Neuromancy Is Modern Sorcery

John William Waterhouse – The Sorceress

Hey the Oracle is nearly rebirthed & is 24 hours away PLUS i have developed a new theory of the Moon (you have gotta love the Sagg Moon for new theory development lol) AND a quick-easy insanely simple way for everyone to figure out precisely how their Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto till 2016) is going to go. So it’s all happening. But for now, my Saturn-Moon transit is such that i am going to bed early with lavender tea and binaural beats. Neuromancy is very now, very Uranus in Aries. And that Full Moon in Scorpio bought up a LOT to process…So, more soon …


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16 thoughts on “Neuromancy Is Modern Sorcery

  1. I sat in on half a lecture about investment banking and mergers and acquisitions. It was very interesting (for me).

  2. Ugh. Early to bed would be lovely! I left work at 3pm to go to the doctor. Lovely man hacked off half my shoulder “just in case” (thank you Qld sun on Irish skin). Sat in an economics lecture listening to misogynist tool trying to belittle and argue with female lecturer until 9pm. Got home. Checked my work email. Found accusatory email from super low Sagg (read: loud mouth bitch) colleague. Drafted reply pointing out every error in her flawed logic. Deleted draft because even though it was all true it’s not a good look. Read daily Mystic email paying particular attention to suggestions re enmity & control freakiness. Decided midnight reply to aforementioned colleague was not a great idea – can wait until tomorrow. Beyonce’s butt has pretty much been the highlight of my day.

    • Top job shannon, for not replying to snarky email in the heat of the moment. All written communication needs a cool head! Besides, natural / poetic / jungle justice can often solve our problems for us in due course…

      Ps. Hope that shoulder gets better. Ouch

      • Yes, revenge (in this case defense) is a dish best served cold. Go the self control, power to you.

    • Always take the high road specially concerning work, employment, career. Although, at the moment doesn’t feel very satisfying, you’ll get the last laugh. Revenge is best served cold.
      (trust me, I am a hot head and learned the hard way.)

  3. I’ll say, how “interesting” was this moon?? so much to process indeed

    I’m still absorbing info and taking tomorrows forecast re zap very seriously.

  4. Have been trying to change my gravatar & on-line name now for 2 days. I mean I’ve been Violet/Violetmoon now for ever ( ok nearly 10 years), how it all came about is a long story, but realised that I am no longer a shrinking violet or a shy peeping one either – still pretty much a loner tho’ .
    But internet connections in these remote area’s are a tad moody……………is this relevant? Not really sure, maybe it’s a touch of paranoia so I can maintain more anonymity, worried about stalkers from local community – there’s too little to occupy some peoples minds here.

  5. If only I needed an easy guide to figure out how the zap zone will affect me – seems my personal ZZ just arrived. Last night, had the calmest and most honest relationship discussion in months – thankyou Mars direct opp my Sun/Saturn/Merc – it came out of nowhere, but I feel calmer and more centred than I have in yonks. I know whatever happens, it’s going to be ok. Weird, because on paper my life looks somewhat fuqued right now :)

    Can’t wait for the new Oracle. Love your work, Mystic!

  6. i can’t wait for the ZZ info!

    btw – MM, i bought a print of the owl pic you posted above the wednesday daily horoscopes. it’s exactly what i was looking for!

  7. Oh, I love the owl pic too! A gift shop in my village has a window display full of shiny metal owls. I saw them yesterday when I went for a walk. Then when I read the horoscopes last night, another owl. For someone who hardly ever leaves the house due to a major project deadline, I’ve done really well for owl omens in the past 24 hours…