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Shit Scorpios Say —

From my In-Box – emails from Scorps section – this week alone lol.

“…Plus I have a lifetime of regurgitating streams of vile and evil thoughts into a diplomatic format…”Β 

“…If, come October, Saturn is going to suck then I am going to run right into the eye of it’s suckiness and make it suck where it counts: career, phobias, love – Β so I get something out of it…”

“…I love the fact that i am not afraid of blood. Yours are the only horoscopes to accept my personal darkness and to not try and sanitize me…”

“…the last person who told me i was an Old Soul then asked me if i had any cocaine…”

“…it was as if he was dead to me but then he killed off my character in the soap. The moment i read the script, i knew it was personal…”


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91 thoughts on “Shit Scorpios Say

  1. I am Pisces Sun/Scorpio Moon. Was married to Scorpio Sun and Rising. That was pretty much how all our conversations went. Fun, huh? Turns out I was more Scorpio than him but he was bat shit crazy.

  2. Its interesting to note attractions to certain peeps/signs in life. I used to attract Leos. My ex husband is a Leo I think the attraction was my repressed Leo 11th house moon. I let others express it for me. Now my sun changed signs and houses in my progressed chart and I know my moon better. And now…I don’t really “favor” a sign, at least not with a pattern I’ve been able to spot yet. I just know I no longer lean on Leos. Never connected with a Taurus. Tried too. He committed suicide, which doesn’t sound very Taurean to me. That last line sounds like perhaps my progressed Scorpio Sun/Uranus/Venus/Mars conjunction talking. Still getting to know the new me.

    Anyway, I don’t think Scorps should sweat Saturn. They’re Phoenixes, the thrive off regeneration.

    • Interesting detail about attracting repressed energy. That would explain for about several years all I attracted were Scorpio men. Only one was a good match for me we can became best friends.
      The others I felt were scheming, plotting others demise and playing games with people’s emotions so, I wasn’t impressed.
      I was attracted to the depth of conversation at first, but was turned off by low Scorpionic energy.
      I don’t want to express low energy so, I had to part ways with knowing those who thrived off of hurting others.
      Last Scorpionic dealing was with a Scorp (Rising, Mercury and Neptune all in his 12th House) then a Leo with Scorpio Rising.
      Too intense of energy for me , not in a good way either.

  3. My long time Scorpy girlfriend is a riot even her texts & emails are endless source of entertainment. She said recently, quote “if I don’t get my leg over soon (sadly its been over 10 years) there’ll be bits of me all over town”! Pity the poor man there’ll be no flesh left on his bones!

      • …actually, not even Saturn is that nasty. Saturn just wants us to look after our health.
        Not sure what transit that nightmare would be. Neptune had to be involved as he was put to sleep. Neptune square Saturn?

    • Fabulously funny. Also cringeworthy. Both of them. Un petit peu de “Marathon Man”.

      Freud believe that losing a tooth in a dream was one’s desire to masturbate. Shades of 8th house.

  4. I defo relate to the Scorpy manifesto, especially the diplomatic imperative – can you imagine having access to the unfiltered mind of a Scorp??? Tres fascinating am sure.

    Scorps will never admonish you a moment where you’re standing in your kitchen sharpening knife against knife and muttering how you’d like to use it on X. Like they GET that, and will not crucify you for a desirous moment of pure, unbridled vengeance. This is one of the many reasons I adore my Scorp peeps.

  5. I want to share some things the one Scorp man I know sent me but I don’t want to make fun. I will say he is really, really proud of his anatomy, so generally I think he trades in pictures to make his point. I feel like I never really got Scorpios until my progressed sun moved into that sign. Now, I so appreciate their drama.

  6. my editing went a bit wrong left out the bit…
    ‘…and have known several decent eagle/phoenix ones too, so I’m rather fond of the 8th sign.’
    bit of a techno phobe really

  7. Got quite a lot goin on in scorpio myself asc.,planets & asteroids. It’s not easy having all that dark,depth & sensitivity & I used to take it all so seriously too…………………..saturn here last time would have been my gothic/crowley phase & I got past sunsign astrology too – wore nothing but black until my son was born. Now I only wear it at funerals if then ( the last funeral I went to was for a scorp & we all wore bright colours as this is what he wanted )
    Recently though two sun scorps, one with a leo moon & another with leo rising ( coincidently my mother is a leo with sun conjunct pluto) have really made me aware that some do indeed sting just for the sake of it and don’t really need a motive at all.
    I think this type just likes to live off their own mythology πŸ™

  8. HA!! I am a stellium Libra surrounded by Scorpies, Scorp/types and Plutonians. I needed a chuckle about this, thanks πŸ˜‰

    • Yah there’s about to be a battle of wills (silent, naturally, and not picked up by others around, of course, except some inner circle) between two Scorpions. AAAAAAAANND guess who’s in the fqing middle?

  9. This is hilarious! Very true. I am Scorp sun/moon with two other planets in Scorp, so I have had a lot of women over the years, after we become friends, say, “Wow I thought you were a bitch – you’re nice!” LOL Ah well.

      • Saggitarius. Or at least one of the mutables. And Scorpio again!
        Remember mille you picked up that I was turning Saggi & i checked my progressive & sure enough sun & ascendent were there among others – not sure how this works tho’ – deffo become a bit of a bitch ( & more jovial etc.) or at least I verbalise more than usual to those close to me – even my mother noticed πŸ™‚

      • No idea! Most of my oldest friends tend to be fellow water signs or Taureans, but I would not say any of them tend to be bitchy.

    • It’s just a generalization really ! Behind what I said was that I’ve met apparantly nice people who have turned out to be (proper) bitches, as well as vice versa – twas the first sign that came to mind and neither case I was thinking of were female either πŸ™‚

  10. Funny! I made a new best friend 2 years ago when I started studying art, she is a triple Scorp, but so kind, generous and sensible. Sure she can let rip when deserved… I mentioned I was surprised she was a Scorp, haven’t known many before… she said, yes I often tell people I’m another sign because a lot of peeps don’t like Scorps.

    She hides it very well!!! LOL

    • My soul sister is a scorpio rising. In her early 20s she would lie and say saggy rising. But no way. She has Scorpio written all over. Eventually she came to terms with it and embraced it.

  11. Thanks Mystic dear for a much-needed chuckle at the end of a long hard week of shit-kicking!

    My fave: β€œβ€¦If, come October, Saturn is going to suck then I am going to run right into the eye of it’s suckiness and make it suck where it counts: career, phobias, love – so I get something out of it…”

    Yeah! me too… (runs off into the eye of Saturn suckiness…)

  12. A Scorp implicitly sent a stress signal several months ago.

    I have Pluto square Sun natally so my approach has been how I want to be treated if I am non-stop shoveling dirt out of my life.

    Give space but keep in touch until they decide it is safe to crawl back. Since they will never spill their guts, at least my messages try to be a breathing space in the middle of a sh!tfest.

    Good luck Scorps.

    • little bamboo teahouse among the pine trees just off the highway of life. or a clearing in the forest where you can stay as long or as short as you like and be free of Others. It’s an honour to be someone who people see as a refuge / chill-out zone I think (as long as they are respectful of your own space too)

      • Oh Piscean can I please chill out in the bamboo teahouse too? Sounds just what I need at the mo. XO

      • Pisces rising peeps learned about boundaries, thanks to Saturn. Last night, while talking to a childhood friend, I told her how recently my boundaries were trampled and I had to draw a line. Her comment? “But you should ask – what can I do for the other person?” grrrrr… how about “what can i do for my sanity?”

  13. Ack. well I’ve just come down with sciatica and I KNOW this is because I’m sitting on my bum too much. *sigh* So there’s a scorpy thing for you – a pain in the stinger !! I have NO time for this !

    I’m BUSY dammit. I have a three year old Scorpieteeny who will blow a valve unless he gets to go to a cafe and have a babychino this arvo. Not to mention a visit to the Chiro; an essential letter to post; clothes to give away; dinner to cook; Library books to return; a book on Flying Stars Feng Shui to read; oh, and a business to launch.

    …and me stinger is busted….

    SO not impressed.

    Luckily Chiro very cute πŸ˜€

    • Awwww, a Scorpieteeny who wants his babychino! That’s so cute. We Scorps love our coffee!!
      Hope you get better soon! πŸ™‚

    • Yeouch! πŸ™

      Sorry to hear this DT. I hear that this is freaking awful to endure. It doesn’t sound like you sit on your butt too much tho.

      Have been getting pain from right side of my butt down the side of my leg for a while and doing the Saggi tough it out/get on with it thing.. but it recently dawned on me that it might be? It’s worse when sitting but fine when moving. Don’t know but have the chiropractor next week and intend to ask. Hope not.

  14. Aqaleoascorpmn on May 11, 2012 at 1:42 pm said:
    I was explaing to one which i stay loyal to because he is the one i went through sptember 11th with. But he has really wierd laughs at times, like once i was really saying honestly that i liked astrology because i never had parents to guide me. I said i feel like that is my parents and he mocked me and said in a baby voice like that is your mommy.

    This is not the only time. But his sarcasm comes when hes not in the same place. Spiritualy, then he called saying he meditated and saw a vision but doesnt want to talk about it. Like im supposed to pry it out of him. Hes just wierd. But that was before i knew astrology. He has pluto mars and uranus conjunct, i think thats why hes so shaky to with the hands.

    But he need to stop and i will tell him if he doesnt then no need to be acting like friends just because of 911 and him thinking im into marriage. He did hear me out on my childhood, but i never wanted to date that could be it too. Hes suprised i have better things to do than find out if you like me or not. I dont need to be liked, but respected thas gotta come first.

    Reply ?

    • i’ve done the whole ‘help me please!!!’ thing on here before, and i’ma tell you the replies i got… Basically, one person was just like ‘you just answered yourself..’ and at the time i was like WHADDAYA MEAN I ANSWERED MYSELF I CAME HERE FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S ANSWERS but when i grew up a bit later i realized this- in the process of telling us this whole story, you’ve answered your own questions about what to do…even the tone you’re using says exactly what’s in your heart and what you’er eventually going to end up doing. and, even if i did tell you what i thought, unless it’s synonymous with your own opinion it’ll be absolute garbage- not because you’re inconsiderate or anything but because that’s human nature…

      buuuut now here’s what i think, finally, if it’s still useful after above rant. having history isn’t an excuse for being annoying, but being annoying isn’t an excuse to completely ice him out of your life either. even if he does make fun, he wouldn’t be so close to you if he didn’t like you deep down… if you’re really bothered, talk about it with an open heart and if he makes fun of you and your open heart tell him that’s exactly what you mean…give him some explanation as soon as you can and make sure you make him feel like you care a lot so it doesn’t come off and stupid girl shittalk ‘you’re not as nice to me as you used to be!!’ or whatever boys classify as shittalk. hope i helped?

    • It’s a little hard to gague what your desired ‘answers’ would be but I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the realm of make this sh!t stop and may it all end up as I want it to end up. That’s usually what we all want when it’s flying!

      So what DO you want? I mean really.. a future with this person, resolution to personality differences, a way to exit a friendship that has been outgrown but has a very potent link in the past? Something else? Several things?

      Before wondering why someone wants to respond to us in a way that we don’t get it’s always useful to truly understand what we want and how we are presenting our dialoge as we rarely see ourselves objectively. He might be navigating what he percieves to be a situation he doesn’t understand himself.

      It’s not the answer you want I know. But you haven’t really indicated what it is that you truly want and when it gets a bit rough in the realms of relating then we tend to put up defences and heighten critisisms toward the other who isn’t delivering what we want.. but again… back to that question. From there, you have the answer and have also empowered yourself to act in support of that answer.

      Blessings x

      • That was ‘criticisms’

        And that was me πŸ™‚

        And.. just one footnote since I had to write again to amend/add… the way we view respect, truth, honesty, love etc may be very different to that of another so before a view is held firm check this element well. That isn’t necessarily a deal breaker if people understand eachother. R had it to.. communicate well.

        • Thx R and SE.. Im not here soley for answers, not asking questions, but there fun to go over. But im more here helping create MM,s blog for others to also view in a astrologic way.

          Im just lettin ya know. Shit scorps say/do

          But none the less it was kind of you to lend help and perspective..

  15. It must just be me and my extra Scorpy sensitivities, but the first thing that came to mind after reading this was “Gee, I hope she got their permission to post those comments, cause I’d be pissed if I emailed Mystic with some personal dilemma and she just posts it publically for astro shits-n-giggles.” πŸ˜›

  16. I love women scorps but cant stand the gay ones. I have told a few i dont wanna chill because they are scorps. I do know one tho that i like, but hes got saggi Asc. Hes my sleepy scorp. He just so laid back ,and i dont feel like hes plotting planning hiding stuff.

  17. She who laughs last laughs best….Scorpio sun/moon with taurus rising keeps trying to test the waters and get back together with me… …..I’m still chuckleing..I have scorpio moon too!!!!…They/we are an interesing lot,lol.

  18. Hahaha this is fantastic! Who HASN’T seen the connection between Old Souls and their coke addictions?

    Oh, wait…

      • wow. amazed at those interpretations – my immediate (scorp asc) interpretation of that comment was that the scorp was being sarcastic/ironic about pseudo-new-agers and perhaps expressing why he/she has been sceptical about those who use concepts such as “old soul” in the past.

  19. This is my life, I have completely checked into hotel noir. My lover sends me endless noir pictures to describe our future house. It looks a lot like this.

    could tonight have been any weirder? wtf astro, is it venus on my asc?

    here i am thinking “oh I can totally feel jupiter kicking in”, pop down the road for a drink, get a text from years ago aqua booty whom I have not seen since 2009 when we were shagging, whom is ironically around the corner and trying to see me for what I think a drink but the message comes from him asking about a threesome with his hot american friend (gender not disclosed) meets me solo to have a chat telling me the out of the blue inspiration to contact me was that he saw the avengers on monday and “the redhead” (you mean scarlet, yes that one..) reminded me of you so I looked up your facebook and you posted a dream about the incredible hulk and I knew it was a sign.

    When laughed at the notion of being in a threesome with someone I had never met via text message or the fact I have not seen him in 2 and half years he told me I was being “prudish”

    I sent him home solo after the weirdest catchup chat ever.

      • Ahhh. I did not even think of this. Erm his personality will fail to translate on paper here, or anywhere maybe? in the interest of astrology.. he is a curious case of aqua sun/venus mars in sagg (pretty close to my venus from memory)

        he apologised when I laughed and said if coming alone was an issue I’m sorry. I am quite sure it was meant in the way a puppy would pick up a ball for it’s owner thinking this is game everyone wants to play and has constantly prided himself on a certain spontaneous electricity. I would never hang out with for real misogynist aresholes that would mean that. They wouldn’t survive me. xx

        • oh of course. I was going to add “unless there was history and some cheekiness involved” or something like that. aqua and sagg sounds fun.

          • don’t worry, he is just out there. Tres aqua and classic sagg not thinking. As if I would let anyone else pic a threesome, I’m a scorpio damnit πŸ˜‰

          • but the weirdest case of ignoring you is foreplay. I’m dating another sun/venus aqua at the moment and he could not be more different. (see noir house)

            mars in pisces maybe?

            • in my experience (well only one, but he was a horny multiple aqua) they do. But the whole “ignorance is bliss”, which I will twist around to mean the less “harrassment” they get from a love interest, the more they want to get busy. Giving them air is foreplay. ‘air’ in the straightforward way, not some skorp kink-fest involving straws and cans of compressed air, or whatever

            • yes mostly this is how I have known it. Space = Foreplay. But the Aqua/Venus who is my current calls me 4 times a day and sends me a lot of things digital media to describe his affections. DYING to know his Asc…….

            • my ex with mars in aqua…yes, space was his forplay. He was not into it in bed. NOt okay with my mars in taurus.

            • oh I get it. now! Space = Foreplay!
              Makes sense.
              Can’t say it appeals to me though.

  20. lol – no these are people i am doing astro queries for so it is in context and they’ve booked/paid for my time. I do get people though who send me three page emails with all these details and then say ‘when you have a moment, please can you look at this, do the charts and tell me what you think, i would really appreciate it and by monday is ideal” THAT Is kind of strange. But thank you! xxx

  21. those five emails say all i don’t slash won’t hahahhaha….

    life sux then we get born again and it still sux, oh well, it’s maybe better than being born a pot-plant in that we are blessed with an imagination to delude or escape ourselves when it all seems so hard

    • Hahaha. You’re Cappy right? I’ve been muttering
      “Life sucks, you have another Saturn transit, THEN you die!!'”

      • hehehe, does sound v. saturn Scorpy :), Cap situ at the mo: like you said + no one gets to die before Pluto’s done with em just to make sure everything’s fully sorted

  22. So what percentage of your 15 000-odd followers email you about their “stuff” on a regular basis? Your role is so demanding! Don’t you ever look at your inbox in the morning and not want to open a single email? Poor Mystic, we love that you love what you do and are soooo good at it. xx (PS. Also love scorps but obviously I’m not one of them)

  23. …and those are ONLY from the ones who have chosen to divulge. The rest of us are wallowing in our own private hell. The universal door sign for Scorps right now reads “CLOSED FOR RENOVATION”.

    • Sorry to hear about the time everyone’s having, Aquariscorp. I had no idea that my fellow sun brothers and sisters were wallowing, deconstructing! What gives?

      What about Jupiter? There’s always Jupiter! And Saturn’s asleep at the wheel, I understand. for the next handful of days. That’s a reprieve, isn’t it?

      • Saturn never sleeps when he is your chart ruler!! and I hardly ever feel the Venusian/Jupiter transits. It’s like I’m immune. It sucks!!

        Know how you feel Aquariscorp, sometimes I think I will be closed forever… like Miss Havisham.
        Last year sucked. Was hoping this year would be better but nope. More of the same. .

    • o, aquariscorpy, know how that feels, (can’t be bothered updating name on this things even tho fish reno’s have finished now), … take care

      • Just cut my fucking finger on trimming the gristle after boiling my dogs meat bone. Bleeding profusely yet standing determined to bite the bullet. Again…SAVE YOURSELF and leave Scorps alone, right now. I’m sure we had this coming…

    • I completely agree with you. The scorpios I know presently and from in my past are always as interesting when they get you home, as they are when they are trying to get you to go home with them. Respectful, bleed chivalry, never dull.

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