Restless Moon Syndrome

Art Photography sheet floating in the blue sky on beachWilliam Hundley

Sagg Moon on the North Node square Mars & trine Uranus = restless as fuq, wanting something to happen now-now-now, not wanting to be tied down, sit down, kept down, anything down…No baggage, no clutter, no bourgeois expectations, no lies, no stagnation, no secrets…Physical exertion helps focus the questing mind…


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53 thoughts on “Restless Moon Syndrome

  1. As one with Saggo rising, I’m no stranger to this feeling.. but MAN am I ever feeling this now. I’m about to start pacing. Or I would, if I wasn’t so sore from the kind of physical exertion you’ve already suggested.. Harumph.

  2. Yes you’re right Mystic, and fuq, i can’t bat a lash tonight ! > < Some dirty house down my stereo and winding down bats while packing stuff and tidding around, summer's comming (though is raining right at the moment lol) i am dreaming about white sand beaches where i'm heading in a couple of days .. to work ! This will be one good season, fuq yeah πŸ˜€

    LOOOOOOOOOOVE 4 the pic <3 have to steal it ! *giggles* Ah, the beauty of freedom .. breathtaking, priceless ~

  3. Well, that would describe my spirit and brain tonight. I just did a bunch of laundry and then I wondered why I bothered. It was all fair trade cotton in wonderfully bright colours and patterns which soothe and nourish my homebody spirit. But then my mind and my spirit was also thinking “Why am I bothering with this pretty stuff when I really need to be putting my energy into stripped down survival gear, and a “go bag”. And…”Why bother creating an online business, when I might need to be able to survive on the hoof…” at any minute…so then I was looking online at army survival kits and tents and sleeping bags etc…so am I a nutty Sagittarian or what???

  4. This is right on the money. I feel like i have ants in my pants! grrrrrr!

  5. And. How! Multi-sagg so I’m used to the restlessness but all day all I’ve wanted to do is get out of the office and drive. Music up, windows down, and go. And then come home, pick up the iPod and run. Leave all the craptacular non-me stuff that’s been building up to just *try* and catch me.

  6. That’s a perfect description of my natal Saggo moon square Uranus

    • Lol, i have it too, but Moon is in Pisces, and boy, if i dont control myself, you can’t control me neither. Stroming around chanelled into brainstorming most of the time for the sake of some balance :/ But when i snap .. ~

        • 5th, opposite of yours πŸ˜€

          I have Uranus singletone fire in my chart and my Sun is in Aqua, ends winding up allot of steam trough this channel .. Basicly, i dont have ‘fire’, i have only ‘electricity’ =:) ~

          • Oops I was too quick to hit “post” there.
            Electricity hehe. πŸ™‚ Very Uraninan. Snap, crackle & pop! Do you blow lightbulbs when you enter a room too? πŸ˜›

      • Hahaha!! Yes to the sudden & unexpected snapping!
        Twice i have spontaneously resigned when pushed to the edge. The thing I hate most about resigning is the waiting period before the final day. It’s absolute TORTURE!! And I never, EVER go back either. So many ex colleagues have gone back to our former agency. Don’t understand it. Would rather stick pins in my eyes!!
        What house is your moon? Mine’s in 11th.

        • Yes i have it in the 5th, and my MC is Cancer too O/O

          I suppose that’s the trickyest of this aspect, messing with your business at work, heh. Me being a 5th, if i dont manage to squeaze some fun out of my work and have suppervision barking down my case, i blow a fuse and BAM my head explodes ****@.@**** Cant remmember how many jobs down the treadmill, and never ‘only one’ at time πŸ˜‰

          You being an 11th, i suppose you could suffer from a ‘lack of cohesive working environment-irritability syndrome’ ?

          Yes i FEEL you, i can’t either wait to let them eat my dust once they manage to piss me off, and do know, i’m no sore- no reason buthead, rather, a Libra rising smoothie 0:) ~

  7. Spot on, Mystic. True Node conjuct Neptune in Sagg, and work work work all weekend. Your daily mentioned something about needing fresh air, metaphorically and literally, and I said You’re damn straight, I do!

  8. Tree climbing amped up a level today with tech assistance so as to get higher , explore the grande view. Does seem rather Saggacious. Drinking the freedom of being where no other person is and getting the broader view. HAPPY πŸ™‚

    • O i love climbing trees. Me & trees have love affair. Many pix of myself in trees. The ‘Jane’ sydrome wanting to live in a tree house with Tarzan & what was that Chimp’s name?
      Morton bay Fig trees are best πŸ™‚

      • yes love dem figs. started up one to fix a hanging plant that was barely hanging. It was rad. must get back up there soon

  9. mmmooon conjunct neptune … true node conjunct AC …. have had these weird moments today of hardly being able to keep my eyes open yet am alert and not tired … but modelling the amazing examples of hard work and ethic that have been hanging around with lately … bit of tension between true work-joy and the means to be able to support that (pragmatic uni degree) …

  10. Yes! Definitely feeling just like that sheet in the picture today! Very impatient, tried to hold off on something that I promised myself I wouldn’t initiate, but so impatient and so sick of waiting so I went ahead and did it anyway! I feel better now. Still waiting on how it turns out though, so we’ll see… But I kinda feel like I’m all these things MM describes above, ALL THE TIME. I’m Uranus in Sag maybe thats enough? Would this be amplified for me today because of the current trine with Uranus?

  11. Definitely feeling extra restless right now, I’m trying really damn hard not to act on this restlessness in some ways because I know I’d pre-empt highly important things if I did…

    Tension… >.<

    Looking forward to whatever the upcoming sun/jupiter conjunction + mars/jupiter trine brings… Here's hoping for some immense progress on all that which started on/around the Scorpio new moon last year…

  12. Oh wow this is my life right now for real! Came to work in the worst mood because I wanted to change, I had a d&m with a co-worker about all our possible creative options. On my lunch break I bought a bonsai!!! I just want to be outside!!! Zaaaaarrrr get me outta here!!!

  13. That’s EXACTLY how i feel. Limits restrictions restless as fuq & it’s driving me nutso. Desperate for change but lacking the energy to facilitate it.
    KNowing it’s cyclic and will change doesn’t help when your’e in it.
    Spose it’s a matter of not seeing the forest for the trees, is all.

    • Now this I get… wanting it but lacking the energy to facilitate it.. and this too shall pass.

      Am running with the wisdom that not all stasis is that.. sometimes it’s subliminal growth! Hoping my intuition is on the money there as the usual optimisim is a little lack lustre at the mo.

  14. Sitting in the living room it’s 3:00am
    Cannot bat an eye , I get it now

  15. It’s at times like these when I think of a chicken who has to sit on an egg for a few weeks in order to give it enough heat to gestate and hatch…In yoga terms it is called “tapasya”…or the fire of yoga…burning through impurities. Learning patience is the most powerful life lesson…and allows life to deliver to us what we have earned. Interference in the ripening process insures bitter fruit…while allowing time insures a sweeter outcome.

    • Love this analogy! I keep chickens ( and have hatched a few myself) and know just how persistent they can get when broody lol πŸ™‚
      I read something Zen about imagine the universe in you hatching like a chick out of an egg – love it.
      Thank you for the reminder

    • love your fruit analogy VR. must allow it to ripen to seeten to be at its peak mmmm **scatching chinny chin chin**

  16. I’ve met quite a few Moon in Sagittarius over the years, and they lead very stable, normal lives. They don’t hanker after travel, or freedom, or personal space. They love their possessions, and that includes their partner and their family. They seem to like the ideal of freedom and non-attachment, but they don’t do much about it ; you’ll find them nose-deep in a philosophical tome, and that’s about as far as their wandering takes them.
    Armchair philosophers.

    • my mum (83 with moon in sagg, sun/mars in scorp) could be reasonably described as you say above. mad avid reader, of deep philosophical stuff and only novels that raise same, and self-described as an auto-didact. Definitely not a restless soul in mid-life, nor particularly energetic, exercise wise, ever. She did travel a lot with dad for his work in their 20s (i was born o/s), but then seemed reasonably content to be oz-bound.

      The thing is – watch those armchair philosopher types once they retire! Once they were both retired, both my parents were keen to travel, and did so a few times. Since my father died, mum has amazed us all, in her late 70s and early 80s, by taking herself off on a trip at least once a year eg. Eastern Europe to Moscow by train, Vietnam/Cambodia (even after having had a major fall just prior), cruise round NZ, south of France and Paris (admittedly she was met there by my sis and bro-in-law who were already on holiday). My sis commented that she seemed to be so incredibly energised by being in a different environment, even though she looked a bit fearful about going off when we dropped her at the airport this time, having some mobility issues. She has always come back from trips on a high that lasts for weeks (indeed, the high has been pre-trip too).
      Oh, and every year since he died and she moved up to Sydney, she has gotten the bus into the Writers Festival at the Rocks, lapping up the intellect on offer over the whole week….

      • Interesting. What an amazing woman. Perhaps there’s many a Sag Moon out there just waiting to come alive, but keeping it under wraps ?
        In Spain, retirees are termed ‘ jubilada / jubilado ‘.

      • she is. she has had her moments of being completely unfair and a total bitch during her life (more to my dad than to me) but like most decent scorps, she has an inner saint, too, a really tender and devoted angel of mercy which shines when those she loves really need her, and which could outshine st virgo, pisces, any other sign, imho. eg. when i was sick a lot as a kid, and when dad contracted motor neurone disease (terminal wasting illness with no cure). so brave, selfless and resolute during and after, even while she was getting no sleep caring for him. like my dad used to say, yep, she can be tough, and unfair occasionally, but she never fails to show up and dig in as a tower of strength and unconditional love in a crisis, however long that crisis might last. that’s the thing about scorps -so often their most haute qualities are hidden from much of the world, as their most selfless/compassionate/courageous/empathetic acts tend to be undertaken in private, as are many of their sins!.

  17. Ah no wonder my Soul has been jumping up and down going “now, now, now!”

  18. IΒ΄m usually a pretty heavy sleeper, but last night I could not stop tossing and turning! WIDE awake. Hoping it wonΒ΄t catch up with me when I have to pull a late shift tonight, haha..

  19. I took to Sagacious higher education stuff, like honey.., today. Yes, I felt restless and while I busted through a ceiling (of my own, at least) last week I have a deep and rich yearning to take it to the next level. All the way. My way (thank-you blue eyes)

  20. I love this pic. Fresh, blue, white, sagacious beachy
    thank u

  21. My natal moon is Sagg conjunct my neptune and that sounds a bit like me. Except I “do” clutter more than I’d like. But moving country is seriously WAY LESS STRESSFUL to me than staying in one place too long.

  22. Clear night so saw the Moon, yup huge.
    She said to me ‘Get your passport re-newed’.

  23. been feelng very tied down with visiting relative tourist duties but over now but still anxious over nothing even yoga and basketball hasn’t fixed. will hit the bush flower essence and chill the f out as soon as relos leave in 4 days.

  24. I think i played it well…i biked to manhattan from brooklyn late at night, attended a party of strange people, then biked back and made a stop to see my bff sag moon where he bartends and yuck it up a minute, biked home and had a nice roll with the boyfriend, watched cartoons and had crazy dreams

  25. I think since im a natural scorp mooner, im always resting after.. As its doubly intense for me, causing intensity in othere, im restlestly restful. And refuse to do anything taxing that is for sure.

  26. Today I have tended the chooks; completely cleaned the espresso machine (including fixing the clogged steam pipe that was stuffed for ages); lodged my timesheet for work; bought some books online; and collected some wood from the garden for the fireplace in case it gets cold tonight – this involved using a big hacksaw. Oh, and I took a little video of birds swimming in my pool. (Why, I don’t know.)

    I’m just restless! I don’t even really feel like I’ve done anything useful.

    Mystic – One of the books I bought online was a dream diary you recommended some time ago:

  27. i’ve been telling myself with this moon i don’t want to relax and there’s no point me grizzling either – getting on with something cures me in a weird way…
    having jup opp neptune at the mo, live in an old house, last night getting out winter boots from top of wardrobe on a ladder, and the light in the room starts going on and off as if paranormal phenomena in the room….this has happened a few times over the years in this and other rooms of house…
    i looked straight at it when it went out, atop the ladder and said ‘turn on’ the light went on, then cheekily went out, i said ‘stay on’, and it turned on and stayed on…ultra bats mad moments, but i said hi to my ancestors, told them i will always love them, and didn’t freak too much. There’s possums and little things with sharp nails running along my ceilings at night too now, double bats fun.

    • Thats like the only way i will marry, is if i see a ghost. I hope to never see one. That another reason i wont live countryside. I just like apts. neighbors so close i never feel gohsty in here like some places i visit. i did read cancer 12 house cuspers have a bad fear of ghosts and its vewy vewy true of me. I was gonna try and go camping alone, i dont think i would see a ghost. But my mind would create one, because i always think, they will show up when im by myself and dissapear in front of anyone else.

      • i like that, ‘…i don’t think i would see a ghost. But my mind would create one…’

        sounds familiar Aqaleoascorpmn πŸ™‚

        saturn 12th house in pisces, which is why i like to run away and be alone and find the beauty, quiet and spooky solace in nature, never was a city mouse, except for work in past lives.

        this moon was intense and lasted days, i notice today i feel different, but dammit, when i feel down, it’s soo hard not to believe everything i think and feel as if it’s been written in gothic stone tablets with thunderbolts and dark storm clouds etc.

  28. I’m feeling this hard. Although been too tired to exert myself physically πŸ™