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Remedios Varo – Carta De Tarot

Just a quick note to say that Oracle Rebirth is scheduled for Monday…I’d like to make it for the Moon conjunct the Node in Sagg.Β  It is going to be so rad. Heaps more questions. Heaps more answers.

The new questions range from past lives with whomever (as in did you have one with him/her or is that karmic sensation just too much coffee again?) to beauty tips/housewitch suggestions and 000 Career Emergency crap.

HOW does it work? Synchronicity.


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40 thoughts on “Oracle Rebirth

  1. Exciting! Can’t wait to try the past lives one. And then again. And again. Again…

  2. Very much looking forward to it … oh the excitement of feeding my “control situation via psychic answers”-addiction …

    “Is X thinking of me right now” …. drumroll + me thinking “of course not, he’s probably on the toilet reading the newspaper” but still secretely hoping to read “of course dear, day and night and in the other dimension as well”

  3. what does it mean if your moon is conjunct with the moon nodes in all of this?x

    • Would really like to be the one that answers you but alas, still a novice after all these years.
      EMOTIONS amplified. Nurturing needed, to yourself or by others.Perhaps permission to be a bit sooky, just a little?
      Attention to your monthly cycle, womb & ovaries.
      A strong howl at the Moon aka the primal scream?
      A boost of creativity coming maybe?

      • thanks pegs. I have some pretty trippy shit going on atm so I was wondering if the mood node on my natal are playing into this. xx

  4. I’m so excited about this!! The Oracle has become my new go-to whenever I need a “snap out of it” moment (i.e. all the time).

    Random question for you lovely peeps in the comments, does anyone still happen to have the Sleazeometer and/or LunaLuxe PDF from back in the day? I bought it a while back and recently I wanted to do a bit of research (COUGH stalking) and realized that I don’t have access to them anymore. Mystic suggested that I ask you all. Any help would be appreciated! :)

    • Hey, I have the lunalux I can send you but I lost the sleazeometer one, or whatever the one was that talked about Venus and mars. I realised this when I also wanted to do some “research” πŸ˜‰

      • I remember the bits of the sleazometer relating to the bloke I was ‘researching’ at the time… I can tell you that Mars in Virgo with Venus in Cap was indeed ‘sexual soulmate’ territory as Mystic called it, :) Mars in Pisces and Venus in Aqua were also exactly as Mystic called it, along the lines of ‘you’ll feel really simpatico and be in love before you realise it’. Where IS this man now, you ask?? He skulked home to his Mars in Cap wife. Yes, Venus in Cap/Mars in Cap did, as Mystic said, prove ‘really hard to break up’, lol. Hope that helps!

        • Hahahahaha oh man, that’s rough! It’s uncanny how right that stuff was. I hope I can get my hands on it. If I do I’ll be sure to let you two know! :) Guess I’ll be pseudo-spamming the comments for the Sleazeometer till then!

      • Awesome! Might I be able to snag the LunaLuxe from you then? My email is I’ll send you super good vibes in exchange! :p

        Ahh, Sleazeometer, how did I ever let you slip away?!

          • Yes!!! Thank you so much!! Now I know what I’LL be doing with my morning… :p

  5. Last time I asked the Oracle “What does Mars in Virgo mean to me” …. I got “that health is the best wealth.”

    … at the time I was living on coffee & stress… soon after that I got tinnitus (and I’m a muso so that particularly sucked) & nearly passed out in the street… had a burn out … ever since I’ve been the healthiest vitamin taking early sleeping bike riding no-coffee drinking waterholic… getting better all the time. So thanks mars in virgo… But…

    Oracle is the shizzz!

    • When I would ask that, the Oracle kept telling me to declutter, and I was like, “Declutter what, Oracle?” Then I had a oracle reading around the same time and it said To Declutter!

      Ya can’t mess with the message when it’s that strong, so I am throwing out most of my clothes. I need a new look anyway.

      The Oracle knows its stuff!

  6. Oooh exciting! New oracle is so needed right now…….

    And now I’ve just realised my subscription has run out. Do I have to keep ordering a new subscription every month? I had hoped it would roll-over automatically and paypal would deduct accordingly until I opted out….

    Is there a way I can make this happen, say order for a year ahead like with old subscription?

  7. My Scorpio mother came to me in a dream last night. She said i needed to move to the country and there will be someone to help share the rent on a property and she did the math that would make it possible.
    What a revelation, what a solution. The archetype Scorp advising me what to do on a Scorp coming full moon.
    I’m a believer!
    Used to often say ‘if your’e not part of the solution your’e part of the problem’
    re city life and careers. As my work has gone down the plug hole with the GFF, may as well be cutting wood & growing my food where i can see an horizon. My neck is aching from looking UP to see the Sun Moon Stars.
    Seems like Mother’s spirit is my oracle……….

    • Wow Pegs, that is awesome.
      Wings were made for flying, sometimes they just wait for the right air currents.
      lovely to hear your story. x

      • Thank you my friends one and all. What lover-ly support you all give. We never feel alone here with Myst do we, always someone who understands life and it’s circles and squares.
        When i start pouring over maps of the country & the wiide world, know my time to make changes is here.
        Kiss Kiss and :-)’s

    • as someone who lives 20 ks from the nearest shop in a small hamlet surrounded by rolling hills, grazing livestock, grape arbors and grain growing all I can say is that the quality of life is quality…but if you are used to life in the fast lane be prepared for some massive readjustment to life at a slower pace with less distractions and means of escaping yourself. Go for it…

      • Madame V Rising,
        Same age as you and realising that the country away from the maddening crowd is my true home or a native village where i can be the White Mummy and be useful. Not enough energy for the city yet too much to ‘retire’.

        • That sounds delightful Pegasus, star gazing is a joy. Beautiful places to create your own little dolmens and sacred pebble statues, grape arbours and orchards. If you build it, I am sure some will come to receive your great wisdom.

    • Oh Pegs Scorpie Mum, Nice One!

      Hey Pegs, if you shifted out bush, would you consider doing some kind of weekend retreat thing-oh..weekend couples escape healing thingoh ? sounds appealing (maybe?). Hope you dont mind my suggestion, i cant help myself sometimes ! xxx merc in Aries and all..x

      You are amazing Pegs, how lovely for you to wake up smelling the sweet country air…starry starry nights et all.

      whats happening in your home section of your chart at the mo bunniiee ? xx

      • Cosmic One, just today have placed an ad for workshops & partners under an Alternative-Spiritual section in the daily rag.
        1st inquiry was ‘do we make love’. That wasn’t the Right Question to ask!! So at least i am getting feedback to suss that out.
        Taking mini-workshops to the country has been on my list for 6 months now, so yes, definitley thought about that. Get to move AND help as well.
        Had many revelations over weekend by reading the Gnostics and the True Story of the Garden of Eden.How we have to re-enter by the same door as we left…………..Sexuality! Proved i have been ‘on the path’ but on a side track.
        That fruit prematurely picked was SEX Instructions,
        hence the re-surgence of sacred sexuality, us wanting to go back to Eden.
        Amazing huh?

    • Pegasus are you Northern or Southern Hemisphere? Just wondering if this happened at Beltaine or Samhain?

      • Southern and still adhere to 31st October merely as it’s also All Saints Eve. Give more lip service to May Day on the 1st with the maidens & mavens having fun around a pole draped in coloured ribbons. Sexual much? haha.

        • hehehe it’s been bit chilly in Melbourne for maidens dancing around maypoles :-)

      • I had exactly the same thought , Samantha . All souls night , the dead return to walk a mile with us. Certainly fits this scenario .
        I am in southern hemisphere and I had a beautiful visitation from both my auntie and her mum , my grandmother on Monday night. When they were alive the three of us shared an unspoken communication across cities and the globe and have a close female bond.
        Experiencing them again and being reminded of a few things has been a beaming light of assurity on my life direction . Blessed by all souls night for sure.

  8. The oracle is real magic you can actually buy. :)
    Much looking forward to new Oracularity!!!

  9. 😯

    “Is that a karmic connection or too much coffee again…”

    I think this was similar to one of my suggestions in the survey! 😯

    YAAAY! I so need to ask oracle this – I meet so many peeps and sometimes eyes just LINGER! 😯

    Not like this 😯 though…

      • That is my fave Madonna and just this morn was thinking about her because of the Kabbala thing she’s into and her having a lover 30 years younger than herself. next thought ‘make no judgements, no opinions re that’.
        Yes, much synchronicity happening around us.
        As for coffee, hey i’m half Italian and will never give it up.

        Only primo coffee drinkers know for sure :-)

  10. Sooo, speaking of oracles, synchro and stuff … today in the mail I found a postcard picturing a bunch of tibetian monks sitting in a half circle around another monk on a small platform. Coming from Northern Europe. Card picked after not finding anything closer to my “wishes.

    Hmmmm … message?