“Mistress’s Life Of Sex & Astrology…”

Rielle Hunter posing with soft toysA life of sex & astrology?Β  Sounds great!

This story – about the American politician John Edwards and his alleged mistress Rielle Hunter gets battier and battier as you scroll down. Sex, drugs, astrology, a threesome with Brett Easton Ellis, 101 year old billionaires financing the mistresses hairdos, campaign funds misappropriated to spend on, um, well it’s a blur. You can read it here.

It’s salacious, of course, but also so sad as his wife – the enormously well liked Elizabeth Edwards died a few years ago and was apparently devastated at the affair. Not just irritated as some political spouses might be. Her Sun in Kataka/Cancer was ON his ascendent and there was other rad synastry between them.

The mistress – Rielle Hunter: born March 20 1964 – late Pisces, Gemini Moon & I would guess Crab Rising? No, Leo. She’s hard to pick but youthful looking for her age, yes? She may well have been interested in sex, drugs and astrology but i was her astrologer i’d say to declutter her bedroom, right?

John Edwards is Gemini (Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter) with Uranus Rising in Cancer. He’s got Pluto opposite his Mercury right now and has Saturn on his Neptune until October. Pluto-opp-Mercury has been hitting him for years now: worst time in your entire life to be trying to hide something lol!Β  This little bit of business means he could technically be facing 30 years in jail apparently.

Having said all that, i’d just like to say that sex and astrology obsessions can actually be quite healthy…productive even. Β  Thoughts?

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50 thoughts on ““Mistress’s Life Of Sex & Astrology…”

  1. uh, how could her cancer sun be on his descendant, if he is uranus rising in cancer? Wouldn’t that be on his ascendant?

  2. der, yes, sorry…i wrote that in a hurry, my mind awash with american political details…this guy could have become the president…imagine, and he could have gotten SO obsessed with astrology that all holidays would be held during mercury retrograde etc

    • I read somewhere the government/ military secretly had/has astrologers under its employ(our military is always trying everything), I just think that would be cool, being a secret government astrologer worker, probably only because it is a secret

      • yes, and so did Hitler. He used astrologers and psychics to plan every move.
        I am currently researching that again. Fascinating read.
        You seem well versed in astrology/history connections.

        • Hitler also had Uranus right on his AC… not to say that John Edwards is any Hitler, by a long shot. A lot more human, I’d say. But the Uranus rising could be why he so good at speaking to collectives, his whole “two americas” thing really struck a chord, now we have the Occupy movement and so forth…

          • If the US military has astrologers on staff, they suck — or were out to a long lunch both times we decided to invade some country or start a mission when the Sun was in the last degrees of Pisces. Talk about neverending nightmare…

            • Lol exactly…they also have a penchant for space shuttle launches during mercury retrograde and sabre rattling during adverse mars-pluto aspects so NOT so sure there are any astrologers on staff xxxx

              • Not to mention the Australian governments who insist on holding elections during Merc retro and then face 3 years of never-ending mess and lack of clarity!

                • PS they used to say that the wife of previous Aussie PM John Howard used astrology – and certainly he had a knack for choosing beneficial election dates

  3. Dear Mystic, you’re entitled to one tiny mistake… πŸ™‚ You need to rest and NOT Virgo-out so much! …. Multi-tasking has its limits! lol ~ As for the American presidential nominees…. Republican and Democratic need a whole new book on their personality disorders….

  4. At first glance, I thought that was Courtney Love looking better than usual!

    • crazy as Courtney. Both strike me as potential “stalker” obsessed women.
      There’s a theory about parallel personalities. That people who look similar may in fact have some personality traits and quirks in common.
      I will try to find more info.

  5. Must be my natal Mars in Virgo, but the punctuation of “mistress’s” hooked me in. Oh, and her hair. I love it. She’s just a weeny bit older than me and I find myself thinking, maybe that style I had back in my hair-metal days could stand another outing. (Leo rising)

  6. The very first thing I noticed was the collection of stuffed toys on her bed. I simply have to say that anyone with a toy collection (you know, dolls, teddy bears, pink fluffy things that we normally associate with girls <12 yrs old) over the age of 18 really creeps me out. 22, 32, 52 years old? please, no. no no no..

    • Agreed, but what really freaks me out here is that she has a Dora the Exploradora doll – that is not her generation – that is extra creepy. Kermit, meh, but DORA, wtf?

    • He probably gave it to her! Now that makes my mind boggle……….

    • exactly, right? Kermit, I could understand. Even the fluffy chicken thing at the back. But the others, well.. if there was a cabbage patch kid in there I would not be surprised. *shiver*

    • The perspective of this photo is disturbing – very creepy. She is positioned in a way that makes her appear cartoonish as if she is the mirror image of Dora; the poor pink owl’s eyes reflect a certain terror as do Kermit and Barney’s silent screams.

      • The owl looks like a random character from South Park.. which of course adds a whole other element of inappropriate into the mix.. yep, grinning as I type but not sure whether it’s something to laugh at or not.. random πŸ™‚

    • It creeps me out too. If I was John I would have run as fast I could. I think he has an ego/sex addiction which makes him vulnerable to unhealthy affairs.

    • Guys, I’m pretty sure that is her daughter’s bed with all the stuffed animals….the illegitimate one she had with Edwards. I remember reading the story that went with this pictorial, and the rest of the pics were all of her and the kid….total exploitation for sympathy’s sake. Yick!

      • I read the same articles. Photos were made in her/their toddler’s bedroom, which I found very disturbing.

        Once upon a time, I might have voted for him. Now . . . ick, ick, ick.

  7. Mystic, what’s up with the Reply box on the blog? My new gravatar won’t show up. I’ve deleted my cookies and cleared my cache but every time I go to comment an old name I used 6 mths ago keeps popping up in the Reply box and I have to retype my current name EVERY SINGLE time. It’s frustrating.

    I know a few other peeps have had the same issue to. Any ideas?

    I have Uranus transiting my 3rd. I need to keep changing my gravatar image πŸ™‚

      • I dunno but quick way to test it is to try on a diff browser. 95% of probs are via i.e. i find…
        And you don’t delete cookies- you enable them – as that is how browsers remember passwords and things such as gravatars.

        • Thanks for your prompt reply Mystic πŸ™‚
          I’ve already tried a different browser.
          I’ll try again.

    • I see… ‘PIscesn Under New Management’ has resorted to using an acronym to get around the issue πŸ™‚

      • Hi Hun, could i be your email address that is linked to gravatar.com ? (i had this as i have a couple of email addresses..one for companies – one for real people)…

          • On a PC if you double click the name box, it lists underneath the names you have used on this site before, but i have noticed on a mac it doesnt happen, its same same, have to type everytime, which as an Aries means its almost always wrong (typing too fast) and thus sometimes i have no gravatar piccie…
            Good luck Lovely.

            • no it happens on a Mac too. I can select whichever email/name I’ve used before but in the past I’ve never had to click in the “name” and “email” section every single time I make a comment because my old name keeps appearing! And on the iphone it doesn’t remember any name at all. It’s blank.

              *sigh* Never mind… I’m sweating the small stuff. I give up.

              • exactly scorpbot! but I have gone from using google chrome (awesome) to Safari (WTF.)
                i decided to not be bothered and let other people be confused about my identity instead of me… I know exactly who I am // my words can speak for themsleves lolool πŸ˜€

      • lol! yes. was typing on another computer and couldn’t be bothered writing the whole thing out. And I think I have about 8 different names on this blog atm anyway (some sort of renovation or Mgt. theme usually). suits my Gemini asc anyway πŸ˜‰

    • I type my name in every other time, as it disappears. Now i wish i’d chosen “cat” or “bob”.

    • I miss the emails from everyone posting to the topics I commented on. I use to get them and now I don’t. Did the cookies cleanup and nada. Oh well.. just makes me visit the site more often!! πŸ™‚

      • Hey i don’t know why you would not be getting those emails all of a sudden??

        Anyway i asked the dev guy to come over and check out these comments on fri so hopefully he will have some thoughts on this


        • Dev Guys Thoughts ON This – Virgo Ellie, if you don’t get emails sent by site could be your email is not input correctly here? as this is working…check junk filter?

          everyone else re the gravatars
          As you probably know, Gravatar connects an email with an avatar.

          If the right one is not showing, its either something to do with Gravatar.com or the person is using the wrong email address. either way it’s out of your/our control how it shows. Get them to log into gravatar.com with your email and see if its the right avatar.

          In regards to the ” an old name I used 6 mths ago keeps popping up in the Reply box and I have to retype my current name EVERY SINGLE time. ”

          This again has nothing to do with your website. It is because the person has an autofill form saved. 6 months ago they the browser would have said something like, do you want us to save these fields for future reference and the would have clicked yes.

          No idea what browser they are using, but you can give them this link for chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=142893

  8. I would love a lover who was obsessed with my life of sex and astrology. Make him also the heir to a champagne fortune and not a politician and we have my dream guy.

    she looks like one of those skanky pisceans (i know not all are) who poses trying to look all innocent. Pearls, white shirt, demure post, sesaeme st toys – but we are not fooled.

    • exactly. secretly though, it’s crack whore mayhem.
      hahahaha x

      • I wonder what the attraction/obsession was? Not seeing it. Karmic perhaps?

  9. I can’t even get past the fact that she’s posing with stuffed toys. That IS creepy.

  10. Astrology, astrologers ?……………come-on “EVERYONE” reads their horoscope when they read the daily newspaper. Not everyone will admit to it…Remember Nancy Reagan?…Ronnie was the Aquarian and she got the info to him that worked well at that time…
    Ms. Hunter would be well served to declutter the animal farm from her bed–lol

  11. I’m a gemini moon wit youthful looks, could be how it goes. 39 look no more than 30. My Aries sun takes major issue with the affair tho. Blame more him than her, he’s married she is obviously a famefucking twit.
    Can’t crawl a moment in another’s life. Let there be peace.

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