The Tao Of You

Franklin booth Moon

It’s intense, non?  The streets are full of lunatics. Literally i saw a vagrant cursing the “cruel moon” and waving his bottle of rum at it just now. One’s own – shall we say – Darwinian impulses are off some secret Richter scale.  Everyone is Scorpionified to the max (odd how my spell checker doesn’t get that word) but of course, that means that the potential for personal transformation is immense. It’s time to tune back into your Tao Of You – your own personal Moon Sign…Yes? And this is probably so obvious as to not warrant repetition here BUT please stay away from Lower Scorpio type scenarios this weekend.  Nothing stalkery, no control-dramas, no dabbling in seances or crypto-seductions or angst over people you should probably be gliding away from, no glance back.

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111 thoughts on “The Tao Of You

    • A seance is communication with the dead. Tarot isn’t necessarily getting in touch with dead people.

      • Yes, question was aimed at whether to lay off psychic/occult/divination/ironing in general for about 48h, or just seances 🙂

        • My personal feeling is no, just the dead people. 🙂 Beltane (here in NH) is considered a good time for divination, thinning of the veil and all that, so it would be terrible to have a No Divination ban. Since only the dead people were mentioned, more of a Scorp thing than divination in general, I’m having some divination!

          • Oh good, as I was doing some tarot this morning 😉

            My virgo moon just goes automatically into worrying overdrive…

            I am such a newb.

            • I had an incredible Tarot reading yesterday! Today and tomorrow are all about psych insight work– professionally. I’m bummed to be sitting behind my computer screen and working on a gorgeous night like tonight, but this Supermoon is super swell for my professional work.

  1. Yep! Seems to be magnifying everything else too – we can do this 🙂

  2. I am not sure if anyone else noticed that last week was intense! It seemed like everyone in my office was going through some type of crisis, but not with each other. Big lessons that are going to set the vibe for the next little while. Scattered in this was some amazingly good moments that also point to the future. I have spent the weekend so far just absorbing everything. Did anyone else have a psychotic week?

    • Well yes that is why my horoscopes were so intense all week – it was not just the full moon building, it’s zap zone getting into place for the exact hit late june & mercury opp saturn xx

      • I just hope that is enough time to convert those lessons to an amazing phoenix!

        • I realised today that I think I’ve been having a minor breakdown for three months. I don’t normally live like a slob and behave like Oscar the Grouch and hide from the doorbell and eat lollies for dinner and cry uncontrollably on the floor at 9 at night and re-wear my socks because I forgot what day of the week it was and didn’t do any washing and forget to respond to emails and not answer the phone when it rings and put my bins out late at night to avoid my neighbours and drink coffee instead of eat and stare at walls and not have any sense of self or find any reason for anything….

          But in between working incredibly hard, this is what I’ve been doing.

          And I’ve only noticed it because I’ve stopped. And because I look like a vampire and my hair is somehow two inches longer than the last time I looked in the mirror.

          Am I alone here?

          • Oh darling! You’re not alone. I’m not going through it now but i remember such times. But you’re not alone. I wondered wher you’d been.

            How are you feeling now? Do you have any particular feeling or thoughts?

          • Hi Seabird,
            man, I’m sorry to hear about you going thru a crapola time. you had a big move from the bush to the city in amongst all that didn’t you Hun ? I hope something positive blossoms out of it all…xx good to see you back here, little steps getting back amongst the people is a sweet start..or do you feel the desert calling you again ? Xxx gentle hugs lovely one.

            • Aw gee, thanks! It’s funny how in the past couple of years, when I’ve had my worst times – it’s actually on here that i find solace. I am one of those souls that goes missing completely when it’s not working out for me, and I’ve only just surfaced. nd I thought I was doing this Mars thingie so well! (but clearly not..)

              And yes, CR, you darling for remembering – that’s what has happened. 4 years out of the big smoke and the re-entry has been FRIGHTFUL. So much has changed so quickly. I know that for those that stay it’s like a lobster being boiled alive, theoretically the heat increases slowly and so you don’t feel the pain. But for me, having dodged the GFC by hanging out in the remote Middle East – bingo bango now it;s all come back to haunt me!

              But almost better now – thankyou guys!!

              • I hear you Seabird re going to ground…

                Also re the finding solace here too.

                I remember you mentioning when you were in the Middle East that sometimes you just felt like something Aussie Chick, and whammo, there was Mystic.

                Glad to hear you’re on the mend, and just cause im a bossy Aries, would be good to hear you’ve got some greens into you ! (ps been there… substitute lollys for dinner for milo for dinner !) xxx

                Is there some where beachy or windy you can go to recharge ?

                Blessings Madame Gemmie Pie, sweet dreams. x

    • Yes it has been, or rather I am hoping that this weekend is the peak of our ongoing difficulties. But agree I had an amazing insight ( which the oracle & previous stars have been promising) which means that the decision I realised today that I may have to make ( but am leaving that to Monday), much easier.
      Alot is coming our way, yet other parts of our lifes have the breaks slammed on making it difficult to take up these opportunities – we’ll work it out and am looking forward to life flowing a bit smoother & faster again.
      Others around us are in situtations that reflect this too.

      • Good luck with your decision. Hey, but it seems like those brakes are there to make us look up and watch where we are going. I think it is a great opportunity – just a bit of tough love to endure in the mean time.

    • Yep I definitely noticed that! Stress, paranoia, criticism and lots of weird digestive problems! Amongst many (specifically women, or at least they were they only ones admitting it)

      • yes yes sick tummy most of week till suprise birthday was over. and my son was tummy sick too. Being the 2nd born he takes on his mothers angst poor thing but he is ok now

    • Absolutely!! 🙂

      I made some comment somewhere around here 😉 in a similar vein. I’m not intense, but I saw meltdowns and more.

      My Cap moon isn’t overly challenged by this. I have Neptune in Scorpio too so it would seem the worst I’m feeling is alittle zapped and a little introverted, which suits my reflective mood so .. so far so good but will see what happens at band practice today.. I hope the guys aren’t nuts!!

      The only thing I’m deliberately refraining from dolng this weekend is contacting my Scorp sis for a catch up. LOL

      • Sensible Scorp Sis Sidetracking, Scorchy.

        Band practice could be rather introspective but actually that could be quite nice for creating and jamming towards a good flow. Scorps on the whole are people of few words so keeping the musical focus rather then personality focus might refresh all xx

        • Right on Mille!

          Band was vibing pretty good, was fun, centred, and egos were out of it so yes, just creative with random jamming and spontaneous new stuff.

          I ended up waking at 3am unable to swallow, picked up some sort of bug somewhere yesterday so a low key day for me. Still feeling some emotional drag from that moon too, not exactly vibing full Saggi mojo.

  3. it has been dang awesome! Great week for me as i had a chance to really shine for having fortitude, skills and wisdom.
    And of course with 7 kids all over here, i always get news, a revelation about what they are up to during fulls moons..this one having been closer to Earth, has been extra potent, I think..
    Seems like any small thing triggers a new charged situation with my kids right now!(Mars in Gemini in my fifth squaring Pluto in Virgo in my 8th house is facing some mighty exciting angles for the next few weeks..
    Now, when is my new wonderful man friend gonna be here?

    • I agree with eleneetha! Although the prior weeks were extremely tense and stressful this past week was awesome with respect to being empowered by the owner of the company I work at and him giving me responsibility. I have wanted this since the beginning (1 year ago) and I think it is finally breaking through. A little scary but this work situation is an opportunity that is preparing me for something much better. Also, wishing my man would return. 🙂

  4. Too true about the fringe-folk. I usually pass the odd homeless person while walking the dog, but this morning it did seem they had all hit the streets together, glancing nervously over their shoulder or talking to themselves.

    Oddly, I have found these past few days very peaceful and contented, working with a lot of focus, progressing projects for my home and making new friends. Nothing compared to the recent, hideous retro period, which turned life on its head and then some.

    And i have a Scorpy-Scorp moon.

  5. The last few days have been like my zenith . A Taurean besties noticed it over dinner lastnight and said ” are you in a really good place at the moment ?” . Nothing on the ground has changed but I definately have, suddenly . Yes Venus has been tangoing with a handfull of my natal planets but I actually reckon its plutonic shifts at work. I have nothing in scorpio but saturn is presently squaring my north node in capricorn and saturn is grinding over my eighth house. Yes , I said grinding intentionally . Eighth house is x-rated and saturn is making me face upto it…so this fattened Scorpio moon is phoenixing material .
    maybe I just rationalize too much and there is just a dark and badass vibe haunting us all at the mo but after grokking some suffering thru letting go recently I like to think this is a personal rebirth of sorts.

    Just out moonwalking with my feline in the moonshine. Bliss!
    But I dont think I’d like to be in inner city metropolis tonight..

  6. amazing amazing stuff – it’s love – stir crazy love expansion – psychic social acupuncture – against work load sanity, am going on an epic walk tomorrow – up up up and into a place of tarns and stunted trees – make an offering – eat some food – and gallop back home again, back to the lists and lives xx to all here

  7. You’ve just explained why my thoughts have lingering on people that I’ve been letting slowly drift out of my life.

    Keep looking back to November last year and seeing them as part of my life, and how they don’t really fit….

  8. Is over depth-psycho-analyzing something your man says to you considered lower scorp? one weird response to something i said just threw me into paranoia insecurity land where everything else has been absolutely great in every way. arggghhh. was thinking about switching from “vibing heavy and unsure” to “just drop it and go with the flow”

      • haha. thanks. sometimes i like to “taurus” myself and instead of being intense I choose to “chug along” like a toro would do. Trying to do that but when you say to your boyfriend “you’re a keeper” flirtatiously and he’s like “don’t say that” it’s big fodder for paranoia. Then again I guess a lot of men are like that. I took back the statement and said, “fine, you’re on lease with option to buy”. goddamned gem moons. should have followed it with a comment about travelling the world without him. hee hee

  9. Still sludging through epic Aquarian b.s…as optimistic as the horoscopes are, I just cannot see everything all of a sudden coming together at any point anymore. Every aspect of my life is in, non-existent love life, finances, health and the only friends I’ve got are netflix and this website. Miraculously, I still find it in me to be courteous to most people around me..I did have a “lower-scorp” confrontation with a co-worker who tried to strong-arm me into doing something that I did not agree with. 2012 has not been my year so far..

    • Same here, except with a Scorpio moon. Too much to do, not enough time, no social life, friends are all far away, work’s turned into a slog to the next point with no end in sight.

      • Yeah, I have Aries moon, Pisces Ascendant, and this whole moon business is conjunct Pluto in my 8th house. A good percentage of the Aquarians that I know are going through it something terrible. I just don’t see how everything will clear up anytime soon. I was really affected by the death of Junior Seau, all though I am in no way a sports fan. He was an Aquarian. I guess I saw his suicide as a loss for us Aquarians and a sadness came over me after realizing that things really are just THAT bad for some of us, but you’d never know it because we just soldier on..I am hoping sooooo hard that things turn around soon for all of us!!

        • Hey, Brenda, hang in there, lovely. Your words express exactly how i felt most of last year and half the one before it. It’s hard enough when one of those areas is hit, let alone all of them. Let’s just say that i had two things i could turn to: counsellor and the bottle. It was often quite a tousle. I can’t say this year has been a doddle but i can say i have more skills, more strength and more content with how i’m handling it. The other thing is, everyone is under hard astro: i blamed myself for unwittingly getting it wrong and making my own life hell somehow. Now i can honestly say, hey it’s life being tough, not me being a failure.

          Little moments of random beauty or vicarious joy may not add up to those key areas of your life, like health, money, love etc. But sometimes they are what we have, and we must invest in ‘the crumbs’. You’re holding firm to your principles, so it’s clear that you have the strength and the heart. Find some rest xxx

      • Yes. Slog, sludge and drudge. It seems Aquarians are in a phase that demands adjustment to mediocrity at the moment…standby for mass break-out of freedom seeking Uranian types soon. I think we’re reaching critical mass…

  10. Very intense week at work and emotionally. Have found I suddenly have turned the corner on a personal boundary issue that has been plaguing me for 2-3 years. All of a sudden deep in my soul it changed to ENOUGH! No more!

    Thanks for the reminder for this weekend. Will continue to take deep breaths, put myself in time out when I am about to explode and keep moving forward. My mantra for this week has been “I choose to be healthy”. So far it has worked to keep me out of lower Scorp Scenes.

    • Been watching the growth of one of my besties, a Toro over the last few years.. in particular with work. Seems to be very cellular so that kind of morphing does take time.

      Not affecting my Toro Asc quite the same way so it’s curious.

  11. Hm, yeah, some thoughts definitely straying into danger-zone regarding people best left alone… will heed this advice!

    On another note, lots of car accidents lately. Anyone else notice this?

    • yeah, found a massive blood splatter on the corner here in Brooklyn and people were just walking over it like “ho hum, just another full moon…”

      • I <3 Brooklyn and NYC, but there is a sort of human being related hubris when it comes to the environment there. It's as if people don't like to acknowledge the natural world exists and affects peeps. :3 It was just something I noted as an outsider.

  12. Full Moon story: Just sent an Aries with Scorp Moon away – it was a budding relationship, turned into he spending most of the nights at my place..Then he started giving decoration ideas – change the bed spread, it is too cheery, etc..

    Well, he didn’t know Saturn tromping on my 7th house was all about boundaries for this Pisces rising. And I learned one or two things how my troubles with controlling relationships begin. Not to irk anyone too much, I told him it was better for us to be friends. He complained but..he is gone. Well.

    • Good for you! Your space, not his. Never will I allow that again either.

      • Don’t you love a bit of a distance so to be curious about the other and develop into some sort of a team over time?

  13. Interesting transition with my job. Has been very stressful since October but more so since November.. work and relationships. This past week the owner gave me responsibility and is seeking out my opinions on company issues. This is big! Don’t know how long it will last since he has a tendency to flip the switch very quickly but for now it’s my time to perform. This stressful job opportunity is building me up for something much better I just know it.

    Relationship wise, my guy reached out to me last weekend. I thought we might get together since we haven’t seen each other since November but nothing panned out. I let it be. He’s having troubles with his business so he must be focused on that! Still hoping we can rekindle and see if we can get back to where we were prior to November. It got bumpy between us when he started pulling me into his life. Getting scared on his part I quess. Oh well.. still love him! Crazy as that may sound but we have a good connection when we are together. He has been beaten by one relationship and he holds onto that. I thought a good relationship with me MIGHT bring out some positive thoughts from him! Again, oh well.. it has been fun for me!

  14. Well thank Fuq I’m not working this weekend….last thing I need is a psycho adult patient, psycho patient’s parents, or just a crazy work vibe in general. Otherwise I’m using this moon for something creative…..I feel a bit inspired.

  15. I must say, I am feeling surprisingly subdued. But hearing more sirens than usual over the past day or two.

  16. This weekend, I am so grounded I can’t even see the sun. EFT, mind mapping, a little wine, a few Psalms in the bathtub. Seclude thyself.

  17. On my front, not much to report except I am falling in LOVE!!! with my Taurus with a scorpio moon.
    I didn’t know if I would want more than fun with him. We are very different in many ways, but not in our core values.

    He’s the one having the hard weekend. Having to pack up and move out without another place to move. I told him he could crash with me and like a real man he refused. Said he would be over cause he wanted to be.

    Tuesday, Beltane, I returned home from my vacation. Taurus man was so happy, held me just right, showered me with kindness.
    May Day is magical for me, always has been.

    Painted my bedroom yesterday! Looks good. Today, hanging with the kids, cleaning up, going to the beach.

    • What color did you paint your bedroom kittyfish? And why did you pick that color?

      Pisces/Aries Mercury doc and his wife (their birthdates both the same…different year) doing bright colors in the chiro office…I mean really bright but good cuz I work in the dark all day and a jolt of color is refreshing to the brain..

      Your Toro sounds like a sweet guy…I texted the Toro on his birthday as he did me on mine and keeping it light but of course deep down I know it is not so light…

      Meanwhile this is my song and I don’t mind to comply…
      He has Toro Mercury opposite Scorp Neptune 1st/7th axis…He has Aries Venus in 12th….huge idealizations..

      Years ago I called the Tao “tayo” in front of my 15 year old Kataka..She was like “Mom, it’s pronounced “dow”…


      • ps, with Venus in Toro opposite Scorp Neptune, I have often been a “fantasy” to men…but it depends on who the man is and whether I’m willing to play that, in part…

        I say “in part” as Cap Moon/Aries Sun only gonna take that so far…lol

        • Then I Iower the boom and bitch, there a real woman under here….


          Just joking…I am not that harsh but you can’t keep a Cap/Aries down and expect them to play a fantasy…OMG, are you kidding?

        • sweetpea, I too have Venus opposing Neptune – is it we look like “fantasy” to them or we are hooked to the “fantasy” ones? I can never be sure.

          • I think it works both ways with the opposition being how one can project and all…But in a couple of instances…this recent one included, they saw me…I was not even aware they existed…

            I told the Toro that the first day I met him at the drugstore….”I didn’t even see you”…He turned and looked at me in the eyes and said …”well, I saw you”

            But then don’t men in general anyhow? One tarot lady I knew years ago said they pick us, not the other way around…

            Hey Q, that’s the second aspect, besides our Cap Moon degree that we have in common…x

            • Of course I didn’t even mention what is going on on the subconscious/soul level of two peeps and why they cross paths..

                • ha, good one Pegs..we’ll see…

                  I think this is a wounded calf…

                  With Aries Venus/Chiron conjunct his Pisces NN in 12th opposite Libran Mn, something happened. I worked on his chart during the Scorp Moon (not intentionally timing it that way but I did need to understand..then I took an hour walk under the Scorp Moon…beautiful..

                  Never the less, he has a highly spriitual chart…

                  Saturn in Toro, 12th…

                  Venus rules Saturn and Venus is in the 12th opposite so much Virgo in 6th…(service, etc)

                  Virgo rules Chiron…He has Uranus in Libra conjunct Virgo SN..He was some kind of progressive healer in the past.

                  His MC is ruled by Capricorn…My Moon is conjunct opposite his Cancer Sun/Mn midpoint…What this means is that I’m living the healing/spiritual life he is aspiring to for his wholeness. I will help and be his friend by example if given more opportunity. It’s up to him but spirit keeps leading him back…we’ll see..

                  Like Mystic said on another post…synastry charts take hours and just looking at his took hours till I grasped the key parts and drew the aspect lines with a marker..A whole new picture emerged & I respect him more than I had.

                  With what I now know of course I would not take advantage of him or his vulnerabilities…

                  But geeze he is cute… 🙂 x

                  • Barbara Hand Clow’s Chiron book helped alot to. I don’t always resonate with everything she says but alot makes sense.

            • I got what you mean: I made so many mistakes about the emotions of others, now “he is showing his friendship” is my default. I can’t understand when someone is or isn’t flirting with me. A lot goes underneath, you are right.

              • Yes, I had a huge illusion shattered years ago but it lead to much evolutionary growth which the Saturn in my is more mindful of. x

      • Hey sweetpea!

        I made a color with a bunch of left over paints hoping to make a color I liked. I did! It is a mixture of sea green, light perwinkle blue, cream. It came out a lovely light soft greyish green with hints of blue.

        It goes well with the ocean scenery here. Green is such a healing color too.

        My hallway and staircase are a mustardish yellow. The upstairs is a dark lavender that runs throughout the kitchen, dining room, and most of the living room. Two walls of the living room are orange though. My bathroom is creme though…needed a mellow neutral space there.

        I know what you mean about the light/ but not light communications.

        I can’t imagine your cappy moon/aries sun taking a part too far. Important to not lose oneself. My moonand venus in the 12th can be whatever you want me to be…..but that moon is in Leo, so quickly goes, Hell no.

        • haha…about your Moon in Leo in 12th…Some things just ~cannot~ be held down….Maybe you recall my Mom double Sun-Mn Leo but not in 12th…presently I don’t remember what house she was in …9th I think…

          I have a green light in my massage room for the healing effect. Your colors sound lovely. Doc’s Pisces wife did a rich milk choc with a bright green back drop on one wall down the hall. I have taken to naming the hallway “the milky way” (after the choc bar 😯 😆 ) She has integrated some creme colored walls in the reception area. I wish I could put a pix up of her. She is 44, long blond wavy/willowy hair and dresses so cool and Piscean/flow like.

    • all the lessons endured in our past prepare us for magic to come 🙂

    • 🙂 🙂 Awesome , CM! Sounds purely delightfully honest and enjoyable.
      Love in capital letters is always nice to read about. Thanks for sharing with us here. 🙂

    • Yay Catfish! Sounds awesome.

      Sweetpea.. you had me entertained reading your posts.:)

      Have had that fantasty thing here and there with partners but don’t have that opposition so maybe it’s the chart of the dude who sees the female in that light then.

      Cap moon, check, Neptune in Scorp, check but Venus trine Asc Toro.

    • Thanks everyone! It has been forever since I felt so peaceful about a man. Enjoying it.

      Glad to report our full moon here was a great day. Beautiful day at the beach with the kids, Toro and other friends showed up, big Cinco de Mayo meal on the beach with bonfire. Even my antisocial hermit Pisces boy wanted to stay for a long time.

  18. So excited about this. I’m not sure why…maybe it’s because I’ve been feeding my Moon in Virgo all week.

  19. I was going to call in to a new acquaintance about a potential source of secret $$$ today (very Scorp Moon) but I noticed Mercury opp Saturn…and guess what? my conversations today: economics of the sex trade, the secrets of the Catholic church, giving a dark corner litterbox to irresponsible neighbor’s cat who frequents my floor for dinner…

    yep…this can wait.

  20. The Kentucky Derby is slated to take place in just a few hours under this full Moon in Scorpio. There was to be a horse named Astrology in the running but his people took him out of the running for a different race on another day – I can’t help but wonder if they pulled him due to a reading. I’m not a racing fan but the Triple Crown competitions always capture my attention in spite of myself. I’ll watch hoping everyone finishes without injury.

    • I’m not a fan of racing either, particularly when fixed jumps are part of the deal. Call that my inner Centaur being Saggi but I get annoyed at the lack of regard for them.

  21. I’ve been nonstop mars in Virgo since 5:30 am. Starting the morning with a trip to the dump to recycle a trunk load of old electronics. My qi felt so good getting rid of that clutter. Bought new pots and pans. Can’t wait to toss the old, warped ones. It’s like all signs of my old life must be removed from my space before midnight.

    • I was on a mission to re-vibe and re-own my space for the Moon, too! And funny, yes some pans and other metal and core domestic stuff. Only then was i free to celebrate Full Moon. I’m here in the morning feeling my space differently… it’s great!

      • Buying pans is a kind of big deal for me. I like spending money on fashion. But this morning I emptied my kitchen cabinets, checked the expiration date and tossed expired canned goods, matched up all the Tupperware and tossed misfits…all to make space for my shiny new pans. Lol! Mars in Virgo is making me insane but my Qi is loving it! No more lying with broken/misfit/unwanted things!

  22. My beloved and I are off to buy a new mattress today, upon which to channel some Haute Scorp energy. I had terrible insomnia last night though… Went to early evening drinks, then woke up angry and paranoid about work, with a 2am hangover. Workplace is in serious zap mode, somthing’s gotta give.

  23. omg, please virgo rising, when is the virgo sh1te gonna stop!? i can’t take anymore cleaning. my arms hurt, my knees are killing me. the only thing i haven’t done is take out the toothbrush to detail the corners of the floors. randomly, “i don’t like these cups” in the recycle bin. someone hide the cats. help!

    • I cannot believe it myself. Crazy. The other day, I eyed my neighbors recycling bin disapprovingly. No one had sorted their trash properly in my eyes. For a moment, I considered reorg-ing community trash.

  24. I’ve got a low Scorp flu. Haven’t had one this bad in years.

    Say what KIND of rum was that guy waving ?

  25. Major insights this weekend. I feel like I am truly phoenixing. Have been cleaning the house with unusual enthusiasm and doing a lot of journalling.

    I have realised there is nothing I am scared of in a future relationship. I was emotionally abused in the past. I was left alone at the most difficult time.
    I have always had a fear of abandonment and the recovery afterwards has always been so exhausting and painful. This time it was literally exhausting and painful ( physically and emotionally ). I am survivng the worst kind of abandonment right now and no one can ‘out-do’ what has already been done to me in a relationship. Sounds crazy but it feels liberating.

    I am appreciating my saturn return/transit SO much right now. Saturn is still right on my natal pluto. I have new strength and respect for self and the sweet intolerance for someone else’s bullshit, strong shiny new boundaries 🙂

    It’s a 3 month anniversary today of the loss that has changed me ( not talking about a relationship but that was in the mix too ). I am hoping to do a release ritual.

    • You GO! Sweet success of a hard earned reward… it’s with you for life. Happy!

    • Abandonment is the worst!! Sounds like you are on your way to healing that!! I hope so!! God Speed!!

      • thanks, VE and milleunanotte 🙂
        I do feel like I am healing and appreciating the positive changes resulting from a devastating experience.
        I know it sounds intense and dramatic but it really shook me to the core ( well, saturn did return to my 4th house after all with the natal stellium of saturn-sun-jupiter-pluto and mercury there ).

    • oh dear! Good job on recognizing what you need to work on. I have been there too. Keep it up. It is so liberating to realize the worst has been done and you survived. You are strong and wiser now. xoxox

  26. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this moonism…Interesting to watch go by though :p

  27. WOW…have I seen some Lower Scorp/full moon energy slinging around.Peeps acting crazy everywhere….in the last 24 hours, I witnessed:
    -a woman going nuts on a guest services person at the movies. Something to do with an argument over a rewards card…the lady grabbed it back from the employee, and was like “that’s not cool.” No idea what it was about but both people behaved embarrassingly.
    -dinner later that nite in a typical for San Francisco scenario: tables WAY too close together so there’s no way to avoid eavesdropping on your neighbors’ conversations. Couple next to us seemed to be on a horrendous blind/Internet date. The woman looked like she wanted to eat her own arm off to get out there….guy was cluelessly making mediocre conversation.
    -Later I myself was on the receiving end of a bitchy customer who seemed to be looking to get free stuff. I’m covering CS line for one of my clients while they’re out of town. This woman asked for my name with the outright LIE “You’ve been so helpful, give me your name so I can let your manager know.” I know she didn’t think I’d been helpful and it was clear she was planning to try to get me fired/”in trouble.” Sorry lady, I’m just a consultant!
    -had a bunch of emotional stuff bubble up today and had difficult relationship conversation with my boyfriend while we were out on a walk. Crying on a dirt path in the middle of a canyon. Hard, but ultimately positive and reaffirming for us. Whew!

    I think it’s a good thing we’re too broke/busy to go out tonite.

  28. oh, lower scorp stuff, right. sorry. so, like, the finally having enough with a group of people’s crap, and flushing a whole toxic mess of them in virgo decluttering frenzy? i feel lighter, but somewhat dirty for being involved in the whole drama to begin with.

    cats are hiding in various closets.


  29. Fuqin’ headphuq of a moon that one… Ego death, depression, insomnia, elation and just feeling supidly off-centre… Blah! Looking fwd to the black moon…

  30. i think i’ve been high scorping it with a weekend full of visiting relatives and lots of entertainig. Got a lot of connection with my scorpy bro on the bushwalk and that was great Captured my my beautiful son’s birthday bash on video and posted off to all the interstate relos’. Keepig sensitive to all and een scopred it up with the SO but more lovin there than usual mmmm

  31. A “supermoon” has graced the skies, appearing bigger and brighter than usual, as it comes closer to the Earth. The phenomenon, known as a perigee full moon, means the Moon appears up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when it is furthest from the planet. When the Moon appears at its biggest it will be just 356,400km (221,457 miles) away, compared to its usual distance from Earth of 384,000km (238,606 miles).

    • Interesting and logical because of elliptical orbits.
      Here is South Australia it’s been overcast, no spectacular view, dammit. Perhaps tonight as it’s clearing.
      Did watch ‘7 years inTibet’ though last night, based on true story. 6000 temples destroyed & 1.000.0000 magical Tibetans massacred in the 40’s.
      When preparing a bulding, they hand re-located earth worms to avoid their death by spades, because who knows, they may have been their Mother’s in a past life 🙂

  32. I have to say…….this moon isnt bad when you don’t have to deal with the outside world for a weekend.

      • This has been the best few days in a long, long time. And yes I was away for those days–so somewhat disconnected from “real world” for short time. But absolutely fantastic! The moon was marvelous! Everything felt magical. I just felt like “me” and very happy. Like, oh yeah. I remember this feeling…

        Now of course I am back to being literally surrounded by calendars (three! that need to be cross-correlated) and several journals, and a dog-eared checkbook, and 16 color pens.