Saturn Square Paparazzi

Technically, Justin Bieber could go to jail for six months, for snapping at the paps the other day.  I live in an abode of Bieber worship – if JB went to jail for six minutes, there would be a shrill global outcry. Literally shrill.

Anyway, i feel for him. He’s got Neptune on his Pisces Sun at the mo. All he wants is to be transcendental and creative, to do his Neptune and he can’t go a single step without being papped? He’s got Saturn on his Moon till October, total recognition of his limitations.  The day of the brawl? Mars on his Midheaven.

So, some points – everyone with anything in the last seven degrees of Libra has had Saturn ON IT since last November. It’s like algebra or geography revision where you have late Libra in your chart.  You have to just keep cramming till you get it and no, there is no shortcut/getting it by osmosis via sleeping with some book under your pillow. Unfortunately.

Mars transits? Yes they can be amazing for fitness, actualization, stamina and all but they’re also statistically when you’re more likely to, well, brawl with the paps, get into confrontations on the street. This next fortnight is all Mars ick. 

JB also has Pluto Rising…With this, you do have what it takes to be a messianic cult leader, should you wish to express yourself in this manner. You’re channel Pluto, one way or another.


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32 thoughts on “Saturn Square Paparazzi

  1. isnt what the pap doing the same as STALKING?? C’mon who wouldnt flip out eventually??? I feel sorry for all of the stars in that aspect.
    Look at Michael douglas’ wife, a great LADY who stood by and nursed him thru stage 4 cancer. She couldnt even be depressed w/o the world knowing.

    More stars should kick pap butt put an end to the stalking.

      • Energy is energy—–you either use for yourself or it will be used on you if the transits are energetic ones. Personally I would prefer to stay on top of my transits so that I know when to get busy and expend the energies in a useful, productive way as oppossed to have someone get in my face because I haven’t chosen to get -with -the -program….for myself.

      • I am surprised there’s not a law against it. Wasn’t Lady Di’s driver distracted and caused a fatal car crash.
        It needs to end. We don’t need to follow around celebs.

        • I think the laws in UK did change after lady di incident. they are hounded and stalked way too much beyond the point of decency.

  2. I think it’s a damn shame that these paparazzi can chase you around, violate your personal boundaries, and push you to the limits. Yeah, Justin didn’t have to hit someone, but I would lash out too if I were young and cornered.

  3. I would eventually 100% lose my shit at paparazzi if they didn’t show enough respect. Would give fair warning and issue a press release weekly for one month, then all bets are OFF kids

    I hear Leo di Caprio took to standing outside their homes at strange hours with a video camera, filming their kids, looking in the windows…etc… they eventually laid off him i think.

    • hmm, on the other hand, with further thought, it could be kind of fun to entertain them. you know “Hey, Enzo, been 3 days since i saw you, thought Leo finally got to you! Hey, is that a new lens? niiice,coool, so, how am i looking today – these jeans good or what? Oh, my tag’s hanging out? thanks enzo, you’re the man. hey tell everyone i’m heading to roller derby tomorrow night, the girls are on, it;s going to be cool . make sure you publish some sweet shots of the teams and I’ll throw a couple pix your way of me drinking beer out of a can” , rubbing my boob

      that could be awesome. for about 2 weeks 😀

      • hahaha the close quote marks were meant to go AFTER ‘boob’ *idiot* @-@

  4. Woah JB is a Pisces libra moon just like my boyfriend. Mad charisma! Lol

  5. You can’t have your cake and eat it too! Love the paps when its all new and “LOOK AT ME”, then suddenly “POOR ME”. Not buying it one bit. He is a slave to fame, and there is a price to pay.

  6. well I can finally see his Scorp asc and pluto rising here! next move is the horns to grow, something vaguely satyr about this shot.

    I have no opinion on the boy himself but I think the process is just unhealthy to the bone. And he is scorp asc. I bet you he is going to be one very eccentric/paranoid puppy about his privacy when he is older. No wonder his first slip off the halo was a sex scandal.

    Maybe he will have a beach boys transit and go all Rasputin on us.

  7. That sucks i say lock up Will Smith for slappin a pap for kissing him on the cheeks. For some reason, i cannot stand him. Hes an adult and should know that people in other cultures express themselves diffrently. Nobody ever said americans get out much.

    Capricorn Heather O’ Rourke also has PL rising and did the polterguiest movies. Hopefully, will be intresting ti see what that turns into, it seems like a very intense place to have pluto him. At least i can hide mine when i want to.

    • I read that the dude who pulled the stunt was play8ing a prank. And he didn’t kiss Will Smith on the cheeks; he went for the lips. (saw vids) Guy’s name is Vitalii Sediuk, a journalist posing as a fan, known for pulling pranks on celebs, including kissing people unexpectedly by going beyond personal space. From the clips my take on it was that Sediuk wanted to cause a reaction and he got it.
      Just because Will Smith is American is no reason to trot out the usual thing of ‘all Americans being uncultured/unaware of others’ cultural practices’. Last time I was in Asia we Aussies do a great job of doing the exact same thing Will Smith is being accused of…

      I have Ukrainian friends here in Melbourne, and the males do not kiss other on the lips. I’m not saying I’m the authority on Ukrainian males’ greetings, but I do know from observation over the years that they don’t lip-kiss when they meet. The culture I’ve observed is actually rather homophobic. Kissing each other on the cheeks among males, however, is ok as it’s not considered something “only gay guys do”, for lack of a better expression.

      • He didnt kiss him on the lips i saw the video too.. not read… Will moved, he was going to kiss both cheeks, when will moved it looked as if the second kiss was going to land on the lips. The ukrain guy wasnt going for his lips at all…

        • Maybe the guy thought americans like europeans do the same either way, will just tries to hide the fact that almost 90 percent of his chart resides in feminine signs.

          Either way no reason to get in a bunch…

          • Funny, wasn’t getting in a bunch. So my take is different than yours, you see that as getting in a bunch? Different peeps have different opinions. Don’t you get in a bunch coz I voice an opinion different to yours.

          • “will just tries to hide the fact that almost 90 percent of his chart resides in feminine signs.” Huh, how do you know for sure that’s what he tried to do?

            Re: the stunt, while I can never be sure 100%, I trust my friends’ translation when they said that he (the journalist) said he trying to plant one on Smith’s lips – Ukrainian Punk’d…
            You said you couldn’t stand Smith, I can see how that factors in. I have nothing against you, nor was I getting in a bunch; I simply dislike ethnocentric generalizations thrown about spesh since we’re nowhere near perfect.

            I haven’t been on here for a while, does any of the other long-timers (Pegs, Ms, etc.) know if Robot has popped up at all? Or shell for that matter? I wonder how they’re doing.

            • Hey hey UPV!!!! How are ya? :)
              Saw your gravatar and thought “she’s back!” :)
              I just moved house, so I’m very tired from all the cleaning, tidying, organising etc etc. .
              Typing from my phone before I get some winks. That’s all from me for now. Hope you are well . :)

            • hi UPV welcome back. shell pops in, no robot for a while altho he/she may have reincarnated to a new name/gravatar. Ms is on, pegs is still da bomb and lots of new peeps.

                • Scorpalicious sounds muy delicioso. Good to see you’re well – good to see you’re all well actually!! Sending good housewarming vibes to your new joint babe! =D

  8. That’s “playing”, not “play8ing”. Not intended to tie in with my gravatar.

  9. No pity here for those who live by the sword and then get poked by it.

    There are ways for celebrities to keep a low profile bot of course that might mean less dosh. My opinion – he needs a more positive circle of pals.

    • “I live in an abode of Bieber worship.” Mine has been upgraded into the “One Direction” funhouse! lol

  10. Jesus gawd, when I saw that face on the news I thought of my Pisces co-worker…I turned around one day and she had the DEATH stare…

    However….I love JB..Cute kid…And you can’t blame him too much.

    The co-worker tho.. Pisces…Mercury in Aries….Mars in Aries opposite Libra Moon…nope…a couple of weeks ago I had to set miss 26 yrs old straight and tell her ass off and so I did…Cap Moon calmly of course 😉

    She has been on good behaviour ever since…You see I understand her Mars in Aries opposite Libran Moon.. Just a difficult combo and being young she doesn’t know how to bridge the gap yet between huffing and puffing and being gracious… lol