Neptune Spray

“French American scientist David Edwards has unveiled WA|HH Quantum Sensations, a spray that causes brief intoxication with no aftereffects. Each dose consists of just 0.075 milliliters of alcohol, but according to Edwards, when aerosolized by the spray’s unique mechanism — housed in a stylish, Philippe Starck-designed aluminum tube — it’s enough to make you feel fully intoxicated, though quite briefly. Once the effects wear off, you won’t experience a headache and can even pass an alcohol test.”   More here on Time.

Quantum Sensations?

Instantly high sans the calories of chardonnay?

Unique mechanism?

Philippe Starck designed spray bottle. Cue Neptune in Pisces a go-go fuelled by Uranus in Aries ingenuity.

Lol, Uranus in Aries doesn’t want to faff about with having to pretend to be wine wankeur or too much sitting down at bars, right? 

FYI: did you know “alcohol” is Arabic for “the spirits”?

This is seriously rad in a really insane way, right?

Are we all going to hell in a handbasket or is this just what’s required for the Zap Zone?  Thoughts please.

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33 thoughts on “Neptune Spray

  1. Sounds like it could be used as a secret weapon – sort of like pepper spray – to immediately and temporarily intoxicate/disorient your opponent. But then, I’ve just come from my Monday night’s martial arts class so my mind is on that sort of thing already…and it’s been a combative sort of day right from the start to the finish…

    • I love this idea. Instead of using violence get your attacker drunk. How very compassionate Neptune in Pisces.

  2. OR, it could be that other thing ruled by neptune, a lie perhaps, like those experiments when they give people fake alcohol and they still think they are drunk, otherwise I dont know what to think of it

  3. I think it’s honest.

    It’s not like people aren’t going to get drunk during the Zap Zone. They can now just control and manage it and have zero after-effects. Hyperefficient.

    I’d like to see a series come out- you know, spray alcohol by Zaha Hadid (swirly bottle, zero flavor- just a general, wtf, that’s genius), spray alcohol by Gwyneth (good for your Qi and makes you sit up straight), spray alcohol by Dr Oz (vitamins, helps your colon), etc.

  4. I like tasting my liquor. This takes away from the experience. :(

    • I’m with you here, EEL. And a gin and tonic sounds mighty fine right about now!

  5. A momentary high would likely cause a desire to repeat the effect, making the product profitable, I suppose. A brief high? I’ve done my drugs, but usually the idea was to stay that way for a measurable amount of time. I’m sure each vial is one use…

    • That’s what I was thinking… people with addictive personalities will be spritzing every 5 minutes.. going to need a larger tube of this stuff.

  6. Really? Don’t scientists have more interesting things to invent?

    Actually I find the whole idea hugely irresponsible, pushing ‘drunkenness’ rather than drinking for the taste and social occasion.
    Imagine what it’d do to the alcopops market.

    • read in sci mag about new ‘chicken dinosaur’ at oil change place. wtf we gonna do with that ?
      ‘tastes like dinosaur !?’
      I mean really, make flying cars that run on garbage – now That we can use.

  7. I’m not going to lie: I dig it. I drink alcohol for the alcohol effects. Other than that, I’m a water/coconut water kind of girl. And there are many, many times where I’ve cursed the heavens that you (physically) cannot drive while drunk. I have a beer, I relax after work, I have prepared myself for grocery shopping – but I can’t drive to the grocery store. Ugh! I’d love to spritz some liquid relaxation, have a chat, and then be good to go shortly after.

    • not a bad point there. having a quiet drink or 2 after work OR AT LUNCHTIME : handy.

    • could help with instant relaxation. I am curious and would give it a try.

  8. – what’s thr point of a short-lived high – why not just take decent drugs?

    – particularly since I assume this has no flavour, and personally I like my intoxocating booze to come with some sort of taste

    However the concept is pretty cool, little atomiser thing for (interchangeable) delivery of some substance to the body.

    My vote: it’s business as usual.

  9. What’s next? Dinner in single pill? I think this is quite sad and makes me of Margaret Atwood’s Year of the Flood…

  10. “French American scientist”? That is not French thinking regarding alcohol, that is pure American. Yet he is very much part of France, and won a coveted title from the French Ministry of Culture.

    Lots of Air? See the ‘breathable foods’ idea. Also interesting ideas about plants to purify air. Check out his site:

    Mystic, can you find out anything about his astro? I think this particular idea is terrible but his innovations in general are incredibly intriguing, and the applications for them beyond his own ideas have potential.

  11. I could see this appealing to teens and immature adults to use at work and school.

  12. Quit drinking. Still…WANT !
    Think though if it was vibed up elixir of healing props to boot !
    no guilt whatsoevah ! loves it MM xo

  13. I’d want to see the science behind this before using it but if it really doesn’t cause hangovers, then isn’t this great news? It may be waaay better for one’s liver than a g&t… & I am not enuf of a gourmet &/or a traditionalist to sniff at that! (My doctor would prolly agree). But my mercury in virgo insists on seeing some hard research before she’ll give it a try… does anybody remember vodka shot vapourizers? they turned out to be quite dangerous i think…

  14. Apparently, according to an Aquarian friend of mine who seems to know all kinds of random shit, this idea was formulated by military personnel on assignment. They would plug a coke bottle filled with a mere few drops of alcohol with a cork, push a footy pump through it and pump the bottle with air. Then once the cork is removed, the change in pressure makes the alcohol instantly vapourise at which point you suck it in for the desired effect.
    Apparently this allowed fighter pilots to return to work after lunch.

    Makes me think two things…. One: could many military stoushes have been avoided and two: do you have to blow in a bag before you start up a fighter jet?

    • not really.. doesn’t homeopathy base itself on the idea that diluting something massively makes it work in the opposite way than it’s normal effect? Then this would be called a sober-upperer.

      anyway, the alcohol doesn’t work any differently on the body it’s just absorbed differently, through the mouth instead of stomach. when stuff is absorbed in the stomach it goes past the liver before it goes anywhere else. So absorbing alcohol through your mouth lets you feel drunk until it eventually goes to the liver via the circulatory system where it begins to be broken down and you start to sober up.

  15. I like it….
    1. I have kids. I don’t have the luxery to get intoxicated for long periods of time usually.
    2. Driving
    3. I don’t like be intoxicated for long periods of time. I get over it fast.

    But since I don’t really get drunk often when I drink, it may be too strong for me. And I love the taste of rum….

  16. I don’t usually drink alcohol, but I kinda want to give this a go! lol

  17. i don’t have any probs with alcohol now,

    it was just a very long and painful personal Neptunian lesson about looking after the spirits…talk about secret self undoing !

    before i’d just worked myself relentlessly into hell for money, and never allowed my creative spirit any space or time, thinking such things would never bring me dollars. Well i realised this was all wrong – the hard way. i learnt creativity has nothing to do with money and it feeds the soul like nothing i know. having friends who were prof. artists made me think my creations were crap so not worth doing. i learnt it doesn’t matter – it’s the doing of the act, not the judgement of it that feeds the soul.

  18. I very rarely drink alcohol. But somehow, I find this appealing.

  19. I read about it in Gizmag and my take is – this is a big pile of nothing! The alcohol content is a thousand times less than that of a shot glass and they are saying it only makes you feel intoxicated for a few seconds (I’d say it’s the placebo effect). It seems to me like the times the dentist where he used rubbing alcohol on a spot. They say that “it doesn’t promote drunkenness but only gives the pleasure of alcohol”. Uhmm, what? I’d rather have a glass of wine full of antioxidants accompanying a conversation about life and universe, rather than paying a big amount of money and pretending I am from the space age 😀