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Hey guys the Daily Horoscopes are UP & definitely more hyperbolic than usual. That’s because of, well, the times. Of all the Moons to be a Supermoon (ie; super close to the Earth) it has to be the one in Scorpio?Β  With a Saturn chaser?

As i am having a Saturn-Moon transit (for apparently several centuries) i’m going with the Saturn vibe to pull through…it’s rad and all but just today i was thinking how i missed my two years of non-stop Uranus transits that i had recently. You know Uranus transits – it feels like you’re starring in a sitcom on another planet.

So i was figuring out in my mind when the next fun Uranus transit was coming up and then i remembered…Uranus square Pluto…in late June. That’s going to speed up the Pluto in Cap momentum. Re geopolitical morphing into a fairer, better etc economy…we ain’t seen nothing yet. It is only just getting going.

Please go read/re-read the Zap Zone rave on the Monthly Horoscopes page as it is about to intensify i.m.o. It’s not the to rely on an old business model/economic paradigm/relationship pattern just sort of pulling through and working itself out. Change adept is the new aristocracy.


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69 thoughts on “Scorporama

  1. My beautiful katakan Scorpie moon beastie is on a plane on the way to Egypt, she’ll be in Luxor for the full moon, laying out on a ping pong table taking in the rays, no doubt, amazingly timed, she so needs it, fellow Venus in Gem, hugging and crying with a swift departure, no words, is understood. Blessings all. Your choice in art is impeccable Mystic, art and photography is definitely healing.
    Oh, got a compliment off a haute Scorpio fiend today, she said ‘you’d make a fabulous researcher!’. Ha! I put it down to all the gem ! Nuff pats on back, back to the grindstone ! Xx

    • “Scorpie moon beastie” was that typo intentional considering your “bestie” has a Scorp moon? πŸ˜‰

      • And finished with a Scorpio “fiend” !

        I think she’s right tho… *giggles*… *hides*

          • Hello sexies ! , I think that’s just Aries typing…dear oh dear, she’s never been a beastie in her life ….(to moi!)… And other Scorpio a minx but not fiend …. Dear oh dear…
            You two compliment each other so perfectly on this blog, I love looking ou or your posts…nighty night, tootle pip. Xx

            • Crap -That’s out for your posts…note to self, read words before posting, just handsewing and watching DVD at same time. Xx

              • Tee hee, its the speedy gonzales Aries in ya. About to watch a DVD myself – ‘Water for Elephants’ Enjoy your night xx :)

              • Cosmic, one of these days i should turn off Cap Mars and Lilith Virgo Editors, and will send my posts exactly as Merc Aries types them πŸ˜‰

    • How totally brilliant for her but a ping pong table? Lying on one? Does ‘ping pong’ have a hidden esoteric meaning?
      The International Championships are in Luxor?

      • Hi Pegs,
        No championships, la Kat Lady mentioned last time she was there there was an eclipse, and the ping pong table was the vantage point. Xx

  2. HAHAHHA speaking of scorporama..

    I LOVE the way scorpios toy with you (in the fun way, not the sociopath way). I am not at liberty to reveal more πŸ˜€

    • also comparing the Multi-Scorp style sms to the Friendly Cap with Mars in Gemini typical sms. One is along the lines of “mwaha well *obviously* i have sent an envoy to stalk you” and the Cap friend waxes lyrical for many many lines about philosophers, life experiences, a thing he saw at a gallery…. lolol

      nb both in response to completely unrelated and harmless / friendly sms’s

    • Yes, it can be delicious but thank goodness for knowing astrology and being aware of what they’re up to

    • YOU Love the way Scorpios toy with their prey? I hate it. If i could be fitted with an invisible scorpio repellent vest, i would invest.

      as for this moon, i can not sleep! is it just me. i conk out in the middle of the afternoon – pillow dribbling- but sleep terribly at night, i prowl the streets even


      • scorp repellent vest… haha! I think the trick to repelling scorps is to gossip loudly about everyone’s private business (even if the ppl and the business is made up – but only you know that), and be very clunky and un-alluring/ mysterious. I mean, for a Leo Socialite, #2 may be Out Of The Question but hey it’s an option πŸ˜‰

        NTL I think i am getting a kick out of it because (a) he is not actually available and (b) I might know him just a little better than he thinks I do. (keywords: might; just-a-little)

        Any further down the rabbit hole and I may change my tune, we shall see. *Remains clinically detached from scenario*

        • I’ve got a Mars-Pluto-Merc conjunction in my first house. I hear that being blunt and obvious turns Scorps off. But I’ve found I’m such a natural researcher of human motive, even when I am blunt and honest Scrops are intriqued by my power. No matter how obvious, they don’t seem to quite accept that my power is discipline, not just woo-woo stuff. Scorps are soooo into power. Its like their kryptonite.

          • yes, i would agree with that. I mean, personally I have limited notion of ‘power’ unless i sit down and have a good old think about it. I suppose differnt things attract different people. but the arousal of curiosity, that’s something difficult to stop in others.

            • I agree power is an odd concept. Every being on earth, every thing on earth is powerful. But to Scorps…they seem funny about it, sleuthy…like a cat trying not to reveal its curiosity…like power is constantly being transfered (which it is) but no one can know/see/understand but them. They strike me as perhaps the lonliest sign of the zodiac because of their intense sleuthy-ness.

              • hm, interesting 12v. actually i probably misrepresented myself a bit up there. power does intrigue me and I have actually made specific efforts to understand it – what it is, how we use it, share it, bestow it upon others, and so on. but it doesn’t occupy a great deal of my thinking other than a conceptual notion, usually.

                What I do like is the scorp sensitivity to interpersonal dynamics – which i guess is the power we’re talking about, kind of? I do value people / am interested in ppl who have a high level of self awareness and social awareness.

      • any scorps reading this are probably thinking “pisces, what a twat” hahaha sorry scorps, if it helps, you do remain inscrutiable mysteries most of the time πŸ˜€

      • oh and I don’t know if advice from a piscean is any use re sleeping, but i’d def sleep when i needed to, and attempt to rest at night so as not to completely disrupt circadian rhythms but maybe read or watch some great films if eyes insisted on remaining open….or since it IS a full moon, you might as well enjoy the lovely light and wander by the ocean or wherever is most pleasant…moon-bathing? a goddess ceremony? xox

      • No need to invest in a repellent vest TLS. Some Leos are a natural repellent to Scorps.
        The Sun and Pluto are worlds apart. They square each other. Both fixed signs.
        I know… I have a Leo sister. It’s hard work…. ahh the fights we’ve had…. being around her is like walking on a minefield. You never know when she’s going to go off!

        • And yet a great Leo friend of mine took up with a Scorpio some years ago, much to our bewilderment. I mean, they are just SO different on so many levels. But it works and they’re undeniably in both love and lust. And of course are unquestionably loyal.

        • aww…hat explains a lot. I am annoyed by low Leo behaviour. Even the higher qualities sometimes rub me the wrong way as drama queens, hysterical, bi-polar and selfish.
          I am just not interested in similar things but I have Leo MC so, I do enjoy theater, good art and opera. I just don’t like melodrama or tantrums in real life. Keep the drama for the stage!

        • My Mother and I. Leo/Scorp. Oh my lord the rows, so dramatic! We terrify everyone around us and then confuse them when we’re bff’s not long after. Neither of us capable of being fixed and sulking thanks to steliums of Sag. So thankful for that Sag!

          Funnily enough I LOVE Leo men, I miss Leo men actually it’s been a while.

      • My sentiments exactly. If they are ‘toying’ with you they are showing disrespect IMHO.

        • ah, ok. maybe wrong choice of words. I said that to avoid using the word “flirting”, which would be unsuitable because (1) there’s none of the usual flirtatious tone that flirting would involve – e.g. cheeky compliments, “xoxo”, smiley faces or some such nonsense (thank god).
          (2) I’m not remotely ready to actually flirt with a 5-planet multi-scorp. Do those types even flirt anyway? Or do they just show up naked.
          (2) he’s in a relationship and I adhere to a strict policy of Not Flirting with men who are In Relationships. I’m genuinely not cool with that, even if I do feel very attracted to them (even more reason, in that case). I mean, conversations and joking around, sure, but when/if the vibe changes, i have to shut it down asap.

          • Holy smokes PUNM! 5-planet multi-scorp! They won’t flirt. They’ll just declare their love for you. I have a Libran friend with Moon, Mars and Venus in Scorp who has had a crush on me for years and every now and then he’ll sign his emails off with “I love you” 😯 I was at a concert with him once and he asked me if I believed in soul mates because he thought I was his soul mate 😯 Bit awkward as I didn’t feel the same. All those Scorp planets are too intense for this flighty Venus in Libra. So beware!!!

            And No! he won’t take his clothes off. That’s for the Mars in Aquas according to Mytsic’s Sleazometer: “Mars In Aqua: He’s capable of erratic sexual conduct, seductions at short notice and taking all his clothes off to signal the start of some sort of β€œrelationship.” “

            • ahahaa scorpy thank you xx. So since *I* have Mars in Aqua, maybe that’ll be me doing the clothe (does remind me of the Sun-Venus-Mars in Aqua tradie I knew once πŸ˜€ )

              this scorp is sun, mars, venus, uranus, merc. I am pretty sure he has a Leo moon squaring ALL of this. o_o

              That must be a bit disconcerting re your Libra friend. Especially since not reciprocal. I do feel for him, feeling so strongly about you that he wants to declare these feelings. (It’s also kind of nice, in some ways, to be so highly regarded by someone otherwise normal, ie not a psychotic stalker etc)… I also feel for YOU, because being on the receiving end of someone else’s otherwise lovely but *unwanted* affection can be… difficult. It’s an exercise in diplomacy? Or bluntness? both? I’ve tried both over the years.

              I do suspect that my Venus-in-aries-ness, extreme unpredictability, fickleness and tendency to come up with savage one-liners is probably a bit off-putting for many stoic, sensitive scorps.

              • haha… that Leo Moon must annoy the Scorp side of him. Like my moon in Saggo blurting stuff out when I’m trying to be secretive and mysterious. You have no idea how many times I’ve walked home chastising myself “I can’t believe you said that!!!” LOL.
                Anyway it’s all those little glitches in out astro that make us interesting no?

                Hey, you’re a Pisces, you have enough sensitivity to balance out the Venus in Aries. Your Venus just spices things up. It means you can hold your ground with Scorps. We don’t mind a bit of directness. We respect people with balls!! Could be your Mars in Aqua that’s the fly in the ointment but it is opposite his Moon! So…. *scratches head*

                Oh I’ve tried many times to force myself to fall for the Libran but you know Scorps… if it’s not there, we can’t pretend. He’s perfect in SO many ways though… ticks all my boxes except for the physical attraction part. My Venus in Libra lets me down in that regard. I think we’re better off as friends. Yes, it’s an exercise in diplomacy mostly. I’ve never had to be blunt with him. I respect him too much.

                It is nice though. Knowing how he feels gets me through the dark days sometimes. I’ve been single for such a long time and whenever I go though the “is there something wrong with me?” phase. I remind myself that he loves me warts and all. So maybe someone else will too … one day…. in my next incarnation.

                PS. I think the “fickleness” is out of place in your description of Venus in Aries. I see it as more of a Pisces thing. You were probably confusing it with speed πŸ˜‰

                • It is strange, when you have every reason to be attracted to someone – but you just can’t see yourself with them. I have always wondered about that feeling. Isit the wrong pheromones, the karma isn’t there, whatever… I think if there’s no spark, or friction maybe, there is more of a risk of straying, just a theory I have.

                  Moon signs are tricky. I ofte wish that I had a more ‘liberated’ moon, for the experience at least.

                  Oh and I think the fickle comes from the gemino rising πŸ˜‰

                  • LOL. Yeah, I would definitely have strayed if I was with him. My Moon in Saggo square Uranus doesn’t need much encouragement. And venus in Libra would have been off with the next pretty boy that came along :)

                    I see what you mean about the restricted Cap moon, but hey, you could work the Dionysian side of Cap. The mystical sea goat as opposed to pappa Saturn doing his taxes on a Friday night while everyone’s out partying. More Kate Moss, less Bob Brown (as much as I adore that man) :)

                    • hmm, dionysus. hadn’t thought aboput that. I can’t actually see what I am wiring now as the column is so narrow, so I still stop here! xxxx

                    • PS. how did you know I was doing my tax on a friday night? πŸ˜›

        • it could be that i am reading far too much into this.. it was just an sms exchange after all.

          • With a Scorp you can never tell! ^_~
            They put so much bewteen the lines.

            • line says more than we can imagine πŸ˜€

      • oh yes…..slept incredible last week. Now I am going to sleep late and woke up at 5:15am. ugh.

  3. ‘ You know Uranus transits – it feels like you’re starring in a sitcom on another planet.’
    cool. :)
    Glad Shakespeare did comedy too. I suppose they weren’t called Globe theatres just because of the shape.

  4. IΒ΄m really looking forward to Uranus crossing my Ascendant – exact first time in June!!

    Has anyone else experienced this transit before? Any good stories?

    • my Fearless Martian Aqua girl friend is undergoing pluto – MC (more or less complete) and Uranus – Asc transits. I think pluto MC started it, and Uranus is finishing it. She’s completely changed her life, again. Her commitment to living what’s true for her is very inspiring. I just bloody love her (and miss her like crazy since she’s off travelling now :( )

      • “Commitment to living what’s true” resonates so much for me right now – Pluto did a number on my midheaven last year, so I’m hoping Uranus will bring more positive changes!

        Sounds like your girlfriend and I got our own little Zap Zone between those two planets over the past couple years πŸ˜‰

        • definitely. I checked out her astro when she made a passing comment about a revolution in her life, and i thought “Hmm, revolution? Uranus!!” so I checked her chart and boom, ON her asc.

    • Happening to me right now, think I’m too ‘in it’ to say yet.

  5. Based on limited observation of 2 people who underwent Uranus crossing their Asc, they both started playing around with changing their name, like one hyphenated her last name, then just went with one last name; then changed the “y” at the end of her first name to an “i” and so on. Identity becomes in flux.

  6. Now my funk’s been explained. The weekend stars read like they were written just for me.
    Have been doing waaay too much self examination the last 2 weeks.
    Hopefully this will result in a new direction for creative expression.
    An unhappy Sagg is quite pathetic really, Saturning-out doesn’t suit my persona. There are some strong lessons being given to me if i can figure them out.

    • Just re-read Monthly. Mystic you have given me hope that all is not lost work-wise.
      ‘Forget what’s gone before’. OK. Resume May 20. So that means use this free time to work MY body and get out of my own way. Out of my busy mind and into my feeling body, in otherwords practise what i preach, don’t sweat the small stuff. So 2 weeks to learn tne new answering machine and max it out, train it as my receptionist.
      Detox & start again.

      • Thank you darling for your well wishes. Have gathered enough coloured pencils over time to deal with it.x

  7. I’m rather relieved that a Taurus friend had a very important meeting cancelled with her Leo Boss yesterday – the astro was terrible for that sort of thing! A medical emergency of sorts – which is awful, but this meeting was about her future & soo crucial.
    Leo mother with Taurus partner – must be a love job! But he’s got so frustrated with her doing all the talking & for him too – that he just carries on while she talks over the top of him! Must check their Mercury’s!

  8. I have Saturn transiting my natal 2nd house Uranus, does that count? Suddenly, I am ready to shed everything except what resonates me-of-the-moment. And I am ready to invest in myself, my style. Fashion is feng shui too – it raises your vibe when it resonates with your energy. Anyway, I say suddenly, but I’ve been purging for months now what with Mars in Virgo action. The decision to put things back to my life feels more sudden.

    It may sound a bit of risky LOA thinking, but budgets are for cowards. I mean, I get that they are necessary, but why create your own glass ceiling? *I* create my material well being, not the other way around. And I’m brilliant and experienced with a killer work ethic. So I’m not going to expect some massive downhill turn for myself. I’m going to enjoy all that I create now. And I’m going to materialize more of my inspiration because I am living and I can.

    Should I blame Uranus or Saturn for that? :-)

    • Yes, exactly! I did the shedding when Pluto crossed over my Saturn in the 2nd, and am now putting things back in. While frugality is powerful — you cut the crap to put your money where it generates the best — I’ve been up against a similar feeling of ‘the budget doesn’t readily work for this, but I need this, so no lack thoughts.’ And things have been pouring tinto my life.

      You put things so articulately.

      • I’m glad to hear you second that because it seems insanely wreckless to me to say budgets are for cowards. But, I’m a single Mom, with a mortgage – there’s only so much I can do with what’s on hand. Stressing over packing a lunch every day (ie budgeting) is going to make me miserable. I’ve always expected to get by, and yet, I’ve been told what a creative genius hardworker I am. Now I expect to manifest, for myself, by myself, through my own work, the ultimate lifestyle for myself. I know it will take years, but its quite a new mindset for me – to be looking up instead of fearing over what may bring me down.

    • this is no help for your comment, but I can’t stand budgets. Yes for working out the minimum i need to earn to cover my overheads and buy food, a big fat NO to only allowing myself $4.23 per day for lunch and only buy takeaway coffee every third day because I need the extra 3 x $3.50 to put away for a holiday in New Caledonia in 2015. Just can’t exert that much control over financial minutiae: I have faith in my ability to attract cash as I need it. I am obviously not advicating reclkess

      • oh FFS! I hate apple keyboards right now, none lf the keyboard shortcuts are the same!!!! I meant to say, “i am not advocating reckless spending on credit cards – credit cards are the devil.

  9. Virgo Moon, Aries Sun, Pisces Ascendant here.

    So many of my closest people have their Moon in Scorpio and I find their turbulent emotions so impractical – but in the end they always get their way. Most of the time … they get their sense numbing, all-consuming, squeaking wheel, laser focused, going to eat your face otherwise way.

    So who is actually the impractical one then?

    • I find Scorpio moon people way, way more intense than Scorpio suns. The analysing? OMG.

  10. Mystic, I have transiting Saturn (retrograding) at the moment opposing my Aries moon, and I woke up this morning very afraid that my mother would die before I got the chance to see her again.

    Just saturn/moon transit fears. Argh.

    But I have, in the last year or two, become my own mother.

  11. well….taurus sun/scorpio moon lover and his leo/scorpio moon daughter are getting evicted by his landlady. He has no where to go and I am wondering if they will end up staying with us, at least some. They would be over anyways. But this is much sooner than either of us wanted so neither has mentioned it and it would be last resort…..

    so he is stressed the hell out and I am concerned.

    To top it off had a dream where I was 8 days overdue with a baby. oh no.

    • scorpio is my 3rd house, Taurus is my 9th. No planets near those degrees though.

  12. am flipping the f out. t-square activated. taurus moon is screaming WHAT ARE YOU DOING LEAVING SECURE HOME scorpio uranus opposing is packing her bags in a whirlwind of excitement and rebellion. mars is seething.x100… venus is just horny. :) saturn (the natal apex) is just retrograding in orb of my north node, where he’ll pretty much sit directly on… well.. all summer. venus is sitting on my ascendant/jupiter and telling me all is sparkly fairy dust… scorpion moon turning all into molten lava…. whew. feels more like samhain than beltane… intense!! but ultimately good. :)

  13. Well I’m mellowly expecting a crazy lucid psychic dream…..which has happened with every Full Moon in Scorpio since I was 17. Sometimes its a premonition and other times, it’s a message about whatever worries me at the moment. Natally the only two things that i can connect it to my 10th house Scorpio Pluto and my 8th house Moon (both sextile).

  14. Moon and North Node in Scorpio (5th) — let’s see what the creative goddess will bring me while I dream!


  15. Uranus is now widely conjunct my Sun and Jupiter.
    The world smells full of boundless potential to this ram today.

  16. epic, amazing, opening up of new work era last few days – in my fave city –
    with bizarre and embryonic and startling ley lines of love and relations overlaying/intersecting it all – triangles, quadrangles, the works, but all subtle as well, no dramas as yet – saying my thanks out loud and often!! humbled.

  17. I always go super blue devil hoochie crazy around the Scorpio full moon (I am one) and this year was no different. Quelle horreur/will I never learn!

  18. Crazy weekend… eye opening but not enjoyable… let myself get my Qi into a nasty way… tangled and tied…. hopefully it will have been worth it… lot’s of strange thoughts that I have no idea why I had them…. hopefully will be enlightened as to what they were trying to tell me!