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Helmut Newton

You know you’re a Leo when you love stylish motorbikes, awesome sunglasses, unbelievable hair and tasteful nude polaroids of you and your latest devotee.

Nudity is actually very much Leo-In-Shape. There will be any excuse to ‘do nature’.

Anyway,  a question. Assuming that all Leo peeps have a healthy quota of vanity – who is more vain: He-Leo or She-Leo?

Thoughts? Anecdotes?

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90 thoughts on “Popular & Glamorous – We Love Ourselves & No One Else

  1. My boss told me when I first started working there, “you don’t seem that vain.” Which I took to mean, you don’t really focus on your looks, hair/make-up, but I focus adequately, not too much.

    I’m actually a vain Leo on the inside. Pride. I’ve learned to keep it in check and need others though, and ask for help. Lost a lot of aloofness over the years.

    • Exactly! Leos tend to fizzle out if we don’t learn to ask for help. Those that haven’t learned those skills end up on reality TV shows which I guess is glamour enough for them.

  2. Is that guy wearing Leo underwear or what ? And she has a cat-like body and strrretch.

  3. An old freind with settlium in Leo would drop her drawers for anyone who said she was pretty. She had a VIOLENT temper if she was stood up. She didnt have a body or hair like the above lady or man. She had a square body, small breasted, no waist and a big wide ass but she’d strut herself down the beach in a bikini like she was a movie star. God I’d love to have her self confidence!

    • Good story.

      Sideline> I have never thought confidence had much to do with beauty. I don’t know of many people who would wear a bikini knowing it had the society physical stamp of approval (who are they anyway?) more that you need the balls to walk it properly. Nothing looks worse than cowardice when one is expecting you to glow. It’s that never overdress your personality thing. Nothing to me is hotter than a who gives a shit rock and roll attitude I just am like this. Nothing x

  4. I love the work of Helmut Newton. I am vain but in a normal healthy way that most people are. I love the body, and also because it is taboo, still. Though I can easily forget I have a body because I am in my head a lot of the time (Mercury in Virgo).

  5. The guys far exceed us lionesses because they are, or they think they are, the GODS of the zodiac. Whenever I know I am am getting on my high Leo horse, I just spend some time around a Leo bloke and I am soon embarassed by how loud and brass our sign can be. I”ve dated two Leo men – one is still my very best friend but the other, well, it’s hard to deal with someone who believes they are the only light in the universe. Vain? The boys win.

    • Agreed. All of the good Leo women I know are independant, look presentable, but are generally helpful to their fellow members in the pride. Male Leos feel the need to stand out, there can only be one of them in the group, they need all of the attention, etc. Ive actually noticed Scorpio and Taurus women to be terribly vain at times, and way more vindictive than a Leo woman ever could be.

      • A long term friend has a Taurus stellium (sun, mars mercury, Chiron, with Venus at 0 Gemini), and is Leo rising and Leo moon. She’s …added some pounds in the last year, but thinks she looks great, so her choice of clothing style is, unfortunate to say the least. She is demanding, selfish, and a textbook narcissist. She dominates her entire family. She’s like Attila the Hun. …unless she wants something from you. And she is the most vindictive person I have ever met. She also conveniently doesn’t invite me, or any one else even remotely attractive (unless they’re men) to a social gathering where she wants all of the attention. It’s disturbing. I don’t know why we’re still friends, actually. I’m currently fazing her out, but she is funny.

        Worst part of all, is that, for a Taurus stellium, that woman is a god awful cook! I mean, GOD AWFUL! I’ve had to claim vegetarian eating preferences to get out of having to eat her meals. And any inclination that you don’t like her food (or anything she likes for that matter) and there’s something wrong with YOU, not her.

        I need new friends. Ha!

        • She definitely sounds like someone to drop before it blows up in your face. That way if you walk away nicely now, it at least doesn’t give her a reason to resent you should she change her ways a little. As for the bad cooking, that sounds like the bad kind of Taurus stubbornness (and yes, there is a good way for them to channel it).

          I knew another Taurus girl who was a bit like that too. Don’t remember her birth year, but she heavily identified with being a Taurus. She actually ended a ten-year friendship with me due to jealousy, which was more than hurtful considering the petty reason. I never knew why she ceased talking to me until a mutual friend (who was completely and utterly neutral) explained the situation a bit better. :/

    • Wow, this clip is wonderful & Helen Mirren is so Leo in it!!
      I have Leo-rising and incorporate nude performance/ dance into my poetry/ art performances. But yes, only if/ when I feel in shape.
      Seriously, thanks so much for pointing out this clip – it’s from a film about Henri Gaudier-Brzeska who is one of my favourite artists evah.

    • I don’t quite know how she managed to be so naked without losing class for a single sec, you know? Not a hint of skank at all despite the er..luscious pubes. I suppose that’s just how well a Leo can wear hair!

  6. This is Leos gone bush. they remain ON the beaten track – literally!

    That plain old tarp on the hard ground must be heinously uncomfortable.

    Shouldn’t they be going on a nice little hike to find a secluded grassy lookout, get away from that vehicular trapping of humanity so they can focus only on each other? Or does he need it to check his reflection in the chrome on a regular basis, the way she uses his sunglasses as a mirror when she is pretending to look deep into his eyes?

    And jocks. of any description: eeek! Boxer shorts, commando, or those cute stretchy shorts, or fuhgeddaboutit!
    hee hee

    • agree on the jocks 😯 .. ewww!!! I remember sleeping with a guy who wore red ones. Almost put me off it did… Worst sex I ever had anyway. 😆 He was a lawyer. Can’t remember his sign. It’s in my little notebook (mars in Virgo) I just couldn’t be bothered looking it up.

  7. Like Lucy, I’m vain on the inside and usually keep it in check. But every now and then I get up in the morning and think, “Fuq it. I feel gorgeous today,” and go all out to jazz myself up, smile a lot and generally garner some attention. Shameful, really. But then there are Leo men, and all of them that I know are like that every day.

    BTW, is that a BSA Rocket 3 in the photo? Great bike, relatively uncommon.

    • It all has a whiff of Italy to me…
      Maybe a Moto Guzzi totally customised for the shoot?
      Those mufflers have that fabulous Italian aesthetic-totally-blasting-away-practicality rise to them.
      It looks like its only possible to kickstart the thing in those Versace cubans.nice
      And the jocks?…. Roma baby

      All these Leo men mentioned..Sun signs right?
      My leo rising coverts my daughters herbal anti-nit spray but thats about the extent of any overt vanity….

  8. The blokes! … but they are often sexy and charismatic even if not trad good looking (like say a Libran) so they get away with it. Leo men wear vanity like a badge of honour. And yet they are insanely sensitive at heart … well when it comes to their own ego that is. It’s kinda cute when I’m in a good mood.

    • This is SO true! I’m a mature Virgo woman fooling around with an even more mature Leo man (as in a man’s man) and in his mid-fifties he acts like he can pull the babes… It’s funny, but don’t dare laugh. He IS sensitive, true. But I admire it all and covet his confidence.

      • Did I mention that the *ahem* … “upswing” of this up-ones-selfness is that they are often sensational in bed? It wouldn’t do to be crap in the sack. Their vanity wouldn’t allow it! 😉

          • So true with the ‘upswing’!

            Back in my heyday I lived with a mighty lion for a few years. We would cat fight on a daily basis (me leo moon) which followed with amazing make up bed work with mirrors of course.

            I pick Leo men.

            • Haha, the cat fights! Some of them are just made up to enjoy future makeup sex, no?

              And OMG- I’m glad someone mentioned mirror sex! My Leo Venus/Mars sweetie goes nuts whenever we find a conveniently placed mirror. It’s like a Leo disease.

        • Yes, yes, yes again. And it doesn’t fade with a bit of grey through the mane. Taught me a thing or two…

          • My SO is leo and he has def not ‘faded’ with age tho 53yrs. not vain at all.more a shy pussycat

    • “Leo men wear vanity like a badge of honour”

      So true.
      My femme fire planets always trine best with Leo.

    • My lovely Stealth Leo hates to be centre of attention… But he knows he’s gorgeous. Very much in agreement on the upswing factor.

    • Ah ha ha!!! “Kinda cute when I’m in a good mood” I almost pissed myself!! Ha!!! I love Leo’s and despise them occasionally as well… But they flow nicely with my sun in Gem and Libra rising. You know how Libras can be… Aesthetic perfectionism anyone? Sometimes I wanna kick my own ass…. :-). However, I gotta give it to the Leo boys… “you’re so vain” and yea I think that song is about ya… Don’t ya?? Xo

    • i can’t help but feel they’d look more comfortable and au fait with the outdoors if they were saggitarians.

      • They gave birth to one from their nekkid dalliance
        in the great outdoors. He was an Aqua and she was
        a Scorpio and the Harley had a side-car which is why
        they had to clandestinely meet a la nature.

    • agree LS. unless she is a leo saying – i hope you brought the air pump for this mattress baby or no dice

  9. I think we’re equally vain, imho ;P

    I have only dated one Leo so far – and let me tell you, it was so refreshing to have a (truly GORGEOUS) man so hell-bent on looking and smelling good for me for a change!

    Nothing turns me off more than a man with bad breath, BO, unkempt hair, and stinky clothing – blech!!!

    I hope my next man has strong Leo in his chart, too…

  10. I’m in agreement with Lucy – definately vain on the inside but have the occasional days of absolute gorgeousness when I flounce down the street with my hair just so and the shades looking good. Have become much humbler as the years have passed.
    Leo guys versus gals – no debate – the blokes definately win the vanity stakes hands down

  11. He’s definitely way more vain than she – after all, he’s checking out his boots, not looking at the nude woman looking at him…

  12. Leo massage client who adores his weekly massage, during which he : receives business calls ( unavoidable in his line of work, and he is the boss) ; yells commands to his adoring young adult daughters who live in what can only be described as an Empire – usually he asks them to count out wads of cash, urgently; cheers on his football team with expletive howls. He reckons he needs the weekly massage to relax but I wonder if he just relishes the chance to get naked and be stroked for an hr . He and his wife met in high school and after 35 yrs are still romantic sweethearts . Its all very Leo. He even roars on arrival ” I’m home!” as if to let the entire city know.

  13. Leo ex was a leo sun 5th house and had some of the most unashamed Leo things ever. Enough of a sense of humour to crack you up but totally leo to the bone. All this shot needs is a fine wine and cheese board (toro moon) and some kind of decedent chair for himself.

  14. Speaking of Leos and their god complex, a former “interest” and uber narcissist/Leo once said he was god…..and yeah, the most respected people in his uber brainy field thought so too, or so he said.

    Witty with brain cells that truly hummed at a higher vibration when it came to his field of study, otherwise genuinely and seriously a warped walking disaster.

    He of his own godness regularly telephone stalks me whenever Merc is retro…and last night too, now that Venus is retro…calls from his bus tel #, I answer, nothing….. Know it’s him as his staff has no reason to call me.

    So even a Leo god can’t deal with the fact that a mortal Gemo dumped him and has made no effort to contact him in 2 yrs. Some god…some Leo…some narcissist

    • too funny. Vain Leos are known to stalk when you dump them.
      When does vanity become full blown Narcissist Personality Disorder?
      It’s hard to be around others (any sign) who only thinks of themselves all of the time.
      As soon, as I see red flags of NPD, I ditch and never look back.

      • The first Leo, after I dumped him, would go into my bedroom in my mother’s house when no one was home and leave gifts on my bed. …they were all framed photos of himself.

        He also called my mother and sister regularly until I had a shit fit and demanded they not take his calls.

        The new one, who is 22…and 8 years younger than myself regularly says he feels like he’s obsessed with me – he says it very lightheartedly, not sure how seriously to take it. … I’m still wrapping my head around the whole situation.

        • “The first Leo, after I dumped him, would go into my bedroom in my mother’s house when no one was home and leave gifts on my bed. …they were all framed photos of himself.”

          no way!? that is hysterical x

          • Ha! 100% true. I took the photos out, chucked them in the trash, and replaced them with pictures of my dog. …my dog that he used to get insanely jealous of, because I did (and still do) lavish so much attention on him.

            My dog actually looks like a Lion, we have the same wavy, long, thick, blond hair. People always say my dog looks like me, too. …and his nickname is “Lion”. Ha!

            This same Leo guy also used demand to know what I wanted for my birthdays. I would tell him, and he would ignore what I said and then buy me some absurdly expensive piece of jewelry from Movado, or Tiffany, or Cartier, instead. Seems like something a Leo chick would love, no?

            I think it works differently though. From my own experience, a Leo woman doesn’t like to expect one thing and receive another. It’s a recipe for disappointment, which is always what I felt when I would open the gift. …and the things I would suggest as presents for myself were 1/20th of the cost of the present I’d end up getting.

            But, most of all, if you’re gonna pull this kind of maneuver, you’d better be damn sure that whatever you end up getting is BETTER than what she asked for, and something that is “her”. What I found so disappointing was the fact that none of the jewelery was even my style. This was 8 years ago….it all still sits in the original boxes, never having been worn.

  15. Many moons ago (no pun intended) I was a life model for artists & I used to feel so comfortable in my own skin & loved the romantic ideal…vanity didn’t really play a part given my wholesome quota of Virgo planets…I have never been involved with a leo male & very rarely even meet them let alone connect with them…& I have Mars in Leo!

    • fortunate lady….waaaaay OTT they are, emo and ego vampires

      their lure is their downfall, they so love themselves they work incredibly hard to charm and at first it works

      then reality strikes as you realize they suck all the oxygen for themselves as this is the purpose for which the cosmos was created …for HIM

      but a lone experience with one should be enough to learn very valuable, life-long lessons

      it was for me – life has never looked better

  16. I’m an 8th house Leo Sun and Mercury (Venus in the 8th as well, though it’s in the sign of Viro). I think I’m fairly vain. Ha! I like to look at myself in the mirror and I’ve definitely been caught doing it before. In high school, when I would go to diners to smoke, I would always want to sit on the side of the booth with the mirror. My male Scorpio friend would always have to tell me to stop staring at myself. I wasn’t even aware I was doing it until he began pointing it out. Even today, a mirror in my vicinity during a conversation is a major distraction. I will be fully engaged with the person, but I’m actually speaking to my own reflection, as I watch myself communicate. I have to tell myself to look away. Ha! It’s really ridiculous.

    That’s the nice about dating a fellow Leo Sun (also Leo Rising, and Venus in Virgo, like myself), as I am now. I have a floor length mirror against the wall, facing the side of my bed. We both like to sit next to each other and stare at our reflections together. Of course, it’s tremendously vain, but I think it also has to do with the fascination of seeing myself interact from anothers perspective.

    I have dated one other Leo Sun/Mercury, as well. Both he, and the current Leo have tempers, of which I am not very fond. I have a temper, also, but I do not just LASH out…there’s a time and a place. My Leo Sun opposes my Aqua moon – I am very fair-minded and actually find ego-driven, vulgar displays repulsive. Both Leo men have horrible road rage. Both scream at the TV when watching Football. Both of which make me VERY uncomfortable (more vulgar displays). Both Leo men had/have an obsession with me, admitted by them both (which makes me want to flee–Aqua moon again). Both Leo men studied piano for 10+ years, smoke absurd amounts of weed, and sleep far too much for my liking. Both have said the following: “I won’t go out if I can’t get my hair just right.” They both are also FIXATED on money. Money, money, money! “When I’m rich…”, “When I get my Ferrari (or boat, mansion, house in the Hamptons), etc. Both of them constantly vomiting these phrases up. Look, I love luxury more than ANYONE. I have one thing I splurge BIG on, and that’s my hair….but, my Aqua moon doesn’t like this at all, and that seems to be winning out these days.

    Most annoyingly, both Leo men try to play attention games with me. Like, when the night is just starting to go really, really well, for example, they’ll suddenly say, “Well, I guess I should get my stuff together to go” (despite the fact that’s it’s 2am, and they always sleep over). It’s absurdly obvious that they just want me to stroke their ego and tell them to stay, that I don’t want them to go. But, alas, I don’t do this – especially with Leo men, because, yes, it will stroke their ego and they’ll feel great…but they’ll still leave, so they feel like they have the upper hand. This particular type of routine grates my nerves, and is the reason why only heavily Scorpio men are the only ones who can hold my attention. They seem to command respect, rather than have to play games to get it. And I know that if any of the Scorp stelliums I’ve dated said they were going to pack up their stuff to go, even at 2am, they’re not looking for me to beg them to stay. And if I did, they’d get pissed. I despise the Stroke-Thine-Own-Ego games.

    In terms of vanity, I believe that with Leo men, it comes from a lack of self-confidence. They have actually admitted this to me…usually after I’ve dumped them for the very behavior I describe above. As a Leo woman, I despise attention. I feel as though other people are overlooked when I’m the center of attention. When I do speak highly of myself, or my looks, it’s because I believe it. I am not lacking for self-esteem…but, the Leo men always seem to be. They always seem to be overcompensating. Neither myself or my Leo girlfriends overcompensate. We know we’re awesome.

    • Right on!! I’m a Leo with Sun and Merc in the 8th too, except I have Mercury in Virgo. Yes yes yes yes yes. I really like all of the stuff that you said and agree. I do the mirror thing too. I was posting about it on another forum, but I’ve always wanted to be able to watch myself doing stuff through other people’s eyes. Cameras and videos don’t do it for me, not the same. I would love to feel comfortable doing this with other people. My Taurus Gramma used to scold me for gazing at myself too long when I was a little girl, now I associate mirror gazing as embarassing behavior. I don’t do it because I’m just the most beautiful thing and no one else compares, I do it because it helps me get in touch with myself. If I don’t do mirrors, then I look for reflections of myself from others, and they aren’t quite as reliable I find.

      • “I don’t do it because I’m just the most beautiful thing and no one else compares, I do it because it helps me get in touch with myself.”

        Bingo! Well said, see, it’s not vanity, it getting a sense of yourself

  17. Well yes, as a kitten I remember getting nekkid on occasion.
    But I don’t really like the cold.

    Motorbikes, well as long as they are good looking and functional. Harley’s are like, kinda dumb. “Yah, I didn’t need any circulation in my hands so I bought a bike with handles in the air” is not my scene.

    Strict no photo policy. Just no. No mirrors either. But the Leo’s without Plutonic/Saturnine influence to their charts may beg to differ on that count.

    Male Leos are ridicklepuss. They are so brashly vain that you want to write a song about it.

  18. I have a whole lot of vanity, I’m a huge fan of my own reflection. But this vanity doesn’t extend outside my own home/car/whatever. I actually need a lot of praise, and I need to hear things like “you look so pretty!”, even if I don’t believe it. Because at least there’s that to feed on later, when I’m having a bad mirror session. I have a lot of self-image issues, bleh, some days I’m the shit, some days I’m just a piece of one; Chiron in Taurus in the 5th.(?)
    And I don’t know very many Leo men, or women for that matter. I would say the men though, just because, haha.

    • I have Chiron in Taurus in the 5th, also. I’m MISERABLE if I don’t look just right when I go out. Miserable. As for the reflection thing, you should try getting a reverse mirror. It will show you how other people actually see your face…which is the opposite of what you see in normal mirror. …it’s quite disturbing.

      Re: the picture – I was constantly naked as a child and find that when I’m home alone, I’m regularly naked, as well. With zero regard for whether the curtains are open or not (fact: they’re ALWAYS open. I just don’t care. Ha!)

      • Im miserable too If I go out not at least 100 percent done. I was chalking that up to my virgos-dont-feel like-doing-anything-till-everything-is-done stellium though.

        * Leos be careful looking at an iphone camera that faces you. Up close, it subtle distorts. You really dont look that old. lol

      • Yes, I only go out in frump mode when I’ve given up all hope for the week, and at that only if I absolutely must, have to have to go – like I ran out of coffee or something. Dirty sweatpants, hoody, hair unbrushed, nothing on my face but a smear of chapstick. And you’re right, it’s miserable.
        Also, I had never heard of a reverse mirror until now, thanks for the tip!!

        • No problem. I find them very upsetting to look at my reflection through, though. But, I would like to get ready one night, like do my hair and makeup, etc. in one of those mirrors and see what kind of response I get from people.

          (Here’s why a reverse mirror works, for anyone who is interested: It has something to do with the fact that the left side of the brain – which registers another person’s facial features – controls the right side of the face. So when someone looks at your face they immediately take in the right side of your face first. But when you look at your own reflection, since the image is reflected back to you, you are actually registering the LEFT side of your own face first…a reverse mirror – or a “True Mirror” – lets you register the right side of your face first, instead, allowing you to view yourself from the same perspective as other people.

          Personally, I think I look like a mongoloid in those mirrors. Ha. …dead serious, though.

      • OMG, I am dying to get one of those mirrors! I have heard about them before, was just thinking about it yesterday LOL

      • Same here with the nudity – I have always felt very comfortable naked but I do close my curtains. I mean, we’ve all got one or the other right? What’s the big deal?

        • The young Leo guy I’m seeing now has his house to himself for the first time in a long while. Just the other day, he excitedly boasted, “I’ve been naked in every single room in this house all week long! It’s fantastic!” Ha!

    • “Bad mirror session” lol ~ and infinitely better than employing the ubiquitous “shit” ~ as in “God, I look like shit today.”

  19. Wrapping your legs around an air cooled gasoline engine does not seem like a good time for nudity.

  20. The Leo women I know are unique in that no other sign has their magnanimous ego-ism. They grace the world with their attention-getting style as if it were a gift they bestow on the rest of us. It isn’t vanity, it’s a service they perform for the betternent of society. They also want everyone to feel as special as they do and give of themselves to see that happen.

    The Leo men I know are very self-centered. Their wants must be satisfied first before anyone else is considered and if you think this shouldn’t be the natural order of things, then obviously you’re “selfish.” So tally another for the men being more vain.

    • “They also want everyone to feel as special as they do ” So TRUE. And I’ll tell ya, I totally friggin love myself. I love everything about myself – warts and all – because ya know what, it’s me and it’s the only me I’ve got. Everyone should love themselves for that reason alone. And if you don’t love yourself start becoming someone you can love. YOU have to be your biggest fan.

  21. I wonder what happens to Leo’s vanity when old age strips all pretenses of beauty-queendom, pride in flawlessness, rippled abs, luminous skin etc etc. Okay, Mae West comes to mind.

  22. my prog. moon just went into leo. i’ve stared in the mirror more in the last 6 mos than in the last 20 years. yikes! hair obsession and desire to be deliciously sexy, absolutely. also an amazing encounter with a mountain lion yesterday! chills and gratitude…

    my saturn/vesta apparently despises leo men, though my besties are leo women invariably… weird.

  23. Am Leo Rising – Does Saturn give you crap hair????- mine has been shit for 3 weeks – or is that Venus Retro…….Anyways this Astro I have going on, what with Mars in Virgo as well can fuq the hell off…………………

    • Do you have Saturn in Leo, natally? Transiting Saturn isn’t currently f*cking too much with Leo. This sounds more like Venus Rx. But, currently, Venus is in friendly-to-Leo Gemini. Still though, that’s a typical complaint of Venus Rx. I feel like I’ve gotten fatter. Not much, but enough that I, myself, am noticing it. I currently have transiting Venus Rx going back and forth over a square to my natal Venus in Virgo (that Jupiter bastard is squaring my natal Venus, too. AND from the 5th house).

      My hair has been okay, but it’s WAY time for me to get it cut and colored, but I’m dead broke (another Venus Rx trait), and it costs me a fortune to have my hair done. And, Leo that I am, I am devoted to the people who do my hair and no one else can touch it…unless my stylist or colorist dies.

  24. Being Aquarious rising—pluto in leo in 7th (saturn in leo in the 6th)
    Aries sun in 2nd, pluto rules 9th…..for me it doesn’t matter….they are both crazy -makers

  25. My loverrrr is a He-cat, and I have Leo – rising. I will be the first to admit I have a healthy dose of vanity ( and an even bigger insecurity chaser ), and I tend to have a flair for the histrionics occasionally. I do the hair. I temper this all with my Sun in Sag goofiness. The lover is the least vain person I know, if we are define it by taking care of ones appearance. I sometimes have to remind him that tooth brushing is a twice a day activity (is this a man issue?), will happily wear clothes with stains, holes ect and is completely content in his comfortable shape. He is a zero maintainance cat. However, if I ever question the validity of his devotion, or efforts in our relationship, his reply is… “I’m here aren’t I?”
    So Leo.

    • That’s so funny. I say that all the time. Like would I be here if I weren’t interested? duh

    • The teeth brushing thing. Yes. It’s a male thing. Several recent guys I dated had the same …”issue”. And I’ve had several friends also complain about this with the men in their lives, as well.

      It disgusts my Venus in Virgo. …..disgusts.

  26. I’m a Leo rising and always own up to my being vain. Friends and family are all out laying about at the pool and beach teasing about being slathered in SPF and under an umbrella. They tease how much better they look than me with their tans. I just laugh on the inside for they look older than their ages and I pass for 15 years younger than I am.

    I’m known for my hair and usually get stopped on the street by fellows about my hair, my smile, etc.

    My co-workers tease about putting on lipstick before heading up to work with patients but one never knows who one will run into!

    I’m vain in the taking the best care of myself possible so I look as young and as good as I can till I die vain.

    Female Leo’s are more vain!

  27. I think Leo guys are vain in the sense that they always want to look good, but Leo women on the other hand seem to think that they are the centre of the universe no matter what they look like.

  28. The guys, totally. I think hot Leo gals just radiate it inherantly with no need to advertise it. Leo guys, I find, are either punishing self-conscious (“You look fine… you can’t tell that one ear is 1mm higher than the other and I really don’t think that people actually care about that…” *eyeroll*) or they seem to think they’re a gift to the world and being in their presence is a gift… make me yack. Anyways, I’d love a Leo guy who acted like a Leo gal lol

  29. It’s all relational. Overall, women spend more money on their appearance than men, so Leo women are closer to “typical,” whereas a Leo man might be considered metrosexual because most men don’t spend money on facials or nice clothes (although maybe they *should*. . . .). For my friend group, which has a large Leo contingency, I see the Rising Sign as being more relevant to their day-to-day.

    I think the vanity aspect of Leos isn’t as prevalent as the generosity or community-building aspects. When I need a sympathetic ear, I call a Leo. When I open my Inbox, there’s always an invitation from a Leo to do something, even if it’s just to hang out on a terrace and kick back with a sundowner- not necessarily glam, just bringing people together. When I want a no-BS opinion about anything from guys to whether my arse looks fat in that dress, non-emo, non-touchy feely opinion needed, give it to me straight, I call a Leo. When someone gives me a present out of the blue (usually clothing- they picked up an extra whatever for me when they bought one for themselves), it’s usually a Leo. They *get* relationships and looks and also want me to look and feel my best.

    • That’s a nice assessment of Leo qualities. I think the thoughtfulness comes from the Leo Sun’s, in my experience, exclusively. As opposed to the Leo moons and risings.

      It genuinely makes me truly happy to give gifts to my friends and/or see something that I know they’d like while I’m out and get it for them. I *never* require (or even think about) getting something in return for this. I honestly get enormous pleasure from giving. I like people to know how much they mean to me, and I often show it through gifts because I feel like it shows them that I pay attention to the little details about them which make them unique. It’s a loyalty thing.

      And people often come to me for my blunt opinions. I think I am good at being honest, without being cruel.

      The only time the giving or the advice stuff starts makes me resentful, is when someone else points out that I’m being taken for granted or taken advantage of. For example, the Taurus Stellium, Leo Moon/Rising friend of mine was broke for awhile, so I would always offer her gas money, which she happily took. Good. Great. That’s the intention. I wouldn’t want her to ever feel embarressed about it. It wasn’t until my roommate noticed, and pointed out to me, that 3 days in a row she showed up at my house uninvited and the first thing out of her mouth was, “I need to take $20 bucks for gas.”…she said this as she was grabbing my cash off of the table and putting it into her pocket….before I even answered.

  30. Tap tap, is this thing on? A (just) 50 something Leo Boy, vainity to me is being good at yourself. What is you is to be proud of, & confidence goes with that. I love my hair but dont feel vain around bald guys. Loud vainity thats in your face, not my style. A reflection is rarely missed by me, the Guzzi & me in shop windows, mirrors a must have item. The Spider with the top down is to enhance the pleasure, not so people cn see me. Id love a Leo Girl,( left an Aries after 18 years, she was too plain with age), a mutual admiration r” ship, I look great because Im walking out with you type scene. I think theres a difference between July Leos & August Leos. The August ones, less coolly typical of the sign.

    • What do you mean less cooly?-Coming from an August 5th ’92 lioness
      More chill? Because I can actual go against that and say I’m a ball of fire running next to a line of gasoline, and death doesn’t want me yet.

  31. that male leos are more arrogant should be self-evident. Patriarchial culture + ‘king of the jungle’ hype will ensure that every time. life’s hard knocks + the cooperative nature of female society all but guarantees that Leo chicks learn dependence & humility over time whereas the dudes get more stubbornly self-assured. Am in my 30’s now & would only do a leo guy for their great bedroom skills. as soon as they start blaring about their opinions & many alleged trumphs tho, I’m out the door. perhaps leo men are the greatest incentive for us leo women to dial down our prideful independent ways: who wants to be seen like that? Shudder… lol!

  32. In my own observations, Aries folk (women and men alike) have a life-long thing for nudity.