At The Hairdresser

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“Hi Mystic,

I thought you might like this photo I took today when I went to get a haircut. I don’t know much about astrology, but apparently I’m a Virgo with lots of Leo in his chart.


I ADORE this.Β  So minimalist, so absolutely perfect.

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39 thoughts on “At The Hairdresser

  1. Multiple Leo here (Sun, Merc, Mars, Pluto, Ceres and a couple of other asteroids). My hair is long to my hips, with a natural wave, no perms or dye. I don’t care for salons, because they always want to cut my hair short. I will not allow this, so I do everything myself, usually to good effect.

    I got a chuckle out of the photo, as before being adopted by our cats, I had a large stuffed toy lion and lioness that usually lived on our bed. Since the kitties like to sleep on their, I mean,our, bed, the lions have been removed to a safer location.

  2. Leo Moon here (Virgo in?)……LOVE this shot… fierce…..minimalist…..yum….

    I have a semi wild head of hair….always have had….born with a full head of hair. I went through some wild ride in 2009 and went bald!!! a first for me in all my life. Been growing for the past three years…but having some difficulties re: dryness and length.

    Any thoughts about Leo Moon and hair? would love some feedback…newbie here.

    • ah here we go….

      sun & venus Libra 6th house
      rising Taurus
      moon Leo 5th house
      no node Leo 4th house
      uranus & pluto Virgo 7th house

      • arggh…..don’t quite know how to read these charts yet…

        Venus in Scorpio in 7th house
        Uranus & Pluto in Virgo in 5th jouse
        three planets in 5th house!

  3. also i love the model’s imperfect, non-digitally enhanced thighs and body. no idea who it is but def not claudia. she’s gorgeous and seeing an untouched image of a real woman’s figure makes me feel more beautiful as well. stopped watching my weight (i.e. starving myself) and obsessing over my looks a couple years ago and i’ve never been happier. i do what i want, when i want with no guilt and it’s my secret to health and happiness and my body looks great. i type this while devouring a huge italian sub.

    sun pisces 7th
    moon cancer 12th
    leo rising
    venus aries 9th

  4. That Lions not stuffed. Probably just a little glassy eyed from the hopefully organic Champagne the place would definitely offer if it twas a salon.

  5. Great image – Looks like Julie Christie- The Lion Looks a little stoned πŸ˜‰
    however a barbershop (haircuts,shaving,electric clippers only) is NOT a Hairdressers ( A Hairdressers combines all the sciences,physics, human biology-the makeup of hair skin & nails,the different types of hair,chemistry, colour and altering the physical characteristics of the hair on the different types of hair,psychology/counselling/advising/dealing with people’s sensitivity/nerervousness/ego/ ie: a lengthy trade certificate) so this barbers wouldn’t even be able to do that great 1960’s hair sadly.
    (unless they had those qualifications)

  6. Thanks to everyone for all the flattering comments. In answer, to some of your queries: this is a barbershop on Shafto lane in Perth; I’m pretty sure the lion is stuffed; and, I just shaved my beard off too in preparation for the haircut. Oh, and it’s not an SLR, just a fancy little compact that works much like a rangefinder.

  7. ROAR!
    I too am a Virgo with some Leo (Venus and Saturn (and Juno). funny given directness this week). AND I a) almost made my fb profile photo a lion today and b) JUST GOT A HAIRCUT (coincidentally by another Virgo).

  8. The idea of the pic, well great.

    But that lion is in terrible shape.

    So I reckon the energy works the other way… Thumbs down.

    • in other words, I see a naked chick lying on a neglected, unhealthy animal.

      I wouldn’t get my hair cut here, on principle.

      …just getting my zap-zone frankness on…

  9. I want the lion, the photo, the hair of the girl in the photo and the contact details for the hot virgo taking the picture. You can take virgo men anywhere but they go OFF in the sack.

    so do sagittarius men but you can NOT rely on them in social situations. i took my sagg b.f of years ago to meet my parents for the 1st time, on the way there i asked if he was okay and he said ‘i;m fine but I dropped some acid about two hours ago, it’s my first time and i don’t like what that sacred tree is doing in the front of us.”

    hair and mercury retrograde – i think the dates are on here somewhere, i put them in my diary as in that is when i do nothing on impulse.

    • lol I agree about sag men.. I have a friendly relationship with a sag ex and we meet in a social context regurlarly, as part of a group. I cringe with embarrassment several times an hour due to his tendency to say unintentionally dirty things. I don’t think he realises how they are going to sound before he says them but most importantly I don’t think he cares. Amazing lack of inhibition.

    • You are so funny – yes I want all of those things too – the lion just for a day maybe…and from the other day, thank you for your Courtney comment LOL, it was hilarious – and the perfect complement to that wonderful, crazy mix of comments x

  10. I’m a Gem rising/sun/mars with no planets in Leo or 5th, so, as you could guess, now Venus is going direct, could really do with some hair help. Has anyone got advice re timing for a salon session/ cut? I have very difficult hair and don’t want (another) Merc retro hair debacle. Any thoughts gratefully received …

    • Can I point out the obvious and say that you need to do it in the next two weeks before merc goes retro ( mid-july I think )?
      I am suddenly feeling the itch to change something ( anything! ) about my hair NOW! I am leo rising/ mars in leo with 3 planets in the 5th.
      Wish I had any virgo ( or capricorn ) in my chart, but it’s mostly just air and fire and a bit of scorp in between. Thank fuq for the saturn transit!

      • You sound like me!
        But different πŸ™‚
        I’m Leo Sun, scorp asc, tons of air! 3planets in 8th…
        I think it’s super cute u have a loaded 5th house!!!
        Anyways…I was itching-obsessed with my hair during that Venus/sun meet up a few weeks ago and Venus was Rx but! I HAD to do my hair..I HAD to..
        So..I took my ever darkening ash/dirty blonde hair and went platinum!! I LOVE it…I felt reborn as MYSELF…
        First day was stripping color-then some tone and a glaze…but it was too golden…I wanted a whiter-icy shade…so I went back a week later and re-toned…with violet of course and it is the most delicious color….
        I say DO IT.
        Mine was “free” due to volunteering as hair model for a colorist I met over a year ago(sagg-btw)
        we took pics during entire process so it took way longer-I think it could have been done in one sitting had I been a regular/paying client…
        NO issues!!! Hair is beautiful!!!!
        Before I did it I used deep conditioning treatment AND a clarifying shampoo(Paul Mitchell 3) as I had spent some time in the pool a month ago…
        Between color I used a keratin mask(nothing fancy as I was channeling budget Barbie) and the Moroccan oil(will upgrade to pure argan as I’m not thrilled about the silicon) I slept in a silk scarf every night to protect my precious locks(still do most nights)
        after the final color I got the awapuhi-shampoo and kera plex treatment conditioner stuff….colorist gave
        to me-amazing silkifying ensued…then I stumbled on pure argan in whole fds…I sampled some on my ends…wow!!!!

        I know I’m pushing it but my hair is probably nicer/healthier feeling than ever!!! But now I take sooooo much better care of it…it is finally my proper CROWN and glory πŸ™‚
        also I trimmed it(ok -he trimmed it) both times I colored….also my second trim I scheduled during the solstice for that extra oomph…
        I kinda like that lunar hair stuff…
        I followed the calendar form morocco method…or is it morroccan method? Anyways the website has a lunar hair chart…I use that since I knew Venus was retro and….well whatevs
        I LOVE MY HAIR!!!

    • Could i be even more obvious and say just get an awesome hairdresser? I go every 4 weeks and there’s bound to be some astrosh* happening at some point.

  11. Virgo male here. born on the 24/08 so quite cuspy. I have a very lion-esque mane of hair, and until the other day a beard a match..

    Thus… I completely and utterly approve of this photo!!!! πŸ˜€

    • I’d say so..just look at those dark rings around the eyes, exhausted. πŸ™‚
      Seriously though, I hope not.

  12. Ways to spot when Mercury is in Leo:
    A Virgo with Leo takes a photo of a print of Virgoan model Claudia Schiffer with a Lion, while waiting patiently to have his hair cut.

  13. Where is this salon? I need to go there now, don’t care if I have to travel to the other side of the world to get an appointment. They seem like people who understand what it’s like to manage a Leo’s mane.

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