Saturn Loved Me

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It’s not just the Full Moon guys – by now you should have grokked the awesome clarity that is the curse/gift of Mercury Opposite Saturn in Libra, it’s especially so re relationships. Don’t duck it…

Hey you know i’ve got a Tumblr, right

Also, the Oracle Rebirth is not quite on schedule lol.  It is not insanely behind but i am not quite so sure i can hit Monday.  But here, f.y.i. are the questions it will contain…four you already have up there on the Oracle but the rest are new & there are literally hundreds more options/answers for each question.

* What Was My Past Life Involvement With X?

* What Should My Strategy Be With X?

* Which Aspect Of My Astrology Chart Should I Be Looking Into Right Now?

* How Will My Next Encounter With X Go?

* Is There Any Romantic Potential For Me With X?

* What Archetype/Icon Should I Meditate Upon Right Now?

* What Is My Lucky Number/Color/Flower/Scent/Totem Animal Today?

* Which Tarot Card Best Represents Me In This Situation?

* Does My Ex-Partner Still Think Of Me?

* What Is Holding Me Back Right Now?

* What Housewitch Cure Can I Do Right Now To Bring On The Awesome?

And these are the ones up there now – but with expanded answers already…

* Why Hasn’t X Contacted Me?

* What Is My Best Biz-Career Strategy At The Moment?

* What Do I Need To Know Right Now?

* Is X Thinking Of Me Right Now?

The Oracle is subscriber-only (but think about it, it’s cheaper and generally more accurate than a psychic, right? Plus you can do it anytime you like) and i will email subscribers the second it’s all up and going. So far, the tests show that it is super-accurate.  You would not believe the lengths i am going to to harness synchronicity & all. Remember, the internet is basically just beams of light zooming around the place – you can and you will get good answers from the Oracle. Unless you abuse it lol.

BTW, i am changing the subscriptions around so you can pay ahead (not just Paypal monthly debit) as a lot of peeps are requesting that…it will be up soon but in the meantime, if you are interested (or hanging out to ask about your past lives with some hot person) you can go visit my secret subscriber renewal page here.

Back to the Astro Du Jour – i am really liking it. It works if you decide to fearlessly confront thy own merde in a controlled Saturn sort of a loop…But with Scorpy depth/intensity…i think, though, that we are also all tuning up for the Zap Zone. Uranus square Pluto exact in late is but the beginning of a four year extravaganza…Time to get our Awesome On.



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58 thoughts on “Saturn Loved Me

  1. Darling Mystic, I am loving the new questions but have one small request. Can the first one not be about Mr/Ms X because it encourages me to indulge in my unhealthy obsession about the ex. Something neutral at the top of the list would be much appreciated.

  2. For the last Oracle survey, did anyone suggest an “Ask Any Question And Get Any Answer” option?

    You would formulate a simple, concise question and the Oracle would throw you an answer from any of the available responses in the current Oracle database. Could be hilarious, uncanny or simply uncannily hilarious (in a D&M sort of way).

    That would be fascinating for you MM – you’d be effectively crowd sourcing “Qs de Jour” from all your subscribers. Some interesting patterns might emerge – e.g. certain kinds of questions being asked during particular transits etc.

    • i think you did lol but it’s not possible with the way the oracle is set up but maybe in a future version – i think you will be pretty happy with this one though…

      And remember – the Oracle survey got suggestions like
      Q: is tony still a fuqwit?

  3. Thank you Mystic for re-awesome-ising the Oracular Spectacularrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxx

  4. Guys – the Gravatar thing must be able to be solved…! Pls can you go check their site ?

    i just found this on there

    My gravatar doesn’t show up on a particular site!
    The most common reason for this is the rating of the image you are using for your gravatar (see “My gravatar doesn’t show up for a particular rating (or site!),” above. After that, the usual reason for this is a common error in making image links on the originating site. (Click here: to double check your gravatar.) If your image comes up correctly, then you may want to direct the site in question to the “I’m trying to implement gravatar for my site, and some gravatars aren’t displaying!” FAQ entry below.

    • On this, Mystic, I still have to log in every time I visit the site. Just now I logged in and my details haven’t been retained. I have followed the steps suggested in the FAQ but no dice – I still have to log in again each time I visit (in fact, within minutes!). The old site allowed me to retain at least my gravatar identity, sometimes for years!

      I’m using an iphone and Macs.

      • This happens to me too – usually each time I go from one subs page to another sub page. Logging in from a stupidphone, and cookie annihilation makes not much dfference. I am pretty much used to it tho.

          • oh but i do gather that the app that does the log-in thingie DOES have a keep me logged in feature in future version dev plans or whatevs.

            soz for poor sentence construction.

      • Fwiw, I also have to re-login just about every time I go to a subscriber page if it’s been more than a few minutes. On the old site I could long in once in the morning and it would stay all day, but not this one.

        Not meaning to complain, just thought it might help you figure out the issue.

        I’m on a plain old laptop, Google Chrome

        • oh me too Jen! i thought it was just me not knowing how to wrangle Safari cookies.

      • Yes, doesn’t matter whether i’m logged in or not, i have to input my name and email every time. No gravatar issues, but short retention of log on, and no retention of name.

        Trying it now to see if my name will come up (1001 x)

    • Mystic, I’ve tried ALL your suggestions and the devi guys’ too. I have also tripled checked my email linked to my Gravatar and my rating is always set to “G”.

      I’m on a Mac and currently using Firefox, I’ve tried Chrome as well but my preferred browser is Safari and I’ve never had a problem like this before. I have even “reset” my Safari application and STILL, a name I used for about a week back in Feb 2012 appears in the reply box.

      No matter what browser I’m in, whenever I go to a new post, I have to re-enter my name, email etc. The site is not retaining my info.

      Could you ask the devi guys if rebooting the server might fix things?

    • thank you- I’ve had this problem for the past few years- no kidding!

      “BTW, i am changing the subscriptions around so you can pay ahead.”
      Brilliant idea-thank you!!!

  5. This is such a peaceful Scorp full moon.

    Nice tumblr

    I’m not sure I’m speaking to the Oracle right now. It told me — once again — to go feng and declutter, which I’ve been doing. My brain is broke trying to decide what the Oracle wants from me. I won’t let go of a thing till I’ve got it figured out, so I’ll crack this puzzle eventually.

    All of the new questions sound great, though I know all of the answers to them will be, Arien, go feng and declutter!

  6. I actually snug a click in when the lucky number question was up for a little while and the answer was very eh interesting for me. 9

    This morning, the internet tarot spread hit me over the head with the same answer. In the “what I want”-position 9 of Wands (you know how in the Thoth it is linked to Moon in Sag2 but the artwork has Sun on Top, Moon on Bottom and well, my Sun-Moon-Midpoint is at 9.sumethin Sag an that was the first thing I thought when looking at that card) and “what I resist”-position was MA “Strength” and I was like “WTH” and then like “oooh”. Idjet. Own worst enemy.

      • This morning I used the one on PlanetWaves:

        This is using RW, at home I only have a Thoth because that was the deck the Universe sent my way.

        On my pc the spread is a bit crooked, card position number 10 doesn’t work, but dunno, today just seeing the cards laid out the way they were I had an Eureka moment.

        Funny thing, the Taurus Scope repeated the theme.

        Now I just have to figure out how to apply Oracle advice “More pewpew, less QQ” aka “become more competitive and less naive” … hmmm.

      • Weird, had typed out an answer, fired it and now 3h later I see it ain’t there …

        • Bah, silly me … ignore above, forgot I deleted the cookies earlier.

  7. I am super duper excited about the new oracle!!!! Can’t wait to try it out.

  8. It’s been great! Worked off the initial intensity by ‘doing my moon sign’ ( Virgo – so gardening & admin).
    Two major issues talked thro with hubby mainly current finances/ work situation and potential future of these – which we’re actively working on. So nothing new, but a new understanding – which is good, really good. Especially as he’s having his second saturn return and saturn’s just been over my sun/mercury conjunction. Something that’s been bugging my virgo moon for a couple of years now is out without antagonism and incorporated. Phew. The planets really have conspired with us on this one :-)

    • hey, good on u VM, with reaching new understandings with hubby in important matters. My skeptical heart is always happy to hear of constructive relationship developments, it gives me faith in love xx

  9. Met up with old Leo Luva after months of no contact because I wanted it that way…lol I gave in to his sad lost lion looks & attempts to literally stop me in the streets via his prime mover and or car. Clarity was awesome and things are much much better now. Glad I did. Actually this has been the theme of late old relationships questions asked, things sorted, I like.

    • ‘prime mover’ holy moly no getting past that!

      • LOL yeah well he is a Leo. It was quite funny & highly entertaining at times.

  10. Wrote a 5 year plan for the areas of my life I want to awesome-up. Did push-ups. Roasted a chook.

    Who am I and what am I doing here ? LOL !!

    Also another one here not retaining details when leaving the site – have to re-enter each time. IS it a cookie thing ? My Gravatar is fine ….

  11. that’s funny, I’ve already used the “What Is My Lucky Number/Color/Flower/Scent/Totem Animal Today?” a couple of days ago and thought it was awesomely accurate xox

  12. Just succumbed to Oracle and asked question.
    Not sure if the answer was literal or metaphorical
    but it sure made me smile.

  13. So…what exactly is “abusing” the Oracle? Asking the same question more than once a day? Asking it three or four times in one session? Machine-gunning it? You know…to be clear for OTHER people. 😛

    • I’d like to know what constitutes abuse as well… I think i may have already been doing it with the “is x thinking about me right now” questio as sometimes the oracle gives me some pretty snaky answers 😉 But I’d love to know the rules, if there are any, to get the best results!

      • Agreed! I try to do right by the Oracle and all, but sometimes you just gotta click more than once…so which answer do you trust?

  14. Gravatar testing…
    been having trouble with gravatar too!

  15. My Libran brother is getting a divorce from his Scorp wife. They have been together for 10 and some odd years….They both have Sagg Moons. He says it’s amicable…I wonder where Saturn in Llibra has been in his chart during this transit…

    She wanted to spend all of her time with her two divorced sons and her grandchildren….His son is grown and left for Afghanistan a month ago. Anyway, she just was not domestic like he needed I guess. I will miss her…We always had laughs…