Laughter Is The Language Of The Soul

Even when you’re dead, the stars keep hounding you. Uber-Poet Pablo Neruda died just after the Chilean September 11 Coup (Pinochet) and just two days ago an official investigation was finally opened into his death.

Pablo Neruda was ultra-Cancerian: Neptune, Mars, Moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury all in the 8th House.  His transit right now?  Uranus and Pluto aspecting his Mars. Vindication, belated justice with the Zap Zone zapping his Mars? So apt.

September 11 in America happened a whole 28 years after they backed the coup in Chile, also on a sunny Tuesday morning. same date, Saturn Returning. Spooky.

Pablo Neruda was a genius poet and sagacious surrealist.  Love how he said things like this: “Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us”  

And his Nobel prize winning poetry…

I am not jealous?
of what came before me. ??
Come with a man?
on your shoulders,?
come with a hundred men in your hair,
come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet,?
come like a river?full of drowned men?
which flows down to the wild sea,?
to the eternal surf, to Time! ??
Bring them all
?to where I am waiting for you;?
we shall always be alone,?
we shall always be you and I?
alone on earth,?to start our life!

Or this..He was Sagg Rising…

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55 thoughts on “Laughter Is The Language Of The Soul

  1. OMG Mystic.

    Neruda is my favourite poet and has been forever, long before anyone I knew had heard of him. Two days ago was the anniversary of my beautiful lover presenting me with a volume of Neruda’s poetry. He had been overseas and had spent a lot of time finding a book of Neruda in English, in a non-English speaking country, because he knew this would mean more to me than any other souvenir. It’s the one memento of him that I will never throw away.

    This post means more to me than you could possibly know, on so many levels, not the least of which is that Neruda’s death will finally be investigated. Thanks Mystic xx

    • What a beautiful gift from your lover. :)
      I left a book for my Gem lover when i stayed with him in New York.
      Books are such wonderful gifts.

      Venus in Libra 9th house

      • Yep, he was pretty special.

        I agree re books, Scorpalicious. Best gifts ever. I bet your New York Gem was suitably impressed!

        • I hope so! Yeah my Gem is special too :)

          There’s a tear drop on one of the pages. I was bawling my eyes out as I wrote the little note inside the book. It was such a bittersweet ending. To cut a long story short, He didn’t speak to me for 2 years! but we are friends again now.
          It was one of those karmic things. All mine seem to be with a packed 8th house! My north node in Gem conjunct his Sun, his south node conjunct my NN. His Neptune conjunct my moon.

          I astral travelled to New York one night to see him. On a soul level I couldn’t let him go until we were friends again… how very Wuthering Heights! 😆
          The dream was so real. I was walking down the street towards his apartment and planning on dropping by but decided not to once I realised I was in my pyjamas ! 😀

          • Oh wow.. those aspects. So powerful! Glad to hear you are friends again. Sometimes things take time to play out. How is the friends thing going for you?

            My guy is AWOL. I’m not ‘waiting’ as such, but I just can’t shake the feeling there’s more to come, you know? Odd little coincidences that tell me he’s not gone. Am I psychic or bats?? My sun is slap bang between Neptune and Chiron right now so who knows :)

            Our astro: his Mars/NN conj on my sun. His sun on my moon/Lilith et al. My NN on his asc. When we met, Pluto and the NN were conjunct on his Venus. Neptune and Chiron were conj on my Venus.
            Ah. Daydreaming about him again. Must get back to work. Saturn, where are you?? :)

            • some nice aspects you got going there too! His Neptune conj your Venus would have been nice… and Pluto/venus – phwoarrrr :)

              The friends thing?…. well, he lives in NY and I live in Sydney. It’s better that way. Distance is an aphrodisiac for some Gems. I’m content being friends only. We keep in touch via Facebook. Love seeing photos from his travels and knowing what he’s up to. It’s fun.

              Good luck with your dreamy lover. You never know! Mystic did say “strange invisible love weirding is at play now and right through till Aug”
              He’s not one of those AWOL Aquas is he? Hahaha..

              • Hahaha no, he’s one of my Cap collection :)
                Sounds like your Gem and you could be more enduring as friends, which is nice. I agree, Gems seem to like a bit of space.
                We will see re my guy. We both have stuff in our lives to sort out. Oracle’s on my side tho’, lol :)

      • p.s….. I love especially some of the first part of this sonnet…. which to me are about the forbidden side of love and the love of another’s flaws

        “I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
        in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
        I love you as the plant that never blooms
        but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers”

        • oh gosh, what a gorgeous passage. I must learn more about him. SO MANY poets, life really IS worth living I tell you if only to read their works.

          • This reminds me of the question a lot of people ask after reading Fahrenheit 451: if you had to “be a book” (i.e. memorize the contents of an entire book because you live in an oppressive regime that burns all physical books) then which book would you be?
            A good friend said he would be Dante’s Inferno, before he asked me that question. I had never thought about it, but I answered right away that I would be a collection of poems. I have never wanted to revise my answer.
            Actually, I believe I AM a collection of poems– I have a ton memorized.

  2. The poetry of the stars amazes: astrology and poetic justice and sparkling synchronicity. This post is a great reminder of an incredible poet.

  3. i don’t know if i’ve heard of him before. his poems are truly beautiful.

  4. *****SWOOOON****** Don’t start me on Kataka men. FAal attraction to them,
    Astoo is pummellng me – lighten up Venus. the love for my son ( 18 yr old) who has jsut left home ( mars in Aries only dust left behind) is being twisted and squeezed as I suffer seperation anxiety. I ‘m so sick of peeps saying he will be alright etc etc meanlingless pap. I know that but I just can’t stop worrying. Never been a smother mother but bloody hell I am a mess.

  5. My beloved husband is Kataka with Sag rising. ::::swoon:::: I wonder how he feels about Neruda’s poetry? Must test this.

  6. I do remember us analyzing some of his work in a World Literature Class I took some years back. I had no idea he was a fellow crab. <3 And I do love that the zap zone can work in mysterious ways….even posthumously.

  7. Ooh, awesome MM! Keep forgetting to get back into the poetry!
    Maybe I should get a kindle – then I wouldn’t be so slack..

    I would love to buy copy with the poems in English & Spanish together. Does anyone know of a good edition?

    My sweet little watery niece is Piscean Princess in the 8th, Cancer Asc. totally have to get her copy of his work now.
    Seriously MM, the book industry should be paying you!

    • ‘Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair’ trans. WS Merwin, Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition 2004. Also has illos by Picasso. This would be the perfect book for your Piscean niece, imo. The book is exquisitely designed, small and beautiful.

    • lovely to have the poem in its original language , a good idea. not only because its cool to know the poem in its native voice but allows us to learn about translation – translating or at least reading poetry in another language is SUCH a lovely task, I love languages and it’s fascinating to see how we interpret / transpose meaning from one language to another. x

      right, back to work…. sigh

      • Totes babe, ademas hablo un poco de espanol y me da ganas aprender de nuevo.. what better maestro than Pablo Neruda?!

  8. I was recently thinking that I feel most compatible with multi-Cancerian men, particularly if their sun or ascendant falls near to my mars.

    I think it’s because of their moon ruled sensitive artistic tendencies.

    A cancerian man with a venus in taurus, and a mercury or mars in leo is like my dreamboat match!

    Great post.

    • yum, i so agree. my new cancer (sun, asc, sn) has venus/merc in leo and an aries mars. artistic and dreamy (with a kick!)!

  9. i always love your posts of Neuruda’s work. I would print them out and pin them up near my desk when I was finishing my phd. It gave my soul such an education and helped me a lot. I would never have come by Pablo Neuruda’s work if it wasn’t for being a subscriber and reading your blog everyday. near to the close of my dissertation I read his entire works published in a collection in 2004, and I still turn to it for relaxation.


  10. I might order a copy of his works. Sounds like it could be just what the doctor ordered for this kataka w/ a dark moon going through many isolating and polarizing transits atm.

  11. Love, and death, and the truth of one’s heart – political, spiritual, physical, and all the other paths to the unconscious that creates consciousness. Neruda is my favorite poet, forever. Thank you for this post, it matches the storm that is my own emotional life right now.

  12. Thanks for the post great timing how I am feeling overwhelmed with love !

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  14. oh god i love replying to spam. it’s like screaming into a hurricane… no one’s listening.

    I think this is the start of venus-merc-jupiter exact on my Gem asc… talking to posts again. better shut up.

  15. Bahahaaaaaha Pi, just spat water all over my keyboard at work at your blow job quip:-)
    A poignant post for me re Neruda. I was Lionfish back then.
    Keep talking to the spam babe!! It’s livening up my tedious arvo xx

    • and I was Scorpalicious. Interesting to stumble across old comments innit! :)

      • Yes it’s weird seeing old comments/identities :)
        I did end up binning that book, dumb really, it was a beautiful book, but I threw everything away in the end.
        Supreme weirdness of this post reappearing today because I was right, the story wasn’t finished back then

    • It does tie in nicely with the subject matter, first good laugh I’ve had all day!

    • I think the spam has merit. it’s kind of almost 21st C Dada in its nonsensicalness. “Sound – Proofing – Secrets Founders and Ezine – Articles Expert Author.” pure wordsmithery that is. *toasts the spambots*

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  18. Thank you very much, hncszw. I am sure many people would agree there really is nothing like a good blow job. I mean, leaf blower job.

  19. Tell us your astro, hnczw. You like leaf blowers? I’m guessing you’re an air sign. :-)

  20. I see that Spam School is having its English classes this week….
    Now there’s a byline you can be proud of Mystic! “The just right webmaster…she performs a wonderful process in this topic.”