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Hey you can say one thing about Scorpio Full Moons with Saturn chasers, they sure get results, right?  Transformative, aware, depth-psych etc.

I am finishing the rad Oracle Rebirth (Tuesday is the new e.t.a. for this) so not blogging much till THAT is done…Horoscopes as usual, blogging in slo-mo…

But i just want to throw this at you think about…the part of your chart where you have Leo (the cusp of the house is Leo) is soon going to be 1000 times more brilliant than it ever has been. 

The bit of your chart with Leo is ALSO where you have to have PRIDE or else.  Think about this. You know i am right. And go here for more on your Leo House, how to figure it all out etc.

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196 thoughts on “Your Temple Of Leo

      • yeah baby. In this astro of Leo hotness ( which is like all the time right? – We leos should have a hair flicking comp or a best hissy fit in a public place thread or a most embarrssing moment we suavely ignored or sashayed out of thread etc etc

        • Yes! Already thinking up how to tell my most embarrassing hissy fit story in a way that actually flatters me and would make others envious, lol

  1. I have Leo in my 2nd house. I am not so good at DYI astro but I believe that is money/career/creativity in which case – god yes! I am ready.

  2. 1000 times more brilliant? ‘Bring it on!!’ says mars 2 Leo…meanwhile Venus 0 Virgo is like, ‘oh, sounds like a mojo party, glad some planetary positions are sensible around here…’

  3. Most of my 9th house is Leo but it cusps the 10th tho’ it’s not my MC.
    It kind of makes sense – I can be a bit of a workaholic, but I think it’s my 9th house stuff that I take most pride in – that’s travel & philosophy etc., isn’t it?

  4. First house Leo I suppose then… Not sure what to make of that to be honest :p

    • Om, c’mon, you’re not even trying!

      Sun ruling your 1st house cusp = in the least I bet you are shiney gold for all your closest peeps :)

      • Hahaha I think my Virgoan sun won’t let me admit that… I’ve always been a little fascinated by my Sun’s placement, 24/08 being of course just after the Leo/Virgoan cusp. I rarely, if ever feel particularly Leo-ish (probably overpowered by the Virgoan modesty..), despite the fact that I look somewhat like a lion with my mass of mane-like hair..

        Anyhow, I do try and be all shiny and golden for such people.. I like to think they deserve the very best of me hahaha

        • At first i didnt notice the leo ascendant in me, because i had been so focused on that one sign thing,

          but one thing aquas do so easily is objective viewing. Its like some space time warp thing that aquas see themselves inside of reality, at the most akward moments. So that came in handy with astrology,

          It really is there, im a total leo to anyone that doesnt know me. And an aquarius with a scorpio moon to people that do.

          • Heh I’m only just somewhat coming to term and embracing my Cancerian Asc. Finally understanding the ascendant and it’s place/uses/etc after a few years of not totally getting the concept..

            • My libra sister is too, she doesnt like that shes more alike as her cancer sister than she thought.

        • Haha yeah? All polished and stuffs? :p

          I guess I am a lot like this at times. Over the past few years I’ve definitely grown out of my super-brutal Virgoan modesty to a degree, so I’m not so hard on myself and try to celebrate that which I do know is worth celebrating about me… Can feel a bit ‘wtf?’ at times though!!

  5. Not that i’ve done much of either lately – too busy living it – ah ha – that’s where the 9th blends into the 10th……………………..

  6. Leo ascendant… Sun conjunct North Node (conjunct Uranus conjunct Neptune) in fifth house… Am I going to have sudden clarity re who I’m meant to be/what I’m meant to be doing? Because I would so be digging that.

    • Yeah, that kinky 5th spills some tricks if your core center happens to be ‘loose’, or, in, ‘in construction’, what could indicate a NN in this position, but you have to check everything.

      I have my AC/MC/NN rulers all here, Moon/Venus/Mars and in Pisces. The 5th is at verbatim “everything about you”, your callings, your likings, your ‘joy de vivre’ reasons for roaring in this world, from the pleasure of being a conscious being in all your individuality. So much bravery is needed and of that listening to your “inner voice” and to release openly “that voice” is downright the calling of the 5th. You can’t pretty much ask anybody else, ‘what is it THAT that you can find within this house’ because you’re the only one that could know at all :o)

      I fex, with my Pisces stellium there, am about everything but myself in therms of a fully expressed/delineated ego, i find myself in merging within the therms of cosmos and cosmic at large, if that made any sense .. ~

      • sha, that’s some good points in there re 5th house, it;s something i am making an effort to learn more about. thanks

        • totally. I am a 5th houser and it’s like that.

          sunmercuranusconjunct scorpio

  7. Hm. Leo Sun, in my 9th house – no travel for me because it’s growing season and I do a ton of gardening, and we’re planning a big party in a few weeks. Further education?

    I can see this and will feel it for sure. I always feel mega Leo stuff, including leo moons.

    Partner has Leo Jupiter in 6th house and Venus 8th. Should be a very interesting time…

  8. Leo is my ascendant, late Leo. My 12th house begins 0 Leo 6′ so all my 12th is Leo. Not sure what that means. I am very Leo in some ways: hair obsession, film/arts/music/performance oriented. I’m also 5th house moon.

    Weirdly I’ve had dreams about cats for the last two nights. I am not a ‘cat person'; not that I don’t like them, just they have never figured in my life, yet for the last two nights there they were.

    • I have Leo on my 12th house cusp at 29 degrees. Was thinking – what’s a brilliant 12th house look like? Hmm….1000 more time brilliant than its ever been? Does that mean a totally spotless subconscious? I just can’t figure out what comes from the 12th house other than woo-woo psychic stuff and, honestly, I’m not sure I want to amp that experience…

      Moon in Leo in the 11th.

      • I think your 11th house is more effected by Leo.
        Yes, your 12th cusp is Leo but changes to virgo immediately.

        • That works for me. I’d rather Leo own my 11th. I could do with a bit of community building/recognition around here. Tried the I ching yesterday. Asked how I could manifest the life I want. Suggested the way to establish a following is by learning how to be a follower. The idea of having a following made my inner Leo roar. :-)

          • *wha…!* (splutter, cough) *FOLLOW??!!* *stare of disbelief* MOI?? 😀

            • oh, right, establish a following. Now, I DO like that.

        • You know, I’ve been thinking about this – is a house ruled by a sign that comes on the 29th degree? Did some research and there is some back and forth about it. Def most of my 12th house is Virgo, but Leo at 29 54 is the house ruler of my 12th. Cancer is the 29 degree of my 11th, but I am def not an 11th house Leo by description. Wish I was!

          Sharing Leo 12th house interp with you, fellow Leo 12th houser :-)

          I don’t know about you – but my love affairs have def had a “hidden factor.”

          • I’ve been thinking about this too, how do I reconcile the Leo brightness with the hidden/ subconscious/intuitive side… maybe for me it’s about strength and ‘shining’ with my inner sense of who I am and trusting my intuition which at the mo is off the scale. It also relates to my creative practice coming from a freer subconscious rather than a linear approach or need for approval. I know if I don’t ‘do’ my Leo properly it comes out in unhealthy ways – attention-seeking, drama etc. I have been afraid of my Leo-ness particularly in my creative practice. In fact, just made a decision to get back into my music years after abandoning it as being ‘too trivial’.
            And yes, there is a hidden quality to my major relationship, as I’ve talked about elsewhere on this blog.. interesting stuff, innit?

            • Yes, it’s tricky combo – (I’m Pisces rising) but I think you’ve nailed it!

              • Honestly, I really hope so. I’ve been floundering for about a decade!!

            • Attention seeking isn’t always bad, especially when you’re an artist. I hope you get loads of attention for your work! You’ve worked for it!

              • I agree, nothing wrong with naked ambition. If one is going to seek attention just lead already and do not be afraid of receiving the attention you crave.

                We all deserve to lavish and be lavished upon with bucket loads of attention and love.

          • That’s interesting 12v – using that logic (ie. That even a house boundary in the last minute or two of a sign counts) I have something similar where cancer and capricorn miss out entirely on any representation in my first/seventh houses. Various astro searches haven’t given me a clear answer about the implications (?) Of this; maybe I need to look harder.. takes anything in the last degrees of a sign to be in the next sign/ house.

            • I read a bit about that. When a sign doesn’t hit a house cusp its called “intercepted.” Supposably that means that its hard to consciously pull from the engery of that sign. Not sure how to verify that as I don’t have any intercepted signs. My daughter has Sun, Venus, NN in her intercepted Aries 11th. Doesn’t seem to me she lacks any Aries qualities – quite the opposite!

              • Or maybe its that once you get into the house where the intercepted sign is – you take on the qualities of the other sign? So, for my girl, it would be that she’s drawn into social scenes by a sense of emotional oneness (Pisces) and once a social setting gets going, she’s starts being a Ram. That does sound kind of like here. Not sure how that would resonate for your intercepted signs/houses.

          • Actually, I wasn’t quite accurate, it’s Leo and Aqua in my 2nd and 8th who have no house ‘rulerships’ to their names. Leo! With no rulership! Egads

          • Thanks for the link.

            My relationships do not usually have a hidden aspect, but I am private. IT has happened, the hidden relationship. I realized though this was a sign of a mistake. I really do not like too much public attention. Nor do I like being talked about, at all.

            I am a very creative person, but I am private about it. I wrote a book and never tell people about it. I even get shy and awkward when others mention it and say they want to read it. BUT I am working on it. slowly playing music in front of others.

  9. It almost seemed ironic to keep seeing posts on the Supermoon all over FB given how strong it was for me, bloody Scorp moon is always a massive shift & mostly more like a shunt. This one was at so many levels and with Saturn’s kicker, I am working again.

    So now tonight feels lovely, but earlier…

    And I have a Leo moon.
    Oh yes.

  10. Second house – with saturn natally. Still working on that. A day studying politix and a long wait for the next bus on an empty stomach is not helping with the whole ‘tossing golden mane and dazzling smile’ thing. *sigh* ftw.

  11. My IC is in the middle of Leo, so should I focus my analysis on the 4th house? Or both 3rd and 4th? I have no planets there for miles… Ho hum.

    • both 3rd and 4th.

      Leo IC = Sun shines on your home life (IC). It’s being trined by Uranus now.

      Possibly prone to dramatic decorative style and with the right Leo friendly housemate/partner you would purr like a big cat and protect your own like King / Queen of the Jungle.

      • woo-woo! *Love* it! Thanks, golden harp: I’ll get busy.

  12. Leo Ascendant with Saturn smack on my Ascendant cusp.

    I work heaps and my awesome Gemini boyfriend just raised my attention to how many creative projects I have on the stove top simmering away – music, shooting a short film in a beautiful (but freezing) part of the world at the end of this month, photography, book.

  13. 6th House cusp sits at 7 Leo along with Mars and Pax (ironic, yes?), and Karma all tightly bundled at 7 deg. I can not bear major bullshit from anyone including myself. Dedicated to making my boss shine if s/he is a good leader. Fiercely protective against enemies of and loyal to everyone in my circle – I will be devastated if you backstab me. Please do not backstab me because I love you and may not be able to control my reaction.

  14. 12th hosue leo…one of the biggest mysteries to me. How does one shine where one is hidden? i just dont get it

    • I have 12th house leo also, with my moon in leo in the 12th at 6*.

      I do take pride in my dreams, my spirituality, my energetic healing skills. But not as much as I use to.
      I am a very humble person by nature with that virgo rising. So when I do feel pride, I don’t show it. I don’t brag often and feel uncomfortable doing so.

    • Are you a ‘dramma queen’ within your ‘unconscious’ perhaps ? 😀 ~

  15. I have Leo in 8th house,………really dont think the “a PORN star” applies,
    I have been thinking about a new career, but bit too introverted for that.

    • It’s my 8th house and it’s *sigh* my least used house. I don’t have shared possessions and no sex (several year drought). I think some astrologers also link death to it. So i guess that’s good it’s underutilized. Maybe it means I will live forever? =)

    • I also have Leo in the 8th, with my Sun. Maybe we’ll finally start astral projecting!

  16. Leo cusp is in 9th but, straddles 9th/10th with a Leo MC.
    Travel, career in visual and performing arts. I have a bit of a dramatic/theatrical streak in me.
    Hope this brings glossy, shiny perfect hair. 😉

  17. Scorpio full moon followed by a saturn chaser equals results….absolutely.

    Toro with scorpio moon and I sealed the relationship deal last night. The solid clarity is essential with our kids being friends and in the same class at school.

    I had told the universe I wanted a Taurus sun man with one redhaired daughter who lives in my community. The universe delivered ALL that. Thank you universe.

    His daughter is a leo sun/scorpio moon and gets along great with my pisces sun/leo moon twins. I wish I knew her birthtime to see where leo falls for her as she is going to be going through some changings with all this. Leo is on my twins 8th house cusp.

    • Oh that’s so awesome for you CM! Congrats!
      I need your love luck to rub off on me!

      • Thanks OM and EEL.

        I had to look far beyond my type…lol. Glad I did. Good luck. I’ll be sending out everyone deserves love vibes!

        • Heh well I found it kinda touching as I’d literally just finished writing a ‘letter to the universe’ more or less on the same sort of subject. Been a while since I’d done that, feels grand :) Let the healing time begin!

    • YAY! that happened to me, too! It’s insane! I knew I had been manifesting things like crazy so I asked for a wonderful Aries who adores me and he appeared! He’s like a dream come true. Aries, Aries rising, Gemini Moon. Leo on his 5th. It’s going to be a good year. LUCKY LOVE CLUB <3

      • I want to join the Lucky Love Club! After some years, I’m suddenly tired of being alone. And I’m talking about a real relationship with meat on its bones, no trifling flings/flirtations/wishy washy whatevers.

        So where do I sign up? To whom should I pray? Lucky lucky lucky lovey Love Club xo

        • Simple! Just confirm what you want in your heart, open it up to the universe, love yourself more than you ever have before…and get down with the whole ‘patience’ thing :p x

          • ABSOLUTELY love yourself! That really helped. lol.
            Look for the non negotiable things first.
            My little list mentioned above seems silly looking at it now, but there was more to it. I wanted a parent so he would understand me, was good with kids that my kids liked, someone real, who loved to cuddle,and worked hard.
            The non negotiable stuff was what made me let him know I was interested. The rest was icing on the cake.

            • Such little lists aren’t silly at all, I had somewhat of a subconscious one that was ignored due to being in a relationship for two years that didn’t really tick off any boxes.. It suddenly stopped being ignored when I started getting know someone who ticked off every single box… Pretty mindboggling discovering someone who I could relate to so intensely, sooooooo wasn’t ready at the time.

              Gladly I can say I am now, and the universe knows this :)

              • Good luck!!!
                Glad you are ready now and that your done with the unfullfilling relationship. I’ve had my share of those too. But no more!!!

    • “Like”!!!! Making my lis tonightt! I was told to do the same thing. even though I really my current attraction.. maybe I should make the list and see what happens. It worked for a friend of mine who was in a 14 year relationship that contained too much drama. She wrote her list fo what she was looking for and found him. Got married shortly after. She also burned a pink candle in the SW corner of her house! :)

      • Shows the power of intent :)

        Might have to actually write a wee list like this myself this evening, even if just for the ritualised reaffirmingismness.

  18. testing…one…two…threee. Sorry, I wish I could delete this asap after the test.

  19. I’ve got no planets in Leo, but he’s the ruler of my 7th House…oh snap. Are we talking relationship merde? Or is “1000 times more brilliant than it has ever been” a good thing? Not sure if I can handle more insanity in this area. @_@

  20. Leo Cusp is 10th house but most of 9th taken up by Leo. I feel them both. I’ve always wanted to perform and I’m finally getting over my shyness about singing in front of people. Also planning a traveling photo project, and actually considering going to college. WEIRD. I’ve also always taken a lot of pride in my ideals and principles…and I think a lot of my “public standing” screams “I am proud and socially upright”. Excited. My tenth could use a boost.

  21. This full moon has not been a Leonic time for me. At the exact moment of the full moon, my stupid upstairs neighbors flooded my apartment.. AGAIN. This is like the 5th time. Well maybe I did have my Leo ASC moment, I went upstairs and roared at them.

  22. Venus Leo in 11th, Leo NN, Lilith and Uranus and Leo ruling 5th! I’m hoping that means heaps of creativity and an amazing love life. OH, and some applause.

    Also weekly blowouts.

  23. Hmm, my north node is Leo on the 6th house cusp with Saturn hanging around. Sounds exciting!

  24. Shiver me timbers. I have Venus in Leo in the 11th house, Lilith in Leo in the 12th, 12th house Leo etc. 11th house covers hopes, wishes, dreams and higher well as groups and platonic friendships I believe. AND is ruled by Uranus, yippee. So am I finally getting more of my tribe???

    I must say this would be utterly welcome. My current cabal of nearby friends whom I dearly love have no interest in my writing at all, though they love me thoroughly nonetheless. I’m hoping this expands my world..I was reading a transitions book and the author wryly observes that most of our opportunities do not come from “formal networking events” as such but just from the web we weave in our living.

    He ended up getting recommended for a deanship by a friend’s father whose house he used to stop at for a bathroom break (it was halfway to home from college). Your life revolutionized by your bladder, hmm.

    12th house is the infamous House of Undoing..gulp, dreams, intuitions, instinct, secrets. I’ve read it is the healing place, and rules the end of long cycles of confinement/suffering as well as inner suffering, self-sacrifice, I suppose all sorts of psychic limitations & torments! Neptune is the daddy of this house.. if so, I hope it means I am finally clearing away what makes me wary of trying to just be. And do what I’m meant to do.

    As for pride, well yes, and I have far too long compromised on that both on my Venus and my Lilith. Just writing this makes me realize those two are so tied together it’s ridiculous. Here’s a toast to the light. Fiat Lux people!!!

    • Yes, 12th house of undoing — undoing all your mistakes. :) You will do fine and be beautiful, and do beautiful things in a fine way!

      • OMG, I feel a bit like Elise in the Wild Swans..except I’m undoing the shirts of nettles instead of making them, and my have there been a lot. Of mistakes that is. Perhaps an end to the muteness as well.

        Thanks for the boost Arien, I needed that! :)

    • Wow FA, I love that 12th house transit description! Tis also where me Leo lies and your interp would be so welcomed by me at the mo. Liberate the undoing! x

      • Darkling Lex, well I got most of that description from all sorts of places on the wet wild web, susan miller amongst them. But I think the impending mega wattage in wherever Leo is, in our case the 12th house, is perhaps the application of pride – as in ownership and the lessening or even finally, the absence of shame over the things that “undo” us.

        I think of this as the tail on the comet of healing. We have burst through the bulk of the pain or constriction, carried the heaviest load of the secret, or in some cases, finally let the knife of admitting our own faults/failures/shortcomings sink in.. and NOW comes lightening. Because it has been processed and transmuted into part of our being.

        Like the lined raised forehead of a proud warrior or the regal bearing of a monarch, it says I am, I deserve, I am worth it. I think it also includes courage which doesn’t feel as contrived or difficult, but one that brings the sunny spirit of Leo and it’s child like expectation of fulfillment.

        At least this is how I’ve thought of it so far.. personally, this message has been reiterated to me in all sorts of signs. The fear is still there but is inadvertently and almost not intentionally overcome by the drive to become more of one’s self, and step into one’s destiny. Vs. trying so hard to get rid of it.. it’s a happy displacement in my opinion. :)

        • Angel I’m enchanted by your words and descriptions of the 12th house Leo! I also have a hidden lion, a bright and shiny beautiful being inside. Incredible dreams always, a fine blur between waking and sleeping at times. Anything is achievable as soon as I admit that’s what I want. Finding meaning in everything. I sing loudly in my car… alone and now occasionally on stage as of late- I admitted I wanted to do it and now I have been. Jupiter, Mars & North Node are all conjunct in the 12th house. I’m sure this is greater than I can imagine. From where I was I have come further than I can comprehend and I keep going. The Virgo rising adds a humble lens, it’s contradictory as at times I love to talk about myself and others I feel guilty that I have. Interesting to observe. 1000 times brighter from the inside… we’ll see how it all manifests. :)

          • Huh, I have Virgo Rising too! And to boot, my south node is also in Virgo in the 6th, with north in Pisces. A bit off the Leo topic I know.. but apparently, it indicates persecution & isolation in a past life, a feeling of having to make do. I have strong feelings of inhibition when it comes to announcing myself as a creative, people describe me that way BUT I don’t cop to it jobs wise because…well, because my career has always been SO not.

            Will these coming days bring diverging rivers to the one pool? I hope so.

            You struck a note (literally as well I think) when you said “anything is achievable as soon as” you admit its what you want. The knot unfurls itself into a straight line, I hope the coming transit brings this to the 12th house Leo. It feels like it is..

            • Whoa… I also have been uber reluctant to ever identify myself as a creative, although if I were to ever look at someone else’s life and they were doing what I do… painting designs on the wall, creating my own clothes, dancing even when there isn’t music, trying out various extreme make-up styles at home, recording my dreams, keeping a journal with lots of illustration for years… all of this has been kept quite quiet, but I’d probably say that person is a creative. However I have yet, until now, even really experienced the “traditional” scene of what that is. Every time I have been there I’ve been so in awe of how it all happens and I don’t usually contribute much but do a lot of observing! However, I take it with me, I always do… it’s stays with me and comes out… when I’m by myself. I dream at times of doing what I do alone in front and with others. It’s all very hard to admit and even though this is relatively anonymous I feel a little liberated while slightly holding my breath at the same time. It’s in there though… maybe cultivating it all until the time to move forward with great gusto into the spotlight. Who knows, but likely I’d say.

              I hope you also enjoy a very rich and creative personal life until it’s time to come out of the 12th house closet. :)

    • Leo on 12th house cusp here. Hope your interp is right. Your experience sounds similar to mine. I’m tribeless. I def feel the END of the confinement and needless suffering is my mode de vivre these days. Tribeless or not. Would be great to know the stars are supporting that mission and collecting the tribe who does as well. Bring it on!

  25. 1000 times more brilliant – LOVE this! Venus in Leo in 6th house; Leo straddles 5th & cusp in 6th – bring it ON!! Work & daily life transformations?!…. I’ve been a home mum for 6 years now, and ready for that all to CHANGE!

  26. Love that pic!

    Leo rules my 3rd and my progressed Asc is currently in Leo… hopefully I will be able to drag myself away from the mirror for long enough to make posts about my fabulous hair.

    • The Art of Hair is ever to be taken so seriously. Never underestimate the power of the hair flip. Esp. not when one’s mane is seriously impressive.

      • I repeat, I need Venus AND Leo lessons.

        I always feel more drab than I actually look, so as a result my behaviour / morale doesn’t match up to the personal hotness / vivacity I may be emanating at the time. It is REALLY ANNOYING and SELF-DEFEATING. I struggle to overcome this, it is a fuqing mission let me tell you. Still only successful a tiny proportion of the time. 😐

        • don’t stress anon, (passing you a glass of fine champers) as MM says its bad for your skin and hair, Glamour Leo style ( which can mean anything) is a life long mission. I’m happy if i ,when I dress for work, I get 2 items matching as i fly out the door. Thats hot to me.

  27. Ok i’m a Pisces so i’m just going to say this ONCE: soon soon soon after patiently whittling away and riding the huge waves, those lower class turd-for-brains transparent b*tches at work shall bow down to my ROARING and SHINING Leo MC and 10th House. 2nd House Mars in Cap and 6th House Saturn in Tau shall work very hard to make it so.

    Ah… thanks for that.

    Yesterday i discovered i feel rather centred whilst moving about and antsy when i’m still. How did i never consciously come up with that before? In the one moment when i needed a break to read my new book i just could not sit, so i found a new nature reserve, a new creek and my favourite, a swing. No gentle rocking, flying through the air, reading my book.

    • Not happy sitting but happier moving?
      How Sagg is that!
      ‘Mobility is Nobility’.

    • Reading a book on a swing!! 😛 Wow Mille!! what a wonderful image I have in my mind’s eye now.
      I’ve always loved Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’. So lush! :)

  28. WOW.. no one with Leo in the 10th house.. well someone has it skimming the 10th but more in the 9th. Interesting times since it relates to career and last week there was a turning point for me at my job. RESPECT!!, Then today I got a call from a recruitor for a potential job. Interesting. I sure hope there is more money coming my way. I have been stepping it a bit with how I dress, my confidence level and NOT letting people at work get to me. This job is a learning piece for me.. a tremendous learning piece!! I can’t wait to see what is coming up for me.

    • Yes, Ellie, I do. And i ain’t noone. Don’t bait my Leo MC! 😉

      • Moi aussi! ( Leo 10th house) and am in the middle of an amazing job like have never had before and absolutely loving it; it’s leadership, arts, and fun!!

        • ha! And Mille, your description of walking, nature reserve, etc was eerily familiar. I used to be such an avid reader. I can hardly read a page lately. Yoga to meditate.

        • Darling i’m jealous! Not really, i’m happy to hear your joy but i did have more of other people’s cr@% today. I really thought i’d seen it all. However, i know it is connected to Zap, and one partic malcontent. If i can ride this out there WILL be good things. And i’m glad you’re having that now, FireyB xx

          • O Mille – am sorry to hear you are having to teflon yr way at the moment – and apols too, I can kind of blast my enthusiasm around at times when it gets activated … saggi.aries.stuff. … tsk tsk insensitivity … Go rise above those lower strange scared silly peeps on yr firey chariot of dignity and grace xxx

            • Hey no apology for enthusiasm ever necessary! It’s great to hear good news!

    • hey im right there! leo is my sun on the tenth house, and i have concerts lined up this may and june! till when does this 1000 times better brilliance last? so good to know as money and love sucks, if career is gonna be boosted, thats gonna take much of my time not thinking about hooking up with nonsense flirting, so tiring!

    • Gad to see all of your posts!! Ok.. can you help me now.. I am SO confused. I just found out from an ex-coworker that my current job is posted on They are looking for someone for my job! Sigh..I honestly thought I was getting somewhere!!. What a slap in the face! Any comments?

  29. Leo rules my 8th house where Saturn & Pluto reside.
    A dramatic death? No wonder have this thing about Designer Death.
    Sadly (i think) peeps don’t want to talk about it, yet i find it fascinating
    especially being able to choose how instead of it ‘happening’ to you,
    like create your own and make it beautiful. There is a Sounds True home learning course i have from the States called the Art of Dying that i have had for 12 years but unable to listen to…yet.
    Death like marriage seems a bit unnatural to me but then so does having a head come out from between your legs. Ancient memories might explain it or is it Saturn & Pluto being there giving me an unusual take on
    the 3 main events in life.
    My 8th house is such a juxtaposition to all my 11th & 10th house planets. The point of the pyramid is Moon & Neptune on MC would explain it.
    MC is Mid-heaven isn’t it?

    • 8th house Aries, here. Got Chiron and Eris there. Read I am supposed to die suddenly, perhaps an accident, some head trauma. I remember as a kid thinking blowing up would be the best way to go. Perhaps?

      Death is natural. Mars-Pluto-Mer conjunction in my Libra first house makes me want to make others understand it? I don’t know. I’m here now. Perhaps I’ll blow up one day. But today, I feel like a warrior.

      • I used to want to go out blowing up animal testing & experiments laboratories. Also a few pharmacutical labs. Maybe i should join GreenPeace and die with my arms around a whale or dolphin. That could be the Pluto in 8th connection. Whatever, it would be good if it was meaningful & achieved something.

    • Designer Death…death with dignity… what an amazing expression of Leo 8th house, Pegasus. You know, i think you’re a pioneer in this society. I believe this concept is going to be big for the Pluto in Leo generation. Plutocracy over one’s own demise.

      I wonder what you will feel like when you finally listen to the audio course. Will you surprise yourself, or steel yourself?

    • But aside from death, 8th house also rules sex, intimacy and joined finances (not earned money as in a salary) such as inheritance, gifts, tax refunds, prizes, commissions, etc.

      I’m wondering then what it means for you sexually. I often experience intensified Leo transits as a “warming” influence, something that draws you in and holds you but with a naturalness about it. Does any of that ring a bell? :)

      • Well it goes without saying FA, you’d be a lioness in the bedroom GRRR!! and expect to be treated like a queen. The suitors better be damn worthy! 😉

        • Um this was meant for darling Pegalicious lol Maybe it applies to you too hon 😉

      • Just ventured onto your blog again hon. It’sbeen a year already?!? 😮 Well congrats to you. Hope you’ll keep writing xx

        • I know right!? Tempus fugit and all..thanks for peeping in, I have been slack post being abducted by the doldrums of April.

          Am not sure if my having Chiron in Aries has something to do with it. My work situ is still being worked on so..I spend a bit of time being a little pissed off, my bite has suffered and so has the writing unfortunately. Hopefully, May will help me bloom again..sigh

          Lovely encouragement Empress darkling..

          • What’s the saying “April showers bring May flowers” :) I think all that Merc and Mars retro crap did a few of us in preparing for the zap zone and future awesomeness. There was def some merde to wade through. Onwards and upwards though. And I hope you keep writing cause I love your work babe :)

    • Yes MC is mid heaven. Hello Darhlink, Queen of your own intuition and psychic powerhaus?

      sex/intuition/healing? sound like you much no? xxxxx

      • Some late replies here on May 10 to above. The last 20 years has had me doing the 8th house of Sex & Death.
        Chiron in Scorp 11th house may account for my focus on sexuality as a healing force and wanting death to be orgasmic experience i guess.
        Since being on Myst’s blog & subscribing, the expression Know Thyself has been prophetically accurate. By knowing thyself, you know others.
        We are giving each other a map of our souls.
        Tribeless?It’s here with Myst & friends!
        Creativity? Things become what you call them.
        The sign on my door says:
        Creative Artist at Work
        Have you Telephoned First?
        Keeps ‘door knockers’ away and gives me an excuse to be weird :-) Try it.
        You Babes are way up the evolutionary scale, did
        you know THAT. Our support & communications with each other is a real blessing with endless revelations endless.
        Howzat for a Tribe :-)

  30. “Is soon to be 1000 times more brilliant than it ever has been ?”
    Ding, ding, ding, thank you !

    I feel like I was standing in front of a Vegas slot machine when I read that and all the cherries lined up, (or the stars, or the Lions…)

    Love the lion artwork with the hairdryer. Looks like the superstar hairstylist merely walked away to take a call from Beyonce and the benevolent lion said it was okay.

  31. Did anyone else just have a horrible weekend? I feel like i got zapped from all sides! i should have just stayed home. It doesn’t help that i am living in a city where venus is square my mc.

    • Here. I had the kind of weekend– and today, Monday, especially– in which I had to keep remembering to pace myself, breathe, don’t go bats, “you can do this,” one foot in front of the other, etc etc. Several surprise obstacles flew up in front of me today that really tried me, and I thought, “This is it: Zap Zone previews.”

      Was waiting for some fresh air that never came… *sigh* Just too warm and muggy here. I was anticipating a lighter vibe once the scorp supermoon weekend passed, and maybe it’s just too soon yet, but I’m not feeling any lighter or fresher. Just more tried, more tired, more everything not lovely. :/

  32. Question, Mystic or genius message board contributors:

    “the part of your chart where you have Leo (the cusp of the house is Leo) is soon going to be 1000 times more brilliant than it ever has been.”


    • I’d like to know why too! I’ve looked at the ephemeris and can’t work it out. Surely it can’t be Leo Sun, moon & Merc in Aug? What’s do special about that? Happens every year no?

  33. I have a Leo ascendant & want to get paid for my packed fifth house talents… or at the very least work in a creative field where I can have dramatic, colourful hair & clothing! That would rule.

  34. Brilliant, I have Leo Saturn, Mars, Moon and Midheaven…tomorrow I move to southern skies to trial out a new life….Bring it ONNN!

  35. Silly question: Leo falls in my first house, nowhere near the cusp. Does this Leo awesomeness apply to me?

  36. Whatever’s going on I’ve been feeling it amped up since Mars went direct and it just keeps getting stronger by the day. Affecting my 10th house already – MC is 29 Leo. Looking forward to seeing what eventuates.

    • Your MC is conjunct regulas???shouldn’t that propel you to ” go fetch …slave” status?

      • lol

        I know right! Lucky I’m into equality Rashid otherwise I’d be a nightmare – Mars in Aqua, Uranus in the 11th :)

  37. T
    I’ve just been reading this post. daamn I didn’t know my Leo Mars was so on the mark especially 9th house of personal ideals and philosophy…]\\i have begun clearing the riff raff out of my life, not with violence but with due care and patience. they are not worth my energy money or time anymore. enough is enough and i shall let them know they don’t belong! even as slaves they would want to conspire against me mars square asc! what to do friends is the best way huh MM?

  38. I’m with Scorpolicious above ~ would really like to know why, what planetary action’s afoot that makes this Leo part of our charts shine so?? intriguing..

  39. THIS IS MY ORIGINAL ART WORK (the lion). While I am credited, i was not asked permission…not to even mention payment. This is of questionable ethics, by any standards.
    If I had been contacted, I’d very likely have been agreeable – however, finding by chance puts it in a different light for me.
    Please consider the time, effort and unique talents of all the artists you feature all over this site with more consideration and basic respect. thank you. Andrea D’Aquino

    • I am an artist, and I consider crediting someone’s work as “basic respect.”

      I also consider providing a hyperlink to an artist’s personal website sans fee as Free Advertisement.

      FREE advertisement! I would not have heard of you/seen your work had it not been for this blog, and it cost absolutely nothing for you to get me to your site.

      Had you commented here with a more gracious attitude, I’d very likely had been spending some money at your website; however, your comment puts your work in a different light for me…

      • yeah this is like free S.E.O. and social media totes, maybe AA is a bit older?

        i like this new picture and i just ordered a print of it for my girls bedroom!!!!

        also i can attest to mystic having a powerful media folowing lol

        • Yes, maybe she is not of teh interwebz gen. And maybe she didn’t read the Zap Zone Protocol yet.

          I’m certain she hasn’t read the Zap Zone Protocol.

          Ah, well. We each have our burdens to bear, don’t we.

      • Well put Scorporation, Inc. I understand it must be a surprise when your work is found in a place you might not expect – it has happened to me – yet once you understand that this is in fact free advertising I don’t get the problem. It’s even linked to somewhere you can buy the print. I have bought a couple of things through sites Mystic has linked to and I’m sure I will again.

    • Though I can understand how finding it by surprise may be a bit discomfiting, I think questioning ethics is a bit extreme. It’s not a unique phenomenon on the blogosphere or pinterest for that matter, to feature a piece of artwork or graphic and I would agree with Scorporation that citing as well as linking is basic respect. And in this world of analytics and SEO’s, it’s really advertising. People link your stuff because they’re enthused about it.

      Of course, you may not be convinced. But I think when it comes to ethics, I would seriously question people who alter, deface, take credit for, or use a piece in commercial distribution. This blog is free, there’s not even any advertising on it. Now if someone printed that on a tshirt, then I’d be annoyed. But that’s me.

      I would have to say that seeing the Lion actually made me go to your site and check out all the other art you do, so I can’t really be sorry I saw this. Other than here, I can’t think of any other place than your site (and I hadn’t seen your site myself till this) where I would’ve been able to enjoy your art and want to know more about it.

    • Ooops, looks like Mystic accidently trod on a lion’s tail.

    • Oh Come on Andrea,
      There are aboiut 15,000 who follow this blog, thats 15,000 who havent seen your art before, now admiring it.
      Mystic is not making any propfits from your artwork appearing, only opening our eyes to the beautiful artwork out there.
      Get a grip.

      • do you make your living as an artist? do you feel your time and labor is worth nothing? Mystic is well aware that the art that covers this site is enhancing her business.

    • Oh dear…. if I’d been paid every time someone used my art on the Internet I’d be rich. I used to paint flowers that teenage girls would use as their backgrounds on myspace – linked from MY server. Brought down my server more than once and NEVER a credit LOL

      Here is what happens to art on the Internet – people steal it, copy it and claim it as their own, and use it without ever crediting you. If you don’t want any of that to happen then don’t put it on the Internet.

      The fact that you were featured on her blog and credited, is quite enough, really. You should be thankful.

      • oh yes. thank you. thank you. i am not worthy. you are so right, what was i thinking? my, how foolish i’ve been afterall….. sorry you don’t value your work more. some of us do though. we’re all struggling with life. respect that.

        • I place a high value on my work but I don’t do it for the money and I understand how the Internet works.

          Your posts are coming across as pretty bitter, I’d stop posting if I were you, once it’s on the Internet, it lives forever. When you’re happier you’ll probably regret what you’ve written.

    • I too had a frustrating experience with Mystic. I asked her some astrological advice because I met a cat while shooting Alice in Wonderland photos and I was wondering if Neptune transiting my 6th house was tricking me into making a long term commitment to a pet. Couldn’t trust my blessing in the form of a black cat with a history of aggression, but she suggested I do.

      Anyway, I sent her a photo from the shoot and she asked if she could blog it. I was excited about that. I sent her a follow up saying I committed to the cat, and she again said she would blog my story/photos, but she spaced, could I rewrite it? I did immediately. She still didn’t blog it.

      My point? I’d love the attention you’ve gotten here. This is an engaged community of affluent, inteligent people with a unique style. No one is taking anything from you by appreciating your work. Without content curators like Mystic online, it would be hard to see only the great stuff like yours. I get that she used it for free, but she spends a lot of time pulling together quality content so it gets the visiblity it deserves. And she won’t push publish on just any work.

      May I suggest you take the blessing of attention and trust in the monetary reward to come later? I took my blessing – chosen by me or not – and the black cat is adding much to my family. Honestly, as a UX professional, you’d end up paying my agency thousands to come up with a social media strategy to promote your work. And the publicity you’ve gotten here would definitely go in the win column. What you do with that opporutnity really depends on your ability to trust the unknown audience. As an artist working online, you’re going to have to open up to that sort of thing. If you can’t get off on that random buzz, keep your work in print.

      • hey sweetie thank you for that and i love your cat content – i actually inadvertently deleted it during a MS word snafu fix up and didn’t want to chase you AGAIN…re-send 2 me if it still feels right xx

    • Hi Andrea – i just replied to the email you sent me. I do always credit/link back to the site + every six months or so my intern emails all the artists who’ve work i have used and offers them a comp sub. Most of them are happy as my viewers tend to click through and purchase prints. Quite a few of them got some good magazine commissions via the media types who tend to haunt here.
      I also have a lot of artist friends who have told me that in general, most artists are happy for the credited exposure. People use my words all the time, i can’t control that but i’m happy if they link back to my site…it seems to be netiquette. But i am happy to remove it if you prefer, please just let me know and i will replace it with another.
      Also you mentioned in your email that you thought i was using the Olaf Hajek image at the top of this site without permission from Olaf. Hardly. I chose him to do the work, we emailed back and forth, i briefed him etc, it is a paid commission. So i feel as if i have the rights to use it how i like and indeed the law/Olaf concur. But you’re welcome to email him if you like, obviously.

      • Oh, snap.

        Dig the new art above. Full of trines, it is. Sunny happy roaring little trines.

      • I have been contacted many times now by bloggers REQUESTING permission FIRST. i have always given it and with pleasure – as I am well-aware of the benefit of exposure. You owe the basic respect of a request to all your artists – the same that you showed Olaf Hajek, even if you don’t intend to pay – even more reason that the courtesy of being notified is plain good netiquette and ethics. I know Olaf and have exchanged emails with him regarding the issue. I would have appreciated your gracious tone before finding my image used here, and very prominently. Hope you will reconsider your methods next time you grab an image off the web and assume a credit line is enough.

        • Hey!

          *I* am the one who used the word “gracious” here (as in, You, Andrea D’Aquino, are lacking such), not Mystic. So do not fail to properly credit my line of snark by attributing the snide to Mystic. Pfft.

          You are certain you were wronged, you know all about what is Right, you know Olaf, blah blah blah–

          You know Olaf. Is that what this is about? Haha I think it is! Sour grapes, that’s what it is: Olaf got paid, and you didn’t!

          You weren’t commissioned to do squat. You were gifted free advertising– for whatever reason, and would have been offered some comp. Your little picture’s been removed from here, so you got everything you wanted– except for $. Go cultivate some graciousness, far far away from here.

        • I’m sorry but am I understanding correctly that this issue has now been triangulated to include Olaf whose commissioned work appears on this site?

          Andrea, ok everyone gets it, you’d rather be asked first. But you’re not the hall monitor of netiquette either. Specific to this site, most artists are happy with the credit line, very few are not. Since you’re the latter, I’m sure your ire has been addressed by Mystic taking down the art and clarifying this privately with you.

          No one is questioning the value of your work, on the contrary most of us have seen this as a happy opportunity to be lead to it. You don’t agree, and that’s your prerogative. But belaboring the point over and over again, as well as stirring things up with the commissioned artist is beginning to far eclipse what you see as the transgression.

          A lot of us on this site freelance, so we’re not unsympathetic to work being taken for granted at all. While you do have bloggers who follow your preferred protocol, I’m certain there are heaps more who don’t. Picking on the one person who’s already addressed the situation for you isn’t going to change that reality. Or bestow any of us with the gift of time travel so you can receive the permission FIRST. It’s done, it’s happened, she took it down and apologized.

          I thought Mystic’s reply to you was very even and conciliatory. Now will you please just stop harping about it.

  40. I’ve got Leo 4th house, only heavenly body there is Dionysius… Does this mean I’ll finally get my dream house/apartment full of beautiful things with plenty of room for friends to stay and have big elegant PARTAYs and extravagant dinners with people I love??

    I certainly hope so!

  41. All I’ve got in Leo is my descendant….and all I really know of your descendant is you’re attracted to people with those traits. Yeah, I already know I’m attracted to people who are entertaining, charismatic, showoff-y and theatrical in some way. My Libra love is a much better version of that than the actual Leo I was with for so long…he was so frakking critical and know-it-all…ugh.

    So… would descendant in Leo SHINE for me?