Infinity Virgo


It’s infinity Virgo! God, when i first looked at Mars in Virgo for nearly nine months it actually seemed like a good idea.

All that efficiency, analysis, clear-thinking, amazing taste, Virgo discretion etc, MARS powered. For MONTHS. But now it’s nearly done with, i think the Mars has turned a bit rogue. 

Nearly everyone is tetchy, crypto-hysterical, battling psycho-somatic pains, planning their next anal flip-out or skittish like a fiend from a b-grade horror movie.

At this point, Mars in Libra (from July 3) seems like a haven of Byzantine decadence, chilling the fuq out sans guilt & simpering pass-agg niceties. Goodbye gronky moods and narking off at oneself in the mirror.


Image: Steven Meisel

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It’s actually totally working out for me, especially in the last few weeks. It’s almost like the brain clutter has gone all minimalist and is maintaining the house keeping. Additionally, all suited up Hugo Boss styles for work – no more Lowes for me, lol. I don;t know if that last bit is related (to the taste improvement) but I’m just basically telling everyone about it because I got an absolute bargain and I look fuqing shit hot. 😀


Well I’m glad I never got excited about it in the first place. I have it natally and I hardly noticed. Mars in Libra, on the other hand, might do me some good.

Gemini Moon

I have multiple mutable combinations plus a Grand mutable cross , so I WORKED IT out at the gym/diet! Fab. results so glad I had Mystic to inform & empower!


I am just now having a Mars opposition Mars, so I am hunkering down in the Taurus Bunker again. But alas, I have just committed to a short term temp job. I wonder if they’d mind if I wore my Taurus Armor.


I’ve been full throttle with every ounce of detail being paid attention to and corrected as I go – everything from outer appearance to being on a serious kick of healthy body including being super particular about what I’ve been eating! For some reason I’ve felt the need to impose my way onto my partner until I notice and say “oh never mind please do what you want, I don’t mean to be so bossy and critical!” Mars in Virgo has been in my first house with my ascendant and has taken over. Add that to fact that Mars rules… Read more »


Mars in Virgo 6th house brought nice changes, I began a regular workout for the first time in my life but am tired, very tired.

This will be the 4th weekend that am cooped in and working non-stop, which does not help with emo stability when Saturn from Libra 7th house is in square to my Cap Moon. Before Mars leaves Virgo, it will drop by my Pluto in the 7th house.

Sending myself constant reminders about temper management.

age of aquarius

Yeah, the long Mars in Virgo transit has been brutal for me. It’s been in opposition to my natal Mars in Pisces and has also been amplified by transiting conjunct my Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. I will be quite relieved when Mars moves on into Libra. It’s been utter hell at home and at work, with experiencing extreme character assassination and scrutiny in both places. I stood up to all of it, though, and weathered it, and spoke out strongly, and I think I am coming out stronger and vindicated on the other side, and with total… Read more »

Aphrodite Rising

I hate to sound smug but I have – ahem – already zoomed into Mars in Libra. The lovely Turkish-Cypriot finally came today with many apologies for the delay, he can not only speak English but also knows his way around computers and is going to fix up a couple of glitsches for me. This fix-up is the dying days of Mars in Virgo, BUT the Libra part is his eyes – great big, soulful, brown eyes with the most divinely long lashes top and bottom, thick, black,sweeping, I felt like ripping them off him and sticking them on my… Read more »


Aphrodite Rising LOL…Hey I am a single turkish cypriot girl…got his number?

Aphrodite Rising

Sadly he was wearing a wedding ring!


I wish my early Mars-Libra, Retro Venus was bringing Turkish-Cypriots. However, I DO think I am experiencing lots of Libra-Venusy stuff right now. Can’t account for it! I am into the 5 senses in a big, kinda neurotic obsessive way. I am obsessed with scent, sound, skin exfoliation (due to the incredible softness it creates), fabrics, lotions, cocktails, inventing fruit smoothie recipes, vegetables, flowers. It’s a big earth mother/venus love goddess fest minus the Turkish Cypriot–though I don’t seem to mind to be honest. Am having fun all tied up in the senses. Cut a lemon for a cucumber salad… Read more »


Having said all that, though. I think Mars in Virgo has left me wanting a nap (in perfumed, high thread count sheets).



I think it has been AWESOME! 😯

Love all the energy in having Mars return… x3 😀

jumpin in

Wow, how often does the Mars make it round the chart in a year? I think if I had kept a diary, I could find the transit times… Started its merry dance across my Virgo stellium in the third house a few days ago – First Venus, then natal moon, onto Pluto, then mercury and with a small break, and into the fourth house and Libra .. uranus. Then the full moon eclipse…I don’t even pretend to understand the astro implications, but I can feel the back to back of it all – like a giant has me by the… Read more »


Virgo has been bitch-slapping me, ahem, motivating me in my 5th house. Got REALLY aggressive re: no one paying attention to my creativity and have had external (gvmt, business) delays that are holding up me moving forward with my soulmate Gem. ARGHHHHHH. PLEASE MOVE ONTO LIBRA WHERE I CAN OBSESS ABOUT MY HEALTH. (6th house).


Mars in Virgo has been really hard for me, but I have made some good changes. Ditched most chemicals, eating better (mostly). It’s happened back and forth in my 1st/2nd houses across my Mars/Uranus/Pluto and most of my work has been about self worth / independence. I did really well with fitness during the retro but now it’s all gone to crap. I’m tackling my ailing relationship, managing to keep my thesis ticking along (no idea how) and stood up for self worth by ending once and for all my love affair. tbh I feel pretty bloody awful, still ‘looking… Read more »


Natal Virgo Pluto on my IC opoosite Sun-Mn/MC is quite enough thank you…

Like all my life transformation..

I have only recently (at 53), fully understood this and come to terms..

Yes, I’ll have another helping of Mars in Gemini/Asc for the jollies…

12th house virgo

BTW – I HATE tans. I hate that my arms/face/hands get tan by course of just going about my day. I hate tan lines. I want to scrub that model’s face to see her true color. It looks like she’s coated in a bad-match foundation. Blame my Mars in Virgo action for that ridiculous anal detail.

12th house virgo

Ha! Have you guys heard about tan Mom – woman who got in trouble for taking her kid to the tanning salon? That’s where this model is headed…tan-Momdom.


I agree with alot of other peeps here; I’m about done with this! While its been wonderful for me to de-clutter some necessary areas of my life, inside and out….I’m at the point now where I’m obsessively nit-picking people and situations that I cannot change, and focusing too much on the minute, crap details. Tired of thinking so much, lol.


I’ve really liked Mars in Virgo. A plethora of good shit has happened throughout and I’ve been highly productive, and in a consistent manner.

But I always say that after a stint of Virgo …

Beforehand I’m like “omg it’s gonna be an anal Virgoan clusterfuq of details, health and structural crap that bores me to tears!!!” …. and then I always end up liking it.


Cool Prowls…x


Mars is making me dispense unasked for advice today. I woke up in Fix the World mode. After another conversation about police brutality last night, I want to hit the police with batons to make them stop. Wait. That makes me like them. Sun in Gemini has created a lot of conversations around (me, probably not you) creating a sustainable life based on the Victorian era (early 1900’s part) combined with selected present day technologies. Reshaping society’s thinking is really no different than reshaping a person’s own. Massive work with both. And the position of women as cogs in the… Read more »


Hey Mystic, i have it razing from 11th-to-12th, opp natal Moon/Venus&Mars .. should i scream about it ? Naaaaw, if i havta, i’ll open the basement and go down with Fight Club measures 😀 But seriously, i do feel my testosteron levels unusually high of lately …. ? :/

This Mars Rx Virgo /is all about/was all about/ self-control, self-mastering and self-containment, and God knows that we as a species /as you too are testifying/ do lack of those qualities, plenty ~


Virgo Mars is moving into my 11th House. I enjoyed it’s visit in my 10th House.
Anyone have Virgo in their 11th House?

12th house virgo

The thing is that most Mars transits don’t last so damn long. So its hard to say what the others were like. Its the duration of this one that makes it so outstanding to me.


Sounds like fun.

12th house Virgo

Random astro comment two: Somehow – its weird how you can look at a chart for years and not really see it – somehow I missed the fact that Ceres/Juno/Jupiter are conjunct in my 6th house Pisces natally. So, transiting Neptune is banging on all that. No wonder the only lovers I manage to get into my life these days are dream-visions – literally. Fuq – I’m never ever going to have sex (like, physical sex, not transcendental sex) again am I? Jesus. I am not trying to be saint Virgo, but with Venus there – shit. Should I just… Read more »


A friend and I used to go out all weekend, changing men like we changed clothes. We went everywhere and did whatever we wanted. It was very refreshing. I’d love to do that with you. Your commentary on the men would be fascinating. And your level of involvement would be your choice, of course. (ArienScorp here, under my Mush moniker.) When my daughter came here, confused, confidence in herself gone, sad and almost hopeless over the end of her marriage (she didn’t care about him, she cared that as a Capricorn she had failed at something) I had her date… Read more »

12th house virgo

I’m sure I could provide an interesting commentary – complete with my reading of the childhood or gender complexes each man vibes – perhaps insight into his past life (depending on time/connection) and karmic path. But the idea of dating…I’d rather have my finger nails ripped out. I’m all-in or all-out in romantic affairs. Blame 12th house Venus in Virgo for that. I have no problem recognizing multiplicity in terms of general options. I have an extremely hard time feeling desire/connection for a special one. And when I do, its all encompassing and totally unconditional. I mean, the relationship –… Read more »


Yep, that’s why I’d like to see what you think about everyone and everything. We are so different in our approach. Not incompatible, I love people who see things differently than me. You’re depth, I’m break everything down into its most basic components. That’s why you and other commenters here sre so refreshing to read. You’re like eating a complex chocolate bar, rich and then first a taste of this flavor, and then that. It’s a lovely experience. 🙂

12th house virgo

Thanks! I enjoy the company here too and like the idea of being devoured like a good chocolate 🙂


Hey, 12th house V., I actually did start getting involved in the kink/fetish scene in my city. It has been great because it’s kept me circulating and at least not staying at home alone on a Friday night . . . but because so many people have this image of it all being about sex and orgies, I feel I must clarify. It is not. It is about people having their fetish needs fulfilled, and there is some sex here and there, but it’s not like you can walk right in and, presto, get laid. Your mileage may vary. 🙂

12th house virgo

I set up accounts on fetlish and I was hoping to meet a dominant woman who would be my mentor. Got swarmed by sub men – most of who approached me as if I were a waitress of their kink. One guy was kind of OK and we had a back and forth for a bit. He described the ritutals his new mistress did for him and I thought – what a load of work. Altars and all. And then, I uncovered a past life memory that had me zoned out for weeks. I’m too sensitive. And I know… Read more »

12th house virgo

meant fetlife, not fetish.


I hear you on so many levels, 12thH.V. I’ve got Mars/Neptune in Scorp in the 12th house. I would love to break a Saturnian ultra-scorp’s hand if I thought it would allow him to lose control just once and give into that depth you are describing and I know so well. Oh well, so you know about fetlife. It’s not the real thing, for sure; I am considering it as just one path to finding that connection. Slowly, slowly.

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

I’ve zoomed the focus into finding out what I’m passionate about, deciding to get a job in those areas and so far I’ve had little trickles of job offers. Still waiting for the more full-time spectrum job offer to come in – Semper Fi mode. Which can be challenging since Saturn’s been hanging in my 12th house, and it’ll be a while before it’s conjunct my Scorpy rising (Dec 2013!) I’m currently jobless, well, working for an employer type jobless, I’m on a contractor basis for a couple casual gigs. Semper Fi, keep sending out those Bio-CVs with cover letters… Read more »

Scorporation, Inc.

Yes to all that, Mystic. Too, I wonder how much agitation is the impending Zap Zone direct hit on June 24th? I think of the way some animals– horses, fish, birds, elephants– become tense and act uncharacteristically before a major storm, as if on some level they are completely aware that shit’s about to strike. Also, ground water agitates before a big storm: ponds become murky, water levels in wells rise… Once I was a mile underground in a cavern and my guide said we could go no farther: lower levels of the cavern were flooded because of strong storms… Read more »


i think that animals (including us) sense changes in barometric pressure, also all of us (humans less tuned out i think) ultra low and high frequencies, it;s why animals behaviour changes before earthquakes happen.

So from that perspective, the ZZ is sort of not technically related, being more of a astro thing? unless we got ourselves some earthquakey action somewhere.


I think your are correct.
I get auras and migraines before storms due to barometric changes and sometimes before a psych flash or vision. It’s odd.


I do too – migraines in certain weather conditions – humid and heavy air literally makes me sick. My father’s family are all the same, so there is a genetic component. There is research on this somewhere. It’s real!

Scorporation, Inc.

Mmm, I see what you mean. Shit I hope there’s not a big earthquake looming!

I meant to say re Zap Zone, maybe the astro storm is contributing to agitating people emo/psycho. Stirring up tensions, making for impatience and general anxiousness, that kind of stuff.

If the Zap Zone is part of the aggro building now, I don’t imagine it’ll let up much until the pot boils over.

I really dislike cooking, btw. That’s totally irrelevant to this conversation. Sorry.


lol. yea i understand 🙂


It’s when it turns into being micro analysed at work for the most mundane inconsequential breach that it starts to blow.
There’s a folk out there who must be suffering from serious eye strain trying to pick the details out of everything.


funny, there has been a lot of eye stuff among my immediate circle in the last few months…

tati scorpitini

wow, she’s channeling Sophia Loren.
I’m up for some Byzantine decadence, please oh Mars send me a gilded youth to peel me a grape and cater to my every passing whim.


Being a ‘diffident’ aquarian and male I must simply say that the past months have been filled with evolutions and loving in all aspects of my life. If this phase is to end I am celebrating its being with champagne, dance and radiant vibes.


Over the last three years, saturn and pluto between them have pretty much savaged most of my personal planets and I am exhausted. I’m waiting for saturn to finish its reverse (and then forward motion) opposition to my mercury and sun. I figure mars in virgo has just kept me from totally collapsing in a heap through some obsessive-compulsive ‘push’ that feels like I’m spinning my wheels at 100kph whilst running on empty.


My son has been having a verrrry similar experience. Libran Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Pluto and Jupiter, all within 11 degrees. He’s been hammered over the last few years. Saturn currently within 1 deg of his Mercury and Pluto. So I feel for you…………… as I keep telling him, just hang in there, its gonna be okay!

12th house virgo

I have a random astrology question. If I have natal Pluto at 6 degrees Libra and transiting Pluto is at 8 degrees Capricorn, is that a Pluto trine?


Sounds like a square to me??


yep. Square

Scorporation, Inc.

12thHV, your Pluto is on my Moon! And my natal Pluto is 8 degrees Libra. I guess this makes us both squares, presently.

12th house Virgo

Thanks guys! God, I suck at reading aspects. Oracle told me to check my Pluto transits and then told me to check my third house ruler (which happens to be Pluto). Got through a Pluto Venus trine. Didn’t realize I had the square thing going on too. Its a generational thing – but doesn’t make it irrelevant. I hate it when major transits get poo-pooed as being “generational” as if that means they don’t rock you’re entire belief structure. I mean – we are talking Pluto here. Anyway, for Pluto-in-Libras: found a post about Pluto squaring Pluto: Explains a… Read more »


Hey, I’ve got Sun conjunct Pluto at 9 Libra, that Pluto square is making me look over my shoulder for Illuminati assassins at least once per day. I keep finding myself at the fulcrum of a great plutonic power pyramid with armed with a ratchet wrench and cut knuckles. Maybe it’s my imagination. Then again, Sauron’s ring finds its way into my pocket, don’t ask me how. Just happens!

12th house Virgo

I will say – every person or concept I believed in pre-2008 is gone (excepting my beautiful Aries baby). I no longer believe in anything outside my own experience. Pluto knows best.

catfish moon

I have 6* Libra Pluto as well….and yes, we have been having a long Pluto square pluto transit. Two hits already and a 3rd on it’s way.

Transformations galore for me…..Natal pluto in 2nd and transiting pluto in 5th. Things are better than ever right now!

12th house virgo

3rd on its way?!? I don’t know how much more I can change. Did recently change my hair, car, and wardrobe.


thnks for that link,12th house. have bookmarked in my ‘astrology’ folder. x

12th house Virgo

Hmm – I’ve got Mars at 0 and Merc at 11. I feel like that massive conjunction is my cross to bear. With your moon on it – does that mean you get me? Will you please eat a meal with me if that’s true? I’m sick of eating alone but I hate “being nice” for the sake of social company. Constant growth/challenge or nothing!

Scorporation, Inc.

It’s a date, my dear 😉

Scorporation, Inc.

On the last day of July.

12th house Virgo


12th house virgo

OMG – can Mars please get out of my 12th house!?!

As for my real house, I’m surprised I have anything left in it after months and months of decluttering.

Also, I want Saturn out of Libra and off my Uranus.

Scorporation, Inc.

Yeah, Saturn can quit nipping at my Uranus’ heels, too. Ankle biter.

I’ve been hosting Saturn in Libra/my 7th house, and it’s now into my 8th/late degrees of Libra. I’d say Saturn was wearing out its welcome, but it was never invited in the first place.


What did Mars in 11th feel like?
My Virgo is moving from my 10th House into 11th. I enjoyed the 10th transit.

12th house Virgo

God – when was that again? I don’t quite remember. Hmmm…I can’t think of anything 11th house-ish that popped for me last year.

I will say – I think Mars in the 12th has really helped me set and stick to borders in my Neptunian relationships, so that’s a very good thing. And, my closets are clean. Not quite clean enough, but I’ve got until the end of July to do it or get beyond the clean-closet obsession.


I’m feeling extatic actually.

12th house Virgo

I’m curious, vlien – what house is Mars transiting for you?


As a self defined half Taurean half piscean put simply it’s been hell. Jupiter wasted.


Completely agree. I have a stellium in Taurus/11th and Pisces/9th and Pluto and Uranus in Virgo/3rd. I have now reached the point of glaring at strangers just because they are looking at me. Byzantine decadence or just the ability to calm down would be helpful. …now pounding the keyboard as I type..arrggghh. Well, Jupiter maybe next time..


I feel incredibly old, fat and pale looking at that photo. at least i can do something about that i guess.

Scorporation, Inc.

Yes, you can do something: don’t look at the photo. Where once I had eyebrow and tan envy, now I have none– look away!


A fake bronzer, tanning lotion and photoshop are key. 😉
They call it “glamour” for a reason. I


Yes, immediately, you could use some bronzer, like scorpiorising mentioned. Take the chemicals out of your food and get some small weights. I’ve changed people’s bodies for years, and that’s my basic prescription: eat what you want but no chemicals and realize only weights are going to shape you the way you want. Then I provide a holistic plan that changes your life, because you can’t change your body without getting the wrenches and tools out to repair your mind. (Like a mechanic with a strong Gary placement.)

12th house virgo

Strong Gary placement LOL!!


I was thinking cool………. then you mentioned Gary.


no no Gary IS cool. imo. He’s relaxed about who he is. Maybe a bit nonplussed in the face of Uber Cool things, but he knows what he knows and he likes what he likes. A man of simple tastes with perhaps a hidden kink if he met the right girl (or guy), His life may not be to everyone’s taste, but he sure is handy to know, and he’s the first one you call when the dishwasher is on the blink or you need someone to help you construct and install your IKEA wall unit…


vipi — the Gary comment was meant to be funny. But body changes are made inside the mind. The last person I worked with recently was a bulimic who did great with her body reshape and weight loss but would still purge if she had been around her family. Counting calories wasn’t going to help that. She had to go “under the hood” and swap out broken parts and upgrade others and grease stuck thinking etc. It does sound very Gary. 🙂


you know, too, when your mental machinery has been serviced effectively. There’s an ‘aha’ feeling, something lifts or transmutes – properly and for good. 🙂


I DO like the analogy 😀


ah, thank you people. Yes I agree with everything. My routine went to hell (not that I really had one, but whatever was there disappeared entirely) in the past 2-3 months. So a solid 2 hour walk every other day, back to limited caffeine, and 9 hours sleep should see me through the beginning. and yes Mush I agree on weights / resistance of some sort to bring on the form, for me works best when complemented w solid and regular aerobic exercise… my diet is actually pretty good other than recent study-junk binges. I avoid processed everything as much… Read more »


It seems to have revved up my guilting/worry, without actually revving up my ” Now bloody DO something about it” unfortunately. Mind you, I’ve had some good declutters and had the house Feng Shui-ed so not a total loss…


URGH same here- i’ve gotten a lot better at guilting and self-loathing!

but yes, have been very tidy all of a sudden. and am damn proud to say motivation is my daily drug, no matter how terrible that may be for me.

Suddenly Leo

Yeah, seriously, Mars in Virgo, thanks, THANK YOU, I’ve achieved more than I thought possible, you are amazing, thank you so much, you’re too kind. I cannot say enough, but the dinner party is winding down and I don’t care so much about flat abs anymore, just so long as I look good in a sundress. Downtime is just as important as Full-On Time, yes?


It WAS a good idea. It’s no longer fun. Both Mars and Virgo are right peeved off at this point.

“a haven of Byzantine decadence”

haven, Byzantine, Libra I’m there.


Virgoan me is absolutely amazed I’ve been able to keep my shit together to be honest… I am going to shit a rainbow once it hits Libra, purely out of relief..

I’m a really peaceful person by nature so having this more aggressive energy hitting home so prominently has been really rustling my feathers at times, it can really be a bit much..



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