Monthly Scheduler For June Up Now!

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Jess Smart Smiley – these comics are amazing and u can purchase them!

The June Monthly Scheduler is now posted – along with the June Horoscopes…Go read, it’s got the need to know re Uranus Sq Pluto (the Zap Zone) & the Full Moon Eclipse in Saggo + The Transit Of Venus and all the brill stuff in amongst the weirding. You need some of this stuff in your dairy/on your phone guys! Don’t just skim it. Schedule it. I set up a reminder for things such as Astro-Storm Days…Plus i lie low then if poss. And i also go and schedule my meet-ups for the party/on-the-razz days…Works a treat.


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7 thoughts on “Monthly Scheduler For June Up Now!

  1. Wow what a month! – you think it’s ok to travel (back home again) during the first hits of the zap zone…? or that week of many astro storm warnings? … thinking of a big long flight on that day, or the 25th…. probably not ideal i guess.

  2. Yay! Thanks Mystic. I scheduled some of your astro warning dates in my diary for May, and so far results have been intriguingly apt.

    I pull the drawbridge up to casa del libra on those astro storm warning days.

  3. And isn’t it the prolific Gemini Falconer’s B-Day today?
    Love the art in the Monthly AND available for purchase.
    Better that than the pricey stone coloured Italian boots that had my name on them yesterday.
    So many boots around as never before but getting the heel, toe shape, colour and length is not easy in one pair unless in Europe, but these ones ARE made for walking….. a long way, away.
    Can’t frame boots or can you now? They cost much more than a new passport.
    Will i ask the oracle :-) Perhaps it will answer ‘follow your soul’.

    • Hey Pegs,
      I’m going Boots Advocate and saying layby/pay those babies off man !! Those sexy bots have your name on them, and i bet your feel like the Goddess that you are in ”em. xx The passport will always be there to get…theboots ? mwa

  4. A crystal that hatches?? While i’m considering my ‘do retail when bored’
    where can i but one?

    Love cartoonage maybe coz i love to laugh.
    I’ll just laugh at FaceBook shares dropping.

    • πŸ˜† Facebook shares dropping…. πŸ˜† That is pretty funny eh. Who would have thought!