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All is cool in our loving worlds guys.

Above is a Mr Ian Somerhalder, multiple Sagittarian actor, model and eco-evangelist who (a) gives excellent vampire and (b) is really the epitome of the Saggo Dude – See: The Saggo Guy – Sex, Destiny & Chicks.

Ian is multi-Sagg – Mercury, Sun, Neptune and Mars. Fittingly, for a guy SO Sagg, he is on somewhat of a quest and that is the foundation he has set up to help animals in endangered environments.

AND – this gets better – he has chosen a book written by my amazing friend Kim Falconer to be the first book featured on his new I.S.F. book page.  Yes, he loves her work as well. Great minds, right? If you are not aware of Kim’s work,  it’s like Ursula Le Guin or Madeleine L’Engle only sexed up and modern…Think: nano-technology & DNA magic meets hot bards, sword play and (my fave) authentic magic, astrology etc. Just seriously fabulous sci-fantasy but beyond.

So go to the Ian Somerhalder foundation for more & if you buy Path Of The Stray through there, 100% of the proceeds go to help save us + animals from ecocide AND you’re probably not at all interested in this lol but I.S. is said to be starring in the film adaption of Fifty Shades of Gray fyi.

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93 thoughts on “Quantum Sagg

  1. Go Saggo hottie and CONGRATS to Kim!! That’s super cool and very deserving!!

    • Thank you! Loved the part about ‘like minds’ . . . :) He’s really an amazing man! (not just hot amazing . . .)

      • I will have to check him out. Fessing up to zero awareness of who he is until those eyes stared out at me from this page, lol. All things environmental and in particular advocating for the animals are a passion of this Saggi :)

        I truly think it’s fab that you’ve got his attention and it’s such a credit to you Kim. Well done!!

        • !!!!! ONly just watched 3 The Vampire Diaries night before last on DVD for the first time.
          What a surprise to see his pix this morn here.
          He played a real nasty in it but i was captivated by his eyes.
          Just what IS it with Sagg and animals, their love affair with them.

          • Answering my own question, is it, the save the animal thing, because it’s a cosmic-spiritual-evoluntionary law of redemption for us, the first commandment: Care for the unprotected, those that don’t have a voice (unless you listen) and helpless against the violence inflicted on them.
            He’s one planet more Sagg than me & more financial to achieve this.
            Kim’s books are so visual, like you are THERE. From book #1 thought it would make a brilliant movie + sequels.
            Would much prefer my Mars in Sagg
            than Virgo as it would give me the gift of Action instead of Thought.

            • Thank you for that wonderful review, Pegasus! I do feel like I am transcribing what I ‘see’ as I write . . . films be out of this world!

  2. This is kind of my dream guy really. My multiple sagg femme approves on all fronts :)

  3. Wow… I think I found my twin… Sag sun, merc, nept… Only I have sag Venus… Not mars… My mars is in Scorpio… Very cute…but not as hot as Viggo Mortensen…

  4. not interested? Are you kidding!! Mr Ian Somerhalder has been my No. 1 celeb crush ever since I saw him in ‘Young Americans’ Tv series back in 2000! Loved him in Vampire Diaries too.

    He looks like Chace Crawford’s twin brother!

    • Very Attractive, like the Hemsworth brothers but not related
      or are they? ‘Chance’ sounds like a name in those old 50’s romantic comic books. Like his girlfriend’s name would be Veronica and she would be Chief Cheerleader or Prom Queen.

  5. Kudos for his causes! I confess I had never heard of him either, I am shamefully out of the loop. His hotness is something I can appreciate for its aesthetics, without responding to it. He is too pretty and clean cut for me. Make him stay up late, dress him in a moth-eaten coat, give him too much coffee and a bitter broken heart, then he’d be more my type :)

    I have SN in Sagg, maybe I could have loved him in a past life, lol. *Goes immediately to Oracle*

    • I have SN in Sagg and Moon in Sagg also. Too many past life/karmic scenarios with the Saggos.

    • Cleancut ?? Watch The Vampire Diaries, LionFish, he’s get down dirty in it, so different from above pix. That’s acting for you, your comment proves he’s a good one :-)

  6. Please tell me that I don’t have to leave Australia to meet people like this.

  7. I love it when famous ppl use their media power for good instead of reality TV. Am now educating myself about this dude. His cause is my cause. Pity he’s a Sagg like my Ex. (Yeah, like I’m going to meet this guy and have to fight him off because of his sign, heh heh…)

    • Princess, Sagg men i have found are same but very difference from the women. Although i know no Sagg women in person.
      Sagg men are tight with money. No gifts no matter what you give them.That’s a common thread.
      They speak no endearments, or pay no compliments. Do they actually notice you?They appear not fully ‘with you’, even in intimate enclosure. Most seem unaware of time, YOURS that is. But they are sexually divine but sans sentimental. Tenderness not their forte.
      Ring any bells?

      • I’m sorry but I don’t think any signs can/should be all shoved in the same stereotyped box. Those are only the saggs you’ve met. My last love was very tender and often complimented me. I recieved gifts and love letters from him too. He actually has the same exact planets in sagg. as I.S. Super charming, with Neptune in there. My sister’s boyfriend is asc. and moon sagg, also tender to her and gifts her. I agree on sexually divine tho, he took me to places I’d never dreamed of.

      • I attract Libran men who are copies of each other. I must be working something out. My Sag though is generousity itself. When the economy crash took us both out, he went into a depression because he couldn’t give to others as he had. It’s a huge part of his identity: Jolly Jupiter spreading around the bounty. He’s heavy on the compliments but they are rather stock. He’s unaware of things around him to praise moment by moment happenings, successes etc. The way I know I look especially good is because I get more presents. Mental successes don’t even get that, though he is constantly bragging about me to others. It’s interesting because he has a sun/asc conjunction in the first, and I have a pluto/mc so you can’t ignore either of us. I think we understand each others egos. Our chart houses are almost identical, so we’re both going into a lot of 7th house astro action over the next year. It will be interesting!

        • Oh, and time? Yes, he doesn’t understand that other people live by it. He is frustratingly flowing freely in every frickin’ moment. Ugh! When he’s around I cancel everything. We are now on Sag time, which is in another dimension, I think.

  8. re the actor to play Christian Gray… the guy above def has appeal, BUT the character in 50 Shades seems more Scorp (sex and depth of stalkerism) with Cancer (mother issues), Arien bedroom abilities and predilections, and Virgoan attention to … detail. Oh, and Taurean focus on food and appetite satisfaction. I would say he is primarily Scorp though! And of course, Ana is Piscean (the old Richard Burton/ Elizabeth Taylor thing ) … and I’m nbot putting that down being myself a Piscean seeking Scorp soulmate :)

  9. Congratulations Kim!! That’s great! :) What an amazing guy as well

  10. Yes save the environment and OBVIOUSLY Ralph Fiennes has to do Christian Gray. Oh dear god how i would love a sexually manipulative billionaire who was hot to fall in love with me and make me his.
    Would it be the same if CG was a truck driver? Now THAT would be radical. Sexually deviant Vampires and billionaires are always attractive because of their immortality and wealth, it’s actually all about the money,
    but i digress.

    • Have you tried a truck driver as a lover?They are refreshingly simple, down to earth, muscled, focused
      highly sexual and usually unavailable till THEY have time,
      meaning not clinging and make a good wage.
      Attractive traits and a change from intellectual wankers
      politians & bankers.

  11. I had no idea who he was, until I discovered he was a bit of a crazy cat man. From then on I’ve been a fan, though I’ve never seen any of his work!
    Congrats to you Kim, too!!

    • Thank you!

      He LOVES cats . . . some really cute pics of him with his ginger boy.

      Check out Vampire Diaries!

  12. ha, he was like the first important character on lost to die, I remember that, ahh good times good times

  13. Hey people some of you are saying your gravatars/log-in ids don’t work but others clearly have no probs…SO to help clarify the issue du jour – if yours is not working, what browser/whatevs are you using?

    eg; i’m usually on here with firefox/mac and it’s fine…

    as nothing has altered on here…but i know some of you have these issues…so pls more info

    • I use Mac/iPhone, and always safari.
      I don’t have an image thing.
      The log in issue has existed for me ever since the new web launch. Ie having to log in every single time.
      The sometimes a name is there in the name box, sometimes it’s not, sometimes you can’t delete the name that is there has been going on for a few months I reckon, or actually probably since the site relaunch also. Can’t confirm that I am usually on my phone and the name box is not visible and scrolling around is tedious so I stopped bothering noticing names. But it’s defn seems to have gotten more possessed in the last couple of months.
      It did remember that I had logged in once, the other day. Only once though.

      • Why haven’t you an image thing? It’s your cyber ID.
        Would be good don’t you think or is it when you use another’s pc, like at work, it ain’t possible?
        Just curious coz i love those tiny pictures. .

        • Online identies, I have a trillion of them with every log in I get for different work, uni, libraries, or web sites that makes you sign up to access things. I get a bit over the having to give information to the Internet thing. So if I don’t have to I’m not gonna.
          I did like that the old site kept my moniker in the name box, I was identifiable enough without having to do anything. But create another log in just to have a picture … nah

          • Agree. password fatigue. it is of no consequence whether i log in or not for this site, it’s one of the reasons I like it, i want the system to come up with another way to manage membership, that does not involve things like retina scans mind u

    • not major for me as i don’t do the login gravatar thing. but now i have to make sure i select ‘Piscean… ‘ etc from the Name drop box more or less whenever i refresh the page, otherwise i get Anonymous. depends if people care / want to know who’s writing i guess>?

    • Okay, Gravatar issue aside, something has changed with the comments section somewhere along line. The Login to read Scopes is not a problem and working just fine.

      I’m on a Mac//iPhone using Safari. I have tried Chrome and Firefox but still having the same issues as Anonymous . It won’t retain my details. I have to type it in and then scroll down and select from previous names. If I stay on the same blog topic my name is retained but as soon as I click on a new post/page I have to start all over again.

      Weird thing is, I used a name for a few days back in Feb 2012 that keeps appearing every time I open a new window and it won’t go away. I have even “reset” my Safari application to no avail. It’s like something is stuck in a time warp. I never had a problem with changing names or gravatars after the relaunch of the site. This comments box issue is quit recent. So probably between Feb till April??

      • oh wow. My Gravatar has finally appeared after WEEKS!!! :) Still had to type my name in the box though…

    • I don’t log-in with email or website deets when I leave a comment or have an image/pic, but yes, my name is never there since the new website, but that’s ok change is good and the last while I have reverted to Anon or Something random which I rather like now. I use firefox, safari, i:phone. But this tecchie stuff is not an issue for me xo

    • hi mystic, i emailed you about this – login not getting me into my horoscopes on ie, let alone recognising my identity when posting. tried firefox. login worked for horoscopes, but still not when posting. now – for no apparent reason – login mostly (but not always) works on ie to get horoscopes, but still no joy re identity (name, I don’t have gravatar) coming up re posting. wanna bet it will come up this time, just to make me feel stupid? let’s see…
      one thing i would really love – sometimes I login just to look at new posts, thinking I don’t have time to contribute, but then I do, and go to login in hope that what I’ve written will come up under my name before i upload post. but login automatically takes me to member dashboard, and when I press back button on browser to get back to my post, so i can upload it, I’m not logged in any more, and get sent back to member dashboard. Drives me nuts.

      • There you go, Logged in, but no name. Just to be clear – have I missed something? Am I supposed to type in name on posts on new site, even though logged in? Will try that now and see what happens.

        • ok, so now my name is there. it hasn’t always worked like that. must one both be logged in AND type in one’s name – we never used to have to do this ? And if i typed in a different name what would happen? Let’s see

        • You don’t have to Login to read posts or make comments. I never do. That would be way too frustrating as it logs out after a certain amount of time, for instance if you go to a new post topic or something.

          I only login at the end of the day to read my Scopes or play with Oracle.

          I would just like to be logged in forever.

          • Hey i didn’t get your email i don’t think but i – for example – use firefox on a Mac and no way do i get logged out going from post to post…And my gravatar etc remains the same. I think it has to do with your browser settings…

            • Mystic I did a little experiment. I logged in to read my scopes, then I made a few comments on a few different posts. Not a problem. It’s only when I’m inactive for a long period of time (roughly an hour or two) that I get logged out. No big deal except sometimes I get distracted and half way through reading the scopes I might decide to do the dishes or something… come back and have to login again.

          • Hi I use Safari and Mac. I have changed my name and saved it and can log in with it. It just goes straight back to the old name after one post.

            Thanks MM.

            • i think it is caching it.. it has to do with your browser settings. you could test it by either clearing your cache or trying on a diff browser

              • I think the point is that our software/settings etc only have these problems on this site.
                My cache settings have no problems remembering or forgetting how I am according to what I require them to do so on any other site. It seems to me it is about the way whatever caching systems interact with your specific cookies.

      • With the Gravatar check the Gravatar FAQ
        you don’t have to log in comment or read posts
        ie is strange – there is a whole thing on it on my FAQ page. Wikipedia recommend people dont use it
        the log in lets you into the members only pages that is why it takes you to the dashboard, so that you have access to the Oracle etc

      • Hi, I just wanted to clarify. Logging in to get horoscopes access is completely separate from leaving a comment. So you will have to add your name and email (only if you use gravatar) each time you leave a comment. Hope that helps.

        • Why does it save my old name and gravatar image & not the new one though?

          • Creatix,

            I ran a software update on my Mac yesterday and Safari was on the list of things needing an update. After the update my new gravatar appeared :) Give that a whirl.

          • Most browsers have an “autofill” function, so if you fill out a form, in this case a comment form, the browser will ask you if you want to save those details for the future. In Chrome for example, you can change the settings here chrome://chrome/settings/autofill If you use a different browser you can search google with: autofill & the browser you use and that should help you find how to turn it off.

  14. Love vampire diaries and his character role is fab. I am going to buy a copy of kims book tomorrow. Have been meaning to read her books for years! . Best of both worlds!

    • Thank you, aac,

      I love the Vampire Diaries too. That’s how I met Ian – I was doing research on my thesis – the evolution of the vampire in film and literature and corresponding shifts in collective consciousness . . . one must watch/read a lot of vamp! Love it!

    • And he lives in your Country, dear Artiste, so go meet him.
      Send your photo & work to him. LIke why not.
      He’s your polar opposite.

  15. Aaww congrats Kim! But I have no idea about the identity of the actor – I need to pay more attention :-)

    • Thanks!

      He’s pretty interesting – really using his fan base to fuel environmental change, educate kids etc. Love his work on the Vampire Diaries.

  16. i dont know him, but im not a movie/ TV watcher …
    But i never was into guys with light eyes, i need dark eyes and depth rough around the edges.. sunny bright n pretty never does it for me. . Thats my scorp mn talkin.. But glad to see hes into animal rights.

    • Mustn’t touch eye when reading. Read it as :glad to see he’s into tights”. Still it was an enjoyable moment.

  17. Go, Kim!! Nicely done :)

    Never heard of this Ian guy, but he seems all right. Go, Ian guy!

  18. :) :) :) :)
    Mystic, I so needed to see/hear this right now , have been a little spunout by unintegrity lately
    and having North node in Cap I just dont get satisfaction from hiding at home when the world gets me down.
    And what a total hottie as well!!!!

    • Haven’t you found that there is a clearer dichotomy forming? The change freakers and the change adapters. At the core of it seem to be values… some days someone cool has a little flip out, but i also notice lots of quiet support then that person sets themselves back to rights in time. Others however are getting plain weirder and more aggressively out of control day by day.

      Just try to maintain attention on the positive changes with the values driven individuals and groups. I’ve had some run-ins with aggro shredders of people but somehow even those who don’t know what went down just seem to be at my side with quiet solid loving encouragement.

  19. From a fellow Sag with Sun, Neptune, Merc and Mars in Sag too (but I’m a girl)… glad to see he is doing such a great job!

  20. He sounds like a great big bowl of awesome.

    Kim’s books are sooo wonderful and uputdownable. Wishing you all the best Kim, xx.

    • Thank you Creatrix! That just makes me smile. (I love your Rene Magritte avatar!) Thanks for the support!

  21. Kim you should have a ‘directions’ meeting with him in the maldives?

  22. Massaged a cute 29 yr old Sagg male yesterday. He said his legs and feet were quite ticklish…I told him it’s cuz he is a Sagg (and he was ..I always look at birthdates to know a bit of whom I’m dealing with …He is a cop…I’ve worked on him before and receptive apparently :) )

  23. Yes, congrats Kim…you have come so far since those days on your forum where all this was just a dream for you…. x

  24. Chace Crawford meets Rob Lowe!

    He’s gorgeous but not quite my type (maybe when he’s older and a little rougher around the edges)

    You HAVE to tell us his asc. You mentioned he gives good vampire… Scorp rising?