Salt Made From Tears

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“Salt Made From Tears combines centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears which are gently boiled, released into shallow crystallisation tanks, then harvested by hand and finally rinsed in brine. Experience the full range of these flavours in this exclusive collection.”

Monster Supplies

Honestly, w.t.f?  Which Sun Sign would buy these?  Gemini for the novelty? A sadistic Scorpio?  Capricorn would employ the tear-suppliers, most likely on contract. No cry – no pay.  Virgo? Lol. Any Virgo this would be in massive cringe mode from the hygiene issues, seriously.  Thoughts?


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77 thoughts on “Salt Made From Tears

  1. OH look a new career for me, since I can cry without much provocation Mars-Sun-Venus in Cancer in the 1st/ Virgo Moon/Pluto in the 4th .. sure I’ll sell my tears.. but its not a product I’d see using accept for magical purposes and even then seems a bit squeamish!

  2. My mars in Virgo just gagged until her eyes watered – and finally threw up.
    This is seriously

    • mine too. It makes me feel a bit ill.
      What are they used for? voodoo on enemies?

      • As a Virgo I am totally repulsed – imagine the energy of someone else’s tears – I can’t even come at organ donation either?

  3. I could fill 100 bottles today…but more interested in buying them 😉

    Of course the tears would have to originate from fine specimens…

    Toro Sun

    • To clarify, I would never actually use this! Gem rising will go for the novelty.

  4. Beyond revolting. Though the cynic in me’d say they are largely onion tears if they are anything at all.

    If I wanted to eat anger I would invite the pope to dinner.

    This is quite barbaric. Do you eat this on your pizza while watching horror movies?

  5. Tangible assets of human emotions. Peculiarly fascinating…Very timely with the release of Australia’s PM statement today to mining company bosses ” you don’t own the minerals…”

    And if u were to actually ingest this stuff, maybe you would never cry again. Spooky.

    • BTW, every single person I have spoken to today has cried today. I shed a few too. Surrendering quietly to the melancholia and genmai cha .

      • wow, that blows me out cause today, leaving just after sunrise for a work trip, i was driving along and started singing that neil young song ‘think i’ll pack it in and buy a pick up….’ etc, think it is off his harvest album – and i just started weeping, right from my gut. blow out. so you saying everyone you know has had a cry, wow…..

        • mind you, to add to that, it seems my moon pluto opposition transit is exact so mining down deep, deep.

        • Well, not everyone I know but everyone who I spoke to today , which admittedly was only 4!! But still, that is significant!! Venus rx seems to be knocking all peeps in the guts. Even the toughnuts .

          • I’m totally fine. No tears, no exes, no dramas. I’m immune to Venus.

            Even the toughnuts you say. 😯 what does that make me then?…. iRobot 😛

            • Toughnuts sounds like some kind of hard-core doughnut. With frosting rivets or made to look like nuts and bolts…

    • You can count me in on the crying too. Still am intermittently right now.

      • NOTHING has actually happened to cause the tears today but dammit I wept today like my heart was bleeding. So damn depressed…out of the blue. *sigh*

  6. I was eating when I read this (which reminds me again why it is very bad to eat whilst doing other things), and although it was only an innocuous carrot I was munching on, I almost threw up.

    For some reason, this reminds me of people who keep gallstones and bits of human fingers and hair in bottles and think that it’s ‘art’. Goth Girl Goes to Art School stuff…

    But then the other thing that came into my mind was that film ‘Seven’.

    I think I don’t need to know about this. It’s just making me feel physically ill.

    • I kept my holey wisdom tooth when I had it pulled last year. I was going to put it in a frame in the bathroom as a reminder to my kids to clean their teeth properly. But my boyfriend must have thrown it away because I left it rolled up in tissue somewhere lol.

    • ha, I went through that Goth Girl Goes to Art School phase too…it did feel very emotionally rich and multitextured BUT now I’m having a stripped-back minimalist phase & going for avant-garde austerity. The animal skulls, hair clippings, pictures of deformations, fake blood, prosthetics and costumes are all gone. It was fun though! I may return to the more baroque approach at some point…

  7. Aw come on, people, it’s just cos they’re tears of a stranger… i’m sure if you knew the people you’d feel fine with it.

    I love you… pass the salt.

    • Nup, not even then. Tears are not random salt water, they are mucous. Can’t do it, sorry.

      Plus surely, ingesting something sad, or angry, or self-pitying or whatever, it can’t be good on a homeopathic level. I have to get out of here, I feel really ill. Clastrophobic and nauseous.

      • I’m not very intelligent at the moment, Milly! That’s why I’m hiding out. If someone told me my face was green I would believe them.
        But I didn’t really think it of you! I always picture you as some patrician goddess like Lisa Fonssagrives. Not someone who would be buying other people’s tears in bottles.

        • Poor darling, Seabird! No, in truth, the thought makes me shrivel. So awful is it i think it is not at all real but a poor marketing stunt… still, it is a shop that markets to children, and you know the childish imagination and humour is pretty disgusting and thrills in revulsion! (Well i know it as an Arien 5th H Merc, plus Sun in Pisces 5th H! Trickster likes to play.)

          You’re intelligent and sensitive, Lady Seabird, no need to rue yourself. But emotions are ragged around the edges? Mmm, quite right to avoid nasty topics in that state. Did you check out your asteroid Gary? The whole thread is hilarious! Otherwise, in Zappy times you might go with something feminine and gentle. Lots of love, darling xxx

        • Oh and thank you for the compliment… i’m simply going to pretend i am that beautiful! What a treat! xx

  8. What do you do with the salt? Do you sprinkle it on your fish and chips? Do you put the bottle under your tear duct and blink your tears into it or squeeze out your hanky when you’re finished. How weird is that.

  9. What sort of diet were these secreters on? Have they got organic certification? Save a life, give blood; save a dinner, give tears? No, I find it disgusting.

  10. 😯

    I could totally see this on the shelves at Granny May’s! 😯

    Man, I used to spend HOURS in that store 😯

    Not surprising eh? 😯

  11. anger in a bottle? seriously. sorrow? are you meant to eat this??

    and sneezing and onions. for 15p you can get a cheap thrill on your own onion. something totally creepy about tear manufacturing.

  12. You could add, yawning which my neptune singleton does alot, or bike riding in windy weather with temps below 50/F/10C. People since highschool always think im crying.

    “Are you ok”?lol Yea sure sure, i dunno me eyes just water real easily since childhood. No allergies, then my inner ears also hate temps below 60F,air or pools, or beach water will give me a inner earache.

    -neptune singletons = hypersensitivity.

  13. wow
    I kind of dig this
    it would look really cool in a parlor..not to eat though
    I mean unless it were a person you were really into
    like a magic spell or something

  14. Gross. You couldn’t pay me to…..

    Though oddly enough, this does make me think of two chapters from “Like Water for Chocolate”. Yeah, it’s never good to eat anyone’s sadness/anger anyways.

  15. Too many eps of Torchwood I guess but there is something a little too captured my soul about this. Same reason I’m wary of photos.

  16. where on earth do you go to find that many people crying? Gin bars? stalking relationship breakups? marriage breakdowns? war zones? no way. If homeopathy holds any truth, i wouldn’t be touching recycled teardrops.

    • I bet it was a crop of graduate students who produced the tears for these… The bottles should be labeled, “Failed Course,” “Drinking Binge,” “Poverty,” “Insomnia,” and, “This Isn’t What I Want To Do With My Life, After All!”

  17. Double cap says a little creepy would not ingest .
    Magical applications yes!

  18. I’m pretty sure those aren’t actually made from human tears, guys. ;p If you click on the tear gatherer, they’re a sea salt company. Also if they were real human tears they’d probably cost way more. Plus all the other stuff in the store is like this, they just call it something for fun, like the cubed ear wax; it’s actually just fudge. I would absolutely buy this salt, and plenty of other stuff from this store, it’s so silly and hilarious. Totally my kind of thing.

  19. With all the reports of cannibalism lately I wouldn’t be surprised people would collect and buy this stuff.
    It makes for a novelty haunted house decor (if it was only salt). Somehow makes me feel ill.
    What astro governs the strange news lately? Anyone?
    What would cause outbreaks of cannibalism in the States? Miami Naked Face Eater.

    • Some new street drug call “Bath Salts” is responsible for the cannibalism. Which is the first association I made when I saw the pic. Very creepy.

      Think the whole “cannibalism” theme is gonna go far and wide during Saturn in Scorpio. Lots of ways to interp man eats man, man.

    • There is so much gruesome attack going on. I wonder the same about the outbreak of carnage. Honor killings aside, there has been a seemingly sharp uptick in reports of the murder of children of all ages by parents in the US news lately. Syria is awash in the blood of innocents. The many cannibalism accounts. The Canadian body parts nut. There is always murder, yes – but these horrors are beyond the “usual” pale.

  20. my moon in the 12th says….voodoo, magic! Although my venus is in virgo conjunct my ascendant in virgo, my venus nods …..

    would never buy these….make my own, maybe. The virgo in me wins out on that.

  21. I would buy these and stick them in the kitchen among the spices to amuse my more observant guests.

  22. haha, i think i feel lik creatix above…fuqin sick…Cappy..~no cry, no pay~ hilar.. But you better believe my Cap Moon will capitalize on my pain as the universe did not give me this bullshit for nothin’ 😉 It has been a consideration and a field of conflict in my mind and heart as to what really matters….What really matters tho, is changing this reality.

    Was having a dream this morning as to telling a female that I was organizing her papers into a folder and I saw myself doing so…(yes, I am organizing my life on several levels and working through huge waves of fears at times)..

    Then I awoke with a jolt as the ex boyfriend crept in…It is unclear but my energy was SO zapped this morning…I did get through a workout but it was SO hard…

    Awoke with an emo jolt…This morning some tears here and there…of course Cap Moon says “you are not a victim..some of this is self perpetuated…you can handle it, etc, etc…”

    Scorpalicisous, if you read this…just want you to know that if you listen to Icehouce….~Street Cafe~ it is dedicated to you luv. x

    • And “Cross the Border”…I don’t think of it so much as the Berlin Wall but within ourselves…Not really any difference tho, eh?

    • Hey sweetest of peas! :)

      Just saw this today. I haven’t much time to catch up on the blog. Been busy moving house and looking for work. New home all sorted (thanks Jupiter in Toro return / exiting my 4th). Work situation is not so good. It’s dire!!!
      Wish Saturn my chart ruler would hurry up and go direct already!

      Thanks for the dedication :) x

  23. Now I know what they do with the evaporation pans & filters from Airline A/C

  24. A Leo would buy these just for the expensive gloat price tag! Although I would be tempted to try it. Who knows, they might end up tasting like a luxury item.

    Would love to see these on a cooking challenge show! And tonight’s ingredients: chicken, lemon juice, salt from tears… haha!

  25. Ha! They’re so emo.
    I don’t want to eat them but have always cried a lot and wondered where I could sell my tears and kind of wished we had a modern equivalent of the professional mourner. (Taurus sun in the tenth, Leo moon in the first house, Leo rising)

  26. Ha! Nice little imaginative joke. Its not real tears people. I would buy this for the novelty for my kids. The laughter would do right :) Sag Rising with Uranus conjunct. Neptune 1st.
    When I was younger I bought this novelty sweet. It was earthworms(gummy lollies coloured darkish red) in dirt( chocolate biscuits). I ended up not eating it because I freaked and thought just maybe they are real. Scorpio stellium and Moon cancer opp Neptune.