So every day i get emails with questions such as “Are Leo and Scorpio compatible?” or “Is this a star crossed relationship as in our relationship was written in the stars?”  You know the sort of thing.

So here are some quick thoughts on the subject – quick as i am working on the thrilling Oracle Rebirth today. Subscribers, you will get an email the moment it’s up. 

* Sun Sign Compatibility is crap. There is no such thing. Yes Leo and say Aries are both Fire signs and so technically similar and thus maybe more “compatible” but actually not really. Because (a) it’s like Ego War whenever they’re together and (b) what if one of them has four planets in Capricorn? You have to look at the whole chart or it’s irrelevant.

* Synastry – the art of comparing two charts to determine compatibility via the Mars, Venus, Moon etc intra-aspects is stunningly accurate and loads of fun. There is so much amazing stuff that synastry will yield up to you with examination. BUT unless it’s you doing it for you, it can be imperfect so far as the interps are concerned. 

* Here’s why: Say you have two people and Person One has their Mercury on the Mars of Person Two.  This aspect in and of itself is Mercury (mind, rapport, communication style) conjunct another person’s Mars (libido, assertion, ego etc).  Depending on the peeps involved, this could go one of two ways.

(1) The Mars person feels totes understood and motivated by the Mercury person. The Mercury person is likewise stimulated in the company of the Mars person. Both feel aroused and ambitious in the company of the other. They scheme together. They have a kind of sexy, competitive banter going on between them.

(2) They annoy the fuq out of each other. The Mars person talks over the Mercury person in some sort of subliminal battle to achieve conversational dominance. The Mercury person inadvertently triggers every single one of the Mars persons pet hates. They feel irritated and on edge in one another’s company.

If one person has a poorly aspected Mars or they just don’t DO their Mars sufficiently OR the other person has a tricky Mercury, being around the other will make them feel inadequate, bring up as it does the unpolished areas of their persona/psyche.  If someone has Pluto aspecting the Mercury or the Mars, you’ve got Pluto in the equation every time their is a heated discussion, sex or whatever. But maybe only one person is feeling the Pluto aspect – so automatically one person is heaps more intense about everything than the other.

And this is just ONE little Mercury-Mars aspect to be taken into account. This brings me to the other drawback of synastry – it is time consuming. Anyone can spew out a list of all the aspects between you but figuring out the whole picture takes hours AND you don’t know the degree of evolution you’re working with. The Mars of – say – a martial artist who meditates and is consciously trying to have awesome relationships will be very different from the Mars of someone who flips out every five minutes at the slightest stimulus.

So synastry is amazing but actually – i.m.o. – best done d.i.y.  And the quickest way to start is to get two charts and work out the closest aspect you guys having going on. Because that is likely to be the initial signature of your relationship. eg; Sun-Mercury = intellectual rapport, Mars-Venus = Sex, Moon-Jupiter = Emotional nurturing, maybe someone gets pregnant real fast. These are just generalisations…but what do you think?


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125 thoughts on “Star-Fuqed

  1. MM, funny that you say that. I have both charts printed out and I try and figure out his! I will continue to learn more about this out of interest on what just posted. I find it fascinating. My question is this: If you don’t have the exact time and location of someone’s birth does it make a big difference on the astro chart? Thanks!! :)

    • Yes it does. It’s mainly affects a person’s rising and the other houses, as the sign changes approx. every two hours and is in relation to the horizons of the birth location. E.G. I was born in Chicago, and at the time, the house of Virgo was rising in the east and Pisces was setting in the west. They can also influence the moon, but for the most part, you can ball park that unless the person was born the day it was moving into a new sign. Then it might be either or.

      • Hey Mystic Im trying to get my sister to be a participator on your blog. Shes a libra and even though she only knows her sun rising and moon. she said she likes your libra moon site. And that its a fun site. shes too broke to subscribe but she had a blast over on Haute Lo Libra astro lol she loved the miss piggy thing we were crackin up

    • If you know the other person well enough you can do a pretty good guestimate of their rising, especially as the houses show what’s important in their life.
      I’ve done this a few times and when you get it right you just know – though exact degree may be more difficult…………..

  2. Very timely post as I was just looking up these aspects the other night!
    My partner and I have this eerily awesome compatibility, and so was looking to see what our charts say. and voila:

    his moon in sag is conjunct my Venus
    his Jupiter is on my moon in Aqua
    his north node is conjunct my merc in Capricorn
    plus: we are both 8th house suns and his rising is Scorpio which is my 7th house.


    • Think that formula could be taken note of.

      Jupiter-ians love the Water Carrier.

  3. There’s a certain catch-22 with synastry. Unless you are both really into astrology, by the time it becomes comfortable in a relationship to ask someone their time of birth i.e. acknowledge that you are consulting higher sources besides your own intelligence to check out their cred/artistic skills/dark side and promiscuity factor, you are already going along very nicely (and probably too busy enjoying this person to devote time to synastry) or have long since parted.

    • This is a good point. Usually if I get birth times out of people it’s through some kind of wheedling (like, “oh I didn’t make it easy for my mom, I was born at 4am! how about you?”), but after that either we exchange knowing glances that we’re both gonna astro-stalk each other as soon as we go to our separate homes, or I get a suspicious eyeroll.

      • since my scorp moon is skeptical by default, and I have Venus Saturn contacts, my venus in pisces can work a birth time out of a first date if they can remember it. Ill just make it a fun game, call your mom shell probably remember.

        But the egotistic types think im panning for CC info. That might take 3 weeks tops.

      • Haha great, I’m the same. Lure it out anyway possible with Scorpio stealth.

    • Exactly my first thought…obtaining time of birth let alone ask sign.
      Usually i just ask birth month & mummble about interest in Cosmology.

      Yes, even tho’ many look at Astro in their Daily Rag,it’s still woowoo.
      Mystic has done much to tweek interest being in The Australian, a daily national vis a vis state daily. She gives
      cred, so she is mentioned when i ask month. If you say Libra instead of Scorp for the month, they soon correct you with the accurate sign :-)

    • I would tell them that I am interested in astrology, and am learning how to read charts…and then I would ask if it’s OK for me to do their chart and then give it to them. 😛 They don’t have to know if I compare it to mine when I am done, hahah.

    • A friend of mine – taurus sun/ capricorn rising just asks people their sign outright. It’s one of the first things she asks, she comes from such a place of authority & has such a lovely vibe about her that people tell her & don’t question why!

      • ………..and then she goes on to ask of they know their rising etc……………

    • I actually cut if off with soulmate from hell over birthtime info withholding. I had been going through a year of bizarre psychic shit with him after a 20 year pause. He sent me a coy email about how he finally figured out his birth time without telling me the time, you know? And I realized there was nothing there between us. Nothing to hold. He had absolutely no empathy for what I was going through. Good way to cut a tie.

      I couldn’t guess his rising sign because he’s crazy. Really. Damaged goods. I just wanted a map of what my karmic route was out of that connection.

      • Omg… So I know you posted this awhile ago but I am going through the same sorry of soulmate from hell situation. I have done everything I can but can’t seem to please or fix it.
        We have a 5 yr old together otherwise I would just go. I know his deets crab sun, Leo ris & moon,,,,, me scorpio sun, Aqu ris, Virgo moon,,,, & have our charts but can’t figure them out! Right now he wants me to leave our house w child to give him space,,,, then will figure it out he says…
        He has 2 daughters from a pre. 1 just moved in with us 14yr old who id Loving having daddy to her self …… I just don’t want any karmic backlash from this shit storm!! He won’t say leave for Good but also won’t say wee will go to counseling….. Any advice…?

  4. What does “closest aspect” mean? Look to inner planets? tightest conjunctions?

    • E E L, ‘aspects’ are the angles formed between where the planets are situated in the chart, which are often described as ‘hard’ or more ‘favourable’, where things feel easier and more flowing. Hard angles, though challenging can often bring great growth and therefore, reward.
      A ‘conjunction’ is the closest aspect: it means that the planets occupy the same degree or are very near, from 1-10 degrees apart.
      MM has posted before about looking at the closest aspect in your own chart, and that is significant, and a really important element in whole astro of your chart, similarly – as above post says, between 2 charts.
      Astrodienst is a really handy site for putting in your details and looking up stuff to find out your angles/aspects etc….
      hope this helps

      • Inner planets are the ones closest to us, and are sometimes called the ‘personal’ planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus
        p.s – this is the first time i’ve helped out, hope all my info is correct, pls let me know of course!
        happy to help (Virgo can’t help it!)

        • Thank you! I wasn’t sure what was meant by the modifier “closest” in the article but if conjunctions are it.

          So i have 2 synastry conjunctions that look “close”. Do i go with the smallest orb?

          • ~ ‘tightest conjunction’, smallest orb, yep, the least degrees between. Say if you have an inner planet at 5 degrees Leo and either you or your other has something at 7 degrees Leo. Between 0-5 degrees apart is deemed pretty close conjunction.
            (check out the archives of Mystic’s – great reading to be had there!)
            Cheers! have fun with it

            • ooh thankies again. Both of the conjunctions are less than 1 degree.

              • hi there – actually, any aspect can be the closest in a synestry chart – its the closest aspect to 0 degrees. That MIGHT be a opposition, it might be a trine. EG the closest aspect in a synestry chart might be moon trine venus at 0degrees. People say that the closest aspect between personal planets is the key to the synestry – it might be mars opposite moon if that is 0degrees. Squares and oppositions and sometimes conjunctions depending on the panets involved, can be hard aspects. Sextiles and trines are flowing. Again it does depend on the houses these are in. Don’t worry too much about the outer planets but Pluto is important and associated with Karma. cafe astrology has a good database for assessing and rating synestry aspects – good interps of each aspect.

                • See I thought Mystic might have meant any synastry aspect but everyone is on and on about conjunctions so idk. :(

                  • I think you look at all aspects, but you start with the most exact. An exact Mars/Venus square is more exact than a conjunctionwith a 9 degree orb. Yes people go on about conjunctions cause same sign thus extra compatibility etc. but don’t underestimate a synastry chart with lots of other aspects where the degrees are very tight.

                • great explanation quintile! now I understand much more about close aspects, thank you!

              • EEL if an imagine of it might help.. think of it as a magnifying glass. If you want a piece of paper to burn in the sun, You gotta make that sun concentrate / conjunct as close to 0. all its power onto the paper. Same goes for conjunctions degrees.

                The closer to 0 one is the hotter that baby is burning in someones make up.

                • Can I add a question here, what does it mean “Person One has their Mercury on the Mars of Person Two”?

                  • That means a conjunction of Mercury and Mars between the 2 peeps.

                • That’s a most excellent metaphor! Although it’s not terribly helpful since most of the conjunctions and hell even the aspects are like hella tight…like less than 1 deg. :( I hate fractions.

                  • ELL – most astrologers accept that an orb of 9 degrees = an aspect.
                    If you and the other person have heaps of really close aspects, great, especially if they are trines and sextiles as these are very easy aspects. If you generate a synestry chart on, and look at the pdf table, the aspects are marked as degrees and minutes. Its not the exactitude of the aspect, its what it means – see as they have really good interpretations of the aspects in the synestry section.

                  • Another easy way to do it, especially if you don’t have their birth time, is to run their birthdate as a transit to your chart.

  5. Ahh… great post, Mystic, I really like what you say about where people are at re expressions of what’s in their charts. Got to confess to a bit of a pre-full moon downer re AWOL guy today. Our charts had beautiful aspects. My NN slap on his asc, both 7th house suns, his sun/Venus on my Moon/Lilith/Eros, Mars/Venus aspects, his Mars/NN on my sun/chiron/merc. In the end it was all good, no hard feelings, sensible decisions etc etc, but sheesh, some days I really miss him.
    Current guy has SN exact conj my sun. I’ve been thinking about this lately and what it might mean about past life connection, because it would make sense in a bunch of ways.

  6. As a Virgo, I love it when delineating nuances are pointed out! – the deeper we go into something, the more we find it’s shades of grey/paradoxes/contradictions and illuminating inconsistencies! Over years of investigating astrology: more and more layers.
    MM is so right in pointing out the what-ifs, and the ‘howevers’ inherent in this synastry stuff.
    As Kim Falconer and Mystic keep reminding us about the delphic oracle “know thyself” – is so pertinent: astro tidbits and hefty info I’ve kept or read 5 or 10yrs ago, now speaks to me again, sometimes with a massive lightbulb moment of understanding in a way that comes with knowing the self. And then we further “complicate” by understanding ourselves relating to another. A significant other.
    Read an astrologer the other day who has a site called the Inner Wheel about how accepted perceptions and interactions between the Mars & Venus synastry “dance has been shifting” and evolving (partly due to sexual stereotypes eroding). Very in depth and insightful, she gave examples of how in a man’s chart, Mars may represent how he approaches sex and goes about getting it, and perhaps sexual style but that his Venus placement is how he actually enjoys the sex. So – getting what we want via Mars, but way of enjoying it totally Venusian. So, looking at all the placements in both charts and the various combos of both! No wonder this takes time! and that’s just with those 2 planets.
    Freaky stuff! Seems with astrology, keep on finding out incredible information and patterns that come up. Cosmic!
    Once again, great post from MM with much to think about and be inspired by.
    (Hmm, didn’t mean to mention sex so much, must be prepping for the moon in scorpio. I do have mercury in 8th house though).

    • I had never heard that about Mars being the way a man approaches sex and Venus how he experiences it. Thanks for the insight. The Inner Wheel is an excellent site–Dawn has really has helped me understand synastry at a deeper level, especially the importance of the nodes and angles.

    • hey, that’s an interesting way to approach mars-venus. Might explain why I Completely Ignore my objects of desire (mars in aquarius lol).

      I almost wrote “Omjects of desire”, ommmmm I guess that’s when you have mars in the 12th hehe xx

  7. I think yeah synastry, blah blah,…
    I LOVED the scene after all the catties came to her, when she’s cat-zombified and she gets out all her old pleather crap that she must have just had layin’ around, and she sews her villain costume herself. I saw it when I was 10, and it’s always been with me!!

    • Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Returns, in case anyone wants to look it up. I’m not a Batman fan, just Catwoman.
      And, it is a good post, wasn’t trying to put it down.

      • Haha that made me laugh! In the midst of all the seriousness, it was Catwoman you noticed. Yeah go Catwoman! I do think sometimes it’s all too easy to get caught up in synastry and you can basically read anything good or bad into the interps, depending on where you’re at with the relationship. And, like Mystic said, it all depends on how each person is doing their chart etc…

        • 2 great posts from MM re Catwoman:


          Synastry doesn’t have to = seriousness. Plenty of light-heartedness around.
          “So synastry is amazing but actually – i.m.o. – best done d.i.y. ” best said by Mystic above.
          We’ve got heaps on our plate understanding our own chart for a start, let alone synastry. But it can be fun!
          “do your chart” and be happy….!

          • Sorry, not sure if that came out right: I’m agreeing with you hummingbird; interps will always vary… and by “do your chart” I just meant, that old proverb “know thyself’ is so invaluable to help us, as astrology does, in knowing ourselves better…

  8. Love the astro lesson! What does it mean when you do the synastry chart and there’s a big water trine happening??

    • basic: emotions, feelings, vibes working together together.
      must look at planets and houses too.

      • yes – and is the grand trine formed by 1 person adding a planet to 2 planets of the other person? that is supposed to be karmic. has good interps for synestry aspects.

    • Thanks for the comments. We both have them separately in our individual charts…it’s freaky! Both have water trines.

      • I’ve read that grand trines are just like having a super strong planet e.g. a planet in the sign which it is ruled by like having merc in virgo or venus in taurus. sounds like emotionally you will be very alike!

  9. oh. that could explain issues with current man. He’s mercury leo i’m mars aqua. Totally getting on my nerves. i’m getting bored with the drama. but his Mars Scorp my mercury cancer means other times it works.

  10. Before i read ‘Star Fuqued,’ (synchronistic actually) have been thinking on my 12th house Venus in Capricorn & wondering if anyone else has this placement (above ascendant line) & if they have been contrary & kinda unsatisfied in matters of love with opposite sex.
    Like o,nly having ONE suitable partner out of, ummm just say ‘many’.
    The most suitable being a Capricorn aeons ago. Others never longer than 2 years?

    NOW i’ll read it as it may answer my query :-)

    • This answer probably doesn’t sound appealing, but this is actually someone I know. :( So feel free to scrap this answer.

      He is the ex-husband of one of my friends. He’s a Sagg Sun with Venus in Cap in the 12th house. He’s falls for unattainable women and just stuff no body else would go for. He’s got a super-weird relationship with his sister. Sort of creepy imo…sort of like that Angelina Jolie deep mouth kissing her brother thing. yeah…that sort of thing. Anyways, he ended up hooking up with a girl who looks exactly like his sister. I swear I can’t make this up. Life is stranger than fiction.

      • Okaaaay, different for men and for women with that placement! Lol.
        Could xplain why i have never married or had children though. But i just forgot to, the totality of the planet Earth was just more interesting to explore than a house, hubby & sprogs, usually in one place for a very long time :-)

        • Venus in 12th seems to manifest in various ways depending on other stuff in the chart, perhaps. My mum (a Scorp) had Venus in Libra in 12th, but was chased and captured by my (damn good looking and uber-faithful and intelligent) Leo Dad really young and he stuck with her, in spite of her disinterest in sex (they had Mars opposite Mars), because he loved her – probably more than she showed she loved him at the time. Mind you, she had Jupiter in 7th – totally fits, as although they were both born into poor families, he became an engineer (not to master woodworker, brilliant singer), and took her all over the world, and gave her a more comfortable life than she would have had alone.
          I too have Venus in 12th – in Scorp conjunct Neptune and Lilith and just a few degrees before my ascendant. It is squared by both Mars and Saturn, so not sure that my (minimal) lovelife experience can be generalised. There haven’t been ‘”many” but the one “suitable” partner I had, in terms of being someone who was functional and marriage-minded was my first love when I was sixteen, who also had Venus in 12th. However, we met while doing IB on scholarships overseas and were separated by continents soon after, which was just as well, as he was a raging flirt who has cheated on his wife, and who had to chase me round campus for ages before I’d talk to him, given what I’d heard about his reputation. A double Toro (attracted no doubt to my eros psyche et al in scorp), with Aries Venus in 12th, conjunct my moon. Oddly enough, he still seeks me out – back in the Venus in Scorp retro of two years ago he contacted me and was mad keen on coming over to see me. I disappeared on purpose before that could happen having given him schtick about trying to re-kindle things with me 30 years later while he was married (he reckoned his relationship was unsatisfactory, but I said, sorry, if that’s the case, fix it, or leave it, but don’t try to line me up while still in it). Strangely, though, having disappeared, I was the first person he called when he found out recently, while in transit at Charles de Gaulle airport, that his father had died.

          So Venus in 12th is one strange mofo, hun, and not just for those with the Cap variety. Maybe we should start a club.

          • Fellow 12th house venus here…..but in virgo. Strange placement indeed.

            karmic loves, interest in spiritual connections, drug users for lovers, rose colored glasses.

            • Venus and Sun in 12th house Virgo. Had two loves, both karmic. I’m used to the intensity of karma at work. I can’t just make-do with whoever is available. Don’t know. Haven’t had sex in years. I like the idea of a club for 12th house Venus.

  11. Et Voila et Voici……the answers before the question asked.That’s our Myst for us. x

    Read somewhere the other day that ‘the question asked says more about the person than the answer.’

    Am having serious problems answering my telephone as peeps not asking the right questions. Solution is an answering info service or receptionist to put a shield between them & me thereby eliminating my reading their minds, thinking i they had another brain it would be lonely.

    • Maybe that is how the FAQ section was born.

      Someone couldn’t hold it together for just one more stupid question, so they made an FAQ page which could be informative, courteous and friendly.

      • Thank you Millie but that would entail them actually reading something. It’s all on a website (not mine but my peers in USof A). It’s mostly women who read have you noticed that? The men say ‘you tell me’ or ‘you do it for me’. Mention ‘spirituality’ and there is silence….lol. Inability to understand sexuality & spirituality being in same sentence. Women seem to have the TantricGene in their bodyminds, so blame Adam not Eve.

  12. I find it so sad and and a little irritating that people, want a short answer to how this stuff is done… It will never happen. Can happen, Its sad that people think when we read a chart for them and give an accurate timed event. They have no idea the work it took to get there. The total mind explosion we all have reached to the point to synastry and beyond.

    Thats why I have no idea how to make a living off of it. Chiron in my 10th does not help either. But it just seems so paradox like, Most people have a hard time putting sun signs together or even believing they work. This might be an aquarian ruled science/art. But it has a harsh taste of virgo service/thanklessness also. Not to mention, people will think your are the cause of said event for your “negative thinking”.

    I dont think people mean to do that. Its just they will never realize unless they learn it themselves and by that time who needs a reading anymore. Not that everyone can or will be able to. At least I know im supposed to give enhanced dignity to (something thats already been created) Chiron in Taurus. That would be Astrology

    • I agree. When someone hears I’m into astrology, it’s frustrating when they don’t want to listen to more than if the sun signs are compatible, when there’s so much more to it than that. It’s a shame that people want a lazy answer, because astrology otherwise provides some really nice insights. I’ve never been into it from a compatibility aspect (Personally, I believe that any two people could “make it work” based on their charts, but some will clearly involve more effort than others), but if someone is going to go at it from that angle, they might as well try to understand that astrology, like people, are a lot more complex than a mere twelve personality groups.

      • IDK about other places but we have religion over here in the states, partly to thank for it. Your a devil worshipper to some if you even mention it. Its vodoo to others. Entertainment to some, and scary to others if you do predict to those with a GOD complex. I just know it works, and shows we have a grand plan.

        But you really should get yourself the birthtime. ESP for synastry.. just wait if anything,

      • I stopped telling others I study Jungian psychology and astrology because, I was nagged constantly to read their chart (for free) and interrupt their dreams. i don’t mind if an exchange of energy happens. Buy me a coffee or take me to lunch while we discuss it but, non-stop questions asked with no exchange. It happens with my art and being asked to sing on others projects.
        I had to put down my foot and say no.

          • OMG i literally imagined people asking for a nightmare intervention, and saw two sleeping figures, one with a spirit body rising and opening ‘the door’ into someone’s dream.

            I thought wow yes a s’pose a Scorp would do it.

            Then i thought i would pay someone NOT to EVER do that to my dreams! :)

            Thanks for the segue.

        • Same thing. I just told people it wears me out to do that for friends and give them contact info for working astrologers and psychics I’ve worked with in the past.

    • It’s not easy to obtain month let alone time of birth.
      Usually i ask casually when’s your birth month?. Then say O a Libra if October is the answer.
      They correct me immediatley & say Scorpio par example,
      so, yes, Astro surely getting out there, every one now knows their sign.
      Much of this IS due to Mystic Medusa being in the national rag, vis a vis the different states daily. Being in the Weekend ‘The Australian’, much read, coz it’s on the much worshipped Ozzie weekend!

    • ‘Learn it themselves’
      Exactly. Absolutley and For Sure.
      First they must READ. Or be taught by the Tribe.

      • And pay their tithe to the temple.

        Isn’t ‘know thyself’ imperative for us?

    • WOW.. Thanks for posting! I am one of those people that get irrated when I get a reading and they go into detail about placements etc. Red Flag appeared today after reading your post. Sheesh.. I love Astrology but what a hypocrite I am. Thanks for the step down to accept that a lot of work goes into helping others understanding Astrology! :)

  13. My attempts to talk to my very new partner ended up with me waking him up, so I never did have a chance to ask for his birth time.

    Nonetheless, I worked with what I have. We have some serious outer planet conjunctions, no idea what that might indicate, so any help is appreciated. :)

    -Saturn at 14 degrees conjunct with his Neptune at 14 degrees in Sagittarius.

    -Pluto at 7 degrees (Pallas at 15) conjunct with his Uranus at 10 degrees (Ceres at 8) in Scorpio.

    -Mars at 19 Leo conjunct his Saturn at 26 Leo.

    -My Aquarius Ascendant nearly perfectly trines his Gemini Moon.

    -His Uranus squares my ASC, Sun, Venus, Merc and opposites my Jupiter

    -My Vesta and his Jupiter are perfectly conjunct in 5 Cancer.

    Any feedback on this is extremely appreciated. :)

    • that mars and saturn conjunction is wide. I usually keep them tight to 3*, unless I feel it. With sun and moon up to 5*.

      • outer planet stuff not so important – unless the aspect is between an outer planet AND a personal planet, eg venus conjunct pluto; mars trine saturn. Outer planets move slowly, so heaps of people will have neptune in particular aspect to pluto (or whatever) if they are similar ages. Mars and Saturn can mean durability. Your asc trine his moon will be relevant and sounds very nice. Vesta and Jupiter might be relevant – many astrologers only count vesta, pallas, ceres and juno as relevant asteroids. Vesta is sort of about service I think – Juno is the marriage/relatioship asteroid. The uranus square your stellium could signify that this will be unusual and might be changeful – I would look at the interps on
        Good luck!!!

  14. Hey if you feel bad for how people treat you reguarding astrology then if you have some extra resources you should contribute to what it is you feel. Get a reading from MM or one of her buddies. Its really more complicated. You can make superficial observations based on not having a birthtime.

    But if you get a birthtime you can see what areas will be affected by your being together. let me tell you it is well worth it. I learned it on accident but was amazed by how accurate every detail of how I thought of this person and how he thought of me was in there. Right down to say how I felt about his career, or his home.

    and the cool thing is your not reading words that is the coolest part once you see how its done, you would get a consultation trust me, in the future you will know why its just justice to get one.

  15. I could not be less interested in whether I am compatiable with another person’s chart, at the moment. I am only interested in my chart in the approach to Zap Zone. I do have a mutual crush situation but now’s the worst possible time to action anything. ~FIN~ (end of story)

  16. I look up synastry all the time with just a birthdate. Thank you facebook…LOL. Anyways. I don’t know rising time or maybe moon sign if it was a day it changed, but i still gather enough info.

    Really glad current man offered up his sign on his own. I never brought up astrology. He gladly gave me birthdate when we were just friends. Haven’t asked for time and place yet…..

    Our comfort level with each other is amazing. His south node on my natal juno.

    • cool. maybe you were a benevolent force in a past life of his…a patron of some sort :)

      • oh hang on, Juno, not jupiter! well then , Wifey :)

        • lol…even better. Totally feels like I was his wifey once. I just curl up on his lap like I have always been there. We are both loving it.

  17. I 100% agree with mystic. My husband and i have fairly average synastry and some aspects that are challenging for both of us, especially me with his saturn on my venus (yep, the romance is a little dry) and his pluto, uranus and mars opposite my venus. Yet individually we work hard to keep what works working, and to minimise what doesn’t. Maturity is a big issue for us. Then a couple of years ago I met a man with whom I have incredible synastry. And when we meet up, it’s easy magic. Lately he has been dismissive and sarcastic towards me, and seems to have ended the friendship. I think it’s because I wouldn’t go down the affair route. So synastry might make for ease, magic and that ‘in love’ experience, but when it comes down to it, it’s the individuals (their own charts and the choices they make with regard to how they’re going to use that energy) who determine whether or not the synastry aspects will be expressed positively or negatively. Brutal self-honesty is always important – astrology or no astrology – if you want to maximise your chances for a beautiful relationship. But hey, if you’re after a good time, nice synastry might be all you need for bliss. Just don’t expect the relationship to weather the bad times if you both haven’t done the ‘self’ work.

    • you have might a great composite chart – see my post below

    • Aptly and succinctly stated, Cygnette! Especially the part about both individuals having to do the “self” work.

    • I have to agree here. Some of my best and longest lasting relationships have been with people with an “average” or even “ho-hum boring” synastry. The guy who I supposedly had awesome synastry with, ended up being a fucktard who destroyed my property, threatened me, and all sorts of nasty things. I don’t think astrology is wrong, I think that how each aspect is weighed (how much effect attributed to each aspect) is wrong or interp badly a lot of the time! even going by MM take the tightest orb dealy, it still pegs Mr. Psycho and I as a Venus-Jupiter conj pairing, when in truth I suspect it was more destructive Venus-Pluto, but that orb is 3 deg instead of .05.

      While I think astrology is useful for self-dev, I just don’t trust synastry or even composite anymore. You can’t predict how another person is going to act towards you.
      A relationship can make it if people put enough effort into it given at least average synastry. The only thing I’ve found to be true no matter what is that if people have awful synastry, they will most likely explode even if they put effort into it. Love is just so fragile.

    • “Brutal self-honesty is always important – astrology or no astrology – if you want to maximise your chances for a beautiful relationship.”


    • Love this – thank-you Cygnette – well into brutual self-honesty too! Our charts are made up of nearly all opposites ( loads of ‘double whammy’s’ too), but we’ve learned. We have Uranus/ mercury aspects both ways, which could be rather explosive at first until we learned & understood.
      Recently I started exploring asteroids & now I’m learning about angles that I never knew existed – layer upon layer like marriage an unfolding, there’s always something new if you look deep enough :-)

  18. Its also worth mentioning that synestry shows the attraction and what brings people together – the actual relationship once its ‘started’ is represented by the composite chart. This can explain why sometimes there is a strong attraction but it doesn’t work out, or why people who didn’t seem to be that attracted to each other, end up together for eva!

    • Our composite chart is OK, nothing flash, but it seems quite well blanced (plus no major red flags). The composite does explain our relationship quite well. I think we were both looking for sanity in relationship when we met and this is what we got. I do wonder how people with awful synastry can have a great relationship depicted by a fabulous composite though. Is this one of those fated “never to be” loves? I met a man once who absolutely blew my socks off. It took me years to get him out of my soul. Our synastry was “major blockage” – it was loaded with quincunxes but there were enough contacts (my mars was bombarded) to send me into orbit anytime he was around. The composite and Davision were the most amazingly blissful relationship charts I’ve ever seen. I just don’t see how we could ever have got around all those quincunxes to ever get to have a relationship.

      • Well, I have a synastry from hell with someone dear to me (and a cradle composite pattern) and the way I see it … a quincunx is usually talked about as adjustment, no? So if you are willing to move 15° to the left, and he to the right, you can have a trine 😉

        • Touche :-). Unfortunately our timing stunk and I think we both moved at different times. I note that if only one moves 15 degrees then you have 165 which equals a quindecile and obsession. Interestingly it was the most transformative “relationship” of my life, I am a different, more whole person as a result. But would love to hear more about your story…

          • Ah ah, but if you make a quindicile, you moved into the wrong direction! :p

            Incidently, we are both Martial Artists and at least I meditate. Occassionally 😉

            Transformative for sure, weirdest stuff, if I didn’t know much back when I started in their school, I did know that I had to stay.

            Anyhow, I just took that MA stuff about getting to know yourself etc serious and got down to work. It was needed.

  19. You start out with sun signs, then you think, mm, where’s the proof? So you look at the Gauquelin’s work, and you think – aha – so there’s something there about the angles then, that’s scientifically proven. Then you start to look at your family’s charts and see the absolute connections there. .. And then you don’t know what to do :) It’s all a bit more than sun signs, innit?

  20. I blame the mother of all Neptune transits just getting going in my chart, but I hope for magic plus sanity in my relationship future. With one guy, I mean. My Cap moon is the boss of my Venus in Aqua :)

  21. Mystic is right – it all depends on the parties involved.

    With the Scorp who is still hanging around after showing many months later and still not moving back or forth – I checked birth date.

    My SN is conjunct in Moon – wide orbit
    My Uranus is conjunct his SN

    I guess we have an unfinished business in this life. Of course we may never learn what it is at this snail pace.

  22. We have a ton of 0 degree aspects of various kind that certainly do keep our relationship interesting (Sun square Sun, Moon sextile Mars, Moon trine MC, Venus trine Mercury, Jupiter square Jupiter, Jupiter trine Chiron, Chiron square Chiron). We have even more 1 degree aspects.

    However, the only close (1 degree) conjunction we have is his Venus conjunct my Moon. This may be our “glue”.

  23. I went out on a first date the other night, set up by a mutual friend. We agreed on almost every single topic that came up, from favorite guilty junk food to religion and politics. At the end of the night he actually said, “It’s eerie how much we have in common, it’s like we’re the same person.”

    So I did a Synastry chart:

    Our North Node, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Chiron are all tightly conjunct each other. (Within a couple of degrees.)

    More tight conjunctions:
    His Jupiter on my AS
    His Venus on my Pluto
    My Mercury on his Venus
    His Moon on my Saturn

    I’m not great at interpretations yet, but all those same-planet conjunctions are hilarious considering we felt like the same person.

    Astrology continues to astound me.

    • I had that with someone recently, it was almost to the point where I didn’t want to agree with him anymore and I felt like he might think I was copying him because of the obscure things we had in common. Really weird things. Checked the synastry, 13 tight conjunctions, a couple of trines and some sextiles. Haha, I actually laughed out loud, beacause of course.

  24. I’m too scared to do the synastry between my new guy and me. I can’t risk any more paranoia than whats already plaguing me before the scorp moon (i also have a scorp stellium so mucho paranoia, ja). It was very easy to get his birth time: “hey i’m into astrology, can you get your birth time?” cinch. I think when things are going nicely its risky for me to put too much thought into synastry, after all, there are surprises everywhere and you just never know. From seeing his chart I’ve already become worried that our venus and mars signs are opposite. Not sure if they are opposite within orb but i don’t want to know. But i wanted to say something about mars opp mars: ok, so we’re not tearing eachother’s clothes off but we don’t really care. I feel like he fills in exactly what i’m bad at in life: i have mars in cap and he mars in cancer. All my life i’ve never been able to make myself comfortable or homey and then he shows up and i just don’t know what i did withoit him! Likewise he started picking up my “all business” vibes and thinking about applying himself more to his writing. I believe in looking at closest aspects first an foremost but in the synastry charts of many long standing couples I know i’ve noticed other resonances, like someone with a taurus/ AC scorp DC dating someone with pluto in the first and sun Taurus 8th house. I have found this pretty often.

  25. I was asked to do an astrology chart reading for a friend, but I think she gave me the wrong birth time. It’s not adding up. Strange, this has happened only once before and the person changed their time to make themselves a Leo Rising.

  26. Amazing… Just had a quick look at synastry chart with very young artist fellow student who I feel has a crush on me… and did a couple of psychic booty calls in the past couple of days, until Mystic advised me to place a line of salt at my front door… Thanks Mystic!

    Sure I’ve had regular phone booty calls but never psychic ones before… woke up at 3am and was so sure he waiting downstairs at my security gate I almost went down to check… LOL

    Anyway, I think my Lilith is right on his Venus, his moon-mars-mercury is conjunct like mine but opposing my Sun, mine is in 2nd house Taurus and his in 8th/9th house Sag, and his Pluto is opposing my conjunct moon-mars-mercury… and today he was reading my mind. I was thinking ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and he said it aloud.

    Maybe he was my son in another life (he’s less than half my age)

    • And his Sun-Neptune-Uranus-north node are conjunct in his 9th house in Sag, and trining my Uranus and Pluto (in Virgo 5th house (creativity, art)) on one side and my Jupiter on the other side (of the triangle)…

    • Ooh, uhm, what are psychic booty calls if you don’t mind me asking?

        • Am curious because, uhm I might have them, or I might just be crazy.

          • Only you have the power to trust in your own experience. That said – psychic booty calls ARE NOT the same as physical booty calls, obviously. And when negotiating a relationship with someone, you can only deal with what is objectively, physically happening. I can have a psychic connection to anyone – doesn’t mean its romantic or a potential partnership, you know?

    • Transcendental door-stopping? My lordy!
      An astral-travel-tryst?! This sounds fabulous.
      And it would save on contraception too.
      oh, unless you’re doing Astral-Protection… get it…

    • Honey don’t let the age he is now fool you, that’s not son energy.

    • Ha ha yes it’s quite interesting. Don’t worry Mille I’m a Warrior Woman and can take good care of myself… I’m not actually sure he’s doing anything on purpose…

      Psychic booty calls are when you wake up at 3am like someone is calling you, I saw two small white lights and got the strong sense that it was X. You can hang up, or go NO, same as a normal phone call… and I just protected myself with white light… I imagine myself inside a white light bubble/egg and the energy streaming out from it. I often do this if I’m walking alone at night and feel like maybe there are bad people around or something. Noone actually taught me to do it, I just do it.

      I’m not worried at all by this, but really want to have a convo with him about it to see what he is aware of happening…

      • OK, so not my son… but he is very kind and smart and protective towards me… maybe we have been together before in previous life. Lots of stuff about him reminds me of myself when young.

      • Nay, the stuff happening here isn’t waking me up, as it usually occurs while I am awake, but sometimes dreams get a peculiar feel to them.

        It’s weird, like when some kind of energy is washing over you and in over a year I haven’t quite figured out what exactly it is or where it originates from.

        • I know the feeling and its hard but its best not to assign cause and effect to what is essentially your power. Energy is energy, its available to all. But there is nothing to *KNOW* about it. It just is. Accepting the unknown – truly accepting and allowing the unknown to be both real in your life and unknown – is a HUGE evolutionary step.

  27. I agree that so much of a chart depends on how the individuals have met their evolutionary challenges. For example, I have notorious pass-agg Mars in Libra at zero degrees of my first house. I make it a point to check my pass-agg tendencies. Would hate for someone to write me off because they saw my chart, you know?

    Anyway, I do have a question. Any interps for when two outer planet people connect? The only romantic iron I have in the fire is with a slow moving fixed Scrop who admitted he needed time to get his life together (and he shall have it ) and ominously stated “this is just the beginning.” He’s got Mars-Uranus-Venus conjunct in Libra (not sure of the house, not sure of his time of birth) and I have Mars-Pluto-Mercury conjunct in Libra first house. Together, we both have Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in Libra, he’s got Venus in there and I have Mercury in there. Seems like an awful lot of planets in one sign. And we have Saturn exact on each other’s south nodes. I get the South Node bit, past life authorities/teachers/whatevers. But I’m curious about how to interp the Libra stuff. Fluffy?

    I’m more interested making my now than the past life connection. And I realize this may not develop romantically. But I think its always worth studying the people who connect to us deeply. Certainly, there’s a new opportunity for awareness in those connections, yes?

    • The thing with outer planets, because they move so slowly, is you’re gonna end up with conjunctions with people around the same age as you. Which also means yes, if you’ve got an inner/outer conjunction then their outer adds to it. However I also feel it may be a bit like its more of the same, like just more chocolate sauce on your icecream or whatever. Unless maybe you don’t have that aspect under control.
      So two directional thoughts I guess -1 pay attention to the aspects that aren’t just amplifying what you already have, and -2 it’s bloody hard to separate energies when you have stelliums anyway, so trying to determine things individually may be futile.
      Perhaps do lots of reading of interps re the individual planets in libra, then just mash it all up in your head into a broad sense of what it means to act, think and value in an eccentric, transformative libran way?

      • Thanks, that makes sense. Honestly, I’m not that great at reading a chart so I look at it and go “wow, look at all that Libra!” But, we do have tons of Saturn aspects (exact on each others’ SN, his squares my Sun, mine trines his Sun and squares his Venus) . Makes me think the whole romantic thing may not ever get off the ground with that much Saturn, but also makes me think we have a lot to learn from each other. Saturn is playing out in our dynamic now, as-in, with me, he can’t hide from his responsiblity to care for himself and his life. He can hide from me, for sure. But he can’t be with me and and not take on responsiblities to himself. Its just not possible with the energy. That’s the karma. I suspect, there’s more karma to it than that, but who knows? The whole can’t-hide-from-responsiblity thing may keep him hiding from me. It depends on where he’s at in his own evolution, I guess. Anyway – thanks for the pointer!