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Kris Tate – Wild Magic

Was just told about the most amazing shop in New York – but they ship anywhere – called Alchemy Works.

The site is rad, featuring an amazing array of esoteric info with each product, historically accurate incense, magical oils and – my fave – magical inks!!!! 

Oh how i long to be able to send lurid purple violet penned notes on parchment via carrier ibis to people.

* F.Y.I. – i never spruik! If i say i like something, it’s because i do – there is no advertising, sponsored posts or spruiking on here and there never will be. It’s why i have subscribers. So you can lurk on the Oracle or where-ever ad-free. Plus your deets will never be given to anyone or used for marketing. I’m saying this now as i’ve had a lot of approaches recently (and said no) + it’s become a f.a.q of late.

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22 thoughts on “Witchworks

  1. oh my, I would LOVE to receive a message via Ibis (or Masked Owl, etc)… you would hear a gentle tap-tappy-tap on the window and there would be an ibis silhouetted in the sunlight, a scroll in its beak… the masked owl of course would just give a distant, wraith-like ‘screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ to alert you to its presence

    PS you will know I have a life again when I am not the first to comment on these posts

    • Ibises are horrible – they sh*t everywhere and they always remind me of the Book of the Dead.

      I like magpies (to non-Australians – these are actually Arctic Crows, but they’re black and white so got called “magpies’ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-9dYCPRUuQ&feature=related)

      The thing I like most about magpies, apart from the fact that they’re really, really clever, is that if you’ve ever seen the original “Day of the Triffids” the noises the Triffids make is magpies carolling to one another :)

      Corvids all round quite frankly. While trolling YouTube for that I saw some interesting ones about ravens, so am off to look at them …..

  2. Great! I just got back from Central Amerca, Belize, where I spent most the time in the jungle. Copal was one thing I got so used to burning/ smelling, its great for sustaining and building fire. Was looking forf where to get some- this site is great they sell it in resin form :)

  3. nice site, thanks heaps Mystic, Lots of good info even if you don’t want to purchase anything.

  4. actually he sent me the wrong seeds and never answered when i asked about the mistake, fyi.

    • Wow he was great with my order and sent me amazing samples and I got a hand written thank you. The magic oils are amazing!

  5. I suppose it’s a sad sign of cynicism on the rise that Mystic even gets asked about spruiking since so many other sites do that. I’m somewhat curious if the questions mainly come states side since we have such blatant advertising here – in fact the supposedly discreet advertising is done with such arduous effort, one can just feel the selling.

    This is one of the few completely ad free places where I never have to endure the annoyance of having the last pair of shoes I looked at online taunt me in a rotating display that “just happens” to be there. Or even on gmail, having the running line banner ads pick up words I happen to use in my messages..and trust me, those are haunting too!

    I hope people know there’s no trickery here of any sort, and mentions of awesome places, people and things are just meant for sharing. Lastly, there is never a “lead in” when one is asking a question of Mystic or the community i.e. as in having the question partially answered ending with a suggestion to buy anything. Priceless non?

    • This is why I stopped watching The View. So many advert tricks, the show became almost one long advert. on top of the commercials already there. I only stayed for the 20 mins of free form conversation and the occasional deep celeb like Mrs Streep. The rest was all ads. I would much rather pay to not see adverts.

  6. in unrelated news, I decided to do what the Oracle tells me for change and see what happens. So in response to housewitchery cures, I get: replace broken light bulbs, burn lovely strong citrus oils, do some Bast-worship. So after a monumental effort to change a particularly difficult and long-extinguished light bulb, I then filled my oil burner with my entire citrussy collection – lime, grapefruit, sweet orange, bergamot (no lemon alas). I am a closet aromatherapy freak, by the way. I LOVE essential oils and have a hooog collection.. so that was easy. Bast worship, more difficult as i own (/host) no cat nor cat imagery, other than one fabulous painting. So I knew where I could find a cat though. There is a friendly neighbourhood feline who always wants to say hello and proffer his silky-soft fluffy coat for a cuddle. Thus, a trip to the shops and some extra-time pats and attention for my little friend. The next Housewitchery answer was ‘peachblossom remedy’ … so do I do that before or after the Traditionally Handsome Parisian Leo comes to stay (as a friend..he has a girlfriend I understand) …? lol 😉

  7. Much appreciate the confidentiality Myst and your ethics. Special
    in this information-data age.

    Sorry to hear Assange is going to be extradited to Sweden
    as if he is then forced to USofA, they may shoot him.
    Outlaw, yes. Criminal, no.

    • oh yes now THAT is news and current affairs isn’t it. Peter Hartcher and others on ABC24 (Australia) gave a very good discussion on that this eve.

  8. There are some rare essential oils listed. Opoponax ruled by Pluto,
    it’s the secret ingredient in YSL Opium range.

    • How is it used, Pegasus? I know nothing of it and am intrigued enough to consider ordering it… i suppose i could know nothing and just wake up to it by myself.

      I have some Opium but find it too sweet. Is opoponax bitter and deep?

      • Late reply Millie, it’s very Plutonic, wouldn’t use it alone but as a base note or fixative to a sweeter-lighter EO of choice. Ylang Ylang added would make it an aphrodisiac. Sandlewood?Orange?Too expensive to use in a diffuser-burner, although burners are a sure fire way to test quality. If any sediment left it then it’s diluted but an expensive way to find that out.
        Finest oils do not have any crust-sediment left after.
        Found some London in ’80 and was thrilled coz only read about it and haven’t seen it anywhere listed since.

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