that… panic. What will your degree be in? Think about your intentions of what you want and keep saying them. Have a conversation by yourself but speaking to someone in the air. Ie. to your teacher: I am almost done and would like at least xx more time to complete. Yes 1 hour and half is not a lot of time but put something together and then talk to the teacher. I am not sure if this one class completes your college degree but there should be some flexibility if so. JMHO… Chin up and good luck!!

      • Thank you, Virgo Ellie, for the reminder to not get bogged down in myopic and negative land! I will compose an affirmation and work it to the hilt πŸ˜‰

        • Good Luck Scorp.. you can do it!! Sometimes we need a kick in the buttocks!! I know I do sometimes. Hang in there!! :)

    • Ok: I feel a Plan C forming! Will spend the rest of this Dark Moon incubating and making up for sleep lost. Plan C commences with the New Moon.

      Multi-conjunct Scorp; Jupiter conjunct Pisces asc.; Pluto conjunct Moon Libra. Sun in Scorp trine rx Saturn in Cancer. Uranus conjunct Mercury, 29 Libra.

      • sometimes its good to stand still if action is not right – if you couldn’t make the class work, good to drop it and pick a better one/at a better time. after all, studying is for YOU! its great you have jupiter rising – that is usually about higher education, travel and expansion but because its in pisces, perhaps WHAT you’re studying is really important?? :)

      • Best wishes Scorporation. Sleep should ease the panic. You’ll make a better decision.

    • Maybe that’s the soup de -our for we Scorps at the mo – all this PANIC!
      My other Scorpified friends are also jumpy and nervy the past few days – but we are all making some major life decisions and BIG changes.
      My theory if it ain’t working for you, then it ain’t working for you.
      I know you will probably beat yourself up and agonise about your decision for a while (as we do), but I for one don’t think you’ve made the right decision…I KNOW IT!
      Onward and upwards, Phoenix-ing on to your next fabulousity! xo

      • God I’m so fuq-tarded.
        I meant: … AND I don’t just THINK you made the right decision,… I KNOW IT!
        Stand by other foot…

        • And that’d be soup de-JOUR.
          God. See even panicking about my mistakes now…so I’m gonna shut up now – don’t want to have to slap ANOTHER vow of silence on my ass.

          • I’m lightning the lamp AND drawing the sword at the same time doing a great balancing act. Stand strong Zai.
            Zap Zone protocol says put on your Warrior Frock.

            • Yep, suit up, strap in and prepare for impact!
              I love the Zen Warrior visual image you just gave me too Pegs.

    • Scorp inc, the capricorn in me says YOU CAN DO IT. You Can Do It! Even if you need to have a meeting with a supervisor / lecturer or relevant authorita. You can do it. Don’t give up now. You’re so close. Don’t give up. just a little further. Remember why you started this. There is ALWAYS a way. It might be a little more complex than intended but there is always a way through / around / over. You may need to reschedule, re-arrange, re-book, re-read, but you can do it. Mucho faith in you. xxxx

    • ditto!

      All the downer talk…well, could be true for some but illness casts the downer glow sometimes. Mystic doesn’t sound like Mystic, when sick:) Feel better soon.

  9. I feel so stuck. I know that’s against zap zone rules but I don’t know what to do. There is no structure in my life as it is that I want to give more energy to. I want an exit ramp, a detour, some sign of change. The only inspiring idea I’ve had of late is to vacation in Crete pursuing a lead on a past life from 8000 years ago. As much as I soul-crave hiking in Crete, it would be fiscally irresponsible. And I’d still come back to this life – a life full of business models I abhor. Ugh. So stuck. Oh, and I have bronchitis. I’ll send whatever healing vibes i can to mm and daughter.

    • oh 12 House Virgo, I am in the same boat. Stuck in a job with a salary I am sinking with, my health is getting worse because of the unhealthy environment, I haven’t spoken to my guy in 7 months and I want to run too! My sun is in Virgo, 111th house (small part of 12th) with Libra rising. I just want something to give me some hope. I have a friend that called me about a p/t job and he said he would call this w/e.. nothing. I just need an extra $200 / week to help me get by. Otherwise, I might go to the owner and ask him for more money. He is very tempermental and explosive and everyone claims his bank account is getting low but yet he is hiring new people and promoted 3 so it can’t be that bad.

      So any-who.. I just wanted to you know that you are not alone. I, for one, is struggling big time and wish I could run away too.. but I would come right back here to what I am dealing with so I agree with your statement. I don’t know if or when things might get better. I get mixed messages. I hear maybe after July 4th but not sure. Hopefully qualified members will comment.

      Hang in there!!!!

      • Thanks Virgo Ellie. Mars is on my 12th house sun – again – I have this huge burst of energy with no outlet. I’m blessed in that my career is ok, I have equity in my home, my daughter and pets are healthy, but I want to burn it all down (saving the pets and child, of course). Ugh. Suddenly it feels like my life never began. It’s not a feeling I haven’t had before but it came suddenly. I was feeling optimistic about my career and now I want to ditch it entirely – for what? No idea. And Saturn is sitting in my 2nd house Uranus. Unrelenting. My life feels like and endless wash cycle. Thanks for the camaraderie in that but I hope by goddess we see the outside the washing machine soon. :-)

        • 12th, I hope you read Mystic’s new post. Non-Stop Staturn. July 24th might be a turning point.

          I understand what you are going through. I had a couple of good weeks at work but last week (Thursday / Friday) I lost touch. Spent a lot of time this w/e reviewing the last 6 months as I usually do to plan and although my job is teaching me SO much I need the money.

          Glad to hear that you are financially ok with family to take care of. That is a huge plus!! Let’s see what this week brings (Be alert but not alarmed ~Mystic) and hopefully the 24th will bring in some good weather for us!!!! :)

          • God willing – it certainly feels like something must shake loose soon.

            • hello fellow virgoes – ’12th House’ you are usually so insightful and strong – could it just be this full-on dark moon?? or the tension between Uranus and Saturn? can you make some little changes that will be metaphoric of larger ones? Ellie I commented earlier on your post re zap zone – its not so much a personal as global trend. me – sun conj merc in virgo, venus conjunct pluto in virgo, pisces moon and asc

              • 12 th house – I mean the tension between saturn and uranus in your current chart – the words “i want change” come up heaps in your post, then “its irresponsible” – sounds like Uranus vs saturn!!

              • Thanks, quintile. Not sure. I keep going back to’s June forecast which recommends surrendering to the creative energy even without having a vision for it. That’s just where I am. I want out of my routines but can’t see how. I asked in my dream journal “how can I break out of my routine” and had a dream with Kim Kardashian and Jay Z. Not particularly helpful. LOL!

  10. Can Zap Zone please mean, for those of us with a Moon-Uranus-Pluto T-square in Aries-Libra-Libra natally, whose lives have been non stop Zap Zone, now enter the astro equivalent of the green room surfers find, having been prepared for it since birth?

    Thank you, that would be nice.

    I’d like some aristo sangfroid with my Zap Zone, please!