Retro-Venusian Reunions

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Richard Avedon

Demi & Ashton, Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren, Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy…The tabloid hills are alive with rumored couple reunions. Oh and Kate Moss drunk dialling her ex.

Yes, Venus is Retrograde and the prospect of closure/revival/contact with ex-lovers may seem far more appealing than usual.  Plus it’s practical. Venus Retro is intense & karmic (you meet soulmates, they say) but it works in slo-mo. So some peeps probably think they can scare up a little bit of action way faster if they hit on the Ex…the known devil and all that.

It’s also just the Retro-Venusian Voodoo; strange little echoes of relationship gone by haunt perfectly normal waking moments. That’s if they’re not sending you strange messages already.

What to do? Well, the standard Venus Retrograde wisdom is that you don’t even think about this potentially blissful 2nd chance reunion scenario until after Venus is not only Direct but out of shadow…that would be the last day of July.

But come on, it’s not as if we haven’t all got merde to do in the meantime. Uranus is square Pluto. The Zap Zone is upon us and well, you know, it’s big. Don’t get caught jawing off in the tar pit. Ignore self-pity impulses. Come out fighting.

I’m re-reading 50 Cent’s Self-Help book.  It ain’t Zen but it’s fully Zap Zone compliant. Unlike you (or me) sending drippy texts/emails to one’s Ex.  Just got an email from a Leo acquaintance asking if the time was right to send her Ex (a particularly nutty Aqua) “a thoughtful gift”.  I sent Ms Leo back a simple and succinct “no” but in 48 font.  Leos like uber-text, not sub-text.

So people, where you are at with this Astro-Weirding???




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211 thoughts on “Retro-Venusian Reunions

    • Moon Calendar from Creative Cronies also says that
      it’s ‘an intense and cosmic portal indeed’.
      And that Vensu was the most important planet to the Mayans. A time of perfect harmonic resonance.
      How inspiring.

  1. Wow MM how could i survive without your magic? hmmph hmmph yessiree last nov. lost contact with lover cuz he unexpectedly fell in love?!? called on me apr.3 i ans. cuz i dropped his contact number did not recognize his # and now he is forever trying to gain my attention and invites into my life huh well idk do i play fish or cut the line? mermaids on neptune time wait it out till august?

  2. I seem to be on a perfume bender. I can’t stop sampling new fragrances and ordering samples online. I need a hotline/call-in place that will talk me down. How many different scents can a woman wear? Usually, I am a one-scent per year (or longer) kind of person although I do switch it up every couple/few years.

    Other than that I am obsessed with flowers. I guess this is better than obsessing on ex’s (???)

    • PS– I just remembered that I went on a scent hunt and went into a whole new place with scent during 2004 (the other Venus retro). I was on a quest then, as well, and got into the whole layering thing–but that was pre-recession when every scent had tons on product options. Now the labels are more cost conscious and only provide the bare bones of a line. *sigh*

  3. Nobody that I want to see from my past. Once its done its OVER!
    Im laying low!!

  4. Just had a thought..

    So, I accept it’s not really advisable to go making ‘drippy’ contact with our ex’s, but what sort of contact is wise exactly?

    I’m wanting to close the book on one completely, but do so peacefully and respectfully, and not provoke any further negativity. I’m not really sure how to go about doing this at this point, and I’d kinda like to do so in conjunction with the upcoming eclipse as it feels right to do so.

    On the other hand I’m really not sure how to treat the other ‘ex’ in question during this time period, the one which this Venus-Rx is seemingly hinting at the ‘second chance’ sorta thing with. Honestly I’m somewhat afraid to even so much as say hello, even in a calm friendly manner, which I think is pathetic really but yeah, admittedly there’s a pretty strong fear of going against the Rx energy and just plain fuqing up…

    Any thoughts?

    • Oran_Mor – retros are for going over things and if your intention is true about closure – follow it. I wanted to end a bond and did so on a during a moon that was advertised as unviable for making contact. But since my intention was to end, it worked. If your’e intention is to settle and bring peace – maybe retros are the right time? Just my opinion.

      • Sounds about right to me. I’ve been pondering over exactly how to do this the last few days but I’m getting there. I know my ex is going to be pretty hurt but the fact is I have to do what I have to do, demons must be exorcised, etc.. I’m just being extremely careful as to not be aggressive about doing it.

        Everyone has the right to set themselves free, right?

    • “Fuqing up” as a fear that you’re not going to read the external signs right shows a lack of connectedness with your internal guidance. I’d be more concerned to follow what you think you feel and see how it comes out. Hone your ability to read yourself. Take the zillion variations in astrological charts. What goes on with your planetary placements and alignments at any partiular moment can’t be covered by a generalied statement.

      Do the thing you fear (making intuitive decisions) till you don’t fear it anymore. It’s another one of those learn-by-doing situations.

      And as far as provoking negativity, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

      Trust yourself. You’ll do fine. And if you don’t, learn from it. And you’ve still done fine.

      • Well said amigo. Ultimately I always try my utmost best to follow my intuition with the utmost integrity, but I am only human and I falter at times even when I have no intention of doing so.

        Can be pretty tricky with so much on ones plate at once, but I can’t help but be somewhat amazed by how well I’m actually juggling it all..

  5. oh yeah profound dream i will be the courageous mermaid and cut the line, the sea is ruled by neptune’s dream and it has plenty of fish, crazy kool school of colorful new peers. “remain in the light …. no mediocrity”(MM)

  6. My retro venus reunion is with this blog, Venus is traveling across my 11th which does rule blogs- I survived the libran gavel, lol and am gonna put more venus into my replies.

    I think people take them the wrong way when I forget a few of venus words. Pluto in Libs my only libra placement.

    But like libra Barbara Walters can tame the people passionately debating at her table. I gotta give it to libran placed for there ability to bring together both sides in a way that makes it as comfortable as poss for all parties involved.

  7. Most of what I’ve read about this venus retrograde and venus transit is about stuff coming up (coming back) to be finished/eliminated etc. BUT there have also been several mentions of second chances – reunions that have a more positive “meant to be” sort of vibe….SOOOOO how will I know which it is? O.K. I admit I desire that he is back cuz he’s meant to be back and this time around it falls into place with ease and grace….could this scenario be possible?
    he’s a libra with sagitarius rising
    and I’m a gemini with scorpio rising

    • I’m in the same boat, seems so right. (see post below yrs)

      I guess I should just be celebrating the wonderful opportunity I have just experienced. I have never felt so loved and cared for in my life…. Thank you Venus xxx

  8. Well…took a major chance with an old friend from school by sharing a week in Bali to celebrate his 50th. Have only seen him like 4 times since school. We live on the same latitude but on opposite sides of the country.
    The trip started with me missing my plane which meant flying out on the eclipse 20th May…. He is a Toro and I ze Crab
    I have had the most amazing full on love experience of my life….
    In the days since returning 27th, I have been unable to talk to him via my devices all being f’ed up including my home phone which is totally dead (tho my service provider says different…..
    Ok so; feels karmic etc… I’m all over the place because he’s comming here to celebrate his Mums 90th b.Day in Aug and has asked me to be his date, which means meeting his entire family including his kids….scary shit.
    Trust me to fall in love during V retro; THIS IS ALL GOING TO GO PEAR SHAPED right?????? I’ll suddenly wake up and find I’ve been drugged and WTF was I thinking? Right?

  9. LITERALLY THE DAY I FEEL OFFICIALLY OVER IT, i get a text. Different cities and haven’t seen in months. I was certain this would not happen as i read this article days ago. It did and the convo fizzled after my aqua self took to long to respond to each text. Gem has gf and older. at first im like wtf, what is there to talk about and realizations of how i blew his image up in my mind etc came about. Decided not to give it another try at a conversion today because every sign is pointing to no. Rotten, I was doing so good. ugh, help.

    • saggyaquaofnyc – that in my humble opinion is the Universe testing your resolve. If you felt better and at peace, why let another’s actions affect that vibe? I totally get the heart-strings pull, but the Universe basically doesn’t. Hold your resolve for best results. And be kind to yourself about the fact that’s hard.

  10. Well ex lover who i totally want nothing to do with cause he sucks was cruisin for sympathy and whining to me on FB. whatever. the big news is I’m going to see my father in person for the first time in 12 or 13 years. he left when i was 14/15, i’m 27 now. and I’ll be seeing him probably ON JUNE 4th. I wonder if venus retro ever has anything to do with parental reunions?

    things with my present guy are GREAT. i fuqin love him. and i don’t know how he deals with me. he’s as sweet as pie. and pleasantly kind of a dick (in a funny way). the worst of venus retro in gem for us has been many misunderstandings of whether he’s joking or not and whether i’m joking or not. that’s pretty much it. he has natal venus in gem, me in sag. HA

  11. I was thinking of all this soul mating talk and a line from the Grinch seemed appropriate “it came without packages, boxes, or bags.” Ah, unconditional love. Odd it pains us so much to feel love without “proof.”

    I finally have a Venus Retro tale. There’s this odd Libran who looks like a ginger-Jesus. He and I went to a psychic circle in the States a year or two ago. The medium was an Aborigini woman who said he was an Atlantian from the future. Dude is weird and freaking out on my Facebook photos. Ha! He’s not an ex-lover. Will never be.

    • The only person I’m absolutely sure I feel unconditional love for is my son.

      As for my telepathic partner… Sometimes I think she takes advantage of this whole situation and it really pisses me off. I’m pretty pissed off right now!

      Full Moon Eclipse eruption warning in 5, 4, 3, 2,

      And I’m sick of being alone. Sick of raising my son alone, sick of doing fucking MS alone, sick of being alone! I deserve a good partner– my son and I both deserve it– and I deserve to be happy, and I deserve it NOW– right the fuck now– not when the cosmos are aligned just so and this is just so and that– No! I deserve it right the fuck Now while I’m still able-bodied, while I can still pretty much get around and fucking enjoy myself! Now!

      My telepathic “partner” can get bent! I’m sick of being alone.

      • Scorporation, Inc. – first, a-fuquing-men! I’ve got friends coming to stay at my house this summer. I am so looking forward to listening to my daughter talk to someone other than me. I want to know her through other relationships. I want her to know me through other relationships. Its wearying, being so self-sufficient, being so alone. I invested 13 years in a family (via marriage) that now acts like I’m dead, bascially. And the family I was born with – let’s just say I did the right thing by letting go. I so want a family. And its not something I can force into being, you know? It takes cooperation. And I wish that love could be the center of that. I told Uranian Scorp – I don’t care what his story is. I don’t want to deal with his man-shell (ego). But the ego is real and what keeps us apart. I could cry, cry, cry about how lonely I am. But it isn’t his fault. It isn’t his job on earth to give me what I want or need. Its my job. And, apparently according to the Universe, I don’t need a family right now. Fucking pisses me off, but I try to surrender quickly least Pluto rip me a new one.

        BUT! It is still true that I am deeply in love. It is true that I am more capable than I ever realized. I’m so fucking sick of my capableness! It is true that I diminished my self through my relationships in the past and that I would rather be alone than do that to myself – or model that behavior for my daughter – again.

        I don’t know what a family is or how to make one. I know its not an act of will or efficiency. I have faith that if I hold the space open and clear, the right persons and people will come into it. And I have faith that feeling love isn’t a bad thing, even if that love isn’t going to end with a person sleeping in my bed. It just isn’t going to end, and that’s OK. Immortality and acceptance are OK. For now, I have the space to provide safety to people in my life. I will trust that they will gravitate to my vibe. One day? I don’t assume to know who that person is yet.

        Its great that you love her – even though she doesn’t deserve it. You don’t have to be angry with her to know what you need. Other magic can enter your life. I have to have faith in that or else I wouldn’t breathe. God bless.

        • Yes, I so hear all of that, 12thHV. I too pulled us out of a bad marriage because it wasn’t healthy for my son and me. He never has to worry that he’ll be captive to some seriously messed up home life/partnership of mine, because I’d never have it– hence, my being alone. And yes, being alone is definitely preferable to being in an unhealthy relationship!

          You’re so right: my telepathic “partner” doesn’t deserve me! I deserve Better– so much better! And I want a real, better partner to materialize Right Now. Five years, waiting… Five years…

          Thanks for listening, and the feedback.

          • I’m trying to be nuanced here…hmm…everyone deserves love and no one deserves it. It just is. You love her. So what? Have you really been waiting just for her? I say this and please know that I do empathize with the pain/loneliness – and feel the same. But when I start getting judgmental about my partner (telepathic or otherwise), it inevitably follows that I start getting judgmental about myself/my life. So…she isn’t around. Have you really be waiting for her? Is she responsbile for solving the lonely problem? Or – is it that you’d be lonely either way – phase of life, troubled times, all that sort of thing? How much is she the cause of it or the relief from it, you know? Do you get the nuance? It isn’t about deserving or not. Its about accepting that you are NOT in control of who is in your life. Threats, wants, whatever, doesn’t change it.

          • I guess the point I am really trying to make is – when you let go of neediness and I-deserveness, you are free to feel in love. Just that. And it feels good to feel that way. Like a really nice drug. Dose responsbily, sure. But I don’t see a value in throwing out what’s magical for the sake of what’s quantifiable or controlable.

            • Thank you for this great non-tabloid exchange between you and Scorporation. This stuff is really happening to real people and only those who have experienced such telepathic loving/lovers, in differnet guises, can understand. Others must scratch their heads.

              Something great is birthing here; an evolving way of relating.

            • Yeah, I have been waiting for her. And she knows it.

              We will have to disagree on the “I deserve” perspective. I believe that “I deserve” is empowering; it’s an I statement to the universe that declares one realizes one’s own self-worth, and one’s entitlement to happiness.

              I do agree that everyone deserves love, happiness, complete attainment and fulfillment. If anyone said, “I deserve to be loved/happy/etc.!” I would emphatically agree, because Everyone deserves.

              I get angry with her when I feel she’s taking advantage of the situation– taking advantage of me. I am not a practicality, something to get to eventually, or anything. A whole, real partner will meet me half-way, will be present in my life, and let me love her/him and (s)he me, in real physical space and time. That’s what I’m all about: no less. And this person will be incredible: no less!

              I have been loving and patient– and human. I have been as real-time present as she allows me to be. I deserve to be happy, and this telepathic thing doesn’t do it for me.

              As I am responsible for my own happiness, yes, I must try again to make room in my life for the wonderful partner I deserve to come through. The problem with this telepathic partner is that our ties suck up the space in my life for a real, great person to manifest. So again, I will sever those telepathic cords and free up that space.

              Yeah, I suppose I can’t get too angry with her: some people will take from you as much as you let them, right? My happiness, my responsibility.

              • I find nothing magical in telepathic partnership. To me, Magic is creating a real growing and evolving relationship, with lovemaking and squabbles and snoring and work and leisure time together. Creating and growing a family, getting old together… To me, *that* is magic!

                • And finally– haha! sorry– I’m not “needy”– I’ve been *wanting* Her! Ever since we met– Bam! Her! Totally knocked me on my ass! Our telepathic relationship has told me that she feels it, too: our connection has been undeniable.

                  On some level, though, she doesn’t think *she* deserves– so she translates my knowing and desire into something less-than. She projects that crap onto me, and warps what I know and understand into “neediness,” I think. And that’s too bad… For us both. I can’t make her see, make her believe she deserves, and I’m not happy pretending like this telepathic thing is enough for me.

                • Scorporation, Inc- I so love you right now. Ha! Keep your heart open and all sorts of strange creatures fly in. I hope you get more, More, MORE than you ever dreamed you deserve. Sincerely – blessings to you and your boy.

  12. You know what, though? On the flip side of all that, I no longer have the umph to run a few errands without needing a nap. I can’t get through most days without needing at least a few hours sleep in between things… It’s sad. I’m running out of time. Sometimes I feel really optimistic and like I have greatness to share (yesterday), but most times I feel realistic and like I don’t have the energy to entertain a real partner (today). Whatever. I’m tired, and I’m going to bed. That’s all.

    • Great: now I can’t sleep.

      Well, what did everybody expect: it’s a full-tilt waxing moon in Scorp, along with all else heavily planetarily-aspected. My astro said something about not pretending that shit’s normal, and to speak the truth. With Saturn bearing down on my Uranus-Merc conjunct, well, I’m keeping it real, yeah?

      In case anyone’s tempted to provide sympathy or cheer-lead, please don’t. I’m not trolling for either. I just have a lot of heavy shit on my mind, and it comes and goes…

      Developing primary progressive multiple sclerosis was not in my plan lol. It’s been a lot to adjust to, and just when I think I have a handle on it and can manage it, I don’t. It keeps changing. Everything changes, of course.

      I know it doesn’t help that I have very demanding work, but so far I’ve yet to figure out another way to pay my bills. Stress, in general, wreaks havoc on my body, and if any of you are single parents– truly single parents, not with weekends “off” while your kid(s) stay with the other parent, or with some kind of financial help from the other parent– not that that’s not stressful, but, it’s extra-stressful doing it Totally Alone. And I do it Alone– mighty fucking well, if I say so myself. Also, I live in the United States, where health care is not a given: preventative care, and anything not associated with big pharm, is not part of my “provider’s” m.o. I’m strapped on a lot of levels, over here.

      So, a lot of stress. Really tired. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of neurologic pain/symptoms regardless of how tired I am (take tonight, for example), and then I fight the (natural) urge to be really cranky, too– because it’s not how I want to be. Not really.

      So many of us want to know what to expect in life, at least day-to-day, and we want the comfort in knowing that if we practice this or act like that or figure out how it all works, then tah-dah: mastery, serenity, peace. I’m not going to go all cynical on everybody– complete cynicism goes against my nature– but, well, sometimes life works like that, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes really shit things happen to good people who do all the right things, and maybe their lives end on that note; sometimes really shit people have seemingly great things happen for them/their lives end on an awesome note. Like anyone, I get tempted to figure out how I can “get it right,” or, “make it better,” maybe I look at the planets or Jung or Oprah


      but so often the only train of thought that seems logical is to just Let It All Go. Who knows, whatever, just try to stay haute as best I can at any given time, forget what the planets are doing or what the textbooks say. Forget everything.

      I need to drop stress. I’ve been trying to deny this, been fighting this, but no more fighting– I need to face it: I need to drop my work/school. Mine’s not the right occupation for someone who’s body takes a shit under heavy circumstances. *That* is stressful, though: how stressful is it to not know how you’ll keep the lights on, put gas in the car, etc– esp. when your child is still too young to get a job (thank you, Child Labor Laws). I don’t know, it’s like 6 of one, half-dozen of the other… Did I mention I’m tired?! Change careers, now? Seriously? Fuck me.

      But I can’t think about it, the consequences, I mean. Change is here. Today. (My astro said something about that, too.) So stereotypical of my sun, I know… What can I say?

      There’s a party tomorrow in my honor. It’s ironic now, but… All of my tribe will be assembled, it’ll be lovely, no pressure.

      May the Moon be in Sag when I wake, ffs. haha

  13. Hey we’re in Gemini, trickster territory or the Magician in the Tarot. First it’s this then it’s that. Which is it?

    Keep your channels open, stay focused and follow it all the way through.

    Call it down – attain clarity. For the new to arise the old must die.

    I Ching by Hilary Barrett Hexagram 49 Revolution:

    In the moment of change [Venus Transit] there is truth — sincerity and sure knowledge.

    Here’s something for Gemini 17 degree from Star Sparks Elias Lonsdalle

    Gemini 17 A magic coin that has only one side

    Being suspended within an atmosphere, a feeling tone of something happening that cannot be really as perceived and yet here it is. All ordinary mental projections stop at this point. Something arises which is uncanny. The path becomes to pursue this uncanny sensation where it leads.

    The experience which follows is very hard to track with in words. A certain essence is alive, is moving, is leading us through. Yet what we stumble upon is shadow, is everything which that essence is not about. We continue our one-pointed pursuit of the essence path. And at the same time we encounter in our field the undersoul depths script with counter-messaging and every kind of sabotage and extreme complication which could be drawn in for any purpose

    Yet something about that uncanny atmosphere of something beyond calling us, keeps motivating us to stay with a level of experience which would seem to be crazy-making and absurd. We hold out before our inner eye the willingness to be shown that which is extraordinary and staggering. And then we keep sensing all around us everything but what we seek, long for and are diving toward.

    This shadow play is confoundingly mysterious and multiple. As naively straight on as our impulse carries us into, somehow somewhere it becomes anything but that pretense image. Everything fragments, atomizes. We stumble upon a nightmare. If we can hold ourselves steady on the inside of this barrage of chaotic impressions and sensations, we will then back hrough to the other side. The fruits of our labor will be a calm, sober, clear and undeniable state of consciousness. We have seen everything and somehow we have held to our innocence and our longing for that which is beyond comprehension.

    We do become the miracle embodier. We do allow the mystery to bring us all the way through. And in order to get there, everything in us which is false must go, no matter what.

    [I pray for clarity – I pray for the souls to unite in a spark of knowing bliss – telepathy is two way communication/communion – may it be so]

      • To some, to me, telepathy is like radio: I turn the knob this way, I pick up this station/frequency; I dial the other way, I pick up other frequencies. It’s no more magic to me than my artistic abilities: gifts, definitely. Magic, not so much.

        So my telepathic partner realizes her gift, too. Good for her, good for all of us! Like someone said earlier in this thread, telepathy is something we’re all capable of, and I agree wholeheartedly. Like drawing or making music, some of us just seem to come by it naturally and without instruction; others take some instruction first. Either way, it’s all good. All the same.

        I don’t attach my ego to this telepathy by believing it to be somehow supernatural or special or magic or anything. It just is. It’s radio stations. Whatever.

        I want to see the band! haha As far as my telepathic partner is concerned, I’m changing the channel/turning the radio off for now. Enough listening: time to experience.

    • Wow! Thanks for posting that, Andru!

      Interesting, my friend-in-telepathy has his Sun at 17 degrees of Gemini also conjunct Mercury and Eros…..wonder what he’s feeling during this time of transits and eclipses! I guess I could tune in…….Like you said, Scorporation, it’s like tuning into a radio station, and the frequencies have to be aligned…. I’ve turned down the volume on this guy lately, but a little bit has come through, mostly through music.

      Anyway…..what an amazing eclipse time/Venus retro/Venus in front of Sun/ time this has been…..and I’ll be interested to see what the next couple days bring!

      During the first part of this eclipse time, the annular solar eclipse on May 20th, I got food poisoning right on that day, while out of town and alone and had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. I felt very alone but surrendered to the experience and got through it. I joked later that in essence, albeit involuntary, I did a 36 hour fast during that eclipse window! Ha ha! Maybe that hardship, that little trial by fire, opened me up more to the energies of that eclipse…….we’ll see….
      May everyone’s pain transform and release!!!!

      It’s been pretty amazing to all of a sudden find kindred spirits right here on this thread who have had telepathic relationships such as I have had. I do not take it for granted that we all shared and connected at this time.
      As someone else stated, it is good evidence that there is another way of relating emerging and, yes, it’s always been there, but more people are consciously participating in it, engaging it, it would seem, and willing to talk about it.
      I am delighted! Thanks, you guys! 🙂

      • …..ha ha! Haven’t ‘tuned in’ to telepathy-dude in months but after all the writing about it I’ve done lately, I guess the vibe reached him ’cause tonight, out of the blue, he started tweeting away after months of silence…

      • Age of Aquarious and Scorporation, you both mention, turning off or turning down this telepathy at will. How do you do that? I don’t seem to have any control with this – it comes when it comes. It’s a soul resonance. I’ve wondered if the moon triggers the resonant communications as there are a plethora of connections in our charts?

        There’s also a lot of restraining factors keeping us apart until the field is ready, so to speak. Restraint can be such a gift – a hard lesson to learn.

        Anyway, Gemini 17 is the midpoint Venus/Sun degree between the 2004 and 2012 Venus transit, which were respectively Gemini 18 and Gemini 16. This year’s transit, meeting of Venus & Sun, is on Gemini 16 – here’s a bit:

        Gemini 16 A single sunflower wilting and dropping it’s seeds

        Giving the self over. Being ready, fully ripe to sacrifice, to renounce, to offer, to become aligned into the bright spirit of the future and the emergent energies arising on every hand.

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