Jupiter Nowness

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This weekend and for the next five days, Jupiter on the South Node of the Moon (karma, your past, your past LIVES) is a long story…obviously….it also means that apart from your FABULOUS insights re practically everything at the moment, [ Read more…]

Gestalt Your Astro

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At 19, I went to an astrology conference. Well actually i gatecrashed it. Before Saturn Return, i operated almost purely in Uranian mode. Aqua Rising/Mars conjunct Uranus in the 8th, you understand. It was the first and last conference i [ Read more…]

Venus In Transition

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Venus is Direct and so are we…Grok the sober relationship insights!  Venus ain’t out of shadowzone till the end of July but today is genius for romantic pragmatism and/or sudden ‘aha’ moments. And…the Weekly Horoscopes from Sat 30 are now [ Read more…]