Aphrodisiac Shamanic Tea & An Aries Dude

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beautiful female shaman with snakeHands up who is feeling the Jupiter-Neptune nonsense (Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces till July) as a surreal little buzz beneath the roar of the Zap Zone?

I SO am. Just now i went to fix myself a Green Tea – totally sensible, right? And then i thought ‘omg i have Damiana…and some loose leaves of Mugwort’  So i made myself a blend of what is basically Aphrodisiac Shamanic Tea and drank it. Super relaxing, mildly euphoric and totes legal.  Within hours i should be both extra libidinal AND psychic. Perfect Dark Moon chill-out, it’s not like i have to go out or anything.

THEN i remembered – my Gemini daughter’s soccer training with one of the most Aries men in existence. I have Mercury in Aries, i LOVE Aries energy. But this Aries messes with my Qi.  Everything he says is like a boast and he says a lot.

He got into commodities when they were cheap but he got out “in time.” He had tennis elbow but it went away by itself because of his amazing constitution and that he is actually really good at tennis. He has never had any complaints from anyone about his sexual performance. He does not play a musical instrument but if he did, he would no doubt excel and be doing it for a living, like in an orchestra or something.

Yes, that sort of an Aries. And he actually paws the ground in irritation when it’s not him doing the talking.

Asteroid Gary is near Venus and i will be high on Aphrodisiac Shamanic Tea by the time i get to “talk” with Aries Dude.I need a new affirmation.  Lesson Du Jour:  Damiana and Mugwort are amazing but you’re generally meant to drink them just before you go to bed. 

They say, btw, that apart from all the properties you can Google for, that Damiana is like a diet tea because it knocks out emo eating AND mugwort is – of course – the most magical herb of all. It is the lucid dreaming herb.

Image; Nick Dorey

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78 thoughts on “Aphrodisiac Shamanic Tea & An Aries Dude

  1. I actually quite like damiana for a few reasons. Can be quite pleasant smoked too, especially if mixed with erm… that other thing that can be quite pleasant to smoke :p

    • I only know of a liquor called Damiana…now I’m regretting giving it away when my roomie moved out. 🙁

      Is it also an herb?

  2. Love it Mystic!

    My first thought was, um, if the Aries coach is spending all his time boasting about his, erm, commodities, who is doing the actual coaching of the team?? Perhaps I’m finally channelling Mars in Virgo. And I do have a Cap moon, v competitive.

    Maybe Gary is the asteroid governing soccer. And now Gaz is probably too focused on his Venus hook-up to be of much help. Although I suspect Venus is out of Gary’s league 🙂

  3. Go Mystic! And report back. Lol should be a great conversation 🙂
    I love fire energy but Aries is gorgeous! Biased because my youngest son & many family members are Arians.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how shamelessly men flatter themselves. They are forever telling you good they are.

    Good luck with Mr Low Self Esteem, you could try a brazen and obvious game of one-upmanship to demonstrate what a tosser he is.

    • I agree with that. If someone has to insist about something then it gets a little suspicious.. like peeps who go round trying to convince everyone they’re happy when clearly they’re not.

      Or men who loiter round you 24-7 whilst mantra-ing, “I’m not looking for a relationship”. It’s like, wtf do you think this is then – a flipping bus stop?? Soz, a bit agitated. Sigh..

  5. I love herbal tea. I have veritable glut of tisanes. I love dreaming too. Last night I brewed up a nice big mug of mugwort tea, settled down, and was bloomin’ wide awake for hours! Boo.

  6. I went on a date with an Aries once, after dinner and a few drinks (and allot of him talking about himself) it ended with him asking what were we going to do next to which I replied: I don’t know about you but I’m going home…

    • 😆 nice one!! Not really a fan of Aries guys and I guess they’re no fans of mine either because we don’t click and I’ve never dated one. Not impressed by all that fiery boastful energy either.

      • Scorpalicious, I really cannot imagine you with one either…I think Scorpionic Death Ray Stare after the 5th boast haha..

        That being said some of them are fantastically funny – not because they’re trying to be humorous, but just you know..cos they’re special haha..

        • thanks Scorpalicious 😉

          although, I’m sure there are awesome Aries men out there and don’t hold that one experience as a reflection of potentially a twelfth of the male population, I certainly don’t consider myself to be an atypical Scorpio…

          that reminds me, does anyone remember the early-mid 90s band Supergroove “Scorpio Girl” tune? I still dig it

          • Oh…my…God.
            Too much of a ‘you had to be there’ scenario, to go into deets, but that’s just spooky…and funny!
            ….And today I find ANOTHER silver heart (3rd this month) and more gold coinage in the car park?!
            oh oh.

          • Well it goes without saying – of course there are awesome Aries guys out there but generally it’s not an energy the elements in my chart respond to. I don’t have any Aries or Leo in my chart and with my Virgo stellium, Jupes in Toro & Cap Asc my chart is VERY earthy and i cant handle high energy types who don’t have an “off” switch. I find it really draining, and Aries/Leo squares a lot in my chart. Saggos are cool though (I have Sagg moon) and of course I adore all Earth and water signs – soothing to be around. Air signs are okay if they’re grounded
            Of course I’m generalising again. There are always exceptions to the rules 🙂

            Nah don’t remember Supergroove

            • That song was awesome…my theme/make out song for a time.
              Could I possibly laugh any more today – it’s like, who the Hell WAS that person I used to call ‘me’?? Gone daddy gone.
              Bye-bye now… * in my best Flight Attendant voice*

    • I recently dated one – each time he opened his mouth, I could feel a blast of energy sweeping me to the other end of the room — even if the topic was as mundane as what to eat for dinner. Once he opened his mouth, I instinctively ducked in.

      Nothing against Aries guys, but his energy was vibrating too high for my Pisces rising/Cap Moon.

      • 😆 You’ve captured that energy perfectly! Would make a great cartoon

        The one time I flirted with an ex work colleague Aries (he had Leo rising too!) we were trying to organise catch-up drinks (which never happened because he was all talk and no action (mars Aqua!) he said he’d love to have a drink with me because I would make HIM look good having me at his table :roll:

      • Knew this Cuban aquarius with mars in aries same thing.

        Scary driving too. Had to tell him to take it down a few notches…

    • Dated one? I LIVED with one for 12 months. He’s not an EX-fiance for nothing. Yes and his head was actually quite large
      physically, just like a baby.

      • Precisely. As soon as he walked into the living room, I would feel as if the room was filled with a big balloon and I was trying to squeeze in.

  7. Hah! Oh Sweetness, is probably a good thing you had the brew as now you can simply let the Waves of Boasting swell over you sans disruption of the Force you know? Then you can psyche out into an alternate universe while Aries Dude blathers on wondering why his words are being deflected by your Super Juptune (yes, I mashed those together) Shield.

    You can be One with the Ether – levitating, whilst he rounds the grounds and kicks up dust trying to make an impact. 🙂

    As for moi, I am for the first and only ever time trying to plan my own bday dinner cum farewell party but so far, the farewelling person has yet to get back to me as probably buried in packing, one friend has a wake to host that day, and the Nubian Toro who is normally tres chill, decided to revisit the entire Why Were You Sewered conversation – complete with footnotes about how SHE thought he was wrong for me at the time retrospective.

    Really? Is this really what I need for planning my own DAMN bday dinner??

    I am reminded once again why I spend most bdays ALONE. Lovely Libran sister quips, “well, you have to admit, your friends are kinda like your children, they always need your attention but they get a bit ADD you know?”

    Yeah, I know. 🙁

    • Birthday’s can be bizarre Angel. I rarely do any active party or dinner prepping myself and am in awe of those that do and pull off the epic event that everyone has a fantastic time at. .

      Having said that however, I think it’s great you’re organising a dinner for you if it’s out of the norm. You could have some fun with it, seating placements etc.. yes I have got a playful glint in my eye. Of course it’s fab if someone else does, well it’s easier eh, it but it’s special if you do it and you get to choose how you’d love it to be.

      And even it the table hosts a few ADD types you’ll be amused (bemused?) and it’ll certainly be lively 🙂

    • Ummm… if you build it they will come?

      It’s a celebration of YOU, so perhaps as far as possible you can plan alone, so as not to take the shine off your glam and cool. Then instruct or delegate… in essence, but i’m sure you’ll do that so it comes across as a gift to share rather than a chore for your friends. FA, you have such a gift of well expressed warm sympathy that it is hardly surprising you don’t have a friend who can offer you the same gift. Though my wish for you is that they band together and make it happen for that ONE SPECIAL NIGHT xx

      • hope it goes really well – i think its very ncie to plan one’s own B-day treats – whether that is for something alone, or a small group, or a large group. Do really simple food, get in a dozen mixed bottles of mixed wine and remember – the more the merrier works better than trying to micro manage guests. Good luck!

    • Wishing you an early, a very magical birth day (breakfast, lunch and dinner all included)

      • Oh, Pegs you’re so sweet. Thank you, I would’ve been happy with a message but I reckon whatever you’re sending me is sure to expand my world (wicked wink). xxx

    • Aauuuw, you guys. Thank you so much for the early bday wishes, even if I did come about it via grizzling haha.. you are all as always, gorgeously awesome.

      Ok, so wow, I’m so glad all you lovelies chimed in as I am of half a mind of torpedoing the entire thing but you all made amazing points.

      BG, I wasn’t even paying attention to the fact that it’s out of the norm – it is. The irony is that in my work life, I’ve done event planning (yachts, museums, private clubs, etc) with pretty good budgets that I guess I’ve avoided it all this time on a personal level. To me this is really about my wanting all my family of friends just all in one place for that one night to celebrate those two things.

      My farewelling GF has had a hell of a year – so I think it’s as good as any excuse to shake it off? And Mille, you’re right, I don’t actually expect my peeps to come up with the Sympathy Goods like I do, but you know, you ask for one thing and its funny how they practically come off recalcitrant! I’m sure they’re not but you know haha..

      Never mind, y’ all have convinced me a party is as a party must. On with it then! xxx

      • I’ve ben BG’d again. This is funny.. 🙂 🙂

        Now this is curious, have Jupiter in Gemini so maybe I’m morphing 🙂

        BG ~ I’m sure it’s the utmost compliment!! I can’t do the ‘bug eyes’ you do.. not sure which keys?

        Anyway, the important point in the message being that I’m pleased to see that you’re following through with this Angel and I’m sure it’ll be wonderful and memorable.


        • Ah, getting cross eyed from party planning and let’s face it, folks are Zap Zoning hence the extra charge in the air. So soz Scorched, silly me.

          And actually, it’s probably not going thru due to several peeps scheduling conflicts. I DID ask them to save the date as far as a month back but alas, I guess not.

          The Nubian Toro was like, can we do it another day? I chuckled and thought, do people realize its a BIRTH DAY, it falls on that day itself, there’s been enough notice and seriously?

          I’ll work something up but it will be low stress, zero drama and only for the Zap Zone Savvy. Thanks babexxx

          • I chuckled.. I’d had that earlier this week elsewhere so it’s a hidden Gem Jupe message just for me I daresay.

            I completely get it about the actual day thing!

            Can I offer a suggestion though and I’m saying this only because I’ve now involved myself and am doing ‘distance organising’ (it might catch on?! lol) but is there any chance of having the dinner on another day that will get who you want to your celebration? And while we’re at it, I suggest two, one for the real zap zoners on the actual day and one for the wanna be a zap zoner but need to hang with some real ones to get savvy on another day. Indulge honey, have two celebrations!!

            Yes, it should be low stress and you should follow Mille’s advice there and delegate and instruct once deets are sorted.

            Still, do pop by here on the ‘day’ for birthday wishes from us lot too eh x0x

      • Happy Birthday Rising Angel. Sometimes the worst lead-ups bring the best birthdays! Make a Damiana Mugwort brew and get zoned. Zap! Stress begone. :0)x

        • Thanks, Iris.. I sincerely hope so. Apparently I got moved from Pluto to being resident docent of the Zap Zone as per the scopes, sigh.. I shall bear your lovely wishes in my heart and hope for them to be true. xx

  8. ‘…never had any complaints from anyone about his sexual performance…’
    Really?! Who says that?! I mean seriously.
    Ok, once I said I’d never had a one-night stand because they always come back for more, honey… – but obviously I was (trying) to be amusing/sarcastic/flippant etc.
    He sounds like either a crashing bore, or freakin hilarious…

  9. Off topic, but honouring my ZZ intuitive signals suggests that the situation most likely to be in crisis is my hair. I want this woman’s hairdresser.

  10. 😯

    😆 That is hysterical! 😯

    My most memorable encounter with an Aries was a when a girl I used to work with would hide my keys on the roof and I would have to climb up onto the roof to retrieve them. Meanwhile she would stand there smiling and planning her next prank… ON ME 😯

    and what is it with people saying how good in bed they are? There is only one way to find that out… and maybe i don’t wanna know… 😯

    • What? Is there no END to this Gemini Madness??


      Happy birthday to your Gemini daughter, Mystic. Hope she’s enjoying this Jupiter transit of her sign.

      It’s wonderful!

        • Happy birthday to super Gemmy daughter! May the winds of fate pick her wings and envelope her in cotton clouds.

        • Woah! What a stellium, she must be so creative and gorgeous! Blessings for your precious little star, MM.

    • Ohmigosh, I forgot. Wishing G the most amazing of birthdays.. they grow up so fast and am sure she will do her gorgeous mother proud. xxx

  11. good lord. i need me some damiana and mugwort tea. Nurofen while calming / painkilling is terrible for one’s health esp when not actually in pain. And I can’t smoke pot all the time (well, I don’t really smoke it atm anyway), plus I really have to have an empty or pressure-free agenda if I am a tad bent.

    I agree with FA, surely the lalalalaa of the tea blend will help you bliss out through the self-affirming bloated ego talky talk… I do tire of people who think that conversation is a series of monologues…the speaker thinks that the other person nodding dully with a glazed look in their eye after their 5th attempt to get a word in as part of a, like, dialogue is a sign of .. i have no idea what. anyway. hope it went well 😉

    personally am sort of cruising around waiting to see how the zz might take effect, nowww lessee whatcha got here missyy….

    • Crumbs… ijust read “plus I really have to have an empty or pressure-free agenda if I am in a bad tent”.

      images of awful camping expedition with given up person sitting in poorly pitched disaster getting stoned.

    • ahahah ladies! I am sure that has happened too, at some stage in a former life of mine 😉

  12. I could use a cup of what Mystic has had today. My neck is stiff (likely Saturn related stuff).

      • June 25th is when papa Saturn is direct right? Saturn lessons are like marathons, you have to keep your eyes on the horizon, mind your knees and make sure your teeth don’t fall off chattering while running. 🙂

  13. Mystic opened this post with: “Hands up who is feeling the Jupiter-Neptune nonsense”? And i’m suddenly feeling sheepish. I mean i had some other wild Jup-Nep surreality today, but suddenly on my way home from complete inspiration and energy i bought 3 pairs of shoes. AND my horo told me not to go on a spender bender. PLUS i was wondering if my physio would get cross if he saw them because finally we’ve decided to end this chronic pain and he is a powerhouse taking me apart brick by brick.

    Still, they’re beautiful shoes. I know this because some man came into the store (i thought with a woman but) he just watched me walk about getting the feel of all the pairs i’d selected. Then he mysteriously left the store by himself. No men’s shoes in there.

    • The man had a foot fetish or looking for cinderella :-)?
      Men in lingerie departments and women’s shoes, look a bit suss to me hanging around secret women’s business.
      Happiness is THREE pairs of shoes. I went to metaphysical book shop instead of the sales & bought SEVEN books, happiness for the other end of my body.

    • oooooh, mille, that’s like shoe porn for me!! THREE! my last shoe bender was six months ago and i am now BANNED [self-imposed] from shoe shopping until at least when I graduate, in 2014. There is no chance of me not having the right pair of shoes for ANY even between now and then.. shoe collection goes above and beyond the call of duty.

  14. Oh Mystic, don’t blame the Aries for using such a lame approach. He probably never needed anything better to use on soccer moms. Give him a challenge and maybe he’ll bring out his A Game.

  15. Bloody Aries Men, I swear I am through with them. Last one opened the relationship (met online where he did not have a picture of himself posted) with a “Do you want to see my picture?” Nothing about that he liked my profile and would like to get to know me better. First date was all about, “Do you want to see my award-winning photographs?” which he had all handily stored on his phone, and which he spent the better part of the date displaying to me. All dates in between (and surprisingly there were a few) were 98% of his hot air going on about himself. I should explain that he had Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries in the 1st house, so not all Aries are this self-absorbed. The last date though was when he invited me to a party where I didn’t know anyone and then proceeded to dance with other women, showing off his skilled salsa moves, of course, leaving me standing there alone, awkward, and the party was outdoors and no real way to go up randomly to people to talk to. Can you imagine if I had left him alone and unnoticed like that? Anyway, I left. He texted later asking if I was mad at him. I said I wasn’t happy to be left looking like a fool. I haven’t heard from him since.

  16. I just used raw organic honey for the first time in my green tea . Within hours, my skin tone went from middle-age tired to sun-kissed twenty-something! Swear.

  17. Cool. I have some damiana liquor. I wonder if that will work for dieting.

  18. Agree with someone above…guys don’t usually boast unless trying to impress. It’s not just an Aries idiot guy thing (okay maybe a bit 🙂 ), but he probably has a crush on YOU Mystic…

    Even the Toro guy I met last year made it clear he was getting a $30,000 deal for gawd knows what and that he wasn’t going to answer the phone while I was there..

    Some might call that low self esteem but I appreciated him trying to impress…That is what most men value in the material world…success and how they can provide, cept I have aquired some of that on my own so no dude, you don’t need to do that but I appreciate it…However, is that all you value? What about spiritual things? If a guy does not have a spiritual bent I have no time to spell it out….

    And Aries do learn…Aries dad said “wish I knew at 40 what I knew at 60”..

    Now 79, he is friggin Guru by now… 😉

  19. Mystic l found out recently that green tea works on your blood pressure it rises the blood pressure…it’s good for when you want to lose weight as sure!
    l think l will stay off green tea l need sleepy tea at the moment 🙂

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