The Zodiac In Light

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Brit artist Darren Pearson has devised a spesh technique & done all the signs of the Zodiac “in light.”ย 

You can see them all here – Taurus looks strange all skeletal lol…Above is Virgo – presumably morphing into St Virgo mode to declutter the garage.ย 

Speaking of Virgo – how hideously fulfilling is life-tracking, with this Mars in Virgo vibe?


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28 thoughts on “The Zodiac In Light

      • I don’t think so. If I’m going to go through the trouble of vacuuming, I don’t want my efforts wasted.

      • I think that’s fair… I mean you really want it to suck. The trouble is they don’t push themselves. A Virgo in the house is very handy as their vacuuming skills are above par.

          • Sadly, I am a Cancerian and therefore my vacuuming skills are below par. I have Virgo somewhere I think as I must match all my socks, but it’s not positioned well enough for vac-ing.

            And did you know, most household dust is actually our skin cells…? eek!

        • That is so funny, my Virgo Dad taught me how to vacuum and how to mow the lawn :)

      • Not if it’s a dyson. They’re like the BMW of vacuuming… Purrrr

      • I just bought an AEG UltraOne AEL8820 and it’s very, very good. Quietest, most powerful machine I’ve come across. Try it before you buy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I don’t think so! There is much more of the goddess than the vacuum in St Virgo!

  1. oh, they’re amazing!! I LOVE leo with the blue haze. And libra is quite interesting, and scorp. Aqua too. naturally, the pisces image is also charming ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. LOL I’d like to borrow St Virgo to tidy up my kitchen. Wonder if there’s a novena?

  3. Scorpio’s my favorite, I love how it reflects in the water, and it looks like it’s waiting in a parking garage for some unwitting passerby.

  4. Loving the Neptunian “Under the Bridge” references in the supposedly sparkling clean lines of the Pisces image… “i gave my life awa-aa-y”…

  5. I’m going to go against the general consensus and say I don’t like them.
    Many of the backgrounds I find irrelevant to the sign they’re accpmpanying…for example, the Aries background looks like the rising sun, To me that would be more suited to Leo. The blue haze Of Leo to me would be more suited to say Scorpio or Pisces, the open road of Gemini to Sagittarius…am I being somewhat simplistic in my views?

    • I totally agree. I love the concept but the backgrounds just don’t enhance the elements of a lot of the signs. If you’re going to make complete images, you should brush your symbolism all the way through, like tarot does. I think the Sagg works best, and pretty peeved the Pisces is bereft of water – we die you know in those environments – ooh, maybe he’s making a social point there…

    • I agree, the concept is good however these don’t really appeal to me

  6. Since it got all Mars-y I’ve been DOING WHATEVER THE FUQ I WANT and loving it. SO many big life changes!