54 thoughts on “The Diva Mars

  1. Guess that’s shakin’ a tail feather for you. Seriously awful frock with bad fit.
    Great voice doesn’t make up for some faux pas.

    • Maybe all that Virgo Exactitude didn’t let her step back and take in the big picture.

      If you want to see awful frocks you should check out her sister, Solange. Apparently their mum made their clothes when younger.

      • not just younger, mother is designer who did most of destiny child as well. makes her kids her wear her stuff.

      • Feathers? I was put in mind of those fuzzy pastel mats that fit around the pedestal of a commode.

  2. I love the dress!!! Love Beyonce, love Jay Z- best celeb couple ever! Perfect red carpet attire for an uberstar :)

  3. I like that dress, if for no other reason than it annoys people. I am learning that where there is polarisation there is potential for Something New To Be Learnt!

    (I also actually like it for the concept see-through – gradational feather skirt, and the fact that she has such an amazing figure.)

    I watched the second half of a show about her the other eve where she was going out on her own biz-music wise, it was very interesting to witness (albeit in shithouse commercial TV format) the independence and some of the creative process some of her work. Showbiz fascinates me, I want to be IN it.

      • Good question, AS. I was probably being more general, but I was coming from the ideas that controversial items , or things that challenge our / my ideas of what’s normal, or beautiful etc etc. can sort of ‘catalyse’ reactions from the audience, and challenge us. Why are we disliking it, revising our expectations, people arguing, hopefully reaching new understandings, it’s all quite fun really. I mean no one’s really had much to say re the dress so maybe not the best example.

        And still though, dresses vs. Couture, or not, maybe there’s an idea behind that construction and the designer has something to say (it might just be “I drank way too much absinthe while starstruck by Beyonce as I designed this” or it might be sthing else) , who knows 😉 anyway there ya go, bit of loose thinking from me xx

        • Oh and the other thing, one idea always leading to another – so.. unappealing as something is, you never know where you or someone else could take it..that’s how I see it anyway.

        • You have a good point, this dress seems bereft of value, though, and I was genuinely wondering what your excellent thinking would come up with. :) The people on the right are busily snapping away doing their job, while the people on the left are wondering if they can leave yet. The dress is unflattering, the lace/beads/sequins on the sleeves make her arms look fat and her hips/butt look like some gluteus medius work is in order.

          So why would someone wear a dress, a revision of a late 1800’s, early 1900’s complete with fluffy train, unattractive dress? Why would it be so important to those who will see the pictures eagerly being snapped? Why do people who look like they couldn’t care less have to stand there in audience?

          Is this another sign of why society needs to be restructured? People going about doing crap activities that have no meaning? I’m sure others will feel there is meaning here, and that’s fine. That’s how we have the tug of war that keeps things balanced.

          Personally, this looks like insanity.

          • so, I did a bit more research. It was the Met Ball (annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute and also a fund-raiser, pretty much collects their entire annual budget on that one evening, says NYMag.com..) , and the dress is Givenchy. Not that of course as soon as a famous fashion house attached its name to something it becomes acceptable, but it helps me get a bit more background on the thing… (also Diane Kruger turned up in a purple-feathery dress – Prada – too: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/blogs/slaves-to-fashion/2012/05/fashion-faceoff-purple-feather.html ) What I do like about it is that it is completely over the top and yes, that it does expose / show off her figure. I mean, lace AND sequins AND form-fitting AND see-through panels AND intense purple feathers, the mind boggles. It is too much, and yet (imho) this sort of stuff needs to exist! Purely because of its outrageous over-the-top-ness. … And remembering Beyonce is a kind of hyper-glamour dance music diva type (my limited understanding of her image), so a bit – or a lot – of dress-bling sort of makes sense to me.

            And, though, the ‘enforced worship of glamorous people at events only rich popular glamorous people are allowed to attend’ …yes now that’s definitely a good one. Why are we asked to pay attention, does this *actually* matter? society seems to like slavish adoration of famous sparkly people.

            oh and Pee Ess: the met museum’s costume institute this year is having an exhibition with fashion from Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada, Schiaparelli – also a Virgoan of Fashion – is ONE OF MY FAVOURITE DESIGNERS EVAH and anyone remotely near New York please please please go and tell me what it was like. In related news, ‘shocking pink’ , her “signature colour” ie mega fuschia hot pink is popping up everywhere, I predict a big fat revival of her…design spirit (if not the fashion house itself). please goddess, let it be so.

          • i know my answer was v long, wasn’t trying to argue you into the ground! but I was sort of thinking as I was writing.. :) thanks for that (not sure about the excellent thinking part but you sure had me examine it all a bit more) xx

            • No, I appreciate your thoughtful (and long) reply. I think this is an example of the societal divide. Those with mega money not understanding the affront it is to others to serve gold dust sprinkled desserts at a charity function when they can’t get a job. Charity for whom? is the thinking. There’s a new poor in society now. And while escapism increases in tough times, is the goose (that lays the golden eggs) still kicking enough to provide such Neptunian diversion unendingly?

              Your answer was great. Sparklies are important. We need to see freedom expressed, even in (questionable?) dresses. It’s just that I’m going to be sitting over here on the redistribution of wealth and rights side with my arms crossed grumpily for the whole of the Uranus in Aries transit. :)

              • that’s the thing, isn’t it. Obscene wealth – I read recently that the top handful of richest people in the UK could actually PAY OFF their country’s national debt with their net worth. o something like that. but they don’t! I don’t know how Marxist is too Marxist but holy cow, surely some redistribution of wealth is called for.. *shakes head*

            • Dear pcfr and arien scorp, am posting here, in reply to replies both above and below by you both, simply to avoid being narrowed into a one word column…that shifts to the right (horrors) as it goes on…
              Feeling you both. Maybe you are an extreme post-Keynesian, pcfr. Keynes wasn’t prepared to ditch capitalism for socialism willy nilly a la Marx, but also believed in a much greater wealth re-distribution, and a socialisation of investment in worthwhile things – and his post-Keynesian followers even more so.
              So, now you can categorise yourself without all that messy “Marx had it down but was deluded about human nature under socialism” stuff (which, in my humble opinion, he was, even if he was more far-sighted than Keynes about the impossiblity of achieving significant wealth re-distribution within the system as it is ).
              By the way, on a purely aesthetic rather than ideological level, I happened across a pic of the dress from the front, while waiting in a specialists surgery for cancer diagnosis, and gawd, I can confirm ’tis even more hideous than it appears from the back.
              You’d think the gorgeous, young, healthy and rich would at least have good taste, she wonders, as she ponders hysterectomy and the swelly belly (not to inability to do housework by oneself living alone etc) that go with it, along with the difficulties of dealing with it all given that contract ends before op happens…At least I am not in the good ol US of A, where being out of work and sick is almost criminalised these days, especially if you are homeless (which I am not, as yet).

              • That was Fi, by the way. have given up on trying to get my posts named, even when logged in, under Ie, and firefox.

              • Hey Fi, thanks so much for joining the convo! an extreme post-keynesian, that could work… my grasp of political economy is (so far) very tentative and undergraduate-ish, but hey this is why i am studying it more :D. (not straight economics tho, i’d commit harakiri in the first tute).

                I will be the first to admit that dress, if it were on me, would make me look like something out of Dynasty, but hey who am I to blow against the wind :) (I quite liked it from the front, several of the dresses had smatterings of black lace, must be a trend i spose).

                hysterectomy is a pretty gnarly operation, doll. I can’t say I hope it;s nothing serious…because what is more serious than that!!? sorry. But I do wish you good health and sound recovery if you go through with it xxxx

                bit zapped, off to sleep now, ps great idea re replying from further up so

              • Hey, thanks for the thoughts. I am in the US of A, where the ecomonic pain is intense for many. Since the new poor can’t support the structures that so much wealth is built on, redistribution may become necessary if the rich still want their slice. Revolution is frowned on here — the OWSers were treated unbelievably badly when arrested — though those in power may need to remember that Pluto was also in Cap when we had our first independence.

                Best of luck with all that is going on with you. xx

  4. Hey also while I am here, Mystic, I have a question (and don’t want to clog your email inbox).

    It’s about Sport. That is, sport as a collective phenomenon, rather than the fire-sign-y “Sporting Champion” approach.
    “Sport ” to me has elements of spectacle, the roaring / engaged masses, and yes also the star players, as well as the team-efforts that are core to a lot of it. Other than stuff like tennis, or surfing, etc. It’s also got that whole association with nationalism / the prevailing national identity etc etc
    So, like, is there an astrology of ‘sport’ that we know about? Did the Romans or ancient Greeks have anything to say about it? A 2-second intensive international research effort (Google, 2012) gave a few sites, most of them seemed to be concerned with horary astrology and predicting sporting match outcomes; a few charts for individuals etc (like this chicky : http://www.traditionalastrologer.co.za/index.php/articles/astrology-and-sport)
    I think I am curious because so far I haven’t seen too much on the blog re sport as a notion (which is fine *obviously*). Also I am a bit obsessed with ‘meta’ or macro-level information at the moment.
    yours sincerely,

    • excellent question I am also very curious.I always thought sports were an Mars & Aries type of energy.

    • not astro but barthes wrote an essay about sport maybe some clues there?

      • weren’t the first olympics athletes actually politicians? senators? good question punm

      • roland barthes, now there’s someone i need to read more of… *adds to list*

        and politians, really? huh. “whoever wins the 200m sprint gets to lead the Empire” 😀

    • PUNM I’ve just stumbled across reference to the modern rise of team sport bizarrely in “movements in modern art – Cubism” by david cottingham. Apparently the rise of team sports like soccer and rugby was a reaction to circa 1900s feminism and part of a movement to elevate a cult of action in society to muffle the sound of the bricks going through shop windows at the hands of suffragettes. Freud was happening and men were apparently feeling insecure and did all manner of things to try and assert their masculinity via plays (virile!) etc. Then a bit later on you got the futiurists who were pretty open about their misogyny and the cult of youth was part of their ideology too. I thought the team thing has to bring in uranus and obviously mars is involved, a quick look at the ephemeris of the time finds uranus, saturn and the moon’s node in sagg so there’s the sporty angle and opposing were neptune and pluto in gemini – I see some possible interps re sudden overthrowing of status quo and attempts to return the ‘natural’ order of men being men and women being quiet or cheering from the sidelines and Neptune and pluto in gemini brings new meaning to “fell down a hole” Imagine it! in gemini … It’s around the same time colonial powers were sparking nationalism as well so your nationalism theory plays into it nicely. So not sure if any of this helps or indeed whether it even makes sense because my mind is most definitely elsewhere but that’s my 2c x

      • oh wow, that’s awesome! thanks anon! yeah the whole Futurist “down with chicks and all their icky bits” seemed a little bizarre to me, but these things are usually a reaction to something else, plus they were all like, 21 year old guys 😉 or something.

        in the middle of something else at the moment but will def read this with more close attention later! wow, I love how this stuff appears when you ask the question 😀 xx

      • hmm, and also the Sagg aspect, you get increasing internationalisation? so, we expand the ‘arena’ for sport (and warfare, politics, trade – again) too?
        I suppose roman gladiators and greek olympics is one thing, then we have world cups international sporting rivalries, … hmm so much to ponder

        • yeah i think the romans etc. were more into individual activity be interesting to see what was transitting when the olympics started adding team sports. relatively speaking.

  5. Oh the similarities in the way we view celebrities and animals in a zoo.

  6. I’ve always found Beyonce to be quite a positive celebrity especially when compared to other high profile entertainers today. However the weirdness around her pregnancy was a disappointment. I have no way of knowing the truth, and really – it is none of my business – but it seemed to me there were more than a few issues which pointed to the likely use of a gestational carrier and Beyonce faking a pregnancy. I don’t like cover-ups and lies but I’d prefer to like Beyonce. Conflicted – so she’s boxed on a shelf for me for now.

    • Yeah, I agree! So strange. I don’t understand why they would try to cover up using a surrogate. It’s pretty common in show biz. This makes me think she probably didn’t fake her pregnancy. But then again, Beyonce and Jay Z are like royalty really and could you imagine the uproar if Wills and Kate opted to use a surrogate?

      • Surrogacy is not frowned upon and seems almost commonplace in today’s culture. I’d rather believe that there was no pretending. That folding belly video was disturbing because an advanced pregnancy belly simply does not crimp down into shallow folds like hers did when she sat down for that interview.

    • Umm excuse me but are you mistaking Beyonce for Nicole Kidman? Hehehe… I’ve heard that same story regarding Nicole’s pregnancies 😉

  7. The dress alludes to a art nouveau peacocks with a flamboyant feathered tail. She has a toned body. She should show it off. Flaunt while you are young!

    • sorry about the grammar and typos:

      The dress alludes to an art nouveau peacock with a flamboyant feathered tail.
      She has a toned body. She should show it off. Flaunt it while you are young!

  8. she is SO leo rising, mars NN too, no wonder. Love the peacock shot mystic

    • Yes, doesn’t it explain everything? I could never understand the Virgo bit except as a work ethic tbh. And Mars of all planets…

  9. Of all the women at this event Emily Blunt, Hillary Swank (I can’t believe I’m saying that!), Nina Dobrev (looked more mature than she ought to though) and Gwyneth Paltrow had the best looks. Carey Mulligan was also very pretty in fish scales. There were a lot of poor choices and some frightening looks but I’ll be kind and not pick on anyone.

  10. Effing hidz. Ew. I feel like a lot of her haute couture picks are a swing-and-a-miss. My favorite “oh my god gross” dress was the one with the super exaggerated/padded hips.

    Your body is beautiful on its own, Bey. Just go nude.

  11. I like Beyonce, cos she ain’t a skinny thing (not fat, but she isn’t a beanpole) and that doesn’t stop her showing what she has got.
    we are so conditioned by the idea that glamour = skinny people only, I really appreciate her being out there. It’s probly not a dress I’d wear but she has enough cred and chutzpah to carry it off (it’s an occasion for gods sake).

  12. beyonce is sooo beautiful, and tenacious smart…her and cameron at that awards event on the podium together just both looked like ultra goddesses flown in from Delphi or somewhere rarefied :)